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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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are injured in lower manhattan. this is a live look at the scene right next to the west side highway where a bike path runs parallel. witnesses say a man in a rented truck plowed on to that path and into bicyclists and pedestrians. fox news channel reporting that man eventually slammed into a schoolbus jumped out, started yelling. waving what has turn out to be a fake gun which is when police officers shot him twice. he's in custody. >> there are reportedly six people dead right now. the truck apparently collided with a small bus and then another car. our chris o'connell joins us live in operations center with more on this attack. chris? >> reporter: obviously iain this situation is still unfolding in new york at this hour. but this is the latest we have. at least six people are dead. nine others are injured when a motorist plowed into pedestrians on a bike lane beside the west side highway in the lower west side of manhattan. take look at some of the video. it is disturbing afternoon in manhattan.
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a truck driven by a man we understand is a rented home depot van on to a busy bike panel for eight full city blocks. this all going down near the world trade center. he struck more than a dozen people at one point ramming a schoolbus. we are told he emerged screaming and firing what could be a gun. that could be a fake gun. fox rick leventhal saying his source is saying that the man came out of that vehicle screaming in arabic. suspect was shot by police. he is now in the hospital and in treatment. and being questioned by police. >> the driver, he didn't look like he was bleeding or anything per se. but, um, he did have a noticeable limp as i was getting out of his car. he look like he was dragging his foot and screaming in the stre street. he looked frustrated, panic, confused. from there, a whole bunch of customers started running past me whole bunch of people came
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running past my way yelling he's got a gun, he's got gun. >> reporter: now the fbi and the new york city police have activated the joint terrorism task force. fox reporting they do believe that this was an act of terrorism. now, some witness accounts saying this truck was driving down the bike lane at anywhere from 40 to 50 miles an hour. those witnesses say this was at least looked like certainly a deliberate act, of course, we'll be following the rest of this throughout the night and have it to you when we get it. lucy, iain. >> thank you chris. by the way, apparently this rented truck from the home depot had new jersey plates. so where in new jersey we still don't know yet. we'll find that out. we're waiting for news conference which should be shortly actually taking place. of course, we'll check back in with chris when there's much more to report from his end. >> from now let's get back to shepard smith in new york and fox news channel.
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>> we still have it on our phone. i'm going to let you see the video as we saw it ourselves a few moments ago for the very first time. this he said was the man who had with him two guns. shepard -- that's the video lasts about 30 seconds, shepard. this is described as the perpetrator by the person who took this video. we are told that he appeared to be a heavy set man person who took the video said the gunman had two weapons with him, one appeared to be larger than the other. police are now saying that they were not actually firearms, one of them may have a paint gun or
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both of them and/or a beebee g gun. this individual was apparently shot by police according to reports. he was not killed. he is now in custody. another witness that we talked to just a few moments ago said he observed an individual two blocks from here on the bike way driving a vehicle, a rented what appeared to be home depot pickup truck. and he said, from what he can tell, it appeared the driver of that car intentionally tried to hit either pedestrians or bikers on the west side bike way here. this is along the west side of manhattan along the hudson riv river. the person i spoke to shepard said there was no doubt this appeared an intentional act.
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>> you can see for yourself what took place here just a short time ago in lower manhattan. here now the video recorded by an eyewitness. >> might give you a better perspective. a few seconds after this recording steps we understand that this individual was on the ground apprehended by police. we expect to learn a great deal more shepard arriving on scene very soon. we are told will be the governor as well as the mayor for the
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city of new york. but right now authorities still trying to piece together what happened here. but as you said at the start of your show, this does appear to be an act of terror. everything that the witnesses observed is consistent with an act of terror. none of the authorities going on record on camera here at this time saying that but it certainly looks like this was a terroristic act. there are now a number of published reports that say the gunman did shout allah akbar none of the witnesses that i talked to said they heard him say anything. but another report says he resembled someone of middle eastern decent. again, we expect to learn more in just the next few minutes. shepard. >> david lee, that video is crucial for us. if you can hold that phone up yet again up and down not the landscape view but the other view so that it's full screen and tilt it forward a little bit to remove the glare. i think we can get a much better shot of it. >> let's see. we're get a bunch of text.
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>> what david lee is showing live instead of this thing he recorded because he has a better view here. there we go. >> reporter: do you have it. >> we have it. we're ready. play. >> reporter: i think you've got it now. >> yes. >> two fake guns described by police the glare is obviously an issue but you get the idea. we'll be feeding this in in a more proper way at some point. but it was after that video -- david lee, thanks so much. after that video was taken that's when police engaged the suspect. he had what is now described to us as two fake vehicles, police from the early reporting they shot him two different officers fired shot him in the leg. he's at the hospital. again here's the location of where the carnage happened. that's the bike path on the left there. the highway on the right and then they'll pan all the way around and we'll be looking southbound. so the hudson river to your right. west side highway to your left.
