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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and then she was shot. the man in the red pickup truck shot her directly in the head. >> road rage murder, a recent high school graduate shot and killed on the chester county highway and manhunt underway right new for the killer. also ahead from top prosecutor to a guilty man former philadelphia district attorney seth williams is waking up in jail this morning what he now admits to two weeks after the trial began. the president gets
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personal, donald trump insults morning talk show hoe mika brzezinski the reaction from around the world. >> fighting fire with fire, we will break that down. good day everyone, it is friday. >> it is friday. >> june 30th 2017. not only is it friday but friday kind of lead nothing to a holiday. >> that is right let festivities begin. two word sue serio loves to hear hot and steamy. >> oh, yeah. >> that is what we expect in july and july starts tomorrow, it is last day of june. we will give you an eight instead of the nine or 10 because humidity is here, muggy here and we expect a day in the 90's, you have to take care of yourself lucky now have get to the shore, enjoy it. wear your sun screen, bus stop buddy has his shade on, as well and we are off to a muggy start. we don't have any precipitation to show you so lets get to the temperatures. 73 degrees. we had a sunrise at 5:36. we have a 12-mile an hour
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breeze today and that might save us from difficult oppression with the heat and humidity, at least it will be a warm breeze. 73 degrees here. sixty-six in mount pocono. seventy in wildwood. some of the other shore points , ocean city is at a very cool, comfortable 64 degrees. we're heading to 92 by the end of the day, sunny, hot, breezy , the important weather word for today and tomorrow, well, we have got a couple of thunderstorms in the forecast and we will take you through holiday weekend in our seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> we will be waiting for that good morning. 6:02. it is a two for one special here two shift, one bridge opening we are looking live at the tacony palmyra bridge where two huge freighters are making their way up the delaware river. i believe this is a number two , first one is kind of coming straight on bottom line an extended opening, at the tacony palmyra bridge
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typically, 15 minutes per ship so we are looking at probably close to 25 or 30 minutes for the closure of the tacony palmyra. best bet ready to head out the front door right now betsy ross bridge there in the background. we have some action on the river and some action on the rails. fox chase west trenton, paoli, chestnut hill west all running with delays, this morning. it started with manpower issues as one of the reasons for delays i'm not sure if that is case for all of the lines but a friday morning already delays on the trains and with that the fair increase for septa, kicks in later on tonight takes effect at 12:09 and through weekend buses, trains, trolleys will be paying more to ride the rails, alex and thomas, back over to you. police in three states are on the look out for a red, pickup truck, you can see it there at bottom of the screen. driver is wanted for a deadly road rage incident that claimed life of the rustin
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high school graduate. >> jenny joyce is in west chester where grief counselors will be available this morning , general i. >> reporter: good morning, guys, they will be here at the high school beginning at 9:00 this morning. and just the last 15 hours, more than $6,000 has been raised on a go fund me page to help support the family of bianca roberson, as her murderer remains at large this morning. so chester county district attorney's office is telling thaws bianca roberson was shot and killed around 5:00 p.m. wednesday while she was driving her car on the loose 100 in west goshen township. the person who did this was behind the wheel of the red pickup truck trying to merge simultaneously on route 202, when the driver pick up a gun and opened fire. police say that the rustin high school graduate was shot in the head, died immediately, her he car veered off the road >> thinks now a murder.
