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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 3, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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from the fox 29 news studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. practicing, down to the wire, only one day stands between the eagles and the chance at a super bowl title. >> the opportunity to compete at the highest level in the largest game again the best that's what we play this game for. that's what we look forward to. >> another busy day at the airport as eagles fans flock to minute plus while others are flying into philadelphia to cheer on the bird. >> i flew from north carolina to here. >> a season of bleeding green an few week proudly beaming with eagles pride went love them so much we want more. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles! >> where you can spread your wings to show love for the birds today. >> and we've all experienced a case of the mondays. this next one could be really different from school to work to
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public transportation. how an eagles super bowl win might change everything. >> ♪ just another man mick monday ♪, wish it were sunday ♪ >> that's understatement a manic monday. good day it's saturday, februar. >> still wearing green. >> keeping alive. >> one more day. tomorrow with mike annal election coming in we can just be casual k we wear our t shirts and hoodies. >> absolutely. >> game day gear. >> as long as it's green. everyone will be festive. ready for the win. >> i know. speaking of green did you see the city last night? it was beaming in green. the skyline there lit up in eagles colors. and there's something to keep in mine this weekend f you are driving into the city tomorrow, maybe to come in for super bowl party or to watch the game somewhere be careful where you park. physical police say there will be no parking on certain areas of broad street and around city hall. restrictions start at 2:00 p.m. and they go until 3:00 a.m. on
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monday. police of course are expecting very large crowds of people to flood the streets before, during and after the big game. scott, here's the deal. it's cold in philly but it is nothing like it is at the minneapolis. >> absolutely. single digit wind chills below zero wind chills in minneapolis on this cold saturday morning. we're dry, quiet in philadelphia. but look off to the west. tracking some snow moving out of north dakota. no that will move toward the twin cities throughout the day today and temperatures will top out in the teens for highs that. it's 19 degrees in philadelphia. we have 14 degrees right now in minneapolis. with a wind chill there of about 3 degrees. but it is cold here at home. no doubt about that. quaker up to 12 degrees. bala kin wide 15 degrees right now. it's ten in coatesville. chadds ford 13 degrees. as we move into south jersey right now, look at the chill. 12 hammonton.
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15 degrees in voorhees. we're looking at tuckahoe checking in at a cold 12 degre 12 degrees. so high temperatures for today right around freezing. it's dry, quiet, running those errands grocery shopping for those super bowl parties for sunday. it look like a soggy mess. 42 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. so super bowl weekend, it's dry and cold to today. clouds will thicken throughout the day, and then take a look at sunday. it's going to be a super bowl per soaker looking at wet snow toward the pocono mountains and a cold rain pretty much elsewhere into the afternoon and evening. so coming up much more on the timing of that rain for your sunday and those critical temperatures. who will see the wet snow and who will see the rainfall? >> become over to you, lauren. >> snow and rain could affect travel with some eagles fans spending today traveling many people flying to minnesota to watch the showdown on sunday the next hottest destination to watch the game, well, right here
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in philadelphia. so the airport is a busy place. steve keeley, are you starting to count the number of different shirts and jerseys and hoodies and sweatshirts you've seen this morning at the airport? >> reporter: i have lost count. i tried to start counting and then i just gave up because it seems like nobody has left philadelphia until today that's how big the crowd is. lauren i know how close you are to your mother. i've got you top. i've got three generations of this family going, and grandpop and dad from his luggage, look, two eagles bags, look at his shoes. from head to toe, he saw our sports anchor wearing this jacket it used to be our game day jacket he called call the eagles and says i need the jacket the guys on fox are wearing. he's on the phone telling family watch us we're live. so i'm trying to pause so before i do the interviews so the familiar confidential tape this. to we have any connection with the family to record this? >> no. >> don't worry about it. >> they're all sleeping. >> somebody will see this and record it for you. they're all asleep. >> you handed -- is this in the genes or something.
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>> it certainly s we have grandson flying in from california forty one washington, d.c. as well to meet us in minnesota. >> introduce everybody my son jeff. my grandson adam and i'm richa richard. >> san sweet is the last name. >> you feel sweet leaving for the super bowl. >> we're all excited we've been waiting are to weeks for fiss moment. >> see this hat here what's going happen we'll cross this thing out and put champions in there soon. >> i'm ready. i'm ready. i'm so ready. >> all right. how did you get first of all airfare was hard to get. no problem for you though. >> jeff a range the airfare. >> you took care of the airfare. >> two months ago or month and a half ago he booked hotel rooms. >> a month ago. >> you knew this was happening. >> i was hoping it was happening. >> you didn't have to pay $8,000 night. >> still paid way more than you should. >> all right. are you in the same room. >> got three rooms. >> we have two other -- there's five you. >> my other son and nephew are come to go. >> we have three rooms. i've been talking to possible. here's another eagles fan behind you. she's prettier. >> come over here for second.
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[ laughter ] >> look, we had these guys on. we have a pretty eagles fan with her passport out. are you psych to be going. >> i'm going down to watch the game with my pop he's recovering from an illness and biggest fan and i just thought i needed to be with him. >> that's awesome. that's what we're hearing all family memories v fun v a safe trip. >> all right. this is the greatest family member of all time, isn't it. >> we're having such a wonderful time. >> we did go to jacksonville when the eagles were in 2,005 adam and i went with one of my other sons and my stepson and it was a great experience except we didn't come home feeling so good because they lost. but we have a good feeling about this time. >> we're winning this time. >> you don't take it for granted you were born into this cool familiarly. >> definitely not. definitely not. i'm very lucky. >> how old were you when you went to jacksonville. >> 14. >> you were just kid. now you're an adult much this is going to be a big memory. >> definitely. definitely. >> guys, awesome outfits. awesome family. >> thanks. >> you have good genes in you i'm telling you. >> see you later.
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>> so how about that? >> three generations of eagles fans leaving. who knew they were going to be in the super bowl lauren and book the hotel two months ago. >> man they are,ing. >> smart family right there. >> i know. prepared and ready to go. >> good for them. >> good get steve keeley. >> all right. the clock is tick we are just one day away from super bowl l lii. fans are pumped. players are focused. top srendenschek is live in minneapolis i want to know if this guy is bracing the elements outside. oh, you are. , my friend. how does it feel? >> reporter: let me give you one these. let me give you one of these. okay. that's for all of you back in philadelphia at this hour but i got to cry foul the this morning. moratorium in philadelphia on hoodies tomorrow. that's the official gear of bill belicheck. there are actual bets on which hoodie he will wear tomorrow and what color. so no hoodies in philadelphia tomorrow to remind you of bell belicheck. seriously today the work of the work is done for both teams. eagles and patriots it's done.
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walk through at us bank stadium and hopefully some sleep tonight with butterflies mixed in before kick off at 6:30. both teams relatively healthy. nobody is really fully healthy this time of year but there are no injuries report. that won't be a factor tomorrow night. you know, steve was with great fans. great fans already here from philadelphia and the patriots travel well as well so it's going to be allowed u.s. bank stadium tonight. ran into two guys yesterday, joe who was born and raised in camden. george born and raised in man' man'sville, massachusetts right outside foxboro. they both wound up work weiss in easton, pennsylvania, became live lifetime friends. and that friendship rekindled after the afc championship game. >> they won he teched me and said, okay, it's your turn. >> no, i didn't. no, i didn't. >> i think did you. >> i tech him i said you have to come to the super bowl. i didn't say you were going to win. >> see, typical boston fan. >> they're sharing a room here in minneapolis. >> he's on one side of the room and i'm on the other side of the
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room and we put a 50-yard line down the middle of the sitting area. >> although we do have nightcaps in the couch chair. >> we sit on the 50-yard line and have a nightcap. >> so far it's been george that's picked up the bill. >> he's picked up everything so far. >> all right. >> because he's got five super bowls. i have zero. >> he has to pick up everything. >> how often does he remind you of that. >> how about every five minutes. >> they'll even sit on opposite side lines during the game and maybe share a beer afterwards. >> you eagle fans throw beer. >> george -- >> that's what i hear. >> george. just ask minneapolis. that's the story. you throw beer. we don't throw beer in new glenn minnesota people have been very very nice. much nice kerr than the patriots fans. >> you guys throw beer. that's all have i to say. >> we throw beer when outsiders come and start defacing our statues by the art museum. >> a lot of people confuse passion with being nasty. eagles fans are the most passionate fans in the world.
