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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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93 degrees as s what it feels like in trenton also pretty breezy. look at the sustained winds right now. atlantic city 21 miles per hour. so that make it feel cooler down the shore but a warm breeze right now inland around philadelphia at 21 miles per hour. coming up, much more on the timing of those thunderstorms and the 90-degree heat that we anticipate for much of the upcoming holiday weekend. back over to you. >> all right. a lot of people will be headed down the shore this weekend why don we go down there ourselves. >> ocean city, new jersey, is where we will find our brad sattin, and tough assignment, brad. looks like a beautiful night there. >> reporter: i'll tell was, the problem is the sun. i'm told according to my producer i'm getting sunburn and that's even with a little sunscreen. so you want to have it for sure. it is picture perfect here the breeze as scott was talking about is just perfect. not a cloud in the sky. the waves is a little rough according to some surfers but the beaches here are jam pack. let's come back to the boardwalk
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here. and ocean city officials are telling us they are busier than frankly they have ever been juln tuesday for a lot of lot of folks that means four day weekend there's about two and a half miles of boardwalk here, and it is filled. that equates to about 300 businesses here making a lot of money today. the city of ocean city telling me they are on record pace for beach tag sales and for parking revenue and that is without raising prices. the city has concerts planned through the summer including a few this weekend one of the big one the ocean city pops performing patriotic music on sunday followed of course all around the jersey shore fireworks on tuesday night for the fourth of july. ocean city of course is all about family time. we caught up with a local family today who says there is really no place better. >> first trip to ocean city for us but we come here every year same time. my sister and i we grew up coming to ocean city every year and it's the best. it's beautiful beach.
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it's a great ocean. the boardwalk is fun to hang o out. we can bike in the mornings. it's great getting together with my family my siblings, my cousins, my nieces and nephews. it's a place -- rats addition. >> it's what the jersey shore a all about. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> beautiful weather. it's a great boardwalk. we love ocean city. >> you guys getting a little t tan, a little time on the beach. >> yeah. let me see. let's compare. >> i've had a little time, too. >> no! >> who wins here, i'm not sure. >> you win. >> well we all within with this good weather. if we can keep it up. scott talking about some storms in some area and estimated 150,000 people expected to be on the boardwalk around ocean city. i am one of them. in spite of my extreme close up a little while ago, hopefully that didn't scare you. i plan to spend the weekend in the sun, guys. beautiful day here today at the jersey shore. back to you. >> all right. don't forget your sunscreen. taking another look at old
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city to keep the latest forecast at your fingertips, be sure to download our fox 29 weather app. all right. now on to developing story out of chester county. the manhunt continues for the man who shot and killed a teenaged girl in traffic. it happened wednesday afternoon in west goshen township. the killing believed to be a case of road rage. >> now police are searching for the driver who they say took off in a red pickup truck. there is a $5,000 reward for any information leading to that gunman. >> and we are learning more about that young innocent victim. 18-year-old bianca roberson. fox 29's dave kinchen live at the west goshen police department. dave, we are getting now a look at what that gunman looks like. >> reporter: that's right. that among other new details coming from west goshen police. we can tell you that they have 2820 agents they say dedicated to this case pursuing the suspect let's get right to that 67 right there. that was released by the police
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here this afternoon. investigators tell us this is the man wanted in the road rage shooting death of 18-year-old bianca roberson of west chester. we are told that he was driving the red faded pickup truck that's also a part of this case that's really receiving a lot of national attention police say the sketch came from a witness information from witness who says that they were actually driving near the suspect's pickup truck around the time of the road rage shooting. they say hundreds of tips have been pouring in from across the nation including california. meantime, detectives as we go to our second piece of video police were out in the area of the shooting route 100 just north of route 2202 traffic squeezed down as k9 units searched the area and combed through the spot where this all took place. police told us more about the investigation. >> we have been receiving hundreds of phone calls and hundreds of e-mails for which we are following up on of one of them. but we are prioritizing them
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because we're getting them from all copies of the country to be honest with you. >> reporter: and let's take one more look here at this composite of the suspected shooter. again, this after information coming in from a witness to this situation. police say the suspect is a white male between 30 and 40 years old has blond hair and a medium build. they're also looking for faded red pickup truck which could be a chevrolet. if you have any information at all, police really want to you call them right away. back to you. >> all right, hopefully they'll find that driver. this is such heartbreaking sto story. unbelievably it's not the first time the victim's family is experienced tragedy. >> fox 29's jeff cole explains. >> i mean she was loveable person. she was loved and liked by many people. >> reporter: rodney roberson thholds the he maps of the two e people he loved the most in life and two he must now grieve.