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every cop in three states is looking for this red pickup truck and looking for this defendant. at this point we're asking anybody who saw anything on route 100, going in to route 202, to call the west goshen police department right now, tonight. give us every bit of information thaw can. >> reporter: that truck is described as red faded chevy pick up driver a white male between age of 30 and 40 with blonde or a light brown hair so again roberson just graduated from high school and she had plans to attend jacksonville university. coming up this fall, and she wanted to work for fbi, thomas and alex? y know authorities will be going through everyone of those traffic cameras to find out more information, and the license plate, the make all that stuff, jenny joyce, keep us updated. scary moments for several people in south philadelphia. when a home, partially collapsed in the middle of the night, you can see ruble
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covering front steps of the home in the 400 block of man ton street. one person was in the home at the time of the collapse and three other from neighboring homes were displaced. no one was hurt. a shocking plea, philadelphia's top lawmakers, top cop now behind bars, waking up in a detention center after surprise plea deal. >> evidence, simply too great our steve keeley at federal detention center where williams is being held, steve. >> reporter: well, one night down and 1825 nights to go for this five-year sentence for set will yams. >> mr. williams asked me to express to you and to the public his sincere apologies not only to his supporters and voters of philadelphia but to the hard working men and women of the philadelphia district attorney's office. >> moving forward he is concerned for his family. he loves his family. his daughters, and his ex-wife
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, you know, they are close. you know, he wants to get this over with and get this behind >> reporter: one way to get it behind him was getting sentenced right to jail and lock up immediately by the j positive way to look at this, thomas and alex by the time he is sentenced this fall he will have 10 percent of roughly his five-year prison sentence already behind him. >> that is right, happening in october his sentencing, thanks , steve. president trump is receiving sharp criticism after particularly personal tweets about two cable news host. >> white house says the president was only pushing back against those who vicious ly attack him every day president trump fired off crude tweets taking aim at ms nbc host mika brzezinski and joe scarbureau. he refers to them as crazy mika and psycho joe. president trump mentioned how they went to mar-a-lago for new years eve, wanted to spend
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time with him and how mika was bleeding badly from a face lift. backlash from the comments were pretty swift on capitol hill. >> obviously i don't see that asiana pope eighth comment. what we are trying to do around here is improve, tone civility of the debate and this doesn't help. >> this is a president who fights fire with fire and certainly will not aloud to be bullied by, liberal media and liberal elites within the media or hollywood or anywhere else. >> so, morning host were supposed to go on vacation but they said wait, not so fast we have a couple things to say. they have delayed their vacation to respond this morning to president trump, on the air. >> first raid i melania trump has said this of the president , when her husband gets attacked he will punch back 10 times harder health. communication director repeated that sentiment yesterday. shocking video shows a woman, who ran a man down with her suv in a wal-mart parking lot. he is okay this morning.
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why the woman thought she had good reason to do what she did also jay-z gets real new album drops overnight and has already people buzzing why some say it is a response to beyonce's lemonade.
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and she would stop at nothing to get her stolen purse back. she chased down a guy who stole it with her vehicle, now
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video is hard to watch but we should mention the man you are about to see, he is okay, lets take a look. >> get out of the way. >> so, you just saw christine brasswell shopping in wal-mart in north carolina when she saw a guy rummage go through her suv. she tried chasing after him but then decided that wasn't working. she ran down the guy with the suv. >> he was with my purse and took off and i took off after him. i chased a little way, jumped back and thrown tonight gear and came across and ran him over. i was not letting him getting a way witt. it is not right, not fair. >> man faces theft charges, charges for her are far more serious. she's being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. >> she could have killed the guy, for a stolen purse. he was in the wrong but not the way to do it. >> she did stop him.
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>> clearly. >> lets take a look at wildwood right now because people are heading down the shore for this holiday weekend , what will the weather be like, will it hold out, make sure we need to see those fire works and everything sigh will have the answer. >> we have to have the clear sky. >> rivalry is on, levar ball fueling the fire, his comments directed at joel embiid and, ben simmons. what they have to say.
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it is threatening two of the nation's most exclusive communities, we're talking about homes to the rich and fame news calabasas and malibu fire there is threatening homes. officials say more than 35 acres are on fire, right now. they go through it this time of the year, it is simply dry, sue. >> lack of rain doesn't help that situation at all, and we will probably get some, but ours will be in the form of the pop up thunderstorms, why? because of heat, humidity, holiday weekend heat and possibility of a heat wave. it will be 90ish, if you are heading to the shore, tomorrow , today and tomorrow will be primarily a sea breeze and then by sunday it will be hotter with a land breeze but