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we're not nasty. there's always a couple bad apples. >> why do you throw beer? >> any way... >> reporter: what he's really saying is whatever. yeah, you love the accent mixed in. he had a right though. eagles fans are passionate. we're misunderstood people and lauren and scott, just to give you a little rubbing right now, few snowflakes starting to fall here. we'll have a nice fresh coating by game time tomorrow morning. >> all right. get back inside. i know you don't want to freeze out there. we appreciate you waking up early for us? i'm loving this. >> because you're team player. you're too much. tom, thank you. and while a parade down broad street still hinges on the out come of super bowl lii, folks in media getting head start on the action. fans are invited to show their support going into the game today eagles pride parade scheduled to start at 2:00 o'clock that will be at state street and will travel from monroe to veterans square ending at the media courthouse.
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>> fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory. fly, eagles, fly score a touchdown one, two, three. >> aw we have. thank you stephanie for that adorable video. eagles fans proving not all the action is happening on the field. keep posting your pictures and your videos use our hash tag fox 29 eagles. and cheering on the birds won't break your bank if you make some wise choices. and it might not be too late to make your pick if you're staying here in philadelphia. the best places in our area to cheer on the birds without spending all your green. ♪ >> i'm sue serio. eek, weekend wendy is surrounded by crocodiles actually it's because of a new exhibit opening today at the academy of natural sciences on the ben franklin parkway.
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it's called crocs, ancient predators in modern world, not shoes and at least they're eagles grown. any way, they have some live reptiles at this exhibit. 3d animations you learn how to speak crorc and how crocs communicate via sight, sound, smell and touch. it opens today and runs through may the sixth.
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eagles! let's go, eagles! let's go, eagles! let's go, eagles! let's go, eagles! let's go, eagles! you can just feel the excitement across the city as we prepare to win the super bowl. go, birds. it's a cold saturday morning out there. look at the temperatures right now. we're talking 19 degrees in philadelphia. ten in millville. 6 degrees currently for mount pocono. but you factor in the whipped it feels even colder. right now mount pocono look at this it feels like 11 degrees below zero. feels like five in pottstown. it feels like 5 degrees currently in wilmington. it feels like 7 degrees in
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philadelphia. so big super bowl weekend. we're talking cold weather for today. ahoy temperature right around 3s for the high temperature as we move toward tomorrow but we're looking at a lot of moisture headed in our direction with that system especially tomorrow afternoon and evening. so it's going to be slip pro. it's going to be sog go, and wet with that rainfall moving in as folks are trying to travel to those super bowl parties. we'll go hour by hour. you can see by ten toward noon looking at the threat of some light snow breaking out toward the pocono mountains the lehigh valley. more around one, 2:00 o'clock that's when most of that rain moves toward philadelphia, also, wilmington, sections of delaware, south jersey, move beyond that into 4:00 o'clock, 5:00 o'clock, 6:00 o'clock, 7:00 p.m. still looking at a soaker across parts of the lehigh and the delaware valleys. by 8:00 o'clock, starting to
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clear north and west. south jersey the shore still looking at some of that rainfall by 10:00 o'clock. 11:00 o'clock it tries to exit the jersey shore. so what to expect. once again mainly snow in the pocono mountains. philadelphia i-95 we're looking at wet snow briefly before it switches over to just all rain and then all rain for sections down the shore south jersey and delaware. how much snow far north and west maybe a coat be to an inch sections of berks county the lehigh valley but then as you move toward, say, carbon and monroe counties we could see several inches of snow. minneapolis it is going to be cold for tailgators tomorrow. look at those temperatures. in the afternoon right around 6 degrees as we move toward king you've outdoors, look at that. 2 degrees but inside the toes tee stadium temperatures will be right around 70 degrees. so that weather authority seven day forecast, we'll show 32 to high temperature for today. 42 degrees as we move toward sunday, and then you can see mid
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30s monday. 40 on tuesday and temperatures by the middle of the week into the mid 40s with another system that will bring rain changing over to a wintry mix early on thursday morning. ♪ fly, eagles, fly on the road to victory, fly, eagles, fly, score a touchdown one, two, three. >> of course betsy ross was a patriot but if she were around today we think she'd be an eagles fan. to show her loyalty to philadelphia the betsy ross has replaced the traditional 13 star flag zone by ross with an eagles flag. way to go on that move. all right. eagles fans show us the good, the bad and sometimes the down right ugly. >> yeah. >> we've seen that, right. >> passionate. passionate he toll us. outsiders call us the loud definite, the toughest and the
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crazy yesterday fans in the league for a reason. so whether you're dressed head to toe in eagles gear or you might be showing off some green face paint, fans know how to make the team feel so loved but the support is not just on game day. celeste whitaker posted this photo to twitter showing a philly style hand cut. one size says philly. the other side says underdog. and then a five-year-old turned unfortunate situation into a way to cheer her team on sabrina has condition known as feral bone disease she just had surgery to help straighten out her legs and she decide deciderred i'm goingg for eagles colors for my cast and she had stickers to go with it. that brings us to this morning's instant reaction poll. how are you keeping the eagles spirit flying high? people doing so many different things, scott. and we've seen it all over social media. here's one thing. [ laughter ] >> underdog mask. >> the underdog mask. >> a couple of people challenged me and said lauren -- >> you're going to dye your hair
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green. >> no. however, diamond -- >> diamond she's a candidate, right. >> i was like, okay, since i can't dye my hair green and i can do anything crazy with tattoos, why not sign me little princess up. >> and she's here. >> diamond is here with gina. where you from. >> clarksboro, new jersey. >> clarksboro, new jersey. so you think you'll be able to take on the task of making her eagles fan? >> i think so. >> i think so. >> she loves you. >> that's good. >> she likes to lick. >> she loves to lick. >> off mobile unit outside. >> yes. >> and you're going to transform her over the next, few, minutes, hours on the show. >> probably about app hour. little over an hour. we'll put some color, we'll try to get it on her ears and her tale. every dog is different. it will depend on their hair type. whatever -- how it will stick it to. just like people we don't use any peroxide or anything to process it just kind of like leave in, wash in kind of. >> perfect. >> we'll put that on her. we'll wash her up put that on. let it sit do you half hour, 20
7:21 am
minutes. wash it out then we'll groom her you. >> we'll check in with you. you ladies head outside. >> you ready. >> diamond, we'll see you soon. peace out. [ laughter ] >> she doesn't know what's coming. >> i know. she has no idea. all right. diamond is going to get groomed and be an eagles fan. check out or lottery numbers and we'll be right back. ♪
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nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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♪ let's get to breaking news coming out of europe right now. authorities are warning people in a city in central italy to stay inside. this coming after a drive by shooting left several people hurt. we've just learned that one of the suspects has been caught. we of course will keep updated as soon as we get more information. now let's talk the flu topping the health watch. 16 kids dead this week alone. staggering numbers from the cdc calling the flu a full blown epidemic. this brings the total number of pediatric new related deaths to 53 for the season. and we aren't even at peak season just yet. centers for disease control and prevention says 48 states including tech text and puerto rico now experiencing a widespread outbreak. doctors say a flu shot is the best defense against the virus and staying hydrated makes it much harder to get sick. and with plenty of people partying for the super bowl, tomorrow you might want to think about a little disease prevention.
