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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 26, 2018 3:00am-3:28am EST

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bill: governor phil murphy dropped everything and heads to scene of customs and enforcement raid, rounding up people who ared in the country illegally, governor murphy has been pledging to make new jersey a sanctuary state. state. >> he also wants to make pot legal, battle for legal marijuana. took a turn today. different sides weighing in, focusing on the money and jobs. a lot of kids doing a lot of drugs, how much of that guilt so you and your members.
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>> none. >> google home, you may have this device at home, ask it, if it knows who jesus is, chances are,. >> sorry, i don't know how to help with that. >> google home has no idea. i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." bill: immigration raids across new jersey thursday, governor phil murphy dropped everything, he was irate and he raced to the scene, question is, what will this have as an impact on international debate, who stays and who goes. reporter: phil murphy made an unscheduled appearance at reformed church of highland park, after immigration and enforcement custom agents detained who shahna shan -- sha-
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immigrants. >> i give past or credit. he ran as a really good candidate for governor. i always have been. reporter: the pastor videotaped i.c.e. agents outside of the home of one of his members. >> i.c.e. is here, they are causing trouble. i hope friends you share this, this is what happens when i.c.e. starts to destroy our community. >> harry is staying at the church, he has lived in the state since 1993. in hopes of giving him and his family a better life. >> maybe by tonight. put me in the plane or tomorrow morning. reporter: in october, i interviewed copper dale, and another couple who were afraided to report to i.c.e. for fear of being deportd. >> since last january we knew
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that the community would be in trouble. because we have finally did portin -- deportation orders for the people. reporter: he is working with the acl u to file law the to protect the families from indonesia. >> 3 guys were supposed to report tuesday, and robbery in march, the other guy february 14. they had no reason to expect that i.c.e. would do a preemptive attack at their family homes or while they took their kids to school. reporter: both of the indonesian natives were taken to county jail. reporting for "chasing news." >> bill: thank you, i want to bring in someone who has been at forefront of the fight over undocumented aliens, and their place in the united states math matthew has been on front line
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fighting to make highland park a sanctuary city, i have to start right off the bat, what happened today? >> we got notified that immigration agents were in the area. detaining several members of our community who had been in sanctuary since 2011, they were brought in at the church into sanctuary to be protected. that prompted governor murphy to come to church to get an understanding of what was going on, we had an outpouring of support. bill: you seem calm, was this what you expected? >> i think that national climate really dictates the mood right now. i think that everyone on local level, should be prepared, this is happening. we're charged as local leaders and local law enforcement too. bill: okay. thank you, matt.
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bridge in a plus panel. republican strategist jannette hoff man, and democratic strategist bill cacrusoe, are the democrats all swifted over this issue? he brought i.c.e. down on himself, he was on this show, and basel basically taunted the, saying i have illegals in my basemenbase. >> you are baiting i.c.e. in. >> ice is doing their job. they are cracking down on people who are here illegally. in sanctuary cities, they don't have cooperation of law enforcement professionals. saying this person has a criminal record. they have to go in and to their job, i think this is an opportunity for phil murphy,
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running for president in 2020. bill: is this a bad divorcethe e middle. people who want to stay here, increasing enforcement from immigration and customsthe troubl trump administ messing around, they it, obama was doing it too. >> republica can agree there needs to be a legal pathway to needs to be legal. i don't think we have agreedha daca will be a huge issue. bill: be arrested? >> i don't think what he defense right. i think as bill said, he used the people as a pawn, he did commit a crime. >> he won't be arrested. bill: should he be? >> i think you need to see the people looking at this, putting these folks.
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probably contributing to society, we put them in harm's way, that is wrong. >> really stand up for people he is harboring he should have taken the fall. >> he might. >> before the immigration raid that caused governor of new jersey to drop everything and get involved and race to the scene, he was at a medical marijuana dispensary. talking about his plan to make pot legal in new jersey. you may remember we have been talking about this story for months, and governor has changed opportunity somewhat talking -- tune somewhat talking about social justice and revenue for the state. we bring in someone who has a lot to gain in governor way. his name is scott rudder, head of new jersey cannabis business association, welcome to "chasing news." >> thank you, bill. bill: how much money did you and make? what kind of an economic bonus
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to the state of new jery.erent t has indicated we're going to be something freicolorado -- greatn colorado, if you just use colorado number they did $1.5 billion last year in retail sales, based on tpulation, we're their size with 20 more million visitors than coloradbill: todae project have been drawn, is there money to be made today. >> there -- notha today, right now we're talking about, gov talking about access to medical cannabis right the next debate is adult use.