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rip current risk is moderate so be careful, swim near a life guard, bring your sun screen it is a 10, ocean water temperature at 64 degrees, pocono mountains looks good for weekend, 80 degrees both saturday and sunday, possibility of pop up showers and thunderstorms, mostly on saturday, better chance then on sunday, but for today, maybe a little pop up north and west of the city, for tomorrow same story and it will be in the afternoon if it happened and a couple of stray showers in the afternoon on sunday, but do not change, any even if you get a thunderstorm it won't last long. 73 degrees in philadelphia, right now, most muggy morning of the week. seventy-two in dover. seventy-four in reading. it is 66 degrees walking outdoor in mount pocono. those breezes are coming from the south so it is a warm breeze you will get today along with your 92 degrees, that is your high temperature today. eighty-eight tomorrow. ninetyish on sunday, monday, and fourth of july, so this
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could be our heat wave, over the long, holiday weekend, and i have a feeling a lot have people will make it a long weekend, bob kelly, of course to day 1010.1 more fm we will get your forecast there. >> i'm dropping kid off at your house tonight and not getting ready to go until tuesday. >> may not get back at all. >> good morning, everybody. 6:17. we have an accident here on 422, this is westbound, 422, we have got this tanker and right behind here, see this tree, i believe a vehicle left the roadway, knocked this tree down so a lot going on here coming around the curve, again , this is west on 422, near the oaks interchange. well, two down, and bridge going back down we have had two big freighters coming through here, so, going back into business, maybe anothe couple minutes, and then we will be good to go and those freighters are heading north bound not sure whether they will impact burlington bristol or not impact on the regional rails this morning rough go
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here for the start of our holiday weekend, fox chase, west trenton, paoli, chestnut hill westbound. already out of the date some delays this morning. we have a regatta, kelly drive closed right at the moment through sunday, they are pushing everybody through the ball fields, so give yourself extra time in and out of the city not just today for workday but all through weekend for all of the welcome america festivities, alex and thomas back over to you. 6:18. president trump's travel ban is now in effect and those who cannot approve a bona fide relationship with the u.s. citizen, school or business and from one of the six countries impacted will not enter the united states for 90 days. right before it took effect hawaii yet again filed a court challenge this time targeting limitations of family relationships. u.s. customs and border protection expect business as usual as the ban rolls out. iraq's prime minister has taken the months income mosul declaring end to the islamic
6:19 am
state group self proclaimed symbolic move since the spiritual head of islam. iraqi coalition forces say isis fighters blew up the site last week but islamic state is blaming u.s. air strike for damage that you see in this area video. police say tennis star venous williams is at fault for a car accident that led to a man's death. police report said her suv was in an intersection on june 9th when another car t boned her. seventy-nine year-old man in that car died two weeks later. williams said she got stuck when traffic slowed and her attorney says quote venous expressed her deepest condolence to the family who a loved 16:19. a man in missouri got the surprise when he returned to his car after a quick work out >> his car was swallowed by a massive sink hell in the street this happened yesterday , so owner reportedly parked his car, to go to the gym, that was his first problem going to the gym to
6:20 am
work out. he came out to find this right here. car owner and his fiance first thought it was towed way until they saw crater, gaping hole, a reported 20 feet deep and 10 . >> wow. >> how do you explain that one to your insurance. >> hopefully they are covered for sinkholes, geese. 6:20. boots on the floor for the first time as a sixer how first overall pick impressed his coaches with something other than his skills on the court.
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good morning i'm ron berk, at sixers summer league mini camp on thursday we have our first lot markelle fultz on the court at a pro. he will play monday in utah summer league, first overall draft pick has impressed coaches by asking questions so what is it this 19 year-old wants to learn at the pro level? >> everything, like i said, just they have different plays
6:24 am
and way they play defense and i want to be best player i can be. i got to learn plays, so if i don't know something i will not hesitate to ask. >> one era begins, veteran fly er won't be returning, steve mason says he will leave after four plus season. mason's exit will leave michal neuvirth with free agency set to open up tomorrow. after being off thursday phillies open up three game set with the mets tonight coming off that two game sweep in seattle, highlighted by ninth inning rally of the second game in the series. phillies will pitch ben lively verse mets rye hander jake on. that is sports in a minute. this is ron berk. the lakers pick, father, lonzo ball. >> he does that to everyone. >> worked up. levar ball made inflammatory remarks about the sixers, during his interview on 97.5 the fanatic. we expect these comments from him, you know, when you talk about the sixers. >> noise. >> just another thing.
6:25 am
he said quote, when you don't win and don't even make playoffs and don't even stay on the court long enough, that is best thing you can do is tweet, make up some stuff. ain't nobody else doing that because they are working on their game in the gym. these guys ain't played a game , always hurt and at bottom of the totem bowl. so guess what get your bleep off bleep twitter and get in the gym. >> so he went on to criticize ben simmons and fultz, last 21st overall picks for not turning their college teams into winners during their time there. lonzo's ucla team went 31-five but moving forward. can you imagine if lonzo came here to philadelphia and daily news we had have to endure. >> i don't think he would be a match for sixers fans or philly fans in general. they know how to respond to people. >> i recall sixers having sellouts for the upcoming season and mr. ball what did you do so far for the lakers.
