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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  November 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> after a day of traveling comes day of eating. many turkeys in the oven right now, if you're a procrastinator, buy one of those frozen birds, you better put it in some cold water and put it in water for the next ten hours, the mash potatoes, green beans, stuffing, mac and cheese, all of the good stuff. we take you across the delaware vale, where one place is cooking up some delicious birds, another place offering some deals you won't finds anywhere else. great to have you with us this thanksgiving. mike, good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. >> are you a big turkey guy? >> i am a big turkey guy, i wasn't going to cook it this year, at the soup market, they
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have the special where you hit a certain amount and get free turkey, so i ended up getting free turkey. so the wished in the oven. i just checked with my local fire department. no fires at the house right now. so we're doing just fine. >> scanners aren't going off. we're doing just fine. >> take a selfie. this was was me at 1:00 a.m. disappointed look, little concerned because the birds, there is the happier look, right before i was heading out the door. a lot of fear, a lot of fear in those eyes, so we'll see when i get back home, see if the birds is deflated or not. >> hey, when you get up this morning, i know you're probably preparing a lot of different dishes, take a selfie by the turkey, sends it in, we will air it this morning here on "good day" philadelphia. happy thanksgiving to you. of course, bob, karen, sue, have the morning off. but mike is in, good to see you. >> here we go. we've got a cold morning out there, thomas, a lot of people like the cold thanksgiving theme. and that's what you've got today. starting off with morning right around freezing, 32 degrees, winds backing down some. so the parade looks good to go. it is going to be cold, if you
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are headed down there, with temperatures that are right around freezing, 20's for the outer suburbs, you know, we have a lot of company with these cold temperatures, up toward albany, to boston, out toward quebec, it is 19, around 28 degrees, pretty chilly stuff across town, satellite and radar really confirms, there is nothing doing. i mean, all of the national hubs, airport hubs, look very, very good. you might have some trouble down around tampa, but otherwise, that's just about it. so travel looks good today, especially tomorrow, if you had it with the in-laws or whatever and you got to get out of here, tomorrow's totally fine in terms of travel. 34 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., it is cold, still, for the parade, 37 degrees. we make our way into the middle 40's, by later today. let's take a look at traffic this morning, at 5:02, we take a look at the vine street expressway first off. this is the westbound, we do have, again, closures, this is all due to the parade. so we do have the parkway closed down, but that's a look at our off ramp from the vine
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street expressway. ninety-five at cottman avenue, looking good, just little volume building. but this is very, very quiet. and then pretty much on par for this type of or time of the morning, rather. live look at the ben franklin bridge, also pretty quiet at this hour. take a look at traffic and weather coming up. >> you mentioned the parade. i want to go outside see how we're shaping up this morning, getting all set for philadelphia's thanksgiving day parade. you see the balloons. they're getting inflated there. gingerbread man on his sign. he'll soon be up and ready to go. this is of course the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country, 4,000 marchers, are expected live update throughout the morning. >> talk about a local tradition. you know, you have your turkey, whether or not you're brave enough to put it in the oven do, it yourselves, others rely on someone tolls do it
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because, well, there is a reason. let's go to cacia's in south philly, the reason it is a delicious bird cooked right in the oven. hi, sabina. >> reporter: brick oven baked. i mean, people hearsay it is well worth it so the question, thomas, really, is it worth standing out here, in the cold starting about 4:00 a.m. you have your turkey out sitting and standing in line weighing. they only open the doors at 6:00. so i have key air a here. and i just talk to your dad. he was the first in line. actually when i talked to him earlier you were sleeping in the car. >> yes. >> reporter: were you off sleeping in the car. he's been doing it for ten years, so since when were you about like 14? >> yes. >> reporter: what's it meant for your family that your dad wakes up this early to get awe good bird? >> it just means he'll wake me up at 3:00 a.m. every thanksgiving day to take me down here, but good tradition, you know, we get to get the birds cooked so we don't cook it, and they cook it to the best of their ability.
