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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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hole. made the putt for birdie. tie triplett. and two putt birdie. number six. nobody else could reach the green. the combination, the confidence. when he got up to 16. hit driver down on the 360 yard hole. 18. didn't really need how to do it all. what he needed to do was be between the ropes. fired a driver down there. that's kenny perry. >> yeah, that is. he took the club. most con fi didn't with. just striked it down there. caught the hill. one end of the rough. knew it would be a wedge downwind. 9 iron at the most. you know, confidence is earned commodity. kenny perry earned confidence and experiences paid off. i think. that was the big difference maker for kenny perry. >> over a year since he has within. another main your championship for kenny. and you know, like you said, a fine man. a great, great adjective for kenny perry. not one person in the field that doesn't respect everything about him and his family. >> yeah, it was so fun. and, salem country club such a great host off to this championship all week long. and the membership here should
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be very proud the way the golf course showed. it is really a special place up here in peabody, massachusetts. >> i remember going around it. monday, tuesday. haven't played much golf lately. thinking how much i wanted to play out here going around the golf course. it is beautiful to look at. easy on the eyes. and very playable. and it is -- it is the -- if the rain has then't come joe. i think the scores would have been more like today every day. the wind auz a factwas a factor. when you see scores. a record may hold for a long time. >> ryan cochran, russ cochran's son. russ cochran, sent a text. i was so nervous, i just built an entire set of clubs. russ, kenny perry and his old caddie, fred sanders, they do a fund raiser back in, in paducha. not in paducha, paxson park. city park. raise money to keep the course alive all the time. great story for the family. >> nice story between the two.
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now ryan has the got this major. with kenny perry. russ cochran. won the 2011 senior british open. so, a nice day for the cochran boys. and, you look at multiple wins. in u.s. senior open. all-time. miller barber, the three-time winner. that is some list. kenny perry, puts his name on that list here today. we know this. kenny perry -- will be at chinacook hills. automatically part of the field when we convene next june. we will take a break. when we come back, we will talk to the winner and the runner-up. one week of golf. here in massachusetts. babbling after this. kenny perry, champion. -- back after this. kenny perry, champion. peed diret transmission. a meticulously crafted interior. all of these are feats of engineering.
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>> as we look ahead to the schedule. we will next convene at trump national golf club in bedminister, new jersey. that will be right after the all-star game here on fox. the rest of the list, you can go through yourselves and -- we need to hear from some people that competed here today and all week. let's go to holly saunders. >> thank you, joe. you dominate the golf course for three days. and get off to the final day, what was different today? >> well, i didn't -- i didn't play very well. you know, kenny played. he had control of his ball.
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right from the get go. i did not. so it was a real struggle for me. i, quite frankly, after the middle of the round, i, i am -- thrilled that i had a chance to, force him to make that putt on the last hole. i mean it was looking like -- i was heading down into the pack. i was glad to resurrect it. and you know at least make him earn it. >> a lot of guys would have packed it in. tenth tee. four down. flower pot. 1. you clawed your way back. he seemed to have all the answers didn't he? >> yeah, he is a solid player. always hits the ball really well. any time you get a tough golf course, conditions there is going to be a guy to be reckoned with. he made the beautiful. missed a short putt. hit a poor shot on 15. and it was look a little glimmer of hop there. and -- he knocked that, he played the hole correctly. he had no chance to get close to the pin. he played it to 20 feet. hole it out. and, big putt. you know, he is doing the things you do to win golf tournaments. and -- you know, i didn't.
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>> okay. still an amazing week. thank you for the time. kirk, we enjoyed watching. >> i am thrilled. had a great time in salem. hope, the usg comes back here again. >> see you soon. >> joe. >> from the two of you as you look at the beautiful scene. the clubhouse here at salem country club. go done to curtis strange. >> thank you, joe. here with our champion. kenny perry, two-time, u.s. senior open champion. how does that sound and feel? >> unreal. to tell you the truth. it is our gel to woal to win th championship. and to representative this tour. and all open. the senior usga, are the exclusive tournaments. to be a two-time champion now. usg. tremendous job this week with the golf course. i mean, i was, never had such a mental challenge all week. middle of the greens.