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we're right about between chambers and houseon in the area below called soho in new york city where all this victims were. according to the authorities that man killed six people, officially injured nine people and we're waiting for a news conference to begin at one police plaza. the location of the headquarters of the new york city police department. our senior correspondent eric sean on scene there. we'll join him in a little while much the early reporting of the details came to us from our senior correspondent rick leventhal with us yet again. rick, update for you an look back. >> reporter: shepard, the video of the aftermath supports everything that we've been hearing about what happened down there which is a scene of carnage as this truck apparently went eight blocks south along the bike lanes hitting pedestrians and people on bicycles. killing at least six and injuring at least nine. law enforcement sources some of them local law enforcement members of the joint terrorism task force which works with the fbi tell me that the jttf has
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determined that this truck was rented from a home depot in jersey city and that members of the jttf are there now looking at surveillance footage trying to figure out who this person was if he was with anyone at the time that he rented that truck, who might have been with him. who might have been connected to this individual. they are fast tracking this now to try and make sure that there's no one else, no other threats lingering but they have told me law enforcement sources that this individual drove eight blocks south on the bike lanes, was stopped when he hit a bus, a schoolbus, got out as you saw from that footage, apparently with two weapons in his hands, one i was told was beebee gun. the other was a paintball gun, and officers shot him twice. he is expected to survive. they are now, again, trying to figure out exactly who he was. why he was there and what he did, what he did. sources telling us that he may have have been carrying a florida id and, again, probably likely rented that home depot
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truck from a home depot in jersey city, new jersey. shepard. >> okay. rick leventhal thanks for that. continue watching this video or whatever footage is coming in. i want to tell our viewers translate for those who aren't here if you look at manhattan on the west side of manhattan is the hudson river and then you get to new jersey, right? in the 30, fours there's the lincoln tunnel. with a couple of lanes in and out. if you go to the lower end of manhattan around canal street, in the area where this happened, there's the holland tunnel. if you get in the holland tunnel on the new york city side and you go under the hudson river, when you come out on the other side, you're in jersey city, new jersey. it is the first thing when you get out of lower manhattan and go across. it's the first thing you hit. there's nothing before it. but the river. the new jersey -- jersey city has a huge waterfront area that's built up in recent years. extremely high riverfront condominiums that tower into the sky and overlook lower manhatt
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manhattan. if you go just a little bit inland from jersey city you'll be able to get on a labyrinth of highways that takes you all over new jersey. you can go south down to philly. at any rate, over there is white right in jersey just the other side of the river that's where rick is reporting that he rented this truck from home depot. so literally a mile from new york city. but you have to go under the tunnel through the holland -- through the lincoln -- holland tunnel to get there. now, where all of this began was around the lincoln tunnel which also goes to new jersey in the 30s, 40s that's where this started. we're now getting reports he went at least nine blocks in the 103 what do we have? witness sound. let's listen. audio up. >> -- bodies looked like and, um,. >> okay, guys. okay. >> all right, guys. stand back, stand back, guys.
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>> anthony -- >> we're listening to a witness describe what he saw there and multiple reporters are in on it at once one reporter didn't want others hearing. you can see the media scrum that's there. we'll get official word from the new york city police department in a new conference that's scheduled to begin three minut minutes. our senior correspondent eric sean is there. eric, to you. >> reporter: good afternoon, schep. we expect new york governor andrew cuomo and the mayor bill diblasio as well as the police commissioner james o'neill to brief us momentarily right here. sadly become all too familiar scene here in new york and around the world. the specter of radical islamic terrorism striking the city yet again. i heard rick's comment about the home depot van truck pick up being rented in jersey city. it was a new jersey where the bombers of the world trade center back in '93 rented that van that then they drove into the world trade center the first radical islamic attack in 1990, notify fifth. the shooting in midtown hotel by egyptian follow we are of the
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blind shake rockman who had a cell in new jersey and in jersey city. that cell went on to bomb the world trade center in 1993. they have the landmark bombing plot in 1995 to bomb the worl world -- not just un building but lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel. lincoln probably where this van driver came out as well as we've had other terrorists plots that thankfully have been foiled. subway bombing as well as that attempt to try and detonate a car bomb in times square a number of years ago. new york city has detectives around the globe in many areas who specific job is to deal with these type of terrorist threats. so certainly this is a very fast moving and developing story. if they try and fine out exactly what the motivation of and who the suspect season if indeed he had any radicalization or help or direct assistance from any foreign terrorist group all part of the wide ranging investigation right now as we
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expect the mayor, the governor and the police commissioner as well as other officials to brief us momentarily. schep. >> we'll have live coverage of that here on fox news channel and fox television stations across the country. some color just coming into us from the new york daily news. i thought it was a cal halloween prank or something said the witness a witness of queens. i saw the gun -- i saw the gunman running in circle and i realized it was serious. nypd snipers took positions on the roof of city vineyard restaurant as cops flooded the neighborhood the daily news reports quoting we thought the guns were fake and it was a halloween prank said the stief stress rant high school student. there was a car crash and then i -- he started to shoot. again, this was 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. stive stress san high school which is literally an apple -- you can throw an apple to stuyvesant high school. just letting out for the day. halloween afternoon lots of kids in costume. people in costume all over the place. clearly the man did have fake guns. in fact authorities now say one
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was a paint gun. was was a beebee gun. and some people at least on scene thought that it was a halloween prank. some other information that we've just gotten in, we have a lot of new traffic issues in new york city which i want to mention. manhattan bound lanes of the huey kerry tunnel that is the brooklyn battery tunnel that's what locals know it as brooklyn battery tunnel is shut. traffic in lower manhattan is in gridlock. there's a gridlock alert in all of lower manhattan. police activity all along the lower west side of manhattan. we do not have an update on the annual halloween parade which was scheduled norgren new jersey niche village a million people expected to be at that. good luck getting there. you cannot in the wake of terror tack in new york city authorities believe this was terror related that the driver of that rental vehicle got on some where around house ton street traveled for nine blocks in the bike lane.
