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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 27, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ >> of course it is chilly and breezy but it is beautiful. and you are beautiful too for watching good day fill at a 9:00. >> we appreciate you karen's here and eagles green kelly green. >> matching alex as we do almost every friday. >> what is in the box? >> will you reveal. >> i will. >> it came from a redskins fan we think it is food. i'm not sure we should eat it. >> how oldies too old to go trick or treating? i wand third for years. one mother says teenagers should aloud to trick or treat without judgment, but then what is the cut off point? if you see like somebody in college, still trick or treating up to your house what is the cut off age.
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ladies, you may love your high waste wayed jeans but mean down. trenton things that we love to wear but guys hate. wedges are the worst. >> you know bro code not supposed to be someone that your d break the bro code, wha did that has weeknd upset. does he have a right to be upset. >> when you are talking about weekend you are not talking about today through sunday. >> no, the weeknd, the artist. >> let's do this. >> do you want to do it now? megan are you good with this. all right. is what in the box. >> so she's a reporter, in d.c., maybe we should wait, br ie jackson i used to work with her from the myrtle beach she now lives around the d.c. area so she said, during the game we were playing she was trash talking. she said if the eagles win i am going to send you something and then if the redskins win
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you have to send me something. >> cheese stake or something. >> so let's see. >> this is pure d.c. kind of thing. >> right here. >> ready. >> yes. >> bad loss, okay. >> i got a shirt. >> it says chile bowl. >> she made good on the bet. >> yes, she did make good on the bet. >> this is a famous place ben 's chile bowl. >> it has been around for 59 years, known for chile and they have murals on the side and their smokes. >> so, here's chile here. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> look at that. >> yes. >> this is nice. >> she came big time. >> we have to dot cooking. >> you said with your new 71- inch tv we will have people cooking. >> we have chile, we have the properties right there. >> i'm still concern is she trying to kill us. >> we don't know but thank you that was so nice of her.
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>> yes. >> go eagles. >> do you know anybody who we playing again san francisco. >> my daughter. >> we should make your bet with your daughter. >> i know her husband the guy she married is a 49ers fan. another good friend, mark, he loves the 49ers. >> this is philly may have beaten redskins but nothing beats ben's chile bowl. >> we will be the judge of that, brie. >> lets put up this picture. ellen degenerous some people are upset. on the right katie perry in the mint green outfit. >> um-hmm. >> and then ellen's porsche is on the left. >> it is has she wrote underneath that has the big cry out of it. >> happy birthday. it is time to bring out the big balloons. the big balloons. >> yes. >> so that is what some people are crying back, if a man wrote that in these day and times with all of the
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allegation about one famous man after another, you know, across the board harvey weinstein and directors and news correspondents and th and i man did that today you could not do that today as a man. >> let me wrap my head around this now. ellen has balloons herself. >> it is liken a culture thing sometimes you are allowed make fun within your own culture. nobody on the outside can. i that as a woman after a certain age, i don't care about that. >> but as a lesbian she's saying that she's attracted to e balloons like a woman. >> allen notus that she's just trying to be funny. >> she was trying to be funny that is how i took it. funny.& but you are right if i was standing with alex and katie perry walk over and said wow balloons are out for your birthday you could not do it. only a woman could do it. >> yes. >> katie perry how she felt
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bit. i'm assuming since ellen posted that katie said, i'm cool with that. >> she's a comedian. >> yes. >> that is an interesting debate. >> katie lucky enough to be a curvey beautiful amaze would go man. she's a gorgeous assets and she's famous for that. >> all right. i'm interested to see what you say on twitter. >> so why don't you weigh in. >> is that the p.c. police are we go to go far. >> just let it go. >> let it go. >> like a helium balloon just let it go. >> you know, i is interesting a lot of people objecting are men, like why i can't do that anymore. maybe because they can't do it anymore. they can't. most of the complaintant are high profile men. >> i miss the old days of harassment. >> pregnant in the kitchen cooking our what do they call them in, aprons. >> yes. >> aprons on, pregnant, barefoot. >> it has been so long since she has had a apron on. have you ever worn one.
