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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 23, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> i look at you. >> and what is thank giving without some football? we look ahead to today's matchups, including i know the eagles aren't playing, but there are some games would you pay attention to, but also some of the great thanksgiving football memories. >> that's right. >> we will go back to some of the big moments. >> why you want to watch on thanksgiving, because some of these big things we show you happened on thanksgiving day games, normally lions, cowboys are involved, but big game we should woman as eagles fadges, but already talking about tomorrow, "black friday," holiday shopping rush is on already. some stores are open. wal-mart is. hey, it is thanksgiving, mike is in for bob and sue. >> split personality here. >> you are.
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alex and i are doing our eating for you. >> i know a lot of people are doing a lot of work for their own meals, we will be doing that later, for our own personal ones, but have had any turkey troubles? did not have a ham. did not arrive. did not find out until late last night after we called the company. so it was quite the interesting night at my house. so, have you had any turkey drama, or turkey day troubles? people have been weighing in. do we have another one? >> joan said my oven died, two settings, with the oven door and the oven door open and windows open, get here asap, and our 6:00 dinner, had it at 3:00. >> good news, at least you got to eat faster, let's get this going. >> in fact, everybody, turn your oven to up 500 right now and lets he is get it on. >> straight a led. >> 6 gallons of gravy on it,
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and it will be fine. >> gravy solves everything. where are you going today? >> here, stuck here, the complain is here. i'm not going anywhere. kathy will hang. scott, he's in cleveland, everybody is hanging, i said i'll be good team player, i'll work for everybody. >> good for you, mike. >> throw me some scraps at the ends of the show, please. >> we will. >> no weather, no traffic. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> weather extremely cold. >> it is. >> but some traffic issues this morning, even though it is thanksgiving. >> we won't see any of the football games with snow. >> nothing going on. >> looking for the snow globe football type of game going on, nothing. cold in town, sunny, northwest breeze coming in at 7 miles per hour, so morning we're waking up 20's, 30's, right across the board. lots of sunshine getting out
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of dodge, actually a lot of sun, the coldest thanksgiving in about three years with the daytime high up to about 45 degrees. look at the roads this morning, and it is just all about really these frozen zones, closures, that are due to the thanksgiving day parade. kelly drive, market street closed down and of course the parkway, because, of the parade we already have closure spring garden at the parkway closed until 2:00. lots of frozen zones in town for the afternoon hours, september, a new jersey traffic, patco, holiday schedules all being run, no service on the dart. mike and alex back to you. >> who? >> four our thanksgiving day parade, oldest one in america. >> we started all. >> will be the game of the morning, mike, i can tell. can you tell what the
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children's clark ers are? >> sorry it's been a long time since my children were young. >> but you have grandkids, you have teddy. >> i should agree this is. can you drop the lower third, maybe i can figure it out.& i'm guessing that's an inch worm. >> i'm sure it has a duty is name. i know that's the gingerbread man behind him. >> common, help me. who has kids? anybody? >> iggy the inch worm. >> cute name. >> i've never been there, got to go, open thanksgiving, the columbus farmers market in, well, the delaware vale, oldest and largest flea market, and again open until 5:00 this afternoon. >> so we should stop by. or we could just have steve keeley stop by. because he is finding all of the interesting finds. >> everybody watches us, when we said it was open to 5:00 they corrected me, 7:00 to 3:00. 7:00 a.m. to 3p. so they're open now.
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all right? and this is miles and miles of stuff. alex look at this, how adorable is this? eagles fans, perfect for today. like little elmer fudd. call them hunter hands. there is one for mike, mike, they have to super size one for your head. but look. these things are hand made, in the u.s.a. and the sign and, notice, also hand made in the u.s.a. now we walk as fast as possible. to get through vendors to show you interesting things, couple make their own sauce, they sell them, so i'll bother you now real quick. you make these, and you sell these. >> yes. >> and every kind of sauce known to mankind here. >> pretty much, yes. >> and what's thanksgiving like here at columbus market? >> oh, it is parked, a lot of people come out early. it is from like 7:00 a.m. to around 2:00, 3:00. yes. >> that's the biggest day. >> biggest. >> they sell snout. >> yes, yes, hopefully we do, yes. >> good luck, continue to keep setting up. good luck today. >> now look, let me show you, like new stuff, here is every
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kind of purse, i know alex you will have your eyes on this, look at that van, that maroon van, looks like rock band coming across town, then you see, look at the potted fake plant there, mike, that also might go in your new apartment next to the purple bike there. >> oh, ya. >> now to the left. work out wear for ladies. and it is so cold here, you get the shopping experience of being outside, not in a crammed mall, but partly selling hats that you would probably buy just to keep shopping. but look, everything, look, what's this? everything is here for sale. all right? you name t you can find it here. and mike, i noticed something. i know you're always ruining your suit on the air. >> yes? >> so there is a rack every suits down there, and all of them in your size, and see the sign, because it is pretty good deal. $10, mike, notice, for the suits. >> oh? >> look at. that will mike, i don't think you've ever spent $10 on a tie, but look, can you beat this price, mike? >> no, can't. you cannot. i would pay a lot less than that. >> happy thanksgiving to you,
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too, mike. e-mail me your size and color preference, we've got plaid, all of the classics, and i'll pick you up brand new wardrobe for 50 bucks, how about that? >> oh! purple is it my favorite. see the lavender one to your left. is greg with you? >> look, mike being even when we play dallas new years eve, mike, you can really rub it in. >> oh, ya. >> texas style. >> rub it in. >> how about that? >> mike, you're like jr ewing, mike, be like jr ewing. >> who shot jr? >> who shot mj. thanks, steve. >> i love this. steve finding all of this interesting cool stuff. >> you talk about cool, well, actually warm, but still cool. >> oh, by the way, too, people are weighing in, it is the hungry, very hungry caterpillar. thank you for weighing in for the balloon inch that way to south philly, ya.
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cacia's where sabina, thank you. >> already to up over zero eight, that they've already numbered out here, i think they can go to up 150, but people are still outside, and this line is insane. take a look, numbering it. getting ready for it to go into the oven, but they have so many people here that they're not sending. ninety-two? >> so what happens? do you think you'll get everyone in? >> i feel like we might cap it. there are a lot of people out there. >> oh, by the way, daniel, the daughter, fourth generation. have you ever seen a crowd like this? i talk to your brother joe. he said no way. >> no, no, shocking, a line out the door and down the street. >> what's the smile. >> never been. i guess it is you guys! the word got out. right? >> we talked to the first guy in line, kind of upset that the news crews were here, man, my secret for so long. now everybody knows about it.
