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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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so they surrounded it and he eventually surrendered. >> based upon the investigation at the present time, it is my understanding and this will have to be purchase side in more detail that this was a personal dispute that was going on, family related between the two cousins. it may have involved financial issues. >> police say hann was armed during the standoff. officers put local schools on lock down. hahn is facing homicide an attempted homicide charges. new developments in the las vegas shooting as investigators are lookin looking looking intoy that the shooter may have planned more attacks including a car bombing. this news comes as authorities say stephen paddock may have scoped out some other music festivals over the past couple of months including chicago and las vegas. investigators say he was a quote disturbed and dangerous man, they're still struggling to find out what his motive was and
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today las vegas fire official noted challenges they're facing as the mass shooting was unfolding on sunday. >> people would show up at hotels say, caesars palace or other places where they were shot. by the time that information got relayed out to our responders both police and fire it was there's a shooter at this location. where there wasn't a shooter at that location. >> law enforcement officials in boston are also investigating after reports that the shooter may have have scouted some places there specifically some hotels near fenway park. more details continue to unfold about the tragic events in las vegas. authorities believe one of the reasons the gunman was able to fire off so many shots so fast was because he used what's called a bump stock. fox 29's jeff cole talked to a gun range owner about this device and joins us now with the story. jeff. >> iain, there's new information tonight on bump stocks. the powerful national rival association says the federal government needs to take a hard look at them. tonight what they are and how
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they work. rapid fire as fast as you can. >> seth herzog who tells us he's a veteran of the war in afghanistan is firing 200 rounds from an ar15 to show how physically demanding it is. it makes his boss the own are in of the gun range in philly wonder how the 64-year-old vegas shooter did it. >> there was rapid fire. they indicate that there was something other than just one person's trigger finger operating but i couldn't tell was it was. >> reporter: law enforcement sources believe he used a bump stock, a device which fits on a semi-automatic rival an laos it to fire in rapid bursts. similar to what was heard raining down on concert goers sunday. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: videos of how to install and use bump stocks are all over the web. the devices are legal. but possibly not for long. members of congress long opposed to gun regulation and now the
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nra seem ready to ban the devices in the wake of the mass killings. he says his patrons must leave them at the door. >> bump stocks are are not permitted at my range. they are inherently unsafe. they require a shooter to relinquish a degree of control of the firearm. >> reporter: bump stocks can be found for sale online for few hundred bucks. he has questions. why isn't the floor in stephen paddock's hotel room littered with shell indication and he questions how paddock at 64 and not appearing especially fit was able to spray the crowd of 22,000 with round after round. it asked me to rapidly squeeze off 30 rounds to experience the weight of the gun and the strength required to control it. >> the bump stock can be made to work, but it requires a special skill that is not derived in one week's training, and even after
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you gain that skill level, i doubt that you can sustain that rate of fire. >> reporter: firing the ar15 rapirapidly is challenging whilt heavy weapon comes alive when fired. forcing the shooter to control it. also, tonight, the nra seems ready to walk away from bump stocks. jeff cole, fox 29 news. all right, jeff, thank you major step today in the house's plan to overhaul the tax code. the house just pass add $4.1 trillion budget plan its main purpose to set the stage for tax reform. the plan promises deep cuts to social programs to turn medicare into a voucher like program and to repeal obamacare. it passed 219-206. kent county delaware school district is condemning a picture making the rounds on social media. it shows the district's mascot holding a sign on that sign a word that's so bad we can't show it to you on television. that's the mascot for the caesar rodney school district in wyoming, delaware.
