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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin at 6:00 live look at doylestown. the rain is moving on out. live look at philadelphia international airport. it is dark and gloomy. if you've got a flight out you might want to check with your airline airports most definitely dealing with delays. >> they are playing catch up tonight and take look at live ultimate doppler radar. you see the system right there. you see the reds, yellows, orange, good news it's moving offshore and hopefully that means things will start to dry out. it is a new hour. great to have you with us here at 6:00. i'm thomas drayton is iain it page is off this week. i'm lucy noland what a wet way to start this week, right, thomas. >> we begin with what else, your fox 29 weather authority live now in ocean city. gloomy there as well. a lot of folks are hoping things dry out for the rest of the week. >> add to that meteorologist kathy orr it's a monday. >> yes. welcome back.
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right? >> welcome to the work week that's for sure. good news about this forecast it's only going to get better as the week progresses. you can see on ultimate doppler you mentioned it. this heavier rain moving offshore. you can see this counterclockwise swirl associated with that and that could have spawned a tornado in maryland. that remains to be seen but that heavier rain has moved offshore and will continue to see the changes coming with just a few spotty showers here and there as we go into the evening. but the damage is done for the most part. we are still seeing flooding in places like cumberland county. 5.3-inches of rain near fortescue to the south of millville 3.6 and in dover 2.4-inches of rain. so heavy rain, flooding remains even down the shore in wildwood and cape may. that will slowly be training draining. we'll watch this area of low pressure moving offshore. the skies will begin to clear. coming up we'll talk about few lingering showers through the evening period. slow to clear across the delaware valley and when that
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forecast begins to improve and how long it lasts. i don't see any 90s in the seven day, guys. i'll be back with that in just a few minutes. >> all right. talk to you soon. thanks, kathy. philadelphians are mourning the loss of phillies great darren daulton this evening. dutch as he was affectionately known his teammates and fans and friends died from brain cancer yesterday at the age of 55. >> tommy green described him today as a man's man and a lady's dream. our sean bell with more tonight on one of the most iconic players in phillies history. >> sean. >> guys, darren daulton was great guy on and off the diamo diamond. a person that everyone loved and today former friends and teammates showed their love for dutch. his former teammate said he was the glue that held a bunch of misfits together back in 1993 which was the team that went to the world series. dutch was the guy that really kept everyone accountable on that team and david montgomery described him as an inspiration during montgomery's four year
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battle with a tumor. >> later in sports, zeo motion allen knee dykstra talk about how much daulton went to him after baseball. thomas? >> so many great stories we're hearing, sean, thank you. by the way penn medicine neurosurgeon says so little is known about glioblastoma and aggressive type of brain tumor that took his life. they don't know like where it comes from and how it develops. dr. john lee says, it is curious however that four other phillies players have also died from aggressive brain cancers all in their 50s and younger than normal but he warns against drawing any conclusions about lifestyle and environment. >> glioblastoma is unfortunately our most aggressive form. darren daulton did very well. four years for glioblastoma is on the excellent end of the spectrum. >> dr. lee says earlier diagnosis immediately -- immediate surgery an aggressive treatment are extenting lives but there's no cure. he says extensive research is
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difficult because the time period between diagnosis and death is so short. breaking news in fair hill. philadelphia police say one of their officers have shot a man. call about an armed man on drugs had 26th district officers heading to the 2200 block of north fare hill street just about one hour ago. right now we know that at least one responding officer fired a weapon. the man hit ended up at the hospital. we don't know yet know his condition but our brad sattin is on the scene gathering up the information we'll bring you more as we learn it. happening right now, two members of law enforcement attacked. police say a man driving an atv hit a detective and a police officer then kept on going. it happened saturday night in camden. >> we know police approached the driver after noticing he was tampering with gas station equipment. our sabina kuriakose has the latest. >> reporter: what started as routine shift for camden county police detective kenneth egan and partner officer nicole barry
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saturday night ended with what police brass are calling an attack on their lives. this video shows the man authorities say popped a wiehle in front of detective egan knocking him on his back before driving over him. officer barry was also hurt when the atv struck the police car as she tried to climb out. >> he intentionally ran this officer over trying to seriously injure him. this could have been much worse like the officer is lucky to be alive at this point. >> reporter: the officers had been trying to stop the atv driver after noticing him tampering with pumps at east coast gas off broadway and mount vernon streets around 11:15 that night. here's another part of the video cops want to you see. a different atv this one rid ten by a man an woman at the scene. police are calling them witnes witnesses or persons of interest and they want to speak to them. >> they are eyewitnesses to this. like we really need the public's help also. >> reporter: detective egan had a severe concussion and bruised ribs. his partner had cuts and bruises to her face. both are on leave recovering at