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and plod my way along. and, got hot. made a few putts. and at key times. i can't thank usga enough. i am honored all the great names that are on the trophy. blows me awi to be part of this. this trophy goes back, a long way. >> let's take a look at some of your signature moments here. first hole. one back. starting the round. good tee shot. good second. now your putt. 12, 15, feet. out there. what does that do for the, for the remainder of the round, starting off lack that. >> it actually. i felt ready to go today. i felt good. a good warm-up session. an, then they just told me. i'm in the game. my nerves aren't too bad. i'm ready to go. >> first really miscue was over here at 10. your second shot. >> yeah, a huge hole. thank goodness. i got lucky. on a tight lie. i could whip it through the 20-yard window there. i knew if i've hit it through the window it would go around the front of the green some
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where. i got fortunate. that was the only really -- side way shot i hit all day. able to get away with. >> get away with the two putt for par. not make any mistakes. worst shot. i saw you hitting three days. tee shot. 15. this coming up in the second. went out to the right playing safe. >> i did. yeah, 225 back there. if you go over the green, you know, it is death over that green. and it was just, dead into the wind. just a difficult golf shot. and justened up. played off of it. little bit. i didn't commit. i hit it heavy. then pitched out to the right. this putt, won me the turn. >> this was the spot. soy, just lucky. putted. and that line in the practice round. and, we did this putt in the practice round. doesn't necessarily mean you are going to make it. i hit a good putt. right in the middle. >> sometimes. the president of the united
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states golf association, you a special presentation. >> i do. kenny, could not be more proud. you played remarkably all week. particularly today. it is my honor to say congratulations on being our 38th u.s. senior open champion. with that my first presentation this lovely gold medal. which we have been given the winners of usga championships since 1895. so, congratulations with that. >> thank you. >> as we hearer said this coveted, francis b.wynette trophy which has your name on it once, now we can't wait to engrave it for a second time. thank you, you are a wonderful champion. >> thank you very much. thank you. for a marvelous week. very special. i cherish these events. >> canny, one more. >> you don't do this by yourself. all of your friend and family, back in franklin, sandy, the family. what do you say to them. you've celebrate not only yourself but with everyone that helped you along the way. >> you know they're part of the team. sandy and hive been married, 36
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years, three kids. six grandkids. and here i am at 56, getting ready to turn 57, two months. still scum pelt if in the game of golf. still be valuable. it is pretty awesome to have that, that, that group behind me. pushing me. my son loves to play golf. judson, he is, a lot of fun, to got out there and compete and battle with. i have got good friend. a great support group. that's what keeps me going. keeps me battling. and -- you know, actually i have been kind of lost for two years. really struggling out here. my time was about up. and then -- all of a sudden, i switched caddies, changed a putter. >> always the putter isn't it? >> i putted great this week. i've mean, it was our golf. i put it in wednesday. grabbed it on wednesday. next thing you know making putts and holing putts. and under par. i have been hitting it okay all year. couldn't get one in the hole. and it came together. and, i am thankful. >> you have a lot of friend. congratulations.
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once again. enjoy. >> thank you. >> joe, paul, back to you in the booth. >> thank you very much. curtis, nice job down there. congratulations to the 56th, almost 57-year-old kenny perry. you can see, humble man. tremendous, tremendous come pelt tore. now a two-time u.s. senior open champion. >> like i say. known him long time. he is a hard worker. kenny is. great guy. never heard him say anything bad about anybody. you know, i asked him at the start of the week if he was driven. he looked at me like i was crazy, joe. he really is still motivated to prepare, play, practice. that's what it takes. hard work. and he won his medal battles today. >> saw the younger players talk about the team. we, we the players, caddies, psychologists, coaches, trainers, kenny perry, we is the family. his wife, caddie. his family. you know, children. and -- he choked up there.
