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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  July 14, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> live there center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking to night at 11:00 another person of interest just taken into custody hours after a bombshell confession and a possible motive in case that has so many people talking. everyone hearts of course have been with the four families waiting for word after four young men went missing in bucks county. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page. right now, that person of interest is in custody at northeast detectives in philadelphia. being held for bucks county authorities to pick up and question. right now no charges. we will take you out to the neighborhood where all of that went down. here's what we know right now. cosmo dinardo's attorney saying he plead guilty to four counts of murder in exchange dinardo
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will not face the death penalty. tonight we're learning about a possible motive. we've got team coverage for you tonight. fox 29's dave kinchen is standing by but let's begun with chris o'connell who broke the news that cosmo dinardo confessed to the murders. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. according to his attorneys, cosmo dinardo confessed to investigators in the mass murder of four men tonight. and as a second person of interest has been taken into custody over the last hour, this investigation still continues tonight. cosmo what do you say to these families? >> after confessing to the murders of four missing men, cosmo dinardo speaks. >> i'm sorry. >> why dud do it. >> mr. dinardo this evening confessed to district attorney. >> reporter: his attorney says dinardo gave investigators a detailed account of the murders of jimi tar patrick, dean finocchiaro, mark sturgis and
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thomas meo in exchange for his confession his attorney says prosecutors have agreed not to pursue the death penalty. >> we negotiated this out come for cosmo to be very honest, forth right and truthful in what occurred within the last week and a half. >> reporter: dinardo also told investigators where the bodies are located. remains have already been discovered in what's been described as 12 and a half foot common grave on the expansive solebury township family farm. what is still not certain is how dinardo knew his victims or how they were connected. but a source telling fox 29 tonight the killings may have been over a deal over marijuana and a gun. >> how are the families doing. >> they're holding up remarkablely well, chris. i'm very grateful for their trust in us. it means the world to us and keeps us strong and keeps us going. >> reporter: now right now cosmo dinardo has not officially
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been charged in these murders. however, the district attorney has scheduled an 11am press conference tomorrow with more details. now with more on this developing story, exclusive details on this second person of interest taken into custody, i go to my colleague dave kinchen live at northeast decks to night. dave? >> reporter: chris, we're actually live here on the 800 block of magee avenue. i want to step out of the way here where we can tell you win the hour you can see the philadelphia police cars here within the hour philadelphia police and other law enforcement agencies took into custody a second person of interest in this case wee related cosmo dinardo and the missing four men and the murder investigation. let's go to some video right now that we shot not too long ago of police here on the 800 block of magee in northeast philadelphia. we can tell you that the person, the second person of interest was taken by philly police to northeast detectives were he's being held right now. bucks county authorities are on
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their way to pick him up. he is wanted for questioning in this case. now, you'll recall this comes just hours after cos dough dinardo confessed to the four murders and also told police where the fourth body was, gave them a full explanation of everything that had taken place and critically important to the investigation we're told that cosmo had actually given up the name of a second person. this person of interest accomplice in this case at northeast detectives right now picked up within the hour from the 800 block of magee in northeast philadelphia. there are no charges filed right now. it is just a case where bucks county authorities are coming down to pick him up for questioning in this investigation. you can imagine neighbors are likely sleeping right now or some watching just getting this news. not many people walking around in this area, but you can imagine especially as they wake up to this news tomorrow, they will be shocked to know that