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>> we found out later our daughter had been murdered, shot in the head, you know, we still trying to come to grips with that. i mean i don't know what to say. i really don't. >> reporter: while investigators try to solve the killing of 18-year-old bianca the loss of her brother nearly four years ago of heart disease comes flooding back. >> now her mother is left with only -- with no children. just a grandchild. >> reporter: bianca was preparing for her new life. first orientation at jackso jacksonville university in two weeks and then the start of college in the fall to become an fbi agent. >> she was like crazy fun, a crazy fun kind of person, and what she was make you laugh. she was just a good girl. sweetheart. it was just a sweetheart avenue girl rot. >> reporter: at west chester reston's hi high there was counseling for her friends but few good words to explain this
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senseless loss. >> when i heard it was murder i broke out in tears. why would someone do this to such a promising young girl. jeff cole fox 29 news. makes no sense. car accident is bad enough now imagine having your pocketbook stolen right after the crash. it happened earlier this month to a 66-year-old woman in belmont. police now searching for a man in his 20s who they believe pushed down the woman stole her belongings and then made off on his bicycle. a former south jersey police officer will spend the next four years behind bars after pleading guilty in a drunk driving crash that cost 27-year-old woman her life. prosecutors say the man behind the wheel was 26-year-old justin rodriguez. he was an off duty burlington township police officer at the time. fox 29's bruce gordon just back from annie meg al sentencing hearing and joins us in studio. bruce. >> reporter: dawn, on this holiday weekend, especially, it's heartbreaking, cautious nary tale tale for anyone who thinks threat get liquo will hed
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get behind the wheel of a car. 26-year-old justin rodriguez was sentenced to four years in prison after immediating guilty to vehicular homicide and driving under the influence. rodriguez was behind the wheel of his acura last septembe september 23rd after spending that evening pounding beers, booze and shots in florence, new jersey, he wrapped his car around utility pole while doing more than 80 miles an hour in a 45 zone. rodriguez survived but his passenger, 27-year-old ariana williams, died at the scene in& court more than a dozen friends and family members described the pain of losing this loving, caring vibrant young woman much too soon. >> you were angry in there. >> i'm angry because they still have a son to see. you may see him in prison. but you can lay your eyes on h him. i can't lay my eyes on ariana. she's gone. >> i can't describe how i feel about losing my twin sister. she was very special to meme very important to meche it's hard every day to not have her in my life. >> it's really important that people realize that it's not a
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joke. it's really -- there's something tragic could happen, and unfortunately take a way someone's family member. >> for me every day is hard. i still have a whole hole in my heart. i think about my daughter every day. >> justin rodriguez was quote truly and deeply sorry for his actions that night. his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit at the time of the crash. the williams family plans to sue the former cop and at least one of the bars that served him that night. dawn? >> all right, bruce, so sad. thank you. police are on the hunt for a suspect in drive by shooting and now investigators are asking for your help to catch the gunman. if you play the pennsylvania lottery, check those tickets. the winning numbers that could mean you're a multi millionaire. sean? chris, eagles cut down their roster as they released a wide receiver today but will they have to fill that spot with linebacker? we'll tell you how starting linebacker jordan hicks got hurt on his honeymoon coming up in sports. >> and as we head to break,
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let's take live look at rehoboth beach on this friday night. i think it looks like a good night to head to the shore. >> um-hmm. ♪
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♪ happy fourth of july holiday, everybody. welcome back. taking a live look at wildwood, new jersey, the beach there not too many people on there today but guaranteed actually i'm going to be one of those on that beach tomorrow. that place is going to be packed this time tomorrow. >> what beautiful picture. seagulls flying by. i wish i was there. >> on more serious note torque night the search is on for gunman involved in a drive by shooting in the heart of south philadelphia it happen at dinnertime eighth and tasker it was last week but police are just now releasing surveillance video. you can see a white cadillac circling the block three times then the driver opens fire on a 23-year-old man and his friend as they walked in the 700 block. neighbors are obviously upset and shaken by this shooting.