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and a choked up kind of guy, said he was lost. he certainly found it. no doubt about it. we ask you to tune in at 7:00 eastern for fox prime time of lineup. then, tune in into fs 1. july 13th. first round coverage of the u.s. women's open. trump national golf club in bedminister, new jersey. don't forget that major league baseball all-star game come offing up on tuesday, july 11th. hey, for our entire crew. we say, thank you for joining us. we congratulate one final time, kenny perry, he is our champion. so long from salem country club. ♪
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♪ [vo] your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. . live from center city in philadelphia, this fox to 29 news at 6:00 this man is in jail they closed in on him, west goshen say david desper turned himself in for a deadly road rage incident that killed a teen in chester county. prosecutors call it senseless and savage. jeffery joyce reports, desper faces murder charges. >> reporter: david desper of
6:17 pm
delaware county is charged in the road rage murder of a west chester teen plans to begin college now the family is painfully planning her funeral. they sat and we want as mr. hogan announced the arrest. >> bianca roberson be 18 years old, gunned down because somebody didn't want to give way. >> reporter: da hogan said roberson and desper were trying to merge lanes from route 100 to route 202 when desper picked up a gun and shot the teenager driver in the hedge she died instantly. her car veered off the roadway and plowed into a tree >> the pickup truck takes off like a bat out of hell. >> reporter: every turn captured on camera. detectives spent hours combing through footage and releasing images of the chevy pickup. the next clue came from bianca herself >> the round recovered was
6:18 pm
reviewed by a forensic ballistics expert who told that that round came from a .40 caliber smith and wesson semiautomatic handgun h >> they were relentless. in their quest. >> reporter: as investigators inch closer to an arrest, desper turned himself in around 2:00 sunday morning, police recovered the truck be found the .40 caliber smith and wesson handgun in desper's delaware county bedroom. he legally owned the gun and had a permit to carry. police say there's no reason to believe this was a hate crime. but rather >> this is a story of a savage and senseless murder. >> reporter: david desper is locked up behind bars, bail is not an option with murder charges. reporting from chester county, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news >> fox 29 sabina kuriakose live in west chester with more on the trainer delaware county man. what have you learned?
6:19 pm
>> reporter: well, lucy, 28-year-old david desper had more than a half dozen prior arrests on his rap sheet. had nothing as serious or as violent as the first degree murder charges he faces. let's go to video as we visited desper's trainer, delaware county address, nobody answered but neighbors told us the suspect was quiet and kept to himself. of living at the address with one other man. they say they used to see that red pickup truck desper was allegedly driving when police say he shot 18-year-old bianca roberson. they used to see it parked outside his home but did not put two and two together. now, at a nearby address listed for desper's relatives, a note on the door read, quote, our hearts go out to roberson family. we will have no further comment at this time. court records show desper had been arrested eight prior times in delaware county related to things like driving without a valid inspection or registration.
6:20 pm
all of those arrests related to traffic offenses. no violent felonies like this senseless murder he stands accused of. back here live, we did reach out to bianca's family, they tell us that they are grieving and requesting privacy at this time. that is the latest out here in west chester lucy back to you. >> understandable. our prayers can't to go out for the roberson family. thank you so much. in the garden state one word is playing big. shutdown. the government shut down has left state offices and parks and beaches marine in as, the list goes on closed during the long holiday weekend. talk about timing. fox 29 brad sattin is live in trenton. how goes it, brad. >> reporter: a real war of words here, you can say it is a blame game, governor is blaming the assembly speaker. the assembly speaker is blaming the speaker and nothing got done. take a look at pictures taken a short time ago of the assembly floor where it is open but no activity.
