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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  October 23, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> true yesterday because we wanted eagles football and i want todd watch it but we will wait for tonight. they will get it done. straight up 4:00 o'clock thomas drayton, karen hepp, bob kelly good morning, welcome back. >> great to be back. the c ira center all lit up in green, for our eagles tonight. >> how about that week even, sue serio. >> the weather was so perfect. i think it will be less than perfect but still pretty nice today. we will add some cloud, we have a little bit of fog around this morning. an eight which is pretty great out of 10, philadelphia international airport reporting half mile visibility right now, quarter mile, in wilmington, half mile in lancaster. so, yes you may run in some fog. bus stop buddy is ready for football too. he has a jacket on. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. this time of the year we will call it a mild morning 61 degrees sunrise time at 7:20. the sun may be competing. fifty-five in mount pocono.
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sixty in atlantic city. sixty-six in dover, delaware. so, yeah mostly cloudy skies after a foggy start this morning. we will call it, mild, monday, with a high of 73 degrees but we have changes coming in the seven day forecast, that is coming up, bob kelly, hi. >> hey, sueby good morning. we are socked in with some fog here's a live look at i-95 right here near philly international. sue mentioned poor visibility at the airport probably going to lend us to some delays this morning and, be careful but fog here but boom, we're crystal clear up and over the benny but can't see the top of the sky line here in to downtown philadelphia coming in on the freeway, no problems , at all, headlights heading toward walt whitman bridge and mass transit looking good at the moment. karen and thomas back to you. lets get to this breaking news, one man is dead this morning another is in critical condition after a double shooting in north philadelphia it happened around 10:00 o'clock last night on mudder and west moreland street. police say they have made one
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arrest in that shooting n word if they are looking for additional shooters. man is recovering at temple university hospital after he was shot in strawberry mansion last night. it happened at intersection of the dauphin and north 29th street around midnight, police say that shooting victim still is in stable condition, this morning. no word on any arrests or a motive. developing right now, it was supposed to be a special performance for visiting men and women of law enforcement, but instead it ended with three drill team officers rushed to the hospital. event was part of the three day conference, so lets get out to the convention center where sabina kuriakose is with the latest on all of that, sabina? report report three were injured yesterday evening as they were taking part, in a drill team, performance, here, they were working the event as you mentioned at the international association of police chiefs convention, now all three of them were reportedly in stable condition , and we know that two of those officers have been released from the
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hospital. however, the third a little bit more seriously injured. we're waiting to hear back on whether he has been released just yet they were all highway patrol drill team officers performing their duties at law enforcement event here that has been center of protest throughout the weekend. this is where we are awaiting attorney general jeff sessions later this morning addressing the conference, for a second time, this weekend. he spoke saturday on policing, policy, let's listen to what he said on saturday. >> our goal, not to fill up the courts or just fill up prisons. our goal, not to manage crime, or nearly to punish crime. our goal, it is to reduce crime. our goal, it is to make every community safer especially the most vul innerrable. >> reporter: ag not the only political heavyweight in our area today.