7:25 am
you might want to avoid high fiving other fans especially if you see them coughing, maybe even sneezing and whether you're out or at home, try not at all to share any food. >> don't be frayed to say to your guests please don't double dip. >> i would also have the snacks set up most of them are able to be individual portions. >> if you are host ago gathering experts say to wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant. keep a marker handy and label those drinks. that way you don't accidentally pick up someone's drink and take a sip from that cup. that's why it's good, though, to have markers you can write on the glasses. >> then things get silly but there could be science to this. people are taking extreme measures to avoid catchin catche flu some people are turning to what's called the seat sitter to keep the germs away. let me show it to you reusabl re cover goes over top public chairs and it works on airplanes, movie theater as complete cover, scott. the germs are kept away. >> really? >> but it also protects against
7:26 am
peanut and food allergies that will be left over from the last person. i was on plane or train actually over the weekend, and i ate peanut butter crackers maybe i dropped a few crumbs. >> if someone has an leg. >> they touch the seat. >> it seems like an extreme way to do things. i don't know about that. you just attach it to whatever seat. >> you put it on top the seat. >> and take it afterwards. >> with all the germs collected on the seat. [ laughter ] >> i guess. you have to wash it. put a black light to that thing, right. >> like what is on here? >> that's probably gross. >> that's me all the time. candace makes fun of me. but my desk i have it always because i don't know. i just feel like -- >> it dries my hands out though. >> it also says with moisturizers it dries your hands out. >> i'm going to help you though. candace has that picture because she loves to show it and call me out for it. >> alcohol. >> this is how i'll help you. >> okay. >> this is -- it smells good. i know. look at that. >> this is always in my bag.
7:27 am
>> try it see was think. you don't have to do it that way. scott is such a man. follow the directions. tell me what you think. >> it's like eucalyptus, spearmint it. >> says stress relief on it. >> i don't know about all of that. [ laughter ] >> it keeps my hands hydrated. >> okay. i still feel stressed sometimes. >> shaye butter or cocoa butter? >> i don't think this one does. it has eucalyptus. >> moisturize. >> because that stuff does dry you out. >> all right, steve keeley, what's happening at the airport? >> reporter: well, the tsa checkpoint looks like eagles game led out directly into the area where you check in because it's eagles green everywhere you look. it looks like a whole lot of fans are waiting till the day before to leave for the big game up
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they'll be met with over 300 police officers who are going to help try to keep the piece. police commissioner richard ross says while they must keep everyone safe, they also do want fans to have a fantastic time celebratings are of course n a very safe way. welcome back. you're watching good day
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weekend. i'm lauren johnson. scott williams has a check of our philadelphia forecast which is a little bit warmer than minnesota. >> yeah just by a few degrees right now, lauren, but come tomorrow, they're talking single digit high temperatures and for us it looks like some wet snow for the poconos, lehigh valley and also soggy wet mess for philadelphia for super bowl sunday. minneapolis a few flurries. but off to the north and west, moving out of north dakota, that is the snow that will blanket the area later on today with a couple of inches of snow. minneapolis right now 14 degre 14 degrees. the 19 current until philadelphia. look at the suburbs right now. bala cynwyd 15 degrees. doylestown 14. we're looking at 14 new holland. new london right now 12 degrees. south jersey it's cold, too. moorestown 16 degrees. voorhees 15. hammonton checking in at a cold 13 degrees. so 32 degrees. that's it for the high temperature today.
7:32 am
shopping, running errands, it's going to be cold. bundle up. then tomorrow, 42 degrees. grab your rain gear so dry, cold, clouds increase today and then look at all of that moisture moving in our direction lauren for sunday coming up, more on the timing of that soaker. >> all right. scott, thank you so much. if you can make it to minnesota for the big game don't worry. the next hottest destination to watch the game is philadelphia. fans have been flying here for all the fun. steve keeley has another family full of eagles fans. are they headed out or coming in? >> reporter: they're going to disneyworld they're dressed as eagles fans but got the kids and i'm sure little kids would rather be in disneyworld than at a cold football game. but they're showing their eagles colors. as they get ready to leave for disneyworld. even disney sweatshirt. they're disney fans. feign you're to the going to minnesota, you will notice nothing but eagles green in the tsa checkpoint line today. but we did meet whole lots of people with a lot of fans and
7:33 am
here some of what they told us. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles. [ applause ] >> it's i was m we're excited and the boys are ready to go, and we're like, you know, pumped up. >> you're not awake yet. can you believe that you're going to the super bowl? >> no, it's pretty cool that i'm going, yeah. >> all right. what about you, can you believe you're going to the super bowl? >> not really. it's once in a lifetime thing. >> are you guys going to come right home so you can go to the parade and miss school? >> we're missing one day but we're not going to the parade. >> what's going on there? >> they got to go to school. >> there's not going to be school if there's a parade. >> if there's a parade maybe we'll go to the parade. hopefully there's a parade. hopefully we have that option. >> are you in a hurry to get back so you can be part of the parade and the is he abrasion.
7:34 am
>> i don't know we'll go to the parade. maybe we'll go to the parade. he's got to go to go to school. >> you're not going to the parade if -- school if there's a parade. is she crazy. >> you're not going to worry about missing school for parade. geek to the parade instead of school that day. >> he it's good to go at the parade. >> all right. lauren, i have a man for you since you're eligible as one of the sexy singles in philadelphia. that's a good look. this is the look you want lauren on man. no falcons beard. this is eagles green adam kurtz this is a good look. they're letting you on the plain too i asked ahead you don't look too scary. >> thank you. i'm really excited man. iodide my beard on thursday. >> i think when you get to minnesota the people at that airport will know what team you're rooting for. do you think so. >> i'm hoping they won't pour on beer but i guess we'll see. >> look, how tough was it to get your super bowl ticket, your airline ticket and a place to stay? >> it wasn't too bad actually. just kind of reaching tout lot of people.
7:35 am
my dad had booked hotel and airfare months ago. so refundable but as long as you go far enough in advance it work out really well. >> if you see the people from robert craft owns that razor company, right? >> he owns the company where you can probably get a commercial shaving that beard off and have the patriots owner pay for your way back and forth you can make it a toll trip for free and work out plus get something out of the patriots get a little cash out of them. >> i would never do that. i do not like robert craft whatsoever. >> maybe look up the norelco on braun people that's a good look. maybe you don't want to shave it. you have to have the green beard for the parade. >> tuesday and wednesday i'll rock the green beard here in philadelphia and celebrate the parade with the eagles victory. >> have a safe trip. good look. >> that makes me want to grow a beard but i don't know if i could do that but that is a good look. i probably get a girlfriend, too, if i had a green beard like that. >> you don't need a beard to get a girlfriend but you shall try it. why not.
7:36 am
see what happens. >> that is the best look. >> all right. >> he's brave. >> yes. >> if i would dye my hair green, i don't know, everybody is doing whatever they can to be festive. i know we took diamond we took her little eagles shirt off she's getting died right now green. we'll check in and see what she looks like. let's talk about super bowl spending. soaring into the billions so what about balling on budget? the best places in our area to cheer on our eagles without spending up all of your green. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ can you say i love it? ♪ oh love it? ♪ can you say hey? ♪ hey! ♪ that's the spirit! oooooh.♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ wooo wooo ♪ sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.♪ ♪ ooooh oooh. ♪ everything little thing.
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♪ alludes are on the eagles this week bend but let's not forget about our sixers. they got big win against the heat. 103-97. the win snaps a three game losing streak for the sixers. they take on the pacers tonight in indiana. so a lot of eagles fans are traveling up to minnesota for the super bowl but staying home is no reason not to have fun while you watch the eagles play. we have options for you. let's start down in delaware. head to the theater inn at moores entry free of charge the restaurant will have full menu ready come hungry and bring your appetite to the queen which has free admission to want game. the best part, this one is open to all ages both of them start at 5:00 p.m. both are in wilmington. let's head to new jersey our sponsor chickie's and petes the location in glassboro will be showing the game on all of their tv's there including one that
7:40 am
takes up an entire wall. then there's pj whelihan's in medford lakes. you can view the game on more than 40 large tv screens there of course you can't watch the game without food and drinks. they have an offer there for you, scott. what about 52 wings for $52. >> okay. >> come back across the bridge here in pa. hat trick's sports bar and grill in pat hat field applying happy hour prices throughout the entire game. last stop on the super bowl crawl is river rink winter fest. watch the eagles take on the patriots on two huge screens. where you watching the game. >> probably my girlfriend's parents house. >> smart move. >> this game is so important i think a lot of people want more of an intimate setting so they can actually watch. >> that's true and focus on the game. >> that's true. i agree. >> versus kneeing loud spot. >> people are talking and you're distracted and the big huge play, you're like what happened. >> trying to worry about getting your food orders together. but you know, hey. >> that's a smart move. >> are you cooking something?
