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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 20, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> grizzly double stabbing, mother dead, her daughter clinging to live. their connection to the attacker, as police hunt for him right now. bat lynn brain cancer. a difficult diagnosis for senator john mccain, how the politician once a prisoner of war is now facing his greatest fight yet. >> decision day. he captivated the country, more than two decades ago. >> orenthal james simpson not guilty of crime of murder. >> today the worlds' attention turns yet again to o.j. simpson, hours before he face as parole board to learn his fate. will he face more time behind bars? or walk a free man, come october? >> suspension scandal. a college student sent accused of cyber bullying after tweeting out apology letter from his ex-girlfriend.
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>> seem fair grade at that point. >> what did to that letter causing his tweet to go viral. >> yes, and he got in trouble for it. good day everybody, it is july the 20th, thursday, 2017. >> sue? >> all right, we went down a number again today. but, you know, really, the he excessive heat now. we have the warning in effect for basically the i59 corridor, philadelphia, where ever we live, and all of the surrounding counties, and don't even get a break if you go to the shore. heat advisory there, as well. so, that's what's going on, because it is going to fowl like 100 or more in many, many places. so our numbers down to seven now, as it gets more and more uncomfortable, day after day of this. so have a lollipop. cheer yourself up. it is national lollipop day. don't forget the water bottle either. off to sticky start, no rain on the radar, we do have some clouds mixed in with own sunshine, 79 degrees in the morning, feels like 83 when you walk out. it was a swit wednesday for
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sure. high yesterday, 96. today, we're going to get to 97. with extreme heat, feeling hotter than 97 of course with scattered thunderstorms popping up here and there. so, it is getting little repetitive, bob kelly, we'll tell you about it in the seven day forecast. >> how many licks to the lop i pop before the tootsy roll center, do you know? work on that. 7:02, live look at the schuylkill expressway, right near belmont avenue. the delay leaving town, more folks leaving the city, then come into the city. you'll deal with the sun glare coming around the curve. slow going on the boulevard, 95, working your way through the construction zone, and an accident east on 422, right near the stowe interchange, so anybody coming in from limerick, king of prussia, you'll find some delays, and here is a live look downtown, the vine expressway, again, crossing town, jammed up headed over towards the schuylkill. so far so good coming in from new jersey on the ben franklin. and mass transit, the buses trains and trolleys all in
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good shape. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you very much. following two big national stories here, full coverage of senator john mccain's brain cancer diagnosis. plus o.j. simpson's parole hearing, we will do it in a minute or two. but first up to date on stories locally. >> a mother is dead and her daughter critically wounded after being stabbed in south philadelphia early this morning. >> police say their number one suspect is the daughters exboyfriend. right now jenny joyce on the scene in south philly. >> yes, mike, as you said earlier, ex-beaux friend as of only few days ago, so police remain on scene continuing to investigate this double stabbing, homicide here, that suspect 25 year old male police believe killed her mother, the 21 year old, police say this double stabbing homicide happened a little bit before 2:00 this morning, here on the 2700 block of daily terrace, in
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southed philadelphia. investigators describe a gruesome scene, both inside and outside of this property, which is owned by the philadelphia housing authorit authority. >> the woman's two is year old daughter stabbed in the neck, and transported to pen press by fer yan in extremely critical condition, she was also going to undergo surgery, we've not received an update, on her condition, so, neighbors tell us that they came outside this morning, they saw the victims lying bloodied out front of the home. they tell us they're in a state of shock. >> there were teenagers out there trying to help her. her neighbor trying to help her, trying, telling everybody, it was coming along, call the cops, call the cops. she's dying. call the comes. i'm in shock. and i'm sad for that family,
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for her daughters. i'm really sad for them. because they're young. >> and so that neighbor referring to the 21 year old victim, and a teenage daughter, in the home, it is unclear where that teen is right now, we're hearing she was not a witness to the violence, overnight, but i'm sure police are talking with her, trying to find out a little bit more as are we, talking with neighbors, learning more about this family. and also, mike anal he can, the one thing that i found real interesting to hear that witness, the woman, the neighbor, that we talked to, said that they were boys on the block who were trying to revive them, to save these women's lives, early this morning. >> oh, god. horrible. >> it is horrible. >> all right, 7:05. >> his six a year old woman is behind bars this morning, after allegedly stealing a cab overnight. the woman was pick up in germantown, show was en route to sugarhouse casino, when she asked the driver to pull over, the driver got out of the car, to help the woman, and that's when police say she jumped
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into the driver seat, and took off. so, around 1:00 a.m., officers then spotted the woman still in that cab, and she had a 23 year old woman and her ten month old in the back seat. she became the taxi cab driver. >> wow. >> police say the suspect picked them up, they noticed there is the woman is un arrest, and will be charge with auto theft. >> so she took the car and started picking up fares. >> a vote is being held this afternoon to select philadelphia's interim district attorney. >> the 88 judges of the court of common pleas will hold a vote by secret ballot. it will be today at 4:00 p.m. in city hall. yesterday the 14 candidates seeking to serve the five and a half month term held presentations for the judges. the post was left vacant when former district attorney, set william, resigned last month after pleading guilty to bribery during his federal corruption trial. williams is being held in the federal detention center and will be sentenced in october. >> take his pension away, too.
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>> one of the leading republican voices in this country has been diagnosed with a aggressive form every brain cancer, senator john mccain, tumor discovered during surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye. >> thomas drayton with more on people react to go this and what we're learning after there was announced yesterday. >> reporter: doctors say it will be a tough fight. senator john mccain has been one battle through another during his life but this adversary is ruthless, the long-term prague knows i as we've been hearing is not good. >> john mccain is a fighter, former, but news of brain tumor has been difficult to digest. >> tough nice. it is tough. >> mccain spoke on the phone with senator lindsey graham one every his best friends in the senate. after doctors made the diagnosis, discovering the tumor while removing a blood clot above mccain's eye. >> god knows how this ends, not me. but dow know this: this
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diseases never had a more worthy opponent. >> mccain's colleagues in congress were stunned on a night when republicans were meeting on healthcare reform, counting on mccain's vote bipartisan expressions of support poured in. president trump often at the with mccain said on twitter melania and i sends our thoughts and prayers to senator mccain, send i and their entire family, get billion soon. president obama who defeated mccain back in 2008 wrote john mccain is a american hero and one of the bravest fighters i've ever known. cancer doesn't know what it is up against. given it hell, john. but for mccain the long-term outlook is challenge to go say the least. doctors say the disease also known as gbm is aggressive. >> gbm is the most common and unfortunately the most malignant of all of the primary brain tumors, and it is considered a grade four tumor, meaning survival is somewhere between 14 and 15 month on average.
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>> now we understanded the family now coming together to discuss the next steps for treatment. senator mccain telling lindsey graham, i've been through much worse, i'm fighter and i will be back. >> oh, a fighter indeed, five years in that prison in viet nam, north viet nam. all right, so -- >> thank you, thomas. >> doctor mike, we understanded that john mccain, thank you for coming in, went into the doctor and said he had some double vision. >> light. went for routine check. came in, had some double vision, and the doctor very astutely did a cat scan. they found a blood clot. they did an mri. and found a tumor. now, sometimes blood clots can occur in conjunction with tumors. now, this is, they said, gbm. it is glioblastoma multi forming, very aggressive brain tumor, and one that requires surgery, and he had that to remove the tumor. and then will get radiation and chemotherapy. and his survival rate, i hate
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when patient and families come in how long do i have or my friends have or my family member have. bottom line it depends on performance status. so, this is a guy who is in for all intent and purposes pretty good shape despite the melanoma. he has a mental spirit, and fortitude, lining an aircraft carrier. and so i think that it is premature to say, well it, can be three month, six month, 12 month. bottom line is he's going to fight this, and he may even get novel treatment, like, immuno therapy, and some electrical stimulation, all kinds of things. >> you mention glioblastoma considered very aggressive y is that. >> it is a primary tumor, start in the brain, this is not coming from somewhere else. i think, do we have a picture? this is i think a cat scan showing what agleam owe blastoma looks like, basically tumor in the brain t sends out little tentacles, and it spreads, so even though, there you go, that's it, what it does, it infiltrates, it gets into the surrounding normal
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brain tissue, and the prognosis also depends on where it is. because, it can affect the function of the body. >> see if i understand this, you would have to get every single little bitty cancer cell out of therefore it not to spread? >> you can't. >> and you can't. >> you can't surgically. it is impossible. so what you do is you use chemotherapy and radiation, and now there are new err treatment that are experimental, immuno therapy, and some people have lived for over five years, so i hate when people say, well, this is the end of the road. and not so. who knows. >> but they were able to remove all of the blood clot? >> the blood clot was removed, and from what i've read the tumor was removed. but, see, it has got little tentacles, so it is in there, it will come back. so he needs chemotherapy, radiation, but i believe in this guy. >> okay, hold on, is it really true your mental state can help you fight off something like this?
