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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 6, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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millions to march on thursday. we will layout the route for the big parade. put on your seat belts it could be another bumpy day for the markets the stunning sell off yesterday and what this means for your 401ks. feeling the heat? a crunchy controversy for doritos why the company is being slammed over their new chips for women. too soon? people are all ready questioning hot eagles quarterback should be next year. do we have a quarterback controversy? quarterback controversy. it is straight up 7:00 if you want to meet jen, she's at broad and pattison, and now cameras on the ground there she's getting ready. camera up now. >> that is where she will start, walking to the art
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museum you know the route, broad street, around city hall , parkway, boom, bring out card, letters whatever you want to do. >> i'm looping at sunrise. >> coming over the stadium. >> yeah. >> is it another nine today. >> is it a 10. >> no. >> is it an eight. >> yes. >> ding, ding, ding, ding. >> i had to pick a number, there it is, it is an eight out of 10 today all in green once again is your pal bus stop buddy, nice warm coat you need because temperatures are in the 20's, out there. appropriate for early february , 28 degrees, and a calm wind, and moments away from official sunrise time. watching snow out to the north and west but that is not the main event what we will see tomorrow is quite messy but watch out if you are driving up around pocono mountains, because it is a little slippery this morning. mostly cloudy for us and seasonal high temperature of 42 degrees, our cliche will be
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the calm before tomorrow's storm but we will get tomorrow 's storm out of the way, in time for the parade, on thursday, the forecast for all of that bob kelly is coming right up. >> got you covered, 7:02, live look at schuylkill expressway westbound an accident right here before city line we have it pulled off in the area where penndot trucks usually sit as they get ready to put down that salt but west on the schuylkill jammo from the boulevard out toward belmont. rush hour underway it is a normal morning rush hour, everyone is going to report to work today, we're sluggish yesterday but thinking about maybe taking off thursday or friday, four day weekend, we have to show our face today, cool shot sun bouncing off sky line coming into philadelphia, no problems on the bennie, septa having a rough start this morning one hour delays, on the chestnut hill west, and , some delays on both the trenton and thorndale lines but patco, new jersey transit running with no delays.
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>> at 13 miles broad street is philadelphia's longest straight a way. it runs north to south right through the heart of the city. it just so happens to wind up down by lincoln financial field. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> it may only be 100 feet wide but we will find a way to make room for every one. >> oh, yeah. >> keep trying to figure out who that is, people think it is bradley cooper, i think it is some guy from the south sitting on the stoop. >> it wouldn't. >> but he sounds, from the south. >> mostly sitting on the stoop in south philly. >> yes. >> down south, south philly. >> let's get this mini parade going, we are retracing, we will trace route of the thursday parade with our jen
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fred, broad and pattison. we still have steve out there as well. >> he is at the finish line. >> these two will come together possible hug and a kiss this morning at 10:00 o'clock. they are very close. jen, what is the plan, lay it out for us. >> here's what we want we want people to bring us notes, card s, anything they have for players and tomorrow we will come back to south philadelphia, drop them off at novacare. in just a few minutes we will start, we have one adorable child that is waiting in that car to give us some notes and stuff. >> perfect. >> all right, then she will walk all the way and meet steve, probably 9:45, 10:00 o'clock. >> they are setting the stage there right now. >> hey there, steve. >> reporter: remind me when i put in hazard pay for today. i have a question, now that we have daylight is there an igloo being set up in front of
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the eagles green portable john s. what is that, mike. what is that? >> that is an art installation there are four of them up and down the parkway. they have been there over a month, thanks for noticing. >> that is right because i saw it to the left, tents to the left in front of the other fine piece of work that orange thing i make fun of, that is also allegedly fine art by the way. >> it is. >> i thought it was a construction accident they just never cleaned up. you know, and then the people that run art museum always love when i refer to them which i do every time i am here as art snobs, they wouldn't let rocky statue on top of the top of the stops that is my lewis, influence, yes before we get kicked out. >> you know, they have decided to close that facility because well, i don't know why, i don't think they want rowdy fans up near the art. >> oh, okay. >> reporter: because you know why, yeah because a lot of