7:41 am
>> i've had requests for my infamous corn dip but i don't know if i'm going to have time to make it it's kind of involv involved. [ laughter ] >> involved. >> what? [ laughter ] >> what about you? >> what about you? what are you up to. >> it's not snowing, it's not raining. >> what about you. >> home. i'm going watch at home. when the eagles win, we have to start our show early on monday morning. so i'm going to need to be home so i can sleep and then get up and come -- >> tracking down people messing with the grease poles. >> i hope so. crisco they came and delivered cookies this week. >> are you making anything? >> i might do a small little spread. nothing fancy. >> small little spread. something for diamond. >> i need to make her food specialsly since i'm torturing right now to make her get died. super sweethearts making the best of their time in minnesota. you know those two. that's eagles player zach ertz and his famous soccer super star julie right now they have a little phrase they say to each other before each of them have big games. we'll tell was it is coming up.
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wrong. if they don't have credit report, good news. so there you go, parents. another thing to keep you awake at night. but have i four kids but the good news is, just little bit effort you can protect those kids from some creep trying to steal their dent to take that disney vacation. i'm cashing out. ♪ eighths frigid saturday morning. 7:46 right now. look at the current temperatur temperatures. 6 degrees mount pocono. 14 degrees in allentown. 19 now philadelphia. still ten bone chilling right now in millville. you factor in the wind, thankfully it still feels like ten in millville. but physical it feels like 7 degrees much that's how you should dress. layer up. mount pocono it feels like 11 degrees below zero right now. so temperatures hard pressed to make it out of the low 30s. right around freezing for a high temperature today. low 40s for your sunday but we're looking at a wet mess. so that system will be cranking out of the south moving toward
7:47 am
our direction during the day tomorrow with rainfall. much of the afternoon into the evening if you're traveling to super bowl parties the roads are going to be wet. damp, dreary conditions as we go hour by hour, four, five, six, 7:00 o'clock look at all of the rain across parts of the area. it will continue into the early evening time frame. by 8:00 starting to push into the shore points and then it look like it kind of lingers 10:00, this is still toward 11:00 o'clock. so toward the end of the game some locations will likely still be looking at a wet mess. so mainly snow in the poconos. we're looking at mainly rain philadelphia and all rain down the shore. once again it is cold today and sloppy for super bowl sunday. lauren. >> scott, who is counting but we are less than 36 hours away from super bowl lii and it's should come at no surprise the home of the rocky statue is getting in the spirit of the underdog. look at that snow falling there. the philadelphia art museum unveiled a huge go eagles banner
7:48 am
at the front of its building and all this week good day has been on the road in minnesota of course. watch as mike jerick had a little fun at tom brady's expense. >> the thing that we've shown we can overcome anything, and you take the punches but then you give them right back. >> tom? >> that's what it took in last week's game against jacksonville and we gave them back. >> tom? >> i know we're playing against a team in the eagles they're going to give us, upping, their best shot and we got -- tommy? >> and take right back after them. >> tb? >> tb? >> tom? >> to watch this game. you know it's exciting for all of us, but it's going be,. >> i think we're next. [ laughter ] and you may remember this. >> video operator: yo from a week ago much those are happy tears flowing from zach ertz's wife julie when she heard the eagles are headed to the super bowl. she plays for us women's national soccer team. it wasn't until after her win that she found out. the couple reunited in the twin
7:49 am
cities a few days ago. alex holley was able to catch up with julie who gave us the inside scoop on zac ahead of tomorrow's big game. >> so how does it feel because everyone -- you went viral your reaction when you found out we're going to the super bowl. >> you're actual here for the game and get to see it. >> it's really cool. it's so funny. just to -- islanded today. i got to see zac his smile is bigger than it normally is. but again like i'm a wife. i'm a fan here. i'm just here to support him. he asked me to come out as soon as i could so i made sure i can get my work out and everything but i'm here for him and, um, i'm just so proud of him and the team and it's really cool time. >> it is. we love your love. so were you surprised when it went viral. their reaction, oh, my gosh, so cute? >> i am. i didn't know it went viral. i mean, it was late on my time
7:50 am
and then i flew as early as i could on the next flight home. i guess i knew right when sack's mom called me if i watch it one more time i'll have no more tears left in the tear duck. that's what she said. a lot of people sent me messages from friends and that's when i realized that people, um, felt the love. >> do you have any tears left? are you prepared for what's going to happen sunday. >> are there going to be more tears maybe. >> i honest vol no idea. again i didn't really know how i was going reaction. i joked i was going to be bawling in the corner. at the end of game of being exhausexhausted and no one gavet answer of what was going on it was mixed emotions i couldn't help myself. >> do you have guys have any pre-game traditions? do you send him a certain text before he goes out? something that you guys do to get him ready. >> we always face time in the morning before my game or his game. i always write -- he either writes to me or i write to him and we write ball out, babe. >> let's look at the camera and say it.
7:51 am
one, two, three. ball out babe. >> i can't call him babe. that's your babe. >> send a text to him. he gets the message. >> is there anything that you want to say to philly, so many philly fans that wanted to be here the fact you get to be here and be part of the magic. what does it feel like beside the fact it's cold and we're a little numb. what does it feel like to be here. >> this is a huge moment. this is zac's fifth year. philly has felt like home. i'm thankful of the fans i met of my husband and us together. >> fans both of you guys. >> it's pretty unbelievable. what a cool opportunity and i know that they want to win it so bad for the city and, um, you know, i can't think of a city more deserving so fly eagles f fly. i'll be cheering for anyone who can't go and i'll probably won't even have a voice at the end of the game. >> ♪ >> good for her. thanks for that, julie ertz. somehow mike jerick was able to meet justin timberlake. he says he even scored a private interview. i don't know if i believe this, but the immediate meeting apparently was so hilarious we
7:52 am
don't want to mitts. i haven't seen it either. stay with
7:53 am
7:54 am
♪ one large step one giant leap -- >> make shape up left the future of another congressional district up in the air. bob brady will not run again for his seat but our bruce gordon explains it may not be exactly what it seems only in philly.
7:55 am
>> reporter: hi, i'm bruce gordon. today i liked to drop what the kids like to call a truth bomb. spouses, children, cover your ears, brace yourself new york city one in recorded history has ever actually quit their job in order to spend more time with their family. no one. ♪ >> reporter: oh you hear eight lot especially from retiring athletes and politicians. the latest, ten term philadelphia congressman bob brady. just announced he will not seek re-election. his explanation -- >> today i'm just choosing you know family over service. >> reporter: bingo. over a 20-year stretch in washington, brady made himself a reputation as something of a non-factor in major policy debates but as someone who can be counted on to mediate big disputes back home in his announce many brady claimed 14 of his bills have become law. and that he's brought back more than 15 billion bucks worth of bacon to his second congressional district.
7:56 am
and he add his curious padding to less cease assume may the friends and contacts he's made through his work on the house committee on administration. a lot of you people house administration gives out parking passes but guess what? that's a pretty important thing. >> reporter: all righty. like just about every public figure who leaves the stage claiming family first brady's store is bit more complicated. after years and years of election day romps brady's challengers this year were feeling somewhat emboldened that's because of the scandal in which brady's campaign is believed to have paid off a primary challenger to drop out of the race. two of his campaign aids have been criminally charged. though brady himself appears to be in the clear. when pressed by a veteran political reporter on just exa exactly what brady did to earn the scrutiny of federal investigators, he was not exactly forthcoming. >> no. next question. >> what did happen? >> no. i asked i was question and i told you no.
7:57 am
>> brady's departure has democratic challengers clamoring to join the race ton add to the chaos the courts have ordered that all of pennsylvania's congressional boundaries be redrawn. by the way take a look the brady's gerrymandered second district. that's a joke. come on, folk. in short, we don't yet know how many democratic challenges will have i fort brady seat and we don know how many of them may be disqualified for living outside the newly redrawn congressional boundaries. all we know for certain, henceforth members of congress will have to look elsewhere for their parking passes. only in philly. ♪ guys coming up we're live in minneapolis. we are day away from super bowl lii. a big day for the eagles and how about the local guy corey clement from glassboro a win away from a super bowl ring. steve? >> reporter: i talked to his mom who flew into town yesterday, shredder. look, the staff here at the
7:58 am
airport is olea geld out and shredder, there's guy on his way and you probably won't be able to not pick him out of a crowd. he's coming from wilmington shortly after we talk to him this is so exciting, dave! hey gus, meet tucker... .