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>> you better believe it. >> why? >> why? because i hope so. if you're in the fight of your life, and i tell my patient all the time that have been diagnosed with cancer, and horrible things, look, it is a mental thing, as well. because if you give up, if you don't have that fortitude, and say i am going to fight this thing, then you tends to have more cat calls release, more immuno suppression, remember, you want your immune system to fight as hard as it k and so i believe in that. this is a guy who spent five years in the worse conditions in the planet, on the planet, and he was able to do it. so, i'm putting my money on him. >> okay. >> all right? we've seen this before. ted kennedy, beau biden, but the bottom line is this guy i think will get the best treatment and he has the right attitude. >> okay, thanks, doctor mike. >> love you. >> you got it. >> family and friend will gather this morning to lay to rest thomas meo. >> so steve keeley outside of the funeral home this morning,
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for more on what's going to happen today. learning more about what happened to meo and the three other men. >> yes, another hot, humid morning to go with that hot, humid night last night. and the family and the staff arriving now, for the last hour of a viewing that will start in a few minutes before the funeral at 10:00 o'clock at a church 3 miles from here. let's show you the line last night, so long at times a lot of people got stuck waiting outside in the heat and humidity even after dinnertime, for many minute, to take the turns to go in and pay respects and support the family, because tom meo was that popular. it was his car discovered on the dinardo property if you recall a week ago monday whether we reported that first that linked the accused killer with the four men who will been missing for the very first time. and as we go to some pictures of tom meo, these smiling, happy times, that tom meo's girlfriends, family and friend, are remembering most, not the sad or awful grizzly
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details of his horrible killing, authority learn, of last week, from the man who confessed, and said he shot tom meo cowardly in the back, and as he fell screaming, he then went after meo's best friend mark sturgis who ran away running for his life or at least trying to, then got shot and the confessed killer said he ran out of ammunition at sturgis, had to use a back hoe to run over tom meo to kill him. best friends in life, now best friends in death. because tom and mark sturgis services are on the same day, so once the crowd is done with the morning services for tom meo here in northeast philly, they will gay not too far away, after dinnertime, in bensalem tonight where the mark sturgis memorial is at 7:00 to 9:00 at another funeral home. another sad day for all of the families involved in this. and it doesn't ends today either. we've got two more funerals friday and saturday for the last two victims, guys? >> all right, steve. coming p on 7:15.
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well, o.j. simpson is hours away from a parole board hearing in nevada. if the parole board rules in his favor, oj would be released in october, he's been in the slammer therefore eight years. >> so, joel waldman love in lovelock nevada with what we can expected to. hey, joel. >> reporter: mike, alex, good morning to you. what we can expect, 1:00 p.m. eastern time, 10:00 a.m. out here on the west coast, this video conference will take place, it will start happening, we'll see whether or not o.j. simpson does, in fact, get parole. there will be four parole boards commissioners, listening to o.j. simpson, and members of his family. we understands that shirley baker, his sister, will be here at the prison along with his daughter around he will simpson and also one of the victims of that armed robbery, his name is bruce fromong1 of the people o.j. simpson was
7:16 am
convicted of robbing back in 2007. but he's expected to testify in favor of o.j. simpson, it is reported that the two of them, two men, have made amends since that robbery, and so once again this gentleman bruce fromong1 of the victims, the other one incidentally has passed a with a since since the robbery, but his gentleman is supposed to testify in his favor. the betting lots are that o.j. simpson will in fact be release from the this correctional center come october. they believe he will be parolled after today's hearing, guys? >> all right. >> so it will be a vote, four board members, if they don't get that majority, he has to wait how long? before this happens again? >> reporter: roughly one to three years, and i'm glad you brought that up. four parole board members t has to be majority. it has to be all four unanimous, i should say. however, let's say it is three to one decision, they have two
7:17 am
other parole board members on stand by, and they'll also be listening, and watching all of this, and they'll then be able to be weighing in. if they're table to get to the magic number of four, four commissioners, that means he would be parolled, if they cannot reach that number, we are talking one to three years for the next parole hearing. >> i got you. okay, thank you, joel. parole hearing was in 2013. they say he has lost about 70 pounds, too, interesting to skee what he looks like, and you'll hear from him, because they question him, then he gives a statement. >> and we will be caring this live. so you'll get to see and hear this. this will be at 1:00 p.m. our time. >> that's right. we'll have it for you. >> right leer. >> 7:17. here's sue. >> okay, we've got the "shorecast" for today. you think you're going to get relief on the beach? oh, no. land breeze today and tomorrow. temperatures already in the 90s at the shore, as well, with moderate risk every rip current, 10uv index. do not of course forget that sunscreen. ocean water temperature though getting nice. 80 degrees there.
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now, we have our excessive heat warning in effect for today, and tomorrow, it goes all the way through friday evening. in the outlying areas, the heat advisory, we also have the air quality alert. and so slow down, take plenty of breaks if you have to work outside. of course, i know, it seems redundant, but got to reminds to you drink plenty of water and stay in the shade if you have to be outdoors if at all possible. 79 degrees already. it is only 7:18 a.m. but look what it feels like. eighty-three, already have heat index, and the sun hasn't been up very long. high pressure is in control today. bringing in those southwesterly winds, and taking us to 97 degrees, so that makes it official for the heatwave. but unlike the other that we've had this year, this one is will last longer than three days, day four is friday, day five is saturday, six days it looks like, maybe even seven if we get up to 90 on monday. and don't forget, bob kelly, once you get in the hopefully
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air-conditioned car, bring your shades and tune the radio to 101.1 more fm. >> get the slip and slide ready. live look at the blue route, 476 starting to see delays both directions, right, there the choke point, comes into play at around route one there. then an accident being told, a motorcycle accident, eastbound lanes of 422, right at the stowe interchange. so watch for some lane restrictions, certainly, slow down down to 8 miles an hour headed in to the accident scene. and another crash here, on the 42 freeway, coming in toward philadelphia, it is right at the merge, for route 55. so that's going to cause delays for everybody coming up through depford, the black horse pike maybe a good option, in you are head in the toward philly, and if you're hungry meet me in woodbury. later we do our breakfast segment thursdays, go to the woodbury station cafe, one of the old train station buildings, that they converted, into a restaurant. they serve breakfast, lunch and dish, we're going
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breakfast 9:00 to ten. a breck fag zestment over there, good spot in woodbury. and then later on today working on the ramps from first avenue, to 422, that's right there out thereby the valley forge casino. and septa some delays on both the trenton and the west regional rail line, mike and alex back to you. >> back in 1969 this date neil armstrong took the first step by human on the moon. and now one small bag of dust that they've brought back from the moon, one giant price tag. how much you'll have to shell out if you want to own that piece of moon dust. >> and do you know what the palm restaurant here that weaver in the city, also new york and everything, known for their cure tours that they have on the walls, people, you know, celebrities, that kind of thing. well you know what today we're getting our own. >> that's right. the four some you see in the morning here on "good day" philadelphia, sue, bob, alex,
7:21 am
and myself, we are being put on looks like a pillarment the palm inside the bellevue hotel. >> isn't that cool? >> it is cool. so we will keep checking in. they do paint this live on the walls. >> yes. >> it is not a stencil. nope. >> interesting. >> i also see something else interesting. >> what do you see? >> we'll tuck in the break. >> okay.
