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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 nouse at 11:00. panic on train. one crazy evening commute, a bang led to an evacuation. thank you for joining us i'm lucy noland. trains are running again though delays well they have topped two hours tonight. a huge hassle all stemming from a power failure. fox 29's brad sattin reports. >> reporter: well it was quite the scare for some septa passengers this afternoon when they thought their train was on fire. it was not but their confusion led to hours of aggravation for other septa passengers. passengers walking on the train tracks near 30th street during rush hour. this after they heard a couple of loud banks and flashes around 5:30 p.m. on the train they were on and then someone yelled fire. >> there was no communication whatsoever by septa, and then people started pulling the windows out rubber seals around the window and jumping out of
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the car. >> reporter: septa says there was no fire. they need immediately stopped all train service in the area. officials still not sure what announcements were made to the 500 passengers but in order to evacuate the train was not one of them. >> we don't evacuate anyone not in eminent danger we won't evacuate them until we have the proper personnel in place and those personnel include police officers and transit supervisors. >> reporter: all passengers were eventually rounded up and more than an hour later, boarded another train and left. but the damage was cup. delays all over the place for the rest of the night as frustrated passengers had little choice but to wait. >> we think it's been about a half hour so far with another hour to go. >> i'm a little, you know, chagrined i'm sitting here ea eating a hoagie on my night i wanted to be drinking some wine. report roar this group of german exchange students were returning from washington, d.c. >> which took longer getting from washington, d.c. to here or here to ambler. >> can't tell you yet. we'll see and find out. >> reporter: at least no one was hurt.
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the cause of the power outage still unknown tonight. septa says, trains will be back on schedule in the morning. in center city, brad sattin fox 29 news. >> here's hoping on that one. finally, a week after hurricane maria slammed puerto rico people are getting out. but problems on the island persist no food, no water. no gas. the good news is, people are finally getting out and aid is on the way in. communities throughout the island are coming together to help each other. but residents outside san juan say they're getting little to no help. almost the entire island still has no electricity. officials say full power may not come back for months and many people are still collecting water for wells and streams the trump administration says it is on top of the situation and doing everything it can. >> puerto rico is a very difficult situation that place was just destroyed. that's not a question of gee, let's dry up the water, let's do this or that. that place was flattened. that is a really tough situati
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situation. >> more and more supplies are finally reaching island. federal officials say they have already provided more than 4 million meals and six mill liters of water puerto rico and the us virgin island sin the storm. local relief efforts aimed to help puerto rico continue to grow in number and intensity and northern liberties volunteers from the second christian missionary church spent the day packing and sorting donated canned goods and other supplies. jonathan rodriguez has been stacking cases of water for hours at that point in time. like most of the church members he has family on the battered island. >> every time i grab a case of water, i'm helping somebody out. so every time i grab i say this is for somebody. you know what, i just pray, hey, it's in your hands. i can't do nothing else. i just grab a water and keep it going. >> these volunteers say they have a way to get their donated supplies down to miami then on to puerto rico but logistics have been a major challenge for would be helpers.