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>> my one does and i have a whole cabinet full but i just cook in my, i go home and change in my regular clothes. >> my mother wore, she never wore the apron with the thing the bib, overall but she had one around your your waist. >> speaking of not being able to let things go when should you let trick or treating go. you are too old. you can't do it. >> when my kid were young i would take them around but then we would go back out and give out candy. i was startled when people 17, 18, 19 were there in costumes with a bag. >> but how can you tell, for me, i have always been short i can stretch it out because i always looked younger. >> well, some people were 6 feet tally just want free candy. >> here, do you want this milk y way. >> yes, sir, thanks for the candy. >> they come around later. little kid come around early with their parents. i still like to go trick or treating with your kid. i don't eat candy but my
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husband gets his hand in every bowl. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah it is not you, you have a pass because you have your kid with you. when they get home that is what my dad did you want that i will take that. >> i used to do that. >> i never took candy out of the bowl as an adult with my daughters. >> well, my husband does. >> yes. >> yes and a lot of neighbors will hand out a beer to the grown ups as well. >> where do you live? >> it is fun. >> a lot of neighborhood do that. >> yeah. >> lets go trick or treating, mike. >> i'm coming to your street. >> so this mother wrote an article. she has a 13 year-old son. she told her he wasn't going to trick or treat but she could tell him tell him he was totally bummed. he wanted to go. he is 13. i think the 13 you can still do it. >> i think up and through 16. >> you still want to do it. >> joy of b a teenager or are not old enough drk or anythin that.ha ws 13year-old was 6 feet tall andd up aff movie
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ghost busters. >> y ile don't a yeao e around, thi kid should it. if yonhtsehahauwhen got too oldause parents wouldn't allow me to have friends over during the week but halloween fit wasng weekday yeah i could have all kind of fun. skeleton talking play with the kid and that is how to still be involved even though you are older. if you give the kid an alternative, they do it up this year make sure yard is spooky for kid. >> little microphone. >> and you mentioned their costume hello powderpuff. >> yes. >> they would see you. >> yes skeleton head talking. >> yes. >> fog machine we went all out >> that is fun. >> my kid had a half day. we have a huge party at one of the neighbors for everybody in the neighborhood and kid go all around. >> my favorite thing when you went to the school with my daughters they would have morning halloween parade everybody walking around. >> you posted a picture of jack. >> yeah, my grandson. >> yes. >> he is going to be three in
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three weeks. >> who have you had a crush on in your life. have you ever had a crush onme dy tt you watched on tv or maybe in a movie the reason i bring this up is prince he apparently two years before he ever met actress megan markel from the tv show suits about lawyers he had a crush on her when he watch the tv show. then he meets her and then he. wel his brother in reverse. kate middleton had a poster of her wall in high school. >> yes. >> and then meets him. >> she even changed colleges she was supd to to eden boro wait year took a gap year and switched to saint andrews. >> she change h schoolusoe school withim >> yes. >> she plot todd >> exactly. >> yes. >> do you think so. >> exactly. >> yes, sheoo a and switched, really hard, these are theollege toes get in. >> maybe she wanted to go there, it is veryar locke into edenbor
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o and she waited the ar. es has h >> her friend have said i and spilled the beans. >> what kind of friend are they. >> would i take your e.uldthe not thinkithat sound likeerlf hportunity to be on the same campus. i think maybe she thought she had the wilds. >> yes. >> amazing lovely, wonshe d. >> es. >> i used to love, of course, women of my and sean parker and cassidy brothers. sting was my love. he this is younger days. he was a teacher. he had all these great rock star but wisdom and cool, young teacher he is still in great shape. he does yoga every day. >> he is amazing. i used to dream in college would i go up to new york and remind me coming through and being in the party and getting to meet him. >> you ever did. >> no, i never d i would go to a party with the hopes. >> i met him. >> yesy was coming out of the museum of modern art. >> i work there.
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>> you work there. >> yes. >> in new york. >> yes. >> i'm coming out of there, it is pouring rain. he and his wife, waiting on a uber, this is before uber when you have a car service. so trudy and sting are standing on the corner, where my car pulls up, and it is pouring. i said, did you need a ride back to the hotel. didn't notice these were sting they were struggling. they said sure. get in the back of the car i looked over its freaking sting and trudy. i dropped them at a hotel. >> onlytunning. >> by the way, he is still alive. >> yes. >> yes. >> lets say you weren't emarried beus his ou wen't married. >> if i was than the married. he is married i'm married life passes you by. it is all about timing in life >> what was yours. >> so, my crush was...
