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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 8, 2017 6:00am-7:03am EST

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leaving troop nerve critical can. >> new jersey voters elect new governor. ahead the man who will be leading the garden state as well as some other big winners, from election night in pennsylvania, and new jersey. good day everybody. it is wednesday, november theghth 2017. let november 8th, last year, is that wtrump was elected? the eighthsn't it? >> i believe it was. >> fullow.ight up 6:0 everybody. ay out there. >>desterday, it i cold. is it cold --er is it considered cold? >> let's ask sue. >> we have som temperatures in the 30' >> that's cald cold? until you see how it wil b apt fhteven now s e s g used to the tees. remedegrees mond to put in chillyga ac s be af yo git f withe ng he a moreng upat's not makg it degwi 39 rco pigochtono, andsn postown. 39 inar philadelphia, 41 per ke feeittle chillie thant. sunris coming a38. and d get igh oflittle below average f this time of
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tures in th seven dayast com up. good bob kelly. >> yoll be turning around when you the front door send out to d their business. 7:01 problems up here is ng rte one 95,re the gether.accident sou of one right at 95. as we live here, in our jam c soect delays coming out every trenton and through bucks county this morn septa exp delays across the board on many of its regcause of theery rales left over from the rain, and the wet leaves from yesterday here is a livek at the eastbound schuylkill expressway, accident off to the shoul montgomery drive. for the gang in philly mayfair circle area route one the roostnts svelt boulevard northbound at defer row accident in theer drivevereauraffic light& mak right. you to hook up with thealcony palmyra bridg closure count 202 stil block wp. lin earlyg. mike and alex back over >> 6:02 now. well our hearts are certainly still think th of the passing of roy hallade belovedmer philliespitcher d somet ed was the ooard the ine plane gulf of mexico. just of ironicallyclea florida. no reportsf problems ma call from roy.
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officials who rushed to the scene actually newim. they say he will be missed. >> many know roy as a cy young winner future hall of famer one of thepitc to eve game every bas now roy as a person, as a caring husband who led wife brandy,nd he ved& two boys, tre >> also talk about how w them actlly donated money so they cout a9. s >>. to that th our thoughts a with t boys. o outas it pilot error oroblems with the plane. >> his impact will b lansing, one o our four ace's,many pe juconnec him a r as roy woulde of t b fivse he saide ine roy covtstratjoe, joe coverrts you wilte >> you kt, hear the lot.n thereamed k9dofter holecthat was his nickname. we're here with the juststarting their s here, anthony and bob and aton, and one story that iw ask anthony about he would deflect any credit would
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give him evenis perfect game he said it was chooch, the catcher carlos who called the game. when he wins the cy young awards he said i sho this wards, it is the catch their got the he goes out g t trophy duplica trope for ruiz, and here is more on thatationship. >> tappingitcher at catcher.and they love each other. an doc himand spe eveish, t as asationship, a it was beautifufect battery, pitcher to catcherey somethingl. and that moment, when he gave the cy young, i mean and t perfect game, when he gave matt i mean, that was beautiful >> reporter: iny andwhere guys are pounding their chest in the end zone, to the testth just give credit to his teammates. and that plane by the way he was n that w plane seemed to be so safe t had parachute, to to could land on the water amphibious, sad part is he likes flying low over the water, that's what he twe on halloween like fly flying low over the water uld be pilot error the previouslane,
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the frightening near ad dsh earth year. m be thing ain doc wasn't stupid.& idn't mayb he just lov lowand maybe that is what kille him. but his love ofng g that he wanted to do, thate loved to do, most for us won't die that. if there isg positive in any least t loved doing after playing es, hoved love of flying ad wasilot? i thi fight p too at one point. >> sll morningng aboutoy. 6:06. vania state troop are arriving at thepital this mng to s off ic stine of >> yes he was shotiple ring that traffic stop. lauren, what weg about his condition this m r: mike his injuries were so severeaybe dollars their st. luke hospital. that's how was. investigators hav released hi or anything more than he's a 1 veteran though worked at other bell fa as barack after iss the citatirld daniel clary trooper down to discussashe the troop suspicious, waence o he performield est, then,ed to takimto resd to h car and sprague buloope on s the tbers in atg s te heofhe roa ehicley the goeryiolent.right now ore fighting fore, he is
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warrier. >> well the trooperhot back, but thepect still dro himself to nearby hospit he was transal hospit perfo surgeryn him he's long lis charges thismorn and the tentgery h andthateo tha we showed you months ago, awa escorted here hospital with a trooper, we don't know who shes,ng 10:00 o'clock, mike and alex, we'll ber thformatou oming on 6:08. exy. phil murphy will you new govern the garden state. he d out lieutenant governor kim go phil murphy 5% of the voteyefts contro th to the democfollowing eight years of republican rule, deci j the seventh state, where democrats will control both legislative branc executive branch. >> here in philly a long timecivil rights attorney krasner is our next t prosecut he defeatedbetg with 75% of vote krasner peop don't feel thejust syste works for them. allhe had louurth time comes manies des gal cor that d land him inson. he out repcantate dev matt thenctsportin>> interesting 6: nng
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>> so you can see the flas ng outhem of the plane airport says there wasn engine as the plane was placits appro theouched engine. s theng, kinds o deng this, what they call nobody was onoards, passengers weren't ooard just nonehe crew got hurt. when you are looking at that as you'reing ready to boorda plane? you. up, women, i2,:1>> new warning to northeapowerful presidentrump toim jong uns nong.