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and it is just a good thing. >> yes, your dad was saying, you know, so stress-free. drop off the birds. go home. you guys make the other stuff, have room in the oven for stuffing and all of that, you come back and just pick it up? >> basically what it is. >> what is it about the brick oven? >> just taste better. the flavor is much better. you have a professional cooking it for you so you don't burn the cooking yourself or have a fire. >> so true. the way you guys are describing it, i want to taste it. i've never had brick oven, i didn't even know that was a thing that you could do that. >> yes. >> so, when do you go to sleep the night before? you know dad will wake you up every thanksgiving at 3:00 a.m. >> actually i haven't been to sleep yet. >> oh, that was in the car, were you just getting your sleep? you're a good daughter. he is a good dad for standing in line for you. how did the tradition start, do you know? >> i have no idea. i think it just happened to come about the business and, you know, found out they take turkeys on thanksgiving day. >> he was saying you used to be not such -- kind after media circus, a lot of people here right now. and he was saying things have
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changed over the years watcher do you think about that? more people know about it, but it is kind of a good thing, right? people are sharing in it? >> definately good thing specially for the business, now getting more business from getting the publicity of having the turkeys on thanksgiving day. >> and such nice people. >> yes, they are really nice. >> so mom must be happy? she is still in bed? >> yes, she; still sleeping while we're out in the coal. but that's okay. >> that's what she is thankful for this thanksgiving. >> thank you for not having me cook the turkey. >> that is nice thing to do for your mo. >> definitely. >> what else? i have to ask you, what are you thankful for this year? >> i'm thankful for family. thankly for my family's health, mom and dad's health, keeping them up and strong, keeping me motivated every day. that's what i'm thankful for. >> you guys seem tight-knit. such a wonders full thing. >> yes, we definitely are. >> we're happy to thank out with you guys, that's what i like about there is you're part of our tradition right now, and it is like family being out here, you're with your dad but also with these people. i'm sure he see them every year and the folks inside.
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we appreciate you talking to us, i'll keep bothering you all morning, dad is hiding from me, somebody already saw him this morning, and were watching us on tv. hey there are the turkeys all lined up, thomas, take a look. all of them lined up ready to go in the oven. it is pretty cold out here. so casino every like a fridge, just waiting. >> i wonder how many people are lining up who had bird disasters in the years past, like never again! >> good question! >> all right, sabina, we'll check back with you. >> i would be one of them. >> are you? did anybody ever happen with your bird in the past? >> it never comes outright. you know, they're so big, do you have clean them, the first time i made it i remember, you know, you're not fully prepared for it because mom makes it every year usually. the first time you're dealing with this giant piece of raw meat, what did i get myself into? so i don't know, i feel like now that other people will do it for up, that's amazing. >> you left the plastic inside the birds -- you with all of the little giblets, goodies? >> ugh. >> happens who a lot of
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people. >> never came outright let's just say. >> sabina, see in you about 20 minutes. >> major retailers bragged about being open on thanksgiving day all to give you the shopper a head start on "black friday," may not be the case any more. home improvement giant lowe's among more than zero seven big retailers who will close their doors this turkey day, giving workers time to spends with their families. and it turns out, most shop letters stay away. the survey from "black friday." com shows just 16% of people do their in-store shopping on thanksgiving, while 58% say stores just shouldn't be open. >> well, as for stores that are opening, this thanksgiving, bass pro shops opens 8:00 a.m., closes 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. k-mart, wal-mart, opening early at 6:00 a.m. staying open until midnight. >> most stores are opening as you finish your meal. some of them include target, opening at 6:00 p.m. macy's, best buy, kohl's, and toys "r" us, will all be
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open at 5:00 p.m. we have a list of all of the store hours today and tomorrow for "black friday," all do you have do is head to our website we'll also breakdown those hours throughout good day philadelphia. >> people are lining up, not just to pop their turkey in the oven down there in south philly, but for another thanksgiving tradition. we are talking about shopping here. the delaware valley's oldest and largest flea market has every gift you can possibly think of. and there is one gift, steve keeley, that i thought of. he is at the columbus farmers marked in burlington county. when i was a little boy, had fisher price tape recorder. and i used to pretends that i was a reporter. if you can find one of those, oh, it would bring back so many memories. >> well, you know what? i'm still pretending i'm reporter so we have something in common. me and little tommy drayton. >> there go. >> reporter: look, i've got you your christmas gift already without buying anything. remember i said you can get anything and everything here, right? so look. they've been selling here on
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thanksgiving since 1929. this is a tradition that goes back to the depression, guess what we found here, thomas, just for you? see this guy in this hyundai all with the stuff on the roof, and you can't see him because his hyundai is packed? that, believe it or not, is your co-anchor's cousin. yes, look at this guy, fishing rods, all of these fishing rods. see all of this stuff? being pulled in by trailers. anyway, that, i kid you not, thomas. >> part -- >> mike reynolds, karen hepp's cousin, and she is off today. but her cousin is the one who is up at 2:00 a.m., to get in line, to sell. and here is a little bit of him talking about columbus market on thanksgiving. >> explain for people that don't know any better. what's thank giving day at the columbus market? >> it is pretty much the biggest day of the year here at the market. it has been for many years. i've been coming here since i was a child with my parents.