7:59 am
awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'!
8:00 am
♪ from to the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. >> brace yourself eagles fans. we are only one day away from our chance at a super bowl title plus another busy day at the airport. as eagles fans flock to minneapolis, while others fly into philadelphia to cheer on our birds. and we are live in minnesota as the snowfalls. something tolls keep in mind this weekend if you are driving into the city tomorrow, be careful where you park your car. we'll tell you why. and we've all experienced a case of the mondays. well this next one could be really bad. from school to work to public transportation, how an eagles super bowl win might change it
8:01 am
all. good day everyone it's saturday, february 3rd, 2018. can you imagine win i keep having to say when we win not if we win the super bowl, monday, who do you think is going to work, going school? there's not going to be any productivity in philadelphia on monday. >> call out. >> a lot of call outs, right. >> yeah. a lot of people showing their eagles pride. we had our skyline lit up in green. fans wearing their shirts. we decided to sign diamond up to sport some green. so she's in a little -- look at her ears. >> she's going through the process right now. >> diamond is going green. >> trust the process. >> look at her face. just because i know her well she's so annoyed and so mad right now. she's probably going -- i'm going to pay for this don't you think. >> maybe. >> and like poop and pee in the house. she's going to be so mad. >> july have to match her and die your hair. >> i don't know were to do. if people at home want to do this we'll talk about groomers about save ways for temporary die to make sure that your dogs --
8:02 am
>> she's trying to get away. >> everyone is joining the excitement. >> i know. >> even against their will. [ laughter ] >> all right. scott, we saw snow falling when tom srendenschek last checked n no snow in philly but it's cold. >> it is. we're waking up to temperatures in the teens lauren right now in philadelphia. temperatures in the teens. currently in minneapolis and also they are dealing with light snow so we're dry, quiet here but let's zoom in to the twin cities. looking at some of that light snow right now and you can see places like fargo, dealing with some of that snowfall as well. so that will continue to move toward the twin cities. look at the cold air. we're talking 15, minneapolis. it's 19 degrees currently in philadelphia. so the cold air north and west look at those temperatures doylestown, 13 degrees. we're looking at macungie 13 as we move into south jersey right now voorhees 16 degrees. somers point 17 degrees. so here's the bottom line. >> wahoo! >> 32 for the high temperature today and tomorrow 42 degrees with a mixture of wet snow for
8:03 am
the pocono mountains and just wet weather across the i-95 corridor into south jersey and also delaware so it looks like travel to your super bowl parties is going to be wet and then during the game it's going to be wet and likely after the game, lauren, as we move toward super bowl sunday. >> all right. ♪ >> the clock is ticking one day away from super bowl lii. fans are pumped. the players totally focused and excited. and the snow is falling in minneapolis where tom srendenschek has ventured outside his hotel there to talk to us about football in mini. what's up sled. >> i won -- wouldn't miss the opportunity to do it lauren and scott. little snow falling just adds to the winter wonderland that is minneapolis. eagles and patriots one final walk through today and then kickoff tomorrow at 6:30. you know, this game is a spectacle this is almost a
8:04 am
national holiday tomorrow. it is a game you treasure but consider that some of the greatest players to play the game like barry sanders probably the best running back i've ever seen never played in a super bowl. dan marino maybe the best quarterback i've ever seen went to one super bowl in his second year and then never went again. so if you're a rookie look corey clement from glassboro, new jersey, you treasure, you savior this opportunity to win a ring. our kristen rodgers has more. >> reporter: as corey clem men tries for a super bowl win in his rookie year, he can't help but think about his hometown. >> when i go back to my high school i want to show people that, you know, dreams aren't cliche. um, you know, this is reality. i actually get a chance to live my dream thanks to those guys. um, i didn't have to go to glassboro high school but something put me in that position for a reason. i didn't have to go to wisconsin but something put me there for a reason. i just want to know that i want people to know go wherever you
8:05 am
got to go to get to the point you got want to get. what will that moment be like when he runs out of the tunnel? >> ate i'm pretty sure goose bums will be across my legs, my body just everything. um, just being in the moment i got a chance to watch super bowls so many times on the couch and i actually get chance to run down on either kick our or kick off return. >> it's 60 minutes of football. and corey clemen knows he's ready to bring that vince lombardi trophy back home. >> i believe the dog in us isn't going to allow to us lay down many we're hungry. we want to bring something special back to the plane, and after this game, we don't want to sleep because we'll be too excited. i think corey clement, jay aja them eagles back field will play a huge, can i say huge role in tomorrow's game. you can run on new england patriots. this is going to be shoot out. high scoring game and that eagles back field going to be very very important tomorrow, lauren johnson and corey clement
8:06 am
rookie undrafted rookie out of wisconsin from glassboro could be a very very big part of it. >> i'm sure people will be watching closely with exciteme excitement. shred, thank you so much. and with some eagles fans flying out to minnesota to watch the showdown sunday the next hottest destination to watch the game is right here in philadelphia. many fans are flying into the city to make sure they are here for the fun. that means the airport is a very busy place to be and we sent steve keeley for all the scheme. hi, steve. >> reporter: eye got six delawareans that i'm going to make miss their night possibly and some south jersey representatives as well. >> go birds. >> ed here is the leader of pack and he's -- lauren he doesn't know this do they let through tsa with this mask on, does he look like a danger to people on the flight or not? that was the question. he's all right got the super bowl jersey he's already official. and boy that is a good look. ed i'll ask you a question. you can keep the mack on because
8:07 am
the so and in law said you're more handsome this way. >> oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> so this is a family get together. the son and son-in-law. this is kind of a good memory you'll have for the rest of your lives. >> unbelievable. we're so excited we couldn't sleep last night and we are ready. >> eagles will bring back the trophy. >> by the way i just noticed that's a see beer january muss key. that's not german shepherd. >> yes. it's cold there in minnesota. [ laughter ] >> when you get there get a green marker and make those blue eyes green they're too patriot eyes. son-in-law, father-in-law, that's a rare thing you guys are this tight,. >> for sure. i'm firing my dad and i'm hiring him. my dad turned down the tickets. it's too cold. the stadium is indoors. it's too cold. >> father and son memory you'll have watching you get on the plane to leave. >> i made her dig into her luggage lauren wasn't sean wearing any eagles green. she grabbed his scarf. did anything go into your thoughts of what you were going to dress. >> yes, i have a jersey i have
8:08 am
all my eagles stuff. >> you didn't want to wear it to minnesota you want to hide the fact that you were an eagles fan. >> just want to be comfortable on the plane. >> you're with your brother. my brother and eating my other brother and my husband. >> now, you glanced over the fact i was kind of hinting about your brother. are you, washington do you think of your brother's new look? >> um -- >> suppose to be for it now. >> yeah. it's very festive and we do tell him he had a good shot of getting on tv with green hair. >> you were right on the money there. >> so you said this doesn't wash out it won't leak into the pillow in the hotel room. >> no. no. that's what they tell me. >> this is going to last through the parade and maybe into march. >> i'm not an expert on hair dye but that's what i understand. >> this is the best you've looked in years. did you look in the mirror and go this is more handsome than i've ever been. >> they said it was easier to do because of my gray hair. so it worked. >> all right. by the way lauren he teaches at rowan now. >> wait. >> i work there. >> he works there. >> but if you tell anybody you're essentially technically a
8:09 am
teacher. if you say who could you help me with this. >> any way, what i was getting at before i rudely interrupted by the green haired guy is that that is corey clement's hometown his mom and everybody there's a lot of glassboro pride at least there was until they saw the guy who works in glassboro with the green hair. >> i can confirm or deny that. >> get on your flights before i make you late. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. all right. lauren as you can see we're causing a raucous at the tsa checkpoint but they're letting us. >> you're going to get kick out steve keeley. >> i never expected so many peopling to flying today. i thought people would have gone ahead. it's so cold there who wants to be there for long. >> minnesota cold. >> i know. if the eagles win the super bowl, who will go to work on monday? i have to. i know that. one survey finds 30% of fans who's teams play in the super bowl are no shows for work the next day, scott. if the city has a parade either
8:10 am
tuesday or wednesday, that means it probably won't be a very productive work week for a lot of people. so when can we expect people to be focused again? >> next week. >> maybe next friday i'm thinking, yeah. you got the parade on tuesday. maybe another celebration on wednesday. i think the city will be on a high for a long time. >> besides the fact that a lot of people probably won't be at work monday any way, i think that you'll see some productivity declines in the short term. >> philadelphia eagles! >> so funny. many human resource managers think the time has come to make the day after the super bowl a national holiday safe to say employees are probably okay with that. >> a lot of people probably get in their doctor's notes together. [ laughter ] >> i know. i had friend tell me that her boss is a patriots fan. >> ut-oh. >> and then the wife had a little talk with him. >> yeah. >> next day he came in with eagles cupcakes and changed his tune to everyone. kind of switched it up. >> loss productivity on monday. >> i know. it will be. >> and tuesday and wednesday. >> right.