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>> look at that, snow in the poconos. also the pocono racew tweet were like ois h all excit >> yes i saw all of those big -- they had big flakes at
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the rac. >> as long as it doesn't move this way. i'm not red. >> i when you say w comingt's aof thrones? o realize, even though i've never seen an episode in my >> i know you guys haven't that's why you have me. to supplement, just a supplement. all right, so we have yesterday's rainmaker and snow makerove shore high pressure building in, but is anoiting in the wings and even c air behind it,nd thashat'going toe us out friday and saturday.but, for right now, its chegre philadelp we're in the 30's inpottstown, in reading in lancaster, it is 32 degrees up in the mountains trenton good morning,9. foo itlantic c windbout 12 mi hour he cy. makes it feelusttle co a with som cloud toee some sunshine, lot more tout theghou afternoonday, ver cloudy by 6:0 colds front movinghroughh colder i result, we g the0's today tomorrow tothe 40's, for high temperatures on friday, sa lows friday,nt ill be in the we to the 50' mo tuesday wednesd winter coat out ers, co of t b
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ting f kelly w warning.>> a warninget my fox t and ready go. findsy to snuhoy morning. live looktoute one oneou thefrenton to philade a accident here, this is t so itoute one for the outf bucks county lan inrom it, on the scene, tapping the b as you head on into 9a the schuylkill expressway,arting to see some vole. accident here momery drive off ramp, neighborhood s slippery all of the leaves still w that isolay, they're trying toair wires t weren om early morning crashalong 202 outgomerytyethouse and twp. line.swedesford road road probably g to bour thy ughunty this morning. the gan comfrom sng use thet cway. look outnd the lane excusete, lan alsl oflutd proaguarstatagwaioefus o ray. yesteke and ale back oveto>> bob y >>e details w hthe chu shn brin was ny after threatening to kill hismilitaryerior, tsn firearms onto the >> d more red flex. >> discharged from beating his wife and a using his stepson. i believe itas a different words for bect wasn't hono recall. days e.
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s in you're a domesticrot supposed to own waist a domestic'sver s ques f thousands slip throug cracks.east fou sho ain in theospitaerio or cwo them are >> can come some of these families sue the air f being talked s n virginia. pol t cok neck into tningsaying they wereide, b hen be ends dee repu gesby b ear with 53% of of people saw t race as ont trump's policies. recent rachel unrestttesville, may ha played a role in the outcome. people trying to analhat morning.0 is thepresidt truing in ing thisng.therdcoun tour ofa. off tri china over mid trade with north will miosotis familia will meewi ent. the visit to kidge hth top s nakount butrll cilized i t north not underestimate us,nd do try us, wilefends onity, our shared and our sac liberty. >> day visitochina presint to push acc massieseke wl ilto ve con r all moonn ndy. ois feammatescol, tweet message but also,messages on
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that play for. what ooh youre memord you hit perfect theadio?