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and we always bought everything we needed to buy for the holidays thank giving day. it is huge. it is the place to be. >> and it is casino every fun, though, isn't it? an experience? >> yes, it is a fun experience. bring the whole family out. >> what's the top thing you're selling if somebody wants to look you up? what do you think your best item is? >> well, i have new appliances, small appliances, and collectables. >> you know, there could be anything i have, hess trucks, they're very collectable. >> my guess you'll beat the price on any appliance store probably for somebody, aren't you? >> oh, absolutely, half price of what they are anywhere else. >> so is mike, here he is liver, see all of the stuff he has in his car, thomas in a half hour, my entire hit will be devote today karen hepp and mike talking about the hepp family, and whether or not they're close or not.
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so i'll stay as a tease, and i know it is a little inside baseball that we all love to tease karen, but we should almost wake her up in the next half hour to make sure she gets up and watches this, because we will interview her cousin just about her, and i just finds it funny that her cousin is the one that's working on thanksgiving, and she is home asleep. but i guarantee somebody will be ringing her phone in the next half hour saying hey, your cousin mike will be on tv. get up and watch. >> i'll text her right now, i bet in you 20 minute she will be down there telling mike not to say a word about the hepp family. because they're a lot of things to be told. >> you can find anything or anyone at columbus market on thanksgiving, how about that, thomas, okay? >> including some relatives, perhaps long lost relatives, steve, we will check back with you in just a moment. it is thanksgiving, many of you are up, getting ready to cook the birds being hopefully in the oven already. so is our sue serio, and she has very special message just for you, hi, sue.
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>> reporter: here at linvilla in media, pennsylvania, guess who just got home from college? yeah. and i'm going to -- oh, i was going to flip it around, show the turkey in the trunk, anyway, we just pick up our turkey and there it is in the trunk. so we're ready to go for thanksgiving, hope you are, too, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> i know sue is so happy to have mia back home. they'll have such a great time. thank you for sends that in. happy thanksgiving everyone, the floats they're going up, balloon after balloon, we see i'm so bad at characters. so the gingerbread man, is that from shrek, the penguins, what is that, dance of the penguins? last year i remember i got olivia pig wrong, it was confused with the other pig, pep a had the pig. i need little cartoon dictionary. help me out here, hashtag what are some of the characters
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we're seeing. full run down in just a moment. do you know all of the character mike? >> i was going to say sure ' better than i am right now with that one. happy thanksgiving. taking live look, route 42 freeway in bellmawr, nothing really going on just yet. but we have some frozen, for the parade starting 8:30 a.m. details after this.
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>> thank you so much, madagascar! it is the penguins, right, from madagascar? yes, the other two i still don't know, gingerbread man, looks like a kitty? anyway, we're gearing up for the big thanksgiving day parade here in philadelphia. 4,000 marchers, special performances, and of course, those wonderful floats that thomas drayton has no clue what the characters, are but you're henge me out this morning, you're with me. happy thanksgiving, everyone, we're from philadelphia, to up new york city of course ready for the big tradition up there, macy's thanksgiving day parade. along the parade route, good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> thomas, same to you. you have impressed me with your character knowledge down there, quite i am press dollars. all of the giant balloons are awaiting patiently here on west 77th street. there you see, oleff, awaiting his moment in the sun. but let's hope it is not too
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hot. he's a snowman, after all. so hopefully he doesn't melt. no, he won't. it is cold up here, but the wind is fairly calm, which is good news, because that means these balloons will be able to fly at their normal altitude. the 91st edition of the macy's thanksgiving day parade will unfold after last month's terror attack, dump trucks have been parked strategically along the route for a tax, thousands police officers on hand, k9 units, we're expecting three and a half million people or so to watch in person, these 17 giant balloons, 26 floats, 12 marching bands, 1100 cheerleaders, 1,000 clowns, you get the point. it is massive. and it rings in the holiday season in a way that we don't see anywhere else. tens every thousands of people came out yesterday to watch these come to life.