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on your kay radar significant cooler temperatures. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your forecast at 11:00. >> um-hmm. >> so i'm going to go ahead and rearrange the closet. >> i think you should. >> hall out sweaters and stuff, kathy. >> take out all those whites put them away. >> why can't i wear white in winter. what about winter white. >> not quite winter just yet. skies are clear the outer bands of maria are offshore. the latest on the storm this is the 11:00 o'clock update. 75 miles an hour winds it's moving away toward the northeast at 7 miles an hour. it's 250 miles east northeast of cape hatteras north carolina. you can see this track it's still hurricane but by tomorrow it will be a tropical storm and then lose its tropical characteristics. so adios maria. take look at our outdoor weather right now. we're looking good in the lehigh valley. looking good pretty much everywhere with a northerly wind component pottstown 71. 62 in the poconos. and in millville it is 78 degrees. winds are calm to the north. but these winds will be kicking up tomorrow we have cold front
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moving through and we're going to as this big trough in the west pushes down helps to mick maria out and brings in cooler and drier air that will stick stick around for wiley maybe not for the entire month of october which begins on sunday. but it's going to be here at least through the mid period of next week. 68 overnight becoming partly cloudy and mild. during the day tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine with northerly wind. you'll see that deep blue sky with low humidity. winds gusting to around 70 -- 2. the temperature will be 78 degrees. during the day op friday 72. chance of morning shower on saturday. another otherwise 69. feeling like fall. october begins on sunday. it will be cool the high 70 but then warmup. 73 monday and tuesday. 76 on wednesday and then we can get back up into the 80s so the warm air is not out of here just yet. 90 is, lucy, but i'm a few more 80s will be on the board. >> i like 80s better than i like 90s especially this time of year. nice, cool, crisp fall.
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>> yeah. >> get the sweaters out. >> i'm ready. thank you much, kathy. >> you bet. in south injuries a mom and son are facing charges after they shoplifting plan backfired. duo got lock in the store they were trying to steal from. hmm. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the story from egg harbor township. >> reporter: 5884 old donna hall and her son nicholas thought they could outsmart police and employees at the wal*mart in egg harbor township. but police say, they're little shoplifting scheme backfired and they got busted. >> is it worth do go to jail for really. >> reporter: donna hall told wal*mart employees her eight-year-old granddaughter was lost in the store. but while employees frantically searched for the child nicholas hall was busy stuffing shopping bags with clothes and candy hoping the lot of child distraction would help him make a quick get away are in made it out of the store.
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wal*mart uses code adam when child or senior citizens goes missing inside a store. they lock down the store, put out a description of the missing person over the loud speaker system and call police. >> it's a good program. that way nobody snatches no kids and stuff. so it's a good thing all stores should have it. >> reporter: as hall tried to make his escape the doors were locked and the police pulled up. they quickly figured out the halls made the whole thing up so they can steal from wal*mart. >> they got caught. >> thank god. because of code adam. >> reporter: making matters worse there was never an eight-year-old grant daughter in the first mace. >> how can you just lie on child like that. like, they're in the and it wasn't even a real child to begin with. >> reporter: nicholas hall was stopped with $180 in stolen clothing and candy. both suspects issued summonses and released because this is not app indictable offense wal*mart officials and police say the code adam project worked to perfection. in egg harbor township, dave
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schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> babysitter died after her car carrying two young children slammed into a trolley in northern liberties. police say the trolley was on its tracks when the 36-year-old woman crashed head on into it at girard and fourth right around 4:15 this afternoon. medic rushed a two-year-old and an under fan in the car to the hospital. it happened feet from a fire station. >> if there's good news, it's right outside of our rescue one. our special operations unit, and they were immediately on the scene. we had three medic units here immediately. paramedic and emt's immediately went into action and able to remove all three of the occupants and transport immediately. >> the children are back with their mom tonight and going to be fine. authorities are investigating what happened. local couples once thriving garden is now brown and dying and they say it's amtrak's fault. jenny chen's yard in mantua backs up to amtrak train track.