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this case extends into northeast philadelphia with this person picked up for questioning. back to you. our coverage will continue tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia". we'll have legal experts in to discuss what comes next in this long and winding case and any updates will be posted on website. head to oppressive heat and severe storms. what day as we take live look at the ben franklin parkway. we're hoping for less brutal day tomorrow. kathy you're track morgue severe weather on the way. >> unbelievable. we still have severe storms at this late hour. it started this afternoon and continues tonight. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for sussex county, delaware, until 11:30 tonight. this includes delaware beaches, lewes, delaware, cape hen low penn and rehoboth beach, delaware. vivid lightning, torrential downpours. localized flooding, and the severe threat will continue fort next half hour even hail associated with these severe storms. right now, temperatures are rain cooled but that humidity is locked in. 78 in philadelphia. 74 degrees in millville and down
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the shore you can see temperatures in the lower 70s in sea isle. ocean city the boardwalk in atlantic city and beach haven cape may point in wildwood in the upper 70s late this evening. we'll have more showers and thunderstorms ahead of tomorrow's front. this front sweeps through tomorrow night and then finally we will be out of the severe thunderstorm threat for the weekend. but tomorrow there is a risk slight risk of severe weather with scattered severe storms just like today very heavy downpours and damaging winds are possible. as we go hour by hour a future weather is saying tomorrow morning we could see some heavy downpours. so please be aware of that during the morning rush. then during the daytime heating and that afternoon a line of showers and storms possibly a squall line right along that i-95 corridor between about 3:0t down the shore by about round of rain is possible late at night by the 11:00 o'clock hour friday when that front moves through and then we sweep out the heat and the humidity right in time for saturday. overnight tonight the low 75.
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cloudy and muggy, showers and storms possible in the morning. again in the afternoon. and a late night round tomorrow night the high tomorrow 86 degrees. remember, if you hear that the pool away from the beach until the storms pats. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority saturday and sunday look great. heating up big time. by sunday the high 90. monday pop-up storms. some heat and humidity for your tuesday. the next wednesday and thursday highs again in the 90s. the dog days of summer just won't quit and i do expect some pop up storms those days iain just because of the heat and the humidity. but right now nothing like tod today. very active we'll see if the national weather service will go to berks county tomorrow to check and see if we did have tornado up there. in the meantime, stay dry tomorrow. >> all right. kathy. thanks. concerns from residents in chester county over their drin drinking water them claim it's dirty from nearby construction of the mariner east two pipeline and tonight residents in whiteland township got to meet with sunoco and other officials about their concerns.
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fox 29's shawnette wilson has more. we knew they were coming through so we were -- we decided no to the plant it this year. >> reporter: dottie and jim graham show me what used to be the garden area in the backyard of their west white land township home before sunoco ran pipeline through their property. >> got our pipeline marker there. >> reporter: the grahams have lived here on sally view drive for 21 years with pristine water until now. >> i'm not having water and then it was cloudy. >> reporter: problems started for many residents in the area on june 27th. tonight township officials and sunoco reps held a meeting with uwchlan and west whiteland residents about what caused it. >> water in the drilling operation is not unique situation to them. they thought perhaps initially it would be a spring but nevertheless they did notify us. >> reporter: residents voiced their concerns about the pipeline process. there's also an offer on the table from aqua the township's public water service for residents on affected wells to hook up to them during the drilling process. sunoco would pay for it.&
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residents aren't sold on the process. >> i appreciate what you're trying to say. do not look at us and say, no risk. please, show us some respect. [ applause ] >> reporter: sunoco has been providing bottled water and paying for hotel rooms for residents without water or water with low pressure. in exton, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. tonight a vigil was held for a 57-year-old woman who was brutally murdered in philadelphia. it happened at a home on north hill creek drive in crescen crescentville. she was stabbed in the neck and beaten with a hammer. investigators did recover some weapons at the scene but police have not yet made any arrests. more charges to night for the suspect accused of punching a man with cerebral palsy the chester county da has now char charged barry baker with flight to avoid apprehension. the charge comes for allegedly leading police on two-week manhunt after his initial arrest for the may attack. baker made bail. two other warrants were issued and he ran.