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>> royy was baseballr and greatat's beiaday diedn t afternoon, after plane the coa florid young a hisnce the mound,phillies are remembering. >> he has leftessiony to me, butf us, a lot of us grew up watching r halladay play. i w fortunate enough to be able to sit in the dugout, and share a loc him. f t phillies family tweeted condolances as well, ryan howardaiad day. wea great player, even humanng. prayers to brandy, ryan and bringden, we will miss y
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roy. i'm stunned toea news ofy halladay. peace my friend. that's sport in a i'ristin rogers>>th guikde ou in.weig in the souy on twitter. in over t terrible roy ha pitcherrew up a andtingay f and friend. riy m ladeheyed tslesad ef t learnassing o ofhiroy ah his dse f di ph ladelp o area, they r ament swingluenhowany peopleed. torxers the ou u e d simmonshe s he woint boards, it was a g game.97 i your final. th a fivstreak folks. all a tohilly, whenmes to >> i wh. i . won friday.pouestion: what are you do tnun .ime sundayow. is noe. >> wed togethf folastanto isall and shop with a woman. >> is tption?>> a option.nd canch of course zone.. k only h lef core don't ehose w te to cek. how coluren?epor good morning to you pennsylvania statetriving at side at i tel abo wha
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horning ais tea remember his lifend le plus,cents hesitant fly. une leaves pennsyical condi. atice sd in momen height w >> w tweet your cracterter users mo expre note h know who thauld this >> you have 28characters in. have 2 on't even t e-twee >> i'm a waste of 280 charthat's a waste.ou knowi d even have it and
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iactue 280aracters worth info want on'ttival ofiesn.ds you're good day everybody it isesday nr t eighth, u have 20 d tweeted outhecang usi f hostct a crealized ididn't many. some mor tha true. y >> a g to re 3s,ps g coaoday at the bus sto foior awhile, probably use tem30he n1,phia. thir inmowetaabou pottsto39 trenton and in milleevi start yout bel.ilithmihournde'bout it o morning, nice result of n we t hhaave early as w tod creezoreain in todthercoming throughliast ahead in ou r station firne yr b heate s >> err you thator.ook, i thi isohhi see re havin start. this would median here. ninety-five north there is the academy road onramp. ters just pp.ooe t g everybodyto w be ture w thetus i loinately m one car. doh grassy ditc. that'saccident iy,d side oe one rig themps.'s goi t cominut la trenn.l expresswhings littleamp alleearl there off the si m aontomery.peco trying to tiehe h 20outeween lndad. swisedes b mningki us pdeus to a levelyben't think could you made talking about justybody,ab mout f halla died a plane yesteerrde
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ay. the gulf of mexico. just offer the coa of clearw flori morning n be back outnvestigating the plane crash thatay. the beloved pitcher was thely perhe single whe it the shallow wate g ofheic thfwa florid there were no reports of problems or even aay day callmalladay. roy willmbered as on of thepitc s the moubut to thehia arehe more, wasn't he? >> tha sure. he retired as toronto b jay?ut wlaimlaime. heo,eporter: that was untanding, therigned dayco tendsto do,ophas a cd that was despigetting theis her eat richn h hey,e' morning tm t a on us,-hostser l timat rig news andfrny antho garganover& there.rmally hey the sixers won their six go name row last night. how abo season. >> but again we're here for sad news. and we all ul always talkinut current events athletes and w the greats to gave us so great unless they to the hall of fame or unless some tragic story like this happens. >> it is tough. when you lose grates, go back, rnd shouldn't a d ithoul somebody leaving the planet phy and remember all of the great things. but unfortunateity of t has been hard on thes, b you also
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balance that with a rebirth. baseball will bek in about a year. ere i t again you already have that feeling th cartz yb withhalladay was on the mount, i wasn, expectin domso it is c back. >> the sport writers that vote people in to these hall of fame. and one of the voters for the baseball hall every fame is tht well knownbably sport beat reporte and that's tim at ospn. he said last night doc sure fire hall of famer. so it will be a day in cooperstown as earlys next year, five years you're eligible. don't be surprised if the voters write him i not only great athlete but sport write letters show their bias if somebodys mean to them they pull tm out when somebody is good to them that gives little push. everybody, every sports writer that you will hear talk about halladay tells us what a great person he was, in the lockerroom, the stuff you see in the print or you didn't see on television but tough days sometimes to try to talk to somebody after a tough loss halladay new weed had a job to do, guys.