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>> you heard eight shots go off and we knew it was like very close. so it was scary. seemed like it was few feet aw away. >> dangerous time of day. dangerous action and definitely looks premeditate. >> we could have been shot, you know what i mean? innocent bystanders wrong place at the wrong time. >> so 23-year-old south philadelphia man shot in the shoulder. his friend fortunately was not hit. police say the cadillac has no inspection sticker, no cadillac emblem on the front grill, and damage to the driver's side front end. if you recognize that vehicle give police a call. well this is one of those moments i think we're required to tell you, grab your lottery ticks and check them carefully. a ticket in our area it's worth a whole lot of money. shop rite store along west chester pike in west chester sold a match six lotto ticket $14.8 million. >> not bad. >> yeah. the shop rite store they get $10,000 bonus. store employees say they're excited to find out which one of they are customers is the big winner.
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>> wanted to check our tickets right away to see if we were the winners. which of course we were not. but, um, we're anxious to find out who the lucky winner is. >> yeah, i am, too. now the moment you likely been waiting are winning numbers are zero five, 21, 25, 26, 39 and 40. again, that ticket worth 4.8 million bucks. could make somebody's weekend. on this holiday weekend there's a good chance you may be heading to barbecue, and a warning if you're furry little friend is going with you veterinarians say your pets really need to be kept away from certain foods. experts say ronyon and garlic could be toxic for dogs. and be careful where you throw away your rib and chicken bones because pets can swallow them. if you're thinking about tweeting your dog to some meat, well here's what one veterinarian has to say. >> barbecue meats you want fatty meats that's great and good friend of the barbecue. but not so good for dogs. they can get pancreatitis. it's a problem.
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>> the best idea make sure you have some treats for your dog or cat during all the festivities that will keep them away from the delicious food for human consumption. lots of people in atlantic city started the holiday weekend already. a huge ribbon cutting it's all to get people excited for singer pink who is coming to town for a beach concert on july 12th. the festivities continue tonight at the tropicana casino with a huge party there and little fun fact for you this was the longest city ribbon cutting ever. >> pretty cool. >> um-hmm. back to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take live look at rehobo rehoboth. we can't get enough of these beach shots. the shore really puts you in the holiday mood for sure. >> i can look at them all day. meteorologist scott williams has the holiday forecast coming up in just 15 seconds.
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>> we're closing the book on the month of june and moving into july. july 4th is just a few days ahead. what will the weather be like? today it certainly was hot. the average high for this time of year is 86 degrees. look at the high temperatures across the area. philadelphia 93. 92 in allentown. it was 91 in reading. wilmington topped out at 90 degrees and 90 in trenton. as we look at the temperatures right now, if you're looking for some heat relief, head to the pocono mountains. 74 degrees right now and cooler temperatures currently down the shore. but take look at the i-95 corridor. upper 80 toss low 90s now philadelphia, 89 wilmington, 88 current until dover. but look at the cooler conditions down the shore. because of that sea breeze. water temperatures low 60s right now. so ocean city 73 degrees. 73 currently cape may point. but you head inland, camden 91 degrees.
