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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 12, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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southbound in the construction zone. so only three lanes to begin with, and then accident has taken out the far left lane here and right now we are looking at a 91 minute delay from woodhaven all the way into center city an hour and a half. >> what? >> would you turnaround at that point. >> yes. >> turnaround, honey, i'm back home. >> calling the boss. >> exactly. >> surprise. >> and hope everything is okay at the house when you return. >> get back and check things out. ninety-one minutes. pack a snack for the ride heading that i washings sky fox on the way, but here you go southbound forget bit. folks will jump off maybe use rich machine street, maybe roosevelt boulevard, frankford avenue, torresdale avenue so neighborhood will be a hot mess this morning. live lot at roosevelt boulevard, tyson and boulevard an accident in front of the super wawa that they built and then north on 495 some late
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running construction running with 23 minutes from the letter end all the way up in to wilmington. coming up from wilmington your best bet use i-95, instead of 495, hello south jersey headlights coming in on the freeway, so tempers are hot, scottie, how is temperature >> not that bad waking up to numbers in the 40's across the area weather by numbers scale of one to 10, an arctic front that will move in late this afternoon and this evening dropping those temperatures tonight in the teens and 20's. feels like temperatures by this time tomorrow will be in the single digits. ultimate doppler right new showing snow well to our north , poconos, lehigh valley a few flakes. look at the temperatures 40 in the lehigh valley, mid four's in philadelphia, upper 40's moving down the shore. so on average today we will look at those temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. there could be a possing shower but coming up we will talk about the arctic blast and snow chances, in that
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seven day forecast. >> i just heard you say that snow chances. carson wentz, of course, is out for the season with that torn acl. >> but he is staying positive with the message for folks on the wentz wagon. so lauren's there with his message and plus is what happening today for people getting behind nick foles. >> all righty. >> reporter: hey listen if you follow carson wentz on social media seen this before. he end all message was #ao1 that is audience of one. he is living his life for god but he understands and realizes he has an entire nation behind him. last night he took to social media and has this message about faith and football. >> i know the lord's working through it. he is trying to grow me in something, teach me, use me somehow some way. this is a great testimony as i go forward. >> reporter: that was first time we heard from carson since he sustain that season ending injury.
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we saw him hopping off that american airlines plane yesterday morning around 4:00 a.m. when team return home winners from los angeles after they beat rams. it was a big win that came with a big loss. carson end up tearing his acl, and in this third quarter play he runs and dives into the end zone, coach peterson believe it came before wentz was hit moments before he dove peterson had a message for fans react to go this news in a negative way. >> fans out there, they can't, you cannot lose faith. this has been a resilient football team all season long and, you know, if there is ever an opportunity for me as a head football coach to rally the troops, now might be the time. >> reporter: pederson wants to he look mind the fans that the team came off that tremendous victory to win the nfce. carson wentz broke a franchise
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touchdown record all overshadowed by injuries. it was a bitter sweet game but now on to the giants with a new man behind the ball that is nick foles. he will be speaking here to reporters at the novacare complex 12:45 today. alex and mike, he will talk about his fondness for carson wentz what he has learned from him this season and how he knows and realizes he has big cleats to fill. >> there you go, cleats. >> there you go. >> i will disappointed if you don't stop carson's car when he gets there. >> there have ban lieutenant of cars but a lot of them have tinted windows. >> it is hard to see. >> do you know what kind of car he has. >> do you know what kind of car he has. >> a. >> and, isn't this weird, i was going to ask you guys this
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, i kept hearing left leg. but right leg was wrapped up, right. >> well, unless they made a horrible mistake, you would think they would wrap the other one. >> i was very confused. >> the video has right leg but left leg was injured. >> okay. >> can you get to the bottom of this mike. >> i will get to the bottom have it. >> how about it, idea sent from the viewer ann marie brown. she did this. >> do we have it. >> yes, we do have it. here's a tweet, listen to this , idea, nfl quarterback is injured mid season, a british prince who bears an uncanny re semblance to the qb yearning to see how other half lives, switches place west him, and the super bowl. they call it the prince and the passer. >> i love it, homework channel , lifetime channel.
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>> yes. >> the woman would go wild. >> the prince and the pastor,. >> that is pretty good. >> ryan seacrest executive producer, mark burnett, probably. >> could you work on that. >> lets get from that quarterback to another eagles quarterback the sexual misconduct scandal now again back to the sports world. accord together new york times former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb is accuse of make nag pope eighth sexual conduct for women when working for nfl network. he was an analyst but he is not the only one. check this out. nfl network suspended marshall faulk, great running back, keith evans, ike taylor, pending an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and assault. we will stay on that one too. an argument erupts in gunfire at a north philadelphia gas station. >> one man is wounded, i mean shot in the head, point blank,
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steve's on this story in front of the a plus in logan. >> reporter: this is one of the busiest intersections around philadelphia and that is one of the busiest stores where this happened on the biggest street north broad. here's our video that happened just before 10 and as you can see lots of bystanders, surveillance, it is a convenience store and lots of bullets fire. >> information from witnesses was that this victim was inside the mini market there attached to the gas station, when he had a verbal altercation with a male who was with a female. altercation started inside and then went outside in the parking lot, and then according to witnesses that is when the shooter fired shots striking the victim who then collapsed next his vehicle. >> reporter: nine hours since inspector small described the condition as extremely
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critical homicide was called in but this man is surviving thanks to the surges at einstein four blocks from here it is so close maybe and cops got him there so quick. thirty-one years old. lives four blocks away. still living at last check with police. little good news so far. >> yeah, little good news. all right, thanks steve. by the way, it is carson's left leg. >> in the video, his right leg has a white sleeve like a compression sleeve but left one immobilized and it is black. >> yes. >> now lets get back to the attempted terror attack in new york city friday yesterday that happened during our show. >> um-hmm. >> surveillance video captured the explosion near the port authority bus terminal in manhattan. suspect akayed ullah is a brooklyn residents who immigrated from bangladesh nearly seven years ago on a family visa. >> officials say this 27
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year-old was was only one seriously injured. owe strapped pipe bomb made with velcro and sip ties to his chest before going in the subway station. the device apparently malfunctioned and then detonated prematurely. three others suffered minor injuries. when the suspect was arrested he told police the attack was inspired by isis and now that the trump administration is pushing to limit immigration based on family ties, chain immigration. >> we know that the president 's policy calls for an end to chain migration which is what this individual came to the united states through. if his policy had been in place, then that attacker would not have been allowed to come in the country. >> by the way lets recognize these four, port authority police are identifying these officers as heroes who apprehended the attacker just moments after he detonate that had homemade bomb. you got sean gallagher, drew
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preston, jack collins and anthony manfrani, they rush in the area where the explosion took place, under forty-second and eighth. >> so yesterday's explosion marks the second isis inspired attack in new york city in less than two months. remember on halloween eight people were killed and 11 injured when a man drove a rented truck into people on the bike path in lower manhattan. well, here we go the polls are opened in alabama. so, this is the special senate election. >> it is hard to believe this moment is here. it last been talked about so much in the media because it is so important. hotly contested race and turned the state and national politics on its head. it is really been quite interesting. >> doug luzader, i plan to stay up and watch this and i'm all the way up in pennsylvania >> reporter: we will know the results we think later today but why not continue to speculate. we have a recent "fox news" poll out indicating this was a
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real head turner that the republican date roy moore is actually behind the democrat by 10 points in alabama, maybe an out liar or it may be predictive of what could be a huge turn over in alabama. >> judge roy moore wouldn't say much about politics or sports or anything else last night outside a finally lex eve rally but inside he did question validity of recent polls and talk about the need to challenge the political establishment. >> it is difficult to drain the swamp when you are up here , and up here alligators. >> reporter: what moore has is deep red alabama a state that doesn't elect democrats but he has faced one sexual misconduct allegation after another involving some instances teenagers. all made for perhaps more awkward by a interview he did with a 12 year-old girl just
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posted by a pro trump super pack, moore'se opponent doug jones is pushing for a big turnout from african-american voters bringing in big names to make it happen. >> we have to stop looking like idiots to the nation. charles barkley, in a get out the vote effort for jones. >> as they used to say hey is in the barn all we have to does make sure get out and vote tomorrow. >> reporter: hey is in the barn. so when you look at these recent polls they have been all over the map. fox poll has the democrat up by 10, the two other recent polls show the republican up nine or deaden tie. it is anyone's guess. these special elections are very difficult to pull for because you just never know who will show up for these things. >> so hey in the barn this morning and tomorrow the horse will be out of that barn, right, decision will be made. >> reporter: and crazy ants in the attic.