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>> everyone talks about his work ethic, how hard and dedicatede work. >> at the stadium constantly running laps and stuff. when everybody else was not there yet. 6:36. >> chase utley releasing this statement through the phillies, he said, words cannot describe what it feels like to lose a friends like roy. ultimate teammate with the with a fashion for being the best. i'm honor to have a will a chance to compete with you roy. my heart goes out to brandy his boys, rip doc but knowinou rest is in your vocabulary. e won't be resting up there in end. chooch releaseds statement late last night. i wanted to win more for him than myself, i will miss him very much my thoughts and prayers are with list family and loved ones and all every those, me, who truely admired him. >> they had a special relationship. they were really close. >> certainly. him forct game and give him for no-hitter, his c.ertainly sharing more about roy. we to hear from you guys, guys have any memiesher y w watching
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th no-hitter,ct >> rich the one night he pitched a perfecte but the als against blackhat a for philly. >> i hope that i have right t just came to my memory. yes, trying to watch both, tv game, listen on radio advice verse a it was a great night. 6:37. pate n the line of duty the trooper had pulled over a driver for speeding, and the situation quickly turned violent. ve us apdate.cause t happened yesterda lauren report report morning a fighte t. luke's emergency room, actualnt un here, the pennsylvaniace corporate was shot three times af he thought going be a rouffic stop. the driv different plans thel of 14 year teran spotted the dark colored carg on lie way in plane field towhehe the driver about to pull awa on route 33 when t 22 y wro usstation, and how he for cted the driver being under the influenceop e for back up for his and h tried to take him intocustod thattpen. suspect back to har arted shootin troop
6:23 am
while ers shot back. er. he wenhr tafter figh along t of the road. has a will t live. god willing he's going to pull through this. >> reporter: check extremely critical inj e condition as for the suspect he drove himself easton fhatar. it was searched later towed away asnce, the entire back windshield completely blown out from bullets. state police say video of this fight was captured on camera'll try to to see whatappe exactly. we khis morning and the 5:00 troopers arrived here at the hospital with a woman and escorted heride. we're expected to l more at 10: ale we'll finds outned and bring t al>> thank yourenm to thelections f ye >> some of the so civil rigs attorney larry krasner has bee as nextict attorney.efeated republican bet grossman with a 75% of the vote. the 56 year old rana campaign focused ont inch equities in the criminal justice system. >> this is a plan date for a t is lou tell it wants. and what it wants is criminal
6:24 am
in ways that require transformational change within the philade districtorney' osnerasdotesters arrested during the republican national convention here in 2,000 also defends the membe every black lives matter. many thereto s him l night. well, atla als elected democratic city councilman frank gilliam. he beat the currentican don guardia 48o 47%he vote. >> oh, that' close. >> in the past couple of weeks, the race, you know, turned kind of nasty back and forth with guausing gilliam o running voterud operation, of course, gam denied tho claims. >> 6:40. >> jenn fred headed out to chester county today had a chance to talk to eagles defense of long chris long. >> oh, here is jen and quincy with a preview of what jen has coming up. >> did you hear g cobb was making fun every chris long? >> i heard. >> the thing is that just a little too stiff. up know, he' just doing this. >> yes. >> do you have shake that thing up for au know what i aming.
6:25 am
>> ya. >> you couldn't, you know you got to -- that's what you got to do. common. >> okay, guess who comes in chris long. so i talk to him later. long? >> yes. >> he will rye? >> the chris long. we're best friends you know. >> any four letter words other than long. >> listen, he is not happen which g cobb. he wants to have a show with me. >> of course. >> thank for having a show with me. >> because of you. >> moving on. but he did say that g cobb, he is watching you. >> as you noticed i'm kind individual yes. >> you are. very, very kinds. >> there are some people at my tv station are so kinds. >> rea >> te talking smack on the sack dance. >> on the sacance oh, i think i sawhat. >> so later this morning chester county between like to 9:00 a.m.o to sean the vet yo. then go to sch in chester counnatc >> alw >> do you have g cobb's number? >> better tell him.>> chr is cg f you got toy ca did a g sp a dance forur
6:26 am
the christ long jenn fred show will be called the long and short of h, nice, iike that. >> i d know would ever do this. would g into a car idn' have aver?you kn less car thng around? yt is the fure s it already h >>re stas s, troad i w se'tates hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? nces. like a hot water heater? it's around he somewhere. nope.
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nope. this thing? r, hed the bas huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. ife not an expert, co c we havlots of ways to hel save energney. peco. the future is on. >> couple e cars in the ditch here. so y both northndn 95. aca roa in bucks county, route onethbound, rig 95 m off to sh bu cauays fore, f co wroerthis is c nse and line.pefully we'lln before theourr. to southersey.t 295 as you rollrough
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cherry hill downsterounty, no proor delays.a expect some delayson theegional rail line an to in bucks wayorrow. i'm going too live york road right before o see you county starting 9:00 tomorrow. yourast for hump day, sue be hasn 15 seconds. >> 6:46. so we have the colds front come through after we got to 70 degrees on m yesterday, w had some high pres bing in. but it i still going to be onthe chilly side eveol th is on the way with a second cold front. that will com through late in the day on thursda making morning'stures probably colder than this. forty-one city. thirty-eight pottstown. th-nine trenton. forty-twodwood. for most of us that's quite colds enough tha you v specia time of year. but no, it will get hour win make it feel a lit chillier. we few lingeri clo buonn.