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one witness quoted to have said he was traveling in the neighborhood at 1.40 to 50 miles an hour in the bike path liter literally mowing over bicyclists and pedestrians before running into another vehicle which was crossing our understanding of things this vehicle that was crossing had the right of way at the time. in other words, the bike lanes would have had red light for lack avenue better term and bicyclists would have been stopping to allow cross traffic, and instead the perpetrator in this case continued to drive south in the bike lane much this is a northbound look and you can see victims in the bike lane to your left looking north up the west side highway then it will turn around and look to the south, and that's going to happen about now because i've seen this video before. the camera will pan to the left and now we're looking south. that's the hudson river to your right. the west side highway to your left, and there's this bike path you see helpers running along there you see cyclists who are down. people helping each other. bicycles crumbled in the background and then the video
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ends. this is the video of the perpetrator taken by a witness on scene described as appearing to be middle eastern decent carrying two fake weapons that have been described to us by police running around eventually shouting according to witnesses multiple witnesses allah akbar which is god is great in arabic and then being taken down by police. we believe in this area he's running around and you see police in the background there. at the top of the screen. this is the west side highway southbound lanes -- wait. that would be northbound lanes of west side highway because of the way the shadows were going. and this is the scene now in that neighborhood with that appears to be southbound traffic, yes, southbound traffic in pretty much gridlock in lower manhattan getting up to one of the bridges there and this is the chopper from wnyw. i believe that i'm not sure of
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which intersection this is but i know that southbound lanes of the west side highway you can see the shadows going -- in the long direction away from the screen. i don't know what 253 is, mark. >> witness sound. >> you can walk up to cross the street the kids -- process over the west side highway. we walk over i see home depot pickup truck that was smashed into a street post. i see two people laying on the ground with sheets covered with look like they had just been run over. west side highway are on thethe- edge. >> they were in the bike lane by the west side highway. and i see another gentleman over on the other side laying on the floor while ems was trying to assist him. >> reporter: did you at any point see the suspect a man with a jack with stripe across the back running? >> no. i didn't see anybody. only saw those three people who appeared to be injured. >> reporter: we now hear there
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are seven fatalities, 15 injured. >> reporter: they interview witnesses. let's listen. >> just can't believe there were so many people. i saw those three people and i thought maybe they might have been somebody in the truck. but i couldn't believe there was so many. i walk over there when you looked it didn't look like there was that many people. >> as we continue to listen to this i should note that the news conference from the new york city police department is beginning. our eric sean is letting us know we're expecting the governor, the mayor, the police commissioner and others to give us an update. we know some of the details of what's happened. we know that this vehicle began southbound. let's look at live pictures now as this is restricted interview. live pictures from out on scene as we wait for this news conference to begin. we know that -- we know there were questions about whether this man may have entered in the same vehicle farther north in the city. the west side highway runs the entirety of manhattan. it stretches from the bronx down into the upper west side.
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and then -- midtown in the theater district. but all the way on the west side of all of that, as you pass through midtown in the 40s, there's an area where there were reports that someone had gotten into the pedestrian and bicycle lane there. so there are questions about whether this man may have begun his trek farther north. but we know when the vast majority of this began he was somewhere around houston street the northern edges of soho i'd say the southern edge -- northern edges of soho. just after the numbers run out in the grid street and then traveled all the way down to chambers street. near the world trade center si site. very near stuyvesant high school just off the high line there. and it's believed that this is where it ended, and that it may have ended when he ran into another vehicle, ran into another vehicle then existed his own vehicle with those two fake weapons one believed to be
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beebee gun. one to be a paintball gun waving them around, and now the leaders of our city are entering the this is the picture of the perpetrator here taken from cell phone on scene as recorded from someone else's phone by our david lee miller and now authorities are beginning their update from one police plaza in lower manhattan in the wake of what apparent terror attack on the nation's largest city. let's listen. >> good afternoon, everybody. steve, we good. >> yes. >> all right. keep in mind this incident occurred a little more than two hours ago. all the information that we're giving you right now is preliminary and subject to change. after i speak you'll hear from governor cuomo and the mayor. bill sweeney from the assistant
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director in charge of the new york fbi offices standing up with me, too. members of the my executive staff. we have sy advance and members of the state police. first i just want to say today there's a loss of innocent live in lower manhattan. the dead and injured were just going about their days heading home from work or school or enjoying the afternoon sun on bicycles much this is a tragedy of the greatest magnitude. for many people from many families here in new york city and beyond today. i want to commend the response for nypd officer that was on post near the location who stopped the carnage moments after it began. also the work of the first responders including the fire department and ems personnel surelsurely helped safe additiol lives. i'll give more chronology in couple of minutes but right now i'd like to introduce mayor did you blass so. >> thank you commissioner. >> very painful day in our city. horrible tragedy on the west side. let me be clear to based on the information we have at this
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moment, this was an act of terror, and a particular cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians. aimed at people going about their lives who had no idea of what was about to hit them. we at this moment based on the information we have we know of eight innocent people who have lost their lives. and over a dozen more injured. we know that this action was intended to break our spirit but we also know new yorkers are strong. new yorkers are resilient, and our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence and act meant to intimidate us. we have been tested before as a city very near the site of tod today's tragedy, and new yorkers do not give in in the face of