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it is some combination. >> where are you from, give me a catch phrase from when were you a child. >> reporter: oh, geese i grew up in michigan, so i don't know, beyond just saying it is ridiculously cold outside. that is all i have for my childhood. >> thanks, doug. discussion between the people living in the upper peninsula and lower michigan. okay. we have to punch up sky fox right now because look at this backup, bob kelly. >> if you have a personal day available. >> take it. >> use it or lose it, use to it day. this is a live look hello port richmond this is i-95 southbond about an hour and a half from northeast philadelphia all the way into girard avenue, all because of an earlier accident southbound at girard. here's what happened. look at how these barriers, no
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wonder there is so many accidents we go from four lanes and then eventually five , we will get on ramp and then down to three. so we had an accident that occurred in that three lane constructs squeeze. look at. that like a funnel right on in there and that is where accident occurred and that created bam, just like that a major backup. lets go to the maps if we could, we will check travel. over an hour and a half. what would you do right now, leaving the house what would you do you, do you still go or pop another pop tart in the toaster and hang out. >> well, you have a good excuse. >> come on, send meehan e-mail , i will write you a late night, like sister anthony need toss get into class here. folks will jump off and use neighborhood streets and get nasty e-mails from them stop sending them down richmond street. rich machine street, tacony, port richmond, brideberg, live
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look at 30 bypass eastbound disabled truck off to the side as you work your way out of coatsville there and then coming up from wilmington we didn't forget about you, almost 20 minutes north on 495 because of that late running construction. fire up the heater, scottie, it will get super cold tomorrow. >> arctic blast is moving in late this afternoon and evening but temperatures not that bad right now, doyletown 36, bala cynwyd checking in at 42. pottstown 40 degrees. look at south jersey now harvey cedars 48, 47 somers point, hammington 45 degrees, low 40's from camden over to moorestown and delaware temperature generally in the low to mid 40's. 46 degrees for today but by tonight look at the temperatures, 22 degrees, that arctic front will have feels like temperatures in the single digits. >> back over to you. >> lets get back to this torn acl eagles fans want to know
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carson wentz who for seats on can make a come back and be as good as a player as he has been this year. >> we can take comfort in knowing there have been quite a few athletes hoff done it. >> lets have howard eskin on the line here listen to this lets go through this to see if he agrees. carson palmer tore his left acl twice. >> adrian peterson ran for more than 2,000-yard in 2012 after tearing his acl previous season and came within 6-yard offsetting single season record. >> jason kelce 2012, he had chris harris junior, 2014. >> jeremy maclin remember he came back from his acl and put up 1300-yard and in 2014. >> tom brady, of course, way back in the day in 2008. howard eskin, i have not talk to this since this happened. how are you feeling. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> good morning. >> i feel he will be as good and because of who he is, and
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what he does, i think he will be better than ever when he comes back. it may be nine to 12 months. you mentioned tom brady, jerry rise, brian westbrook, brandon graham does he feel effects of having a torn acl because he had one as well. because medicine is so good today you don't to have cut, it is just a sketch that goes through and fixes it up. it is a serious injury. it will take time but i believe when he comes back, just knowing medicine and the doctors, carson wentz will be as good if not better because he is going to work so hard. he will have this surgery sometime this week. he will cock back. he will want to start his rehab in the operating room. that is how he is. he wants to get going as quickly as possible. i believe, that is why understand they will have surgery this week. he will cock back as good or better then ever. >> it seems like other concern
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people have is not just, we know medicine is improved but mentally. out there on the field. will he take those risks before knowing i know what can happen next. >> i hope not. >> well, mike, that is what makes him a great quarter back he has the ability to do so many different things. i go back to two plays when he came out of the pack and made a great play and got a first down. when he had that spin move and made a great play. that is how he plays the game. after the initial when you get over the initial part of it not worrying bit, he will be fine and he will be the same quarterback. he will play same way. i believe he should play the same way. i think he will be really good initially when he comes back on the field for first time he will think bit but once he starts playing he will be the
7:19 am
same guy he was before he had the injury. that is my belief, just knowing the person, that is who he is. >> which is great but what good is he doing his teammates now? because of that aggressive behavior. >> it is not aggressive. mike, it is the way he plays the game. you have to understand that is what made him great this team would not be in this position right now, if he did in the play that way. they wouldn't be in a position to have home field straight through. they wouldn't be in a position to have a really good chance for the first time in a long time and i still think they have a chance to go to the super bowl. they wouldn't be there if he didn't play that way. i do not, i don't want him listening to you, mike, i will tell him not to listen to you. >> never listen to me. >> he has to play the same way >> his escapeability allowed him to score quite a few points for us, that is so true
7:20 am
>> i want to ask you, because were you there, you were at the stadium, on the side line what was it like? what was the feeling when it first happened and they took him off what were they saying. >> well, first thing when they put guy under 10t it is usually check for concussion. i was worried about the game. without him rest of the game i don't know necessity could do it. i thought they were checking for concussion but when they walk him off i thought they are taking locker room, i didn't think he was coming back. but then i got report down there on the side line i'm watching him in there a long time. then got report for knee and out for the game. i said this could be trouble. i had a sense this was american just that game and it could be really serious. then you start to think about other things but the game was so good and it was so intense and such a big game i didn't even think about those things until afterward but the team to their c carson's c he is
7:21 am
there waiting for them when they walk in the locker room. he was really upset when he heard bit before the end of the game but when they come in and congratulates them, they won nfc east, this is the most together team with chemistry that i have ever been around. i have been covering this team for a long time this is the most together team. players, on this team, that is why don't bring any other big name quarterback in we know the name because i don't want to see the chemistry ruined in that locker room because they will pick up that are level of play as the defense did at the end of the game because they miss, they missed their leader , they miss their best player. i'm telling you this team will pick it up and they will be really good. i know quarterback is not as good as carson wentz but good enough to get them there. seven quarterback in the history backup quarterback in the history of the nfl have gone and won the super bowl so
7:22 am
it has happened. >> in a word can chemistry take us to minneapolis. >> yes but it is going to be cold there, really cold. >> we notice you are wearing carson's ao1 shirt. >> keep the face. >> hey less inn, this town is supporting him, you guys are, he is such a good guy. they will miss him but we are all thinking about him and with the message he sent out and i'm sure you guys have address that had today, he is a guy that we all root for and there is no question about that. >> get back in your house. >> thanks, howard. >> bye, howard. >> see you l
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look at that yeah. >> okay. well, they do that just about every month. >> they come out way new flavor and then, they are crazy, and, they are started to stack up. >> i think that is the
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original. >> yes, just the white, the go o in the middle. >> it could be a mystery flavor. >> how about these flavors, cherry cola, you have kettle corn and yes all oreos and peanut colota. >> ♪ >> yes, really. >> yes. >> do you have to open them up like this. >> yes. >> yes. do you know, that in june someone won $500,000 by suggesting the name of these new flavors and they are having another contest. if you want to know go to oreo .com. >> they are trying to do what lays has been doing. >> anything to sell cookies. >> yes. >> i like them. >> just leave the oreo alone