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we have blurred the racial slur written on the paper in a statement the district said it considers the act reprehensible and it is working with state police to figure out who is behind it. philadelphia police are warning people after a scary situation. olney a woman held at gun point and sexually assaulted in her own home. it was a neighbor who jumped into action trying to stop the attacker. our dave schratwieser joins us live outside philadelphia police headquarters with more on this scary ordeal. dave? >> reporter: iain, 57-year-old victim in this case is still recovering from her injuries and is not yet returned home. in the meantime, her neighbor is slugging off complements like brave and heroic. >> i don't need the titles. i just need to know oy did the right thing. >> reporter: sitting just off camera to conceal his identity, this olney man told fox 29 how he confronted an armed robber in his backyard tuesday morning. and wrestled a gun away from the suspect moments after he robbed and sexually assaulted his 57-year-old neighbor.
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>> he tried to pull the gun on me and i knock it out of the his hasn't and we scuffled for the gun when i got role control of the gun he couldn't get it out of my hands. >> i think the neighbor is very heroic. >> reporter: police say the terrifying ordeal happened moments after the 57-year-old woman was confronted by the armed robber at her back door just before 7:00 a.m. >> our offender push the door open and put a handgun to her forehead and ordered her to go back inside the house. >> reporter: the victim and her next door neighbor had come outside along this alley when they heard a brick wall fall. as her neighbor went back inside, the victim came face to face with the gunman. >> he made her go upstairs where he demanded money, he took some money and some of her property and then he sexually assaulted her. >> reporter: after robbing and sexually as soughing the woman the suspect took her car keys and headed to the rear alley where he was confronted by the neighbor. >> the witness our next door neighbor was able to disarm this mail and take the handgun. >> that's bravery. >> his actions were very heroic report roar suspect fled but left behind his gun, fingerprints and possibly some dna. police say moments before the
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attack he commit add burglary a block away. he may also and tied to other robberies and burglaries in the area. >> he seems to be getting emboldened. so we're very concerned with h him. >> i try to look out for all my neighbors as best i can. >> reporter: nice job by that guy. police say the suspect in this case was wearing a black hoodie with the word "fresh" in white lettering across the back. investigators are reviewing surveillance video from the area trying to identify the gunman. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. developing now out of washington john representative tim murphy of pennsylvania is resigning. reports are that representative murphy was having an affair. murphy an anti abortion lawmaker allegedly urged his mistress to get an abortion when he thought she was pregnant. house speaker paul ryan says he was sent a letter from murphy announcing his resignation effective october 21st. pennsylvania's attorney general is suing the nation's largest student loan company claiming that it sold living
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risky loans that cost borrowers billions of dollars. attorney general josh shapiro filing that lawsuit against navian corporation and navian solutions llc. úinto a program that add add lot of interest costs when the company should have put people in an income based repayment plan. >> they provided predatory practices. they were deceptive. they preyed on certain kinds of lone holders and they did so to turn a profit. >> naiant says those allegations every unfounded. the state of illinois and washington and the consumer protection bureau sued over loan practices earlier this year. south jersey restaurant is the talk of the town after exotic birds are found flying around the kitchen. this was in the kitchen prep on aj's cafe on route nine in galloway township. you see the two birds on the plates and there's even a cat loose in the place. so police happened to be in the area when they saw the animals
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in the restaurant. the health department shut the cafe down. one customer we talk to says they're not going back again. >> we ate there? [ laughter ] >> terrible. disgusting. yes. i am so glad -- i hope they're closed down and can't reopen. because how they thought they can get away with that, i don't know. >> the restaurant posted on its facebook page that the birds do occasionally come to work but they're in locked cage in an office. no longer be visiting. the restaurant is still closed until it meets the atlantic county board of health and safety and sanitary standards. fox 29 now getting results for homeowners near the trashiest block in philadelphia. the streets department came out this morning and cleared away a mountain of trash that was illegally dumped along the 1600 block of bambry in grays ferry. here's how it look when we got here yesterday. here's how it looks now. the street border as school district of philadelphia fleet facility and is part of the cleanup some of those beat up