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>> okay. >> seriously. >> yes. >> luke wilson. >> i was a big fan yeah. >> and. >> how and why. >> i don't know how i saw him and my cousin like him and we were both like luke wilson. i don't think he is anywhere. everybody talks about owen wilson not luke. >> did you ever meet him. >> no, i never met him. >> why owen wilson and difficult meet owen wilson one time. >> and then i into b2k that lasted a very long time. this is rare picture because usually has a bandana or something across his face. loi. >> who knows. >> he is alive though. >> i'm not saying all black men look alike i'm just saying >> i was than the thinking that. >> oh, my god. >> yes. >> yes. >> it was melba moore i was in
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high school and she had a summer series called the melb a moore show, fantastic singer. and i had a crush on her where i could not think about anybody else through like my junior year of high school. every wednesday night i would sit there, it was hot outside all of my friend where is playing up an inside my neighborhood but i would be sitting there on the my butt watching melba moore. >> just like that. >> i finally met her. >> andy waited my whole life to meet her. she was playing at a little club in manhattan and i went by myself. >> yeah. >> this is not more than six or seven years ago. i went by myself, and i got on the front row of this small jazz club and waited for her to come out. i am going to meet melba moore n my mind i will go back and meet her afterward talked my way back there and marry her.
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so the lights get down in the club front row, by my self, i was drinking back then so i had a cocktail in my hand. curtains opened up and first thing i see is a silver walker , she had broken her hip and she came. she came out on stage dressed in this beautiful black stage in a black dress and realized she had gotten older. >> yes. >> you get older. >> yes. >> you get older and life means. >> and she sang cleaning on walkery still went and met her >> yes. >> but she was married to somebody else. >> yes. >> ♪ >> life is about luck and timing. >> so true. >> i was so distraught, it was a little hill in our front
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yard and it was summer, really hot. >> um-hmm. >> i watched her the melba moore show was out on wednesday night. would i just lay in the grass and stared up in the stars could you get tighter on the face and just dreamed about melba moore. >> i got so upset that there was a cigarette laying in the yard. i had never smoked. i ran in and got my dad's lighter. he smoked a pipe every day. i went back out laid back down. i said i'm going to smoke a cigarette. lit it. i nearly barfed. >> great reactiony was choking and hacking and that ruined the whole dream. >> all right. i have another story to tell you. >> story time with mike. >> do we have time or save it until monday. >> we will to have save it. >> oh, the story of a lifetime me of the story buying a 71- inch television at best buy
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in south philadelphia. it is great. >> you'll have to wait. >> he drags it, on a little bit but it is great. >> this is more important, you know i love drake. >> yes. >> and big fan of a sister and is there a love triangle in page six of the gossip sol out of the new york post. carlos, are you able to break this down? love triangle. >> i'm red foy break this down but first mike, i have to introduce to you melba moore we will talk to betty. >> what? >> carlos has connections. >> she knows everybody she's a harlem woman. we will work that out. >> that would be lovely. >> i can come up anytime. >> he is being serious. >> all right. carlos love triangle that is your expertise let's go. >> see, yeah we broke this story yesterday about there is some beef between drake and the weeknd, the weeknd were
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dating bella hadid. drake hooked up with her. that is what a source told me. he also threw her 21st birthday party. now drake and weeknd are friends. they come from the same circles in toronto. and, they hang around the same people. and now there is, there is an issue of who and where allegiance should lie between drake or the weeknd. >> weeknd dumped bella and i remember her walking down that catwalk and felt badly when she was doing victoria secret show. he totally dumped her. >> but you just can't go with the friend. >> he is talking about the two friends, the males you cannot go over bros. >> that is what my source told me that he broke the bro code. it is not about him being jealous of bella or anything but my source telling me it is
9:18 am
all about the principal. >> oh, gosh. >> he is friend was drake and drake has hooked up with his x >> they are like children, seriously. >> drake just turned 31. >> yes. >> that is yes doesn't care. >> bella was not there and weeknd was not there either. >> that is pretty extravagant. >> that is cold. >> carlos, we will see you later on, page six loving the show by the way. >> take care guys. >> thanks very much. >> it is good. >> one of the funes -- most fun. >> geez us i apologize to sister luela and sister dauphin. you have to take the boys to the boo in the zoo. >> my most favorite thing in the whole world. >> jenny what are you looking at. >> we are at these adorable baby red pandas, only four months old can you see them hiding in the tree. they made their debut here at philadelphia zoo yesterday
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come on out and see them at the event boo at the zoo we will tell you what you will able to do here coming up next chris brown. he's a husband father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city.
