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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 13, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bill: new york city bouncing back immediately after another terror attack. this time it was foiled by new yorkers, right back to normal, some say, is this new normal? some politics saying that cory booker. from new jersey not only will run for president in 2020 but be the president. we'll break it down for you. >> ever been out on road in a public place and needed to use the bathroom to be told by whoever was working there, that is only for employees. a new bill proposed in new jersey that would change that. real break it down for you, i am
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bill spadea, this is "chasing news." >> new york city endured another terror attack, this time got of ththeballot of the balloted was foild, the suspect is being charged he is in trouble. there a debate to how far the charges should go and how this suspect, should be treated. we have a lot to break down on legal side. how it is impacts and what the muslim community is saying about it we start with as with ashley. >> new york city bombing suspect, ullah was charged with federal terrorism charges tuesday, still being treated at bellevue hospital. police and national guard, continue to guard port authority bus terminal, u.s. acting attorney general said that news
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conference that ullah came to port authority with purpose, his motivation is no mystery. >> ullah admitted he began researching how to build bombs about a year ago. had been planning this particular attack for weeks. reporter: he began making bomb making material about 3 weeks ago, he posted on his facebook, trump, you failed to protect your nation. >> i think any terrorist out there, or think that president trump is tough on immigration, tough on terrorism. he has been saying, this is like an in your face thing to president but to american people as well. reporter: here is a photo of the port authorities who stopped ullah from fully carrying out his plan of attack, the officers
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are being hailed as heroes, a bomb tec technician expert was informed by commuters. >> it shows what cops do every day, you are trained to do this stuff, you jump into act. not until after you think, i can't believe i did that. reporter: ullah's family reportedly said they are outraged by the way their family has been handled by investigators since the attack. ashley johnson, reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you. >> okay, bring in someone who has been a guest on the show. with muslim community, welcome back to "chasing news." >> thank you. bill: so you wrote an article, talking about how muslim community has actually many imams have said, we're
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responsible and able to root out some of the radicals within the community, they are doing a job of that. in the mainstream media not giving them credit. how did this terrorist slip through the cracks. >> this is a lone wolf in our opinion, like all lone wolves they act on their own. and how he slipped through, my understanding 3 was watching videos on his own at his home, his family was unaware. over last year he moved toward. bill: your organization is more religious based. different from political, they point finger and right away say this will create a antimuslim since am but have you a different take. >> in islam, there is no room for terrorism. that is first and foremost. that needs to be be well understood. leaders like his holiness, he
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has shown us, that through his leadership, we should not be in anyway cause anything harm to society, as immigrants we should come to america, make it possible to live with one another and provide for a better united states. bill: in terms of surveillance, new york police department, has history of surveilling mosques, you see that practice continuing, do you see it as a threat to your religion or a necessary security measure. >> i don't see it as a threat, his holiness, has told worldwide, that our mosques are open, transparent see leads to sprug, somethinstrulg, truth, tg to hide, i believe that is something we lik like to work wh law enforcement as well as any average day american, have a conversation every week. bill: okay, i want to bring in
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someone who knows new york city commute too well, new york journalist, john, is joining me welcome back to "chasing news." >> how are you. bill: my take is new york bounced back, within hours of this attack, even after commute yesterday, morning today, right back to normal. >> i checked top trend on twitter, less than 24 hours, nothing, twitter with 10 trends nothing related to the attack. are we ready to accept this perhaps as new normal in new york city? some will avoid tunnel, and some will walk on 42nd street, but most complaints i heard yesterday, stems from delayed commute. >> i see it on other side that new yorkers, just tough resilient place, and some terrorist with a pipe bomb, is not going to disrupt our normal day-to-day activity, because life goes on, law enforcement is