8:11 am
>> thursday or friday we'll get back into the groove of things. somehow mike met justin timberlake. i don't know how these thing happen. he says he had a private interview. úthe meeting apparently is hilarious. i haven't seen it. you don't want to miss it. speaking of going green, diamond is probably so upset with me. she's getting groomed to show her eagles pride. we'll check in and see how she look. coming up. >> she's mad. ♪ i'm sewer yo eek weekend wendy surrounded by crocodiles actually it's because of a new exhibit opening today at the academy natural sciences on the ben franklin parkway. it's called crocks ancient predators in a modern world. not the shoes. and at least they're eagles green. any way they have some live reptiles at this exhibit 3d animation, you learn thou speak crock and you'll explore how crocodiles communicate with sight, sound, smell and touch all about crocodiles. it opens today and it runs
8:12 am
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make sure you use purel and protect yourself because we, my friends, are getting slammed. take care of yourself. i'm dr. mike, have great weeke weekend. ♪ time now 8:16. it is. 19 degrees in philadelphia. 15 in pottstown. 11 degrees right now in millville but those are the air temperatures take look at the wind chill. seven philadelphia. foles like nine below right now in mount pocono. so high temperatures today, low 30s. low 40s for tomorrow and, yes, a super bowl storm primarily the afternoon and evening we're looking at a lot of heavy rainfall likely half an inch to an inch of rain. so 1:00 o'clock it's starting to move in tomorrow. far north and west mount pocono we'll keep it cold enough for some snowfall but toward the lehigh valley it switches over to all rain we're looking a rain four, five, six, 7:00 o'clock moving toward 8:00, 9:00 o'clock we're still looking at lingering showers toward 10:00 o'clock down the shore. as that system tries to pull
8:17 am
away. so mainly snow in the poconos. several inches there. there could be few early wet snowflakes philadelphia but it switches quickly over to all rain and then all rain down the shore. so just be mindful of that. traveling to your super bowl parties and celebrations afterwards. the roads will be damp and slick. 30 today's. 40s tomorrow. mid 30s on your monday. lauren johnson, how is diamond doing? we'll check in on her outside. >> look, scott. she's freezing. she cannot stop shaking and trembling. but she's getting groomed. thanks to gina and christina. she's wiggler, right. >> absolutely she's a wiggler. >> jean narcotic let's talk about this really quick allot of people sometimes say i want to die my dog since iodide my hair. and we've heard stories where it can be extremely dangerous. talk about the safe way to do it. >> it's not dangerous if you have someone do that knows what they're doing. if you think you're going to go to a store and buy a box of color like clairol and put it on your dog then that has peroxide
8:18 am
and toxic solutions in it. hair dog does not. we put some on her. >> yeah. >> it's vegetable based. >> okay. >> so there's no peroxide. so diamond's hair is really so soft. so what happens is it picked up some of it little bit of coors hair but because there's no chemicals it doesn't process like our hairs do. so we have blow pens which are liquid water based magic marker like the kids play with. we'll tighten up her ears with some green and some more on her tail and there's people that do this for a living so they're the ones that you want to do it. it's not harmful. we don't bleach. there's no chemicals. so this is just going to basi basically wash out when she gets groomed or you give her bath at home or whatnot, it just fades out. i mean if it gets on my hands and stuff i wash my hands a couple times it comes right off. it's not big deal. >> very temporary. >> exactly what it is. it's temporary hair dye and that's what most places you will take your dog would get done.
8:19 am
there's no need to have permanent done on your dog. girls that do competition, they use permanent but it's not the same as people. it is a vegetable based, um, you know, peroxide free stuff like that. it's not harmful. like i said if this got in my fingers and i touched -- it's not going to do anything to me. >> tell me quickly we're out in your mobile union. you're on the road. what's the name of your business. >> call lynn all dogs. >> where do you serve, what areas. >> we serve most of south jers jersey. >> okay. gloucester county, camden county and little bit of salem county. >> big dogs, hill dogs, all dogs good big dogs, little dogs. i have two burmese mountain dogs. your cameraman, we had her in the tub much she's like does that open up for a bigger dog. >> no, i just pick them up from here and put them into the tub. >> it's a pretty big facility in here. >> yeah. we carry, you know, saint we are far's newfinland. i had newfinland yesterday. big dog. >> good luck for the rest of the
8:20 am
groom. i know diamond is a wiggler. she'll look beautiful when we're done. >> let's look at lottery numbers an quick break. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
♪ ♪ ♪ hey, everybody it's bob
8:23 am
kelly. i'm here at saint aloysius in pottstown and the kids want to sink the fight song. you ready, one, two, three, hike it to father. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] fly, eagles fly, on the road to victory, fly, eagles, fly for a touchdown one work, three. hit em low, hit em high, and watch our eagles fly, fly, eagles, fly, on the road to
8:24 am
victory ♪ >> everybody. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! [ cheers and applause ] >> there's one little boy that's like calm down. calm down. [ laughter ] >> like blue ivy. >> to beyonce'. no, no, no. i need everybody to calm down. >> it's hard to be calm right now if you're eagles fan, right the stage is set for the biggest concert of the year according to some people justin timberlake returns for what will be his record third super bowl half time show. are you excited about it? >> getting there. >> okay. because a lot of people are underwhelmed. >> i just janet to maybe come out. >> that's what the surprise is that you want to see, right. >> fans are asking what can we expect when he hits the stage? he didn't reveal much to reporters this week but he did offer insight, scott, on what we should not expect. >> okay. >> from nsync to jay to chris
8:25 am
stapleton to janet and but this year i'm just excited. my band is -- the tennessee kids, i feel like they're my special guests i'm excited this year to -- to rock the stage. >> ut-oh. scott is giving me justin timberlake confessed his love to tom brady. look right there. can you see that? mike jerick, he was the only one shake jt's hand at the end of that press conference there. [ laughter ] >> that's not all. apparently mike and alex were even able to get one-on-one with jt. >> first of all, justin thank you for having us into your hotel. >> my pleasure. by the way, my wife jessica she's from minnesota and she says welcome. >> this is really a nice place. plus i'm so excited to meet you. >> you alex, i would like to rock your body. >> like you did janet? >> the whole world knows you're the half time show again. >> anything special planned.