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>> a lot of traction running around there. >> well, there is a two shot of me and bob, using as a reference. >> did we ever take a picture, just the two of us? i don't ever remember doing that, interesting. >> hang on, lower the lower thirds. you guys are sitting next to each other in the photo looks like, doesn't it. >> i don't remember ever take that. >> oh, zooming? >> maybe it was a late night. >> boy, i look like a late night. >> oh, stop it. >> your hair looks good. look at us, all fluffed up there. >> oh, my god. all right, i just don't have the bloodshot eyes. listen to this. >> it is one small step for man. one giant leap foreman kinds. >> yes, on this day, date, in 1969, nasa, well, we landed on the moon. apollo 11 landed on the mooch,
7:26 am
tupped down tranquility base they called it. and then six hours after they landed, neil armstrong climbed out and stepped on to the moon, buzz aldren right behind him. >> may not be able to go to the moon, but, you can get a piece of it, how about that? the moon will come to you. >> that's right. >> a small white pouch, marked lunar sample return, is up for auction today in new york city. the pouch is estimated to be worth anywhere between two and $4 million, because it sprinkled with moon dust. the bag is expected to go for such a sky high price because nasa doesn't allow anyone to own any bit of the moon except for that bag. >> but they think, so they didn't like wash out the bag. it could have some particles of moon dust in it? >> yes. >> i'll be darn. >> you would think though that maybe nasa would want it for their museum, but i guess they have actual piece. >> kind of strapped for cash, too. >> ever wonder what your pet is trying to tell you?
7:27 am
you know your dog looks up at you, really looks like they want to talk. soon we may find out what they are thinking. the company predicting the invention of a device that could translate your dogs and cats thoughts. >> and richard curtis is in south philly, playing the role now of bee keeper. oh, nice get up. >> hey, thanks, guys. good morning, could there be a better view here? the answer is yes. if you look to my right, it is terrifying. bees are everywhere, and guess what? i get to take apart this hi, coming up.
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>> a college stooped end accused of cyber bullying after tweeting out apology letter from his exgirlfriends. >> what did he to that letter that's causing this tweet to go viral, but also, he got in trouble for t i don't agree. back to the palm restaurant inside the bellevue hotel. >> and they're making pro rest there. >> this guy is a role a really good artist, they did stencil of us. put it on the pillar there in the middle of the restaurant. >> oh, your hair is brown now. >> well, that's the way it
7:31 am
goes. >> over prow teaser, going off a photograph. >> will take until about 10:00 y 7:31. >> let's check in with sue because it will be another hot one. >> we added excessive heat warning, and the heat advisory for some of our outlying areas, that will include the jersey shore today. yes, even going to be in the 90s on the beef, but here in the city it, will feel like 100 or more, and that's when it gets dangerous, our number of the day, is a seven, out of ten. and bus stop buddy has the water bottle. but today we've adubado lollipop? yes, national lollipop day. off to sticky start, with no precipitation, so, let's check the temperature, it is 79 degrees, but it feels like 83, and after a sweaty wednesday, of 96 degrees, we will be just as hot today. but this is cumulative. so it start to feel worse and worse with the heat index
7:32 am
every day. ninety-seven today, chance of pop up scatter thunderstorms in the afternoon. >> live look at the schuylkill, folks coming toward the camera, coming around the can you of there at city line, so, back up leaving town, eastbound, dealing with little bit of sun glare at conshy, motorcycle accident on 422, gang, that time of the year, everybody's taking the bikes out with this nice weather, it is eastbound right near the stowe interchange don't north on the freeway, right at the route 55 split, causing delays for everybody trying to head in toward the walt whitman bridge. up and over the ben franklin, little bit of delay, and we got breakfast for you later today meet me over at the wood stir i station cafe in woodbury, new jersey, kids are out of school, bring them w we'll put them on tv starting at 9:00. see you over there, mike, alex, back to you.
7:33 am
>> 7:32, outpouring of support and well wishes for senator john mccain and his family, we learned the long time republican is battling brain cancer, doctors have diagnosed the 80 year old with aggressive form every cancer called glioblastoma. it was discovered during surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye last friday. mccain has history of health problems, including melanoma. mccain's offers issued a statement saying the senator and his family are reviewing further treatment which could include a combination of chemotherapy, and radiation, but so many people and former presidents yesterday and other politicians they sent out well wishes, so many are saying he is a fighter and they believe he will be able to fight this. >> gosh. wishing him the best for sure. oj will appear before a parole bod, could be free as early as pocket. in hotel surveillance video used at the 2008 trial, that led to his conviction on robbery, kidnapping, related
7:34 am
weapons offenses. o.j. simpson claimed he was just trying to get back sport memorabilia, that had been stolen from him. he was granted parole in 2013, on the burglary and kidnapping and robbery counts simpson was not set free then, wasn't eligible on parole on the counsel related to a weapon until this year. twenty-two tenser here, hi, heather. >> hi, mike. >> and chaka johnson here, as well. >> good morning, mike. >> all right. so the maximum co-have gotten for this which seems so high to me was 33 years, but the minimum, nine, pretty close to the nine years, been there eight and a half or so, so here we go. at the parole hearing, 9:00 or so in nevada. heather, does he walk in october? >> i think he does, mike. >> why? >> there are certain specific standards that are set to
7:35 am
allow someone to get out on parole. he has met all of the standards. his crime fits within the less violent crimes. he is of an elderly age. he is zero seven years old. he has done everything he's supposed to do while in prison, act add prepare rep atly, to go changed since the last parole hearing where they did grant him parole on the other charges as you mentioned. >> chaka? >> part of the issue, mike heather and i discuss in the before, is the backdrop, context, in which o.j. simpson finds himself. it would be foolhardy for us to think that the board of pardon and parole those parole officers are human beings. they know that they have before them someone convicted of i would consider a violent crime, arm robbery, firearm apparently used and pointed at these gentlemen in the hotel room. this person dodged the proverbial bullet after double homicide. that will will always be looming large -- >> that's not supposed to be
7:36 am
factored in, chaka. >> not supposed to be. but we are talking about what happens in real time. if i were teaching a class in theory i would say the ex ac same thing. but in barak cup, that's something that obviously would occur, talking about human beings, and the board every parole, comprised of humans. >> i mean people back in 2008 when he had to go to prison for the robberies, well, they're just punishing him for the murders. heather, that's not supposed to be in their heads. >> the parole board i agree, if this wasn't oj we wouldn't be having this conversation. he would be walking out free. however, given the fact that they over came those bias, in 2013, actually said he would be placed on parole, given the fact even the victims are going to one of the victims will be there, he is someone who has had four heart attacks, lost a lot of money as a result of the crime, still thereto support oj, his daughters going to be there, have some statements in his support, i really don't think they'll have any good reason to keep him, mike. >> could i add one piece? the people versus o.j.
7:37 am
simpson, that's being aired, currently. >> the tv show. >> that's correct. that tends to, i think, seep into the sub conscious of these potential -- >> really? >> yes. i think we are talking about humans affected by with a goes on, whether they want to admit it overtly or not, and these people are going to have to make a vote, and they have to have four parole officers all agree, and i think that we have been -- there is a popular sentiment, mike, weaver all been duped by o.j. simpson in terms of his arrogance, and how he sort of goes on his personal affairs. >> pay him back for his arrogance? >> not a pay back, but people maybe less than for giving at times when you are dealing with that kind of person. >> mike if it was a jury i would agree, but with these people, this is their job. >> who are he? >> parole commissioners. this is what they do all day every day. they look at these sheetsment look at these pre sentence report, look at all of the information, just like similar to judges. you know, they're supposed to be held to higher standards, i think chaka is right if it was a jury, especially with the people versus oj.
7:38 am
it may and different result. but their entire job to put aside their bias, and decide on very specific fact. >> if they want to make a decision why an even number? they have four people. >> right. >> right? >> it is supposed to be seven. the seventh person actually not yet appointed so slight chance that there is a tie three to three, and ultimately this has to wait until january for that seventh person to be -- >> but it starts with four, but they have some kind of alternates? >> right. so if they're not unanimous, then they have to go to the other two. >> okay. >> and then if they're tide then they have a problem. but i don't think that's going to happen. >> okay. both of you say he walks? >> i think that he does have a very high likelihood of being parolled. i just want to talk about those few things that are sort of looming in the background. >> booed point. thank you both we will be watching here live on fox at 1:00 our time this afternoon. what's that, 11:00 out in nevada. 7:38, coming on 7:39.