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it was this weekend it cannot wait until tuesday. >> some people having parties tonight. >> yeah, yeah. >> so what are these. >> the new zombie frappuccino right. >> zombie drinks. >> they had unicorn and now zombie. pictures looked amazing. real life. ours are in the quite as amazing zombie brains like on the top it looks like brains. >> i believe is there an blood in there. >> really no it has only been available through halloween. >> what concerns me is dracula dropped them off the red could be blood, i don't know. let's suck on these why we get to philadelphia zoo, one of our favorite things to do. have you seen these kind of rare baby pandas, they are red jenny. >> well, yes red pandas only four months old we have twins
9:23 am
here laura houston. they debuted yesterday. if you come out this weekend in the only can you experience boo at the zoo halloween but you get to see these cuties. can you tell us about them. >> yes absolutely we don't get much cuter then two red panda twist. thinks pin jean and uren and they are about four months old now they stay in the nest box with mom up until about three or four months old. so they have just come out. they are just like if you have human kid everyone has a different personality. pin jean loves to be close to mom be a momma's boy and uren is adventurer, out and about. >> so they are up here having breakfast. they are also ready to celebrate halloween. look at that pumpkin in there with them. tell us this weekend will they be scared of all of the people coming out here for boo at the zoo. >> excuse me, they will not. they will absolutely be curious. maybe they will see red panda costume you never know, never know, we would love to have people come out and see it. it is a beautiful beautiful day to day great time of the
9:24 am
year to come out and saturday come out enjoy and have the opportunity to trick or treat in the nice, safe, environment see red panda cubs being with other people in custom. i love that extra to wear a halloween costume and have a chance to enjoy our apple cider and fun time for the family. >> it is encouraged to cut other here friday and saturday in custom and it is not just candy, throughout the t treats and things thaw can buy like hot apple cider and have an opportunity to buy a trick or treat bag in case you forget. >> is there a graveyard isn't there. >> we have annex -- annex stinks grave ward. so it is save face like red panda certainty. we would be happy to help out with quick actions that you can do to help prevent other animalsing fromming in the graveyard. >> awesome. when you come here this weekend be sure to be gentle,
9:25 am
welcome these two baby red pandas mike, karen and alex. >> amazing and cute. >> they cooperated for a tv shot there too. >> um-hmm. >> thanks, jenny. >> boo at the zoo. >> okay. >> ready. >> okay. >> i think it is good. it is called zombie. it is only available through halloween. >> it is sweet. >> there is a lot going on with it. >> unicorn was amazing. it is more zombie. >> my second take, no, would i never drink it again. >> it is more for people to do it for the gram. >> it tastes like bubble gum for me. >> let's go, colonials lets go eagles. >> we are so excited. i'm here with the colonial players, hi there guys. >> hi. >> it is theater department that need love too come on back we will show you great stuff that they are doing. smile and wave, smile and wave we don't want any favorites.
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>> i forgot to tell you something. >> what? >> i met a guy and he said he wants to take you on a date tonight. so i invited him to the studio. i completely forgot. >> you did what? >> he just -- >> i think he's really debonair. he can dress. >> he dressed up like in a tux. you'll meet him. sorry i didn't tell you. but he is here. >> so let's get out to montgomery county. it is plymouth whitemarsh, big game go colonials and go yen. >> yes, and one thing we love here we love the colonial players. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> all right guys, thank you very much. you're awesome very proud of you. so there is this guy, i know you guys all know john dorenbos, used to be our long snapper. he was at the game monday night. so everyone was really happy
9:30 am
to see him because he had emergency heart surgery right after he was traded away to the saints. he was dismissed and then they pick him up. but i have to say the new long snapper said normally he wouldn't be so famous because no one knows who the long snappers are but our new guy says he lovers the history of john dorenbos. >> usually my position, you don't know exactly who i am. but in this situation john was a very big part of the city. and ever since he left, now i'm in the spotlight. and still hopefully trying to stay low in that spotlight and just right outside of it. but yes. >> i always tell people, like being an air traffic controller no one knows who you are until a little chaos but don't want him to know your name. >> correct. the only time is good publicity, like on 61 yards field goals good time i'm getting publicity. but every other time after that i don't want to be heard
9:31 am
of, seen just lay low and do my job. >> okay. but that is the exact opposite of what you guys are looking for, true or false? >> true. >> okay, you guys have a play coming up soon. it is called? >> almost maine. >> it is almost comma maine the state? >> correct. >> mike g the camera guy not quick with that kind of thing. you love being part of this great theater community? >> yes, i love ac withing my friend every day, so much fun. >> the last time we were in this cafeteria, it was under construction you were there when we did our grease thing. our acting ability the news anchors, scam of one to ten? >> oh, definitely a 11. >> what? he's lying. he's lying. which means you're a very good actor. >> all right so, you know we don't want to give anything away, we want people to come see you in the play almost, maine. but because you skin so beautifully would you minds doing a little bit more? okay, here we go, little bit more from rent. >> all right.