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doing their job. >> absolutely, i was in lower manhattan with new yorkers after the attack on halloween, i was talking with them, and in chelsea last year, after the attack, i heard, then, and i hear today, is what can you do about it. bill: theabout? the ho halloween attacker from uzbekistan in 2010 this guy from bangladesh in 2011, people are here, who want to commit harm, we can either cower in fear or go on. bill: thank you, john, bringing in our panel to break it down, phil esic county chief of staff. >> good to see you. bill: janet hoffman. >> thank you. bill: bob, former morris county prosecutor. janet, you declare your
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allegiance to enemy you are a terrorist. >> i agree, there is no gray area, this man say he's is say terrorist, he is working with isis, his goal is to kill americans, thank goodness he did not succeed, more official thing to talk about is giving law enforcement the tools they need to look at terrorists like this person who has been here 7 years. >> in position you are in, in government. seems she has a different message from what you hear from apologists, she needs to get more play in the press. more politicians should stand add podium with someone like that. >> in essex country we have unbelievable relationships with imams and the communities. we're together. bill: >> i just want to make sure we're clear. nobody is saying you can't
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charge him as a criminal, having committed a terrorist act, the gitmo peace in military court of justice is different. bill: i guess all down to whether you think he is a enemy combatant or not. >> a law creeping its way that could require individual independent small businesses to open their employee bathrooming on people with certain medical conditions. this has happened to everyone, maybe your kids are with you, and they have to use the back room, and local establishment said no, only for employees, we'll bring in our panel break it down, jannette. you know really question, should you force local pizza place to open their bathroom. >> no,. >> they have tiny bathrooms. >> absolutely not, i think that government should have better things to do then get involved in a local business bathroom policy, this bill was introduced
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in 2010, there is a reason why it has not gone anywhere. if you have a public bathroom, you will want your customers to use it. bill: it happened to us, my wife and i brought hurt kids in -- brought our kids in. my policy and i never go back. >> good sense, if customer always right, if you need an path room it is an emergency sure. maybe you gettings out of it, or good referrals. >> if you want to mandate to have an open public restroom and code regulation fine, but this is ludicrous, does not take care of your children, you have to have a medical condition, what are we doing i.d. cards where people say, i have this card. here is how i look at it opening up another problem with a set of laws, how do you enforce them or
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prosecute them? this is unrealistic. leave it alone. >> take your own personal responsibility for our health, and plan ahead, you can -- you know there are places to stop. >> emergencies happen. >> they do. bill: you can stop at just any any any place, relatively simple problem to overcome. >> we don't have a potty crises in new jersey. >> coming up on "chasing news," aliceon watches up with chris christie, in incoming governor-elect murphy, wait until you hear what they had to say today. >> home alone or elf? >> home alone. bill: dan zarrow with your weather, the
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea. your freezing forecast from meteorologist dan zarrow, that is right, windchill could get to single digits this week. but first, new jersey governor chris christie headed out of office, but he still making some headline. getting back to the incoming governor, talking about what he will do over course of the next few weeks before he leaves office, now incoming government elect phil before murphy made a key announcement talking about
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burg county prosecutor, making him first sikh-american to hold any attorney general spot in the country, alison caught up with chris christie and phil murphy today. >> tuesday, both governor-elect murphy and governor chris christie in garden state, made public appearances, at a press conference, murphy nominated prosecutor as state next attorney general gray wall is first sikh-american to serve as attorney general in history of the united states. >> when it comes to deciding who will serve, as attorney general rally in particular, our state needs someone with a steel backbone. who will not be afraid to stand up to president trump and the republican leadership in congress. reporter: native of bur burgen
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county is lives in glen rock with his wife and three daughters, tuesday afternoon governor christie was as rutger university to talk about nation's first certified alcohol and drug counsel or apprentice ship, receiving state funding, and is to help fight opioid epidemic. >> i believe that every life is an individual gift from god. that no matter what condition you find that life in, it is still a gift from god. reporter: program includes 270 hours of free instructtion at rutgers and 3100 of paid on the job training, i tried to talk with governor chris christie about 2020 politics, he did not seem to be in the mood, so we went with the question, home alone or elf? >> home oh alone or elf.
