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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 19, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> what did sue say? >> which part? she does the five day, all of that, the seven day. >> oh, the number of the day. >> a ten, perfect ten. sue, he says what does sue say? she shays a lot of things. >> rhetorical question. so today is thursday, october the 19th, 2017. gorgeous day. ladies, i think you're reasoning your own marriage. >> how? >> i met a guy. and he's written a book. he says that why he's encouraging men out there right now to never get married. >> is the guy you? >> it is not me. but it is a man who is close to me. we share the same frame. >> okay. >> and it is thursday, so you know it is time for the empire
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wrap. i'm sure you haven't heard a love song like the one we'll play for you, empire debuted a song last night, correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe it was a first for music. >> a first for music. jen, what up? >> good morning, guys. it is jenny here in the grays ferry section of the city, we have our birthday hats ready to go, of course birthday cake. and look who we're celebrating, duke, a doggy party here. we're live at z dogs, we'll show you all of these animals, celebrating a birthday party here today. >> yes, puppies have birthdays, too. i love it. >> pup. >> i alex your voice is getting high. >> i know. okay. so, remember, we did this face mask on karen, told it would be a transformation? you put it on the stuff. it is supposed to make your skin all old and wrinkled, and take it off and have fresh face skin. well it didn't work on karen because her skin ask already beautiful. she ended up looking exactly the same. but apparently went home last
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night and got ex is that strength version. >> apparently. >> and put it on. >> apparently took longer than an hour, 48 hours later it is very weirds she got younger and younger and younger. karen, i got to tell you, i didn't believe it was going to work. but it sure did. karen, how are you this morning? how does your face feel? mattie, i mean, karen, is it good? >> it looks good. you look great. >> i know you are looking at this child, i know her from somewhere. maddie, look into, that see that camera over there? look in there. >> are you going to smile? why don't you give us a smile. there go. >> april i have a sharpee, coy paint a smile on your face, do you want that? no? okay. so i know you've seen her on youtube. 2 million hits. >> now she is smiling. >> she lives in philadelphia. >> and why did we see her on youtube? >> because she got an interview with a big star, pink. >> hi, i'm alicia.
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nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> why is your name pink? >> you can read. that's amazing. how old are you? >> five. >> five. that's amazing. you're a good reader. really? >> that's pretty good. did pink tell you her favorite song? >> what is it? >> her party song that she sings. >> i like that party song, too. i have a challenge for you, maddie. okay? would you do ain't view with alex and me? do you have tough questions? >> uh-huh. >> no, they're farley easy do you know that you have an eiffel tower sticking out of your head? you do know that? >> is it heavy? >> uh-huh. >> no? >> okay. >> all right. well, go prepare your questions. >> oh, i can't believe you can read at five.
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how amazing is that? nice job. this will be amazing, so get your questions ready for meek and alex, i'm sure they'll and lot easier than pink. she was awesome. you're awesome. >> i want at least two tough questions for me. okay? okay. go work on them. >> all right. i'm going to -- oh, look how cute you are with that little butterfly. >> going to show off her little outfit she wore today, do that in about 20 minute or so. >> it reminds me that cartoon, what was that, la mat -- mad line. >> oh, my gosh, i used to love that. >> is madeline the one that was living -- >> french girl. >> the french girl, yes, the one in the plaza, looks like he will owe east and then looks like two girls, two straight lines, they would always whatever. >> the smallest one madeline. >> she does, yes. >> her outfit. >> miss clavel. >> so cute it makes you want to -- >> pop one out. i already put that on my instagram. pop one out now. >> adorable. okay, so gucci main, got married few days ago? >> et special, yes.