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these kinds of actions. we'll respond as we always do. we will be undeterred. and i want to thank everyone at the nypd, all our first responders for their extraordinary efforts in the midst of this tragedy starting with the officer who stopped this tragedy from continuing. all of the first responders who came to the aid of those who were injured and investigator geishan is underway to get all the facts what we'll tell you today of course will be preliminary. but we know we'll get down to the bottom of what happened. >> i want to ask all new yorkers, all americans to keep the families of those lost in your thoughts and prayers. they will need our support. i want to ask all new yorkers to be vigilant. we know it's halloween night and
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we know in the days ahead people will be uneasy. we ask all new yorkers to live by the idea you see something, say something, tell an officer immediately if you see anything unusual, anything that worries you. be vigilant and know that there will be extensive additional employments of nypd officers this evening and throughout the days ahead. we will also keep you posted as this investigation continues and as nypd gains more information. governor cuomo. >> thank you. first, our thoughts and prayers are with those new yorkers who we lost today. it reminds us all how precious life is. they left the house this morning, they were enjoying the beautiful west side of manhattan on beautiful fall day and they're not going to be returning home. and that's shock and that pain
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is going to be very real and our thoughts and our prayers are with all of them. our first responders did an extraordinary job. nypd. , the fbi, the new york state police, ems, they -- we have the finest security on the globe, and to see them in action today proved that once again. the new terrorist tactic which they've called for publicly are these lone wolves who commit an act of terror. this is all very preliminary. it's only been a couple of hours, but at this point, there's no evidence to suggest a wider plot or a wider scheme. but the actions of one individual who meant to cause pain and harm and probably death
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and the resulting terror. and that was the purpose. we will be vigilant, more police everywhere. you'll see them in the airports, you'll see them in the tunnels. it's not because there's any evidence of any on-going threat or any additional threat. it is just out of vigilance and out of -- out of caution. and the truth is, new york is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. that's what we are. and we are proud of it. that also makes us a target for those people who oppose those concepts, and we've lived with this before. we felt the pain before. we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and
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we go forward stronger than ev ever. we're to the going let them win. and if we change our lives, we concord ourselves to them, then they win and we lose. we'll go about our business again there's no on-going threat. there's no evidence of that at this time. so there's no reason to have any undo anxiety. you will see more security forces, but that's only because it's an abundance of caution and not a signal of anything else. and they'll be continued investigation and justice will be done. but, again, to those we lost they're in our thoughts and our prayers. to the first responders, thank you. thank you, thank you for the job you do. you put your life on the line every day.
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do you it better than anyone else. and to new yorkers, be new yorkers. and live your life and don't let them change us or deter us in any way manner, shape or form. >> amen. >> thank you. thanks governor cuomo. thank you mr. mayor. as i said i'll go through the chronology here and i know when i'm done you'll have a lot of question. we won't go too deep into it. it's only two hours. aft i get done with the krohn nothing. dan nigro will talk about the injuries many 30:00 5:00 p.m. a male driving a rented home depot pickup truck enter the the west side highway bicycle path and houston treat began driving southbound striking a number of pedestrians and bicyclists along the route. chambers street the truck collide wade schoolbus injuring two adults and two children. after the collision, the driver of the truck 29-year-old male
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skited the vehicle brandishing two hand guns. uniformed police officer assigned if the first precinct confronted the subject and shot him in the be a much the subject was wounded and transported to local hospital. the paintball gun and pellet gun were recovered at the scene. the subject's identity not being released at this time pending further investigation. at this point, there are eight fatalities reported in connection with this incident. several people have been injured and commissioner nigro from our fire department will discuss that. dan? thank you, jim. as police commissioner said, six of the people died. they were pronounced at the scene between houston street and chambers street. they were all males. two others were transported in traumatic arrest and were pronounced at the hospital. we also transported 11 people all with serious but at this
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moment not life threatening tension injuries. injuries are what you may expect as a truck went at high speed down that bicycle path and struck bicyclists and pedestrians. there may be more injuries as people self evacuated and we will determine that later as we do our survey. but that's the patient count and the, um, the deaths as we know it now. >> all right. at this pope we'll take some questions. >> miles, hold on, hold on. miles. (question from reporter). >> have you guys talked to home depot about being vigilant about this. >> john you want to talk about the program little bit? >> sure. >> as you know through the shield program we do very wide
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out reach. we have just under 20,000 members in the private sector. after isis, magazine came out with the issue just about two years ago around this time of year suggesting car attacks you'll recall one of the targets they suggested was the thanksgiving day parade, we went and did extensive out reach to the truck rental business. we visited over one freight truck rental locations in this area. the obvious once u-haul, rider, home depot, et cetera, and talked about suspicious indicators, ways to come forward, after attacks on the german christmas market after niece we repeated those visits two more times either by making telephonic contact, e-mail or going back to the same places. so the industry has had a high level of awareness on this matter from the nypd.
