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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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let's guest over to meteorologist scott williams. scott, please tell us you have good news about this cold. >> no good news about the, chr chris. it could get colder as we approach new year's day. two days in a rotem hers have struggled to make it even into the 30s. take look at today's high temperatures. dover 23 degrees. philadelphia 21. 19 in reading. look at the numbers right now. southeastern pennsylvania balance will cynwyd 17 degrees. pottstown 15. 15 degrees in coatesville. six towards the pocono mountains as we move into south jersey, moorestown 18 degrees right now. vineland 18. 19 degrees ocean city. same song and dance through delaware temperatures in the teens to low 20s all the way to the delaware beaches. you factor in the wind it feel like 14 below mount pocono. it feels like 8 degrees in philadelphia. temperatures for tonight will dip back to around 14 in philadelphia. single digits north and west. we're dry on ultimate doppler but well off to the north and
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west coming up we'll time out saturday's clipper system to bring us some snowfall. back over to you. >> all right. lots to talk about. thank you, scott. annual new year's day tradition in philadelphia could be in jeopardy because of these frigid temps. the mummers parade may end up postponed for the first time in 15 years. as of right now, though, the parade is still on. but mayor kenney says the city is keeping an eye on the forecast and will make a final decision on saturday. no matter the weather first responders of course are risking their lives to save others. it happens all the time. but with temperatures dropping rapidly, the colder it gets the more dangerous it is for everyone involved. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in delanco, new jersey. >> we've seen this all through our area over last few days how dangerous their job can be for first responders under these weather conditions latest happening this morning here in burlington county. crews dealing with their equipment freezing up maintaining their own safety
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while they were ensuring ours. >> water freezes as it clings to philly firefighters battling an early morning blaze. in burlington county, a river bank rescue leads to a moment of lost footing. and tuesday in buck, a man pulled from frigid waters in a nick of time. icy rescues that test endurance of even the most seasoned emergency responders. >> we had to smash some ice to get the boat ramp accessible by car and boat. rope was freezing. definitely making sure that all of our equipment can be used. >> as the first on scene in burlington county, captain patrick daily led the rescue efforts around 8:00 thursday morning fighting wind and the icy delaware river to get to a stranded and injured hunt on hawk island. something else was working against them, too. >> he was out there awhile. once you're out there exposed to the cold air for longer periods of time the frost bite kicks in. that's when hypothermia kicks
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and in all these things become more worrisome. >> matt shows us the layer of ice still covering their boat. from water kicking newspaper the deck. his team struggling not to slip. >> on a good day with 50-degree weathers really cold out there. on days like today when you're in the teens, low 20s, it gets really cold out there. it gets hairy. >> reporter: delanco ems working alongside a dozen other agencies event coast guard a massive operation focused on the victim but also the rescuers. >> we always have to think of ourselves first because otherwise we'll have another patient out there ours to resc rescue. >> as long as you're out there the chances you know you'll have a life threatening situation. >> successful day the victim carried i was why safely. team from delanco drying off their gear. it's back to their day job until the next call. >> since we're volunteer we come as needed. >> as you heard there, the crew here in delanco, the ones first on the scene this morning helping to do all of that hard
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work, they are all volunteer running on community donations. that hunter by the way recovering tonight in the hospital. lucy. >> thank you sabina. check this out boiling water absolutely no match for the freezing temperatures in one part of new hampshire. do you see what is going on here? that guy is bakely pouring a kettle of boiling hot water on mount washington where it is 34 degrees below zero with hurricane force win. i used to this in fairbanks, alaska when we had visit the it did the same type of thing with hot chocolate. water immediately froze into snow and you know it is cold. you can track these frigid temperature here in real time along with scott, sue and kathy. download the fox 29 weather authority app so you'll never be surprised by the weather. it is easy, free and available in both i tunes and google play stores. scott will be back in a little later on with his seven day forecast. happening right now, authorities now believe they know what caused the death of an 11-year-old girl during a
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sleepover. meanwhile the community in northeast philadelphia is stepping up to help the family dealing with the tragedy during the holidays. our dave schratwieser joins us live from northeast detectives to night in mayfair with the latest. dave? >> reporter: chris, family, friends and complete strangers are stepping up for this family and their doing that as police now say their investigation is over. >> the findings are it most likely will be natural death. >> reporter: that conclusion from philadelphia police thursday following a thorough investigation into the death of a 11-year-old jordan pre should know who died during a leap sleepover tuesday night at a neighbor's home on angus place in the northeast. >> there was no sign of trauma. or foul play. they have a couple tests a neuro pathology test they're waiting to come back an toxicology test we're baiting to come back. >> i think everybody feels tour them. >> reporter: neighbors like rachel tidman and her family when still in shock over the young girl's death.