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>> yes, liver on tv. which is kind of cool. but yesterday, i forgot to put up a picture that we saw, and it is of the wedding cake. oh, my gosh. it is gigantic. so big that they had to have a sword cut it. >> isn't this crazy? >> look at that. oh,. >> it has got to be, would you say, 8 feet tall? >> 10 feet tall. >> ten? >> 10 feet tall cake that they had right there. and they're wearing their gorgeous all white and the white up lighting, the curtains, this is a production. >> look at her dress too, my gosh. and gucci main, he's six-two, so if he needed to go up that high to cut it, my gosh. how much was the cake? >> $75,000. >> for the cake? >> yes. and they had architectural plans it, took three month to put it together. >> that's twice as much as people's whole weddings. >> i know. >> but it was so cool. i mean, look at. that will my whole thing is, i'm not sure how many guests they had at their wedding but like what do you do with all an of that cake?
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what do you do with the leftovers? take a piece, save it over for a year, right. >> i don't know. >> freeze it? >> yes, you can freeze. supposed to freeze the top layer. but the top layer is the size of my garage. >> exactly. buy storage for it. you know what's funny? when i was looking at those pictures yesterday, i also came across in my time line, alycia fredericko, it was her wedding anniversary yesterday. look at her cake. >> oh, my god. >> for regular human? >> well, she is not regular, honey vehicles fabulous. >> at filly? >> at the bellevue, yes. apparently she said this cake, it was for 400 people, and sylvia wine stock, who does elaborate cakes, they had to drag this in from new york in crates, and had to be as eligible on site, and every flour, every part of the cake was eligible. no plastic, no fake, all edible. all frosting. >> oh, my god. >> that's a wedding cake. >> get on twitter. i don't care what your cake looks like it could be one
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layer. i want to see your wedding cake. >> karen, awed cool wedding cake? >> i loved my wedding cake when you look, i sent a mixture to megan in the last minute, came as shutter fly. i loved it. i thought it tasted great. it was breitbart pink. that is that color of your dress, bamm. >> i like that. >> raspberry and mango change. >> oh,. >> so it tasted really good and was fun. >> instead of the standard off white icing or whatever. oh, i like that, that would be cool. >> i do like that. >> how much is the going rate for a cake at a wedding? i would think under 5,000. >> oh, i would say 1,000 would be -- i think between 800 and 1200 for a very expensive elaborate cake in our area. >> yes? >> because if you are feed ago lot of people. sometimes what people do is you have sort of elaborate set up. then maybe sheet cakes in the back, what you are cutting for all of the guesses so tastes better when do you that, than have the sheet cakes. >> but as big after deal? i know sometimes that people have cupcakes, and other things. and then a lot of times as a guest, i miss the cake cutting. because it is always over in the corner and i mean i know
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you have your moment, feed each other a piece but still a big deal? if i have have a cake like that i want to bring it out front and center and let's get the spotlight, stop everything from eating, all attention on there is because i pay a lot of money for this. you know the best part of the cake? >> the fun part. >> yes, will, every time i'm with somebody, can we go now? >> that's whether the fun starts, all of the dancing starts. >> exactly. >> that's when i want out. >> because you don't dance. that's your problem. >> i don't dance. everybody is drunk. then the bridesmaids takes their shoes off, everything stinks, people start vomiting, fighting. >> and just got invited to a wedding yesterday. >> i'll go to. that will but you know, the woman i'm with, always goes, you've got to wait until the wedding cake is cut. >> that's true. >> yes. >> do their thing, i'm out. >> but no one sees it, offer to the side. so i think it is funny that's the barometer. >> it depends, because some people wheel it into the dance floor, move it from acorn so depends, if you spends all of that money you showcase, maybe
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you spend more money on the ban, whatever you send the money on what you're slow casing. >> i never know, i'm not getting married and i don't think you should get married either. i take this from an author, anything on why men sudden not get married. you know what he is blaming this on? women. >> what's his point? >> stand by your manhood his name is peter. >> says put off by he believes traditional marriage just doesn't exist, what's interesting, his parents. >> sustain a mass. >> better off single, emotionally, and certainly financially. >> don't they say that men live longer if they're married? women, making sure you're