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home. >> they're both very thankful at this point like it could have been a lot worse. our concern if he's going to do this to an officer what can he do to the public. >> reporter: police are looking for black colored racing style atv. if you know anything, you are asked to call camden county police. your tips can stay anonymous. police say that the suspect could face charges of attempted murder of a police officer. in camden, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. to philadelphia's efforts now to curb the city's exploding heroin epidemic. cleanup crews today dismantled long time drug haven situated non far from where the city evicted heroin addicts last week. the growth of that drug haven really illustrates the problem in the city. >> without resources and user willing to get help it really begs the question are we simply pushing the problem from one neighborhood to another? our bruce gordon spent the day in kensington right be 19 the conrail tracks being leaned up. he's joining us in stewed eighty seven bruce, good evening. >> good evening thomas.
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an age old expression kicking the can down the street to put off solving a problem till tomorrow or later. well that may be what we're seeing in philadelphia these days the cans being a small army of heroin addicts with nowhere to go. the street, well, pick almost anyone in kensington or fair hill. city sanitation crews hoisted soiled mattress noose their trucks just part of the clean up and removal of a shanty town set up by heroin users under the railroad overpass on emerald street near lehigh. users left behind plenty of drug needles and one, well, he no longer has this massive 95 for protect. philly police oversaw the rousting in a neighborhood where a long time resident too frightened to show her face told me she won't let her grandkids come see her. >> you'll visit them where they live but you don't want them here. >> no, i don't want them here. i don't want them to see this is not a way of life. >> reporter: this is what the end camp looked like last friday locals told us its population had more than double in the handful of days since the city's
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cleanup dislodged them from the track bed near lehigh and gurney street. >> why treat these people with like they're animals? >> reporter: activist rosland, was on hand for monday morning's dismantling. she felt it was done with a decided lack of compassion and she fears that simply pushing addicts from one place to another is no solution. >> it's not enough resources here in philadelphia. if all these people wanted to get clean today, do they have beds for all these people? >> reporter: no. >> no. >> reporter: just around the corner elvis rosado prepping sterling street for a heroin cleanup. the out reach coordinator for prevention point is training the city's alcoholic crews they're the folks who clean up trash and graffiti covered properties to use gloves, tongues and save containers to remove the drug needles that now litter vacant lots across the city. >> at the epp of the day, you know what, nobody wants to put -- be put at risk nobody wants to take a chance. so the idea is that just like anything else, education is the key. >> reporter: by midday the shanty town and its inhabitants
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were gone but that neighbor up the street, well, she's not kidding herself. >> any optimism that that bridge will stay clean and empty? >> no. it's not. >> reporter: they'll be back? >> yes. >> reporter: he heard the comment that the city doesn't have enough resources. but even if they did, many of these heroin addicts do not want help. they're not ready for help. and so they get pushed from one neighborhood to another. by the way there's evidence tonight that some of them have already returned to emerald street. lucy, thomas? >> cycle that's extremely difficult to break. our bruce gordon tonight. bruce, thank you. a new jersey state trooper who died in the line of duty receiving a special honor. portion of 295 in west deptford township will be renamed as the state trooper sean e cullen memorial highway. trooper cullen was killed by responding to a traffic accident on the same section of highway in march of last year. senate presidency sweeney and senator diane allen sponsored the bill signed today by governor christie. live look at trenton right
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now. let's get to it where in fact governor christie has just signed dozens of new bills into law. now one of them finally makes the phrase garden state, new jersey official slogan and here i thought it was. >> all along. >> not the case. >> nope. another eases up on violators of smoking bans it gives towns the option of treating violations as civil instead of criminal offenses. christie's pen got a big workout today with 50 measures and all signed into law. that includes repealing a law& that dates back to 1877. you know what it did? it regulated what millers could charge for grinding grain. yeah probably old and needs to be to go away. there you go. he's the local man with the skill only a couple hundred people across the country have. and he lives right in south jersey.