8:26 am
>> i tell you i'll going to do what oy do best. i can't help myself. i'm bringing sexy back. it never went away. i mean look at this. alex, i don't want to be rude but i can't stop the feeling. >> okay. so it sounds like you have big plans there. let's just get right to it. last time you perform at the super bowl with janet jackson, you got some bad press. so now there's all these rumors going around people want to see janet back again. do you think there's a chance you can bring her back out and maybe you guys reunite on tape? >> you get right to it, alex. that whole thing i tell you cried me a river. i cried me a river. janet, we thought about it, i'll tell was, i like you two. i really like you alex. dance with me. [ laughter ] >> what is wrong with mike. >> i'm speechless. >> i don't know. >> scott goes before the story
8:27 am
aired scott is like did he really talk to justin timberlake? [ laughter ] >> those two creative bunch. they'll be here with us tomorrow for the super bowl show. that will be fun. we can ask mike about that. >> more about that justin timberlake interview. >> hilarious. let's take a quick break. we'll do some weather. and then we're going to taste some super bowl food. >> i'm hungry. i'm not going to taste. i got acute little panel that's coming in to
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> it is going to be a cold saturday. high temperatures only around freezing. then low 40s for super bowl sunday but some wet snow far new york and west and then a cold rain pretty much area wide. so we're watching that energy develop today and then tomorrow watch it just move up the i-95 corridor so we're talking primarily the afternoon and evening when folks are traveling to their super bowl destinations and parties so we'll go hour by hour for sunday. 1:00 p.m., the rainfall it's moving into lancaster. chester county, sections of delaware. north and west still cold enough for some snow in the poconos. but look all of the green 4:00 o'clock, 5:00 o'clock, 6:0u get the idea. we're talking half an inch to an inch of rainfall likely before all is said and done by 10:00 o'clock it's still lingering for sections of the jersey shore. so that's something that we'll have to watch but it look like mainly snow in the poconos. maybe some brief wet snow to all
8:31 am
rain philadelphia and suburbs. all rain down the shore. so as we run the computer model for the snowfall totals, you can see maybe a little over half an inch reading allentown before it washes away to all rain. several inches in the poconos and minneapolis it is going to be cold tomorrow for tailgators. temperatures right around 6 degrees as we move toward kick off time outside 2 degrees. inside the stadium though a toast tow 70 degrees. seven day forecast showing cold today. wet cold for your sunday, and then we dry out on monday as a lot of folks are still going to be celebrating after the birds win. lauren over to you. >> scott, what's a party without footer? we hope that will bring extra luck for the big game. we're putting the super bowl snacks to the test to decide on the ultimate super bowl dish. my friend dave is joining us from landmark americana to talk about the delicious dishes. you prepared some dishes. >> that's right. >> and i gathered the cutest kids in our area. tell me what the dishes are. we'll bring in the kids and
8:32 am
we'll put your food to the test. >> perfect. >> let's start on this end of the table. >> these are all great super bowl and football dishes. they, um, i didn't bring wings because everyone knows wings. >> everyone does wings. >> these are other options we offer at landmark. roasted chicken quesadilla. >> house made guacamole with house made tore little la chips. >> okay. >> house made chicken on our chicken tacos. >> got it. >> hose steak egg rolls. >> got to have cheesesteak in there. >> yes. absolutely. >> this is our mac and cheese. >> classic. >> these are our soft pretzel sticks with cease and spicy mustard and american cheese for dipping. chicken tenders. you did well there's no bones for the chicken. what you don't have here are napkins for children. >> ooh. >> let's come on. come on cute kids. let's come in. how are you? >> come down. keep coming. keep coming.
8:33 am
okay. candy has got her eye on the food. >> come on. >> jewel julian washington school do you go to. >> hamilton. what's your teacher's name? >> um, miss sherman and miss gentry. >> what's your name. >> ariel. >> julian's big sift. we'll taste food, right. >> are you guys ready? >> yeah. >> you ready? >> are you sure? >> yeah. >> i want to you grab whatever you think looks good and start eating. [ laughter ] >> ready, set, go. there's a fork for mac and cheese. what's the verdict, what do you think? good. >> good. we got a good. >> i'll take it. what did you get jewels, mac and cheese in what is it? >> good. >> i get a face. you didn't like that, huh. >> that's a green stuff. >> gab molely. >> was it good. >> are you going to double dip? >> okay. good -- let's see what you got. did you bite it yet?
8:34 am
>> facial expressions are the best with this. >> good or no good? >> you can give me thumbs up or thumbs down. >> use this thumb. thumbs up or thumbs down? >> we got a thumbs up. dave, you're doing good so far. >> winners so far. >> what did you try? >> pretzel. >> how was it? >> um, good. >> good. has anyone dipped it in the sauce yet. >> tr the sauce. i want to see what you think about the sauce. >> go with the white sauce. >> no sauce. >> she's going to too to trite. no sauce. >> what did you try. >> mac and cheese. >> i want you guys to scramble and try something different. move. >> move. >> nobody got into the egg rolls or tacos. >> no one tried anything with sauce on it. >> scared. >> we got oh a trier here for the dipper. >> you come to this side. try something down here. >> hmm. >> hmm. >> hmm. >> what did you get? >> you don't want make and cheese because there are forks in there. >> you're a kid i'm going to tell you to just pick up a pie
8:35 am
piece. who cares? >> got to be careful. she's pulling her sleeves up much get prepared. pick up a little piece and see what you think. >> no. she doesn't want to. we got a taco tester. >> you know you past the test, dave i hear something crunchy. >> the chips. good did you dip it in the guac. >> what's your favorite, guys? >> i think this guy wins it all. [ laughter ] >> look, how much sauce did you get on the end that guy. >> a lot. >> all right. you want to do your eagles chant? >> let's do it. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> thanks scott cutest kids taste testers from new jersey. thanks, guys. >> all right. quick break. ♪
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ ♪ ♪ good morning i'm karen hepp with today's busy ma'am m i have achieve frontier ship officer. how about that claudia williams did i get that right? what is that good morning. >> good morning karen. thanks for having me.
8:39 am
the chief frontier ship officer. it's concept in program i developed based on friendship mentor ship and leadership. the whole idea we're place relationships matter and it's the people win the organization that give any organization a true competitive advantage. so we need to bring the best out of our people by investing in them. >> first of all speaking of penal you have some people in your life your family people. who are they. >> yes. so i have migrate hub steve who's my number one champion and supporter. our two amazing daughters mauer reina and carissa. >> you get called by companies to come in don what? >> we have our problem, can you help us figure out exactly what that problem is. i will go in and i'll do an assessment and help them build a plan to get out of the rut an lot of it involves training and leadership development and coaching. >> what usually is the problem. >> leaders through no fault of their own a lot of times are sort of responsible for what's going on because, you know, often companies take the top salesperson and then make that person the leader of a hundred
8:40 am
other salespeople much it's one thing to be great at what you do. it's another thing to know how to help others be great at what they do. >> i spoke at ted xpsu on this concept and how to bring these principals which are so easy and don't cost anything into an organization. >> people want to reach you companies how do they do that. >> what's the best place to do that. >> go to human zone all of my contact information is on my website. >> thank you very much. >> thank you much that's today's busy mama. hey, hey, hey, think green, dripping green. host a winning super bowl party with creative cocktails next how you can celebrate our eagles with brings made rye here in the
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ "good day philadelphia". thomas drayton with my good friend cam who notice all too well about being an underdog we're so excited to introduce to you furry friends that need a forever home. first up, meet too two-year-old tank. don't let his big name fool you this domestic short hair is sot and sweet and loves to be held he gets along with great with other cats. after surviving homelessness in a hurricane two-year-old madison
8:44 am
is looking for her forever family she's he can treatmently shy and would be ideal for a quiet home with plenty of love to give. if you're looking for an explorer theo is the perfect match. he's extremely curious and loves to wander around. great with kids and gets along with great with on the cats. say hello to joey. this four-year-old red healer has a lots of energy and looking forever family who loves to run, swim and hike she's well trained on many commands and gets along great with kids. have if you'd like to learn more about these and other furry friends available for adoption the brandywine spc would love to hear from you. give them a call or visit they are website at bvspca.according. if you have furry friend he provided home to, we'd love to see your picture. share them with me on facebook, instagram or twitter. >> it's a cold saturday morning
8:45 am
