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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 25, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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eagles win. >> it goodies. no, it is great. merill reese, are you kidding me, what a kick. hello, eli. 61-yards for the win rookie jake elliott gives eagles a huge win over the giants. but you shouldn't be surprised , listen to this. it is not the first time jake old yot kicked a game winning field goal at the link do i have you intrigue. and also it was a day of solidarity all across the nfl, players, kneeling, linking arms with coaches, and owners, during the anthem, in a protest against some of the comments by our president, how some of the eagles are responding, to what has happened all across football. i just got footage in of bob kelly catching the train in this morning.
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this guy, will go to any lengths not to pay, look at this. hanging on to the back of the train going close to 100 miles an hour, that is our bob kelly good day, everybody. it is monday, september 25th, 2017. alex has another day off i don't know how she does it. karen's in again. >> good morning to you. >> i have on my eagles green. >> eagles green. >> yes. >> so who thought that kick was going to go through? when it did did you go, ahh. >> oh, yeah. >> so, take a picture of your surprise face, reinact how you look when that ball went through and eagles beat the giants. >> what happened in your house , billy v and you screaming at the tv. >> well, right before the play and my husband loves when i talk during the game. i said, is there such a thing as a hail mary field goal. he said no. so i invented a term. >> that was a hail mary field
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goal. >> i'm using it. >> i work out okay. >> as long as you credit me. >> i will. >> no, you won't. it is a hail mary field goal and nine out of 10 today. it will be more humid then yesterday. temperatures are off to a mild start 60's and on's, still kind of dark out there days are getting shorter. bus stop buddy doesn't care, he is so happy, hail mary field goal from yesterday. we have 78 degrees in philadelphia calm wind. 90 percent relative humidity. on the muggy side. hurricane maria swirling off the carolina coast down to the south. we will talk about the status of the storm what it will do to us, if anything, and 90 degrees is our high today, now the record for this date is 92, set in 1970, we will get close, we will see what happens, bob kelly, either way , it will be hot. good morning, everybody. accident on the boulevard here this is southbound roosevelt boulevard, right here near fox street taking out what would be the left lane here,
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everybody starting to backup getting to the breaks real quick heading south, southbound, approaching fox street. otherwise coming back from the shore, maybe down there for great weather, irish weekend headlights seeing pockets working their way in toward philadelphia up and over, the bridge we are looking good. woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia disable eastbound right before you get to i-95. then up here as we say good morning to warrington route 611 right here near willow grove interchange of the turnpike, again, popping some volume here in that 6:00 o'clock hour. same deal for the gang in chester county along route one along route 202. mass transit looking g mike and karen, back over to you. a lot have screaming yesterday, screaming about losing the lead and then screaming when they won. what a win. after blowing a two touchdown lead in the fourth quarter they came back to win the game well, twice in the final minutes led by this run by corry clement.
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out of glassboro, new jersey, his first nfl touchdown and then that, carson wentz find alshon jeffery and then comes down to this, how many people thought that was going to go through. >> we all hoped and prayed. >> did you really think there was a shot. >> i did think there was a shot. >> come on. >> oh, karen. >> we all did, and it looks good. they should be taking more of these long field goals in my opinion. >> that is fresh out of karen hepp's mouth, they should be doing more long field goals. >> david akers made one. there is one of the seven longest. >> how often have they been playing fat ball there has only been seven for 61 or longer. >> they think they will never make it. >> that is my point. >> if they went for it more often maybe they would be making more. >> how about that. >> how many times will we have this misstated in the prompter calling this guy josh elliott. hates been done all over america. don't worry bit being done in