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good. >> this guy is british. >> so the rules are different, complaining do you have support the women. >> today it is not that way. >> the could your will decide what happens with the kids so i don't know about that guy and he think men ruin their own lives. >> if you want to be happy, be happy if you're malcontent, the blame on you. >> saying if it comes do an end you're ruined. >> i know. >> oh, this is -- this is something new. >> doesn't it depend? >> the door swings both ways. the doors been banging in one direction for almost ever. >> that's when men had this whole sense every teen it thement and ruled the worlds, got more paid than women. and women could stay home. that hasn't happened for couple of decades. >> and still not equal in pay. >> no. it is cents not. >> no, it is not. >> alimony and all that, doesn't it depend on who has mormony? >> exactly right. >> in the woman has more money, i'm thinking mary jay
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blige, she is the one paying, he cheated. >> well, okay. >> and all i'm saying you probably see a lot more cases of women, having to pay where it is not all on the man. if we were getting paid more in general, pay us more than we can start paying more whether it comes to divorce. but because we're -- >> whether it comes to men, that's kind of how it goes, we get paid what on the dollar compared to you guys. >> i think 60 cents on the dollar. >> chump change. >> wow. >> if you look at all of our paychecks, i'm sure you would be the one paying us. >> i have longevity. >> it may be true, yes. >> but if i were your agent, i would say no. i should get the same amount of money because we dot exact same job. >> maybe little bit more for me because every my longevity. >> but don't think doing that,
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>> but we are outnumbered right now, where can i finds another mike? >> mike grenich. >> oh, our photographer. >> time for another mike check with mike. okay, he's married, has two daughters married for 17 years, go. >> i disagree with this dude. i don't agree with the idea a woman gets half, you shouldn't get married and all of that, if you came into the relationship, and helped builds up the family's wealth, then you deserve half of it. you know, and if you're dude encourages your wife to stay home, don't work, don't earn, then don't get upset when she takes half the money if you lever her. you know, but if she didn't earn anything, and she didn't do anything, then she don't deserve anything. >> what's doing anything to you? because some people might say i might have not been in a board room. >> you have to be an earner. you have to be an earner, alex. >> but different ways to do that. what i'm saying, don't
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complain about your wife not providing if you didn't ask her to earn. but if she is an earner she dear serves it. >> different ways to do that. >> i would never march a stay at home woman. it doesn't work for me. >> but she is earning it. >> i have to take care of her? >> mike? >> then i got to take care of her when we fall apart. doesn't make sense to me. >> okay. >> let it go okay. >> because it is not just about. >> go ahead. >> mike said that. >> what's the question, al next. >> mike, you said in the beginning that if you march aid woman as stay at home mom and encouraged her -- >> that's not my point. >> if i could just say my point. >> hold. please. >> let me talk. >> make your point. >> the problem is now you have have ex peck tastes,. >> better be good. >> not because necessarily literally earning money, earning, still making sure the home is together. you don't have to worry about whether you come home is the meal on the table, are the kids in bed, doing what they need to do.
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still peace of mine to do you what need to do. just because a woman stays at home doesn't mean she is not contributing to the family. >> alex, alex, anybody can go grocery shopping. anybody can make a bed. anybody can put, you know? it is like i get what you're saying, but, you know, you're going to have to do that for yourself either way. why should you have to get money to do that? i don't get paid to make the bed, or go to the grocery store. we do it because we need them. even if i wasn't married i would still have to do them. >> mike, if you get divorced and you still work with your -- here at fox, which is probably not going to happen past today, no, if you still work for with us, you're going to have to hire someone to do all of the things that you are ooh wife is doing at home. that might cost you a hundred thousand dollars a year. >> not really because me and my wife, we kind of split things equal down the middle. she does her part, dow my part. before we got married i took care of all of that stuff myself. soy it doesn't matter to me.