out there. look at the current temperature. 6 degrees that's the air temperature mount poke known the teens pretty much elsewhere. 17 in wilmington. 16 degrees in atlantic city. you factor in the wind it feels like 7 degrees right now in philadelphia. it feels like 5 degrees in allentown. so high today, 32 degrees. 42 degrees for super bowl sund sunday. with wet snow in the pocono mountains and a cold rain for the afternoon and into the evening as we watch that system take shape. we'll go hour by hour for sunday. you can see one, 2:00 o'clock, all of that green that is the rain that will just overtake the area into the afternoon. traveling to those super bowl parties wet roadways, during the game it's raining. aft the game the rainfall lingers down the shore so certainly something that will connell to watch. so mainly snow once again in the poconos. we're looking at a brief period of wet snow rapidly changing over to rain for philadelphia and then all rain at the jersey shore. how much snowfall you can see
8:46 am
several inches likely in the pocono mountain. u.s. bank stadium minneapolis it will be cold tomorrow for tailgators. 6 degrees. by kick off outside of the stadium we're talking temperatures right around 2 degrees with wind chills roll below zero inside the stadium a toasty 70 degrees. so 32 today. 42 degrees tomorrow with that wet mess just keep that in mind if you're traveling to those super bowl parties that the roadways are going to be wet and slick and then we dry out on monday with a-35 degrees. lauren? >> scott, we've been talking about this all morning since diamond is going green. humans not the only fans of our birds. you can leave out our four leg friends. steve keeley live in south philly. he's -- are you at amelia's bark shop, steve? >> reporter: it's amilil's we're here with jackie the own owner. who is this? >> this is the mascot. >> so this is the bark shop
8:47 am
named after her. why is she shaking. >> she is a little nervous about the super bowl. she's not sure how it will go. it will be okay. >> she's shaking like the last guy i under viewed at the airport. >> what is she wearing by the way. >> she's wearing eagles hoodie. >> which you can buy here. >> yes. >> if you still want to get your super bowl mood with your pup, foal free. look we have a little fashion show. this is like the e red carpet. i told jackie who wants to play the role of joan rivers. who is our first model. >> our first model oliver the love pug and he's sporting our sports pajamas and also a bandana. >> they got his legs going in the ba jam mass. look how good oliver is he's got the bandana on roswell. how if you was it to get that four legs in there. >> it was very easy. he's fine with it. >> really is a love pug. >> he definitely is. >> look at that face much that's
8:48 am
awesome. who is our beagle girl. >> this is clementine. she's sporting one much our jersey we sell in the store as well. >> she's the got the front walk down. that's only the front two paw p. >> that one was that easier. >> how does clementine like having a jersey on. >> she loves clothes is is she eagles fan. >> she's a huge eagles fan. >> thank you clementine. all right. our next one there's our biggest model here. this is sly. sly is also wearing hoodie from the store as well eagles hoodie. it's actually his birthday today, too. >> so in south philly and we have somebody named sly with us and under dog the whole rocky theme going that's very good well behaved doing which means you're a good owner. >> thank you. >> how old is sly. >> he's four today. happy birthday big man. hello. hello. so how good -- is he like wearing clothes. >> he does. he doesn't mind it. >> he doesn't mind. >> do dogs like wearing outfits. >> most dogs do.
8:49 am
it makes her feel more comfortable. >> she's less nervous standing on the edge. >> she lives on the edge. >> she trying to get to the treats that you make. >> look. can i -- hello. you're so good. she likes cupcakes. all right. she can handle this? >> yeah. there you go. that's for being -- i know i'm not supposed to give you something sips you were so good. you do what you neither to do there. >> she loves the frosting the most. the best part. >> look at that. that's a nice look. >> what's the frosting made out of. >> the frosting is natural cream cheese frosting we also add spinach for the coloring and the football is made from car rabb which is natural alternative to hack lat for dogs. >> the cake itself. >> coconut behave cupcake. >> so it's green feigen for the pups. >> human could eat these as well. >> it's human greater but it won't take very good we bring food back on the assignment. i'm not going to tell them animal food and watch everybody eat those and laugh. any way let's finish the fashion
8:50 am
show. this is statue to you we can dog. tomb alan is one of our regular customers he comes in every day to get his lamb treats. such good boy. >> allen doesn't have -- he was abused he had a little lupus he's a good boy. our last model saved the adorable ones for the end. thank you alan. good boy. >> who's is this. >> this ollie. ollie think wawa mix. >> ollie liked to tricks as we well. >> do the tricks says spite having the legs in four pajamas. >> he's agile. >> all right. there you go, lauren. i don't know which outfit you like better for diamond but i think diamond -- diamond has two walk in closets of her own. >> right. [ laughter ] >> not quite too two but she's a little spoiled. speaking of her, the princess has returned to the desk. that's before picture of miss diamond. she's usually white hair and she's gray. well now look at his press. she's got some little green on her ears and on her tale.
8:51 am
show gina, look at her shaking off. i put her jersey back on. christina will do a final touch with some leg bowes. >> tell me 86ly gina a lot of people worry. i can believe you're dying your dogs. you say it's safe as long as do you not use peroxide. >> you cannot go to the store and buy a box of color and put on your dog. right now we did like a vegetable based on her. her hair is soft there's no developer it didn't stick as well it tint the it we took below pens and just covered her face and blew it in her ears. when you're home with her it will fade out, wash out. wipe out. >> is it going to get on my couch. >> no, it shouldn't. >> okay. unless she's wet. if she gets a little bit watch. >> it will bleed off. >> it's water based the might bleed a little bit if she's wet. it's for fun. it's not -- this is not -- >> these bows are so cute. >> diamond, turn around. >> do we think diamond will last until super bowl with these cute bows. >> this is for fun. this is not coloring people's hair it's for fun. people that do it professionally
8:52 am
are in different category. they do it differently and it's safe for the dog and not going to hurt them much this is for you for fun so she looks cute. >> she does look cute. all right, diamond. >> you're an official fan now. >> turn around. >> people want to know where they can find you. >> we're on facebook and we are -- calling all doing. no g on the end. >> we're in south jersey and we service like i said gloucester, salem and camden counties. >> all right. diamond you look cute. gina and christina. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thanks from diamond. we appreciate it. you got your gear on. got your dog decorated. now you want to know how you can celebrate with drinks. we have it coming up. ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ we're the eagles, we're not the seagulls. we're the eagles, we're not the seagulls. we're the eagles headed to the bowl, in the end zone kicking field goals, going hard got cleats on our soles, sit nick foles. >> okay. i hear ya. i like that. i like that. so the super bowl is upon us, and while beer might be the go to for many people when it comes time to gather around the tv
8:56 am
tomorrow night, cocktails can be great thing, too to sip on as well. so what better way to cheer on our eagles than with spirits made right here in philadelphia. board room spirits joins us with a few delicious drinks. >> thanks for joining you. >> thanks for having us. how you guys doing. >> we're good. >> you gearing up for the big game. >> countdown is on. what better way to gear up for the big game with memorable drinks that make you the start of party. three cocktails. three drinks that we have here for you today. we'll start off with first one which is search al beer cockta cocktail. >> oh. >> it's made with local craft beers that are amplified with some of our flesh placed vodkas citrus and gingers. mixing it up these vodkas are made with real ingredient no artificial flavors, to perservative, no food coloring or juices or concentrates and located at your fine wine and good spirits stores. i have a lighter beer like a lager or pilsner i'll amplify that with an ounce of citrus
8:57 am
origin injury vodka. >> tell me what amplify means. >> it will give depth and complexion is the. >> okay. >> bring out natural sweetness from that beer. >> i might a weird face. i don't eat and drink on tv and i don't like beer. >> it's amplified. >> exactly. there you go. >> not your thing. >> that's right. we'll move to the next cocktail we call the last pass. >> okay. >> this is a play on the last word which is a classic prohibition era cocktail this cocktail features our board room gin also available at your fine wine and good spirit stores. green chartreuse an herbal liquor that gives it that beautiful eagles green. >> yes. >> some cherry liquor an little bit of lime juice. >> let's try it. >> exactly. >> all right. tell us about the last one quick particularly scott has to do our final weather. >> absolutely last one is the foles fuel. this is a non alcoholic cocktail so it's really a mocktail. >> this is a play on let me non made we brighten it up with cucumbers and mint. >> gotcha. cheers to eagles win.
8:58 am
>> go, birds! cheers to eagles win. >> go, birds! >> wahoo this is so exciting, dave! cheers to eagles win. >> go, birds! hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'!
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alex: coming next, training shelter dogs to become adoptable. plus, restoring coral in the south pacific. and wild animals on the loose. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] [music]


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