6:21 pm
hanging in the balance, about 30,000 furloughed workers and closure of state government's nonessential services. as of july 1st, the state did not have a budget. chris christie ordered a shutdown. >> speaker, you know what? to those much is given, much is expected. he's got to lead now and stop pouing >> i will not be bullied into doing something that is not good for the residents of the state of new jersey >> we need to end chris christie's shutdown right away. >> reporter: they will try again to end it appears they're wrapped up for the night. but try again day three potentially of this furlough tomorrow state workers at this point will not be reporting. lucy
6:22 pm
>> we shall see. meanwhile, delaware and pennsylvania lawmakers are also in a budget crunch of their own, delaware is operating on a 72-hour budget deal after failing to pass a plan by its deadline friday, the clock is ticking there. lawmakers are working through the weekend. pennsylvania lawmakers will return and hit it again on wednesday to figure out a spending plan, now, as we told you, they did pass a budget measure friday that was allotted by governor tom wolf, but they passed it without details on how to pay for i kind of key. weather authority right now. hot and sticky day in the delaware avenue and it's not a complaint mind you. kathy orr whose standing right there. look at these kids. i love the dill worth park in the fountain. quite a change after yesterday's rain. meteorologist kathy orr is back with us. back from or down the shore back from your vacation and we got the heat again. >> it's hot. from the sea to the shore. the shore pretty warm today as well. that was different last week
6:23 pm
when we had a huge sea breeze, not the case today. atlantic city we made it to 94. at the airport. don't be deceived by that. philadelphia 91, wilmington and trenton even allentown and reading in the upper 80's. hot stuff everywhere. right now, still quite warm with temperatures in the 80's, allentown 86, philadelphia, millville 88. atlantic city 91 at the airport. on the boardwalk 81, that's an improvement at least it's not in the 70's. of 82 in ocean city. sea aisle 82, a little bit cooler at cape may at 76 with winds out of the south, ocean water temperature, 62. it will take awhile for the water to be warping up. here's your monday day planner, center city 92, shore 82 with an afternoon sea breeze, lehigh valley 89 with sunny and sticky conditions. and as we head towards tomorrow and the 4th, we're talking about more holiday heat. 90's plus tomorrow. more on that plus your 4th of july forecast coming up in just
6:24 pm
a few minutes. it's 4th of july already? >> i know. how did that happen? the older we get, kathy, the faster it goes. talk to you soon. another controversial tweet this time aimed at cnn. how the network is using the white house's own words to fire back. government health officials say doctors are prescribing drugs to millions of americans who do not need them, tonight how new jersey is cracking down on that problem. how are your teeth whiter than mine?
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. president trump's tweet habits show no signs of abating and sites cnn, its interpretation we will leave up to you. he tweeted a video shows him wrestling another man whose face is covered by cnn's logo. he tweeted out that he and someone on his staff retweeted it from the official presidential twitter account. cnn is not taking this lying down, he's promoting violence against reporters. and in response to part of its response, cnn's public relations team used the white house's own words by treating a post from sarah hackabee sanders reads the president in no way form or fashion has he have promoted or encouraged violence, if anything, quite the contrary. well, the national institute on drug abuse said more than four and a half million people are depending on painkillers in the united states and it says physicians are prescribing them to patients when they don't have
6:28 pm
to. fox's brian llenas shows us how new jersey leaders are trying to crack down on this big problem. >> in our view, a bad doctor, a doctor who is acting like a drug dealer, is worse than a street corner drug dealer. >> reporter: attorney general christopher paruno is going after doctors for prescribing painkillers >> this is someone shrouded with the public's trust. someone you walk in to see and believe is going to look after you. >> reporter: he's enforcing what's considered the toughest prescription drug in the country. limiting it for just five days supplies, previously doctors could prescribe 30 days worth of pills the first time. violators face up to 20 years in jail. oxycodone killed a 26-year-old new jersey man that had no medical need. for six years, they allegedly sold prescriptions for 90 pills
6:29 pm
for $200, under the new law, patients must get a consultation with a doctor in person or over the phone to refill the prescriptions after five days. critics worry this could lead to patients in pain visiting the emergency room for help >> patients will have to come to the emergency room and get kept overnight to get pain medication that is had they been able to get an extra two days they may not have. >> reporter: forensic scientists say there's been a 30% increase in prescription drugs seize over last several years >> the tablet may be laced with something different, even more potent than what you're used to. and that one pill or that one injection could kill you. >> reporter: in 2016, a record 31 new jersey physicians were disciplined for allegedly overprescribing pain killers. in new york, brian llenas, fox news. a rapper arrested after a night club shooting in arkansas, but not for the violence at the
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
6:32 pm
. us marshals have arrested a rapper after a shooting left 28 injured at a little rock arkansas night club yesterday. ricky hampton faces unrelated charges for aggravated assault.