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later today, this morning, in bucks county, ivanka trump will be in town for a tax reform town hall, and we're waiting to hear exactly where and when she will be but, again as these protests we're expecting them to continue throughout today and we can see how we will be here this morning and bring you very latest. we're also told that the ag here is going to have a special announcement on combating the ms 13 gang. so a lot going on in our area especially, if you keep an eye on politics, keep it here at fox 29. >> certainly very busy morning , back to the officers, glad they are okay. sabina, thank you. violent weekend in the city of chester. total of five shootings left eight people hurt. yesterday two men were shot one hour apart, they were both recovering in the hospital this morning. then on saturday a scary scene for a group hanging out at a basketball court near west carlos lane 36789 people were found with a gunshot wound. fourth showed up at nearby
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hospitals. office first they were told they were fired from a snooper 's position and after investigating police say that was not the case. all of the victims are expected to be okay. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who opened fire on two people in the fair hill section of philadelphia there was a man, woman in their 20 as shot on the 2900 block of waterlui street just before 2:00. the woman was shot twice in her stomach and man shot twice in his leg. police rush them over to the hospital. they are in critical condition no arrests so far. in west philadelphia there was a man fighting for his life after he was shot multiple times, this happened about an hour later at 3:00 in the afternoon on the 5400 block of media street. this 25 year-old man was found on the street, with those wounds, and police rushed him to the hospital, where he is in critical condition. the former montgomery county district attorney who declined to press charges, criminal charges, against bill cosby in 2005 is suing at alleged victim in the case. bruce castor has filed a personal are in claim against
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andrea constand and her attorneys. the inquirer reports that it stems from the defamation suit that constand filed, 12 years ago, when castor was running for reelection. castor says that negative tv k as that criticized his hand egg of the investigation influenced that election which he who. he is seeking more than $50,000 in damages. delaware state police are investigating a crash that killed two men that happened at dewey beach, men were on their bicycles when all of a sudden a suv hit them on saturday afternoon right along the coastal highway near salisbury street. the men, visiting from washington d.c., died right that the scene. the 61 year-old driver says he has a medical condition and blackout, moments before that crash. 4:06. search is on in chester county for driver who hit two people and kept on going. police are hoping that picture right there will help track down, whoever did it, it is a truck, this all happened on the 1900 block of art school road that is in west pikeland township on friday evening. is there a 16 year-old girl,
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in serious condition, and police say that truck has a ladder rack and lettering on the driver's side door. a motorist drives right into the side of the house in north philadelphia, you had can see the front of it, completely destroyed, air bags deployed, but, barely a mark left on the cement home there. it happened on the 22nd block in west glennwood streets last night around 10. the driver was taken to the hospital, with unknown injuries. lets get over to the next update for you this morning. this is a good 1b some baby. do you remember baby erin and abby, conjoined twins who came to chop in june to be separate by doctors using a new procedure. we're told they are doing very well, but, of course, still have a very long road to recovery. >> they are such happy, content, little girls for what they have gone through. they have never lived outside hospital walls, and they are still, happy, they are not afraid of people, and it is just, it is just amaze to go see that they are still so brave through all of this.
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>> here's some of the good news, just recently erin was discharged from the hospital, and living outside of the hospital walls for the first time, abby's still there getting treatment, you may remember took a team of 30 surgeons and nurses 11 hours to separate the sisters. love to hear they are doing well. 4:08. eagles fans hoping the bird can continue their winning streak, and they take on the redskins in monday night football. our lauren johnson live in south philadelphia with more, smiling, today, hi there, lauren smiling big. >> reporter: you and were you chatting earlier about the eagles. we came down to south philadelphia and came to the oregon diner. we found a few fans inside. they were waving at me. there they are. it is game day. it is monday. best way to make it through toys know that tonight, the eagles are back in week seven on monday night football. last time we saw the team in action was a thursday night football match up down in charlotte against cam newton and panthers. some say that was their most impressive win to date, with a 28-23 win, over the panthers.