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>> it's sad. my daughter used to play ma it with her. it's really sad. >> reporter: police released the autopsy results 24 hours after jordan was found unresponsive in a second floor bedroom at her neighbor's home. a search of the room yielded few clues what caused her death. as her family grieved a gofundme page set up to help with funeral arrangements generated $8,000. sources say neighbors and friend have also stepped up to some even offering to pay for the funeral and a headstone for the young girl. >> i think it's great, um, this is is a close-it in neighborhood. >> reporter: rachel tidman meanwhile explained how she broke the sad news of jordan's death to her own daughter. >> i told her that, um, something happened to her in her sleep. she's sad. she's sad. >> reporter: tidman says shells always have fond memories of young girl who touched so many lives here.
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>> she was very generous. she will always take the time out to play with my little girl. >> reporter: those gofundme page donations have risen to almost $10,000 in the past hour. two tests by the medical examiner could take a few more weeks to complete. and grieve counseling will be set up at the young girl's school next week when classes resume. >> lucy. >> thank you dave. tracking a developing story in chester county. 15-year-old phoenixville boy is dead shot and killed during an apparent drug deal. the district attorney just released surveillance photos of the possible get away car the shooter who killed ninth greater jason ortiz cameron in the dunkin' donuts parking lot on nut road just before 7:30 last night. now investigators say ortiz cameron and a few friends planned robbery during marijuana deal. police say the car pulled up with a group of folks inside. the two groups started arguing. someone pulled out a gun and shot ortiz cameron. he died later at the hospital. the da is asking anyone in that car to come forward.
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one month after the death of a cyclist in center city bike lane a call for change continues. emily fredericks was struck and killed by a trash truck at 11th and pine. this morning, another human bike lane in her honor where she lost her life was put on. many in the area calling for street improvements and protected bike lanes. >> we have funding from the government for this bike lane infrastructure it's not been spent and it has cost people's lives and we are putting our bodies here where we believe infrastructure should be to keep us safe on the roads. >> demonstrators say that improving the bike lanes won't affect anyone's property but will make thing safer for everyone on the road and sidewalks. a final report today confirms what federal investigatoinvestigators found a deadly amtrak carner chester. the national transportation safe tow board blames a weak company culture for safety in the apri
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april 2016 crash. the train slammed into a maintenance backhoe killing amtrak employees joseph carter and peter adam witnesses. a number of mistakes happen including a lack of communication to reroute trains from a work zone where it hit the backhoe the crew failed to use device that would have blocked access from those trac tracks. >> violent robbery in port richmond wing stop. gunman attacked two employees. a man in a black mask walked into the restaurant on the 3800 block of aramingo avenue just before 9:00 tuesday night. police say he grabbed a 19-year-old worker from behind held a gun to her head and began choking her. officers say he then hit the other employee a 16-year-old boy in the head with the gun and ordered him to open the safe and register. grabbed money and took off. the teen and pre-teen centered store claires it's pulling children's makeup off of the shelves because of asbestos. one mom discover it.