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>> i shine good shoes. dike that. >> reporter: age old craft not many people still practice one local man takes his time we're talking about taking his time for real for the work of art here we're talking about broom making. >> it's amazing. our bill rohrer shows us the art of broom crafting. >> reporter: on most days before it gets too hot you'll find sam moyer putting the finishing touch on very old craft. >> the work of art. >> he rents space attached to this former apple farm. combining broom straws from all over the world just to make the perfect outdoor broom. >> one thing they don't fall apart. extra stiff bristle from the palm tree from india. one of 200 broom crafters left in the united states don't call him a broom maker. >> broom crafters. >> please nos broom makers. >> reporter: sam made it living at biology professor at burlington county college. fascinated by the genetics of broom the different colored straw the corn like plant can
6:16 pm
produce. >> after i had the plant, i'll make beautiful brooms with all the differ colors. you hear the beautiful brooms in the same phrase rarely. >> reporter: 40 years of crafting brooms sam has had to make a few adjustments. >> i'll trim this down to 14-inches and take this wire and go around that. report roar this technique makes all the straw stay in place. >> okay. we're back on schedule. >> reporter: he's often asked -- >> how long does it take to make broom? the answer is all summer. >> reporter: because broom corn takes few months to grow and harvest. sam is hoping this tractor attachment he's working on,. >> this might be the world's first -- >> will speed up the process. >> broom harvesting machine. >> he'll harvest it by hand. >> put a rubberband on that. >> a lot of work to be done for only hobby. sam sells a few brooms here and there at local farm marks. >> i plan out how wide the broom will be. >> in the end for it's the people he meets along the way. >> people happy are with what i do it makes me happy and i think
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people like anything that's, they know who made it. >> in south ham top township, new jersey, brill rohrer fox 29 news. >> it will cost you more but that broom will last you longer. special way to take care of it as well. >> i didn't realize that. >> don't ask me that. a whole -- >> it's another process. >> yes. >> that's so cool. back to your fox 29 weather authority which is not so cool. another round of flooding in ocean steam heavy rain has been pounding the jersey shore. and that's what happens. neighbors say the flooding is only worsened over the years. they want the city to do more to pump out the excess water but for now, residents are bracing for tonight's full moon and high tide. it doesn't add up to something good. tell was. live look outside at wilmington. do you think it's a little rainy? it's just a little rainy. you can even see because there's rain all over our lense right there. not the best way to start the week. let's get officer to meteorologist kathy orr. >> yes, miss lucy. i'm looking at the radar right now seeing exactly what you're talking about the showers in wilmington moving through after a couple of inches of rain fell
6:18 pm
earlier today. so we're talking about spotty showers here and there. some lingering rain showers. you can see right near cape hen low penn and lewes, delaware, seeing rain right now. we take a zoom in you can see where we're right along the border between delaware and maryland there was a tornado a possible tornado. this is in salsbury, married and tomorrow the national weather service will go out and investigate the damage and see if indeed a tornado did the damage down in salsbury in the meantime we're just talking about heavy rain and flooding. that's what's left to the storm. millville over 3-inches the same in dover. georgetown, delaware, an inch and a half the same in atlantic city. trenton three quarters of an inch and philadelphia over a half an inch of rain. as we look to our temperatures, they really struggled today in the 60s. 69 in philadelphia. 67 in allentown. 68 in trenton. millville 71 degrees. as we look down the shore a little bit milder. with this on shore flow and temperatures in the 70s because the ocean water still very
6:19 pm