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now lots of talk now about carson wentz, last week, dick 's sporting goods report that had his jersey is number one seller right now. twenty-two games into his very short nfl career and he is already entering mvp talk. one las vegas book listed him as the favorite through six games. even though you are not an eagles fan what do you think of carson wentz. >> he is pretty legitimate. definitely what the eagles need. we will see what happens. they definitely have a great squad and again, nfc is their for the taking. >> reporter: eagles will now aim to make it five in a row by beating washington, for a second time this season. the teams went head to head on opening weekend. it was a close game, but the eagles pulled away, with the win. so, remember, karen and thomas that was the game where fletcher cox recovered that fumble and had a touchdown. yeah, we need more action like that from the defense, but eagles fans pumped up but
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today will be a better monday then most. sometimes they dragon, hopefully this one will fly by for game time. >> that guy said he wasn't a eagles fan make sure the diner charges him double for his breakfast this morning, all right. >> yes. >> he will get on the band wagon. we will make sure. >> all right. >> thanks, lauren. speaking of the eagles right now, we will talk about our favorite quarterback carson wentz because he is so amazing. jersey's number one seller but something that he wears on his wrist that is making headlines this morning. >> they gave me a bracelet, it is a dutch destroyer, something i'm thankful for that he did give me that bracelet. >> coming up here on good day fill at emotional story behind a simple bracelet that means so much, to the eagles quarterback. all right, bob kelly, lets check the road, early morning construction. >> yes, we have lots of fog out here, this is a live look at 295 right here near delaware memorial bridge. be careful this morning. lets check our other camera out there this morning, we will go downtown, crystal clear, on ben franklin parkway
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, sue bye has your forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back at 4:13 on your monday morning. >> we were talking about that weekend forecast. absolutely beautiful. we know all good things must come to an end, eventually sue serio but not yet. >> not quite yet, no. but you can feel the change in the air this morning. first of all there is fog and that means it is more humid. we had beautiful autumn weather over weekend warmer then normal but now we are dealing with fog in wilmington
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, philadelphia, wrightstown around fort dix and quarter mile visibility in lancaster this morning. just a few spots but could encounter fog on your morning commute as well a how some extra time for that. temperatures, mild for this time of the year, to start your kay, 55 in mount pocono. sixty-one in philadelphia. 65 degrees in wilmington. heading further into new jersey, 58 in voorhees. moorestown the same, sea isle city at 66. so here's is what heading our way, cold front is coming and it will change our weather pattern, pretty dramatically because it has been so warm. we had high pressure move off the coast over weekend so it made it milder for saturday and sunday. just delightful. once this cold front gets here then things will change and our transitional day is really tomorrow. today we will have an increase in cloud as we look at future cast and by 9:00 at night we have showers north and west of the city. if you are at the linc tonight for the eagles game you may encounter those showers on the
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way home. then rain gets heavier in the morning and work together again tomorrow at this time for good day philadelphia we will be seeing rain, and maybe even a few pop up, thunder boomers, in the morning, maybe about seven or 8:00 o'clock, through lunchtime, it continues to rain. things start to dry out by six or 7:00 o'clock in the evening , and then, we're left with chillier temperatures, after that. now, our average high is down to 64 degrees as these days get shorter but look where we were over the weekend. 79 degrees on saturday. seventy-six on sunday. wow. almost made it to 80 on saturday. today 73 degrees. mostly foggy, mostly cloudy. rain rolls in overnight, and some thunderstorms possible and the winds picking up tomorrow with a high of 73. after that say good bye to the zero seven's, where it is 65 degrees on wednesday. close to 60 on thursday. mid 60's friday and saturday, so, and then another chance of rain and then eagles play again at home, on sunday, but 101.1 more fm, it is our radio
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partner and we are about to give them the forecast that they will then broadcast, bob kelly on their radio station which you you can hear all morning long. >> multi media we are here, good morning. 4:16. unusual traffic patterns. first of all going to the game tonight maybe leave a little early today so you can get home, get changed and go boom, back to the stadium. all through the day we will see extra traffic down around the stadium area we have to get down there early and tailgate for monday night football. live look at the blue route and we're dealing with some fog up and down i-95 cover for from bucks county down to wilmington. here's a live look at i-95 and road are damp, see the glare from the headlights, here on i-95 in northeast philadelphia , but no construction on the overnight, that is good news, vine street expressway is opened from end to end. we have got fog at the airport in a could lend to some airport delays. >> could slow you down, thank
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you. fear of the serial killer grip the tampa bay area after three people are murdered in shooting that is investigators say are related. two men and a woman were found shot in the same seminole heights neighborhood within 11 days. detectives say that the three victims have no ties to each other and appear to be random ly chosen. police are urging residents to stay in groups, leave their house lights on at night and ab leather. many say they cannot help but be afraid. >> my wife is scared, my kid are scared, we have to be locked up in the house which is just not right, you know. >> police have released surveillance video of the man walking near the scene of the first murder. a $25,000 reward is being offered for any information. police have completed their investigation into the las vegas gunman's hotel room last week but it remains closed to guest. officials at mgm resorts international which owns mandalay bay say they have no intention of renting stephen paddock's 32nd floor room at the hotel. room and the entire floor is still on lock down with guard