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our prompter. he worked for abc, nbc, he is a handsome man and i understand why writers find him attractive. guy's name is jake, jake elliott, he wins the game 27- 24. so, the eagles are now two-one on the season. redskins won last night. >> they did win. >> but we will still win division we are not worried about this for one second. cowboys play tonight. they will lose. other big thing we were all talking about was not just what happened on the field but what happened on the field earlier with the protests that happened across the league. >> people are also talking about what happened yeah, before the game, during the game, during the national anthem. lauren johnson has that side of the store, hi there, lauren >> reporter: good morning, mike. this is in response to the president's comments. on friday night he was in alabama at a rally and those word did not sit well with players all across the league and at the link it was no exception here on sunday. >> ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪
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>> reporter: at eagles home opener odell beckham junior and giants, players, coaches and owner jeffery lurie responds, players stood shoulder to shoulder arms linked standing in solidarity of their rights as players to peacefully protest. defensive back malcolm jenkins with two other players held fists in the air, and powe game press conference head coach doug pederson said it was an organizational decision with the players, a collaborative effort to stand united and the players shared their perspective in the locker room after their nail biting win. >> guys protesting about and when president called us out, we're all kind of protesting the right to protest. which you wouldn't think you would have to do in this country. >> to have a high ranking officials come out and single guys out, i think it is one of the things that let players know that their voices are
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needed not just to be argumentative or to be combative but to bring people together. >> it is just a distraction, you know, i dent like to get involved in politics. i don't think politicians should get involved in sports. it just create is a lot of noise, lieutenant of distraction that pull as way from the main gel of winning games. >> reporter: having spoke when our players, i can attest to the great respect that they have for the national anthem, and all that it represents. lurie stood with his players on the sidelines before sunday 's kick off, well, outside the stadium fans were crowded out here, tailgating getting pumped for games action. much of the yesterday's talk was a little too political for some people who think football and politics should not mix. so mike and karen we will hear from those fans coming up in 30 minutes. >> sounds good, thank you. everybody has a opinion and it is very strong. next story has an odd connection to football we will explain in a moment.
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this is a plane that went down right in front of the people in the community, and they rushed out and they became rescuers. >> as always happens ntsb is expected continue on investigate the cause. they are not expected to, of course, they will. so an accident that happened in montgomery county. ever have to lift a airplane off anybody. >> no, but certainly some people did yesterday, this weekend. all right, jenny explain and what is the philadelphia connection as well, the football connection. >> reporter: good morning, karen and mike. story here really is neighbors who rushed to render aid on the pilot right after the crash they say seat belts were choking him. they cut him lose and saved his life before medics arrived authorities tell us that the crash happened yesterday just off 5:00 p.m. single person experimental aircraft, hit a tree, in a person's front yard here on meed road in whitpain township. this is only about a mile from the end of the runway at wings field airport in blue bell, people living on the block
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noticed a plane flying low when they heard the crash they ran to see what happened and did not hesitate to render aid , until medics a arrived. >> we heard a noise and found the pilot inside the bush and then neighbor then realized, that he had something around his neck the strap. >> the guy didn't look good. brian went for his to see if there was a pulse there and then he goes give me scissors. we got him scissors. brian held him up, there was another one under his arm, we cut that out and police and fire showed up. >> reporter: so that man dave buck, is the executive vice-president of the phillies he became one of the few heroes on the block, yesterday , thanks to buck and he was transported to penn presbyterian hospital for emergency treatment. mike, as you mentioned ntsb will be back out here today to continue their investigation,
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karen and mike. >> thanks, very much. get those folks in from that neighborhood on the show. 6:10. taking a ride on the wild side , to save some cash, what happened to that dude? after he was spotted riding on the back of the train, that train has got to be going 60, 70 miles an hour at least? that is bob kelly.