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that inflation unfolded under unprecedented security being among the balloons making their debuts, oleff, i just mentioned, jet as well. the police commissioner here in new york says look, given what has happened, given the world events, everyone who comes out today has a part to play. if you see something, say something. that really is the guiding principal behind today's parade, central park west at 9:00 a.m. this morning, winds its way downtown, ends at the iconic macy on 34th street, with of course who else santa claus. thomas? >> can't forget about saint a i know this is a parade you've been covering for several years here, robert. there is a lot of planning that goes into a parade like this. >> incredible planning, not only inflation but the parade itself is experiencing unbelievable security, given that attack last month, that killed eight people. so add that to the logistics that go into the parade every
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single year. >> yes, hoping for fun, safe time for everyone, robert mosts in new york city this morning, robert, thank you shall appreciate t let's get check of the forecast whether going to new york city or staying right here for the best parade in philadelphia. hi, mike. >> yes, we got little concerned with the winds, but thankfully they've relaxed, not going to have any issues in new york city or here in philadelphia for the floats. so we look pretty good. cold though. you'll need the layers headed to the parade this morning, we're into the 20's, north and west every town, 29 pretty much the popular number around the board. we go down toward atlantic city, 27 degrees, wildwood with the influence of the ocean, you're the warmer spot at 35 degrees. but these numbers are 20, 30 degrees colder than where we were yesterday morning. so, mostly sunny skies, or actually mostly clear skies, going to mostly sunny skies for later today. nothing on the big board. i mean, you have showers across north florida. if you know somebody in the pacific northwest, we have rain showers, otherwise this is some very tranquil weather coast-to-coast overall. temperatures is the big story. it the into the 20's, 30's across the east, actually
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watching cold air building once again just off of hudson bay. this is the cold that we have to deal with by sunday. so not until sunday vigorous cold front. sunday we have to address our weather concerns. i don't think it will be rain. it is just some big winds. so today, low 40's, really the deal. thirty's for the outer suburbs, tonight, moonlit skies, down into the 20's, we move the time line into friday. where we're a little bit milder. but still below average, with upper 40's, and low 50's, for your daytime high. so today again 45 in town. thirty's for the outer suburbs, mostly sunny skies, cold day into cold night. seven day forecast looks like this. chilly day today. goes to near seasonable for tomorrow. at 53 degrees, the clouds will build in. i'm keeping the rain chances out for saturday. as we watch coastal storm. 54 degrees, gusty winds by sunday, in time for the eagles game, then much milder, as we
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get into next week. we will talk more weather coming up in just a little bit. here is a look at traffic, right to the big boards, we do have issue in glen mills, hearing the sirens this morning, dough have issue, route 322, this is westbound, spring valley road, do have box truck, versus tanker truck. not a good situation there, watching that, but it is route 322, westbound, at spring valley. here is a live look at 76 in king of prussia. looking pretty good thus far this morning, and the roosevelt boulevard, at 76. pretty calm conditions. light volume at this hour. that's a look at weather and traffic together. thomas, back to you. >> we love calm, mike, thank you. all right, we warm you up just a little bit, i know it is cold outside two, things will warm you up, first the lottery, let's check the numbers, if you hit it big, your whole body will get warm, right? the powerball: >> if you didn't win, sore bye that, but let's warm you up with a little fireplace here. so we take quick 90 second break, coming right back here, happy thanksgiving, good day
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>> lappy thanksgiving, probably preparing the thanksgiving day feast, right, have the little furry friends running around you, first they want to nibble, little warning that we want to tell you about, reminder if you will, there are certain things that you don't want to feed your little furry friends, the signature dish, turkey it, can be very toxic, if it is smothered in garlic, butter,
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or other seasonings, your dog or cat they can nibble if the meat is plane. ham can also be dangerous, pork products can lead to panning cite, vomiting, is test continual issues, and the stuffing contains mushrooms, raisins, all poisonous to dogs and cats, sweet potatoes, un began i shall potatoes though are just fine. off limit: pumpkin pie, the same deal, seasonings can cause digestive problems. and we now our sue serio has rufus probably running around the kitchen this morning, sue sent in this photo. she is very careful what she feeds him. but sue, i know you're crying because you're not here with us this morning. but onions will do it, too. she is dicing up the onions, i'm sure to make her incredible stuffing. wipe the tears, sue, everything will be just fine, coming right back.