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the rhode island woman says she was concerned about the satisfy tee of her six year old's make up kit she sent it off to an independent lab tour for tests. the labs came back -- the results came back positive for asbestos. they're wishing full refunds to customers and conducting its own investigation. the shrine of st. katharine of drexel is closing to the public on saturday. according to the intelligencer the shrine in bensalem was supposed to be open until sunday but the sisters of the blessed sack cram moved up the date due to other commitments. back in may 2016 the sisters said they would sell their properties in bensalem and virginia due to financial issues. once the shrine closes, drexel's remains will be moved to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in philadelphia. coming up tis the season for the nutcracker and now kids with special needs are getting to experience it for the first time all thanks to the pennsylvania ballet. kristen.
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>> chris, nick foles wants to play against dallas on sunday. he says he wants the extra reps. coming up hear if he's starring this week plus the biggest correction he's m ,000 in america last year.
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♪ if you want to end the year by trying your luck nearly $700 million up for grabs in the nation's two biggest lotteries. no one hit all the winning numbers for last night's powerball. that means the jackpot jumps to 384 million bucks for saturday's drawing. the mega millions jackpot also growing tomorrow's drawing worth up to $306 million. you can watch the lottery drawings right here live on fox 29. would you were you. >> it's a lot of money. buy a lot of tickets to the nutcracker one of those holiday traditions for so manically families for some children with processing those lights and sounds it could be a little too much. >> truly. the pennsylvania ballet tried something different. a sensory friendly performance. it's so cool.
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>> our hank flynn check it out. ♪ >> all we do we keep the lights a little bit higher. we leave the doors open. people can get up and move around throughout the theater and throughout the space and react to the show in the way it's comfortable to them. it's hank. i'm at the pennsylvania ballet it's a nutcracker presentation for a sensory friendly audience. my take is, they ought to do this a lot more. it's a good idea. say you love going to the theater, ballet, even the library but it's hard make because your kid autistic or has terrets and other people don't understand. pa ballet gets it they did glorious nutcracker sensory friendly for a sensory sensitive audience parents were rejoicing. i think the best part about these shows you don't have another people looking at you saying like keep your kid quiet. it's acceptable for children to walk around. sing the song. say they, you know, express their needs whatever is happening. >> we like to have fun.
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>> of course. >> this is mother/son time. we getting to places together. >> reporter: the idea not to change a performance it's crea creating a welcoming environment for an audience that processes information in its own way some of whom have outbursts or roger of temple university says families sometimes have to commit split up to go out. not here. >> they have what's called a split family. so one family member stays home witness individual with the dissable while the other family members go out and experience the community where having opportunities like this whether it's the ballet or theater or the library, they can come in and enjoy these experiences together as a whole family. enjoy each other's company. enjoy each on the's, um, abilities and strength and that's what families are saying they value with these kinds of experiences. >> reporter: john orr of art reach which partnered with the ballet and works to bring just these sorts of experiences to under served groups says the key is to be thoughtful in your presentation. >> what we're trying to do. we're trying to show really
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philadelphia and the world if you sign experiences in a thoughtful way then everybody regardless of how they envision the art can take part in the experience. >> theater etiquette is too stiff. always has been. doors close at curtain. won't open again attaint missi mission. absolute silence required. don't get me wrong there's reason for it the matinee had loose feel. nobody got shushed. or scolded for not sitting still. i wish they had this when i was kid. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ hopefully that becomes a tradition. >> um-hmm. >> hope until this does not become a tradition. fox 29 weather authority brutal outside. live look at reading berks county. our advice, if you don't have to go outside, stay inside in the warmth. so can we expect relief any time soon? as soon as the key word there. scott's forecast in 152nd.