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but even if she is not around or if i'm not around it, doesn't matter to me. but at the end of the day, if you're going to get divorced everything comes with a price. always said, said to couple every friends who got separated. is the price for freedom. you know? if this guy, if you want to leave your spouse, if you want to leave your husband or your wife, who ever makes the most money is going to have to pay. >> so he's suggesting don't get married for all of this. >> i have a solution for there is prenup, prenup, then nobody has to worry. you you walk away what you came in with. >> freedom comes, freedoms comes at a price, man. if you want to be in the world, and live your life, it might cost you half your take. so from that lane, the dude is right, don't get married if you're afraid you're going to lose half your stuff. what are you going to do? you can't let that determine how you move through life, mike. you got to just jump sometimes, mike. >> thank you. >> you have great wisdom. say that i to him all the time, take my hand, jump. just go. don't worry. just go.
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>> yes, see, you just got to jump but if you're more worried about your money than your relationship, then you probably shouldn't get married in the first place. >> you got it. >> not in love. >> or, or, or just get married broke. don't wait until you have money. get married broke. >> there you go. >> then when you got to give up half, what difference does it make? you still got half more than you had when you got married. >> thank you, mike. >> true. >> all right. i'll grab my woman's hand and i'm going to jump. >> jump just do it did he see what happened to thelma and louise? they're dead. >> that was a movie. i can pull up a million romantic comedies, they get married and liver happily ever after. >> do they? we only see them going off into the sunset. who knows what happens when they go over the horizon. anyway, so my friend, kareema has a dog 15 years old. so she had -- through a birthday party for the dog. and another dog's cave. >> where do you finds a place to do that? >> it is over on washington street, matter of fact.
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that's where jenny joyce is right now, they're having a party. >> we're having a party. mike just as you said it, that's right. here at z dog, now, this is a place talk come for doggy day care, but also a place that you can have your dog's birthday party. that's what we're doing today, this is duke's birthday party. so of course we have the party hats, we have all of duke's friends, the guests we have the cupcakes, and the doggy treat, i'm joined by natalie, you and your husband jose are the owners here. talk a little bit about the dogs birthday party. is this a new trends? >> good morning. we love treating our dogs to birthday party. they're really part of our family. so in the same way would you want to celebrate your child we celebrate your fur kids. we have a birthday party where you can invite eight to ten of your doggy's favorite friends as well as your friends and have delicious treats by amily
9:18 am
bakery, human grade treats. so really delicious. we also have party hats, and photos you can take with all of your friends, and huge outdoor play space to enjoy the sunny day today. really have a good time with all of your dogs and your friends. it is kind of like having a party in your own house, only bigger and better and you don't have to clean up your own house. we also have a huge indoor play space as well. with air-conditioning, and heating. so, you can make yourself comfortable. >> so z dogs moved to this location in the spring. and a lot of the dogs are regulars, they come here for doggy day care. but do you not have to be a regular at doggy day care in order to throw your dog's birthday party here. so just rent out the space, is that correct? >> that's correct. we have many dogs we get to love every day. and we also have dogs that come for a party. if our regular client, and doggy day care, you do have
9:19 am
prefer renz for the date for the dog party. many days can be very popular, the dog parties are just offered exclusively on the weekends, saturday and sunday. and as well, you can have, a gotch ya day party, actually what we're celebrating for duke, because's rescue, new addition to our fur family as well as our family here at z dog, and you can also have howelladay parties. everyone knows halloween is coming up. you don't need an excuse to dress up your dog. so duke here will be dressed up for halloween and have a bunch of friends come over and play with him in their costumes, as well. >> natalie, it sounds great. we have to go. but do you guys sing happy birthday to the dogs? can we get little song going here? >> all of our fur friends. >> on the count of three, one, two, three. >> ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> ♪ happy birthday to you.