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he was caught on june 5th. a private firm in new york city has put $220 million offer on the table to buy the former revel casino according to some reports. the company made the offer in the last ten days. however, the owner of the former revel casino says he was unaware of the offer for his property and that he's never spoken to a private equity firm about a sa sale. he has spent the past few weeks behind bars but tonight billy penn is a free man. how long it took workers to give him a makeover. and it's a growing kind of icky problem at philadelphia city hall. what's running around the halls that's got some >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing.
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>> a person of interest picked up in northeast philadelphia. he is being held by police waiting for bucks county authorities to pick him up and question him in connect with the case of those four missing men in bucks county. cosmo dinardo's attorney says
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his -- said he confessed to those murders today. man' home security camera rolling as an suv demolishes a park car right in front of his home. luckily the driver of that suv was not badly hurt but the impact of that crash is still being felt. our bruce gordon has the story from havertown, delaware county. >> reporter: randy had just finish talking to contractor out front of his home on west chester pike wednesday morning. just two minutes later with randy now inside, the driver of a dark colored suv demolished his hold today hmm sitting in the parking lane by the curb. >> that was little unnerve. >> reporter: kaboom. >> it was a very loud bank. you could hear the metal on metal report roar randy raced outside while dialing 911. he offered help to the woman driver. she did not appear badly hurt. and then check that target vehicle. resting upside down to see if anyone was inside that was hurt. >> i took a look in and i started seeing my stuff. it dawned on me it was my car.
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>> reporter: it's not just any car. >> it's my animal rescue vehic vehicle. >> testa traps and transports and fosters dogs and cats and other critters for the providence animal center justice rescue and other agencies in the region. >> i love animals. so try to help them because they don't get much help he was hiding under a car. >> reporter: this is antonio. he's got a dislocated hip. randy trapped him, brought him home and raised the money for surgery. while getting this scare dee cat used to human contact and ready for adoption. randy's work with animals continue as for his mobile rescue vehicle -- >> that's going to be total lo loss. >> reporter: what does that mean for your rescue and transportation work for animals it means i got to find another vehicle and hope the insurance covers what i'm out. >> reporter: as for antonio the kitten, well, he's scheduled to go under the 95 next monday, surgery for that dislocated hip. we wish him well. in havertown, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news.
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philadelphia, workers at city hall say the building has got more mice than usual. this is the first year they have a new exterminator. the company's general manager says there's in date to prove this year's mouse problem is worse than in the past. experts say that nearby construction and allowing employees to eat at their desks and in their offices are likely fueling the problem. billy penn standing tall above philly is looking better than ever tonight. week's long restoration of the william penn statue a top city hall is finished. this was the look from one of our center city cameras this afternoon. the 37-foot tall bronze statue had some pressure washing to get rid of a lot of grime that built up over the past 14 years. the staff folding around the statue should come down by the end of the month. you see it and then you shoot it. our fresco users are helping show you what's happening in your neighbor. dawn, what's going on tonight? >> iain, fresco user whitney takes us down to the jersey shore for a very popular outdoor event. hundreds came out for the angle
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sea night market in north wildwood close to 20 different foot trucks were on hand to provide visitors with delicious local food. the event was so popular last year, officials decided to extend it one hour this time around. looks like fun. and fresco user rick roland gives us a look at all those torrential downpours this is in bethlehem earlier tonight. wow x several counties of course were under tornado warning. severe weather moved through the region between five and 6:00 this evening. when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure to use the fresco app to sent it to our newsroom. iain. >> all right, dawn, thank you. pennsylvania state auditors say the keystone state is not reviewing the effectiveness of its addiction treatment programs and they have to do more. audit released today the state's auditor general recommends thee state agencies have to carefully monitor whether their treatment programs that fight against heroin and other opioids are effective. those agencies are the department of of human services, corrections and drug and alcohol