6:33 pm
someone started firing off a gun, police think it could be gang related they have not arrested anyone for the shooting. 25 people ended upshot. and the chaos left three others hurt. everyone survived. little rock officials have shut down the club. crews on scene in lancaster county after a deadly house explosion, it killed a ugi utility worker and hurt at least one other employee. you're looking at the aftermath right there smoke rising into the sky. the workers were responding to reports of a gas odor on the 200 block of springdale lane, they were able to get the homeowner out before the blast. we don't know what set it off and we don't yet know the condition of the injured employee who survived. across the nation, some parents are very worried about the potential for what's called dry drowning. we've had a number of recent cases. but doctors say you do and don't need to worry about to protect your children. kathy orr, big week ahead for
6:34 pm
us. >> it's a huge week, so many people on vacation taking tomorrow, taking tuesday. tomorrow, we do run the risk of severe weather, a marginal risk, where you see the green, that's philadelphia north and west. we'll talk more about that and more summertime heat coming up when we come back.
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you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'! . let's take a live look in old city on this hot july day. it's pretty out there. big puffy clouds look like they could be doing something. you know who knows about that? our kathy orr. is that like an official meteorologist term, looks like they're doing something >> there were a few isolated shower earlier but that's about i those clouds may have been doing a little something. at rehoboth beach a beautiful day perfect beach day with temperatures around 80. the sun is at its peak, it's hot even though you have a little bit of a sea breeze, the boards are getting busy. it is still the holiday weekend and most of us extending it into next week. the temperature right now is 89
6:38 pm
degrees in philadelphia. the high today, 91 degrees, we need two more 90 degree days for another heat wave. the due point at 64. and that's a due point temperature, it's true amount of moisture in the atmosphere and 60's basically mean it's pretty sticky. 91, the high in philadelphia, 90 in boston, raleigh, 92, st. louis, 93, dallas 95 ahot day throughout the u.s. today on this sunday. due point temperatures as i mentioned in philadelphia, 64. 67 in wilmington heading towards oppressive in millville, and dover, a 70 degree due point is oppressive. take it easy out there over the next couple days. overnight, it will be clear and warm. you'll see a crescents moon in juniper will be the brightest star near the moon, the temperature 72, with a southwest wind as we go hour by hour, no issues in the morning, but by the afternoon, few storms may be popping up with the daytime heating and the heat and
6:39 pm
humidity, so there is a rufk a marginal risk of severe weather. tuesday, for the 4th looks good, and looks good in the afternoon into the evening. we could get really lucky for the 4th, during the day, especially for philadelphia north and west. there's a marginal risk of severe weather. if you hear a rumble of thunder know that the storm is close enough to affect you bring everyone inside, get them out of the pool and wait till the storms pass, during the day, the high 93 in philadelphia, 89 in pottstown 92 in wilmington, 91 in dover, wildwood 87. poconos, 80 by evening 79. and the holiday forecast for the fireworks in philadelphia, looking pretty decent. afternoon high of 88. and by the evening, temperatures will be in the mid 80's. not so bad on your seven-day forecast from the weather authority looking good as well. 88 for your tuesday, wednesday mostly sunny. 80's across the board thursday, if i, saturday and sunday, it's