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>> commissioner, is there any indication that the suspect is a lone wolf perhaps radicalized here in america or -- >> it's way too early to discuss that. this just happened two hours ago. that's of course part of our investigation. (question from reporter). >> initially we thought it might have been but it turn out not to be. >> do you know if he had a residence in new york. >> this is all part of the investigation. (question from reporter). >> there was a report of schools under lock down. (question from reporter). >> no, this incident is over. it did end right by stuyvesant high school we to make sure that all the kids were taken care of and we held them in place for while and it was important we do that. but this incident is over. >> david? >> hold on. hold on. david. >> commissioner, do you have the age of the suspect and the
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victims. was there any indication earlier... (question from reporter). >> he's a 29-year-old male and i'm not going to talk about the truck right now. >> right there. >> can you relate what the suspect said allah akbar, if so, that is the only indication this may be an act of terrorism or what else -- >> he did make a statement when he exited the vehicle and if you just look at the mo with at tack, that's consistent with what's been going on. so that along with the statement enable to us label this a terrorist event. >> not right now. >> do you have this nationality and is there any intelligence leading up to this if there was something in the works. >> again, two hours old and we'll update you as we go along. >> lenny. >> whose in charge of the investigation. >> it's being conducted jointly with the nypd and fbi. (question from reporter). >> from florida. >> i'm not going to go into that. >> john.
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>> prep question from reporter (. >> john, not right now, no. >> yes. (question from reporter). >> after the times square incident, i talk about this any incident that happens in new york or happens in the country or around the world we have to learn from that. of course we'll take a look at that. (question from reporter). >> he's in the hospital. i'm not going to tell you what hospital. i'll left cheese gomez talk about what we're doing for the halloween parade tonight. >> carlos. >> in less than 90 minutes that parade will kick off. we'll proceed with the parade and certainly we've added more resources, more police officers, heavy weapons teams, vehicles the street leading to the route and heavy weapons being seen at key iconic locations. (question from reporter).
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>> this is why we do investigations. initially, i'm sure whoever put that out wasn't sure what the event was and now two hours into it this is the determination that we made. >> the first row. (question from reporter). >> too errly in the investigation to know that. rocco. >> (question from reporter). >> i haven't look at the video yet. weary receiving as much video as possible. what we do know he entered the bike path at houston street and exited the bike path at chambers street when he collided with the schoolbus. there are no intersections on the west side of the bike path between houston and chambers. hold on one second. in the back there. (question from reporter). >> dan, do you have that? >> among the injured that are serious but not life threateni threatening. >> among the injured that are serious but not life threatening. >> yes. >> were they the only two
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children on the bus? >> we're not going to talk about where the home depot was rented from just yet. bob, do we know how many people were on the bus. >> there were two adults and two children on the schoolbus. in the back. >> lisa. (question from the reporter). >> don't know. that's part of the investigation. we don't have that yet. >> there's a lot of information to be gotten. we wanted to give you preliminary. we're getting into detail questions. we'll give you another briefing as more information comes available. but i'm going to at this point ask you to wait until further information is available. >> i'll just close this off by saying, look, again, nypd is investigating this with our federal partners. with our state partners. there's going to be a very, very thorough investigation. the most important thing is governor cuomo said as commissioner o'neill said, people should go about their business knowing that nypd is
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out in force with our partner agencies tonight and throughout the week. very important additional measures are being taken for people safety. but the bot line is, we're going to go about our business in the city of we're not going to be deterred and get updates later on in the evening. thanks, everyone. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks governor. >> there you go. police the governor and others explaining eight people have been killed, multiple injured. as the suspect we've been reporting throughout the afternoon entered around houston street traveled multiple blocks i believe it's about nine to chambers street in the area of the 9/11 memorial and the world trade center. according to rick leventhal reporting shouting allah act brrr wandered in the streets and we've seen the video of police taken down by police now in custody. eight dead. mull pell jr. two our senior correspondent rick leventhal now. rick? >> reporter: shepard, the authorities have confirmed what we've been reporting this
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afternoon, that this does in fact to be a terror tack. they have the suspect in custody as you mentioned he was shot after exiting his vehicle at chambers street. he apparently entered the bike lanes at houston in a truck that was rented from a home depot. i'm told by members of law enforcement joint terrorism task force rente rented in jersey ciw jersey at a home depot driven into the city and on to bike path where he struck at least 20 some people. he killed eight. wounded at least 12 others. down the bike path and wounded -- and hurt some people who were on the schoolbus that he struck when he reached chambers street. you see the vehicle there with a damaged front end. one had he hit that schoolbus he injured two adults on the bus and two children. got out. according to police sources yelled al lack akbar and began running into the street h2 weapons on him a beebee gun and pellet gun -- i'm sorry paintball gun as police confirmed during the news conference that's when he was shot by nypd on duty down there. shepard, this is just across the
5:40 pm
street from one world trade and the ground zero site. there is already a heavy police presence there and that has only been beefed up and as you heard, they are continuing with plans for the halloween parade tonight in lower money man in new york city. but there will be sand trucks blocking many of the cross streets. there will be heavy weapons teams and other additional security on scene because of any concerns about a follow on attack and certainly the mood at that parade can't be what it might have been considering what has now happened in lower manhattan but shepard the most important thing to hear from that news conference was that there is no evidence to suggest there's anyone else involved or any other plots currently against the people of new york city but they're obviously investigating and we don't know what they'll find a couple of hours after this incident. >> certainly don't. rick leventhal, thanks so much that. parade going from spring street up to 16th street. so from lower manhattan all the way up through greenwich village and up to the border of the