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>> more and more pack every year, the regulars might not get in. >> my gosh, you just have to get here earlier? >> somebody was here at 2:30 a.m. this morning. >> we came in at 4-h and he was already here. how did you season your turkey? >> gosh, good question, my wife did that. >> i'm just a carrier. >> you're doing the heavy lifting. >> so she doesn't have to cook? >> not at all. >> you said ten years you've been doing this? >> ten years. >> why? >> because it is great. best turkey ever made. come here, it comes out perfect. >> that brick oven that we've been talking about all morning. >> the best, i live in jersey. so i come over. >> where in jerry? >> haddonfield. >> you came all the way from haddonfield. >> just to get the turkey done. >> okay, well, i mean, that's all the work you have to do, when you just take it home? >> i eat it. >> you can hang out to pick it up at noon? >> got to get some bread first. >> oh, gosh, full functioning bakery over here. this is how much work they're
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doing, just churning it out. see the line out here. incredible. back to you. >> don't fall into the oven, sabina. >> i'm slipping and sliding all over this moore. >> so because of your coverage they're getting more people to come down than ever before. >> i hope nobody gets turned away. don't be mad at us. >> we will blame sabina, that's for sure. >> the years of sabina kuriakose ruined thanksgiving. >> maybe i'll write a children's book. >> you were saying you would write a book, i didn't know children's book, but you said you were going to write one. >> the year sabina stole thanksgiving. >> 7:10. okay. we do have to cover the news that is happening. and when i stepped out, here at fourth and market, i smelled smoke. i thought it was in old sit. no, up in brewerytown. around 24th and oxford, they have it knock down, started
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5:00 this morning, took firefighters less than an hour to bring it under control. nobody was hurt, thank goodness. but so cold out there for our firefighters. police are also looking for the man responsible for robbing a local businessman in south philly. taking money meant to go to the victim's employees for thanksgiving. >> police say a gunman wearing a bulletproof vest and a badge approached a customer leaving white machine check cashing, he pointed a gun at him, robbed him of a $10,000 check, and then took off. the victim, who asked not to be identified, went running after the gun, toting suspect, down fairhill street. >> when the gun is real then i back out. >> see backed up when he realized the gun was real. >> victim hit the grounds as the gunman took off. police say he dropped a scanner or walky-talky as he jumped into older model toyota forerunner suv and sped off with a accomplice, the robbery
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victim was cashing his check to pay, like we were saying, to pay his employees for thanksgiving. >> oh, god. had a scanner him, though, probably check to see if the cops had been called. 7:12. >> new jersey woman who was helped by a homeless man when she ran out of gas in philadelphia has raised more than $111,000 to now help him. >> it is to up 111,000? my god. kate mcclure started this go fund me. com page, in a campaign after she said she ran out of gasoline, and this man named johnny bobbitt, jr., offered to walk a few blocks to buy her some gasoline with his last $20. catted said she didn't have any money to repay him at the time but returned to the roadway several times to find him. give him cash, clothe, and food. >> so after few visit, she started this fundraiser, with the hopes of using the money toward housing and other expenses for this 34 year old
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man. >> oh, that's wonderful. >> oh, it just went up again. >> 117. look at that. >> well, that $20 bill paid off, up to $117,000. >> special. >> maybe close to getting this guy a house! wow. carson wentz is on the cover after magazine. field and stream? no. >> no, he espn, man, and i hope there is not a curse on this one, that's sports illustrated. >> not that i know, no. nobody really reads it. >> oh, okay. >> well, they might be reading it now, a lot of carson wentz fans out there. so look at that. it says wentz takes flight, but how also the second year quarterback has won the city over, and that's for sure, it hits stands tomorrow. if you don't want to wait, espn has released the article on it website. but it says carson wentz is blowing up, but are the eagles fans, are they getting carried away? so it is positive, but also doubt ago little bit if you ask me. >> yes. >> are we getting carried
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away. >> we yell, getting carried away, which is fine. >> how is it we're getting carried away when number one in the nfl? >> those are fact. >> because we've not won it all since 1960. that's 57 years. >> but we're concerned about the current states. >> anyway, cute magazine cover for thanksgiving. >> carson was, uh-huh, he's in to. >> leads fan vote for pro bowl. how about that? >> that includes tom bratty, beat him, looks like. so, he leads the league with 25 passes so not that we're getting carried away, the eagles are leading the league. >> mike who else should be leading in the votes for the pro bowl and having amazing season. >> he is fun to watch. nine and one, something to get excited about. >> thank you, mike. >> enough. the hate letters hate?
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>> haters going to hate. north and west every town, hail g on this colds, though there is morning, into the middle and upper 20's across town, 32 in philadelphia, so going for the parade this morning, running, you're fine, running late, though, leaving in a hour. pretty cold, a little bit after breeze, nine to 26-mile per hour, nine to 26 degrees real feel temperatures, that's with the winds, factored in, so pretty chilly morning across town, again, acres and acres of clear skies, the only issue really the fly in the ointment up toward the pacific northwest, pacific storm that's going to call all sorts of fun and games up toward portland down toward san francisco. so if you have travel plans take in the of that. >> pittsburgh, lot every cold, next shot of cold air, setting up just west of hudson bay, that's going to come at us as we get into the weekend. so good deal for tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies, watch there system off shore. i think it is close call on saturday, keep the forecast dry, and also, rain-free, as
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this system passes off toward of the south and east, but the big story will be the gusty winds that come in, by sunday. and those winds could gust around 30 to 40 miles per hour. >> clouds building in for saturday, the winds are gusting, and how long, by sunday, and we're coming close to 60 by next week. let's take a look at traffic. and we are at 7:16. looking out towards the vine street expressway, this is looking out toward 76, now, we do have the westbound vine off the ramp to the parkway closed down, that's all due to the parade. and we are also watching a lot of turkey trots, you know, a lot of the 5k's, some 10k's going on, we do have some local roadway closures, second annual in marlton, that's closing down main street, until 10:00. take note that far if you are living in the marlton area. septa, new jersey transit, patco, all on holiday schedule, and you can't take the dart today. guys, back to you. >> karen hepp as a matter of fact doing one of those turkey
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trots, mike. yes. and, in fact, mike, if you could help us, we may need some help here. for our thanksgiving feast today on the show, we have the folks from little lion, which is a great restaurant, fairly new, two, three years old, over there at third and chestnut. >> it is time to set the table. >> chris young has done the food for us. >> and we move my things out of the way. >> i have to clear this table off. they've brought in -- ouch. >> that hurt. >> what's your name? >> monitor a keys. >> what do you do? >> one of the sue shelves there. >> great. >> so i will be cooking nice things up for you. >> oh, a flyers fan. >> yep. got to love the flyers. set this table up. >> hi, chris. >> chris young with me. >> chris, do you own the joint? >> ya, ya, i'm the owner. >> ya. >> ever do any of the cooking? >> sometimes. sometimes. >> he's being real modest, chris at one point he was one
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of the best cooks we had. >> loverly. >> so will this be standard fair for thanksgiving? >> yes. >> what do you have planned? >> all of these thing, all every these items we're setting up giving you all today will be on our menu for today at this at the little lion, serving thanksgiving all day. >> really, you guys are snow. >> yep. start at 12:00 and going to be rolling from there. >> oh, okay. >> and you can either get catering and take out or do family style, sit down and eat? lovely. >> so we start with us. now, we probably have some guests come in. >> cool. >> how many people can you feed today, do you think? >> feed about four to six probably. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> all right. >> four to six maybe. >> probably enough. >> well the sixth person is me, because i didn't eat. >> oh,okay.
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>> so start with appetizers, sides? >> solace, nice rolls, soup. >> and, you know, get you all guys, lined up little bit. we have some good drinks. >> thank you for doing? >> little lion open until? >> open until about 10:00 this evening. >> oh, wow. >> maybe 11:00 all depends on the crowd. >> now, as i remember, they don't have little lions on the menu. of course you can't do that. >> i think it was named alex and the err hamilton? >> alexander hamilton, that was his nickname. >> nickname. >> he was a little lion. known for that. >> lion. >> thanks. >> red. >> i all right, ready for the first course. >> all right, let plea go in. >> take your time. >> get the thing together. we will be here. >> okay. so, there is food. you got family on this day. you got football.
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>> a lot of football today. >> there will be months people are talking about, let's look back at past memorable moments of other thanksgiving. >> these things have all happened on thanksgiving day. >> real sweet message from a viewer i wanted to share, she just tweeted me, jen, she said this year we are thankful for you guys. we're moving to north jersey for work and we've been so sad about losing you guys. you are our morning ritual. so we will be stream to go get our fox 29 goodday fix, happy thanksgiving, alex and mike. >> and good luck to you up there. >> thanks for streaming, you can still stay with us.
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>> the detroit lions, other teams playing today there is afternoon. >> so here is a full line up of games. first game meaningful, vikings traveling to detroit to take
7:24 am
on the lions at 1230, right here on fox, the reason it is big for us, minnesota behind the eagles in the conference stand action at eight and two, and the rest of the games today, those cows boy host the chargers at 430, and the redskins hosting the giant tonight at 8:30. >> okay, well, there have been some big, big moment on thanksgiving football games over the years. there have also been some awful moments, well, depending on your perspective of course. one of the more famous plays i think in nfl history, includes, what do i have? i have something on my nose? >> no, turkey behind us. >> hi,. >> sorry. >> hi, kids. >> oh, i love this. oh, my gosh. >> can you see? >> oh! i'm sorry, i got distracted. >> go that way, no, the other way. >> look at that turkey! >> oh, that's cool. that's pretty funny with the his son. >> looks like a mom is video taping the whole thing behind them. >> of course. >> i can't read the note.