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stationed in the stairwells blocking any access. investigation continues in , to the death of those four u.s. service members killed in the attack in niger earlier this month. mourners gathered in south florida on saturday on say good bye to sergeant johnson. johnson along with staff sergeant brian black, jeremiah johnson and dustin wright were all killed in that ambush attack earlier this month by militants linked to isis. it remains unclear, why johnson's body was found almost a mile away from the ambush site, or how he became separated from the other fallen soldiers and why it took so long to find him. the u.s. has about a thousand troops in that area to support a french led mission to destroy, terror groups: >> we are in a brave new world , you know, there are no set battle plans, you don't declare war and then fight three weeks later but having said that the constitution said that congress has the power to declare war and if you are in a long term war, congress ought to keep that
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ability. >> johnson is survived bye-bye his pregnant wife and their two small children. so sad. and that feud between the president and that florida congress woman, fredricka wilson continues over that condolence call. the president taking the war of word to twitter again tweet ing that the south florida demies quote, a disaster for her party, wilson firing back calling this the administration's benghazi. the situation creating a political fire storm in the wake of that fallen marine's funeral. >> i think that is going to be this administration's benghazi , this is going to be trump's benghazi, trump's nig er and they need to concentrate on what happened, and what is happening. >> this is obviously an unfortunate situation. we need to unite behind our gold star families to embrace them with compassion, support not to drag them into partisan politics. sadly, this is a bit
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symptomatic of what is afflict ing our country. >> on thursday chief of staff john kelly issued a strong re buck against wilson for listening in on the phone call saying the conversation between the president and the gold star family is sacred but she is a very close family friend of that family. senators are continuing to work on health care legislation, meanwhile, 18 states and district of columbia have sued to keep health care subsidies. they are not paid because congress has not appropriated money for payments. recently white house announced their plan to end cost sharing reduction payments to insure companies. the state's behind the lawsuit claim payments are required by law. well, parents and colleen, texas are upset after a substitute teacher, listen to this, allegedly duct taped children's mouths shut. that is where it all happen. it involved 13, fifth graders at that elementary school according to officials, it lasted several minutes, when officials found out they removed that teacher from the
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classroom and banned that teacher from the school. the school says that they did call child protective services , as well as the parents. >> there is not a word that i can say that i would have done but the school's great. the teacher should have never been in that situation that she felt that she had the right to put that tape on a child. >> so the students are physically fine they were check by the school nurse and able to return to the classes. making headlines this morning at least trending harry styles groped by a fan during a performance. it happened saturday night at a benefit concert for breast cancer awareness. the incident which was captured on camera by audience shows styles getting down on his neat near the front of the stage when a fan grabbed at his pants, he got up, swatted the person's hand away, styles and his team have yet to address the incident. it would have been nice to see it. coming up, rocky for sale.
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>> how you can get your hands on the famous rocky statue but first here's kristin rodgers. >> eagles football is back tonight, how bird can prove themselves as one of the best teams in the league, sports is up next.
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good morning aim kristin rodgers. it has been a while since we have seen eagles football. that is changing later today when bird host redskins and further separate themselves as we see the top team in the league. >> this is when you want to
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get your stride. i feel like we're doing that right now. we have been battle tested so far, playing, five of the six games on the road and we're exited to get back there, at the linc. we are on target to do aloft things we set out to do in the season. cowboys and 49ers, dallas screen back ezekiel is too good with the ball in his hand , no one can stop him there 72-yards for the touchdown. cowboys beat the 49ers 40-10. giants/seahawks jk mckiss sock, throws it over to russell wilson airing it deep to paul richardson. 38-yard touchdown. seattle wins this 124-seven. union hosting orlando last game of the season, cj sapong, 15th goal of the season for him, union win six-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. all right. 4:25 is the time. coming up at 4:30 a special performance end with three philadelphia police officers injury. straight ahead what spark
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the mishap that put them in harms way but first lets check the road with bob kelly good morning. not the only one feeling like you are in a fog this morning. we all are. here's a live look at route 202 rolling through malvern, all of the temperatures make you wish were you down the shore, hello, wildwood waking up on a monday morning, sueby has your forecast for eagles fans tonight when we come right back.