5:41 pm
chelsea neighborhood just north of union square for those of you familiar with new york. so just a few blocks east of this area where the terror attack happened. and that parade which in previous years has drawn a million people or more will go on as planned under the umbrella of new york will continue. we will continue to operate. we will not change our way of life. we will not change our activit activities. no one guy with a rented truck who comes barreling down a bike path will change live in new york city. that was the unmistakable message from our leaders from the podium from run police plaza where our senior course respond eric sean standing by life now. eric, to you. >> reporter: schep, as rick indicated, when i asked if there's any indication that this suspect is a lone wolf or a tide potential toll any international terror plot or maybe radicaliz radicalized, they would not comment on that. that all pending the investigation but it is important and poignant to point out that this incident occurred
5:42 pm
very close to the world trade center which is now one world trade center. beautiful site of the west side. as we heard from deputy police commissioner john miller the city has had a remarkable effort method to try and reach out. he said, to 20,000 businesses in the new york city metropolitan area including all of the truck rental firms and van rental firms that are response to the previous incident that is were in nice, very similar to that when a suspect drove that rented truck right along the boulevard in nice. this site similar to that in the sense that it's on the edge of the hudson river but clearly part of the investigation will be who this man is. where he indeed rented that truck in jersey city. they know now and what he told them when he apparently rented that truck. we do not have any confirmation on the name of the suspect. they are not releasing that publicly now but clearly all part of the investigation which is in its very early stages.
5:43 pm
we're also told that that suspect had a paint gun and a pellet gun. not a 22 or 38 caliber gun when he came out of the van after it was caught off by that schoolb schoolbus. that is where new york city police officer why they call them the finest on post saw what was happening and took the suspect down who is now recovering in an unidentified hospital. shep. >> david -- eric sean, thanks. we now have confirmation inside sources at bellevue hospital in new york city. two have been taken, work patients have been taken and are in the operating room. one with lower extremity injuries. two others are stable and are not in the operating room. and the perpetrator has been or at least was or has been there received a gunshot wound and according to fox news reporting, the gunman was taken to bellevue hospital under heavy guard. treated for -- i'm sorry? has been treated for his injuries.
5:44 pm
again, four people, two in operating room now at bellevue hospital on the lower east side with lower extremity injuries. again, they were the ones hit by the vehicle. two others are stable. not in the operating room. the perpetrator there, too. after receiving a gunshot wound. david lee miller whose been reporting from the scene and had that extraordinary video of the perpetrator himself we believe wandering around in the streets of lower manhattan. david lee, to you. >> reporter: hi shepard. still great deal of shock in lower manhattan. this now as dusk begins here in an area that is still desperately trying to figure out what happened. just a few short hours ago. and this tragedy coincides with the start of halloween adding an erie element to what's taking place here. many people walking through the streets now in costume in lower manhattan. also, worth noting some of the witnesses we talked to thought that this was some type of
5:45 pm
halloween prank. sadly, we know now that was simply not the case. short time ago we talked to a witness, a college student here, who recorded the perpetrator fleeing. you can see the video now and i can describe for you what the witness told m me he overred. he was walking on bridge over the west side highway on the west side of manhattan when he saw an individual running, that's the individual you'll see in this video carrying with him what appeared to be at the time two hand guns. we now know that they were either pellet guns or paint guns. a few seconds after this video came to an end, that's when the shooter was apparently shot at least once in the leg by the police. he is now being treated at bellevue hospital here in new york city. other who's saw this unfold say that there is no doubt in their minds that the individual who was driving in a rented vehicle,
5:46 pm
a pickup truck, from home depot we now know intentionally tried to mow down both and/or pedestrians on the west side high -- bicyclists one witness saw at least two bodies that were covered over with some type of material, both of them appeared to be dead. few moments ago we heard from authorities who now tell us eight people have been killed. as many as 12 people have been injured. authorities still trying to figure out more about the perpetrator. but consistent with everything we have heard, shepard, authorities are now investigat investigating this as an act of terror. this is now a joint investigation by the new york city police department as well as the fbi. it appears there was only one perpetrator authorities as best we know at this hour not looking for another individual. this appeared to be a lone wolf acting out. we do not know the catalyst for this, why now. a few short hours before halloween when the streets of
5:47 pm
lower manhattan are packed with thousand and thousands of people. there's a halloween parade that takes place. the city of new york saying that that parade is going to take place as scheduled. that people should go about their regular activities but authorities do point out there will be significan significantle security on the streets. lastly, shepard, worth noting here as bad as this tragedy was and it was horrific, it could have been a great deal worse. the incident took place around 3:00 o'clock. that's about the same time that a local high school dismissed students and there were hundreds and hundreds of kids that were heading home soon on that are way home. this incident not any any way connected as best we know with the high school. none of the school children were hurt. but it could have been worse. as it is horrific. at least eight people have been killed by a lone attacker. shepard. >> david lee miller on scene. reminder that stuyvesant high school, famous high school in
5:48 pm
the tri-state area letting out just before 3:00 o'clock this happened at 3:05. remember, normal high schools and normal cities across the country, school is over. they keep things contain you walk on campus get on a bus and they take you off campus much that's that is not what happens in new york city. there are buses most people get out they head to the subways they head to the public transportation buses. they walk in large groups and some get on bicycles and head up the west side highway to their home. so thankful that the young people from stuyvesant high school were largely not affect affected. we keep mentioning this halloween parade. because of the million people who are one expected to attend. the herculean task on the part of the new york police department dropped the banner. this is the root for this parade tonight. it starts now down on spring street, sixth avenue goes generally speaking up the center of the island of manhattan. houston street is the second area there. the second from the bottom. houston street that's generally