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she says when amtrak began spraying the plants along its tracks some of that spray got into her yard like a loft it. amtrak contractors used four herbicides on august 16th. chen's garden has a special meaning to her. >> i was fear furious because not only are there plants in these beds, um, my fiance' actual proposed to me by pla planning tulips in all of these garden beds. >> chen eventually called the pennsylvania department of agriculture. she's worried about what she's been exposed to and she wants that spraying stopped. we now know who died last night in an east germantown quadruple shot shooting. philadelphia police say 16 year old jay custus died after someone opened fire op his blo block. gunshots rang out right around 8:30 on the 100 block of east pastor ya street. three other teens including a 1384 old girl and two guys ages 18 and 19 are hurt. the 1984 old is in critical condition. the search is on for the killer. hurricane victims here in
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fill. they're animals and they need our help. >> and do you know juul. >> a device your teens may have that you'll certainly want to be on the look out for. hey, happy birthday to most everyone's favorite search engine google much it is kind of like a verb these days. i'll google in. the search engine is celebrating 19 years today and in typical going guilty fashion it released a spectacular google doodle. probably safe to say for a lot of folks google is more than just a search engine. these days it's kind of a way of life. ♪ getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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♪ so often is the case a camera caught this happening. masked man shoved an employee to the ground, robbed the place. it happened on september 10th but philadelphia employees are just now releasing the video. they need help catching him you saw the guy walk into the grocery store op south 54th street in southwest philly just before noon. he pushed the woman who works there to the ground, grab
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cigarettes and cash from the register after he polled out the door he headed south on 54th street. dozens of animals refugees really are now in philadelphia. they come from hurricane zones in texas and in in order. the goal now is to find these guys and gals homes. fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer has more. >> reporter: as hurricanes harvey and irma wreaked havoc on texas and in order's coast, many dogs and cats were left without a home. >> hi, guys. >> reporter: partnership with animal rescue corpse animals from shelters in areas affected by hurricanes made the long drive from washington, d.c. to pennsylvania spca in hopes of beg adopted d if anyone at home i was thinking about adopting now is great time. >> reporter: pspca act as a husband for other regional shelters these dogs will be going to king stop new york just two dogs an cat will be staying here in philadelphia. the cat is a available for adoption in about a day.
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the dogs have to hang around little longer. >> quarantine them for two weeks to check on their health and make sure they're not bringing anything into our local population. >> they'll join the other dogs inside the greenhouse. where they'll wait for the perfect family to take them ho home. >> it's very meaningful for all of this much this is why we're here. when tragedy like this happens people send to step up and opened their eyes to something they may not have considered in the past and brings new people into our shelters and to other shelters in the region. >> in philadelphia, bill rohrer fox 29 news. and the cherry on. to sunday here the adoption fees for all animals accepted into the ppspca waived. go find yourself knew forever family member. royal carribbean announce it's canceling a cruise to use the ship for a good cause. the second largest cruise line operator in the world is canceling trips on its adventure of the seas cruise to help
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hurricane victims. it's using the ship to help hurricane ma row ya victims with evacuation and relief efforts. the ship will bring evacuees to ft. lauderdale before returning to san juan on october 6th to prepare fort objection seventh trip. while aid is now arriving in puerto rico, a lot more needs to happen. the question that some are asking is are we all doing enough? here's hank. >> reporter: >> makes me hungry. >> it's hank. i'll over at freddie and tony's restaurant on allegheny speaking with philadelphia's puerto rico community about the u.s. response to hurricane maria. they say it's tough to tell when there's communication my take is no communication speaks volumes about the lack luster u.s. response. the guys in the kitchen are in constant motion at freddie and tony's. >> holy mackerel. >> hot san witches descend upon tables. waitress jessica perez says she hears her family is okay but that's in the enough.