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
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this is in ought strahl use on a road parallel to the trackness perth, australia, probably not a good idea by the driver. you can see the man holding on to the train's windshield wipers. oh, a little bit of a strong wipers before he moves to the carriage, he reaches one of its stops. he crawled around and went in the door. driver said the train was traveling, well over 07 miles an hour. published reports say that the man was later arrested. i bet so. >> yes. >> come this way, sir. >> probably not a good idea. don't try that on septa today. will more money fix the problem, mo money mo problems, how republicans are hoping that adding billions, to their health care plan will win over
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it is still, marie, it is still a hurricane actually,
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with a category one and spin ning just off the coast, throwing back a few cloud, in the carolinas and even beyond, but for us it is a high pressure in control day, we will move off shore. maria down to 80 miles an hour wins, 35 miles southeast of cape hatteras south carolina and some going back in the carolinas but for us, at lee, we will expect that northeasterly turn, to take place, probably wednesday, thursday, and so it is brushing by north carolina coast before it head out to sea. it weakens in the tropical storm. and then by wednesday, with the showers on the cold front
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that will change us to autumn weather and we have been wondering when that will happen. zero seven in philadelphia right now. six owe's about every where else. and 90 our high today. eighty-five tomorrow. 86 degrees with a few extra cloud or by thursday, high of 80, mid 70's on friday, by saturday, we may not even make it up to 70 degrees, definitely feeling like fall this weekend. don't forget about 101.1 more fm, get your forecast in the car, bob kelly, along with the tv. >> boom, you got it. 6:17. sun beginning to rise over northeast philadelphia, and we have got traffic moving again here on the roosevelt boulevard earlier accident, southbound, right here near fox street, and, so i will turn on the faucet there letting everything flow. coming back from the shore coming back from irish weekend , i see you, headlights working their way in toward philadelphia, seeing that volume between black horse pike and walt whitman bridge, accident on route 309,
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southbound, right here at welsh road where that old movie theater used to be there watch for police and brake tapping along the way, south jersey, 295, slow go working your way in toward moorestown and get ready for a shut down of the schuylkill expressway, all this week, here's the deal at 11:00 o'clock at night until 5:00 the following morning, beginning tonight, they will begin to close all westbound lanes, at 30th street. pushing everybody off at 30th street. you'll circle around the station and then right back on but nonetheless that will add a few extra minutes and then a lot of confusion tour trip again as westbound schuylkill get ready this week the close another tonight into the following morning. mike and karen, back over to you. police still not released motive behind that deadly mass shooting at a church in tennessee, there is suspect identify as 25 year-old emmanuel samson once a member of the church. investigators say he started
6:19 am
shooting in the parking lot as people were leaving yesterday killing the 39 year-old woman melanie smith and then he went inside and shot others, a total of seven people were hurt, all adults, and suspect was then confronted by this hero, a usher, 22-year old robert engel. we are learning about him who confronted and stopped the suspect. held him until police arrived. both of them were injured and treated at the hospital. 6:19. senate republicans are adding billions of dollars to their health care bill, hoping to move to win over key votes in the last ditch effort to repeal obama care. republicans plan to release a revised version later today. under new plan government will send more health care dollars to the states of the key hold outs. alaska and maine not too likely necessarily they are represented by me a murkowski and susan collins on the left who are still on the fence about their support, although collins said she doesn't know how she will get to yes.
6:20 am
republicans hope to pass health care legislation by the end of this month. president trump signs a new travel ban and this time effects american just muslim majority countries that were involved before it is replacing previous temporary travel ban which expired yesterday afternoon. in addition to the original nation's in the previous ban new we have north korea, chad, in africa, and venezuela in south america, and also, a country that was removed from the list, again, back to africa, sudan. >> the travel ban, the tougher the better. >> the president later tweeted making america safe is my number one priority, which will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet. the new ban will go into effect october the 18th. back to our big story to day, and that is that kick, he went from the practice squad in senate, to record breaker here in philadelphia.
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jake elliott now has a spot in the eagles history books after his game winning field goal yesterday. so, we want to know who is that guy? some facts, maybe you didn't know about jake not josh. mmm, you know what that needs?
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek eagles with the chance to win their second game of the season on sunday and in doing so put their rival new york football giants in the zero and three hole. eagles were in a 21-14 hole in the fourth, corry clement from glassboro, new jersey right here his first nfl touchdown. we are tied at 21. tied at 24 with seven left, carson wentz findal shan jeffery for 19-yards to the 43 do eagles throw a hail mary on the last play? no, they go field goal jake elliott longest field goal in eagles history, 61-yard. good. eagles win 27-24. >> this little surreal. it is life of the kicker. you have your ultimate ups and ultimate downs and i'm just trying to enjoy it and we will
6:25 am
move on. >> we will move on to the phillies playing in their final road game of the season sunday in atlanta miguel franco the solo shot phillies win two to nothing. six games left in the season. all of them at home. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. listen tom, we have more sports. >> we will talk about more, they hosted raiders in the late game last night. >> i might have gone to bed. did you see what kirk cousins did? he had a good game. he went 25 for 30. >> how about that. >> 365-yard, three touchdowns. redskins defense also forced three turnovers helping them secure a 27-10 win over a pretty darn good team oakland raiders. washington is now two-one. other nfc east team travels to arizona tonight to see if they can be knock off by the cardinals out there in arizona the cowboys are one-one this season and that would make them one-two and would i like that. >> penn state won, walk off
6:26 am
touchdown, we are all celebrating that. >> we are creating new terms, walk off touchdown, penn state >> yes. >> and a walk off field goal, coined by sue serio. >> hail mary field goal. >> sorry, hail mary field goal >> it wasn't a thing, according to my husband, until now. >> all right. >> listen, this is still a thing, hurricane maria, yeah, still a hurricane but now it is off the coast of georgia, south carolina moving northward, what are we go to go get out of the storm if anything? we will let you know coming up , jenny? good morning, sue neighbors turned heroes after a pilot crashes his plane in this residential neighborhood seat belt wrapped around his neck, that is how people on the block cut him free, we will have this story next.