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big names in philadelphia die. we've got jeff sessions who will be in our city and also ivanka trump a lot more on that. also ahead in atlantic city a store was robbed six times by the same guy. now owner's pleading for some help. and also... it is battle of the bird today. we have eagles down there and we have got washington, we will take them on we are so excited tonight so we are ready for all that action. >> 4:29. here we go on this monday, i'm thomas drayton, karen hepp, bob kelly, sue serio, thinks the gang, great to have you with us. >> nice to have you back.
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>> yes, you can still i'm still tired. why didn't you say anything. >> we're all in a fog this morning. >> it is true. it felt like september over the weekend. it really did. things will change this week, beginning of the change is today, we will have clouds, around. we have got some fog out there this morning, as bob mentioned and then there we go, a mile and a half visibility at philadelphia international airport, and even less, in wilmington and lancaster this morning. some other spots, are foggy as well. so keep that in mind, bus stop buddy has a lighter jacket this morning. temperatures in the 50's and 60's and it is 61 degrees to be exact in philadelphia right now. sunrise time not until 7:20 but don't look for a lot of sunshine if any at all. we will be at 72 degrees at lunchtime. our high won't move very much from there. high of 73 on this mild monday
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temperatures in the 70's or about to be a thing of the pennsylvania as we look ahead to the seven day forecast and we will do that coming right up. hopefully you had a good weekend bob kelly. >> difficult, thanks for covering for me a couple days but where are you out there look at the fog we are dealing w this is a live look at 495 down through wilmington, delaware. we are socked in with the fog depending upon where you begin and end your trip. here's a live look at i-95 near the airport. we will have fog delays most likely at philly international here's a live look at route 202 as we roll up through malvern. again, some fog, socking us in , roads are wet and that will cause delays for start of the morning rush hour. karen and thomas, back to you. the nation's top law enforcement officer in philadelphia this morning, we're also getting a vice from it first doubt i ivanka trump as part of the three day conference. our sabina kuriakose is there this morning but we will start with the officers who were injured here during the performance, sabina?
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>> reporter: yeah, that is right, thomas, yesterday, we had about three officers, part of the highway patrol drill team, that were injured during a performance outside of the convention center here, two of those officers have been released from the hospital, and one of them, a little bit more seriously injured. he was expected to be released and we are waiting for confirmation for that. they are performing as part of the drill team exercise for the international association of police chiefs conference, it is a massive law enforcement event that has drawn a lot of eyes to the convention sent they are weekend. it has been a gathering point for protesters. now attorney general jeff sessions as you mentioned back here this morning to speak to law enforcement officials. his second time here this weekend. he was here on saturday as well pledging new, updated policing policies to prevent crime, and here he is. >> while there is no quick fix as those experienced in law enforcement know there are policies that can help
4:33 am
prevention and can help re entry and reduced repeat crime. we will be strong supporters of effective programs and we will seek to do more research to develop even more effective programs. partnering with our community leaders and taking time to listen to the people that we serve, really works. >> reporter: also, in town today, ivanka trump she will be in our area as part of the tax reform town hall, one of the white house's top initiatives that they are pushing, right now during this legislative obsession so back here live, again, the attorney general here, in philadelphia, later this morning, and ivanka trump license in bucks county later today as well. so, thomas and karen, a lot of national attention on our area today, guys? >> undoubted so, thanks, sabina 4:33. is there a grocery store in atlantic city that has been target by burglars six times, person who owns it, the food market has been hit six times
4:34 am
by the same person. and he is pleading for help, even after police arrested the suspect. the last time, five two-year old philip campus struck police found him in the refrigerator. store owner says if the store was on the boardwalk this wouldn't be a problem. >> you don't see the presence of the police like we used to you go on the boardwalk, you go on the walk in atlantic city, you see police presence. here, you know, really nonexistent. >> well, atlantic city officials say detectives are working hard to prevent incidents like this, all over the city, and the budget safety was slashed by eight million-dollar, this year. a father's facing charges after police say his three-year old son was shot in the head by his six year-old brother. police charged 36 year-old sir haven williams with child endangerment and reckless endangerment in the shooting that took place saturday afternoon. it happened at a home on north 18th street in the tioga neighborhood, investigators say they believe a 12 year-old