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>> things, 5:29 this things, probably the turkey is in the oven, hopefully not a blaze like you're seeing there on the screen, slow and steady they always say, wins the race. getting a lot of text
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messages, hanks to everyone, bobby cahill from logan, things to you, as well. let's take you outside along the parkway, getting set for the big thanksgiving parade. goes for 1.4 miles, seeing all of the balloons getting inflate interested, quite a process, with a lot of handlers. we will check back in on the parade throughout the morning here on "good day" philadelphia. once again, great to have you with us on this thingies happy thanksgiving, getting the definitely eggs famous for, so sue good morning, karen good morning to you, as well, mike masco is in. >> where do i go, your house, sue's house? >> making the rounds. >> right? >> the best dessert, bob, do you think? jelly donuts. >> been will have the best desserts, sue, come for the experience. >> the turkey and the alcohol. >> talking up that, and the alcohol, right, cup old of
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bottles. good morning, everybody, it is one of those mornings pretty cold out there. stay in bed. watch fox 29 for the rest of the morning hours, because it is cold. temperatures right around 32 degrees, northwest breeze, still there at 6 miles per hour, so little biting winds out there this morning, but that's going to continue to relax through the morning hours. otherwise everybody in the 20's, low 30's, millville down to 28 greets, wrightstown, mercer county, temperatures into the 20's, there are the winds, the gusty winds, last night, they are, you know, a thing of the past. we have to introduce winds again to the forecast on sunday. but nothing doing fo for at leat the foreseeable future. just lots of sunshine today. 10:00 temperature 37 degrees, chilly lunchtime 42, we'll eventually get to 45 degrees, coldest thanksgiving in three years across the delaware vale. here is a check on traffic. let's take a look, we want to bring you to couple every inches dent. first in delaware avenue frankford avenue. we do have accident with along
5:32 am
the scene and ambulance on the scene, again, this is impacting delaware avenue at frankford avenue. and then, of course, this is going to impact a lot of people today. kelly drive closures and also the parkway closed due to the happy thanksgiving parade. step-off 8:30, runs from 20th street down toward 30th streetment finally take a look at another issue, this is in glen mills. route 322 westbound at spring valley road. we do have an accident in that vicinity. we will talk more traffic and weather coming up in just a little bit. >> sounds good. let's talk turkey. south philadelphia bakery has been cooking up happy thanksgiving turkeys. sabina joins us from cacia's. >> check it out. turkeys piling up. common in here. take a look. they're already lining up. look how big these birds, are they're getting ready to go
5:33 am
into that brick oven that we've been telling you about all morning long, let me watch my step here as i jump out here. look at this line t has been growing all morning long. all of these turkeys, ah, they cut you off at about like 140 people they said, 149 people. that's as much room as they have in their oven for. that's why they -- you have to get here so early. oh, hey, mo. hey this is mo. >> okay. >> second in line. i told him we would grab him, because i've been circling you like a shark because it is your first time. >> first time, yes. >> how did you hear about it? >> i grew up in south philly. >> okay? and so you kind of knew it was a tradition? >> sort of new that something like this was going on, when i was younger. but i left and came back about 20 years later. >> oh, wow. >> and on television. >> and it reminded you, so you saw on tv it, reminded you? >> yes, so i decided we would do it this year. >> wow. so what time did you get here?