5:49 pm
speaking west of there where you see the one with the circle that's the one subway line on the one, two, three line on the far west side. about where this was where that one is in the circle lower left. then sixth avenue goes up past bleaker street iconic greenwich village up to west fourth street which is still in the village. you see washington square park over to the right there. then eighth street. then the new jersey path street station and get up to 14th street sort of in the center of your screen now. that's union square area and that's where it ends at 16th street. a million people along that area tonight all barricaded in and now authorities tell us that they'll be large sand trucks and lots of cops with long guns something to which new york city commuters and pedestrians have become somewhat accustomed in the years after 9/11. but certainly to have this level of security tonight such a high profile event astounding to know our new york's finest and bravest to pull such a thing off tonight with massive and
5:50 pm
expansive terror investigation on the lower west side. and then right there just to the east of there a matter of blocks you could walk from this to the halloween par are raid in five minutes on normal day. maybe ten. but with all the traffic tonight, certainly not. but to think that this police department and fire department are going to be able to handle up to million people who would go there is an extraordinary testament to the courage and bravery of the men and women who serve and their ability to make sure that life goes on because in this city, new yorkers know, as the mayor put it repeatedly, as the governor said repeatedly, as the police commissioner said we will go about our dale. no man in a rental truck will change live in new york city. we have a halloween parade scheduled for tonight for 1 million people. and it will happen in new york city because this is new york city. and one man in one rental truck from home depot is not going to change our lives an extraordinary statement on behalf of the new york city police department. so very proud and brimming with
5:51 pm
pride over what just happened there. will it be -- is it one of those matters i want to avoid for that. >> for some people it will be. i will bet you to the end of my life by the tens of thousands they will come in defines of this matter and out on sixth avenue. the kind of revel we're used to getting i'm confident it will not, not with eight new yorkers i presume most of them new yorkers dead in the streets of our fine city and so many others injured. but no question that life goes on. rick leventhal first to report here that this was believed to be an act of terror. we were all hoping. we were hoping that someone had made a wrong turn as we always do as happened in -- in times square not very long ago when a very drunk manmade a wrong turn and caused havoc and panic in the largest tourist district of largest city in the country and it turned out that wasn't a terrorist at all. that had been a man who was wasted out of his mind and went the wrong way on one-way avenue.
5:52 pm
>> yup. in this case, rick it's a whole different world. >> shepard as you well know since that happened in times square they put up concrete barricades along most of the sidewalks there to prevent anyone from doing what that apparently drunk driver did by driving up on to the sidewalk. they put up additional barricades to try and prevent that sort of thing from happening. unfortunately, down here in lower manhattan as you look at that bike lane, there are places where you can still drive on to the bike lane and sometimes maintenance vehicles will go in there, landscaping vehicles. but this is the first we've seen of an apparent terror attack on those bike lanes and of course that's going to mean they'll have to fortify those bike lanes now in the wake of what is now being called a terror attack by this individual who drove a rented home depot truck on to that lane right next to the west side highway and started mowing people down. a scene of chaos and terror. and he left at least eight people dead. at least a dozen injured. and as you reported, the suspect
5:53 pm
who was shot by police and is expected to survive is being treated at one of the hospitals where some of the victims are also being treated. among the victims a couple people and a couple kids who were on schoolbus. they got in the way of that guy. who knows how many on the people he might have hit if he had not hit that schoolbus and jump out and led to that video you saw of him running through the intersection there and apparently holding a cup couple of fakes guns in his hands. >> rick, to emphasize what the police said, zero reason to believe that anybody else was involved. i'm guessing viewers going how do they know that? >> reporter: they'll try and determine that. obviously they're working thon right now. in fact one of the things i was told by law enforcement a member of the join terrorism task force which works with the fbi that of course the fbi is the lead agency in anything terror related they are investigating this and have already gone to the home depot in jersey city just across the hudson river from new york city where this person apparently rented that truck. they want to look at the video. look at whatever evidence he
5:54 pm
left behind to see if anyone was with him when he rented the truck. how did he get there? did he leave a vehicle in the parking lot? is there anyone else connected to this guy that might have had knowledge of this attack and/or might have been working with him on other attacks? that's something the jttf is examining very closely as they must at this hour. shepard. >> we're not yet using his name but we certainly believe we know who he is. we know authorities know who he is. have they found anything about his background to your knowledge, rick? >> reporter: no. i know that they have an id. i know there's a name. but i have not been told anything else about this person beyond what was described to me as a middle eastern background and the fact that he did according to witnesses and law enforcement yell allah akbar when he existed his vehicle and began running into the intersection with a paint gall bun and beebee gun on his pers person. >> you always want to know, as new yorkers, we know that in the past, there have been cells of
5:55 pm
people sleeper cells might be describing it wrong, but groups of people of like mind and one or someone might go do something and then others would have similar designs and that's the reason for the questions. >> of course. >> i'm sure so many new yorkers have them. >> reporter: of course. they want to know anyone and everyone that this person had contact with in the last hours and days and weeks. who were this friends? who were this associates? who was he talking with? were there messages he can changed between any of these people? and if this was some sort of preplanned attack were there others in lined to similar things? as you've been reporting a major event with a million potential revelers in new york city and not far from this location scheduled for later this evening, and they will be beefing up security at the halloween parade. there will be sand trucks acting as blocker vehicles to protect other lanes of traffic from any vehicles that try to get close to the crowds. they'll have heavy weapons teams with long guns. snipers on rooftops. they have to do these things now because of the environment we live in today, shepard.