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it is good. the eagles win. >> this that is dream. >> mike quick had a good time yesterday, didn't he. is merill reese still alive. 61-yards for the win. jake elliott. know that name, wow. what a kick. what a kick at link. we will talk about that all morning. also political football uniting in a show of solidarity, how the nfl players and owners and coaches of many teams all came
6:30 am
together to protest some of the comments made by our president. how about this convenience or invasion of the privacy? how one big retailer with your shop almost every day wants to change the way groceries are delivered. inside of your house when you are not there. >> sign me up i'm all bit. come right in, do my chores for me. >> stalkers, come on in. >> good day it is monday september 25th. i asked to you take some pictures of yourself when you saw that the 61-yard field goal went through did you do one of, what? here's one. >> kenya holmes sent in two, this is her wa face and that other one with her and her husband and they are grinning from ear to ear. >> first shock. >> and then it is like joy. >> i know somebody who cried and i will reveal who that was later on. >> it wasn't me. >> it wasn't me.
6:31 am
>> no, i cry at everything but i was just like ahh. >> there is my face. >> what did i pick. oh, yeah, nine out of 10 today it will be more humid. otherwise we would do the 10. sixty's and 70's, buddy has eagles gear on, off to a mild start but feels sticky as well but we have gorgeous sin rise, 70 degrees right now. 6:52. your official sunrise time maria swirling off carolina coast and heading northward, but will we get any direct effects from the storm, will it make land fall? we will let you know in a few minutes but today, it is really autumn, but it doesn't feel like it. 90 degrees today, that rip current threat continues at the shore, with the sea breeze about 78 degrees and then 89 in the lehigh valley, even in allentown we could get close to 90 degrees today but this heat isn't going to last, of course, we will tell you when it starts to feel like fall
6:32 am
coming up, bob kelly. >> hey sue, coming up at 6:32 on a monday morning. we have an accident on 309, route 309, southbound, right here near the route 309, right here near welsh road interchange push everybody off to the shoulder here but they have got cones down so be careful heading south on 309, out of the driveway this morning, starting to see folks stayed down the shore an extra night with the great weather and, of course, irish weekend starting to see backup now coming back to the city north on the freeway. stack autopsy approaching walt whitman bridge. otherwise new jersey not bad here on 295 working your way in to moorestown, cherry hill and further down to the 42 freeway and then for the gang in west chester a live look at route 202 we are seeing sun glare popping out as well and mass transit running with no delays. mike and karen, back to you. lets look ate again. >> let's do it. >> it was so exciting. we have been playing it all morning long. it was exciting. after blowing two touchdown league in the fourth quarter
6:33 am
they come back to win the game in the final moments. >> hey, corry. >> local guy so exciting to watch this guy. we had carson wentz finding alshon jeffery. nice to get the catch, get out of bound as as he got out of bounds. 61-yard, could he do it. he slips by in that little corner, it almost like it doesn't go in and then you see the officials say it went in. they dit. they win 27-24. we are now two-one on the season. last money was predicting there would be good results for our eagles and you were na y saying last week. >> ways not here friday,. >> yes, week in advance. >> nicely done. >> yes. >> of course, everybody else talking about what happened before the game with the national anthem there were so much protests that teams all over happened this weekend after comments made by our president and then reaction by our sports, you know, leaders out there, cross many different sports. so lets start with football in
6:34 am
specific what happened there, lets get out to the link right now. >> is there lauren. >> hey there mike and karen. yesterday our president woke up and took to twitter, as he often does, telling fans of the nfl to protest, and until players stop disrespecting our flag and country. his tweets came out as this parking lot was already packed with eagles fans ready for the home opener. >> ♪ rockets red glare >> inside of the link players found their way to peacefully protest the president's profane comments on friday at a press conference in alabama. eagles players link arms in solidarity, and, side line during the national anthem, team owner jeffery lurie was standing in the line near malcolm jenkins who continued to hold his fist in the air, along with tori smith and michael johnson. michael kendricks missed the