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that bill that will help create. that is where you will see something going on 3 bury. bill: beyond the money is there any guilt associated with yemerh increase truth use among kids colorado, increase in crime, and increase arrests on blacku, it seems thal justice argument is out the window, you h doing a lot of drugs. >> how much of that guilt and burden on you and your members. >> none, you look at states t c5 percent of reduction in opioid overdos a study they de demonstrated thate use of cannabis, and colorado came out with number, that said there 2 to 3% less cannabis use going on among colorado teens than previously before
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legalization. >> i want to bring in our panel, janet is here, and bill. janet, you hear scott talk about this money is green, pot is denying increase in lasts among minority young people in the colorado department of public safety, it happen -- it happened it was so serious governor murphy changed his tune. non wy and medical marijuana. take a stipng lawmakers, a lot back and analyze i it. senate black caucus having hears impacts community. bill: who supports these effort, you have busine money to be madw jersey, who benefits? >> a lot of interest in this, fis state interest coming in to sell marijuana, have you jersey folkn commercial real estate that are seeing as a pharma economy, we
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learned from other states we're not going to be we're headed to this we will legalize. >> it >> i don't see it. >> it is going to happen. >> he congress to look at this. hislawmakers in democratic not a done deal. bill: so, fresh, cran ber cannabis? >> nothing that can replace tom. bill: fair enough. >> all right, thank you, scott, appreciate it. luck, you got a t ahead. >> got it. bill: not too much don't agree, but. >> let's check out headlines we're chasing tonight. >> new york city looking to open up safi jec -- safe-inject
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sites. philadelphia is already seeking out said operators establish safe sites, oprah winfrey speect of buzz about her potential for. in style magazine said that oprah has no plans to run, say it is not something that interests me, i don't have the dna for it. >> can you make a horse return home, a deputy videotaped animal running down the road, he pleads for the animal to stop. >> stop, fleece. please. >> the horse was returned to its owner. >> and yankees rebrand team thunder -- on friday night in 2018 season. >> team members wear special
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uniforms to mark the occasion. that is a look at some headlines we're chasing today. >> we have more show coming up. there is some video that starting to get viral. it is about google home, wait until you hear this. >> sorry, i don't know how to help with that yet. >> dan zarrow with your weather forecast coming up, stay with me. ay department
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of justice sent a warning, a letter to sanctuary cities across nation, saying that we will be enforcing the law. mayor de blasio in new york city had a reacted, hid he said it wa racist attack on immigrants and refused to attend a white house meeting with the president to discuss immigration. john with the story. reporter: it started with an invitation to discuss infrastructure and ended with a boycott about immigration, mayor deb ten describede blasio descra publicity stunt. the conference had been on the agenda for month, department of justice sent letters to 23 so-called sanctuary cities, demanding they turnover documents proving they are not
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helping people who are in the country illegally, the let notice, kind of a soup open awithholding grant money, mayor de blasio and others chose not to go inside, citing racist assault on immigrant communities. alongside vermont senator bernie sanders. other mayors did attend, president trump did not hold back criticizing these who skipped it. >> my administration is committed to protectin protectit americans and the mayors who choose to boycott this even have put needs of criminal illegal immigrants over law abiding americans. reporter: as for late every on immigration, reform, there may be a plan released next week. president indicated he now open to some sort of a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. people who are brought to country illegally as children,
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he wanted 25 billion to build a wall, democrat said no, then yes, now no. there are no guarantees in washington. bill: new yorkers the meeting was about infrastructure, not immigration. john, thank you appreciate it. >> interesting story for you. a growing number of videos on-line, on youtube, showing people using the device google home, asking it whether or not it knows who jesus christ is. >> hey, google, who is jesus christ? >> sorry, i don't know how to help with that yet. >> okay. >> political correct less gone too -- correctness gone too far or a glitch, is this going to be a pr nightmare for google, we bring back or panel, jannette? >> i guess that going el needs a software update.