respectable at 72 degrees. the fox future cast goes hour by hour. and as we move you can see a few spotty showers at about 7:00 o'clock. 8:00 o'clock. so you may get a few sprinkles here or there if you're going out this evening do you need an umbrella, i wouldn't worry about it too much. by tomorrow night, we're looking at dry conditions. even into early tomorrow morni morning. and we'll see some increasing sunshine. so this is the sill pitt an area of low pressure hitting us hard all day. this moves offshore. behind it you see this northwesterly wind with high pressure building in over the next couple of days. so tomorrow we start off with clouds. then increasing sun. wednesday looks like a stellar day with mostly sunny skies. any storm activity stays to the north. as this high builds in from the great lakes. when you see a high come in from the north and west you're talking about dry conditions, low humidity, and a deep blue sky. overnight tonight, the low 66 with mostly cloudy sky. as we go hour by hour, tomorrow morning some clouds. temperatures in the 60s. so comfortable. by the midday period close to 80
6:20 pm
for lunch time. by the afternoon the high 82 with a northwesterly breeze. a deep blue sky. as we head toward the evening should be a very pretty sunset with temperatures in the 80s. your seven day forecast looks pretty. good wednesday 85 a perfect ten the same for thursday. little unsettled over the weekend. with a chance of shower here or there temperatures staying in the 80s. the normal high in the mid to upper 80s that's where we should be for this time of year. that's a look at your seven day forecast. we'll zen it back to you. >> thank you very much, kathy. >> it's really been touching sean hearing all the stories about the passing of daulton. >> sad news but hearing all the stories just makes you smile. bright tense your day up because listen he was great guy and there's a lot of great stories. we'll bring some more great stories to you. we have one from lenny dykstra who gives a glimpse on the type of man dutch was. plus we definitely into training camp a little bit. nelson agholor has been the biggest surprise in camp so far. find out why he might be a world different from last year. that's coming up next in sports. where are we?
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♪ today the phillies mourning the loss of a legend again last night darren daulton died at the age of 55 after a four-year battle with brain cancer. dutch was the heart and soul of that 1993 world series team. the glue that kept everything together and today his former teammates talked about the type of guy dutch was. >> he wanted to be around the ballpark and wanted to be around him. he was infectious with the way he treated people and the way he went about his business. >> he just grew on you, you know, he just walked around with confidence and, you know, built
6:25 pm
everybody up, you know, we were going to find a way to win, you know. at all costs. as a team. not as individuals. and that's what we did. >> lenny dykstra had a special relationship with dutch even passed his playing days n2012 dike is it a plead guilty to bankruptcy fraud and dutch wrote a letter to the judge on dykstra's behalf. today he read that letter on facebook. >> you're honor tonight i pray to god to provide you the to judge my friend and provide him the opportunity to make amends with himself and the people that love him. darren daulton. >> just a sad loss. cone dole lenses to his family. on brighter note the eagles continuing to training camp finally get to hit someone play some football thursday at green bay. the surprise player in training camp so far is nelson agholor he's been amazing making plays
6:26 pm
all over the place. offensive coordinator frank wright anies nelson may have finally arrive. >> i real dollar think nelson has gotten over the hump hadn't a great spring an great training camp. you know he's just making a ton of plays out here. you know when he's on the field. i think the defense knows when he's on the field. i mean he's been a threat. >> i've been just building good habits. that's what's going to carry me come thursday. is the habits i've already built the technique and my understanding and my speed for the game. that's what i want to show thursday and let the plays come from that. >> back to dutch, lenny had many issues. >> yeah. >> and for for guy like dutch to stay behind him through everything is special. >> speaks l sean, thank you. >> join us to fight nor fox 29 news at 10:00. this is it for us at 6:00. >> we have a lot to talk about weather wise as well. more on that. we'll see you at ten, everyone. have a great night. ♪
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