9:32 am
>> okay? >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> good luck to the colonials. good luck to them. >> 9:33, ladies, you may love your highways dollars jeans i see them all over town. >> in our news room, most of our staff wears them. they love them. >> i want to be sensitive about this. for some reason i don't like them on her. but i saw this survey it, says men don't like high wasted jeans on women then gave ten other things we don't like. do you want to hear them? >> sure. >> you don't care? >> it doesn't mean i'm going to change what i'm wearing but i'll hear it, sure. >> i am woman hauer me roar. oh, that truck thing tomorrow? >> oh, bring our own truck over to the depford mall, really fun it helps the veterans touch all kinds of trucks free, climb in, get in get pictures, they get to
9:33 am
not work the controls but everything shy of that, all of your first responder trucks, hey ride, all of the monday that i is raised from the adults will benefit our veterans. >> okay. coming back and a look at alex holley's date tonight. >> oh, gosh.
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>> tuesday, please, bring the kids down, fourth and market. >> it will be fun time, little treats and things for them to do. >> we do it every year. >> face painters. >> face painter. >> music activities. >> it will be fun. >> specially bring the kids all dressed up. >> oh, put them until the parade. >> bring a pet. i don't care. dress them up. >> i'm going to be a woman again this year, a female. >> okay? >> i said i swore that off this year, for about well, i'll be a female. >> okay? >> all right. thanks for that clue. >> just a warning because i made hideous female. >> you have to be careful what things you will wear. apparently there are some things that we women wear that men don't like. >> i will not bewaring high wasted jeans because the fellows won't like it. >> apparently they call them mommy jeans? >> they do, mom jeans. >> high fashion or trendy versions. they say that men just aren't too keen on there is not a fan. >> i don't want to say
9:38 am
anything inapropriate. >> then let's move on. >> next one, i'm upset about leopard print? >> we don't like it. >> they say it is stylish andúsheik men say it only, in small doses or accent, i'm cool with that. >> yes i don't want to see pant or pant suit. >> what about just a top? add little spice? >> i like the one on the right. >> i think it is a perfect example. >> of course usually they're models we don't care what you have on. >> next one is surprising leather pants. >> no. >> what? what about olivia newton john and grease and she came out? or is it just spandex? >> spandex. >> they say men like leather jacket. just don't like the pants. >> never likes the leather pant on a woman no. >> giant shoulders? really it is shoulder pads, but they call it giant solder. >> remember when the kardashian tried to come out with line of shoulder pads for sears, and you made fun of it? >> didn't go over well. don't like it. >> they say it makes women look like a monster linebacker.
9:39 am
kerry had address on, huge shoulder pads. >> oddly she march aid linebacker, no he was actually a safety. >> you knew the power suits huge in the 80s back in the dynasty era all of the women we had to look like men wanted to look box i and strong. >> that was it, remember anchor women all supposed to look like men. okay, you'll be at the anchor desk next to the man so dress like him. >> so maybe that's why you all didn't like it, it was us moving up and taking l are the role? >> women will to be serious and cut our hair, be credible like men now we can be women and have longer hair and not pretend to be something different. >> yes. >> that day has passed. i've tried to stop, you know, women in the tv -- >> moving forwards? >> yes. >> so fellows, with a be weighing in on this, i know guys don't like wedges when it comes to the shoes. >> no wedge. >> we like it because it is comfortable. >> i don't care about that. >> they don't want us to be comfortable, just be cute. >> yesterday on bold and the beautiful, katie came out of the bathroom.