6:40 pm
a short work week, lucy, or it's great vacation week. however you want to look at it >> it's my normal week for me, kathy, but vacation is around the corner, there you go, thank you very much. >> americans spend a lot of cash over the long holiday weekend for the 4th of july to the tune of billions of dollars, you got to look at some of it. i no longer live with
6:41 pm
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. hot big weekend. lot of folks flocking to pools and ocean. recent dry drownings and reports about them have a lot of parents concerned. some doctors say all that worry may not be necessary. fox's lauren demarco has it all. >> we're hearing probably a call an hour about dry drowning. >> reporter: flooding into the doctors' office after recent reports of the death of a child in texas and another possible case in colorado. it's what parents and in an knees are talking about at local pools as well >> they don't show a lot of symptoms, they need to be very careful. >> reporter: it's the idea that a child could suddenly die from fluid in the lungs or around the heart days after swimming with little to no symptoms. doctor elizabeth gelazo with
6:44 pm
potomac pediatrics a mother of three is working to dispell some myths. she wants parents to know dry and secondary you drowning aren't even medical terms. >> it is 100% reasonable that parents are concerned. any reasonable parent would be. when we look a little bit closer at the stories, they're very clear to say in those stories that no autopsy results have been published at this point and there really is no clear link between the swimming event and a the death of this child. >> reporter: she believes there are likely other factors or illness in played a role in that case, but parents can rest assured a child who breathes water into their lungs would show symptoms >> what's more important to clarify is this miss anymore that a child could be walking around looking well hours or days after swimming and then all of a sudden die. >> reporter: any child who's had to be pulled from the water by a parent or lifeguard should have immediate medical attention even if they appear ok. but it's important to note if a child is in danger of having
6:45 pm
aspirated water they would look and act sick becoming progressively worse over the next six 12 hour >> we shouldn't rely on ourselves to know that there was necessarily an event that was significant. take your eyes off your kid for two seconds a significant event could have occurred. that highlights the importance of paying attention to your child. if in that six to 12 hour window after swimming they start to develop progressive cough, having difficulty breathing not acting look themselves they're reasons to be seen and evaluated. >> reporter: drowning is one of the leading causes of accident death world wide and this is a good opportunity to point out basic safety. not just for the beach and the pool, but any time a child is submerged including baby pools and bathtubs, no child should be in the water unattended even those who can swim. toddlers and preschoolers should be within arm's reach of a parent or adult even if a lifeguard is present. floatation devices are not a substitute for adult supervision. and parents should avoid distractions like cell phones
6:46 pm
and alcohol use. >> doctors say the main take away is that safety around pools is paramount. kind of goes without saying. headed to the barbecue for the 4th of july? fantastic. one simple thing will keep you safe from the scorch of food poisoning.