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we'll read it in a second. i can't read it from here. >> if you have notes you want on tv it has to be big print. >> happy thanksgiving, mike and alex, hey, mike. would you like some turkey. i can't -- his hands is covering the bottom. >> no idea what it says. >> turkey oh, well. >> oh, is that a bad snored. >> no, not bad. i just can't see. zero. >> oh, look he's dancing. >> oh, turkey butt in your cardigan. >> oh, he's got tutu on, turkey tutu. >> thank you. >> oh, my god. >> you got to love this show. >> oh, ya, they'll be ready for the parade. >> i think they're having their own parade. okay, one of more famous plays in nfl history happened on thanksgiving. it involved one of our former guys. >> yes. >> mark sanchez. this is the football. >> oops, hits his own guy in the butt. oh, patriots score. >> that was five years ago,
7:26 am
but people still call it the butt fumble, they still remember it. >> to this day it will always be the butt fumble. >> and then there was 1993 the cowboys playing the dolphins in the snow, and you know, dallas they're not used to, that society cowboys were up 14-13 in the final second. they blocked potential game winning field goal by the dolphins. all dallas had to do not touch the ball. look at jerry jones. and then the win was theirs. leon lett, apparently didn't get the memo. well, he kicked the ball. while trying trying to recover it. >> now, don't touch it, just don't touch it. everybody saying don't touch it. don't. oh, i touched it. >> really, leon. >> as you can tell the dolphins weren't used to the cold either. miami, for goodness sake. >> but i was at the superbowl, i believe this was in pasadena when leon lett did this. okay? fumble. leon lett picks it up.
7:27 am
same guy from the snow bowl. he is going to score a touchdown in the superbowl. and he celebrates too early. >> oh,. >> does not score. >> how about that? >> oh, man. see, he had that hand right out. >> oh, ya. >> plop. there goes. >> you can't talk turkey day without some controversy. this is six years ago. defensive tackle stomped on a guy. stomped on the greenbay player, that was on that thanksgiving. i had forgotten that. >> so -- >> they still talk about that to this day, and i think he plays for miami now. >> i bet. still shocking. so i'm sure there will be some moments ago, watch it here on fox. >> jenn fred, she is ready for some football. >> you know i love me some football. trust the process, too, 20-point win, come on, last night, have we talk about that? here's what you need to know about tomorrow. right now. you don't have any toys, right? you have a blank thing. i'm going to tell you where the "black friday" deals r
7:28 am
there is one store, mike, and i do mean mike, that i want you to go to to get all of your toys for teddy. i'll tell you which
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>> look how windy it is, cute shot. well framed. i love that wreath with the penguins. nicely done. it is the attention of detail that our crew, he purposely set that up. >> good work. >> for sure, for sure. >> we're thankful. >> very thankful. >> good day everybody, it is thanksgiving, november the 23rd, 2017. happy thanksgiving to you. we have our table set soon. talking about the things that, well, the drama that happens before you get to this part. where the table is set and you're ready to eat. because let's face it, things always happen. >> like ours, 7:31, and we have no food in front of us. >> i think that's a problem. >> turkey day troubles, from
7:32 am
ken: twenty people over year, we never sit down until everyone eats, last year there wasn't anything left. once they left we went to the diner and had he will rye good turkey there. this year we will put some aside. >> good plan, ken. >> i like it. part of the drama is recovering from the drama. >> story that you will tell the rest of your life. so we will fix our little problem right now. the fun folks over at little lion restaurant, third and chestnut, are providing the thanksgiving dinner for thus year. common in. what's the next dish? i'm so sorry. i've already forgotten your name. >> monitore. >> i love month errey california. >> love the wetter. >> that's start with the salad. >> course start with the salad. right now we have kale ceasar salad with shaved parm cheese. some of the best parm cheese that's out there. and we have our cornbread croutons. now, a loft people starting to mix-up the ceasar salad, so our version is the kale.
7:33 am
so -- >> i like. >> and it is healthier for you? >> lemon garlic salad dressing. >> could you actually put a, i've never had, cornbread crew ton. >> could you put one of those right here on my plate? >> sure. >> i want to eat it raw. >> i mean, without anything else on it. >> thank you very much for that. >> welcome. >> did you bring a plate for mike? >> i brought a plate for like. >> mike, weaver something for you. >> of course. >> i love that cornbread thing. that's so good. >> i'll take one. >> got little sweet, little savory, bitterness from the greens, you guys enjoy. >> thank you. >> perfect. >> mike? we are getting awe plate. >> ya, hook me up. i'm good without salad but i want to get the good stuff. mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, i'm all
7:34 am
right with. hey, we're italians, we eat a lot of pasta for thanksgiving. >> why not? >> here's what's going on, everybody, cold out, there going out toward the parade. know it is 32 degrees right now with northwest breeze coming in at 7 miles per hour, not going to get that warm today. we are looking at numbers only get new the 40's, cherry hill 29. voorhees 28 degrees. medford 26 degrees already this morning. so these temperatures will be really slow climb out of the freezer. you can see the wind at five to 10 miles per hour on average. so we are talking windchill values could be in the low teens across town. no issues if you are traveling across the country right now. all of our major hubs look pretty good. so if you have a flight today, tomorrow, looking pretty good. passive, northwest might be bit after problem. otherwise, if you are going to the parade. thirty-four slowly get to go 37, eventually get to 45 here this afternoon today. let's look at traffic this morning, 7:34. a lot of closures all due to turkey trots believe it or not. route 202 at county line road closures for the north wales
7:35 am
turkey trot. that's 8k and 5k. and northeast, they have four miler this morning, so seeing some closures again, starting at 9:00 a.m. this morning. in northeast philadelphia. abington, ymca gobble wobble, that will close down some roads locally, starting at 9:00 a.m. mike and alex back to you. >> we might have to bring monterrey back, all of those cornbread croutons, might have to wash it down. >> oh, do we have wine? water? you don't have to do it now. >> punch? >> what's my favorite flavor of cool aid? >> oh, red. >> red. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> by the way, while do you that, we will take you back out to this flea market. it is the oldest flea market in delaware county, or the delaware valley. >> oh, in delaware, yes. so, you can find dishes for everybody, and steve finding gift for all of his friends this morning. >> well, this started with the depression, we're at high mark.
7:36 am
we will give you 360 degrees loop around here. you can see, maybe, a fourth of this place. it is massive. it is packed. it is full of shoppers on thanksgiving morning. you have to bring your own cart here like this lovely lady did. and the man behind him did. and so look. you can get fresh bread here. all right? everything from fresh bread, and the next boot you can get flexible flyers like original sleds from the 1930's. we will walk real quick through here right now, see if we can get through here. look at these old firetrucks. talk about classic toys. the fire fight that's watch us would love one of these in their firehouse. we don't even know how old these toys, are but they look like from like the 30's. >> retired fireman. >> how old are the toys would you say? >> that's weird. we had a thanksgiving screw up there, turkey unplugged his microphone. >> do you think it was a turkey? >> oh, ya. >> maybe the turkey is mad because he's getting eaten by everybody today.
7:37 am
just saying. i would unplug stuff too. >> if you ate my whole family i would be mad. exactly. >> so we'll get back to steve in a second. >> do we have another one of the turkey trouble things? >> oh, we do. >> this is from theresa. it says the thanksgiving i set my hair on fire while cooking the turkey, these were my banks. oh, my gosh! >> good lord. >> that's some turkey day trouble. so if you guys have anything that's happened this year and past years, want to share those stories with us use the #fox29goodday. >> it will be hard to beat this one here, but as long as you cooked it, i'll take side orders of hair. >> give me a side order of banks. >> give me a side order of banks. no matter how you holiday, >> give me a side order of banks. where you holiday, or who you holiday with... stay bright with dunkin's holiday coffee flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint mocha. grab your favorite and make your holidays happen. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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$1that's like a big yummy hug.? so hug it up! hug more. hug large. hug medium? hug that. live it a hug life with $1.99 medium or larger hot chocolate. america runs on dunkin'. >> steve youth at the columbus farmers market. >> how about this iron board from the 1800s? everything you see, i told you, like going to awe museum here. i'm young enough to remember, or old enough, to remember the milk man dropping milk on people's porches around philadelphia, the milk would come in glass, you can't get better than drinking out of clear glass, right? look at the size every these cast or -- carrots, farm he is selling their wears. look? i asked greg, bags of these.