4:35 am
brother was also at home at the time and then no adults were there. lets hop around the delaware valley taking a live look at rehoboth beach, and so , that city right now is being forced to prove that it owns the land where it is already building a new city hall in the federal government is withholding the final 2- pint two million-dollar payment, to go to finishing the construction there. the city has a long history of using land, despite, lacking an actual title to it. we will see. also a change coming to state parks in new jersey, campers that are used to upgrading their experience can say good bye to the y er t. what is that? it looks like, not, that is a camper. it is, no, that is our eagles. so, it is a big circular tents with wooden floors and top has a sky light used by native americans. they will put cabins in. they weren't popular with guests and they ended up being heart and expense turf maintain. let's get to it now.
4:36 am
you saw video. our fans sore excite because we have big game tonight, two sundays without football. finally monday night football. lets get out to lauren johnson in south philadelphia, lauren? >> reporter: hey, karen so it is hard for some of these fans out here, tonight at this hour , to contain their excitement, we stopped here at oregon diner and found diehard eagles fans inside. i think they have since left. no, they are still there waving and partying it up. we asked them your they here at this hour? you have to watch the game tonight some one said food tastes better when it is cooked by someone else. you know what is cooking, carson wentz as a mvp candidate. these guys say he deserves it all because he is the greatest , even in his short career, those four that we just talked to planning a huge tailgate tonight in the parking lot of the linc when eagles take the field in a monday night football match autopsy begins the redskins. the team's met up in the season opener when players all across the league were participating in those peaceful protests. we saw the players and owners lock arms, and in a show of
4:37 am
unity before that game and last week some of those players, and owners, met up to discuss some of the underlying issues, that spark the players decision to exercise their freedom of speech. >> progress is progress we will see what happens, but for right now, just bringing light to the subject that we should have been resolved 50, 60 years ago now. >> malcolm jenkins was one of the 13 players who met with those owners last week. jenkins has always embraced the intersection of the sports and social justice in hoping to achieve more equality. in tonight's game it is very unlikely the network will be on the air during the anthem, the eagles kick off the game tonight at the linc in hopes of making it five in a row against the redskins. you know who will be outside? those four inside you see in it or gone dine they are morning. i told them they have got to get a lot of sleep to be able to stay up for that late game
4:38 am
tonight. >> no, they look like they have the energy. i want to find out where they will be and join them for the tailgate. >> thanks, lauren. coming up on good day philadelphia, good time there, but still ahead war of word. >> did you hear about this? boston celtics kyrie irving verse one of our sixers fans? who came out on top? this morning, you be the judge lets get a check of the weather forecast with sue serio. >> we loved, weather over weekend but there are changes coming which is courtesy of this, which is rain associated with a cold front. you no he what cold front mean , colder temperatures. we will tell you how chilly it gets rest of the week coming up.
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well come back. great to have you with us on this monday. if you or someone you know collects social security benefits expect some changes next year. >> you'll getting more money which is called a coal increase cost of living increase. average retired worker will get an extra 27 bucks per movement so, there is also a higher payment as well so before retirement age will jump a year, making people eligible for their full retirement benefits at 66. kfc thought they were tricky, pr stunt, kind of funny, tweet. one of the twitter users figured it out. who do they follow who does kf c follow? it turns out by looking at the account they only follow a
4:42 am
couple peak, five of the people they follow are spice girls and the other six are men named her or herbs and spices. so that add to 11 herbs and spices which is the famous secret recipe that kfc found are colonel sanders using for fried chicken. 4:42. coming up on "good day philadelphia", making a statement. >> why meek mill is flipping out over our sixers, and it has nothing to do with the weekend loss.