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listen to. >> this ever wonder if your pet is trying to tell you something? well, there is a company that says they can predict, now, they think there is going to be an invention, fairly soon, device, that can translate your dogs and cats thoughts, common. this summer
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>> what will technology look like in the future? >> mazon giving us ideas in newly-released roar. here it is. >> on line retail giant commissioned the report to mark the launch of its shop the future on line store. the report predict device that is could understand and translate the meaning of different barks and meow from dogs and cats, also says fitness trackers will be implant into our bodies, that's going to be a major trend. >> well, now that i, okay, i think that could happen. >> well, will we have to charge -- you know, i used to have fit bit, forget to charge it, that's why -- >> pain if the butt. >> yes. >> but you really think there will be a device if your dog goes ruf, ruf, you look at the technology, app it, will tell you? i'm hungry.
7:43 am
want to go out. whatever? >> siri hardly understands me, how can a computer understands what a dog is saying? >> i don't know. >> just saying. >> i kind of know what the dog wants. >> is there only two, three things? >> i got to people i got to eat. and i want to be pelted. >> uh-huh. >> yes. >> that's about it. >> those are the three things that richards curtis likes, i've known, that i like to scratch his belly every now and then. he's in south philadelphia. 's' bee keeper today. high,. >> well, i'll call a spade a spade. i'm absolutely terrified. aim here with the philadelphia bee company. and guess what? the employees, they're hard at work, making you guys all of these tweet sweet treats. we're all friend here, guys.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> 7:46. good morning, everybody, got a problem on the schuylkill expressway, coming into philadelphia, yep, the sun glare, and an accident, right here, offer to the shoulder. so, we're bumper to bumper now, as you work your way in toward kop. and again, it is the same area that on the overnight, they've been milling the roadways, so things little bumpy to begin with, as folks try to jockey into the two lanes, then causing delays headed in to philly with the sun glare. here's a look at the ben fry south jersey, no the bad at all. nice easy trip up and over the ben franklin bridge.
7:47 am
oh, northeast philly, 95, not bad at all here as you head in through the construction zone, we're certainly seeing the lighter volume prime vacation season, obviously underway. east on 422, motorcycle accident, right near stowe. everybody taking the bikes out with this nice weather we've been having, coming in from new jersey, an accident causing a delay on the freeway, right where 55, comes in to play, just minor delays on septa's trenton and chestnut hill best regional rail line. how hot will it get? sue has that answer in 15 seconds. >> 7:47. some numbers to look at, if you are thinking of leaving, don't even think about it, but because if you leave a child or a pet in a car, for ten minutes, and it is 95 degrees outside, takes ten minutes for
7:48 am
it to become 114 inside, and in a half hour, it is 129 degrees. just some numbers that you need to know. now, more numbers, mid to upper 90s for the actual temperatures today. it will feel like triple digits for so many of us, and, add just for good measure an oh, zone air quality alert, so difficult to breathe, air so thick, with humidity out there, already, it is 79 degrees, in philadelphia. and it feels like 83 degrees, and it is only going to get worse with high pressure in control, and more of the southwesterly air coming in. we don't see cool front for awhile, this will probably last through the weekends. now, north and west of the city, specially, we are under a marginal risk of a pop up thunderstorm. we had two days in a row of 90 y will be day number three, with 97 degrees. and 90's tomorrow, saturday, and sunday, maybe not on monday, so this may ends up being a five or six day heatwave. not a record, but too many. >> and still too hot.
7:49 am
>> right. >> all right, live shot, from the palm restaurant, thereon broad street. oh, it is open again by the way, the renovation also done, the restaurant looks beautiful. working on sue right now. >> oh, yes. >> you and mike, sue. >> i like my hair. >> bright colors, too. >> oh, and i have an umbrella. >> why is my hand on your butt? >> no. >> i think it is somewhere else actually. >> what in the world? in is life-like. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> now, people have weighed in. you know, why are sue and mike in the middle? because you're the co-host. i believe they've done it through seniority. if you can out last everybody else, you put them in the middle, right, sue? >> well, yes, i've been here, out of the four us, i'm look 20 years? >> twenty years? , my prison sentence was -- i was parolled for about eight
7:50 am
years. >> back incarcerated. >> new york, then returned to custody here. >> so i got a long way to go then. >> uhh, boy, he's a good artist, isn't he? i think a woman too did the original sketch. we'll finds finds out about that when he when we talk to them. so why do we have richards on top after building in south philadelphia with bees. who keeps bees on the roof? maybe it is like tommy boy. >> bees, bees, bees everywhere. god they're here. they're ripping my flesh off. >> roll around. roll around on the grounds. >> i'm starting to swell up. >> save yourself. don't be the hero. >> frank, i'm letter jibbing to bees. >> me too. >> they're huge and they're stinging craze. >> i we'll come back later and check on you. >> save yourself. >> your firearms are useless. >> richard carter save yourself. save yourself.
7:51 am
>> all right, don said and i quote do not do. that will because movement attract these things. don, good morning, we're at the philadelphia bee company on top of a roof. i like your addition here. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> well first of all let me just say your job is terrifying, hon toast goodness, i can't remember the last time i've been this scared. yesterday in production meeting i acted like i was maybe going to do bee beard. you get up here with these things, you remember it hurts to get stunning and there is 250,000 of them, right? >> absolutely right. we have 06,000 bees on average per colony. and i want to say there is nothing wrong with having a healthy respect for stinging insect. >> absolutely. now there is 250,000 inside these four boxes, this is the home. this is the whole thing. if we open one of these up we will get to see them in their natural habitat. >> absolutely right. we will open up one of the hives right here. >> holy jump. so they all look pretty calm which i find interesting. >> yes, i mean, the bees themselves are not overtly
7:52 am
aggressive until you start messing with their colony or swishing them. >> like taking the lid off of their house. >> that's a good one, what we do, use little smoke there is will make them think the hive is actually going it catch on fire and they'll start worrying about saving the honey. >> or stinging the anchor and don this is great. so now they're really swarming, the honey actually inside. you told me cool fact. these are actually predominantly women. >> yes. >> all female bees? >> of the 60,000 bees in a colony about 59,001 are all female. so that's all of the workers and the queen. >> so you can actually pull these out of the house here. but you said this is where it gets really hard, you can actually see the honeycomb. >> oh, my gosh. >> so that is a beautiful frame of hon. >> i now that doesn't look like what i'm used to when i put in my coffee in the morning, but you can actually see in the inside of each of these little honeycombs how it is washings dollars over. if you undo the wack? the liquid gold underneath there. >> so if you just pull these
7:53 am
caps off, you can start seeing the honey underneath. >> so coy actually take my finger and try that but oh, look at them eating it. this is incredible. >> so you pull these down, and we take it downstairs, and you guys actually do your own bottle. look at this guy hanging out halfway in there. that's how you guys package and sell to the rest of philadelphia. when we come back we will show you guys all of the products that do you sell, and i got to be honest, guys, i'm in layers upon layers right here because i'm terrifying, jared, you have to shows your legs, this is what jar sped wearing. he's wearing shorts. >> oh,. >> this guy is crazy. >> jared our cameraman is one sweat man, too, the honey will be attract today those legs. >> they would love that. >> real quickly, ask this guy, what's honey? have the bees vomited? have they bar of the? have they poo hone? how do you make hone? >> you know, me and jared talked about this on the way over. what exactly is hone? is it boo poop? is their throw up? is it the political never. >> throw up would be a closer
7:54 am
analogy of the bees have two stomachs, the for stomach used to store nectar, that's what money is, neck tack, honey dehydrated nectar, bees collect it from the flower, bring back to the colony, remove the water from it so it becomes the sweet sticky deliciousnecss. >> do you think they're mad bee and a stolen the queen b each (. >> the jury still out. >> we'll keep asking the bees here, we'll talk to them, find the queen, bet to the bottom of all of this. >> incredible. the re gunning takes, comes out their mouth? yikes. >> i didn't know that. >> makes me wonder. so all regurgitate, all sweet then? should we be trying? >> my barf is not sweet. >> i get it depend on what you eat. >> hey, do you want zombie puke? here, put it on your toes. and it is like working at fox. 60,000 of the bees and 59,000 of them are women.