7:41 am
i've never seen carrots this big. they're chernobyl carrots, nuclear. remember last year? my mom came to visit. and i only see my family working these holidays. here's people that are as close to my mom if not closer, this is my uncle kevin, and aunt murray. as in merry christmas, because she was born on christmas, her parent named her merry. and she will be zero seven this christmas, she didn't mind me saying t i'm so proud of this guy, i've talk about on the air from viet nam, he lived with us, slept on the couch, until we saw him off for viet nam. i was at the airport when he came back with his purple heart, my cunning he will kevin from the bustleton section. and you got your marine corps shirt on. >> every day i wear marine corps. >> you know how proud i am of you, right? all right. i just happen to run into them here. we ran into karen hepp's cousin at 4:00 in the morning, so not only can you get anything you want to buy here, you run into family and friend here, so if karen hepp was
7:42 am
with me, she would have run into family, too. but these people are just terrific family members of mine. two thanksgiving in a row, and family members on the show hour, that? >> true. last year it was your mother. >> within one of my earlier member rest, got married days off before viet nam? >> right before. >> fifty-one years ago. >> yep. fifty-one. >> congratulations, 51 years of marriage and still going strong. >> wow. >> thank you. >> that's beautiful. >> (laughing). >> they're still in love. >> oh, for sure. for sure. >> yes, all right. >> honey, do you want to go to the flea market on thanksgiving? >> all right. you got it. >> all right. they just invited knee christmas eve, but of course we will be working on that day, too. >> yes, we will. >> thanks, guys. all right. >> that's special. i love it. meeting steve's family members. he always seems to run into them on the holidays. >> and steve is such a tough reporter but has such a soft side. >> and he has a big heart. >> big heart.
7:43 am
>> fire up the gun. we will do it after the break. it is a car coming out after nurf gun. this is steve keeley's second cousin, the dude. also, from burlington county, steve can never see him, because he lives seven minutes away.
7:44 am
♪weee! today's the day! wahoo! there's the second-most famous groundhog in pennsylvania.
7:45 am
phew, am i late?! nah, just in time. nice. holiday scratch-offs from the pennsylvania lottery. aww. things just got very merry. keep on scratchin'!
7:46 am
>> 7:46. let's take a look, it is thanksgiving, that means the parade is in town, kelly drive, jfk boulevard, market street and of course the parkway. that's all closed until 2:00. so lots of frozen zones, downtown. vine st. expressway looking towards 76, this morning, you
7:47 am
know we are good to go on the vine st. see the off ramp actually closed down, actually also see people on that ramp. so, just know that that's going to be closed down until 2:00, as well. traveling mass transit, septa, new jersey transit, patco, all on holiday schedule. you can't take the dart this morning or this afternoon really. we take a look at the weather forecast coming up in 15 seconds. >> weather forecast, colds conditions, 20's to the north and west, 32 here in philadelphia, slow call out of the freezer, we get into the afternoon hours, you know the winds are acting really as insult to injury at this point. where we are feeling like nine in the poconos, feels like 26 here in philadelphia. and 20 in wrightstown. ultimate doppler, clear.
7:48 am
really clear slate until you get out towards say portland, san francisco, you're going to have some travel delays if you have to travel out there. otherwise all about the colds, cold, colds, another shot of colds, that's gearing up just west of hudson bay. that's in here, as we get into sunday. so, friday, looks good. saturday, few more clouds, and by sunday, very gusty winds, we will detail that forecast coming up in just a little bit, guys. >> thank you very much. i believe the salads are consumed now, monterrey, what do you have necessary? >> next, you have this butter nut squash for you guys. >> nothing wrong with that. >> oh, look at you. >> and it smells delicious. >> oh, knocking over the flowers, sorry. you are fine. >> this is why i never serve at home. sorry, mom, why i never serve at home. >> now, will you have a home meal later tonight? >> yep. i have this will be around 3:00 by the time i get to my mom's actually. >> around 3:00?
7:49 am
>> around 3:00. this is round one. rounds one. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> oh, nice and thick, so what all is in it? >> so it is butter fultz squash of course, we roast ours. in it is nutmeg. >> nutmeg. >> little cream. little onions. >> you can see the steam coming up. >> stock in it. because we want to try to keep it vegetarian. little veg stock in it, coater another herbs and spices, try not to give out the little lion secret ingredients. >> oh, you can taste the nut mess, this is good. >> like i say, i will be joining you all us zero because i'm super hungry right now. >> grab your bowl. >> you guys enjoy. bon appetit. >> and you have rolls, too? >> of course we have rolls over here. >> pass the rolls. >> pass the rolls. >> do you make potato rolls we have. >> my favorite. would you please pass the
7:50 am
rolls. >> sure, alex. >> happy thanksgiving. >> dysfunctional but happen. >> i it is so thick, and perfect. >> yes, it is nice and thick. look at that. >> all right, we need some explanation from over near the kids table. and that's where jen is. the beards dollars thing, that can't be for kids, is it? >> of course it is. >> what is it? >> it is the dude, it is the dude, joey for the man is here, how are you? >> you brought props. ak your children? >> right. >> boston and hudson, hi, guys. all right, so we ought to talk friday deals. mike wants to know what the heck this thing is? >> talk about games in a minute. but i want to share with you real quick. kohl's is the number one in all of the deals. saying now it is about 66% off. whenever you go there. and then there is a lot of other things going none different stores. but none of them are actually showing the new items hardly. >> really? so, the one thing you said, also, target doing a lot of like buy one, get one free bo go deals, in your every continues to be super hot.
7:51 am
>> right. the best deal you can get for in your every right now is at kohl's. these two right here, the raptor strike and i got to say it right. >> the regulator. >> and the mod ooh lust regulator, normally $09, at kohl's $45. >> that's huge. >> and you will do the thing with the thing with the cars up the ramp. the dude is part of a board game. >> go it go to target 50% off "black friday" boards games, age 16 plus, it is a sherades, with a dude. >> okay i love it. squalk something we haven't seen before. and then oh, soggy dog, another toy? >> yep. big with kids. all you do is get a dog that shakes. he likes this. >> what's this batman looking thing? costume? >> i'll show you. >> thank you. >> society big deal, at target, i think, the by one get one. >> show me. >> i'll entertain you all day. >> the buy one get one. with imaginex. also with little live pets. remember these little kitties.
7:52 am
>> laundry loves a fake animal. >> much better. >> yes. >> what else can you do? i would be thankful if you can shoot the darts. >> it has voice changer. >> that's really cool. and the cat it, we see it? >> so, bottom line. the retailers, oh, that was awesome. you say they are the stores know about on line, so all casino every getting together? >> yes. you can really find the deals on all of the big box stores, it is all day long, all day long. you can be here all week. you want them? the big box stores have the best deals when it comes to the cyber deals, of course, amazon is great, but if you want to start shopping now, there is a a lot of them on sale today even before they open tonight. >> i love it. we put your gift guide, which has like stuff without video games, this kind of stuff, stuff for mom, stuff for everyone on happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> happy thanksgiving, guys,
7:53 am
did you great. your dad's here, happy thanksgiving to your dad. i'm thankful for you. i'm thankful for you not fighting. so don't -- oh! >> sorry. no more toys for me. >> do it again! >> my bad. >> again! >> (laughing). >> oh, they're enjoying it. >> thanksgiving about the kids, too, that's for sure. by the way, doctor mike, doctor mike is coming in, he says there is a certain spice we should be having in almost all of our food to make you more health. >> i really? >> yes, yes, yes. >> well then lengths' spring tell on. he'll be here nex
7:54 am
when my smile is bright, i feel ready to shine. some whitening toothpastes, only remove surface stains. colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> welcome back to our good day philadelphia feast here, just getting started here, doctor mike is in, ingredient you say we should have maybe in our table, not just for thanksgiving, that helps with our health. >> well, there is some interesting data on cinnamon. >> oh? >> because cinnamon, cinnamon is just synonymous with the
7:57 am
holidays. all right? the component. >> it doesn't sounds good. >> thank you. wow. cinnamaladayde. >> it causes fat cells to burn fat little quicker, called thermogenesis. and there is some interesting research on this, now, you don't want to take too much. >> generally recognized safe if you put it on food and things like, that so i don't want people consuming large containers because it can cause diarrhea and nausea, all kinds of things you don't want to have today. all right, so don't do. that will but very interesting. more study may lead to some interesting things about weight loss. >> i think that there is cinnamon in pumpkin pie, isn't there, in nutmeg. >> maybe we should add a little more. >> little bit. >> now, don't want to be too serious today, i know thanksgiving, we do this every year, people choke on food on thanksgiving. give me some of the reasons why you think why?