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♪ . barbecues on the menu a lot of folks on this 4th of july holiday but the u.s. department of agriculture has a warning you can get sick if you don't take a few precautions. food poisoning surge during the summer because bacteria multiple apply more quickly in the heat and humidity. you can take a few simple steps to keep food and family safe and friends healthy after the barbecue is done. here's the first, get yourself a food they are mom meter >> about 75% of families do not have a food thermometer. you cannot tell that your meat is safe by cutting into it. the other most common question we receive is how long is it safe for me to keep my permissible food out? in the summer months when temperatures are above 90, food is only safe outside for an hour
6:50 pm
after it's prepared. >> if you're really worried you can always go vegan. after that hour you need to get the food into either a cooler filled with ice or right back into the refrigerator i think 40 degrees underneath that. that's what you need to do. the 4th of july means americans are spending billions of dollars on celebrating. fox's jerry will is breaks down the business side of the holiday. >> reporter: happy 241 it's birthday, america, with 88% of americans saying they plan on celebrating the nation's special day, a survey by the national retailer federation finds 53% of consumers already own patriotic them them themed a parking lot 66% of those suffered a
6:51 pm
means a lot of red, white and barbecue. the average consumer is slighted to spend just over $73 on food for cook-outs totalling over 7 billion dollars in revenue. the north american meat institute said americans will eat 150 million hot dogs on july 4th alone >> it's a time when americans get out and fire up barbecue and there's really nothing better for the barbecue than meat. so whether it's a hot dog, hamburger, chicken, there's a lot of different ways you can grill meat. >> reporter: the summer weekend is a popular time for travel. analysts say drivers will pay the lowest independent state price for gasoline in 12 years. almost 33 million americans say they plan on taking advantage of these low prices by packing up the car and hitting the road. when the sun goes down the show begins. whether it's a home town display or the largest spectacular in
6:52 pm
the country. fireworks are synonymous with the 4th of july. the group vice president of special productions at macy's said the brand takes pride in honoring the nation's history. >> all the way back since 1776, we have had some sort of fireworks display in this country. and so we really want to celebrate that in a very big way and that's what we're doing. you know, this is such a patriotic show, and the best way to do that is through fireworks. >> reporter: macy's also said this will be the biggest show yet. using 60,000 fireworks shells spread across five barges inman east river. in new york, jerry will is fox business we're a day away from seeing markelle fultz. the phillies trying to avoid getting swept. guys the phils have been dying to break out finally does. can coming up next in sports.
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seeing markelle fultz.
6:55 pm
going to be a long summer in phillies, about two months away from football. unfortunately all we got is the phillies. worst team in baseball and got that by about six games. took on the mets trying to avoid getting swept. dying for maikel franco to finally break out. top on the second, runners on first be second. franco with a deep shot to left. two runs will come in giving the phillies a 2-0 lead. throwing a wild pitch. he goes to third but they can't find the pitch or the ball that to needs nat to go home and another score making it 4-0. the phils getting it done, shallow pop-up should be easy. aaron altherr, still gets the catch and with the awareness to throw the ball to first and get another out.
6:56 pm
the phils getting it down winning 7-1 avoiding the sweep. to the nba we're about to see with markelle fultz, hype around him is crazy. hopefully he shows he's a point guard that phils need. before heading out to utah he talked about how he'll handle those games. >> most i'm got a ball in my hand know come off the screen, i know when to go fast and slow, at little bit when i need to push and just a little bit of coaching into. most of it just instant coach like he said, just go at my own pace and might run something like that. so just being under control and doing what i do best. >> would probably want to be kyle allow rewrite now, signed a three year $100 million deal with the rafters. i mean, nuts.
6:57 pm
that's crazy. he said why would i leave toronto, i know why, you got 100 million reasons not to leaf. he's happy and i know why >> 100 million, the philly kid getting paid. he's never come back to philly. stay on up in canada. >> it's a great city >> the only problem people don't know he has to pay taxes in canada and the united states >> does he >> ok. all right. >> has to pay taxes both places. >> the not as much as 100 million, >> it's close. >> be sure to join us for fox 29 news at 10:00. the jewish community targeted one jersey shore community where vandals left posted outside a holocaust memorial that has offering a big reward. live lottery drawing is next, followed by bob's burgers. >> see you tonight at 10:00.
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♪ (blows nose) sick? what? (chuckles) i mean, barely. it's nothing. it's really nothing. (hacking) achoo! (all groan) oh, god. i-i just don't think it's a good idea for you to go tonight. and miss the kids' "mother's day assembly" at school? no way. you mean "mothers and primary caregivers appreciation cabaret." lin, nobody would be able to hear the performance over your constant coughing. plus you'd get everyone sick since you're terrible at covering your sneezes. achoo! ugh. ugh. that was all over me. ugh. silly me without my poncho. lin, what if i record the performance for you? it's not the same thing. whoa, is that the flux capacitor?


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