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>> home arc lone. >> thank you. >> all righ bring back our pane, have you a new attorney general nominee. will be first seer sikh-americad position, do you see him as a pro law enforce. >> here is a tremendous pick. he is very well regarded in law enforce. , a great reputation in legal community not only with prosecutor by also defense attorneys this say real deal pick, this is what we need for an attorney general and he is first sikh to become attorney general that emboldens this choice as a smart move. bill: is this murphy reaching across the aisle? >> a very smart pick, he was a christie appointee. he has a breath of experience in
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the law, law enforce. officers support him. he has federal experience as well. i think a smart pick, i don't think you will hear a lot of dissension on this. bill: let's talk about your boss, saying that senator cory booker will be president in 2020. >> we had a huge press conference yesterday, joe drs saying he is running for. and cory booker was there. that would be great to have president from new jersey. bill: it is fine. we have that. he said that was corey was standing next to him, you think that cory booker. is that a credible thing to say this far out. >> i think that joe believes he has a good chance, he is someone we would love to see in essex
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uny. un. >> i think that is wishful thinking, cory booker will throw his hat in the ring. he has been out stumping everywhere else, he may get it but i don't think he has record of accomplishment. >> this sun precedented. you have andrew cuomo in new york, and cory booker maybe murphy. >> i think that is interesting we had a lot of them. >> as a republican it is funny you talk about cory booker's record, when donald trump did nothing governmental. >> because people didn't want someone in government. but -- >> you are not going to argue with this economic surge we had over past year, come on they look good how is that 401(k) doing? >> all right, thank you. >> jannette, bob, all right. >> here is meteorologist dan
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zarrow. with your freezing forecast. reporter: let me begin reminding you it still fall. official start of winter is 9 days away. even show, kind of temperature we're taking about over next couple of days would be cold in winter, a brisk westerly wind picking up overnight that is adding extra bite to the air, wind gust to 20 overnight. possibly to 35. during the day on wednesday. blustery and time to bundle up, overnight lowandowski to mid 20 -- low to mid 20s, a hard freeze for us, some spots could fall to teens, add in wind it will feel more like single digits. during day on wednesday, highs lower to mid 30s, part of areas will stay below freezing all day, despite a return to
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sunshine, windchill in teens to 20s. and thursday morning, a shot of snow, a coating to a half inch of fresh snow, sunshine returning thursday but still cold, mid 30s, cold air for start of weekend, that is important because next storm system late friday to early saturday could bridge accumulating snow, worth watching. i am meteorologist, dan zarrow. >> we have more show for you, tonight including jimmy kimmel, the rock and u2 coming up, stay tuned.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, a look at headline. we're chasing for you. >> flags flying half-staff in san francisco tuesday to honor city married wi -- mayor, edwind
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overnight. after reportedly suffering a hart attack while shopping. >> president trump signs space district one at white house the goal to get astronauts back to the moon, then mars. >> group was originally formed in 1989 during president george h.w. bush's administration, and disbanned under president clinton, president trump reestablished this this year. >> hanukkah kicked off at sundown tonight. the 8 day celebration will include activity such as indulging and prayer. u2 on top, jimmy kimmel with a return, fox's michelle these stories and more in hollywood nation. >> i am jimmy, this is billy, i was out last week this guy had heart surgery. >> jimmy kim sel kimmel is backr taking off for his son's heart surgery, he took the opportunity to slam congress for not
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renewing children's health insurance plan. and asking viewers to get involved. the rock, and his girlfriend are expecting their second child, 45-year-old actor announced on ingram. sitting under a sign that reads a girl, johnson has a 16-year-old daughter simon from a previous marriage. >> seth rogan getting serious for his next role, actor set to play journalist walter cronkite in news flash, centering to 1963 assassination of president john f. kennedy and media outlet quick respond to the news. >> u214 album -- u2's 14 album is number one on the charts.
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with 200,000 in sales could during first week of release. in hollywood, michelle, fox news. >> in a move most likely to score a lot of points for customer service, two major ride sharing services uber and lyft are giving customer back hone whmoney. who were charged sur, after fleeing the terror attacks. to op of they will let driver keep money. all i want to say i'm glad government was not involved, i am tired of hearing about price gouging, you know market works, when demand is high, people charge more money, and when that does, that is all equalls out in the end, if you are an uber
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driver, you are there, they should fetch a higher price that is how market works that is how you get more of what you need, same thing works with fuel, and everything else during a crisis. don't get all caught up in the whole word price gouging, know that the market works in this case you have two major companies doing right. way to go. >> thank you, always good to see you on "chasing news," i will be back tomorrow night, have a great night. >> we have a bunch of in our society, you have to be tough. majority of customers. >> my hair is not my wardrobe that is what i was born with. >> when it comes to covering tv's controversial topics, have to hit it from all sides what is your opinion, your point of view
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coverd. >> a big deal for some. >> "chasing news" with bill spadea, week nights.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. man, blistering cold weather if you think it's cold tonight the morning is going to be a startling wake-up call. good evening, thank you for joining us for the 11:00. i'm lucy noland. kathy orr is talking about wind chills in the teens already getting all kinds of tweets, kathy, people saying it is how long outside. >> yeah, we said that wednesday was the day and the cold air is already made its way in and the wind is wild. we're talking about winds gusting to 35 even 40 miles an hour out in old city philadelphia as we speak. now right now let's take a look at the temperatures down to 26 in philadelphia. it's only 15 in the poconos. 26 in millville


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