6:35 am
arm linking. their powe showing fans getting rowdy about an hour, chanting, protesting outside the link. eagles hans fad this reaction to questioning the mixture of football, politics and tackling injustices. >> i think it was a good idea for them to do that. i really believe they need more need to do it instead of everybody single one person out, more teams need to do it. >> great move on behalf of the nfl to show we are brothers. it doesn't matter what color of the skin we are. we are people first. >> linking arms is, just a sign of strength and just like honor. like i'm military. so i don't think that what they did was a difficulties service to me. people keep going back to because of the flag, you should honor military and it is because of america. i'm military. thirteen years military. i totally respect it. >> head coach doug pederson said the move was a team
6:36 am
decision and chance to show unity, solidarity for anyone who serves our country. players say football is their focus but they feel they should have the right to respectfully voice their opinion, so coming up at 7:00 a.m. we will hear from doug pederson in his own word, mike and car been how the team came up with their idea to peacefully protest. >> okay, cool, thank you. so, somalia teams decided they weren't even coming out of the locker rooms. coaches made decision for them so they didn't to be put in that position. >> tell us which teams. >> a lot. lets start in the nation's capitol how appropriate washington redskins and oakland raid first link arms during national anthem, some standing, some sitting, mark davis looked on from the owners box standing hand over heart. lets go to chicago pittsburgh steelers stayed in the locker room with the exception of the alexandria villa know of's stood outside the tunnel, he is a veteran and former army
6:37 am
rangers n players in sight for nashville both titans and seahawks chose to stay in their locker rooms and some fans booed the protesting players. similar scene at a total of 14 nfl games. of course protest causing president trump to double down on his comments. >> we have i great country. we have great people representing our country especially our soldiers, our first responders and they should be treated with respect when you get on your knee and you don't respect the american flag or the anthem that is not being treated with respect. >> president trump saying it is not about race but he is urging fans to boycott nfl as long as protest continue, and, mike and karen, i guess boycott if any would come and how fans choose to spend their money when it comes to merchandise and players who choose to protest. >> we will debate this in the 7:00 o'clock hour. 6:37. >> lets look at our other stories making headlines right
6:38 am
now. we had a small plane that crashed in montgomery county. >> yes, experimental plane. the pilot boy i'm telling you lucky to be alive losing control of this plane. jenny joyce set it up in whitpain township. hello. >> good morning, mike and karen. now that the sunnies coming up you can see is what left of this aircraft across this person's front yard, ntsb, will be out here to finish processing the scene. authorities say that this crash happened yesterday just after 5:00 p.m., plane hit a tree, in the front yard and then, possibly hit part of the home, investigators are still looking into that. we are live, in whitpain township, thinks only about a mile from the end of the runway at wings field airport in blue bell at the sound and sight of the crash, neighbors on the block rush over to the scene and they did their best to help the pilot. he had seat belts wrapped around his neck, one of those witnesses happened to be dave
6:39 am
buck, executive vice-president of the philadelphia phillies, inn he became one of the few neighbors who saved this pilot s life. >> we were all just hanging out sunday afternoon when we heard noise, my wife said, you know, a tree fell. we came out. some said there was a plane crash. it was right across the street >> he took the up are torso, i took the lower torso, we lifted pressure off of his neck so the neighbor cut the strap, and as soon as did he that he came too. he started breathing again. then we got him out of the bush. by then the ambulance was here >> reporter: pilot was transported to penn presbyterian hospital for emergency treatment. as pilot recovers here the ntsb will be back out here on the scene later this morning, mike and alex. wow. 6:39. >> lets talk about something that happened yesterday, the parade, annual puerto rican day parade. >> um-hmm, that is right.