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and vandalized school district vans were towed away. the streets department also cleaned up the mess as a courtesy it turns out the block has not been a public street since 1971. it's owned by the school district and it was their responsibility. he work hard to keep the streets safe as police officer. now he's being recognized for helping his wife in the battle of her life. scott? iain right now the tropic pretty active keeping tabs on nate and how some of the tropical moisture could move in our direct plus the building heat along with the humidity. we'll break it down with the seven day coming up sean. scott, eagles have to deal with a future of hall of fame mr. this week. hear what the young bucks had to say about dealing with larry fitzgerald. that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ our "good day philadelphia" team likes to recognize people who go there. people who go above and beyond for others and today it was a local man whose wife gives him the credit to help her get
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through her battle with brain cancer. fox's jennaphr frederick has the story. ♪ >> reporter: it was the evening of january29th, 2016. winslow township police officer matt gibbons woke from a nap to find his wife holly sitting on the bathroom floor dizzy and unable to speak clearly. after a trip to the emergency room and testing, doctors gave them news that would change their lives forever. >> holly was diagnosed with a brain tumor. and brain cancer. matt and holly were determined not to let it break them. they have three young children and they knew they had to fight. holly began treatment radiation and extended chemotherapy. all of it ended in june. in between working 12 hour shifts, matt dedicated his time to learning more about brain cancer. he read about the race for hope organization and that's where team holly grace was born. together with the help of friends, family, even co-worke
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co-workers, team holly grace has raised more than $80,000 for brain cancer research. today matt received the surprise of his life when dozens of family members fellow officers and his mom delivered the you go there award life on tv. >> they are here to tell you that they are so proud of you for the way that you've helped your wife fight this battle. and you've research it made sure she felt comfortable and loved the whole time and you go there. i'm sorry about these balloons. >> that's okay. [ applause ] >> they look out for me and my family from the very beginning. donating sick time to help us get through the cancer treatme treatments. sent letters, collected money, um, donated all types of stuff and regularly checked up on me while i was out on family leave. >> today is matt and holly's fifth anniversary. everyone in this crowd is hoping they go for 50 more.
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jenn frederick, fox 29 news. ♪ >> local senior citizens have a lot new resources coming their way. today a lot of folks showed up to the senior expo at the mayfair community center saint vin jent. reps from more than 100 government agencies and no non-profits were on hand to discuss programs and services now available. state senator christine tartaglio hosted the event and says one of the new resources sanu literacy program. >> sometimes seniors look at a computer and technology and they're afraid to use it. this way they'll sit, they'll be patient and they'll learn. and that way they can be on the internet finding out information or they can pay their bills on the internet. so i think it's important. >> the senator says this is one of three senior expose happening this year. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. it's pretty much a perfect night out there if you want to get out enjoy this great weather. here's live look at center city.
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scott williams has your forecast in just 15 seconds much >> the summer like temperatures will likely continue over the next several days. look at the numbers for your thursday. 81 was the high temperature in philadelphia. 82 in allentown. we had low to mid 80s, dover, trenton. look at that 84 degrees the average for this time of year is 70 degrees. so we'll continue with the 80s over the next several days. look at the numbers right now. we have 78 in allentown. 78 degrees in reading. a pair of sevens wilmington to dover, millville, atlantic city a popular number right now. 77 degrees. ultimate doppler showing some clouds a few showers trying to sneak in from the west. we'll kind of zoom in and show you what's happening this moving through the harrisburg area.