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we have trouble on i-95. now we have trouble on our rails. >> so bob has those details, bob. >> latest we have from septa a septa train has struck an unoccupied car that was on the track near glenside station right at the rices mill road overpass. out in the suburbs here a lot of these road like rices mill goes across the track, gates come down. right now we are told from septa the car was unoccupied but service is suspended, entirely on the war minister, glenside and the lansdale/ doyletown regional rail line. that is biggie right there all other lines are running with 45 minute delays. we have sky fox on the way, and to the glenside, right near glenside station, rices mill road interchange there now back to i-95, southbound,
7:31 am
down to 65 minutes, we were over a hour and a half there for a while but southbound heavy from cottman avenue all the way into girard because of an earlier accident in the construction zone, coming in from say suburbs, 422, a live look at collegeville saint gabriel's curve interchange and gang from wilmington north on i-95 extra heavy because we had earlier construction on 495, they have just packed things up so we are good to go there in wilmington. we will have an update on that situation from septa as soon as sky fox pulls up over the scene but scott has your forecast right here. >> that is right, of course waking up to temperatures right new bob, in the 40's. really not that bad today but late tonight arctic front will push through and overnight lows will dip in the lower 20 's, wind over 30 miles an hour, ultimate doppler showing front well off to the west, we
7:32 am
have snow squals far off to the west and a few flakes flying around parts of the lehigh valley but mid 40's philadelphia, upper 40's for south jersey, down the shore, 40 degrees right now in lehigh valley, but late tonight look at future wind chills in the teens by nine or 10 and then by this time tomorrow morning feels like temperatures will be in the single digits and during the afternoon it will feel like the teens. maybe a passing shower with the arctic front or a flurry but as we advance the clock ahead wednesday night overnight into thursday morning there could be another round of some light snow and maybe an insurance or two north and west of the philadelphia area so beal watch for that. otherwise we can see temperatures tonight 20's and 30's for a high temperature, wednesday, thursday,fully into saturday before we rebound back in the 40's. heading out the door join me 101.1 more fm, back over to
7:33 am
you. >> details are unfolding about the man behind the pipe bomb explosion in new york city. >> it shows the moment, and 24 hours, and, attempted terror attack happened right by the port authority bus terminal in , manhattan, forty-second and eighth, under the street. they is, 27 year-old akayed ullah, is in police cuss toyed told officials the attack was inspired by isis. >> we will get right out to fox liz daulton in midtown manhattan in the terminal where this happened yesterday, hi there, liz. >> reporter: good morning, to you mike and alex. that is right we are standing very close to where this explosive went off yesterday, this is the actual passageway, that bomber walking down when he detonated this vest attached to his body. you can see it is a very much normal day here hustle and
7:34 am
bustle of commuters coming and going but yesterday was anything but. lets show thaw surveillance video taken around 7:20 monday morning seemed like a typical day but then this happened, akayed ullah is the suspect. he then decided to detonate that vest. right here. he had a pipe bomb inside. you can see commuters scattered as he fell to the ground in the plume of smoke. he he is a 27 year-old bangladeshi immigrant. he told police he pledged allegiance to isis and acted in response to israeli action ness gas a he told authorities he chose this midtown location because of the christmas posters hanging in this underground tunnel. he, we as an electrician and got that foot long pipe at a work site and made the bomb himself. it contained black powder, nails, screws and ignited by christmas lights, matches and 9-volt battery so not very intricate. attached that to his body
7:35 am
using velcro and sip ties but did not detonate minimizing the impact. let's show you video where police are doing their searches right now, it is unclear where he lives but they have executed search warrants at this kensington section of the brooklyn home where his parents live. a second lex in the flat land section of the brooklyn. he came to the u.s. in 2011 on a visa with family members already living in the country to come here. a little more this morning on the four port authority police officers who many are praising as heroes. they were the won who took down this suspect, a rookie officer was first on the scene but all four of them jumped on top of akayed ullah who was able to take him down. as he was reaching in the pocket for his cell phone. it is unclear what his intention was what he planned to do with that phone but there was a second device found on his, body, but the port authority police have not specified what he planned to do with that explosive if it did not go off.
7:36 am
back out here live i can tell you that three people did suffer minor injuries who were walking in this tunnel yesterday but fairly minor, headaches, ringing of the ears akayed ullah is answering questions by investigators. he is still at his hospital bedside at bellevue recovering from burns and lacerations he sustained when having that explosive attached to his body but again mike and alex a fairly normal day here, new yorkers doing what they to bet get back to their normal swing of things and not allowing this to change how they are approaching this daily commute >> that corridor right there is so important for the morning commute no matter what happened, so many people use that corridor for sure. >> i would think so. great job very good comprehensive report. we have to take a break here but, now we have controversy over this young man and his family, why some are accusing the mother of
7:37 am
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they do it to other people because, it is not okay. people that are different don't need to be criticized bit. it is not their fault. >> irony now is criticism is really coming because by now you have seen video of keaton jones talking about being bullied at school. yesterday we talked about this outpouring of support from athlete, entertainers including university of tennessee freshman quarterback jared who tweeted this calling him his new best budd and spent the day with him. all this positionivity was coming out to support him and go against bullying but karen, now the story, well, there is >> always a little bit more and life can be complicated and that is the case here a lot of people were facebooking and sharing with us the post
7:41 am
from keaton's little boy and mom and on her face book page and there are pretty disturbing images, family standing next to the confederate flag and some people now labeling this mother kimberly jones a racist meanwhile a now deleted instagram post, mma fighter joe schilling he reached out to the mom to bring this little bye to an event but then he says she kept pushing this get fund me page as if they are after money. there was a go fund me that was created but according to the sister in the family she said they did not start that page. tmz is reporting that the go fund me page has been put on hold, company says it is connected to a different person, person that doesn't know the family and we are working to figure out if the money gets to the boy what the development are on this it has raised $60,000. there is always that what is real motive, what is going on. >> some people wondering why are they raising money shouldn't they be creating a
7:42 am
program or doing legislation instead of just giving money. >> right, don't need money for family but how to help programs to raise awareness or fight bullying. >> people are frustrated they want to help this kid, and throw some money at the family i don't know. >> good point, sometimes in life you have to look in the mirror how willie be kind inner my life and that is what i can do. >> good idea. >> put yourself out there people will look into you and see what you have going on. >> always couple side to have story. >> carson wentz, well, you know, out for the season. closer look at how his injury could impact not this season we know he is out. >> some people are saying he may not come back until december. how bad will this be? how long could he be out? he might be gone for next season too. >> everybody calm down will he make training camp next summer >> i want to talk to the there >> somebody get her a doctor. >> is there a doctor in the
7:43 am
studio? paging a doctor in the studio. >> freakishly is there. >> jen fred, in wayne, delaware county, hi delco. >> hey, delco and the george prussia has come from new york city toy join us. he wrote the book on this change your clothes, change your life because you cannot go around name. we will talk about great stuff you should wear this holiday no matter what. i love it. i will go around name.