6:40 am
the theme. >> um-hmm. >> i went to this, the rhythm of our culture celebrating latino music, language, color, food. the festivities were overshadowed with worried from loved won back in puerto rico. bitter sweet out there on the parkway. volunteers of the parade collect money to help with hurricane relief efforts. by the way the island is still dealing with massive destruction in the wake of the maria, concern is growing over a dam that is threatening to burst. some 07,000 people live below the ban have been under evacuation order since friday, national weather service is warning that the dam does fail , flooding will be life threatening. the island remains without electricity and continues to struggle with communications and lack of water. it is horrible. lets go over to another problem in a natural disaster in mexico search teams are
6:41 am
still so busy working, dig through ruble in hopes of the finding survivors, after we had a massive earthquake there , with 7.1 earthquake that struck, killing at lee 320 people, 122 of those deaths were reported in mexico city. there was also another earthquake over the weekend, and they have not found anyone alive, they say since wednesday when a woman was pulled from this bridge. you know there have been reports of people living weeks under the ruble. getting to know our new hero, jake elliott, clutch kicker for the eagles, so we want to necessity who is this dude. >> did you know he played tennis? he was really good. >> difficult not know that. >> he went to memphis university. but do you know that he also had a game winning kick at the link once before in his career did you know that.
6:42 am
>> thank you. >> we will learn more. >> would you like to see it. >> oh, yeah. >> he wasn't an eagle.
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an accident on the schuylkill expressway as soon as you come off 202 interchange here. we're seeing a jammo, eventually all getting to that two lane formation and then another vehicle fire on the
6:45 am
northeast extension, right here near lehigh veil interchange. here's a picture i tweeted out from pennsylvania turnpike you can see the smoke in the background again, it is on the extension, right here near lehigh valley interchange in allentown. we have got leprechauns coming back from irish weekend down the shore north on the freeway stacked and packed approaching the walt whitman bridge, lot of folks down the shore not only for irish weekend but because of the nice weather we have had down there here's a live look at route 202 right here near route 926, volume popping rolling through chester county. heading to the airport, up, up away, no delays at philly international. mass transit looking g sue has the monday forecast in 15 seconds
6:46 am
6:45. tonight we will start the phillies last home stand at citizens bank park. six more games in the regular season. 86 degrees. they did win yesterday by the way. it will be a humid night at the ballpark. eighty-six when game begins on september 25th, hurricane maria category one, you can see not as well defined as it was when it was so powerful in the caribbean and around puerto rico and now down to a one and expected to weaken even further to a tropical storm but not for a couple days. really wednesday is when we expect to make it that turn and move away from the coast after brushing by north caroline, i think any effects, won't worse there, with tropical storm force wind. there are tropical storm watch necessary effect already along the north carolina coast. as far as we're concerned, i think all we will get are cloud and that will prevent us from 90 tomorrow and getting an official heat wave, cloud around on wednesday, as well,
6:47 am
and then wednesday late in the day when we do expect some showers but that is from a cold front that will eventually make it feel like it is awesome around here but it is but doesn't feel like it with 90 today. mid 80's and humid on tuesday and wednesday, much better on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday by the weekend we will have 70's temperatures so we will feel like fall. so, try this, again, see how it goes with what do you say, sue? what is that? that is just ask me a question on twitter, #fox 29 good day about the weather. sit unusual to be 90 degrees? what is the record for today's date? will we break a high record? something as simple as that and i will do my besty already know the answer to that though >> you do, because i mentioned it earlier and were you listening yes, i was. >> yes. >> here's a good question, why why am i listening? because do i want to know. let's watch it again.
6:48 am
>> it goodies. philadelphia wins it. >> okay, that is how it sounded on tv when jake elliott made that 61-yard winning field goal. here's what it sounded was that joe buck. that was joe buck. so i was listening to the radio instead. on the radio we have merill reese. >> ball is spotted, the kick is away and the kick is... it is good. >> wow. >> the eagles win. >> this is that dream i talked about. >> they win. >> that is the dream i was talking about, mike quick, he didn't think would it go through and seriously who in the stadium thought would it go through but it puts jake
6:49 am
elliott in the record books for the longest field goal in eagles history. >> yes, longest by a rookie, ever. >> ever. >> lets take a look, this was making me so happy, all different news. >> yes, parents in the stands. >> watching now we pan to them , mom, dad and to me it is dad's reaction that is priceless. secondhand back we get to see dad's face. he is so emotional he is tiering up and you can see that moment when you are so proud of your kid. trust me, it was there. >> on twitter, you see his face. it must not fit into our aspect ratio on television. >> you could see everything a parent wishes and dreams for it came true and you feel his emotion. >> they live in illinois. >> and then this picture. >> i like what malcolm jenkins did eagles safety malcolm jenkins, tweet that had out, look at that isn't that cool.