9:40 am
she is having an affair with wyeth, which is really inapropriate. but ya, she had on high heels. you don't want to see a woman come out here we go, in a wedge. >> we don't typically wear high heels at home. that's the truth. only on tv do people strut around their house in high heels. you get home and you're wear footed or flip flops. >> she had high heels on because they were get being ready to -- >> do you get dressed up to -- >> oh, yes. >> usually the clothes come off. >> you don't get dressed up to -- for the horizontal fowl being dancing? >> i think i see your date, alex. >> what? >> is that what you call it? >> horizontal fowl being dance. >> let me go put on my wedges. >> (laughing). >> no. i met this guy. and he said he wants to take alex on a date. i should have mentioned this to you but he is here. >> mike, i told but this kind of stuff. >> now, he brought a personal chef with him. chef? >> that's nice. >> chef, so that he brought a personal chef. he's dressed in a tuxedo.
9:41 am
are you ready to meet him? >> i guess. >> he might be foreign. he has a little bit after accent. >> yes, thick yes yes. you'll meet him after the break. he brought a chef. that's impressive.
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> sue? >> i'm here. >> so, alex has a date tonight. what's the weather going to be like in case after dinner
9:44 am
they're going to take a stroll. >> this guy seems to like nighttime better than day. sue, did you take your mike off? we can't hear you. >> okay, my microphone came back. we're in business. and we have a beautiful morning. now, it is still on the chilly side outside. we had quite the frosty start today. and it will be milder today and tomorrow, a soaking stormy sunday is in store. so let's get right to the seven day forecast, and tell you what's going on. sixty-six breitbart sunshine sunshine tomorrow, clouds in the afternoon but high to 70 degrees. sunshine, not on sunday, 63 degrees rainy windy and
9:45 am
that rain lasts into monday morning. we'll have some sun probably in the afternoon monday. beautiful forecast for halloween. we will call it spooky sunshine for tuesday high of 60 degrees, good news, no rain for trick-or-treating. >> no rain for trick-or-treating tuesday. how will we be tonight on alex's date. >> swelter wetter. >> so wear a sweater tonight. >> okay. >> before we reveal your date, i want you to meet the chef. high, chef good to see you. >> from what's the name of the restaurant? >> nineteen restaurant, height at the bellevue. >> on the 19th floor. >> that's correct. >> i've been up there many times. >> great views up there. >> great. i have so many stories oh, that's a great place. >> fantastic. >> romantic place for row zero romantic dinner tonight. >> 113 years. >> really? >> that's right. >> 113 years at the hyatt at the bellevue. >> that's about the age of the date that i found for alex, matter of fact. >> he may be little bit older.
9:46 am
>> little older? alex please meet dracula your date. >> oh,. >> by the way the chef told me that he is speechless. by your butte. >> i oh, really? >> yes. >> oh, i'm kind of flattered. >> what do you think? >> uh, ya, i think it will be a very fun evening. >> well, this is what -- okay. we will talk more about the date. what are you going to search? now, he, first of all thank you for coming out during the day i know you rarely do t special appearance. we appreciate that. you mustthoring strg f >> good, s the way you like your men. >> the strong silent type? >> and pacey white like me. by the way, there is an event. >> yes. we have a dinner with dracula on halloween. so brom-stoker wrote a lot of
9:47 am
dracula will here in the 1800s, some may have actually been written at the bellevue, as did he some on bellevue, with the bellevue local. >> what? let's go with the story. it is great. >> does it mean you don't believe it? >> no, i do believe it. pre true. >> so if we do there is can i still get reservations in. >> reservations still open. you can go onto hyatt. com or 19 restaurant. com. get our phone number. give us a call. still booking. >> but the best part is after dinner, there is a movie. so it is dinner and a movie? >> there is a movie? >> showing dracula the original. >> okay, what are you going to search? just give me an idea. a lot of things on the menu. >> so we start off with a great cocktail called the impaler. >> that's right. >> after slad the i am pailer. >> sure. >> first course pumpkin row soto. >> but it is actually in -- >> wait.