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good morning we are live over this accident involving a septa train i was telling but a few moments ago. good news, in one was in the car, where septa's telling me that car was unoccupied sitting on the track at the rices mill road train overpass when the septa train came along, plowed into it. this is the scene between glenside and jenkintown train stations right here at rices mill road and tracks out of glenside. come into jenkintown. that that is when other lines come into play at jenkintown junction w that train on the tracks, all service suspended on septa's three lines, warminster, glenside and lansdale doyletown line. all of the other lines are running with 45 minute delays
7:47 am
as we kick in on this tuesday morning. again, that is an incident itself is right there between glenside and jenkintown stations. so that will cause havoc. lansdale doyletown line one of the busiest lines, warminster probably comes in second and trenton line would come in third. here's a live look at i-95 south now, still 42 minutes working your way out of northeast philadelphia at center city. lights out at richmond and betsy ross bridge. you have to love the guys in roxborough check this out here 3750 lights, eight extension cord but they have two manikin s on the front lawn. it looks like clark and cousin eddie, thurman kins on the front lawn. >> you have to love it. >> snap a picture and send it to me, facebook, twitter, instagram and use fox 29 lights contest we will show your pictures on tv and maybe visit your house on thursday night.
7:48 am
scott has the forecast in 15 seconds pretty comfortable temperatures highs in the mid to upper 40's by tonight an arctic front pushes through lows in the 20's for philadelphia, so, here's front off to the west a few sprinkles, showers, north and west of us, we are looking at 40 degrees, allentown right now, upper 40's atlantic city low to mid 40's on i-95 corridor. but by 9:00 o'clock temperatures dropping in the teens, winds gusting up to 45 miles an hour by this time tomorrow, feels like temperatures will be in the single digits. during the day tomorrow feels like temperatures in the teens there might be a passing spotty shower or sprinkle
7:49 am
during the day but that arctic front or flurry cannot be ruled out far north and west. dry for your wednesday but wednesday night look at the clock, 10. midnight watching for light snow philadelphia north and west into early thursday morning there might be an inch or two north and west so we will watch for this. once again early thursday morning. temperatures mid up toker 40's and then look at the 30's for high temperature for the rest of the week, new back over to you. torn acl. >> out for the season. >> torn acl, it appears, yes. >> simple as that. head coach doug pederson delivering news eagles fans did not want to hear, carson wentz out for the season with a torn acl. >> doctor kevin friedman is here to talk about his injury and what the recovery will be like because doug pederson ways kind of short, witt, done
7:50 am
for the season and what does it mean for next season this man right here is a doctor, orthopedic surgeon with the rothman institute he knows what he is talking about. first of all. >> thank you, good morningy don't want you to be nice and give us nothing but good news fit is no the good news. the swelling has to go down first. >> yes, absolutely. >> and then that should take three or four days. >> it usually takes a couple weeks for swelling to go down you think the surgery will not happen in weeks and by the end of the week. >> we wait almost three weeks to do a acl reconstruction because you want to make sure that swelling goes down to prevent stiffness afterward. >> so lets say surgery happened just after christmas, how long is the rehab. >> rehab is an extensive process after this injury. at first you are trying to control swelling, work on range of motion for that first couple months.
7:51 am
usually around four months you can start doing some running and six months you can start doing some activity on the field but still being protected. >> that is june. >> it takes about nine months for most of these athletes to get back. >> that is best case scenario. >> every once in a while somebody back quicker. we saw witt adrian peterson. everybody thought somebody could come back in six months but that is pretty uncommon. >> that gets new to september the season started, we are not looking for, you know, poly anna stuff here so if you were his doctor would you let him play at all next season. >> would i let him play next season. i think he will play next season but it will be a slow recovery. he may not be ready for week one. >> but maybe into october, november. >> i think he should be
7:52 am
definitely playing. >> for the love. i don't have much time left, doctor. not that i want to rush him back but would he be at full strength. >> it is a good question f you look at nfl athletes most of the time that first season they are not quite the same and a lot of times it takes until second season to get back. as a quarterback it is easier because he can compensate for a lit built of that lack of mobility and still be able to play, grow, and plant but it may be another season until you see same carson wentz that was mobile in the pocket. >> he is really giving us the real. >> when you say mobility you were saying they have to re learn how to move to protect that knee because i'm worried he is thinking about his knee all the time. >> with professional athletes they can overcome that mental side and they have so much work with the train tours try to get back and feel comfortable. that is within of the most important thing about coming
7:53 am
back thaw mentally prepared to feel ready to play. >> i don't know if we have time, and we probably don't, after he got injured he was able to stay in and run around and throw a pass, was that surprising to you here. >> he drops back, he is hurt here. he still throws the ball, he didn't to have move that much. >> didn't he play like three plays. >> it is minutes after injury happen. >> we see this sometime where people are able to compensate plus swelling hasn't happened yet. he knew he had a significant injury and just try to tough through it. it says a lot about him as a player that he was able to do that and get thaws touchdown. >> it didn't make his injury worse. >> no, i really don't. got news is from what i hear and i have not seen his scans and i'm in the taking care of him it is an isolated acl tear
7:54 am
it makes it easier he didn't tear any other leg mens or cartilage rings so that will make it easier. >> you are very good. >> thank you we will have you back. >> thanks, because apparently we have to be talking about this for another year. you could have lied to us. >> you asked him to be honest. >> i was lying. >> thank. >> thank you. >> jen fred, she's in wayne this morning, hey, wayne. hi, jen. >> hey, guys, okay we have two more weekend of holiday parties, george is here, mr. author, mr. stylist, and he says now is time to express your individuality you will give us great ideas after the break. >> we will look at holiday looks depending on what kind of parity you can express yourself
7:55 am
when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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7:58 am
ttp://>[a5df] somebody is being taken off/a septa train and a stretcher. unoccupied vehicle on the rice mill road on the train overpass, lansdale doyletown, all suspended. there were 500 people on the train. they were safely evacuated. they are being asked to go to a local parking lot where they will get them on buses and take them to the fernrock station. there is a live lot accident. you can see car nudged underneath front of the septa between glenside and way- jenkintown stations. is what tough is those 500 people are now out in the cold >> yeah. >> walking to a local parking lot somewhere. >> so again person was on the gerney being taken through wood there was from the train nobody in the car. >> there was no one in the car but certainly people injured on the rain. they have other stretchers
7:59 am
waiting there we will get more information there, thanks you for that. one minute before 8:00. it is christmas party season, no question bit. >> how do you look on trends, i'm too young to wear that or too old to wear. that jen's helping you look on trend at every age. >> we are here, with george prussia who wrote this amazing book, good morning. >> good morning honey. >> thanks for visiting. >> i love it here obsessed with this store. >> let's begin with our 20's. i love this look. this is a dress from our friend lilyana vasquez, this is store one stop shopping, one shop -- one stop shopping, my god, good morning, george. >> all these looks she has on her site you can get for under a hundred dollars. played dress. beautiful dramatic sleeve. showing bow in the middle to show off her skinny little waste way it is short but we are being as preparational to show you it is a short, cute