7:55 am
>> uh-huh. >> that's how you like it, you like working with women. >> good thing avenue stinger. >> all right. i don't know, i'm almost going to root, well, i don't know, i need your opinion. a college student sent accused of cyber bullying after tweeting out apology letter from his ex-girlfriend, see, they broke up, then she wrote this apology. then they put it on twitter. he got suspended for doing this. why?
7:56 am
come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit, only at sesame place go before they grow.
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super pro-tip: buy your veggveggies pre-chopped. nce. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
7:58 am
good morning, breaking news here, check out this vehicle fire, fully engulfed here. now this is the northbound lanes of the blue route. 476 between the schuylkill and mid-county right there at the ridge pike interchange. firefighters aren't even on the scene. that officer just pull up thereto block what would be the right lane. looks like one of the like dump truck is the vehicle behind him. i can't really make out what, of course, the tractor-trailer - >> it looks so big it is a truck. >> tell you what, it just
7:59 am
really started cooking here, the firefighters have to get on down the schuylkill, work their way through the heavy traffic before they can even get to this guy. so, hopefully police will keep everybody over to that far left and we will keep our camera lock in on this, again, northbound lanes of 476, between the schuylkill and mid-county, as we look live there, at a jam cam. >> you know, it is hard to see, but does it look like a tow truck to you? >> i think the truck we're seeing with the blinking lights -- >> no, not that one. >> the one on fire? pulled up behind it, and it is kind of tough to make out. >> i mean, tall cab. >> yes. >> and i'm going to try to flip one of the other cameras, get another angle on it. it is northbound 476. we will try to get another
8:00 am
a.m. rang he will and i'll come back in just couple every minutes with an update. >> we'll check back in. >> let's roll it. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> a deadly, double stabbing in south philadelphia. mother is dead, while her daughter struggles to survive. how they may be connected to their attacker. >> senator john mccain diagnosed with a aggressive form every brain cancer, now war hero get ready for another battle. >> a plea for freedom. >> 911 emergency. >> yep, we are just robbed at gunpoint by oj sump on. >> in a few hours, o.j. simpson will make his case in front after parole board. what could stand in his way of walking out that far prison? >> keeping it in the family. on the show, directing her husband, kevin bacon, and her daughter, in a new lifetime movie. kira joins us live to talk
8:01 am
about what it is like to get to boss around herman. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> kevin bacon of course, philadelphia, through and through. all right, bob, let's get back to this fire. where is it? >> it is on the blue route, gang, 476, right near ridge pike, penndot will move the camera around on us here, fully engulfed, the firefighters pulling up, the northbound side of the blue route, 476 between the schuylkill and mid-county. kind of right there, conshohocken area, ridge pike, so the dump truck here is actually behind the actual vehicle that's on fire. so this is going to cause a delay from everybody coming off the schuylkill, trying to go north up toward 476, up toward the turnpike, and the mid-county interchange. again, it has been cooking for about five minute or so. so hopefully key get some water on this thing here, but will cause major delays here for the rest of the morning, there is the difference, look, see the smoke from miles away here. >> wow. >> so this is the northbound
8:02 am
side actually southbound, come out of mid-county slowing down to see the smoke coming up and over the tree line there. so just the way the cameras are situated. we don't have an actual shot head-on but we can see the delay, southbound, and northbound, as you work your way into and out of delco there, this morning. otherwise, just some sun glare on the schuylkill expressway. we've got minor delays on both the trenton and the chestnut hill east regional rail line. sue, hot fire, and we got a heatwave on the way. >> oh, yes. the heat is really on now. because we have an excessive heat warning in effect, for all of the counties you see highlighted here then everybody, almost everybody, under heat advisory, even the jersey shore under heat advisory for today. we have a seven out of ten, and that's your weather number. and of course, water, water water, just stay hydrated specially if you have to be outside for awhile today. bus stop buddy also
8:03 am
celebrating national lollipop day. nothing on radar, so let's got to the temperature, it is already 82 degrees, and look at this, 8:00 a.m. it feels like 88 degrees. when you walk outside. it is only going to be more brutal from here on in. yesterday, 96. today will be the third day in a row of 90 degrees or above. we were at 91 on tuesday. so, 97 is our high today. with extreme heat. scattered afternoon thunderstorm, take care of yourself, and we'll have the seven day forecast to tell when you this heatwave will be broken, and it will be, within the next seven days, mike and alex. >> let's check on the blue route here again. normally when the firetruck pulls up, they get this fire out quickly. of course, everybody, their fear the gasoline tank will explode, sometimes, they'll stop the traffic altogether, bob kelly, but they've not one lane getting by. >> yes, you know what always scares me, he can actually, lookinlooking at that, if that'a truck, how much fuel is in that truck? i'm afraid this thing, this
8:04 am
suck letter blow. plus off to the right there, you got a lot of brush, and right now, with the heatwave that we're having, and the lack of rain, they probably got to be concerned, too, that you don't want to light those treason fire. which could then become another problem. >> normally they put it right out. >> even though we can't tell from this ankle tell kind of looks like a tow truck, mike mentioned earlier. >> you have good eyes, alex. >> i don't know about that. >> only got that one lane, again, that's northbound. so this is causing a domino effect on the schuylkill expressway and the blue route, everybody trying to get to up mid county to try to get to the turnpike there. hopefully get some water on that and see white smoke coming up soon. >> yes, we some officials. >> there you go. getting it out now. >> fire marshall bill there. >> they got t. >> now turning to white smoke. >> nice job as always. >> 8:04. >> woman dead. her two is year old daughter in critical condition after being stabbed in south philadelphia. the two were attack in the
8:05 am
2700 block of daily terrace, around 2:00 this morning. police say the prime suspect is the daughters ex-boyfriends, who is up sit over their break up. officers are still searching for that 25 year old man. >> wow, the mom, trying to defend her daughter, dead. senator john mccain is said to be in good spirits. and recovering at his home in arizona after doctors remove brain tumor. the long time law manger, anwar hero, is battling aggressive form of brain cancer. >> so we have fox's steve craft joining us from phoenix, give us more details about what mccain is up against. >> good morning, steve. >> reporter: hey, mike and alex, really, really difficult diagnosis, and it is really dropped like a bomb here in the valley of the sun and around the state of arizona where senator john mccain is such an icon, of course he is a national icon, not just one here, in our state of arizona. this diagnosis of glioblastoma
8:06 am
is a pretty devastating diagnosis. it is very difficult to survive brain cancer diagnosis like this one. the average person lives maybe 14 to 16 month, after they get it. but as everybody has always said, john mccain is the con sue mat fighter. and you can see hine me here, there is a sign that says thank you john mccain. thinking of you. and pretty much sums up how people are feeling right now, around the city and around this state where john mccain has been through so many things, and this is his biggest hurdle yet to clear and if anybody is up for the fight, he is, a lot of thoughts and prayers are with him right now. >> and you're at the medical facility, because we know he was treated for having a blood clot over his left eye. >> pedicle facility not far from here at the mayo clinic. this right behind me here, and it is hard to tell, sort of non-descript office building, but inside there is his
8:07 am
office, here in phoenix, and he lives just couple of blocks from here, where sort of the central part of phoenix. but as you said, he has been treated at the mayo clinic bit north of where i am right now. >> okay, i always think of the mayo clinic in roch hester, minute society, a but no one in arizona, steve, thanks. >> you know the breaking up is hard to do when you're in relationship, so florida college student decided to apologize to her ex-boyfriends, in a heartfelt four page letter. which seems nice. >> but instead of responding in a nice way, her ex decided to break out a red pen and great t i guess didn't like her grammar. so he tore the letter apart. he marked smelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and gave it final grade of 61%, then he posted the letter on twitter. >> oh, oh,. >> so, his name is nick, right. >> yes. >> his exgirlfriends filed a grievance with the college five month after posting the tweet of her letter the school notified nick would be
8:08 am