6:26 am
>> so i don't know, it is hand and hand. only thing i agree with the statement get off twitter, get off social media, stay in the gym, stay healthy, stay focused and prove it on the court. >> end of the day whatever happens on the court will be final say on everything, that is the determining factor. >> only thing i tweeted today was the forecast, that ills the way it should be, maybe sometimes. hey, t time? make sure it is early because it will be a hot one today, we have your event ray into the holiday weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes, jenny? good morning, sue. we are live at rustin high school in chester county where bianca roberson graduated from , the 18 year-old shot and killed during a road rage incident on wednesday police need your help finding her killer.
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a teen kill on the road a rust in high school graduate was shot and killed in what police say was a road rage incident. philadelphia's former d.a. waking up behind bars in a surprising twist, seth williams plead guilty to -- two weeks into his bribery and corruption trial, the charge he now admits too. all right jayz album has people butting why some say it is a response to beyonce's
6:30 am
lemonade. >> we will learn what went down in the elevator him and solange. >> he talked bit and name drops on other celebrities who we were not expecting. >> we will talk about that but first a live look at ocean city on this fourth of july weekend. that place will be packed. your holiday forecast coming up. good day, it is friday, june 30th. >> look at you, yes. >> we're so glad. >> live for weekend. >> we are especially tired because we tried an escape room yesterday for the first time. this is it. >> we were already scared. >> we looked scared. >> yes. >> we will let you know how we did at franklin institute and this is the after. after. yes. >> it felt like it took five or six hours to get out of that room. >> have you done one before. let us know, tweet us your experience and how you did because it was an adventure. >> the timing as well. >> yes. >> how long did it take you out of there. >> my theme is i knew people
6:31 am
behind the scenes were laughing at us as we were not wrapped in our grasping of clues. we had fun. that is important thing. bus stop buddy, already got his spot on the beach and that is a good idea, get your spot early, temperatures in the 70 's, we're mug toy start, we have sun screen, shade, ready to go, breezy here in the city , 12 miles an hour wind from the south, 73 degrees, we have 71 in allentown, starting at 71 in cape may and 72 in rehoboth beach. we have medford lakes at 71. valley forge at 73 degrees so warmest morning of the beach undoubted by midday will be at 85 and we should top off at 92 breezy, sunny, hot try to make it easy for you bob kill which one word forecast, breezy, sunny, hot. >> studying for my test. >> okay. >> come on summer school's in and we have an accident
6:32 am
southbound i-95, it is ramp to go north on 420 so anybody leaving the airport area heading south right here on the ramp, to go north on 420 watch for an accident. we have had some drywall fall off the back of a construction truck on the blue route, 476 south, coming out of the mid county tolls watch for a slow down they just kicked it off to the shoulder so traffic is getting by, 95 we are dealing with some sun glare working your way north bound from delco in toward philly international we are shut down on the kelly drive, closed, through sunday, as we say good morning, welcome to everybody in town for the independent day regatta so through the welcome america festivities you want to stick with the schuylkill expressway coming in for the events, or fire works, and we are off to a rough start this morning here on septa's regional rail lines look at the delays already, this morning, as we get ready for the holiday weekend, alex and thomas back over to you.