8:00 am
dress because she's covered up on top but giving the legs here, great shape. >> on me it might not be as short. >> no. >> that would definitely work. >> but we might to have do lower heel so it wouldn't be too much for you. >> thank you very much. >> this i love we have a velvet top that looks so modern. >> thinks cool. velvet is a big trend. red, sort of the very red, patrice looks amazing. this is is amanda her top. these are earrings. great line that is really happening, very next expensive doing bling on her wrist. this is a coded leather pant that is like, gorgeous on her. long leg. i just did a stiletto heel which is conservative that she can wear with anything. she's taking a pair of shoes that she wears with everything and making this look modern, cool, effortless. >> so sadly we have to wrap. we have one more look. come out quickly so we can see
8:01 am
you. >> margaret. >> we will show her in the tease so people can see, it is amazing. >> such a great look. >> next thing he will show us three things he is doing wrong love it when george comes to town. let's roll the next hour let's go. >> this will not stop me. i will come back stronger then ever. >> carson wentz tries to instill hope in us eagles fans after a season ending knee injury why he has not given up and why you shouldn't either. we will get an update from new york, 24 hours later, we have more on the suicide bomber in the middle of manhattan, hoist the man behind the attack. can your christmas tree really go up in flames at this
8:02 am
point in 2017? the answer is yes. three precautions you need to take right new to keep your family safe. while were you watching netflix, netflix is watching you, the company's sends out a tweet roasting its users how they are calling out our viewing habits for the world to see. um-hmm, mike. >> none of your business. >> stay away from me. >> ♪ >> private eye ♪ >> lets go upstairs sky fox over the scene of the train accident, septa train hit an unoccupied koran the rices mill train overpass but what we are looking at now are passengers evacuated from this septa train. there was in one in that vehicle when the train collided with it between glenside and jenkintown stations. we have seen so far, lets go to the left there the fire fighters, taking someone in the wheelchair out of the train car. they took someone a few moments ago on a stretcher.
8:03 am
here is the scene scene rices mill railroad crossing where the car want unoccupied. we have glenside station here. jenkintown junction. here are fire fighters taking the person in the wheelchair on the septa train out to a waiting rescue squad. we did see someone go off a few moments ago in a stretcher another waiting stretcher. we see fire fighters going in to what would have been the front car of this train as it made its way between glenside and jenkintown when it made contact with this vehicle. i talked to septa. they said there are 500 people aboard that train and those 500 people have been evacuated off the train and beinged asked to walk to a local parking lot and septa will put them on shuttle buses and get them back to the next nearest station or back to make a
8:04 am
connection with the broad street line. police activity between jenkintown and glenside. we will update as we move through the morning as we have sky fox over the scene there but again, septa's regional rail lines three of them fully suspended: warminster, glenside, and lansdale doyletown. all of the other rail lines are running with 45 minute delays. scottie, looking at the forecast. >> weather by the numbers scale of one to 10 we will give it a six. temperatures to start are not that bad waking up to numbers in the mid 40's, and even upper 40's for some locations down the shore. we will give today a six and we will see a front this afternoon and this evening dropping those temperatures tonight. wind chills by this time tomorrow will be in the single digits. that arctic front off to the west that could bring a passing shower or a flurry, late this afternoon and evening, 46 degrees in philadelphia, upper 40's
8:05 am
atlantic city, so later on today high temperatures on average, mid to upper 40's, perhaps even a few lower 50's in places like atlantic city but watch that front blast through tonight and look at overnight lows expected in the teens to 20's we will talk about some of the snow chances this week coming up, back over to you. >> okay. we have more activity there on the train track. >> what are they doing now so one else being pulled from the train. >> person they are taking off the train it looks like a handicapped person in special wheelchairs. they have put the wheelchair on top of a ladder and seven guys all all getting around around the latter. and the snowy, waiting rescue squad. that is somewhere up there right near the glenside station, as we look live, this is between glenside and jenkintown stations where the septa train hit that unoccupied vehicle about a half an hour ago.
8:06 am
>> i believe that is second person we have seen get removed. >> that is second person we have seen taking off that train, and, try to get chop tore go back over but it looks like the wheelchair put on and on top of the ladder. >> you have to go up the hill to the street what street would that be. >> right near the glenside station. i'm in the quite sure where they are taking them. they have all five hung hundred passenger on the move, they were asked to leave and walk up through the neighborhood to waiting buses. >> okay, thanks for that. lets get out to south philadelphia. lauren's been standing out there. see if she can tell us players that have driving in now what have you been seeing. >> lots of cars. but what i will not do is go look for him. i got an answer to the question i asked you, mike, theory was left knee was hurt but right knee looked wrapped
8:07 am
up. twitter is talking, compression shorts were on the right knee, left knee had brace and it was black and that is you why cannot see. that is the deal. that left knee is all wrapped up because surgery is scheduled for later this week, later today here at novacare complex though we will hear from our backup quarterback nick foles, who is stepping in his new role talking about moving this team forward because he has to. he has no choice. carson sidelined. we saw him yesterday getting off that plane very slow and careful and clearly injured. he said this injury will not stop him. >> this will in the subpoena me going for. i will come back stronger then ever. i will use this as metvation. i will be attacking this whole process as i recover but at end of the day this year we have something special. >> you any is what special, carson got them there 11 and two at the helm now backup
8:08 am
quarterback nick foles, coach pederson says he has confidence in nick who once started forbidder actually because he has played, has had snaps and capable of getting the job done. >> nick has played a ton of fuel football. we drafted him for a reason. we got him again this off season for a reason. you never want it to be under these circumstances but at the same time, you know, my confidence is extremely high in nick. >> reporter: moving forward pederson says not much will change as far as plays on the field but it is getting foles comfortable and familiar and that boils down to communication and that means he will be talking to the man who has been helping to do it all. he is expect to speak to reporters this afternoon at novacare complex. do you see that camera right there, this is why i was not approaching the cars. you wanted me to get caught on camera being creepy reporter
8:09 am
trying to track down football players to find out what carson has plan. i will tell you what he has planned? he will come to this meeting, talk to nick foles, keep these& guys encourage because we want a win on sunday, against the giants. >> okay. >> keep the faith, faith in foles. >> faith in foles. >> well, i'm still in a funk though. >> yes. >> you may have -- lauren, thanks. faith in foles. give me two more hours of funk >> two more hours. >> i've got the funk. >> got to have that funk. >> all right. >> that is our current quarterback, it looks like we have a former quarterback donovan mcnabb, here we go again every day it is somebody , right, former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb ace cues of make mag pope wait sexual comments when he used work for nfl network. he was a analyst for a while.