7:58 am
>> well, ten times more likely, on holidays, to choke, and have something called food impaction. >> what's that? >> that's where the food gets stuck in your esophagus. that's the tube that connects your mouth down to your stomach. why does this happen? people eat turkey -- i brought turkey. my wife and i watch the food network when we're not watching fox. basically turkey is the number one culprit. because it is hard, you have to really chew it. and it can get stuck the other thing, alcohol, little extra wine, and that get you distracted, you're bringing your boyfriends, girlfriends for the first time, to meet the parent today. >> you're distracted, if child, running around because your your cousin and everybody else, and you get distract and you choke. number one. be thoughtful about eating. eat slowly.
7:59 am
choose your food well. >> slow. >> all right? focus on that. >> secondly if someone shows signs they're choking, heimlich maneuver, and i believe this may save someone's life today. so if you're, there you have loved one or anyone at the table that starts to choke, really learn thousand dot heimlich. >> just go on youtube it, will take two seconds. >> youtube, we've done the eggment many, many times, but maybe we should do it again down the road soon? >> sure. >> to remind people. >> to reminds people exactly how to do it, because you can do it on babies, too, different technique. >> exactly. >> happy thanksgiving, hang around here. >> ill. >> i love you both. >> eat up. >> love you too, doctor mike. >> good day everybody, it is happy thanksgiving, november 23rd. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> dinner ordeals? would you trade in your turkey
8:00 am
for holiday sales? the shoppers out and about for the big thanksgiving meal. >> and get the best deals, the lazy way. how you can guarantee big savings without having to miss dessert? >> coming up next on good day philadelphia, i'm standing in new jersey cranberry bog. where is it? >> i'll tell you next. >> turkey. mashed potatoes, stuffing. gravy. what is the best part of your thanksgiving spread? we will breakdown your favorites. and what the chefs agree is the worse dish to have on the table. is it on your menu? it might be. i know it is not mine. >> let's get it on. that's new bowl of soup. >> what is it? >> butter nut squash soup. >> what, cinnamon? >> there is no cinnamon in it. but we could add it. >> wow. >> isn't that good. >> that's good. >> that is good. >> so we will be adding more, my father sent me a picture
8:01 am
every my grandpa, tv ready andres dollars up. >> he's come in to be at our table. >> he is a trip by the way. >> grandpa, fantastic. >> my favorite. >> all right, shall we do it? it is 8:00. the star of the show is coming in, monterrey, slide in here. >> try to slide. >> put right in the middle. oh, my god. >> it is huge! >> common around here. because i want to talk to you about it. >> all right. >> what is the size on that sucker? >> this is about 30 pounds. >> 30 pounds? >> about 30 pounds. >> is it -- it has food inside of it? >> we just stuffed it with some fresh herbs, some garlic and stuff like that, we find it for good 24 hours, just basic brine, water, sugar, little salt, and we roasted it, you know, for about like good five hours. , about six hours. >> you have to have a big oven. >> mikes convection oven, and it kicks butt every time for us, does good. >> i love that thing.
8:02 am
>> what was the temperature on that roast wise. >> roast wise as far as like -- >> temperature. >> you want to bring it to up. >> bring it to up good 165. me, i don't trust it to turkeys to 170-6789 that's just me personally. do you know how to carve? electric or fresh blade. >> fresh blade. plus my mom would kill me if she something like that done. she is old school, you know,. >> god to keep it old school. >> it is beautiful. again, for little lion over at thirds and chestnut, they're open today. before you eat that the soup. too late. >> you were eating up. you were liking it. >> hungry. what, i have to do something now? >> maybe just little bit of weather and touch of traffic. >> put some cinnamon on it. >> cold out there guys. this is comfort food for this cold. hey shall everybody lined up for the parade. you can see, live look out toward the ben franklin
8:03 am
parkway we are look good allege feeling cold. thirty-two in town, temperatures into the 20's for the outer suburbs, still bit of breeze out there this morning, northwest, direction, coming in at eight. cherry hill at 30 degrees, 20's for out in the sub herbs morning, lots of clear skies overhead, clear skies, the name of the game this afternoon, that means, there are no travel delays coast-to-coast from the midwest down toward the ohio valley, great planes, all looking good. parade planner, 34 degrees today at 8:00 this morning, so we're right on track with the forecast, 37, by 10:00 this morning, and pretty chilly, as we get into the afternoon hours. in fact, the thirds coldest in three years, that's what i wanted to try to say for this. coldest thanksgiving in three years across the delaware valley. let's look at traffic this morning, and we have a lot of races, 8k's, 5k's, speaking of, route 202, at county line. they have it shutdown, this is not a fire scene. this is actually for the parade, goers, for the north wales turkey trot. that's closed down through the morning, and we bring you out
8:04 am
to wilmington, the 39th annual thanksgiving day ms run, we have closures around there, until lunchtime. and if you are headed to the parade, you're going to take the ben franklin. you have no issues getting over the bridge, guys. >> hey, thank you, 8:04 now. >> so we take a look along the ben franklin parkway since mike was just talking about it, because look at all of those balloons, oh, look, a present. a balloon present. >> thank you. >> so this is just off the parkway. they're staging still, blowing up the balloons, getting the bands ready and the floats. >> you know what, that's totally a gift would you give, mike, gift just full of hot air. >> it would be big, though, it would be big. >> is that a flying sawser? >> a wreath. that fell on its side right now. so that's probably jfk or market street. do you think that's market street and then down the parkway? i like the staging area. it is all jammed together. >> all start in less than 30 minutes. >> if your thanksgiving
8:05 am
tradition includes bargain shopping, you know, some stores are open. a guy just texted me, wal-mart. so few walmarts are open right now. >> really, okay. >> other stores opening tonight at 5:00, 6:00 or go to the columbus farmers market in new jersey, one of the reasons largest flea markets, steve keeley been there, finding all kinds of things. and people. >> this is open seven to 3:00 on thanksgiving as it is every thanksgiving, we're seeing how huge it is for everybody. this is more of a new york city-philadelphia merging of the minds here. look at these belts. it is not just antiques. look at all of these belt, probably a thousand belt there. what do you think these go for? how about $2 for brand new belt? and it says, genuine leather. all right, socks, where are you going to find 12 pair of socks for $6? mike, that's like you could be like allen iverson, wear them once and throw them away at half time like you used to do, they even have diabetic socks here to the left. so, any kind of socks. any kind of nut or dried fruit
8:06 am
you can think of. at this stands. look, there is even a special stand, for every kind of pickle you can imagine, how many different kind of pickles do you have? >> we have about 14 different kinds of pickles that you can try. >> who even thought there were 14 different kinds. >> honestly, so many different kinds of pickles, sweet, spicy, soar. >> all right. >> want to try some? >> gentlemen, we will try some during a sounds bite, a guy with some of the greatest antiques, this is our conversation with him. >> this is your first thank giving, but for some reason you knew how to dress perfectly for this. >> i'm from new york, so i'm used to dressing like this. >> you have some unique things in this area here. where do you finds these snow shoes by the way? >> up toward anna long decks. >> they're big up there. >> yes, very big. >> we could just oohed them here for awhile. we had three blizzards back-to-back one year, i could have used those snow shoes. >> almost feels like you could use them today. >> then you have everything from a worlds war one helmet. >> yep. >> to an old football helmet.