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>> i won't feel confident until i hear my mom saying yes, they're helping us. yes, we're receiving things. yes there's water. yes, hairs gas. >> reporter: it's been a week and then some since hurricane maria ripped through puerto rico leveling thousands of homes and knocking out power to the isla island. yes there's an ocean between here and there. yes, ports and airports are damaged. but louis says he's not seeing the will to respond they saw for houston and florida and that all starts at the top. >> difference who's ever the president s that's the difference right there. >> reporter: right. >> if it was another president like obama or the bushes, we would have got response much quicker. >> reporter: i had shrimp and i thought about something jessica had said. about aid on the ground. >> there's help going down there like the nations that people have done from down here, but it's something about the government has to sign yet for them to receive it. >> reporter: she must have
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been arriving to the jones act they 100 years maritime law that protects american shipping but cramps puerto rico's ability to get aid from foreign ships and government. aid it badly needs right now. it was based waived by president trump in the wake of harvey and irma. why not for puerto rico now? louis doesn't get it. >> response to a natural disaster should be -- >> just like any other state state in the united states. should be. without a doubt. >> reporter: he's right of course. u.s. has to take care of its own. puerto ricans are u.s. citizens not that they're repped in congress, of course, they have one non voting commissioner on capitol hill so they've got no clout. don't tell me help starting to trickle in. eight days in, puerto rico should have the help it needs on the ground now. no excuses. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> new craze in e-cigarettes it has parents concerned. it's called juul the device looks a whole lot like a simple
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u.s. b drive. so it can easily fool parents. it even charges using a usb adapter that fits right into your computer or phone charger and it is flying off the shelves. one store own are in we spoke to says sometimes he sells out in one day and it's not sitting well with parents who say it's time to have yet another conversation with their kids. >> it's real scary. i would think so, 'cause no parent won really know what it is unless somebody say something or if you catch them in the act of doing something. >> juxu love manufacturer says it's nicotine is for adult smokers only. the american lung association says evidence shows e-cigarettes are very bad for your health. speaking of your health, you may want to smile when you get your flu shot if you can. that's because that smile may help increase your protect from the virus. okay. you got to follow the bouncing ball on this one.
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researchers measure people's moods before they got the shot. the moods of folks. patient who's were in positive mood before the shot actually had more unflew went is a antibodies in their blood 16 weeks later compared to people who are in crummy mood. researchers say this is the first study to examine how psychological and behavioral factors affect vaccinations. that's because that smile may help protect you from the virus. isn't that weird if you're like happy when you get a flu shot, then it will help better? good i guess. i don't get flu shots. >> are you happy right now? >> i'm happy. i'm good. >> okay. >> some serious topics to talk about right now. >> all right. >> give you another reason why athletes just can't stick to sport of a lot of athletes are donating or doing big things to help out puerto rico. i want to salute those guys as well implore everyone to help out much that's coming up next in my sports commentary.
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sean bell is recognizing the efforts of athletes that are helping puerto rico. his commentary in 15 seconds
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♪ if athletes just stuck to sports you wouldn't get people like jj watt who has helped donate millions of dollars to houston and same goes to all the players in florida that have helped out after hurricane irma right now i want to give special shout out to the players donating and helping the people of puerto rico. currently 44% of people in puerto rico do not have drinkable water. think about that. right now they are not being provided enough help. so i want to give a special shout out to the all the amulets chipping in carmelo anthony half puerto rican donated money, supplies and et cetera down there. jj, from the mavericks from puerto rico physically went down there to provide supplies and mark cuban provided jj with his
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plane along with an extra plane to add more supplies. so salute to all those guys, jake elliot carson wentz i know you plan on giving that money away to charity. wherever you give it will be great think about giving consideration to giving that money to puerto rico if you can. also i'll be showing my support, love and donating as well. lucy? >> good stuff, thank you very much. we have breaking news right now. i don't have a lot of information on this but here's what i do know. that hugh heffner the founder of playboy magazine the founder of an empire the found of those clubs that were all over the world has died at the age of 91 years old. of course we'll have much more on that coming up on the good day at 4:00 a.m. thank you much for joining us and have a great night. ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> khloe kardashia's pregnant. kylie jenner's prenant. somebody predcted all of this. >> the kardashians aren't going anywhee. >> they are like gremlins. by next week there will be a zillion more of them. >> we can predict more kardashians. >> what network do we ppear on? nbc. >> nbc is owned by? >> universal. >> which netwok has the kardashians >> universal. >> you see what i'm talking about now? >> we got tiffny haddish. she's actually doing a movie with kevin hart. we asked her, do you think e should give kevin hart a chance? >> i think everybody should mind their business. >> tiffany haddish and kevin hart go back years. i don't care, you got to get some of these jokes. you apologize to your wife on instagram.


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