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and the sunill win out now we jumpo thursday more w su t afn, though, it is very cloudy. and then w get sront stronger one with even colder aird it. some quick showers moving through with that. and the differe you'l definately by theafteso g fro t t an ost's littl better sunday. but temtures stay belowerage througsore w or fridaydo w't w >> yes, yes. >> sue, i think you were h morning remembeoupl years a there was a reporter wast v f the carol inasshot livenision.mb that. >> oh, forget it. ying. >> her boyfriends was also an anchor at the tv station. and he watching that morning, as his girlfriends was killed live o talked to him that morning. day i think. >> the n day bec his i h he gr up just outside of philadelphia. >> and so now he's left his career as a news a theoting, and now he for office. >> and he won. >> the democratte republican i joseph d represent va's 12in vir chris'ampaignack ba by gun controls, focused on education
6:30 am
enenhris' girlfriend,eramewas alison parker, and hsca bothhoand kill-w thav station now it was two yea ago and he decided to turnyou doingmething about what is importan and he ran won. >> making a difference. >> he won. >> 64:89f baseball was roy hal days ' first love, well, flying was cents his second. >> yesilr left be trail just how important piloting was to him. karen if you followed him on twitter and socia m hays was postieos, what clouds feel cld you he was really into >> oh, absolutely loved it. one every his biggest j passion,sion from his ch ne of the things did he after he retired from baseba about f years ago was to rent planes a lot ofo pilot license, but his wife was concerned, brandy her name, all about the whole process. his dad harry was corporate pilo that's why he grew up a mid planes in the shadow of so many ahe had been a frequent renter specifically of the kinds he bought icon aircraft, did he get one just recently. this is video from that company that they put out of
6:31 am
him going all aro facilities, there taking a look through all of they didake it off youtube hours after this tragedy. he jus, very much so.brandy was concerned about her husband's passion. >> i'm brand halladay, roy i dn't grow up the way royidn'tith airplanes or comfort level like he did in small airplanes. >> she has fought me the whole way. >> hard. i fought hard. i was very a it. i went down with him one day to the training center in saint pete. and the said oh, do you want to go u for a ridd i g up that plane i look over and i sd i get it. thiss you're in a plane. j there and your experiencing the walt water, the lake, where ever you are, now that we're going to have one real excited. tainly died doing heuld yo over social dia jus all every th picture being uphe clouds howutif ut aol l and tra breaking for all of us after learn fi the pla had crashed than it was his plane and that he was the only on board. on boards this one. so lotsfs also ng o this one as willuys.>> thatux
6:32 am
shot noth >> twoweeks ago when got the plane my. >> karen. fans weighing in of o passing. just a few people, craig sent this to me yeste lost my job t my home in 2008. i was living inhville at the time. felt and asham a miles from home. but i had the yes, he had his belovedphillies. i was living in my car when they won series and aga whether he pitched his nlds no-hitter, gave m hop th doc. man the importance of sport. and then d halladay this hur o reurts.i'roke ihink word'v since it happ heart break i'mken. lookingitizens bank parkast night we showed o s theyut e to seeingopleing flowers canll signed by. >> so if you drive by stadium on look over to youreft or right. bel they still hav up on the billboard thereo you can seere inlightsbly c think the ba board isward 9a may
6:33 am
6:34 am
ver get a crav i i do and the milk shake oh,e g, you know, ice cream at and they say the mac broken>> it seemse it iss s, specially one whenthe one with carmel suny with the carmel on the bottom. >> anybody's goi by a mcdonald's, fourth at,where we r not beggianythingut
6:35 am
t nk >>hii i the bodown g anay youheot theine down? re is an app on youre, checkd'ouw if the maine isdon'hey jt get bette ma do y create an app t tell thu brok >>t dependen. indew that particular motorcycle done al's their machineskenunless they let t independent app the checking i lways people to theple know, it isorking. eo>> serious about mem w machnald'sey don't they?>>eople- yes t till mc f i it get flu tore 7:0 teveike as you'r ll t sbouthelyers theies, onha pctng can yo cover, as te, great stories
6:36 am w? we e we eat alm ies... ...quinoa. ...we eat chocolat in sw... ..irts. togwomeare stro we eat, and we o l sp philad t.a g secondishenev cut wayooe eadt plane c the gulf mexico. mor dni
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