8:07 am
>> yep. >> pre-concussion era. >> yes, yes, we get everything that we can find, as far as old and antique wise. >> and i just noticed, are these michetti's here? >> yes, some michetti's, some swords, some antiques bay on. >> the this is like game of thrones set here. >> yep. it is all antique and collectable. >> all right. well, even a place that sells every kinds of bone you can imagine for your dog called bone appetite. and for some reason there is stand remind me somebody just came to up me and said they must be watching us today; jenn frederick, we must have showed her either her mike scrapped to her anchor her interrupt feedback, somebody thinks that she is at an ankle monitor bracelet like she is a criminal. i said yes, she only permit today judge lets her out for work and lock her up immediately after the show and on weekends. so i confirm, yes, she on parole or probation, but she is doing good and allowed for
8:08 am
work specially on the holidays, but that indeed is an ankle monitor that we're showing apparently. >> an ankle monitor. >> but she has had good behavior. >> hey, i don't know, i like that as a gag christmas gift. get somebody an ankle monitor or a feel or bone. are we looking at bones there, they selling bones? >> yes. every kind of bone. and i don't want to say that's for jen, remember last year we joke we got letter a bone from christmas, but that was for the spoiled dog in your life i guess. >> i guess for your dogs, right? >> yes. i hope. >> there is a feel or. >> i hope nobody is knawling on those. >> who knew you could buy bones on thanksgiving? >> all kinds of things at this flea market. i love it. >> i like it, too. >> i need to go shopping with steve more often. >> now, he mentioned, steve mentioned, jen, and she is out on work release right now, she is over, now, we don't let her at the big table. she at the kids table with dan. >> hello.
8:09 am
>> it is "black friday." by the way, steve keeley is my husband, as everyone knows, and i'll be seeing him at home later. you say you have the best deal on a television you've ever seen. and the best deal on an ipad, better than one you had, and you just bought, you should have bought this deal. come on back. >> no question. >> we will tell you what dan says are the best things to buy. >> then have you had any turkey day drama yet? people have been weighing in. tony says: when you eat your wife's ingredients while she isn't looking, blaming it on the dog doesn't work any more. tony, you bad, bad boy. you're ruining the dinner and the dinner plans.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> 8:12, crickets on the roadways this morning, this is 59 near cottman avenue. nice and clear. seventy-six, live shot, out toward belmont. looking good, and quiet out there, as well. but the big story is in town, with the thanksgiving day parade. kicking off just about 15 minutes, we do have many closures right now, mlk drive, kelly drive, jfk boulevard, market street, and the parkway, of course, all shutdown, because of the festivities downtown. we will take a look at weather
8:13 am
coming up in 15 seconds. >> clear, colds, the name of the game, into the afternoon hours, just nothing happening. lots of dry skies out toward the west. only issues out towards the pacific northwest, if you are catching a flight, you know, either tonight, if you can't wait, and you got to get out of here soon, like now, portland, seattle, san francisco, maybe those hubs will trip you up little bit in terms of weather-related delays. otherwise, lot of cold on the board, in fact, another shot at arctic air developing, winds-lake canada, another blast every cold air that comes at us, by this weekend. so for tomorrow, good deals, good sunshine out there. close call though by saturday. could bring in some cloud coverage. then the winds will crank on sunday, if you are going to the game. twenty-five to 40 miles per hour winds possible.
8:14 am
so, 45 today. fifty-three tomorrow. we get cold sunday, but then nice bounce in temperatures, that close to 60 degrees by next week. >> thank you, mike. >> yes, i'm bloated already. but keep it coming. >> we've only just gun. >> so, what's next? i think we have, what is that? mac and cheese. >> okay. >> owes what's on top? do you have do some explaining, monterrey. >> so guys, next course, we have our mac and cheese. so our mac and cheese, it is creamy, it is not the normal baked macaroni and cheese like mom used to do, or anything like, that we cream ours down, on top we have some student tomatoes, some butter bread crumb, as well, very, very good. it is south carolina tradition, how they normally do their mack's down there. >> i didn't realize that, student tomatoes. i've never had that on my mac and cheese. >> about to have it now. >> lay it on me, baby.
8:15 am
doctor mike, do you want some mac and cheese? >> absolutely. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> who doesn't want mac and cheese? >> got have mac and cheese. >> now, where's jen? >> sure, she has been banished to the kids table again this year. >> you got to have the kids table, after thanksgiving day. >> and her little friends, little dan has joined her over there. >> how little dan, how are you? >> hllo. >> so it is "black friday," we talk on the phone yesterday. i know that you know this about me. i'm lazy saver. >> same. >> and i said is there anyway that like the sales can just call me on the phone? and you said yes! >> absolutely, i got two tips for you today. for us folks who just want to stay home and enjoy the meal. >> yes. >> and not spend time in a sketchy parking lot with a bunch of folks, here's what you will do. >> you love soup. >> i love soup. >> thank you. >> butter nut squash. let's do it. >> what are you going to do? >> first thing, app called camel, camel, camel. >> cool app. put put your shopping list into the app. it will automatically let you
8:16 am
know when the price on amazon, jen, changes, so then you would, few clicks and slides, you can buy that item on sale. >> it likes text me or e-mail me? >> text or e-mail you. the earl one i like right in the amazon app. a lot of folks have the a.m. zone app, mike has it, alex have it, we all have the amazon app. roo right in the app itself. go to your settings page. >> okay? >> then go to your notifications tab. >> yep. >> hit watch deals, right? then what you do, you put the deals on amazon, the products on amazon, you're interested in. >> yep. >> amazon will then alert you, when the price -- >> that's what i want. sue serio has this one pair every pant, she's tall, ebay like super tall black pants, and it is like in her size, it tells her when they're on sale. >> perfect. >> that's what this does? >> exactly, that way sit back, enjoy the pie, forget hanging out in the parking lot. >> now you know how this is. the dudes mostly need their toys, need their iphone x, their tv's, their ipads. what are we doing there?
8:17 am
>> doctor mike wants a new i foam x. he told me and here's how we do it. >> best phony fawn out therefore "black friday," go to wal-mart, get your iphone x. it will cost you a loft money, right, because these are expensive. >> a thousand dollars. >> here is the dream you get 300-dollar gift cards, doctor mike, if you don't want the gift cards you can sell it at discount at gift card granny. com. >> how much? >> for about 275 bucks. >> okay. >> so all told, you're going to get great discount if you choose to go that route. so use wal-mart this year, for those new iphones. >> my kids have like the ipad from like 1971. but you say it is time to upgrade? >> time to upgrade. fifth generation ipad, the best deal i found is over at target. you get one for 250 bucks i'm kicking myself, just little while ago i bought fourth generation for more than. that will so if you want a great deal on that ipad, alex, 250 bucks, at target. you can't go wrong on that one. >> as we wrap it up, speaking of 250, tv taller than me at target, there. >> bob the cameraman, 55-inch
8:18 am
tv buying over at target. listen to this. 250 bucks. >> okay. >> 55 inches. >> okay. >> do it. >> we got t thank you. >> all right. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> hey, dan. >> yes, sir? >> is that a good tv, though? >> so, here is a little secret about tv's. >> if you buy one every these west g house or rca, sort of the off brand names, all made in the same factory, guys. >> oh? >> really? >> reality they just slap different brands names, fine tv. you can spends the extra 25 bucks, get the protection plan if you are worried about it, put it on the wall. any more wall space left, mike, you'll be fine. >> 250 for 55-inch. i'm into that. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> well, how is it over there at the grown up table? >> it is sophisticated little more sophisticated than yours. >> i'm looking out the window, i believe my family has arrived. >> grandpa is here. >> apply grandpa is here. >> and daddy? >> make room. >> we'll make room for him. >> yes. >> so people are lined up for
8:19 am
"black friday" tomorrow, right? >> there is this dude down in your home state of texas, alex holley, his name is evelyn garcia. he's been there a while. >> and this is in garlands, right outside every dallas, little bit. he's been there since hat saturday, hoping to get a deal on a television. >> well, there is no line. and if there was, he would be at the head of it. here he is. >> dope do you have work though or are you off? >> i have to work, but there are four of us, so we switch inbetween six every us. >> so he got a couple of neighbors now to join him. >> here is the good news, though, at least in texas, it is not as cold. >> yes. >> not as crazy as doing it here. >> so he's been out there since last saturday? >> my dad said it is in the 70s still. >> oh, i love that. >> that was in the daytime. who knows at night. probably goes little chilly. >> do you like the side dish the mac and cheese? >> love it.