6:50 am
>> so that is michael kendricks on the left and i won't even attempt to say the other man's name even though he is on the field quite a bit my good buddy joel embiid went to the university of kansas, he was there. >> big daddy said joel is all better don't worry about him jumping up and down. yeah, yeah, yeah, he dit, i can't believe it. >> he injured his foot. >> no. >> up and down too hard, he is doing well, he is in the suite >> he has become a philadelphia fan, that is for sure. >> so who is this dude? this jake elliott guy? how did he get here? who am i? well, we all did research, we started immediately googling him trying to figure out where he came from? we have learned he is from illinois, western springs, illinois suburb of chicago. >> suburb of the chicago. >> yes. >> he went to lions township
6:51 am
high school where he did not start kicking until his junior year. he played other sports. really darn good in tennis. but his longest kick in high school was 52-yard. >> that is long in high school >> very long. >> it is, why he made it to the nfl. >> he has been on shoulders before. >> then in college jake played college ball at memphis where he holds the school record for the longest feel goal that was 56-yards. he had a bunch of points, a lot of extra points, anyway yesterday's kick was not first time that jake kicked a game winner at the link. temple fans will remember this , this is three years ago tigers win. he was a tiger. he kicked a 31-yard field goal for the win against temple at the link. so jake was drafted in the fifth round by the bengals this year but cut and then sign to the practice squad in cincinnati after the preseason he was kind of hanging around
6:52 am
waiting. >> then that moment that changes your whole life, he got that starting job, caleb sturgis got hurt in week one. he has only been with the team since september 12th. he is second start that he had and then we have this one. he made his nfl debut with the chiefs where he went two out of three on field gola tempts. >> yes, that brings to us yesterday when that happened. i heard that jake over to coach pederson to say please i necessity you don't think i can hit 61 yards but let me get a shot of this. he did it. he dit. >> in the pregame we go over it, how i'm feeling during my warm up and what in the normal corresponds course of the game where i would feel comfortable at. given that situation i just ran up at the end and just prayed and asked for a chance there. >> asked for a chance? he came through: come on.
6:53 am
>> i it this it is so exciting it is the seventh longer overall first one is 64-yard. then four people that have 63, included david akers. >> tom dempsey was one, i remember back in 1970, watching football, and he only had half foot. he only had half a foot and kicked 163-yards. new orleans. new orleans, yeah. >> tell us who you think, you were having a discussion off line about who you think elliott looks like. is it a famous country star, anchor. >> it is an actor, when he has hat on, only when he has his hat on. very secret mission for latest satellite lawn inched to space, let me tell you this >> tell me all bit. >> new eyes in sky who launched it what will it do, is it spying on you.
6:54 am
♪ ♪ start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. unlike ordinary toothpaste colgate total... fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a healthier mouth.
6:55 am
so you're totally ready. colgate total. be totally ready for life.
6:56 am
okay don't tell anybody, they launched a spy rocket. >> isn't that a spy satellite that is totally secret. >> will you stop it. >> okay, all right. >> they dit at night because they wanted it to be secret. so this spy satellite will gather intelligence for u.s. national security, such as
6:57 am
other important purposes such as assessing the impacts of natural disaster, perfectly timed, um. >> yeah, so many of them recently. >> hurricanes, quakes, stuff like that. >> we want your opinion about this one. i think it is a good idea. if you are a working mom they will think it is brilliant. they will deliver gross is and put them away. you don't need to be home. >> wal-mart. >> wal-mart will come in and they know where eggs go. they know to butt your butter in the compartment and eggs, milk, veggies in the crispe. >> what if they go through my underwear in my drawer. >> let us know what you think use our #fox 29 good day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
ball spotted, kick is away and the kick is, good. >> wow. >> the eagles win. >> what? it is good. you got to be kidding me. jake elliott kicks a 61-yard field goal to win it. but that is not the only thing being talked about this morning. a united front nfl players take a stand on game day after president trump's harsh word in alabama. sense of security, gone, two armed men on the run after busting out on a woman's door and shooting at her dog.


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