5:34 am
because i was here. what time? >> 2:30 a.m. >> because i was here at like 4:00 and were you already here sitting in your car. what made you get here so early? you wanted to get in? >> when i called i asked what's the procedure? and they said well, we take things in starting at 4:00 until 6:00. and i said okay. what's a good time to get here? un the person laughed which sent a message to me. >> you knew, earl. >> i get here early. >> so who usually cooks thanksgiving dinner. >> say again? >> who usually cooks the turkey at your place? >> i do. i cook. i've been doing this for about 30 years. >> wow. so this is the first year you won't have to worry about it, stress free. >> look, i am a painter, i'm artist? wow, amazing. >> and cooking and art seems to go together. so for me cooking is like painting. >> wait a second. that's a lot of trust to put in somebody, you know, to do your piece of art? >> well, i don't know if it is
5:35 am
a piece of art. >> oh, trust me, it is a piece of art here. >> i just like cooking. i always have. i cook generally christmas and thanksgiving dinner for my wife every year. i've been 30 years. >> so today is the test, you'll see how it goes, giving your bird to somebody else? >> well, i sees orthopedics it, so it is me. >> oh, good. i never thought of that, so you bring it here and it is sees orthopedics. >> you have to bring it here seasoned. >> great idea watch did you do, if you brine it? what do you? >> i didn't do the brine, no. brine you got to be real careful. you got to do few days earlier, and slowly come up. i just kind of base the turkey, put the seasonings on it, rosemary, cage. >> can i come to your place for thanksgiving. >> say again? >> i'll sit here until it comes out of the oven and just follow you home. real quick, what did you think? i know you got here early. you have to be happy you're here. >> well, when i came, there was no one here. i thought well maybe i made a
5:36 am
mistake. >> oh. were you like maybe there is not going to be a line? >> so i sat in my car, then finally dan came up, and i saw him, and so i got out of my car and i came over and i said what's up. >> oh, he was the first one in line. >> and i'm the 21st in line. >> now that you see this line, can we pan over here and take a look? >> now you know that you made the right decision. >> it is all good. >> thanks for letting me hang out with you this morning, i'll be back. >> i'll be back next year. >> yes, maybe i'll be back next year, too, all right, hey, thomas. we told that you line was going to get long. >> it really is, it is a turkey society. i tell you. i wonder, is there a size limit? >> what's that? >> is there a size limit? >> no. and get this, it is a flat rate. so you can bring an enormous turkey, and it is all the same price. it is $24. >> twenty-four bucks, yes. >> so they have all sizes they say. >> you can even bring two. >> oh, yes, you brought two. there is no size limit, there is no number limit.
5:37 am
>> wonder if you can bring 6 pounds turkey? 20 pounds turkey is my size. sabina we'll check back in with you and your friends in just a moment. if your thanksgiving ritual includes bargain shopping, does for a lot of people, looking for the rare finds, weaver just the thing for you. forget the malls. malls is a good thing, but the columbus farmers market is like no other place. steve keeley joining us live, he's in burlington county, new jersey. hi, steve. >> reporter: it is like jim nance says when he does the masters at augusta, tradition like no other. and the columbus market is the thanksgiving "black friday" holiday shopping tradition like no other. open on thanksgiving morning, at 7:00 a.m. so, who are all of these people? these aren't shoppers all lined up. these are the sellers, the vendors, and this is just one of the many lines, because they come in from all different directions, and look, they're already starting to set up. we go up to the left now. and so it is most of it is outdoors, as far as you can see. we can't even show this stuff. look to the left they're over
5:38 am
thereon that side. they're over here. this thing will give you quite a work out. just to walk through all of the vendors and see what they have for sale. what an amazing place to be. you can get anything and everything here. and if you weren't watching last half hour, if you are just waking up, normally used to seeing the lovely karen hepp anchoring the show with thomas drayton, well, we have special holiday interested that's we're starting here, we now have karen hepp's cousin, one of the sellers here who we met this morning. so after our interview, you let me know this little fact here, that you're karen hepp's cousin. >> correct. >> what is she like that the family function that you met her at? >> i didn't meet her at a family function, last time i met hershey was on site interviewing someone. it was a while ago. >> did she have any clue that were you her cousin? >> no, not at all. >> do you brag to people that you know you're karen hepp's cousin? >> once in a while.