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99 currently in cinnaminson. so temperatures for tonight staying pretty warm. 73 degrees the overnight low in trenton. 74 in wilmington. low 70s as you move down the shore and we'll focus on those rainfall chances for the next several days. tomorrow will be the greatest threat for scattered showers and thunderstorms. some of those storms could be strong to severe. but then the rape chances diminish as we move toward monday. 20% chance and look at the fourth of july. only a 10% chance for some downpours. as far as what's happening right now on ultimate doppler dry for most of the area philadelphia, south jersey, sections of delaware, but as you move far north and west, in particular around harrisburg, moving into northern sections of berk county and now approaching the lehigh valley we're watching some scattered thunderstorms and some of this will be in this area over the next self hours. so just keep that in mind if you're moving up the northeast extension moving toward, say, allentown or also moving toward the pocono mountains for your
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weekend holiday get away. so hour by hour, you can see north and west watching berks county sections of lehigh valley for some of those thunder storms then as we move toward tomorrow, we start off with more clouds than sunshine. breaks in the clouds but look at the clock. 4:00 o'clock north and west watching that line of scattered downpours moving toward the i-95 corridor later on tomorrow evening. some of those could sneak into the shore points late tomorrow evening. but other than that rep current risk it is looking pretty nice. upper 70s to low 80s for you down the shore. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you 90 for saturday. none on sunday. then the fourth of july looks hot but once again it look like it will stay dry. guys, back over to you. >> all right. not too bad. thanks, scott. >> sean in here with sports. i guess eagles will be starting camp about a month from now. >> yeah. >> you got news already. >> got news including an injury to starting linebacker jordan hicks we'll talk about. yes, speaking about those eagles they made some earlier news
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today by releasing a big name wide receiver. we'll tell you who it was, and the flyers look to replace steve mason as free agency kicks off tomorrow at noon. find out who the possible new goalie could be next in sports.
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♪ today's sports theme is hiring and firing. it was announced by the agent of
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turkish guard cot court ms. he'll be joining the sixers. it was the 26 pick in the 2,016nba draft. originally slated to join the club come 2018. making room on the roster gerald henderson has been waived as well. staying with the sixers what seems like year round sport the roster for the summer league which begins on monday being finalized. one concern gear up for salt lake whether or not the young gunguns like number one overall pick markelle fultz will learn the playbook but summer league coach billy lang feels these next three weeks none of that will be and an issue. >> i think all these guys are getting used to playing together. it will be on us as coaches to force some of the lineups that we know we'll see later on as the regular season rolls around and two weeks of training camp in utah and third week of las vegas by the end i feel these guys will be ready to go. >> summer league hoops on monday. nhl free agency starts tomorrow. early reports has the flyers
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looking at goalie brian elliot has potential replace many for the newly departed steve mason. teams are officially allowed to announce the signings of new players tomorrow at noon, however, gm ron hextall announced the club the rewarding their own by extending forward your ann dan wheel to two year he can tension. the eagles made news today by releasing wide out beckham. he left after 36 catch total. the release should not come as surprise as eagles already have few vets at the position. spent two draft picks on receivers in who's and gibson. finally how does one get hurt on their honeymoon? well i'll allow to you use your imagination but being reported eagles starting linebacker jordan hick injured his hand while exiting a pool on his honeymoon in greece. no official report by the eagl eagles. but no matter what, there's still a full moon before the team returns to training camp and most experts are saying it's not serious.
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honeymoon, jr., i just came back from mine a couple months ago. [ laughter ] >> i'm flawless. i'm still in one piece. >> not a good start. >> no. , definitely not. >> wondering what happened the there. >> i always put you on the spot. quick pocono forecast. >> looking at temperatures for much of the area in the upper 80s, 90s. poconos in the 80s scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. but the shore looking good. breezy and watch out for those rip currents. >> love it. >> all right. join us tonight at 10:00 o'clo 10:00 o'clock. we continue to follow the very latest development that's deadly road rage shooting in chester county. police are still on the hunt for whoever shot an 18-year-old girl. we'll have a life report at 10:00 o'clock. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. be safe out there. ♪ do you really use head & shoulders?
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great wolf lodge. everybody in. >> white house chaos. >> guys, don't push. >> they knocked the table down. >> shocking allegations of blackmail. >> and what face lift? >> i had my twin tweaked. the skin under my chin. >> it looks awesome. >> wild case of the college campus. >> this is going to get interesting. >> wait until you hear why he was fleeing police. road rage this fourth of july weekend. >> the steps you can take to avoid a road rage nightmare. then brooke shields back in her calvin kleins at age 52. plus the watermelon dress craze sweeping social media. >> how to slice up the perfect photo. and a match made in preschool.


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