8:20 am
>> turkey impeccable. >> some people, tomatoes on the mac and cheese? >> i thought i wouldn't like it. i love it. >> the student tomatoes, south carolina style. >> south carolina. all right, so, we interviewed a bunch of chefs. and they decided which was their lease favorite side dish. this is bothersome to one alex holley. >> very bothersome, and i'm almost offended, i'm sure my dad will be, as well. >> let's offer ends alex's dad next. all right, more trouble. >> from julia, says, this friends' giving pet holder from dollar tree on fire. oh, news flash, folks. and then, this one says: our 5 pounds dog with no teeth pulled the tablecloth until the turkey was on the floor before the sides were cooked. but thankfully the turkey was still covered in foil. that saves the day. oh, talking about turkey day drama with your turkey day troubles. why don't you share your stories, you can go on this year already, use the
8:21 am
#fox29goodday. >> by the way that's from millennial. the pounds sign for pound. millennials, love
8:22 am
you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it.
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8:24 am
>> hey, it started, here we go. >> little toy soldier, right? >> oldest thanksgiving parade in the country started here in philadelphia. oh, look out. the ham is on the way here in the studio. >> oh, i think that's brussels sprouts. brussels sprouts. >> oh! i'm into it. i didn't used to like brussels sprouts. then they started doing fancy, monterrey. >> we fancy them out little bit. stick some over here. fancy them up little bit. now we have our brussels sprouts with bacon lardons, shallots, and little butter. >> do you have a serving bowl or thing? we can do it later. >> actually we got something here. >> we can go get the spoon later. >> you're right, mike, when i was young, i was not a fan every brussels sprouts. >> neither was i. >> nowadays they make them. >> just like little cabbage,
8:25 am
like i said, we have lardon shallots, and sauce in it our very own balance sal mick and red wine reduction. little brown sugar to sweeten it up. >> carmelize dollars. >> carmelized. >> that's great. >> i had to trick my kids to eat it. >> we should probably bring my folks in for this one, this chat, i didn't even think. we will talk about the worse side dish, right? >> we got time. >> wheel we give you the run down here, we found some chefs, probably like monterrey, and we asked them, what is the worse side dish in their opinion, because their pallet is very fine, right? >> right. >> this will be a problem for pie family, dad, i know you didn't want to be on tv? can he would show him real quickly? so dad, and i know you love
8:26 am
this. >> yes, ma'am. i'm not supposed to be on tv. >> i know. but -- >> i'm not dressed for tv. >> i know, i'm so sorry. and i see grandpa, he is. >> alex, can i see you outside? >> oh, okay. >> but daddy, you're going to want to hear this, trust me. >> okay. >> so we've been talking about side dishes, and they interviewed chefs all around the country, right? and they asked them, what's the worse side dish to make for when it comes to thanksgiving meal. >> okay. >> all right? >> all right. >> sweet potato cast roll, the one -- >> show his face. >> are you kidding me? >> ya, daddy. can you please tell the good people, what's your signature dish that you make every year? >> sweet potato souffle, the only thing i know how to make. >> which is basically sweet potato cast roll, yes. chef, saying they don't like it. >> i was making if until 2:00 this morning. who says it is not a good idea. >> some fancy pant chefs. you know?
8:27 am
>> not in one. >> oh, look at monterrey's face. >> that was my number one side dish, like, i have to have that on my plate. like shout out to theresa keys, she makes the best. >> theresa keys. >> she makes the best cast roll sweet potato cast roll. got to have that on my plate. >> and glenn holly. don't worry, i didn't vote in this. >> mike, you know who is behind this? the broccoli people are behind this. >> the broccoli people. they need to be tracked down like george h walter bush, from your home state. with the little marshmellows on top. >> put pecans, brown sugar. it is okay, daddy, i'll still eat it. >> cranberry sauce is about to come to the table. speaking of cranberries, watch this. >> hello. >> my maple is mike. his name is israel. it is a dream come true. i'm a new jersey bog, next on good day philadelphia.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> we're taking a look at the parades, look at everything go by, for a lot of people this is tradition, no matter what the weather s they'll come out and see the thanksgiving day parade. >> so, this is pretty cool. but, luckily, mike, we're not going to have rain, but it is chilly out there. >> 32 degrees right now, i mean, this is one of the coldest parades i think we've had in a few years now, and there is live shot, another vantage point, showing you the crowds are lined up, and man is it cold. 32 degrees, biting northwestern breeze, coming in at 8 miles per hour, and everybody's cold. you know, misery lovers company at this point. we're into the 20's, low 30's, it is, you know, middle 20's getting up toward pottstown, allentown, sun's out, slow crawl to eventually the middle 40's later this afternoon. there is the winds, five to 10 s
8:32 am
your pre planner, again, cold right now through 10:00. lunchtime, eventually get to go 42 degrees, up to 45, for your daytime high today. alex said lots of sunshine, so that's a good trade off. are we going to do traffic? there go. put that up. i'm guessing they're running in circles, sources telling me they're running in circles at route 202 and county line, the runners off in the north wales turkey trot. they have 8k and 5k right now. just know that route 202 and county line is being impacted. here is a live look at the vine street expressway, toward 76. you can see, the onramp completely jammed up. with people. and if you are taking mass transit today, septa, new jersey transit and patco, all on holiday schedules, guys. >> okay. mike by the way, your plate is off to the side there, but i've got some cranberries now. >> oh? >> look how thick these are. >> oh, yes, thank you. >> you gave me a lot, there okay. >> you know, i like to put it on mashed potatoes, ever do
8:33 am
that? >> no, i don't think i've ever done. that will save it for the dressing or stuffing whatever you call it in your home. >> anyway new jersey is big for cranberries. in fact, i paid a visit to this, look at that beautiful victorian home. >> that is beautiful. >> see the cranberry bog in front? it is far as you can see, cranberry bogs. that's the pine island cranberry company in cumberland county pretty close to chads worth, where they wash them all, make them for ocean spray. >> oh, i lover those ocean spray commercials. >> you want to see one. >> yes. >> well, my dream, is to visit here, and i did. >> i always wanted to stands in a new jersey cranberry bog. >> i'm standing in a new jersey cranberry bog, look who i found, stephanie haines, how many generations of cranberry growers? >> fifth generation cranberry
8:34 am
grower, fifth, 127 years ago, migrate great grandfather purchased some lands. >> i've always wanted to do, stands in the cranberry bog, because of the commercial, right. >> i call cranberries, the ninja fruit. >> i had no idea it was this labor-intensive. tell me how it goes from a vine, looking at a field of cranberries, and it just looks like vines against the grounds. but underneath, there are those cranberry us. >> flood the bog. we will bring in the water, and cranberry like little balloons, coming up from the vines. we'll come through with a harrow. >> what's a harrow. >> how we pick them. >> then they float? >> they float to the surface. we bring in the boom here. >> big yellow boom. >> just gather this up. >> you gather it up, suck the cranberries out of the bog.
8:35 am
>> correct. >> israel, all in the knee? >> the knee. >> oh, my meniscus. >> the birds, the crane, and they started calling them crane berries, and that just evolved into cranberry us. >> somebody screwed that up like me, instead of saying crane, said cran, then eventually cranberry. >> i you know that south jersey-philly accent. >> do you drink or consume cranberries every day? >> every day of my life. >> where are we on the chain of growers of cranberries in the state of new jersey? >> new jersey is third. it is first wisconsin, second massachusetts, and third is new jersey.
8:36 am
>> i don't want to get booked down with jokes here, stephanie, what's the worse cranberry joe you've heard? is it the bog thing? >> we hear that the most often yes. >> i see different shades of cranberries. tell me the difference. >> cranberries ripen at different rates. we pick them all at once. >> so it is green, white, pink, red and red is the best? >> red is the best, red is the color of money. >> i don't think many people have stood in a cranberry bog. and there is the finish product on thanksgiving. >> i want to stand in a cranberry bog. >> do you? >> yes, that look fun. >> it was a blast.