5:39 am
>> that's a positive thing? >> we don't really know each other, but yes. >> that's good thing being karen hepp's cousin, that's what i'm trying to say. >> i would say it is a good thing, i feel proud there is somebody in the family doing real well. >> does it get you better tables at restaurant or spot at the beach? >> no, no. >> she doesn't ever invite you to the avalon beach homy take it? >> no, never saw the avalon beach home, never met the nephews, neices. >> so maybe a hepp family reunion maybe in avalon one year and you'll get the invite? >> that could be. like i said, my mother, her last name was hepp, and they're all, you know, german descent. and that's how i found out all about it. >> you know, the odd thing, you're working on thanksgiving morning, of course she is off sleeping in, won't even see this. >> really? oh, okay. that makes sense. but you're out here working. >> yes, i have more seniority, but she is off, i'm working with her cousin. see, she is the smart one. >> yep, i just wanted to tell
5:40 am
you that. and it is kind of funny. hi, karen. >> so thomas, i was thinking while that was running, mike will probably agree with me over in the weather center there is columbus mark, we're like the good day philadelphia is like the columbus market of tv news. you can find everything and anything by watching this show. and we're showing one of the vendors set up here now. so those nicknacks, where else could you find big wooden spoons today, but right here. >> oh, it takes me back. >> and good deal on wooden spoons. >> so there you go. there is your special treat for you karen hepp viewers who miss karen, there is her cousin, looking big bags of dog food, everything you can get here. look at the dog bowls, this is just a fantastic spot, thomas. we will be showing it to you throughout the day. >> karen released official statement: i've never met that man, don't know that man, no, just kidding. wouldn't that be funny though? we're meeting her family this morning, distant cousin. all right, who knew, learning so much here on "good day"
5:41 am
philadelphia. steve is certainly right, you never know what you're going to get on in program. we're coming right back. we learned that is daniel the tiger in very front. panning win from madagascar. there is daniel. i thought it was a little kitty but learning so much here on "good day" philadelphia. stay with us,
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> welcome back.
5:44 am
>> winning numbers, jackpot reset to $75,000. good luck. let's warm you up on this happy thanksgiving day.
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> women come back, hammy thanksgiving, probably waking up preparing the turkey, going to grand ma's house or perhaps forgot the turkey and just going to the supermarket. not too late.
5:47 am
let's get a check of the roads this morning. >> good morning, everybody, we bring you to couple o of issues, fishtown, delaware avenue, frandford avenue. do have along the scene police investigation, and an accident going on, again, this is impacting delaware avenue at frankford avenue. we bring to you route 322, westbound, we've been talking about this last hour or so at spring valley road. this is box truck. accident with a tanker truck. we are reporting injuries at this hour. so, again, route 322 westbound, at spring valley road, and of course the parade is today. expect delays on mlk drive, kelly drive, jfk boulevard, all closures today, during parade time, this is also going to be impacting market street and the parkway. hey, it is the most wonderful time of the year. right? specially when we bring out bob kelly's it's very kelly christmas, we want you to start today, #fox29lights contest. sends them in today. bob kelly feature that all season long, here on "good day" philadelphia. >> we will be back with a
5:48 am
check on weather coming up in 15 seconds. mast past. >> feeling like christmas across town, 28 degrees, 29 in media, plenty meeting checking in at 29 degrees so cold morning out there. look how chilly it is in the poconos, actually producing snow in the poconos for the last several weeks. so we might see some early skiing going on, blue mountain in particular. otherwise, temperatures into the 20's, 30's, still little bit after wind. so we do have windchill values into the teens, middle 20's, feeling like hey, this morning's much colder than yesterday morning, well, it sure is. with temperatures 20, 30 degrees colder than where we were yesterday. ultimate doppler clear up ahead right now, mostly clear skies, going over to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. we have no wet weather to be found across the eastern half
5:49 am
of the nation. go out toward the pacific northwest, where there is bigger storm system, impacting san francisco to portland. so if you do have travel plans even into friday, or saturday, there is a big pacific storm that's going to be impacting that part of the country. if you're staying locally, just had the chill on top of us, where it is 20's, 30's across the east, now we will see the temperatures come up little bit before another shot of cold air comes in by sunday. and this shot, of cold air, comes in really with a bang, with gusty winds. that will develop all day sunday, into monday morning. so tomorrow, good deal, mostly sunny skies, temperatures pretty seasonable, into the 50's. by, say, saturday, we will see some cloudiness develop along the shore point, i think this system you see will stay off shore. it is close call, but right now keep the forecast dry, there is the front i just showed you out toward canada, that's sweeping through by sunday, will produce very gusty winds and much chillier air poised to move in by sunday afternoon. so 45 in town today. thirty's the outer suburbs,