suspended for the summer and fall semesters on student code of conduct violation. but yesterday, just days after filing appeal, for suspension, from the university, well, it was reversed. >> it really made us wonder. is this something that can happen? if you post a letter, and, you know, obviously he wasn't trying to be nice at all. >> no. >> puts on twitter, can you really be suspended from your school. >> hi, heather hanson attorney at law. what say you? >> depends on the school. this is a public school, not private school. private school can have rules that pretty much allow the school to say whatever they want. public school you have the first amendment to be concerned b so here his lawyer said you can't do that, you can't violate his first amendment rights. schools do have the right to curtail free speech a little, but has to be a balancing act, the supreme court most recently has said does the cyber bullying substantially disrupt the ability for the student to be educated. if it does, then there are
8:09 am
rules that you can make that can actually impinge on your first amendment rights. >> so is that the barometer then? didn't pat picture out of her, didn't pull put her full name out there. >> a lot of reasons this school backed off. she didn't go to the same school. how can you substancially disrupt school if she is not even at the school. it is not as if you said, alex, he most add picture, no nudity, no disparaging, actually quite clever. >> was just correcting her gram area. >> being smart. >> smashing i. >> very snarky. if we start suspend, and she wanted charges to be filed against him. you know, cyber bullying is expanding, last time the supreme court looked at it was the early 2013, 12014. i do think that things as they continue to change the courts are having difficult timekeeping up. it is hard for schools to know where to draw the line. but here, i think there is yes smart to back off. because ultimately, i don't know that this student's first amendment rights were not curtailed by suspending him. now, they are saying they are
8:10 am
going to have another hearing, he may still be disciplined, but i don't think he'll -- >> not to that level. >> that's right. >> did you read the letter at all? >> i red part of the letter. >> why did she break up? >> appears that there was allegations of cheating perhaps. >> oh,. >> on her part. and he was saying that you're negating yourself. i mean, he real did i quite -- >> i wonder if he'll and school teacher? >> looks that way. >> do english class. >> i would say he was a tool anywhere in the letter? >> i didn't see the words tool. >> she does have nice handwriting. >> she does, very nice, and his was little messier. >> the fact she took the time to write it out instead of typing it or texting. >> i like to break it out in a text. >> really? >> yep. >> and you are not writing four page, i know that. >> that, or busy restaurant in case somebody starts developing or yelling or screaming or throwing things, yes. heather, thank you. >> i didn't know you were the break up expert. >> pretty much. move over rock music, there is new top tune in town.
8:11 am
>> the music genre that's now the most popular in the country. >> what you're saying we listen to more of this genre than rock? i bet it's country. >> i don't know. and, a jury speaks. local tv veteran nancy glass is taking on some of the most controversial court cases, including o.j. simpson's murder trial. >> what she finds when she takes a jury, brings them back together, what really goes on in the jury room. >> these are real jurors from cases long ago like oj. real jurors brought back together. would they change their minds with the new info?
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> ♪ >> bob kelly, putting our our charicatures, look at this, now living and moving in living color. you're looking good. >> i haven't looked so good, that's like paint bynum best there. >> remember the velvet horse, the velvet horse in grade school. now, there is a table right there. we should call that the good
8:15 am
day table. >> exactly. >> so whether you call the palm, i would like the good dupable. >> we want this to be the most popular table in the restaurant. >> don't sends us the bill, we just want to let you sit there. >> your area on your own. >> 8:15, here's what's left of the truck fire, this is the blue route, 476 northbound, approaching ridge, so this is causing delays, for everybody headed north, from the schuylkill, trying to get up towards mid-county. quick work by the firefighters, they knock down the flames, it does look like it is a pick-up truck, pulling maybe a couple of lawn mowers. so it last got like this trailer on the back with either a couple of lawn mowers, or maybe some construction equipment. but nonetheless, only that one lane open. and look at the jammo here, right here, there is the stretch, the accident, i should say, the fire right in the middle of the blue route here causing delays between the schuylkill on the turnpike, up there, in conshohocken. how hot is it going to get? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
8:16 am
>> 8:16, getting pressure i havely warmer every day this week, this is when it starts to get serious dangerous heat. forecast high temperature, the actual temperature, supposed to be about 97. we got to 96 yesterday. the feels-like temperature, the heat inch deck, triple digits today. that's why the national weather service has issued the excessive heat warning, outlying areas have heat advisory, plenty hot at the shore, and we have air quality alert for almost the entire region. 82 degrees outside. we've reached the 80s in millville, dover, wilmington, and 82 at atlantic city international. eighty in trenton, also have heat index of 88 out there at the moment. that's what it feels like right now. ninety-seven is our high. still in the 90s on friday,
8:17 am
saturday, and sunday, possibly monday, if we make it to 90 degrees, relief by the middle of next week. mik and alex. >> thank you, suement at least we just have to hold out to get that relief. hold out. >> so yesterday i owned the daily news, boom, my friend of years and years and years, nanny glass, looked at jurist side producer nancy glass, revisit cases such as o.j.'s 95 trial in her mini-series. >> i know recently comes to oj, had many series, this is little different. going into the jury room. that's why it is called the jury speaks, because it re examines these cases and you get to see it through the eyes of the jurors. >> yes. >> here is a sneak peak. >> when oj tried on the glove, he was about 2 feet in front of me. >> the prosecution was going to prove michael jackson was not the person that we all thought. >> from the point that i
8:18 am
received that notice, everything about my life changed. >> racism made what was probably not possible, possible. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> it is hell to be a juror. i found it out the hard way. >> wow. nancy glass is here, hi, nancy, good to see you. >> high there. >> so these are the real jurors from the o. j. trial back in the 90s? >> yes, but not all of the jurors, what happened, did you cover the o.j. trial? >> little bit, yes. >> working for nbc then. >> right. i was therefore months on end. and after the verdict, everybody was talking about the jurors, they were the people who -- and they talked about how it was about race, or it was about this, or, that but the fact is i knew and you must have known having covered it, there was so much more to it. >> oh, yes. >> there were things that we didn't know. and one of the things that most of us didn't understand was they were sequestered for tents month. ten months they didn't get to talk to their loved ones, they didn't get to see them, they had to look at, here are
8:19 am
civilians, volunteer, don't want to be famous, getting him mum wage. they can't earn a living, and they have to look at bloody crime scene photos and they can't even discuss it with each other. >> right. >> so the stress of sequestration, i knew that that was also part of it. there is always more to the story. you guys no that he. >> so what's the idea of this documenting mini-series? they get to see evidence that came out after the trial. >> that's part of t here's what it is, in all every these cases, robert blake, robert durst, george zimmerman, michael jackson, o.j. simpson, we say to the jurors what really happened? why did you come to those verdicts, because of course those are all verdicts that the public was very invested in and very upset about. >> they got yelled at the jurors. >> yes, but we didn't always understands sometimes the jury instructions limited them, sometimes they saw things we didn't see. sometimes they got in knock
8:20 am
down drag out arguments behind the scenes. >> good stuff. >> then there is all of the stuff that we new that they didn't know that we presented to them after the fact. >> and what's interesting about this, the cases that you named, some of the most controversial cases. people have very strong opinions about them. >> right. >> what was it like going back hey why don't you go back on camera tell us what were you thinking. >> good question. because a lot of them, i mean, some were sick, some had passed away. but there were also a good number of people who didn't want this any more. they didn't want to talk about it, because their lives were threatened. some people lost their jobs, but we told them we won't ask them why as an accusation but real question what really happened. so in light of that there were some willing to discuss it. >> let's take oj, he's on parole, his parole hearing still. >> which was a coincident by the way. >> yes. >> would come out around -- >> please, nancy one. best producers in the country
8:21 am
and she timed this whole thing, brilliant. so in the documentary does the oj jury change its minds? >> this is where you're supposed to say do you have watch. >> i know that, such an awful thing to say. but some there is some -- >> there is some wafering. >> there is some waivering, yes. >> that's dramatic. where do we see it? >> on oxygen, on four nights, saturday, sunday, on on opposite game of thrones, thank god nobody watches that. >> can't even stream it right. >> but the first one july 22. >> saturday night, yes. >> that's huge. >> nicely done, great to see you as always. >> great to see you. >> we start out together. he was 18. >> oh, really? do you have any stories then i can tell you? >> hilarious and fantastic. >> okay, commercial break. >> we worked together at channel five in new york. >> we. >> that was 19 hum hum. >> exactly. good to see you, nancy, as always.