9:20 am
>> is there a cake there? >> come on, put the cake on the floor. let's g let's have party. >> let's go, let's go, let's g by the way, no sugar in this stuff. it is not clack hat. >> we want to is her of this to the dogs. can everybody have this? >> oh, delicious. >> oh, i'm ready to dig right in. >> well, let's do it. >> put it on the floor. let's see this. this is tv. >> oh, he's young. >> that looks so tasty. >> oh, for the love. >> frosting the best part. >> all right, i guess it is not going to happen. that's okay. >> all right, well, thank you, jenny. >> celebrating your day. >> (laughing). >> okay, let's get to jen, talking about decorating for halloween. let's get our outdoor decoration. >> i want to be a vampire
9:21 am
andre some blood. this job is sucking the blood out of my neck. >> that's the only thing i need to say, why even tees anything? why do i need the power tools? because it is halloween, and we're not messing around.
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>> so we know whether it comes to halloween, a lot of people like to decorate and go all out. so we showed you indoor decorating ideas l it comes to outside that's another big thing to work on, specially with the kids trick-or-treating. >> i'm trying to get a giant spider. but these people do amazing stuff. jen, show us some of the stuff. >> i just want to say, i do love kelly from the suburban soap box. com. good morning. >> good morning. >> when she tells me about stuff that she does not for our show, baking, for eight hours, i'm like just give us the easy stuff. >> i didn't bake for eight hours. i made pumpkin pure a for eight hours. >> for me that sounds like baking. >> we want to dress up the outside.
9:25 am
want to make our neighbors jealous. it begins with your husband's drills. >> yes. >> and baby pumpkin. >> exactly. so you get the baby pumpkin. you cut off the top. you clean out. have your child clean out the inside. save the seeds. so you can toast them later. >> yes. >> then we just drilled holes with the large drill bit, don't, don't get my hands. >> i won't. >> she is so afraid of me like i'm not a real drill expert. >> then took the large drill bit off put a smaller one and couple of other holes. but you can make whatever pattern you want then stick tee light inside. and i make probably about five, six of these, line the sidewalk. >> that's really cute. >> so little lantern. >> we talk about this couple of times. i gave birth to a science project. his name is brody frederick. at birth he was allergic to milk, eggs and nuts. so halloween was a nightmare. times have changed. >> he can actually. so now the teal pumpkin project has blossomed into a huge event. you can buy your teal pumpkins, anywhere now, they sell them at pottery barn,
9:26 am
grocery stores, i made mine, i just spray paint philadelphia with teal paint. >> sure did you. >> and then put teal glitter all over it, it just stuck to it, and then i glued a mask on just to make it festive. >> and the bottom line it says to someone trick-or-treat wag little guy or girl that they've allergy safe oral err gentlemen friendly candies or do have stuff that doesn't have any stuff in it at all. >> exactly. so if you want to stay tai way from the whole food thing, we offer non-food treats and target, dollar section just awesome for. that will so we did glow necklaces, fidget spinners, breitbart bands that scream when you hit the button. >> we heard white candles or white pumpkins are like everything. you actually include that in some of your stuff too. >> i d so i cut the bottom off. also put glow still in here, cult out eyes, glued on cat mask and plopped little witch hat on top. >> finally because it is halloween, what do we have going on here? >> okay, so here we will make an apple cider san agree a i just start with fresh fruit. we do some apples and/or
9:27 am
ankles and cranberries. >> love it. >> then going to add in your apple sider. >> yes? >> and then a little bit of grand monday yeah. >> okay? >> maybe. >> we'll try. >> yes. we will stir. >> already opened up the bubbles. >> we did. >> i have to say i've told my kids if they see a punch at the house, that it has stuff in it, it is a grown up punch. if there no stuff in it it is kid pun. >> we try to label ours, too, you can buy the little chalk boards at the craft store and you can put over 21, or grownups only. >> that's good too. >> and we will justice it up, make it festive. then you have sparkling apple cider sangria. >> thank you so much for coming. thank you to valley forge for letting us come and visit. this is seriously over the top. the new cottage place has been amazing. and i'm just going to stir this san agree, a because i'm real good at that. >> no, we're definitely going to drink it. >> just stirring. let the tasting begin, jen. >> thank you, jen.