8:37 am
>> how do you say, is it a jiff? >> well, the person who created gif or jiff, pronounce it like jiff like jiff peanut butter oh, but everyone else says gif. >> that's one right there? >> kim kardashian looking around the picture. >> take little snip it, and make it an expression or whatever. >> you loop it over and over. >> show you all of the gist throughout the holidays. >> so the way that you are feeling, when you're drunk uncle comes in. >> right. >> you can go -- >> or were are you still sing snell. >> oh,. >> are you going to eat another plate. >> does that annoy you when people ask you why are you still sing snell. >> i get asked that a lot, yes. >> most beloved christmas
8:38 am
movie every all time, christmas story, the biggest television event, doing it live, and it will be right here on fox 29. now, you have a chance to see it live, at the warner brother studios in los angeles, it is a surprise including airline flights, two nights hotel, transportation. you know how to get this? just go to our website see all of the rules and enter for your chance to win.
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>> what do you have now? >> our prime rib. >> oh? >> rosemary, tyme. , nice seasoning, we have some braze dollars mustard green, but of course, horseradish,.
8:42 am
>> we have some tongs. >> a lot of people order prime ribbon thanksgiving? >> they do. they actually do. they actually do. specially the men, the men. >> yes. >> they love it, bon appetit, you guys, enjoy. >> loving every second of this. >> the reason i smack your hands away, my grandfather lovers the turkey leg. >> i'll fight him. >> and he's here, so when we come back, grandpa will say hello to everyone, and joining us here at the table. >> thank god there are two legs.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> blue mountains open, tomorrow, excuse me. well, look, they're getting ready to get open. look, making snow for weeks, temperatures that have been in the teens, 20's, so, get your ski and snow boarding on! 30 degrees up to the north and west, plymouth meeting at 29 so you know we have cold morning out there, slow crawl to get to 45 this afternoon, now, still little bit after winds. so we do have windchill values
8:46 am
into the teens and 20's, so nothing really going on across town. >> it might trip you up if you have to travel wawrinka out west. otherwise all about the coal air. lots of cold real estate not short of arctic air that comes in by the latter half of this weekend so good deal tomorrow getting your black shopping on, you're fine, lots of sunshine saturday fine. >> next week talking into the 60s. >> oh, totally into that. >> now, safer some, we have our next guest who is here, okay? so i think a lot of people really got to my my grandfather when he came back in the spring. >> we did this story in washington, d.c., i love my
8:47 am
grandfather letting me share this story with you. and since them people have been so nice, asking about him, wondering how he's doing so he's back in philly and here for thanksgiving. so got in the day before yesterday. i brought him to the table with us, so, let's bring him n let's show grandpa. >> hi, grandpa. >> greet to be here. >> grandpa, i want to say happy thanksgiving to you. i'm so, so thankful for you. i love you. >> glad to be here. >> grade to shall thanksgiving with you. >> he is my favorite person. seriously, i'm obsessed with you, grandpa. i hope you don't mine. >> i normally gave you a hug, too. so there is a thanksgiving hug. >> thank you. >> so this is my 87 year old grandfather, soon going to be 88, when is your birthday? >> december the 11.
8:48 am
>> coming up. >> from texas. >> look at that camera. want to do something with all of the people? >> oh, sending out a shout to everything. i love it. so grandpa will you have some food with us this morning? >> yes, looks delicious. not just property food, this is real. it is real. >> yes, you can actually eat this. so doesn't worry about it, so we will be going all around town and today we're focus dollars on eating only. here is a interesting thing. so grandpa was there for some of the drama we had last night. but before i get into, that dow think we have a dish? what's the dish? >> amex seriously, how many courses in. >> we have to last throughout the show. >> ham? >> oh, look it is a ham. hey, dad, could you come here for this one? >> come on, daddy, i know, he's so upset because he feels like he's not dressed for tv. >> people just joining us in the 8:00 now. what happened last night?
8:49 am
you guys ordered, weeks ago, a ham from the honey bake people, like a lot of people do. >> our tradition, right, daddy, you have to be in for this store. >> i yes. >> so what happened last night? >> well, the ham didn't happen. >> we know that part, dad. we know that. have you been eating? you have a little something right here. >> you have been eating in the back. there we go. oh, wait hold on. there we go. >> all right. so the ham didn't happen. mom and my mother is extremely organized. >> yes. >> very particular. >> and she ordered it what about a week ago, week and a half ago. >> yes, and she wrote it down, has got the time, you know your mother, she on it. >> so then getting bark back, going outside to get some extra chairs, we'll get into that later for all of the people coming over, got to be 7:00 p.m. where is the ham? the ham didn't show up. >> then we called, they told us the ham would not arrive. >> you called, where did they say the ham is? >> i don't think we even know where it is now. >> well, i don't know.
8:50 am
i'm not trying, so i'm just going to talk. >> ups has it. >> so somebody's having a ham for thanksgiving. >> working, what can brown do for you? make you some ham. >> so probably the only ham we'll get to see today. quite interesting conversations with the people, right? >> well, yes, yes. >> we were up on the phone with them, trying to come up with a creative solution. >> was she stern with the folks? >> oh,ment and then point out, i had to put on my lawyer hat, and talk some more. >> it got real. we want ham for the ham. so daddy i want you to get a piece of ham, it might be the only piece we're getting today. >> so there go. >> it happens -- >> now? >> you can have it now. >> take it. >> this happens at least, or
8:51 am
maybe once a year, people, you've been weighing in, your turkey day troubles and talking about what's what happens been happening. so sends them in, use the #fox29goodday. did is the not show up? let us know so we can talk about it. >> let's weighing in with our parade here in philadelphia. >> anyway, marching down the parkway, thereon jfk, i think market for little while. parkway, thereon jfk, i think market for little while. heading to the art no matter how you holiday, parkway, thereon jfk, i think market for little while. headwhere you holiday, or who you holiday with... stay bright with dunkin's holiday coffee flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint mocha. grab your favorite and make your holidays happen. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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>> i'll watch, that i love it, also i'm watch every evening here for kelly's crest mass. >> lovely because this is great contest, you know, people decorate their homes, put up all of the christmas lights, bob kelly out to find the most decorated house in the region. so why don't you sends pictures every your holiday light display, using the #fox29lights contest. >> bob kelly could show to up your house during evening newscast, put on tv he'll let you know if he's coming. >> yes. >> you won't just pop up un invited. >> not like he has in the past, police have stopped tha that. >> plant don't be concerned about that at all. >> do do we have gravy coming? >> i want grave. >> i here we go. >> okay. we are going to breakdown your favorite -- >> side dishes and dishes. and so, is it on your menu? which ones are your favorites?
8:56 am
let us know. >> okay. >> and we're sharing more turkey day troubles, i think we have one here, anna marie bell, says, i was looking for corn and stern owes last minute, they were on the list this weekend, the husband didn't get them. oh, i bet that's happening in a lot of households, give people the list and they don't get everything on the list. >> oh, so much arguing today. please, hug each other. sorry. i can't make it.
8:57 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> the old et cetera thanksgiving parade is underway, by the sterling apartment complex. >> that's what it looks like. >> blanket out and everything. >> hi, hi, little girls.
9:00 am
>> hi, kids, no matter what the weather is, people do that every year. >> family tradition cents are family tradition. >> hey, speaking every tradition, thank you for joining us four our feast, eating for you. >> yes. >> our duty. >> thanksgiving, 2017, happy thanksgiving to you. >> it is a holly take over. say hi, everybody. >> happy thanksgiving. >> say hi, dad. >> hello. >> wearing matching hats because they're father and son. >> doctor like and i feel bad we don't have, you know, happenchapo's, we need hats. >> i do quickly want to say, this is not all of the holly family. my mother is here. now, mom, i did not plan for dad to be on here, as well, okay? so we're not doing this without you. >> why wouldn't your mom be here to share this? what's she doing? she's in philly. >> cooking. >> you left her at


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