8:22 am
>> fan lust. we'll get coffee after. okay. 9:21, jen has a surprise this morning. >> oh, i lover these. >> you go there. >> yes, it is really cool. we are in new jersey, i can tell you that, and that we're surprising amazing woman, you're going to love love love this big surprise, and we have balloons. >> got balloons. >> got to have balloons, not a party without balloons. >> come on back, i'm tell you all about it. #p
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> characters being painted over there at the palm restaurant. i'm concerned. >> why are you concerned? >> well it, looks like one hands is on sue's butt and the other one in my pocket. >> i don't think it is that. i think it is up front there. >> is it up front? >> oh, it is in front of her? >> uh-huh. >> like under her -- >> uh-huh. >> breast? what is going on? >> sue just said it looks like fun. >> what do you do after the show? something you need to tell me.
8:26 am
>> just something quickly. >> we do have 30 minute before our meeting. >> what do we do for the next 29? >> i look like a cop. i look like a detective. >> oh, look at you. >> you're investigating. >> look at my hairline. >> investigating sue? >> exactly. >> okay, you know, i think i will ' ask somebody out, have dinner at the palm and then get that table. >> do not do that. >> oh, what, what is this? oh, oh, i had no idea! >> you that i -- you think that will work. >> no. >> really, there are bees around his knees right now. >> and his face. hey, richard. >> you guys are probably, richards, why are you so far from the hive? well, they went on strike, the bee sting counter for me is officially standing at two. we were told we needed to evacuate the area. but guess what? all good things that you love are hard to come by. i'm going to tell you where
8:27 am
you can get some of this delicious honey, been eating all morning, coming up.
8:28 am
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>> allegations he cheated on his pregnant wife. >> what? >> yes, they're happening on line. why it looks like kevin is just laughing it off, though. >> well, you know what? let's recreate the videotape that's floating around out there, because i say he's not guilty. >> i agree with you, i say he's not guilt. >> i so we have to, well, we will recreate the darn thing for you. no making out or anything. >> that's why we're recreating it. not recreating something crazy here. >> kevin bacon from philadelphia. >> of course. >> he married that woman right there on the right, kira sedgwick. do you know, that they met when she was 12?
8:31 am
>> really? >> twelve. now, nothing weird happened. >> okay. >> like what are you about to say here? >> but they met when she was 12. and he was 19. so they meet up later, now they're married. and have a daughter who is in a film, with the two of them. >> welshing she is directing the film, right? she directed her husband and she directed her own kid. >> and acting with her dad. >> sue, is that great? >> twelve, i need to investigate this, 12 is weird. >> both child actors, right? young, they started in the business young. >> yes. >> yes. >> and you know what? i don't have too many degrees from separation from kevin bacon. >> how many degrees are you separated in a. >> well, from my brain, maybe a lot. i was extra in a movie in baltimore, diner, verlaine his career. i never spoke to him. but we were on the same set sort of together. >> were you in the same space. >> that's right. we breathe the same air. >> could you have married him.
8:32 am
>> oh, easily. yes, if he had even seen me. >> cumulative thing, the heat index of 100 degrees or more. our number is a seven, down from yesterday, because the heat is worse today, and that's why bus stop buddy back poolside with his water bottle and oh, ya, national lollipop day today. no rain to show you on radar. few clouds here in the city, but already 82 degrees, feels like 88. ninety-seven is our high for today. not much relief tonight. low of 78. very, very humid. and no relief tomorrow or maybe over the weekend. talk about that coming up, bob kelly? >> bottom line, only squeeze into two, as you head up
8:33 am
toward the mid-county interchange. so, conshy is in gridlock right now, jammo, between the turnpike and the schuylkill expressway, right here near the ridge area interchange, where the earlier truck fire was, and of course that's causing havoc for the folks on the schuylkill, east and west, even though not using -- using the blue route. accident here being told this is medical emergency, on the eastbound lanes of the 30 bypass, right near route 322, so you got rescue squad there, causing delays, and then south on 95, back up from cottman avenue in through girard. mike and alex back over to you. >> bob, south philly you know the city like the back of your face. parra diso italian restaurant in south philadelphia. >> sound goods. have to go there and try it. >> they have the most fresh honey. there is a beehive, yes, from that restaurant, beehives on the roof of the restaurant. >> and that's where richard curtis is, too, on the roof. luckily not on fire.
8:34 am
>> well, we've done it, we've managed to piss off 250,000 women bees, and i want to say in a matter every minute i got knocked twice, my man don here an animal. >> this guy, how many times just get stunning? >> between five to ten. >> five and ten and leaves the sting mercy run around like a little baby flicking this thing out. re lack, richards. hey up here, up on paradisio restaurant. these guys actually use the honey they make up here in their menu. >> so, you'll have, it doesn't get any fresher than this. >> how many colonies do we have around the city? right now i'm looking at this colony here, but this isn't it? >> no, we have over 400 colonies in philadelphia. and between about 75 different bee keeper. >> what is so cool, you can actually look, see the different colonies where you guys actually have them right? >> yes, all seasonal, regional variety honeys we do,
8:35 am
depending what time of year and where, which part of the city you get the hon fry there will be different flowers, ends up with different honey. i like to make the comparison, different grapes, different wine. different nectar, different hon. >> i looking here this one nice and dark. this is actually crystalized hone? >> yes, so when you have raw hon at this tends to crystalize, that just means the sugars are stabilizing, if you don't like the crystal is agents warm it up it will go right back to being fluid again. >> where do you sell this stuff? everybody, you can buy it in the grocery store, but i'm telling you i love honey, probably the best honey i've ever tried in my life. i will never, ever buy the bear again, i'll always stick with this, it is incrediblement where can we get it. >> fair food stands in the terminal market, glean ala mark, moonar. a, shane confection area, loving honey. different part of the sitly care the hon that's are from that region. so if you want old city you go to shapes, if you want south fill i go to goal aisle. >> i'll open this up a little bit. watch this honey pour out.
8:36 am
look how beautiful that is. it is a nice blondes, take a little bit, just look at that. unbelievable. but that's not as fresh as we can go. because you know we don't come here hang out bees get stunning a bunch. times and not go right for the honeycomb. watch this, guys. oh, my gosh. going underneath. i got to get in there. what's your favorite, favorite batch of all time? >> the old city fall hon fry last year was the darkest honey we've ever produced. >> oh, my gosh. >> it was absolutely amazing. >> look, make sure you guys check them out on line philadelphia bee, oh, my goodness, liquid gold. i'm getting the heck out of here, i just got stunning again and head it together. thank you, this is a blast, get me out of here! >> poor richards, he's like what did i sign up for, for the nine weeks i'll be here. >> school teaching looks pretty good after this. tv can be scary. great job, richard.
8:37 am
>> okay, so, there are all sort of different kinds of genres of muse take we listen to in the united state of america, rock music has been the most popular music that we've been listening to for probably 30 years. >> for decades. >> there is a certain genre now, that we listen to more. >> really? >> i say it is country. there are so many good country stations now. >> there are. but -- >> am i wrong? >> i think you're wrong. >> i'm wrong? okay. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
8:38 am
nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
8:39 am
mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
8:40 am
>> seattle grunge music, i guess a form of rock. so, rock music is long ruled the music wormed, we listen to rock music, and any other genre, for years and years, but now, what?
8:41 am
>> there is a new genre in town, now at the top, in the country, and that's hip hop. >> hip hop. ya, for the first time, it has dethroned the rock genre, as the most listened to music in the united states. >> soy in honor that far, we will play someone who was here last night, but considered one of the top rappers out there right now. >> oh, a bee! it is just a flea. >> it was huge. that was not a fly. >> , i think that was. >> that's a big fly. oh,. >> oh, that is. what is it? oh, what is it? >> ahh. >> oh! >> you know what it is? it is the bee segment. >> did you shower last night? that was a fly. >> that came out of my pant. i don't know. >> oh, my gosh. >> if we hadn't that bee segment you wouldn't be so skiddish. >> probably, do not want to be stunning. >> we've done roaches. we've don bies, now whatever that thing was. so it is only natural that something would show up t came right for my face.