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moving into sections of lancaster county. also into berks county over the next couple of hours. so don't be caught off guard. some of this activity will move especially north and west. we'll go hour by hour. you can see the clock by 7:00 p.m. moving it towards sections of reading also approaching allentown by 8:00 o'clock a lot of the coverage though will diminish before it moves toward the i-95 corridor fizzling out over central sections of new jersey. the tropics still heating up. we're talking about tropical storm nate right on the border of honduras and nicaragua that will continue to move toward the yucatan peninsula as we move toward friday and then into the gulf of mexico by the upcoming weekend. it's a minimum tropical storm 4e at thousand millibars. watch what happens into the up coming weekend. likely intensifying into a category one hurricane making landfall somewhere around new orleans or mobile, louisiana saturday night into sunday
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morning. then it rapidly deteriorates as it moves towards us early next week with beneficial tropical moisture. the last time we saw over 2-inches of rainfall you have to go back to mid september. so the lawns are definitely crunchy. look at the spaghetti plots. good consensus over the neck several days moving it into the gulf of mexico and then making landfall along the gulf coast as we move toward the upcoming weekend. so we'll continue to monitor that. but look at those temperatures. warming into the mid 80s saturday. 80 on sunday and the best chance for those showers iain on mond monday. >> all right. scott, thank you. you stop in dunkin' donuts for your morning coffee an doughnut your favorite doughnut may be going away forever. dunkin' announcing its dropping a dozen of its doughnut options in stores across the country. they're going to start at the end of this month. they're going drop doughnut favors from 30 down to 18 in about 1,000 of the chain's 9,000 stores. the company says it's going to focus on simplifying things and
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it's going add more focus on its beverages. we don't know yet what doughnuts are getting cut. sean? >> only about five doughnuts people buy any way, right. >> probably true. >> three at host he moat eagles getting ready to face one of the great defendant to ever do it. young guys talk about dealing with larry fitzgerald plus it's a homecoming for one of the arizona cardinals. hear from one player that, well, he's one of the greatest to ever come out of camden. that's coming up next sports.
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eagles getting ready to take on the cardinals and they might have to do it without fletcher
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cox and went daal smallwood both those guys sat out of practice today and if they miss practice tomorrow they're likely not going to suit up on sunday. on defense the eagles need all the help they can get bought the cardinals have the second best offense in the league led by the future hall of famer in larry fitzgerald. he's a legend. he's been getting it done for decade plus and he's still making teams pay. >> very big. especially for me i've been watching this guy since i was in junior high, high school. he's been making with-time pla s just to get an opportunity to play against a guy like him. trying to showcase my skills against him. >> these are guys i grew up being a fan of. always wanted to play against him. hopefully get a chance to play against them before they head out. you can pick up little things that they do when they release and run a route. how they make it different than everybody else. >> it will be a homecoming for hasan reddick. the former temple great will play at linc for the first time as a pro. the camden kid ton of family coming to the game.
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he doesn't know what to expect from the crowd on sunday. >> they're crazy, man. you never know what you're going to get. i seen them booted on team. so i don't know how they're going to feel about me. might make a play. i don't know if i'll get applause or i'm going to get an applause if they'll boo me. we'll see. >> you'll get booed hasan. i'll cheer you but everybody else is going to boo you. you can catch the "game day live" crew on sunday at 10:00 a.m. the eagles game starts at 1:00 followed by the packers and the cowboys. it will be great double header. last night the flyers beat san jose won their first game of the year on the back of wayne simmons. he score the flyers final three goals getting a hat trick. killing it. that's where he left off last season. the flyers will be back in action tonight against the kin kings. hasan. [ applause ] >> that's about all you'll get. [ laughter ] >> i'll give you one right now. >> the linc right. >> you know eagles fans.
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>> they don't like if you you're in another uniform end knows that. he was hedge hedging but he re really nose. >> he knows. his family will be there. his father, all his people will be up there. about 25 people they'll cheer. and he won't hear it. because it will be drowned out. >> exactly. >> all right. hey, how about this? this crazy. would you like a sized cocaine with that? a fast food manager accused of selling drugs with kids meals. the bust at the fast food counter comes your way tonight at 10:00. make sure you join us for that. that will do it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10: 10:00. have a great night. page six is up next.
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right now on page 6 tv, who posted this naked video online. what's with brad pitt going to the moon. where does justin thoreau say he's been harassed by the neighbor from hell. all the answers right now on page six tv. welcome, taking us inside headlines that matter many variety writer, and emmitt smith. here are today's top stories. first up, justin bieber was spotted at the hottest new hang out in hollywood, hill song


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