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i don't knowen to we have bigger thins to worry about in 2018, i am looking to the bible. not google or alexa. bill: do you think it has anything to to with placal correctness, we heard this time again with the big companies, a lot of left wingers, a lot of people negative on religion, would it surprise you if a tech said we don't know that. >> nothing surprises me any more, that would be foolish on their part, i am going to go with a glitch. so, sometime the technology is fouled up. bill: in my car, same problem with my blue tooth, it calls towing services. >> but suri knows who jesus christ is. bill: she is the ball. >> thank you. >> great to see you.
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happy birthday bill. and we check in with your meteorologist dan zarrow. reporter: wintertime recipe setting up, clear skies, try air, cold air mass, leading to frigid temperatures, into teens for most of us friday morning. we have a nice warming trend, this map last night, chilly thursday, temperatures below normal with wind. and transition to friday. the wins switch, to come from west andmoving in, we'll see the temperatures recover to normal friday. and then go further as weekend approaches, in to the 50s, however it comes at a price over weekend we'll see increasing clouds and some rain chances, i think saturday will be nicer day of the two. dry during the day, sunday we'le scattered showers over spread, we're talking about mild temperatures, all rain, no wintry worry through the weekend, 20s in
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city, and on the coast teens everywhere element luckily winds will be calarm.tly sunny skies r friday, with highs on either side of 40. january. and on saturday, clouds will up cites, a little bit of a temperr tto -- m day, sunday, did you look damp with continued showers, andill stilly at 50. i am meteorologist, >> don't go anywhere, stick with me through the break, on other side, i am joined by a law maker who is doing something about teachers who have been accused of molesting kids, and being transferred from school
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, a serious story about sexual predators in our schools. there seems to be story after og
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inappropriate contact with students. someone in politics is stepping up to do something about it jayy assembly about thank you. bill: let me ask tell me, what you are doing? what your bill does. what problem does it solve. a loophole in wayry hires in one school district can resign, and get confidentiality agreement with that district, they move ot teaching, without the new district never k one. a loophole. bill: how does thatohey not facl changes, we read about this going back decade, teachers moved from district to district. is this an allegation or something they admit.
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>> sometimes a do get caught, but, thank god they do, but there is san allegation sent to the print pa principal or schoo, they start a investigation, before they found to to have done it they offer to resign, save school district gation, they get away from their kids, to nextet an agreement with district. bill: how do you stopakes sense, why are school districtunt ablee allegation to law -- report these allegations to law children are involved a no-brar absolutely. bill: these are what about false allegation. >> in my bill, if someone make false allegation against a teacher it is investigated andhr
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does not have to disclose that. if theretantiated allegation that there is a problem, if there is a p charge, the teacher would have to disclose that on the next district that cuts off their ability to stop the music before they are found guilty. bill: just when you think the main story you will talk about on show is welling marijuana. boom, i.r.s. come i.r.s. comes . comes in, opportunity is here for a meaningful discussion about pathway to shoul citizen g for one, i am happy to see federal government doing their job, about time department of justice started to crackdown on cities and legislate oars and leaders like mayor de blasio who want their city to be a sanctuary place for legals even when they are committing crimes.
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shame on mayor de blasio for not showing up at a infrastructure meeting with president of united states, we know that new york city needs help with transportation and infrastructure. and for mayor of city the greatest city in the world to throw a temper tantrum on social media and boycott a meeting with the president is absolutely outrageous. mr. mayor, you can have your opinions on immigration and disagree po on policy but to not show up at table you have done a terrible disservice to all your constituents in new york, i will bill spadea, i'll be back tomorrow night, thank you for having us in your home tonight. >> we have whimps in our society. >> my hair is not my wardrobe. that is who i was born with. >> covers today's topics, you have to hit it from all sides. >> there has been back and forth. >> no matter how you see it.
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>> your opinion, your point of view. >> a big deal for should. spadea, week
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we begin tonight at 11:00 with breaking news. congressman pat meehan deciding not to run for re-election this. great to have you with us. iain page is off tonight. this news comes two days after congressman meehan spoke with our fox 29 jeff cole he denied having romantic feelings for a former female staff. meehan of course accused of claim.axpayer dollars to settle let's get out to chris o'connell live in delaware county with the breaking details tonight. chris? >> reporter: thomas, that is right.


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