8:42 am
>> i know. >> oh! >> i saw something move. was that it? we need entomologies on staff. >> so, kendrick lamar was out at the wells fargo last night. >> i had a beautiful set up. >> want to do it okay again? >> okay. so now, someone who was here last night who perform at the wells fargo center, now considered one of the top rappers in the country. he's hot right now. be humble. he's humble. >> ♪ >> humble ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this isn't the music video, this is just general video of rapper there. is jay-z, and little drake. >> little drake in the action there, yes. >> so this is the most consume music genre. >> who says this? >> it is according to forbes magazine. >> oh, i got you. >> hip hop responsible for 25% of all music consumed. and rock music is only about 23%.
8:43 am
>> close. >> but his is so big, because, i mean, started being measured in 1991, rock-and-roll has been on top every year, until now. >> hip hop has come a long way, i remember when grammys wouldn't even have that category. >> now it is the most list toned genre in america. >> like will smith and jazzy jeff, they were the ones protesting about that, yes, good point. >> okay. so did anybody go to kendrick lamar's appearance at that shoe store on walnut? oh, my god. there were thousands of people. >> they showed up. >> he did show up about 2:30, 3:00. that was fun. but then last night i performed to a packed house. >> i feel like everybody went but us. >> because of our time. >> got to sleep. >> got to get up early. so we have footage from last night's performance at the wells fargo center. here it is. >> be humble. >> sit down. >> yes. be hum job be humble. sit down. >> be humble, sit down.
8:44 am
>> okay, that's actually someone you know from the show, his name is know, a he's the son of our producer tori. >> so cute. >> adorable. >> and he's learning early lesson in humility. look at that. he's a the next kendrick lamar, do you think? >> oh, easily. >> should have put him on stage with kendrick last night. well, probably past his bed time. >> i know you recognize him, the kid who through the fit out in front of the building trying to get into a carseat. i love that kid. all right, jen, another edition of you go there. >> okay, girl scut leader, recreational committee chairman, room mom. ronald mcdonald house helper, salvation army bell ringer, this woman really goes there. we are going to tell you a little bit more about nervous a few minutes, because she goes there, man. >> ♪ >> ♪ pro tip for fruit lovers:
8:45 am
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giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
8:47 am
>> good morning, it will be mid to upper 90s here, but feeling like triple digit so many places today, and in addition, we have an oh, zone air quality alert. so we check our temperature,
8:48 am
82 degrees, is the actual temperature, in philadelphia, right now. we have 80s in a lot of places, to our south, but it feels like 88, and it is only 84:58 in the morning, under marginal risk of pop up showers and thunderstorms. later on in the day. seven day forecast has 90s today, today the heatwave is official, tomorrow, saturday, and sunday, so, that could end up being a six, maybe seven day heatwave. we will see what happens. in the meantime, we were per spying, but having great time last night at the man new i can center. look who it is, mike jerrick, outside, and yours truly. it was for up lift solutions, they had a celebration last night, and there is the founder on the right there, jeff brown of up less solutions, and the reverend, who blessed our meal, and works for up lift, as well. they help food dessert, in urban areas, alex, and getting some food and healthy food for people, they do so many different things, it was fun to be a part of their celebration last night. >> they certainly do wonderful
8:49 am
work. it was my first time at the man center. i loved it. and sue, did you a lovely job as hostess. >> well, we a good time. >> emcee. >> even with the heat everybody was in a good mood. >> we were too long sweat for you. now that's love. >> n and i appreciated it, let me tell you. >> thanks, sue. 8:49. now time for the go there. jen will be knocking on someone's door, today, to honor them for really going there in the community. so, she is live in new jersey, jen, you will give us a few minutes about who you are going to surprise today? >> yes, we will talk a little bit about it but not say her name. so if you know who we are talking about don't call herment one of our scary ones, in her house, we don't know if she is watching or not. >> correct. we don't know if she is. >> she has daughter that's amazing, but it really is about the mom. she, i read the list earlier, it is like ronald mcdonald house volunteer, salvation army bell ringer, she does all of these different walks, just really, said a servant to the communey? >> yes. megan -- i just said it, didn't i? >> happens every time. >> so sorry. she is incredible.
8:50 am
>> this woman does so many different things for so many different people. if she hears there is the need, she like gunning hoe, until it stops. so she is really amazing, then just to have a little helper along with the way with her is just a blessing. >> and she want families in particular to also be anything helping others, right. >> correct. correct. she has started involving all different teens of families, and if anyone goes oh, look at that, how cool is that, and she is invited other children to join in on the fun. and -- >> which isn't always easy to get the kids in on real legitimate volunteer project? >> no, even been life changing for myself, and our friends, and my kids, to see different things that i don't think i would have ever tried myself, oregon out, you know, because just the fear of not nothing sometimes, when you're getting into, and she just makes it all fun and embraces everybody. >> okay. do you think she will be surprised? are you ready for the surprise? >> ya. >> okay, what do you think about the tv truck?
8:51 am
>> ya. >> i think want a snack. so in a few minutes we'll funment again it is always a little more scar when they're in the house. >> you can do whatever you want. >> all right. quoting the young man again, ya. >> so hopefully she not watching. crossing fingers? and we don't like to say that, hopeful you're not watching. >> that's true, just for her sake i want her to be surprised. >> but she knows them, yes, hopefully she is doing &-ú. i want to put up a photograph here. now, look at it. do you see anything wrong -- well, that's in a kitchen. isn't it? is that pink? >> that is pink. >> oh, i love pink. oh, she is -- oh,. >> cooking with her kids. >> i see what the problem is here. >> people are upset about. >> this we will talk about it. >> oh, boy. sawed aid baby. >>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano
8:52 am
when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger.
8:53 am
>>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today. z test text1 from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity.
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they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
8:55 am
>> one more hour to get this done, he's using a for as his tell plate, right there. he's got one of bob and i, as well, that he's been using. >> he's working on my nose, looks like, right? >> the important thing is the skin tone. the skin tones. i look like i've got a little bit after tan there. kind of orange, and i'm kind of orange at times. >> that's about right. >> just kidding. >> bob looks about right. do you need to be brown. r? >> i did just come off a trip off the beach. >> true, yes. >> i'm very beatty eyed, aren'ty? and eye needs my brouse waxed. >> that's true. >> yes, and i look like i got a droopy eye on the left eye there. >> well, they want to be accurate, mike. >> well, i need a facelift. >> no, you look good. you look good. we will keep checking in on
8:56 am
this, but you're right. it is important about skin tone, because if you don't have the right skin tone it, could cause a controversy. did you hear about the wax figure beyonce that's causing controversy? some say she's been white washed in this one. >> what? >> how madam too owes is in new york is responding to this wax figure, what do you think? >> make a trip out to 42nd street and look at that time in the flesh, or in the wax. >> the rumor mill, it is really turning today. did you hear about kevin hart, allegations that he's cheating on his pregnant wife. really circulating on line. there is pictures, there is a video, why it looks like kevin hart is just laughing it off. >> all right, we've look at the video, alex. i've made me determination as why the in this case. >> what's the verdicts? >> i'll tell you in about two minutes.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i still love this song. i know they played it so much last summer, drake's one dance, and we're playing it because hip hop has now dethroned rock-and-roll music, as the most popular music genre. >> that's right. >> and drake, his summer 16 tour, the highest grossing hip hop tour ever. >> ya. >> so, hi, meredith. >> high. >> meredith from the q show, south philly meredith. good to see you. >> hi, morning. >> hip hop fan, rock fan, what genre? >> i listen to everything except country. >> you don't listen to country? >> just not the country chick. but i listen to everything else. >> every now and then, i listen to country, and cry. >> really? >> it is all sad. >> at love them are sad. >> some of them are angry,


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