9:28 am
i've the white pumpkin kind of new. i like the blue casino every teal colored pumpkins, the hybrids of the original orange. but i have some spotting, alex. >> apparently we're supposed to keep these pumpkins in a cool dark spot to prevent it from yellowing, to prevent that spot. >> oh, cool dark spot. >> my hotter has white hair and you don't want to to turn yellow, so always wears a hat. >> so you keep your mother like in the basement? >> she wear sun shades. >> 200 a white pumpkins started to be develop. >> about 12 years now, thank you. i'll finds a dark colds spot. maybe my heart. >> perfect. >> all right. where is made? maddie, come on, are you ready for your questions? maddie there is adorable five year old, will ask some questions of us. and she says a couple of them are very difficult like the one she pressed pink on the other day. >> the question is, if she can interview a big top celebrity like pink, what will she do
9:29 am
with us? >> oh, she'll spit us out. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. paulsboro's a very proud community.
9:30 am
it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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okay. maddie's ready to go now. >> question is are we ready. >> i don't think so. maddie's five years old. she has got a job for w magazine already. at five. and she got a big score when she landed an interview with pink. >> um-hmm, so cute. >> what is your favorite song. >> favorite song ever? >> of minor anybody. >> of yours. >> my favorite song, probably get the parted started. >> no. >> do you know that song. >> ♪ >> i like that one too. especially when i get mad at
9:33 am
my house band. >> does that say justin beiber >> do you love justin beiber? you do. >> yes. >> all right. we have the same situation here, we have's got a darkened studio because maddie says she likes to work with nothing to distract any of us, okay. maddie does this look good, do you like the set. >> all right. >> this is going to be like 60 minutes now. >> do you have a phone. >> do i have a phone? it is in my hand, yes, i do have a phone. >> you also look like a monkey >> yes. >> why did you put that picture right there. >> hold on, let me see these notes. >> there is a monkey. >> she put a monkey next to my my name. >> well, you are always monkey ing around, that makes sense. that ace i good one.
9:34 am
>> that is to remind you. >> and i put a girl. >> for me. >> yes. >> i'm a girl. >> give it to her so she can continue with the interview. >> carry on maddie. >> my agent didn't agree to this. what is the next question. >> did you texture girlfriend today? >> did i what? >> text. >> did i text my girlfriend to day? >> why don't we see, maddie. >> i don't know his pass word, no i have not today. >> so, no. >> what is your favorite color >> is this for alex. >> no, yours. >> you're still in the hot seat, man. >> all right, back off maddie. >> is what my favorite color. >> purple. >> purple. what is your favorite color.
9:35 am
>> my favorite color is purple , pink, green and blue. >> four favorite colors. >> yes. make a decision, pick a lane. >> i like all of the colors. >> okay, all right. >> typical would man. >> is what your favorite emoji >> my favorite emoji is the one with the yellow round head >> they are all yellow and round. >> and the poop emoji. >> and then there is the poop one. >> i like the poop one too. >> okay we have something in common. >> i like the one that cries, laughing so hard it cries but poop is number one, or number two, number two, poop is number two. >> enough with mike lets switch that page over to alex because you have some good won to her, where is your alex page. >> do you like my little pony. >> i love you already, you didn't listen to a thing karen told you.
9:36 am
>> like i said. >> what was that question. >> do you like my little pony. >> i love my little popey which one is your favorite. >> i like the one with the >> what is on the back side. >> the back side, alex's page where is alex's questions because you have good won for her too. >> these are her questions. >> okay. >> you did a lot of research. >> aloft research. >> okay. >> what is your favorite i mean how do you put up with mike. >> i'm still trying to figure on that out. >> how do you put up with alex >> that is an even better question. >> can you get a wide shot. look at this, love it, barbara walter. >> alex's a pleasure to work with. >> he is all right. >> do you have another question for alex.