6:33 am
6:32. there is a search spanning three states for red pickup truck you're about to see at bottom of the screen. driver want forward killing a rustin high school graduate in a fit of road rage. >> this story is just so sad, jenny joyce's in west chester where grief counselors will be available this morning. >> yes, they will be here this morning, thinks where bianca roberson graduated from school only a few weeks ago and now chester county district attorney tom hogan is calling her murder senseless, she said it happened around 5:30 wednesday and at first police didn't even realize it was a murder, they thought it was an accident on the highway they found her vehicle on the side of route 100 where it merged with route 202, now they are saying she died of a gunshot wound to the head, police say person who did this was behind the wheel of a red pickup truck, the two were trying to merge simultaneously when the driver pick up a gun and opened fire, police say rust in high school graduate again
6:34 am
shot in the head, died immediately, her car veered off the road. >> the defendant flied fled in that red pickup truck on to route 202, drove along the shoulder of the highway trying to get away and then dropped down on the paoli pike and then took off from there we are checking video of all of those areas, getting an exact description of the pickup truck out to you and to that person for that man who fired the shot, turn yourself in now every second you are out through are only making this worse for yourself, and worse for this young lady's family. >> reporter: shooter has not turned himself in so police are asking for your help, anyone with any information on this vehicle, it is a grain i, bad vehicle. police are working to find better surveillance. truck is described as a red fade i had chevy pick up. driver is believed to be between the age of 30 to 40, white male, with brown to
6:35 am
light browned hair there ace go fund me page set up for roberson family to help cover funeral arrangements for bee an contact their goal, was $5,000 which in just 15 hours they have already exceeded that. thomas and alex. >> community coming together lets hope somebody knows something, saw something and will come forward, thank you. 6:35. fall from grace for former philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> we heard evidence after evidence, testimony after testimony, evidence leading to seth williams. he faces five years in prison after striking a plea deal in the federal bribery trial this morning he is waking up in a detention center, steve. >> reporter: yesterday at this time everything was going like it had within on a daily basis look at our video, seth williams walking in to court again with a big, broad smile on his face. he was still philly's top law enforcement office they are time yesterday but moments after going into court he went from that smile to being in tears and was walk out in handcuffs by u.s. marshals.
6:36 am
the biggest fall from top law enforcement perch to the new philadelphia prison inmate. at age 50 losing his freedom, law license, lucrative six figure pension and his reputation. >> he wants to get this over with and get this behind him. he is a man in transition. he is a man on the way back. >> reporter: does he believe though that his life is over. >> his life is not over. >> reporter: he has fallen so far. >> his life is not over. god always give another chance he had an organization, foundation called the second chance. lord will give him a second chance. he is already on his way back to the second chance during our time together, i have seen him make change and make better decisions and think better, about what he is doing and how he will do it in his future, so no. >> reporter: seth williams future at lee outside walls of the prison won't begin now
6:37 am
until 2022. that sound so far away but five years is a long time to be lock up and he will learn what it is like. >> he certainly will. >> we will bring in an attorney, and jeff cole following this trial in just a little bit to talk more about this. thanks, steve. philadelphia district attorney's office wants people to know that their work will continue. speaking at a news conference shortly after seth williams resign they said they are focused on bringing criminals to justice. >> the philadelphia district attorney's office embodies, the phrase, the whole is greater then the sum of its parts. the assistant district attorneys and professional staff many of whom are here today are among the finest in the country, for the last number of months, this office has continued its mission seem leslie. under sometimes very difficult circumstances. we will continue to do so, while awaiting the election of
6:38 am
a new district attorney. >> first assistant district attorney kathleen martin said she received a text message from seth williams early yesterday morning letting her know his intention toss plead guilty and resign. this morning we are hearing from the father and son who took down an alleged killer, inside of their home. >> man broke into their home moments after police say he gunned down a veteran in the streets in olney. we told but this yesterday. the armed man had just fled from a baron west spencer after shooting 47 year-old howard white yesterday, father and son they managed to subdue him until police arrived. >> he was hit in the face a couple times with the gun so i started struggling with him, grabbed the gun, and his wrist and i grabbed his hair just trying to hold him until my son came down. my son picks him up, body slams him. i was able to take the gun off of him. he is my hero. he is best thing in my life right now. >> he is my hero. he knows he is my biggest role
6:39 am
model. >> suspect randy johnson is behind bars charge in the fatal shooting. armed standoff in atlantic city lead to a doctor's suspension, doctor james kaufman's medical license has been suspended after he allegedly waved a gun and threatened suicide which officials attempted to enter with a search warrant back on june 13th. he is now charged with several weapons offences and obstructing an investigation, kaufman's wife, april, very popular radio hoe was murdered in 2012, crime remains un solved. west chester police are looking for the people in this photo. take a good look. investigators want to talk with them in connection with the assault that happened over weekend. victim has a severe brain injury, after the assault sunday, one gray street they are still searching for these people. take another look, you know what to do give police a call. >> we will take a look at trenton where bar the end of the day the state government could be shut down. governor chris christie is