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welcome back, at exactly 4:45. good morning to you in reading and everybody just picking up, joining us right now. no fog in that shot but we have fogles where. >> that is right, it is going to slowly move out as morning continue here at 4:45 own this morning listening to mariah carry get things going. bob, i know you are a number one fan. >> thanks, good mornin everybody. we have the fog here, and, actually crystal clear in reading but fog here along 495 rolling through wilmington. be careful depending pneumonia where you begin and end your trip this morning. if you are heading down toward the airport this morning be ready for delays at philly international. here's a live route at 202 as you roll up and down through malvern this morning. ninety-five with the fog also comes that fine mist causing
4:46 am
for wet road. mass transit off to a good start. sueby has your forecast in 15 seconds big issue is f-o-g. we have quarter mile visibility in wilmington. currently our most foggy spot here. we have plenty of placeness chester county where you'll encounter fog right around airport, pottstown, lancaster, wrightstown this morning. it is all in advance of the cold front a lot of moisture in the air and we will see rain roll in here but not right away. we will get through balance of the daytime hours without any rain but not until well after dark that we are expecting any rain to happen. sixty-one in philadelphia right now. staying in pittsburgh but after that cold front we will get a taste of the colder air that is in the center of the
4:47 am
country including, iowa where it is 46 degrees. we have, cloud around right now. we are expecting more cloud throughout the rest of the day and then here we go at 9:00 we will see showers starting to form north and west of the city, and then, it probably about the game time, is ending tonight we will start to see more, rain, and using windshield wipers on the way home from the linc and then thunderstorms rolling through in the morning, tomorrow, and then through lunchtime and then cold front comes through. we have had wrapped clearing and then cooler temperatures after. that so when we get to the morning, we will probably, let 's see we will have an inch or so of rain by the time all i had said and done on tuesday night. 73 degrees today. early high of 75. before that, cold front is through, and then a high of 66 on wednesday, even chillier, on thursday, and then, mid 60 's for friday and saturday. weekend starts off, out all right, and then we will have
4:48 am
another home game for the eagles on sunday. busy week for our football team, it looks like it might be raining for that one on sunday, thomas and karen. >> thanks, sue. 4:48. did you see this? benefit that raised more than 31 million-dollar for victims of the hurricane in texas and florida, puerto rico and u.s. and virgin island. lady gaga was there and sang emotional a million reasons for the crowd. >> ♪ >> great picture with her with the five presidents because they were all there, five living, former presidents, who were there for the president. so there they are there is big picture of the barack obama, george w. bush, bill clinton, george hw bush and jimmy carter. of course, putting politics aside to take part and raise money. >> very powerful moment. 4:48. national bullying prevention
4:49 am
month and burger king came out with a compelling video to support the effort this got actors and video taped them to experiment to see what people do when they witness bullying. they did several scenarios in the burger king in front of the patrons that didn't know anything bit. >> please stop. >> please stop. >> ouch. >> do you have any friends. >> yes, i heard you. >> so, in the end, there is good news 95 percent of the customers reported the bullying to the management there at burger king. 12 percent actually confronted the bullies. happening today gemill hill will be back at anchor desk following a two week suspension. you may remember hill was suspended for violating the network's social media guidelines for making comments about jerry jones, and she got into trouble last month for calling president trump a white supremacist on twitter. hill says she's sorry for putting her collogues and espn in a bad spot but will never
4:50 am
take back what she said. quick response to a sixers fan as kyrie irving paying up but what the celtics player says he doesn't really regret what he said. >> unaudible. >> so, fan shouting down as they were entering the court, so yesterday, nba announced he has been find 25 you this dollars for his comment. he said at the end of the day we're human, in the heat of the moment and frustrations arises. pull out those fan i packs , and jean shorts. >> take a look at fraternity brothers bringing them back in style, and dancing, as they do it. we will show you and explain coming up. he's a nascar champion who's faced thousands of drivers. she's a world-class swimmer who's stared down the best in her sport. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg.