9:37 am
>> um-hmm. what is your favorite purse. >> your favorite purse. >> i like little purses you can wear, sling it over your shoulder, cross bodies, i love cross bodies. >> do you ever shop at marshals. >> yes, i shop at marshals, they have discount, yes. >> what is your favorite candy >> reeses, i love them. >> peanut butter cups. >> me too. >> what is your favorite emoji too. >> my favorite emoji, i think turf say the one that is like. >> the thinking one. >> the thinking one, i do a lot of thinking. do you do a lot of thinking? yeah. you can tell all these questions. >> what is her favorite emoji, maddie, poop. >> poop. >> how do you put up with mike
9:38 am
... >> it says how do you put up with mike. >> again, i guess she wants to ask because i didn't give a good answer. >> a lot of patients, because it is a virtue. >> in the business, that is called a follow-up question, beautifully done. >> i have more. >> well continue this in the break, then because this is an extensive interview i didn't realize. >> do you like to dance. >> i love to dance. i dance all the time. >> do you like to dance. >> let's dance next, what do you say. >> high school dance team getting national attention because their home coming dance routine blended wizard of oz with pop music and cool moves, we will show that when we come right back, maddie. (thunder cracks) ahh!
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he's never like this. i think something's going on at school. -[ sighs ] -he's not engaging. ♪
9:43 am
>> that is good. >> high school in arizona, maybe the best dance routine i have ever seen, it runs seven& minutes i watched all seven. they go through great different acts, wizard of oz and they bring to it life. >> look at dorothy. >> sure, look at dorothy go. >> tin manny didn't think moved like that. >> lion ain't scared at all. >> that is courage. >> which one needed courage. >> the lion. >> yes. >> lion needed heart. >> tin man needed heart. >> lion needed courage. >> that is why i said lion isn't scared but that is fine. >> ease on down the road at the end. >> that is the wiz. >> don't you care mean nothing >> ease on down the road. >> it is time for empire and, last night, correct me if i'm wrong but they debuted a song and i have not heard something like this before. this is different for music. we will talk about this in our
9:44 am
empire wrap with quincy.
9:45 am
9:46 am
♪ >> that i got to have that funk, baby looking atwoodloch in the pocono mountains we also have to have that weather forecast and we will get that in 15 seconds
9:47 am
gorgeous morning at the shore this morning, a look real quickly at wildwood and our weather headlines. perfect weather pattern continues today and for next couple of days including our milder weekend, but there is a big chill coming, next week, so for today we are starting off somewhere temperatures still in the 40's, but sunshine is taking us to 54 degrees in philadelphia wilmington is 52. trenton 51. fifty-three in the mountains and 56 degrees in atlantic city, bethlehem at 50, downingtown at 50 and chester at 53. seventy-three is our high. seventy-two i mean. seventy-four tomorrow. mid 70's over weekend. billing change comes with the cold front with that rain on tuesday, which means it will be much cooler by wednesday, of next week, so enjoy the perfect weather, alex, while it is here. >> i certainly will. spend sometime outside today
9:48 am
then sue. >> thanks very much. >> empire was last night, you know we have to do the wrap. i love to do my empire recap with one quincy harris. he follows just like i do and i like your opinions, and how you view things. >> i'm here for you and people of the delaware valley. >> then lets do this because it has been difficult rent this season with luscious back but he thinks he is dwight, doesn't know anything about the old luscious. we have been dealing with that and seeing how different it is then notice andre who has been going through some things and he got upset last night and watch what he is upset about and how luscious decide to handle the problem and calm everybody down. >> who the hell do you think you are? calm down. >> just breathe. >> calm down. >> orient yourself around the room and find another way to express what you are feeling. just breathe, dre.