6:40 am
preparing for that to happen if the legislature fails to vote on the budget by midnight lawmakers failed to agree on a budget yesterday. in pennsylvania governor tomorrow toll wolf released a statement, signing a $32 billion spending plan right before the state fiscal year. it authorized an 870 million-dollar increase in spending from last year, wolf says more will be invested to schools, protecting seniors and creating jobs. 6:40. jay-z new album came out overnight and already making headlines, why some are calling it a response to beyonce's lemonade. >> we will dissect his word. >> also ahead trying to get those old record players out vinyl making a major come back , which company is producing record for the first time in 30 years. p://>[a5df]
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6:43 am
we're going live from our camera down on the wildwood beach. that is about 2 miles to go from the boardwalk to the beach, isn't it? looking good. watch the tram car please. and, of course, as we get ready to head to the shore for this weekend, crunch time, on a holiday weekend like today usually begins somewhere between 12 and two, we had big jams last night going to the shore. folks took today as a holiday,
6:44 am
here's a live look what is left of an accident, this is westbound 422 right here near oaks interchange but look at how the sun cuts across and hits you in the forehead coming around that saint gabe 's curve. we had double openings at that coney, waiting for an opening at burlington bristol, set for 6:55. to beat the clock we have a few extra minutes here before we will go in the shut down mode there. we have debris, sheetrock fell off back of the construction truck and that is causing delays southbound on 476, blue route out of mid county. how hungry. breakfast segment today we will get to the lincoln diner in coatsville. gang in coatsville is so happy to have their own diner, right there in the heart of the town and we are coming to visit today. come by kid are off from school, we will put the kid on tv, i will be their life between nine and 10:00 on good day. e on the schuylkill a 16 minute trip not bad but we are
6:45 am
seeing the sun pop up just above that tree line and keep in mind that through weekend we will be rowing on the river we have a regatta in town, kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic, through sunday, so all that extra volume using the schuylkill expressway. a lot going on, lieutenant of outdoor things going on we need a good forecast. sue has tonight 15. 6:45. anxious to get holiday weekend started, especially excited to take a long weekend but regardless you are working or not working hopefully you will maybe attend a parade on the fourth of july. we are expecting a hot one. 90 degrees should be the high, sunny, humid, dress accordingly drink water, you know the drill and mess importantly have a good time. high pressure off shore we
6:46 am
have southeasterly wind coming in keeping it hot, humid throughout the weekend even with this cold front coming through probably on sunday, and it won't make us too much cooler but could take away humidity for couple days enjoy the shore tomorrow, will be still under the influence of the sea breeze we will switch and see difference in temperatures between saturday and sunday, upper 70's on the beach to close to 90 on sunday moderate risk of rip currents be careful swim only near life guard and your uv index is 10, don't forget that sun screen. 64 degrees your ocean water temperature heading to the mountains, lovely weekend, 80 degrees, both days, big relief from the heat we will have here in the city, all they is there a chance of pop up showers and then are storms late in the day saturday especially. we have got 73 in philadelphia , upper 60's in the mountains, along the shore , it is okay zero seven in wildwood and we have breeze s out there we have breezes, 10 miles an hour
6:47 am
there, 12 miles here. it is a hot breeze but it helps with heat and humidity. yesterday we got to 88 degrees , upper 80's in places but atlantic city with that sea breeze 72 was their high temperature. today we have 92. upper 80's on saturday. we could hit 90. at some point during this holiday stretch of time but it does look like we will be at 90 on tuesday, the fourth of july. >> steamy, sue, thank you. keep umbrellas. >> i will take steam over rain >> military home coming, a lot of tears to peoples eyed when this happen, so beautiful. >> what one woman had in store for her husband was simply just emotional. karen hepp is here to explain. >> it has been a good one. aircraft carriers, u.s.s. karl vinson was coming into shore in san diego. they had been out to sea sometime. families line up there
6:48 am
dougherty family was among people out there. they had been on a six month deployment. big hug, petty officer chris dougherty, the navy solder being greeted by his two little girls, in their adorable sailor outfits and his wife. his wife has a sign. he didn't notice what it said at first. >> is that real. >> are you serious. >> you will not have two kid but three kid do you see how funny, he pokes it, he said is that real. yeah, it is real, real thing. she kept pregnancy secret for seven months so this baby will be a boy after the two girls
6:49 am
and the baby is due in august and great news on all of this he will be there because he just had a long deployment, he won't be shipping out until next year so he will there been for the birth but that is quite a secret to keep for quite sometime, guys. >> that is wonderful that they will get to be there for it he was only deployed for six months can you imagine if he was gone for 12 months. >> could you keep that secret though. >> i think in my opinion because it is her third kid. never keep that as a secret for your first kid but second, third kid yeah, i can plan. >> thanks, karen. a septa bus driver is being praised for his act of kindness a fox 29 viewer sent news this i had vet ohio showing a bus driver helping a man cross a busy street yesterday morning. viewer says that the man is brian and that the driver got off of the bus, to make sure that he made ate cross safely this was near henry avenue and walnut lane, toward the wissohickon station.