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>> it continues to be a bone chill, teeth chatters cold across the delaware valley. more arctic air is on the way. temperatures likely not making it above freezing. perhaps even next week. we could be stuck below freezi freezing. bitter wind chills, bundle up, dress in layers. yes, adding insult to injury, there is the threat of some light snow with a clipper on saturday. but right now 19 degrees that's the air temperature in philadelphia. factor in that wind, it feels like 8 degrees so that's how you should dress if you're stepping outdoors. but look at mount pocono feels like 14 below zero. feel like four in reading it feels like nine down the shore in wildwood. it feels like 6 degrees in atlantic city. we're dry, we're quiet on ultimate doppler. a few flurries around the great lakes. but then toward montana that is the clipper and the light snow that will head in our direction for saturday. so as we go hour by hour, you
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can see by friday it's around the lakes. but then saturday morning it moves in from west to east. moving from lancaster into wilmington then toward philadelphia, during the day. late morning into the early a afternoon time frame then out of here but it's cold enough for the snow to stick immediatel im. reduced visibles look about a coat to go perhaps as much as two itches of snowfall before all is said and done with that system. so once again, the higher totals back off toward the great lakes. of course, erie, pennsylvania, looking at more snow out of this system and for us in the delaware valley a coating to an inch. temperatures for tonight, it's going to be cold so bundle up crank up that heat. one that will be the low mount pocono. nine in allentown. nine in atlantic city. also, millville into the teens around philadelphia and wilmington so a long duration cold as we close the books on 2017 we're still looking at that polar express. all the way down to the gulf coast.
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early 2018 look at next week. we're still looking at the cold even into next weekend across the area. so once again, this is going to be a rare event as we talk about those temperatures stuck below freezing for many even into next weekend. so you can see cold new year's eve, new year's day a high of 1e coast by the end of next week for potential nor'easter. kristyn back over to you. >> bum lymph up for that new year's game. eagles aren't apologize fog winning games but they have to execute better if they want to win in the playoffs. hear how the eagles are responding from their sloppy play as they prep for their season finale against dallas. plus nick foles is starting again really?
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♪ nick foles is preparing like he'll start against dallas this week he hasn't been told anything otherwise as of now. how many snaps he gets is still up in the air. the eagles were only one of 14 on third down conversions against the raiders. foles says that's in part because of the long yardage and not getting the best production on first and second downs. so this week, he wants the extra reps to better he can cute. >> i think the big thing is, first and second down it's trially important to get completions stay inside the chains. we went to a lot of second and long, their and long and that puts you in tough position. me being smart with the football keeping the ball in play giving our guys opportunities to make play that is will help us a lot. >> eagles were admittedly frustrated with their play against oakland but the players aren't frustrated in the locker
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room. they were confident that they were going get the win. because even as sloppy as games get, they know they are right where they want to be. >> we're not going to apologize for winning games. obviously we feel like there's some things we can get better at and we look at every tape and find some holes that we can address. good thing is we've got few weeks before it even counts and a few weeks before we can, torque work on some of those thing but i don't think anybody feels like we're, upping, off track for what we're trying to get accomplish this post season. >> we'll have more from the eagles sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. on fox 29 "game day live". at 1:00 eagles go for win number 14 against dallas. penn state running back barclay won't make a decision on whether or not he'll leave for the nfl until after the nittany lions bowl game this weekend he's trying to put the thought of an nfl future out of his mind as he focuses to play washington again penn state playing in the fee teas bowl saturday at 4:00. we saw carson wentz throw a
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terry touchdown after tearing his acl again the rams. what about playing an entire bowl game and named offensive mvp. that's what perdue quarterback did last night in the boiler makers win over arizona that was the fourth game he's played on a torn acl. >> wow. >> chris, you are an expert on torn acl's and mcl's. >> three torn acl. >> i can't walk to the refrigerator without some sort of pain. that guy is a warrior. >> is that smart to do? there's a history of player -- college players playing on torn acl' force couple of games. he's having surgery. >> running is fine. pivoting can't imagine. >> thanks. join us tonight for fox 29 news at ten. we are of course tracking the seriously cold temperatures. we can give you tricks to make sure your pipes don't freeze in these frigid temperatures at 10:00. these frigid temperatures at 10:00. >> that does it for us here
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right now on "page six tv." what's behind the shocking confessions that chris brown made to j-lo. where can you live at home with 21 bedrooms and multiple game rooms and what's the price tag? why is mariah carrey is telling all paparazzis to move to her left. >> i am beverley, welcome to the show, while everyone is out on vacation, i am with you and looking back at the best of the year. i have decided to make this out thirstier thursday as ever. >> warm it or drink this glass. what i am talking


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