9:49 am
>> you are not the only person in this family to forget things. something else happened the day bella was born. >> shame on the family for not recognizing how important this day, is, day his wife died and his child. >> speaking of his wife that is his real life wife, andre, they are really married in real life. just to see that dynamic on camera. man this dude has real anger. but he is going through a lot. he has gone through, a lot, and then last season he was mourning is wife this season it seems like he has got himself together but it may be a relapse, maybe a trigger point for him that day was always going to be hard for him. >> did you see how luscious handled it, orient yourself around the room. this is not luscious we know. >> i like this new luscious.
9:50 am
>> he has been woring with that therapist and i want want to to know what those therapy sessions are like. you see when cookie walk in the room, and then, she was getting dressed. >> yes. >> she said oh, i just switched. >> it got hot. >> you were right, i was wrong >> oh. >> is there something that you need. >> just a big fatty told you so. >> he was disoriented when he got home. we were going to do some sonm atic work. >> you are getting dressed, putting your hair up, tossing it around, i just put him to bed. do you think there is more going on. >> yes, she's doing a little, something else. >> sexual healing. >> you said it, not me, it is a little freaky but maybe that
9:51 am
is what is going on. >> yeah. >> way she's flinging her hair , yeah, and you have to remember they give us signs on empire. cookie's never wrong. she never admits to anyone she's wrong. so her coming to the therapist saying i was wrong and this instance, come on, no, no. >> it might be a test, cookie might be trying to test her. >> no, i think her guard was down and then we will find out later this is why i shouldn't trust people because you do this. >> she's up to no good. >> for this next one, big with music, for me, when i watched this last night this new song jamal sang was a due it this is first time we have seen two men sing about love to each other in a due it, and i don't think we have seen this before watch this. >> ♪
9:52 am
>> i feel like we have seen two guys singing a song together. >> but they are singing about loving each other, love wins. >> song sounds really good. powerful. they put the songs out on empire we will see how this song does. >> i know we have had other artists saying that they are gay, but i feel like they still haven't sang a song to someone. >> first time. >> new fire and desire. >> they are hip, breaking down barriers on empire. >> it is what empire is known for pushing limits and doing all kinds of things. we know you will talk about empire. >> we will do q empire and we may have a due it at 12:00 p.m. >> tweet me at alex holley or instagram alex holley tv. >> kevin hart laughing it off we have showed you the preview of his new comedy tour using some material from his little cheating scandal but why is
9:53 am
this upsetting the woman at the center of the cheating scandal in las vegas and hear what she has to say bit.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
you have been behaving foolhardy down right stupid. >> call him irrespnsible. >> give me one example of me being irresponsible. >> talking about you in that car with that girl in miami. >> i don't know who she is. >> call him immature what about las vegas. >> call him what you want. >> everybody applauding kevin he is using this material, that has been going on in the news but van, with tmz now the other woman is coming out and she's not happen bye this. >> yeah, she and her lawyer lisa bloom say it is very distasteful for kevin hart to be using this to promote his upcoming comedy tour saying that she, manteya who was
9:57 am
partner in the sex tape from vegas is enduring social media attacks, personal attacks, death threats, and over this entire event and kevin hartist using to it sell tickets. they say tourist making it look like a gigantic joke. they want it to stop. >> she is with the guy with the wedding ring on, i mean. >> but he is profiterring off of it. she's not getting any money. >> you know what, that is all well and good. i have one question before we run, did the bras ever reach out to mike. >> they got him in the car. >> i like how were you stralling. >> i want to thank you for your support on my, q dog, my stepping. >> my stepping. >> you didn't mean any harm, thank you van foreseeing that. >> appreciate that. >> oh, my god i have some guys back down at southern university that want to give you a shot, man they want to
9:58 am
you come down there. >> let's go. >> my brother is, give you a shot. >> i'll step nationally.
9:59 am
chris brown: a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and standing up to chris christie's takeover of atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos. and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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