9:48 am
>> alex's plate. >> pumpkin rosoto served in a pumpkin. >> the pumpkin cook, as well, you can eat the pumpkin. >> you can eat the pumpkin? >> do that again! >> o, o o. >> you suck. >> now, you suck blood still right? >> so, alex was concerned about, she doesn't like hickeys, so none of that, right? >> what? >> oh, gosh. >> oh, you do like hickeys? see, he's dracula so they suck -- >> just teeth marks and then you're dead? >> i've never been with him, i don't know. >> it could go anywhere. now, what was this here? >> just crohn's, use these on the main corps. >> what's a crone? >> vegetable similar to water chestnut. >> can i touch it? >> sure. >> it looks like larva. >> it does, like a bowl we have or something. >> it is good, crunchy. >> yes. >> then what do you finish off with here?
9:49 am
>> our bleeding white chocolate tart. >> so cute. i love. >> so if you cut into this one it should bleed out. >> oh, bleed out. i've never heard that at a dinner. hey, we like to blood out tonight. >> what dracula is looking for. >> this will be your neck tonight after the date. >> oh, my gosh. >> ready? >> so do people have to make reservation in advance? >> in advance go ahead to 19 restaurant. com or hyatt. com. we're at the hyatt at the bellevue at 19 restaurant. >> come here. >> you can get off your chair dracula, but would you like to feed your date? >> oh. >> would you like some blood al next. >> well, shouldn't he be? >> oh, true.
9:50 am
>> how is it? >> he likes it. >> good. >> it is grade a or b negative. >> so see you for dinner, if i'm still alive. >> thanks, chef. >> call the bellevue right now, get some ticket. i bought a 71-inch tv. uh-huh. >> i can't believe did you that. i still can't. and i have a story to tell you about the best buy in south philadelphia that i will never forget. the evening i spent there. do you want to hear it? >> yes, please.
9:51 am
steve sweeney's negative headlines keep piling up. why are south jerseyans so angry at sweeney? sweeney repeatedly sided with chris christie to underfund south jersey schools, increase standardized testing like parcc cut take-home pay for teachers and broke his promise to fund the pensions of hundreds of thousands of new jerseyans- all while padding his own. steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side.
9:52 am
♪ ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing
9:53 am
>> zero. >> we've been waiting for this story, mike. >> okay. friends want to know when i was going to tell the story. all right pardon my gourds. so for the first time in my life i've never had a big screen tv. so i want to get the biggest tv that will fit into my apartment. so i measured. so i go as much as 70 inches. and it is diagonally, of
9:54 am
course. so i go out to best buy. you have been out to best buy out there in south philly, of course columbus boulevard or we call it delaware avenue. anyway same street. there is the best buy. it is by the ikea. so i got there. and i have a conversation. i want the best, i want the best big screen tv you have. really nice gentleman was helping me. so we talk for about 20, 30 minutes. i go back and forth, back and forth. you know what? i'm going to splurge. i got nothing going on. it is just me, just me and watching it. v shows. i got no life. and plus the eagles season is so great. i'm going to get a really good tv for the first time in my life. and so he takes me over to, well we looked at lg, all sorts of different brands, decide on a sony. and they have this fancy fancy thing, it is 4khdr. this is brand new thing. bravia or something they call it. >> sony line. >> sony line. highest. you cannot get a better tv than this. i go this is fantastic.
9:55 am
okay. how much is it? right? all right, you can come back now, that's a tv. so it is huge. and he's got to go to the back and get it. so i don't have my glasses with me. he point to the computer, don't show yet, point to the computer. and i go, i can't see. oh my god. it is $1,499. $1,500. now that's a lot of money but i'll go for it, keep it the rest of my life. >> okay. >> and people start gathering around me, what's the big deal? what's the big deal? i start squinting. i comes back out okay, we're ready to go. i start squinting at the computer again. it is $14,999. no wonder people were gathering around me. who is this freak that's buying a $15,000 tv? >> i hope you didn't get it? >> i got so -- embarrased. i almost bought it just to feel better.
9:56 am
people are looking at me going -- (clapping). >> i was going to buy it and take it back! >> oh, lord. >> i got out of there with a 1,500-dollar tv. >> did you run out of there? >> oh, so embarrased. see you tomorrow. go penn state. >> go eagles. >> penn state.
9:57 am
(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
9:58 am
>> announcer: live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ say it like you mean it feel it baby feel it ♪ now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: welcome to my co-host, my studio audience.
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