8:10 am
but he is not the only one. nfl network suspended marshall faulk, wait until you hear what he is accused of texting. >> and doing. >> and doing. >> at the office, keith evans, why are we showing you these different players. ike taylor is also involved. espn says pending an investigation into these allegations, they are off the job. >> what is interesting, donovan mcnabb hasn't been with the nfl network. he is currently not with them. out of the all of the allegations, lee amount of details with donovan mcnabb. we believe it is text messages but for others like faulk, taylor, great detail about what they were doing, types of things, sending videos, pictures, even groping. >> it is, it is, well, if we ever get a chance to tell you because you cannot even talk bit, it is so, inappropriate. >> correct. >> but if you want to read bit
8:11 am
get to our web site, go to fox i mean really bad. these are, marshall faulk is a icon of running backs in the nfl. >> yes. >> icon of the cooking world then. >> celebrity chef mario batali is stepping down after reports of sexual misconduct. four women are accusing him of inappropriate touching and he released a statement apologizing and saying that the reports, quote match up to his behavior. he is owning up to it. along with his restaurants he will step away from his cooking show the chew. >> which is a highly successful show, the chew. >> all right. >> well, a very pricey uber ride, one customer is charged $14,000 for one trip. >> what? this trip took him? what would cost that kind of money.
8:12 am
>> yeah. >> we will explain. i recognize those streets. plus tail of two colds, we may have to stop accusing men of over racking and when they are sick, and, and we will have the story. >> it is much worse then
8:13 am
8:14 am
hmm i can't believe how great this tastes! i can't believe it comes in... vegaaaan. and organiiiic. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! in it's vegan! and it's organic!
8:15 am
and, glenside, train station aboard a septa car, septa train hit a vehicle that was on the rices mill railroad crossing, here's the vehicle unoccupied at the time, that is good news, there were 500 people aboard the train, septa taking most of the folks off and walking i'm told to the eb technical company from there, they can board, buses to fernrock or broad street subway. two people taken off, one a disable person in the
8:16 am
wheelchair where they had to put the wheelchair up on a ladder in order to get them up the hill and right to rices mill road and street right behind the train station. as where all of the rescue squad are lined up. warminster and lansdale suspended, indefinitely, over 45 minute delay. scottie has forecast in 15 seconds temperatures not that bad in the 40's for high temperatures today but arctic blast this afternoon and this evening, bitterly cold air by this time tomorrow.
8:17 am
where is arctic front off to the west you can see lake effect snow, some of these snow showers could move in, behind that front and we will watch for that this afternoon. lower 40's north and western suburbs, mid up toker 30's in the lehigh valley but look at arctic air off to the north and west. as we move into canada heading in our direction so nine or 10:00 o'clock feels like temperatures, teens by tomorrow morning, this time looking at feels like temperatures in the single digits. forty's for today, blustery this afternoon and evening and then look at the 30's for highs, wednesday, thursday, friday into saturday, back over to you. yesterday around this time we were just learning about the attempted terror attack in manhattan. >> yeah, as you know, we showed you this yesterday morning this surveillance footage shows point where the guy blue himself up whether he wanted to at that time are not he is 27 years old.
8:18 am
akayed ullah is in police custody. he said he was inspired by isis, and that is why he dit. so liz is still underneath the ground where this happened right behind you in that corner, right? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. this is exactly where that detonation happened. you can see commuters not allowing this to slow them down, announcement is still overhead reminding new york tours stay safe. you cannot help but think this is what it looked like here yesterday when that explosive device went off. look at how crowded it is here and likely like this here yesterday. 7:20 monday morning when akayed ullah detonate that had pipe bomb strapped to his chest. you can see commuters scattered as he fell to the ground through a plume of smoke. more on the suspect. he is a 27 year-old bangladesh i immigrant who told police he pledged allegiance to isis and acted in response to israeli actionness gas a
8:19 am
akayed ullah chose this midtown location because of christmas posters hanging here and works as an electrician and got this foot long pipe at a work site and made this bomb himself. it contains black powder, nails, screws and ignite by christmas lights, matches and 9-volt. he attached it to his body using velcro and sip ties and didn't detonate which is why impact was fairly minimal. it is unclear where he lived. police are now conducting a search warrant at a home in brooklyn where his parents reside, he came to the u.s. in 2011 on a visa that allows family members living in the united states to move here. back out here live we know three people near him when that detonation device went off were injured but with very minor injuries. ring nothing their ears. he had difficult hearing. he did sustain burns to his body though after having that device strapped to his chest and one last thing, mike and
8:20 am
alex, you never know who you will see in the subway. we rap into jay johnson who served as home land security secretary for president obama between 2013 and 2017. he said this was type of thing that kept him up. he said it is just as important for law enforcement and public to be remain vigilant because police cannot be every where. 6 million people riding subways. a huge responsibility lies on all of our shield tours make sure we stay safe. that is very latest from midtown manhattan alex and mike back to you. thanks, for that. great job. >> thanks, liz. >> i noticed mayor did his press conference at forty-second and eighth, got on the subway and had photographers taking pictures and rode the subway back down to city hall to show he believes you have to continue life as normal. >> can't let them win. >> that is right. >> you watch netflix? do you? netflix is watching you.
8:21 am
that is shocking. i'll explain after the break. when is our christmas party. >> it is this coming week, isn't it? this week. >> fifteenth. >> we need to get ready because we make mistakes. we need to help correct them. >> george's here to correct all mistakes but one great compliment you want everybody to hear. >> you want to hear you look amazing in that jacket verse i like your jacket because it is a different compliment. this is great on jen because of the color, silhouette but very different compliment you. >> tell them we will be rig
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> isn't it good. >> it goodies, i dislike you for this tis season to couple and binge watch a couple show, netflix of course. >> some users they have a favorite, a christmas pranks, i have not heard of this one. >> you are saying they are keeping an eye on our behavior >> yes, they are. >> netflix monitors what you are watching and they say
8:25 am
users watch this movie, chris man's prince so much they decided to tweet it. to the 53 people who watched this for every day for past 18 days who hurt you. >> ouch, netflix. >> man. >> the shade. >> so that got a lot of responses. amanda bell said why are you calling people out like that netflix to which they responded i just want to make sure you are okay. >> well, i get it. if you thought those viewing habits were embarrassing, listen to this netflix says someone watched the 2007 jerry seinfeld the bee movie, 357 times in this year alone in 2017. that is every day, they watched that movie to make them feel better. >> netflix say someone watched pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl, 365 days in a row.