5:50 am
tonight is cold. huddling. cuddling. twenty's and low 30's, we will talk seven day forecast with you, coming up at the 6:00 hour of good day, thomas. >> sounds great, mike. in the market for new home? how about famous home? the jersey home where bruce springsteen dreams every becoming a rock star now up for sale. take a look. talking about 39 institute street in freehold. you may recognize this home from the cover of my hometown in his autobiography born to run. springsteen, he lived there from 1955 to 62, when he was six to 19 years old. 736 square feet has two bedrooms, listing price, just shy of $270,000. >> thanksgiving is about giving thanks of course, and for many people it is also about family, food, can't forget about football. carson wentz has given eagles fateful plenty to be thankful for. look at this. this is the latest issue of espn magazine, it profiles wentz in a story titled wentz takes flight. takes a look at not only how
5:51 am
wentz is elevated his game, but also how the second year quarterback has won over the city. the issue hits stands tomorrow. you want a sneak peak, espn has released the article on its website. very fit interesting, right? earlier, we talked mike and mike is joining us, talked about thanksgiving, and is it too early to start decorating for christmas? >> oh,. >> so this is pictures from my home, this is in the sun room. >> my goodness. >> hopefully i cleared everything away. i did a tree in the sun room. main entrance going in, i decided to go little bigger with the tree this year, so decorated in the lights. don't have the ornaments up yet. of course i have santa claus, if we can scroll down just little bit. there is a menu on there, so it tells awe little bit about what we're having, the turkey, the ham, mac and cheese, yams, i can't even remember what i wrote, green beans. i have the writing, i realize, after serial killer. (laughing). >> well then. >> this is a warning, don't
5:52 am
come to my house. >> is this on the menu, a mike san witch? >> oh,. >> all right. >> i guess that's tomorrow. >> little too sweet. >> happy thanksgiving, mike. mike and mike. >> hold on. that's your house? >> ya. >> okay, what i want for christmas is a new contract. that's a beautiful home. >> i was able to tap into your contract. so we're doing okay. >> oh, that's great. >> okay. you know the typical good day fashion, we don't want to see your nice pictures, like thomas'. >> all photo shopped by the way. 736 square feet, just made it look big. >> he lives in a studio apartment. >> turkey day disasters. i mean, what have you forgotten already? what didn't you pick up at the store? does your oven look like that? >> oh, my goodness. >> that's an antique? >> people are already sending in pictures. >> oh,.
5:53 am
>> does your turkey look like that? >> it is good. just scrape it off. just scrape it off. >> so what's gone wrong? what did you forget? what are you going to do about it? like alex has a story, coming up at 6:00. they ordered a ham. and never showed up. so now what do you do? >> oh? >> what do you do? you run to the store in panic i guess. >> which store? >> chinese food open? >> always. >> christmas story. >> chinese christmas. >> so they can sends in their disaster photos? >> yes, please. >> use #fox29goodday. >> this will be good. see mike and alex, oh, the mike sandwich. happy thanksgiving everyone. that's it for me. see in you about six minutes with mike and alex, stay with us, and mike.
5:54 am
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>> macy's parade, another live report from new york coming up in just a moment. also here in philadelphia, update on the best and oldest parade in just a moment. i want to talk to you about this new jersey woman, who helped a homeless man, after she ran out of gas in philadelphia. has raised more than $111,000 to help him out. her name kate mcclure, started the go fund me campaign after she ran out of gas and homeless man named johnny
5:57 am
bobbitt, jr. offered to walk to the gas station few blocks away and buy her gas with his last $20. now, kate says, she didn't havey? money to repay him at the time. she returned several times to the roadway to give him cash, clothes and food. so after few visit, she started the fundraiser in the hopes every raising just few dollars, but raised over $111,000 for the 34 year old. that's great. >> all right, so we talked about the big thanksgiving day parade. a live look here in philadelphia. we are set to kick off, we'll have live updates, right before the start. stay with us.
5:58 am
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>> oh, has the door opened yet? line's been out there for hours. come on, south philadelphia, this is a staple of our coverage. people have been lined up there, all night long, care's bakery, putting their turk any, coming back and getting it later. they're ready to go. oh, that's a big one there. >> okay, let's take another live look at the preps for america's oldest happy thanksgiving parade. crews, they've been busy along the parkway getting things into place. >> and blowing up the balloons. >> all going to start off at 8:30 a.m. but we give you the behind the scenes spree view. >> yes, jared our camera guy is out there. he's been helping them blow up the balloons, his face is very red. exhausted.


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