6:50 am
wonderful to see to make sure he got there safely. >> this happens more often then we realize i'm glad someone captured it and sent it in. we see bus drivers a couple times get out and people cross the street or they ask questions and make sure somebody is okay but this is touching to take a moment, pull aside and make sure you fellow man gets across the street. >> wonderful. >> i guess other passengers, they before okay because they were taking video and they thought it was nice. >> yes, get back on, time to go. >> 615th 50. jay-z new album out overnight and already making headlines, some people are calling it a response to beyonce's lemonade does he admit to cheating ? i no longer live with
6:51 am
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♪ >> he is speaking now jay-z's long awaited album 444 is here , album available for free and iheart radio for only first 24 hours. if you are like me without
6:54 am
tidal now, it as way because after that it will be only available to tidal subscribers , and when the album jay-z talks about his fame, wealth, experience as a black man in america and it seems like he apologize toss beyonce in the tidal track 4:44, indirectly references his cheating, saying if my children knew i don't even know what i can do, if they look at me the same, i will probably die with all of the shame. >> lyrics i often womennized, beyonce, i don't deserve you. >> you started memorizing the lyrics, it has been out how many hours. >> it is free. >> it is free. >> for now. >> he addressed kanye because kanye, after the tour he went on a rant, with his latest are es tour. >> yes. >> well, it is. we will break it down. solange do you remember that whole elevator incident. >> that is how a billion dollars in an elevator where
6:55 am
she was kicking jay-z over possible infidelity. >> he admits he was raining. >> we will discuss plus we will have quincy in because he was at listening party in new york because he is fancy. he will tell us what the people thought there with all of the celebrities. 6:55. donald trump launched a attack on a pair of morning talk show hoe how first lady is defending her husband as his fellow republicans blast his comments. also ahead this morning a teen killed on the road but this was, certainly no accident, recent high school graduate shot and killed in what police say was a road rage murder, manhunt for person who pulled the trigger. l. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
6:56 am
but i know it won't be easy.
6:57 am
how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today. at
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ high school graduate shot and killed in the highway. >> red pickup truck shot her directly in the head. >> she was college bound before her life was cut short, multi state manhunt right now for the kimmer down fall offset williams, from top prosecutor, to a guilty man, the former philadelphia district attorney is waking up in jail, this morning, why the judge did not wait until sentencing to put him away. president trump gets personal, donald trump launched a twit era tack on a
6:59 am
pair of morning talk show host this president fights fire with fire. >> how first lady is defending her husband as his fellow republicans blast his comments the holiday weekend is here, and thousands hitting the road and skies for a long weekend getaway but will weather hold out? sue has your fourth of july weekend forecast. we're heading in the holiday weekend. >> yes, it is friday, tgif, good morning everyone. >> has everyone's brain feeling everybody exhausted from yesterday. >> yes. >> i don't think, i thought we were going to be in there all day. >> we tried an escape room for the first time, all of us, we had never done one before. this is before, then we will show you the after. >> yeah. >> we were worn out. >> yes it takes teamwork. people were asking after we posted this did you make it out. we will reveal in the 9:00 o'clock hour. trust me you will want to see
7:00 am
this. >> five minutes in bob was talking about eating someone. >> he was, i was like what. >> i was hungry. >> and thomas was making comments i was like my good ness. >> yes. >> let's not air that. >> it will be goody wanted out >> did we make it out. >> apparently. >> we're here now. mentally we have changed. >> it is hard on a friday before a weekend for folks that do have off. >> for sure you want the forecast, okay. let's get to it. >> eight out of 10 today, definitely a muggy morning out there but we have a breeze and bus stop buddy is already, at the shore, he has got his spot on the beach, already in fact, muggy start, temperatures in the 70's, wear your shade, it is 74 degrees, 14 miles an her breeze from the south and that is one thing that these warm breezes that might make it feel a little bit


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