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programs. he also pointed out under funding of those programs meant to help addicts in pennsylvania. a local pennsylvania state rep is proposing a bill that would increase the mandatory minimum zen sense for heroin dealers. republican say representative james santora joined some other delaware county leaders and law enforcement officials to propose a bill that would increase the minimum sentence to five years for a first time offender. law enforcement officials say they approach lawmakers to try and get something done. >> these guys that sell heroin are murderers, pure and simple. i use the buzz word purchase vares of death but they're murderers, and they got to be treated, take the kid gloves o off, wack them, put them in jail where they belong and jamie santora's bill is a start of what we got to do. >> today's press conference was held in front of the pilgrim gardens shopping sent that's where two people recently overdosed on heroin but surviv survived. the food and drug administration has endorse add
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new treatment for advanced leukemia. advisory panel given unanimous support for the drug known as company don't 19 gene therapy for patients between three and 25 years old. doctors say the treatment will give patient as better chance at survival. all right sean what's coming up in sports? >> iain the nfl might have a strike on their hands. guess what? i'm here for it after seeing all the money players are getting in the nba, richard sherman thinks the players in the nfl should be willing to strike. i'll tell you why i'm 100% with him. that's coming up next in my sports commentary. >> again we have been following breaking news. a person of interest has been picked up tonight in northeast philadelphia. he's being held by police waiting for bucks county authorities to pick him up and question him in connection with the case of those four missing young men in bucks county. cosmo dinardo's attorney says they confessed to those murders today.
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♪ sean bell talks about the possibility of their being a strike in the nfl. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ nfl players are seeing the bag of money that the nba players
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are getting and guess what, they want in. richard sherman said today if the nfl players want to get anything done they have to be willing to strike. miss games. that's what the nba did and that's what major league baseball did. you know what, i 100% agree with him. nfl is by far the most popular sport and they make the most money. yet they get paid the least. okay. why is that? most of their cracks aren't even guaranteed. players can get cut at any point, and miss out on half of their salaries. due to the fiscal will the of the game nfl players often have chronic pain by the time they're 40. imagine not being able to get out of bed in the morning the age of 42. whenever there's strike, fans blame the players it's time to start blame thing the billionaires owners. nfl makes way too much money to be short changing players and they end up striking, guess what, i'm 100 prosecution behind them. iain? >> all right, sean. the widow of actor alan thick
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says the kids are calling her a a greedy widow trying to nullify her prenup so she can get more cash. that's according to tmz. she claims robin thick and his brother brennan were not serious when they signed documents to block her from challenging the prenup and claims it's all about trashing her in the media. robin brennan could not be reached for comment. >> we're tracking breaking developments in the case of those four missing appearance. a person of interest pick up tonight in northeast philadelphia is being held by police waiting for buck county authorities to pick him up and question him in connection with the case of those four missing men. cosmo dinardo's attorney said he confessed to those murders tod all week we've and tracking the disappearance of jimi patrick, dean finocchiaro, mark sturgis and tom meo. deanan's remains were found in solebury township property owned by cosmo dinardo's parents and sources are telling fox 29 the murders of the men killed over
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marijuana and a gun. good day of course will have update for you starting tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. >> sad. >> it's a sad and really bizarre story. but it looks like we'll get some regular lucien tomorrow. they'll a news conference at 11am. wee see what happens. all right. up next, watch what happens with andy cohen. that's the name of the show. followed by inside edition at midnight. stay tuned for chasing news the 12:30 and then of course it's the simpsons. we're back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia". thanks for watching v a great night. ♪
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happening right now on good day fail cosmo's confession person of interest in the disappearance of four bucks county men makes a stunning admission, as police take another person of interest in custody. steamy, stormy round two of unsettled weather, tracking through our area just in time for our morning commute but sue says it is not all bad especially the weekend. also trouble from the tap, dirty drinking water that has a community at their witt's end. and it is what we have been waiting for, baby reveal, beyonce sharing pictures of the new babies twins for first time, and for a lot of excitement. >> i could barely sleep last night. >> i'll bet. >> i got my scrap book out and everything. >> names, hope they match up. great to have you with us,


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