5:56 pm
but they're boosting it even further because of what has happened in lower manhattan this afternoon. >> my guess would be for people who don't have to work tonight we have to work but people who don't have to work that would be a big destination in new york city. it seems to be the flavor of the place. >> reporter: well, you know, the mayor and the governor and even the police commissioner were telling new yorkers to go about their business. that we will not be deterred by acts like this. i hope that that's the case. i hope that people remain strong and vigilant but at the same time shepard i mean it's hard to just turn your back on this much it's had a toward not think about it. i would be surprised if the crowds were as large as they might have been had this not happened i'd be surprised as well for technical reasons and transporation matter if's nothing else. rick leventhal fantastic reporting today. thank you. leading the new york city the paper of record and quoting from above the fold as of this hour, eight people were killed when a man drove 20 blocks down a bike path beside the hudson river in lower manhattan on tuesday afternoon before he crashed his
5:57 pm
pickup truck jumped out with fake guns and was shot by police officer the authorities said. federal authorities were treating the incident as a terrorist attack. we're taking the lead in the investigation a senior law enforcement official said. two law enforcement officials said after the attacker got out of his truck he was heard yelling "allah akbar" arabic for god is great. mayor bill deblasio said in news conference based on information we have at this moment this was an act of terror. and particularly could you warily act of terror aimed at innocent civilians. continuing the times reporting two law enforcement officials said the driver of the truck a 29-year-old man who came to the united states in 2010 was in quote grave condition. one official said he had rented that truck in new jersey. as an aside fox news is repor reporting in jersey city, new jersey. continuing the times reporting, the motorist driving south on the path in a home depot rental truck hit numerous people as nearby stive stress san high school was letting out for the
5:58 pm
day. officials said at least 15 people were injured. but officials were still working to assess the exact extent of the casualties. quoting now, he jumped out of the truck with a pellet gun yelled allah akbar and the first precinct lit him up unquote. that from a law enforcement official referring to a police officer who had been on post nearby. whom the authorities credit with saving lives. one of new york's finest. witnesses described gunshots ringing out people scrambling for cover. a street strewn with bodies and crumbled bicycles. the driver the times report who was shot several times being treated at a nearby hospital. fox news is reporting bellevue hospital. continuing the times reporting, he had crashed the truck into a schoolbus. it was unclear if anyone was on that bus. the police said they were not looking for additional suspects. a large section of west side highway was closed for the investigation as hundreds of officers including bomb squad, responded to the scene. the truck came to a rest near
5:59 pm
chambers street facing eastbou eastbound. students stive stress san high school reported they saw the man shooting from a pickup truck. then saw the truck turn and stride a schoolbus. raymond cruz 27 said the driver appeared injured. mr. cruz said he heard someone yell run. he's got a gun. run. run. several nearby buildings including stive stress san high school were placed on lock down. now the investigation begins. who was, hooks is this man? why did he do this? to whom is he connected? are there others in his group of similar mind? in the meantime, new york city rolls on. the afternoon rush is underway. the sun has set. the halloween parade is expected to begin one hour from now. 1 million people to pack into greenwich village to celebrate a night of revelry in america's largest city. and the police commissioner and the mayor announced the parade will go on. and we will protect the people of new york. and they you were them to go
6:00 pm
about their business. if you're watching on local fox station across the nation we'll return you now to local progra programming. on fox news channel on satellite and cable, special report with bret baier continues our coverage. i'm shepard smith. fox news new york. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. as you by now well know we have breaking news in new york city. what the mayor calls an act of terror. eight people have died. many more are injured. police say a man and a rented home depot truck we understand with new jersey plates plowed into bicyclists and pedestrians on a bike path in lower manhattan. we understand too that the man rented it in jersey city. now witnesses estimate he was going 40 to 50 miles an hour went 20 blocks. police say he crashed into a schoolbus injuring two adults and two children on that bus then jumped out the truck yelled god is s grace in arabic


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