8:26 am
>> a year. >> yes. >> every day for a year. >> i do have to admit i was living in san francisco for about six months in a hotel. >> um-hmmy watched presumed innocent every day when i got home from the tv station. i used to be able too recite every movie presumed knows went that surprise ending, do you ever see it. >> it is a surprise ending. >> let me tell you what the surprise ending it. >> don't tell me what the surprise ending is. >> i want to turnaround. >> with the mask my cousin challenge me if you can watch this without saying any of the word i will pay you five dollars. >> the mask with what his fame >> jim carrie. >> smoking. >> also, embarrassing thing have you ever been watching and binge watching and then that net case comes up that are you still watching? >> yeah. >> please continue. >> yes it is more like are you still watching? >> you are still there on the couch. >> it that is time of the year
8:27 am
we do this demonstration because it is so important. christmas tree fires. here we go, steve. >> mike, so nice of you to let us use your new luxury apartment that you have all deck out in christmas you have been showing all morning. what with you paying for this box. >> 5,000 a month. >> what? >> yes. >> beautiful view. i see your tweeted views out front of this cardboard box but we will get serious after the break and tell you to avoid disaster during the holiday season.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
we are watching a front off to the west here that will blow through here this afternoon and authentic. we will see snow showers well off to the west of us. some activity might make it in late in the day.
8:31 am
46 degrees right now in philadelphia. forty-nine in at plant i can city. upper 30's in allentown. average high this time of the year 46 degrees. so today we will hit mid to upper 40's, even low 50's before that arctic front. look at temperatures for tonight, teens and 20's and that arctic express is heading in late this afternoon and this evening. so wednesday, thursday, friday , high temperatures bob kelly will be in the 30's. >> you got it, scottie, 8:31. here's latest update from that septa accident a train hit an unoccupied vehicle on the rice mill railroad crossing about an hour or so ago. there were people with disabilities on that train. they were the people we saw fire fighters take to a waiting ambulance, up on mill creek road. septa says in injuries, all 500 passengers including four disable folks taken safely off
8:32 am
the train. passengers walk to the local parking lot and were taken via bus, back to either the jenkintown station where they can pick up with the broad street subway, or any of the other regionals. service is suspended on the warminster, glenside, lansdale and all other lines are running with 45 minute delays. mike and alex, back over to you. >> hey bob real quickly, wave out to jena and ryan at cherry hill to come by fourth and market to say hello. >> good morning. >> look at them. >> they are excited. >> i believe jena is in front. >> are they doing the ymca. >> yes. >> there she goes. >> feel free to come by anytime you want. >> in 2017, christmas trees are still catching fire in your homes. i want to necessity steve keeley, at the fire company in boothwyn what is catching these things on fire at this
8:33 am
point in our lives. >> good question. are you worried about little trees, one you had a short out on, trees real and trees not so real, both equally dangerous is that right, that is your point as well. >> that is my point, yes. >> since i don't know those answers we will pass those questions to the two experts. this is jane a tid well and we know her from triple a. we usually talk to her day before thanksgiving and all big travel days. why is she here? what does she to have do with it. her 11 year-old son was coaching little league by fire chief craig small so how about that we had inspector scott small in my previous story. no relation. we go from chief inspector philly police to fire chief in ogaden who this years goes better then last year. big question is, is what the big danger this day and age with catching fires, you know, we have these state of the art lights, all kind of things. this is a whole hoe of things that can happen.
8:34 am
>> there are over 200 tree fires across the country every year. problem is there is an increased risk of fatalities with a tree fire in your home resulting in an 930 million-dollar in property damage. in one wants to deal with the home owner claim over the holidays because of the tree fire. >> we have the man with the torch in the bag. lets get this going and see how fast it getting. craig, come over here. you want to warn people that have these real trees first of all is what number one thing they have to keep them things from drying out and becoming a major danger. >> check lights make sure there is no bear wires with the lights. new lights are better uses. we don't want to see the old fashion lights. >> thinks a typical living room, gifts, furniture and mike he brings up a good point if you don't have a real tree, even the plastic trees can sometimes cause fire. >> they have lights too, mostly, make sure your lights are in good condition and they
8:35 am
all work and in bear wires. >> when you have lights they plug in and you get eight plugs in a row that doesn't look save. >> you dent want to overload an outlook use a surge protect ter, plug tonight to i have is a yourself. >> this is a relatively fresh tree, they sell trees to raise money for volunteer chief here but the age of the tree this tree can go up in second or hours while you sleep. >> yes. >> our trees are bought, cut fresh and trying to dry one out in a couple weeks to do a demonstration is a challenge. >> one of the question from the peanut gallery is wondering why this isn't burning. >> it is just like last year. >> go in the back. >> you don't want to put your chair that close to the tree, that is obvious. this poor man is caught trying to catch this on fire. >> we have a backup, we had to
8:36 am
burn two trees. i did two live shots. we got this advance this year. it was so cold, we had to come by and then here's another thing you don't want to have a blow torch in the living room as well. >> yes. >> so, even, you know, what is weird we want to demonstrate what happens when you have an accidental tree fire and when we try to intentionally cause a tree fire we cannot do it. that is how television works. we have a little fire by the present sometimes presents catch fire first and then presents catch on to the trees that is what we have here. you want to stake this out this wooden studio apartment will completely burn. >> what you have learned here is down have a grown man crawl up behind me house a stick a torch into my house.
8:37 am
>> but in all seriousness we want to warn people don't overload witt 45 plugs. remember those christmas lights they all plug in because people want to have more lights then ever on a tree and don't want to overload, those electric things lights from your socket , window lights and tree lights and overload that socket that is closes to your tree in the living room and cause a fire and as you said, some times you have a whole family asleep upstairs. >> yes. >> they dry out. >> we know danger, of this, of course, there we go. >> i will cover up the hole in my wall so a guy cannot stick a torch. >> tree is on fire. >> so is the wall. >> even fresh pine needles burn do you hear that crack ling smoke will kill you before any flames will. look at that smoke, it goes
8:38 am
right up and that smoke is super thick from these pine trees. >> look at how it lights the roof can you neil down, squat down and see the flames. >> that is how fast. >> if you live in the apartment, yeah, you know what you can live in the apartment you can be super safe and neighbor below you doesn't live as safe and thinks coming up on your floor board. >> look at how that chair is going how fast. >> now we have embers going around as well, so yes, furniture can be flammable even modern furniture. >> once it hits the new furniture the smoke is so bad and hard to breathe n biggest risk for people. >> bigger risk is your drapes and furniture all burning.