4:51 am
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welcome back. it it is 4:53 on this monday morning. love this song, gorgeous new hit single from taylor swift, over the weekend. our local girl pink has the biggest selling album i believe of the entire year that just came out and sounds darn good amazing voice, amazing album. great to have you with us on this monday, talking about gorgeous and another gorgeous day, sue will that have in just a moment lets lets talk about meek mill making headlines for an apparent hidden talent. >> can't wait to see this he successfully landing a front flip at sixers game this past weekend. lets take a look dunk squad is
4:54 am
always out there members of the dunk squad are doing their tricks, performing their moves when bam, land is it when meek steps in, steals the stage right there. this is in the hallway before they are going on, impressive skills, right there, help him, you know, let's see, the dunk squad, bam, so much fun, of course, they didn't win. very disappointing where our sixers are, we thought they would be better. >> it was impressive, good way to open up the show. >> yes. >> 4:54. so we all know rocky statue. >> um-hmm. >> did you know is there a backup rocky statue. if you didn't, you do now. it is on the auction block. >> fascinating. artist made two versions, sort of backups for movie back in the 80's. now auctioneer say it could fetch a million-dollar. >> the spirit of the man, philadelphia solutes its favorite son rocky balboa.
4:55 am
>> there it is, the statue at the unveiling, the original of course right there by art museum and people get out there and take pictures all the time. so you don't to have spend a mildew can take a picture witt for free like so many of our tourists do. all right, lauren johnson i got five on it, what do you say, do you have the rest. >> hey, listen, thomas if you are a betting man vegas says zach ertz is your guy to connect with carson wentz. we will have more on the monday night football match up after the break but first sabina kuriakose. >> reporter: lauren, the nation's top law enforcement official in our city for the second day and ivanka trump will be in our area as well coming up we will have more on what you need to know as philly kicks the week off at enter of the national politics , stay with us.
4:56 am
4:57 am
4:58 am
happening right now on "good day philadelphia" a special performance end with three officers injured, one still in the hospital, the mishap that spark it all. the search on for this carjacker. >> i grabbed my son and i was just, i was just in shock, i was like oh, my god. her victim speaking out about how the crime change her life and what she need to do to get back on her feet. the cheese stake battle,
4:59 am
heat up, is this really how people think cheese steaks are supposed to be made? it is time to school the nation, "good day philadelphia", at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. we are your professors, great to have you with us on this monday morning, hopefully you had a wonderful weekend and great start to your day. i'm thomas drayton, along with karen hepp. >> welcome back to you, bob kelly as well. >> we are all refreshed. philadelphia has on their menu philadelphia cheese stake. >> yes. >> yes, we will tell you how it is made. >> that is how you make it is to have someone else make it, who knows what they are doing. >> witt. >> yeah. >> we have eight out of 10 today. no, sir as perfect today as we can end was and the weekend was amazing but we will see more cloud, today, we're starting off in a fog in many spots this morning, so, it could slow you down, some of our reporting stations include , wilmington, with a quarter mile visibility, and pottstown, and it is pretty foggy out there as well as
5:00 am
wrightstown and many other spots this morning as well. bus stop buddy we can see him this morning, he is ready for some football tonight. temperatures in the 50's and 60's for this time of the year it is a rather mild start but you may need light jack wet 61 a few temperatures in the 50's outside of the city like lancaster at 56, reading 52, allentown 59 degrees, 66 in rehoboth beach, mays landing at 53 and valley forge, starting the day at 57 degrees so a lot of cloud cover, very little if any sunshine with the cloud on the increase, rain will follow but not until after sunset, and before that happens we will get to a high of 73 degrees, but a big, chillies coming and we will talk about it in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, good to have you back. >> great to be back, sueby. 5:00 o'clock. how about a rush hour with some fog. we have a live look at fog coming up and over ben franklin bridge you can barely make out the top of the sky scrapers this morning but c ira


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