8:39 am
>> wow, so once it getting you see how it getting. >> just matter of minutes, seconds get everything away from that tree. seconds get everything away from that tree. >> no matter how you holiday, seconds get everything away from that tree. >> where you holiday, or who you holiday with... stay bright with dunkin's holiday coffee flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint mocha. grab your favorite and make your holidays happen. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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$1that's like a big yummy hug.? so hug it up! hug more. hug large. hug medium? hug that. live it a hug life with $1.99 medium or larger hot chocolate. america runs on dunkin'. those uber ride can be expensive. >> is there one that is so glad they checked because $14,000 ride, can you imagine, looking at it, and you can charge that. >> yes. >> no, just 5 miles. >> explain this to me. >> so the trip which took just 21 minutes should have cost between 12 and $16. at first uber refused to give passenger a refund. it says 18,000 because this is in canada and when you translate over to american dollars. >> those are canadian dollars.
8:43 am
>> yes. >> his friend because they contacted uber, they are like nope, it is what it is, they called company out on twitter and uber was saying maybe we made a mistake and gave them a refund. we have safe guard in place to help prevent like this from happening. we are working to understand how this could have possibly occurred. >> now that goes right tour credit card. >> yes, you get charged. >> dang. >> i wouldn't want just my money back i want some free uber ride. >> would i want the carry was in. >> $14,000. >> go back and check my last uber and make sure i'm not getting charged anything. >> this fashion doodies so good we will give him extra time. mr. prussia. >> mr. prussia, very fancy, so there are three things all women are doing wrong and mike jerrick is there something you dudes are doing wrong. you will tell us what the guys are doing wrong. >> one thing. >> but it is
8:44 am
okay folks! let's get the lady of the house back on her feet.
8:45 am
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8:46 am
what is the mistake i'm making as far as fashion. >> well, jen where did we begin. >> where do we begin. >> i have to say the one, the
8:47 am
one male human on planet earth , making this mistake is probably mike jerrick is what mistake. >> for rest of you men, wear clothes that fit you. they make you look so much slimmer and so much more in shape. most men wear clothes so big. buy a suit and have it fitted very nicely tour body. >> even mike g the camera guy could have 14 size smaller genes on. >> yes. >> you are welcome. >> love you, mike. >> let's say one of the biggest mistake we all make is wearing all black. >> i love wearing all black. >> that is a default for would member. they feel comfortable in all black. if you want to look younger, so margaret is looking so gorgeous here. she's wearing black pants but we through this cream and gold jewelry. we are illuminating her. this faux fur echo jacket so pretty milk with the blouse and bow. we have trend happening here but this looks good on her. compliment you want to hear is that jacket looks amazing as
8:48 am
this does on margaret. i'll eliminate it. >> she could be a buckingham palas, soho. >> what she could do is wear this to the party and next week wear this with the cashmere sweater and pair of jeans. >> thank you very much. >> next we have gorgeous patrice. >> yes. >> you say size for women. >> here's the thing works man sometimes try to hide in their clothes, they wear things drapey and big. patrice is wearing a form fitted dress here so cute, right and we are mixing. we have gold, silver but it compliments her body with a ribbing and skims tonight a way that flatters her. we have a jacket that was a piece every woman could own to look cool and put it together flattering her body those are same shoes she wore before. >> stiletto they are so great because they are versatile and she's wearing them with the dress, she wore witt these jeans and wear witt blue jeans and denim skirt. >> she does not look like a model, you go girl.
8:49 am
>> looking good. >> thank you. >> finally you say it is about color and those right colors. >> yes, this is great. so i love this jump suit. look at her beautiful blue eye >> yes. >> we had to pop witt this blue. then, beautiful eyes, darling, thank you. the gold jewelry on her skin illuminates her as well. you want to wear things that look beautiful. take a nod from television. it is the eyes, skin tone, hair color. you illuminate yourself and you pop. >> this is what your book is all about. change your clothes, change your life because you cannot go naked. you say people are judging you constantly so let them judge how want to be. >> yeah, they are not judging you so much but they look and make a story in your head. you want to be present to them if you have clothes that say what you want to say. they are talking anyway. present yourself in a way and have the world see you how to be seen. dress for job you want not necessarily for the job that
8:50 am
you have. >> even at grocery store you have to do this. >> you never know how will run in to do you want to stay single. is it the boss? in laws you? want to look cute. you don't want to apologize oh , hi, we see you, you are not invisible. >> thanks for coming from new york. >> so good. >> turf say mike, you know this, nancy glass lives in my neighborhood. >> yes. >> big television producer. i have gone like this in the broccoli aisle. >> not on my watch. >> i would have you in a little cashmere sweater jeans your eyes would be popping you're amazing that is the thing your eyes should be popping, thank you, because he talks about wearing tight fitted clothing. thinks a tip for guys. fit feels really uncomfortable , yes. >> you always want to people when trying not to see anyone. i will just step out five minutes would be quick and then you see five people.
8:51 am
>> difficult that the other day i ran down to the coffee shop without brushing my teeth it was a sunday morning. selfies, where they want to get this close. >> cheek to to cheek. >> did they sound like that. >> like a dragon. >> dark vader. >> yes. >> i'm your father. i didn't even announce this yet today and interest is 8:51. i have been remiss. i'm a jerk. >> what are you going to announce. >> it it is national ginger bread house day and for the life of me, those are mine. for the life of me i cannot get the roof to stick to the walls of a ginger bread house, so we have brought in an expert. and is there an expert in ginger bread houses. >> i want to see the expert do it with the things we have to
8:52 am
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8:53 am
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temperatures not that cold we're talking 40's for high temperatures in center city. fifty down the shore, 44 lehigh valley. an arctic front can bring scattered shower or late flurries, but temperatures by this time tomorrow will feel like the single digits and teens and high temperatures for remainder of the week will be stuck in the 30's. whipping wind late this afternoon and evening gusts up to 35 miles an hour, wind chills in the teens during the day tomorrow and yes, some more snow showers by thursday morning. nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight thinks how you should dress. feels like temperatures in the teens by tomorrow morning. feels like temperatures single digits uring the day tomorrow feels like temperature in the teens. there might be a passing flurry or shower late this afternoon but watch what happens wednesday night into thursday morning, yes, threat
8:56 am
of some snow but look at the seven day alex, temperatures by tomorrow, just in the 30's for high. >> stuck. that is what it will feel like dating can be difficult so how about dating a row butt. why some people are fine with dating a robot in the future. cost of christmas talking about how much you spend but how much would you be willing to shell out for someone else to do your holiday dirty
8:57 am
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it is december 12th, 2017. look who showed up, it is karen hepp. >> hi guys. we're wearing black. >> dark blue. >> yes.
9:00 am
>> navy, who knew. >> we're in a carson wentz funk for one more hour and then positive rest of the week >> okay. >> figure out how to get in the foles ferrari, or ferry. >> wentz wagon to the ferry, like a little slow boat. >> ferry us to the future. >> i love that. >> foles future. >> nicky's a little slow. tail of two colds. ladies, you may have to stop accusing men of over rating when they are sick. i cannot move. will you bring me a sandwich. i need some toast. well, listen, science and medicine now says we have the flu worse then you do, okay. >> is anyone actually good at making ginger bread houses besides professionals and chefs. check out these fails. so, it is national ginger bread house day and we have some help, plus how you can put it all together and create a simple but sturdy


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