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eagles season ticket holders, they clam tore get in the art museum right after the games, all the time, sooo idea by them, because, if they were allowed i'm sure they would tail gate by the rodin knowing eagles fans as i do. >> yes. >> i noticed how they jump on the band wagon with go eagles up on the fine pillars of the museum of art. it is not the art museum it is philadelphia museum of art, by the way, say it properly, please. any way, command during the steps you can see the start of the stage and that will be a lot bigger, come thursday, so we even have a little stage for our photographers here, on the foot of the statue here. whatever i was going to run back there in mr. director, just put up my video, i guess, i have a sound bite, and let's listen to the commissioner ross talking about the parade
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even though i'm going over my allotted time. >> with this one it goes beyond just the size of the crowd but things we always talk about in large gatherings things you have to be prepared for. again this is a totally different environment then the other night. i'm not saying that be in will be drinking but it is early in the morning. or late morning anyway. so, you always try to be ready for things like this. >> reporter: look at this if you are collecting and putting eagles in front pages and frames, terrific artwork from the fabulous cindy wilkinson in the philadelphia daily news , top dogs now, under dogs no more. i sidney watch that he is dog to put that big dogmas being on, billy penn and look what she did what a wonderful editorial cartoon from cindy. she's just terrific. >> i hear people yelling at you. >> they are ready. >> lets get to jen.
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>> we have jen, people are starting to drop off letters. >> jen, you are up, let's start this. >> so you guys made signs yesterday in what school. >> performing arts charter school. >> you made this sign. what do you want eagles players to know. >> that they did great on the super bowl and all my family is really happen that i they won. >> are you going to get to the parade. >> yes. >> i will walk the parade. to jay, saul, congrats on winning super bowl without you we would have lost the game, p s win it next year. there is lots of notes. so tom loudhonor tom beck has all of the notes. we want to you bring us notes, cards and we will drop them off at novacare. you have to go to school buff on thursday. tomorrow may be a weather day. high five forgetting us started. now do get to wear your eagles shirt to school. >> turf take it off. >> i have to take it off.
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>> go eagles. >> do you think i can walk to the art museum. >> yes. >> because we're in philadelphia and i have to wawa. all right, girl friend, i will see you soon. walking.. we will jyo to trip. we're hoping ann, come and alone route we want to see you,. >> get marching. >> business guys stop meerbeen t washington and broad. >> okay. >> office complex going her. >> she looks so lonely. i hope people meet her. >> if you are watching philadelf broad street walk over there, card or not just walk hi to her and wave to the camera. because we will keep this box up throughout a lot of it. >> it is lonely.
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>> poor jen. >> now. >> it is tragic enough, trying to get, for the parade and police have the challenge of identifying who this woman is happening here at the intersection of roosevelt boulevard and large street, 11:00 p.m., last night, lets show you video, that is where this unidentified woman in her 20's was crossing the street, when someone in the inner lane hit her, so hard, her body, flew into the roadway, would the man was unresponsive, and police said that she suffered severe damage to her head, face and body. she was rushed to einstein medical center where doctors declared her dead a short time later, here's what else police said about the deadly crash.
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>> on the scene or both of her sneakers. and, she was hit with such force and both of her sneakers and is there also some damage to the front of the striking vehicle. >> reporter: that vehicle 2009 honda accord, the driver was 22 years old, did stop at the scene. police say, that driver did also not seem to be under influence of anything but the driver did not have a license so we are unsure at this hour what charges the driver could face in this accident. at this point in the investigation police say their priority is simply to identified this woman mike and alex to notify family about this tragedy. >> yeah,. >> it is extensive. >> and, listen to this,.
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>> did you see the 401k yesterday. doug luzader what were the final tallies there did you have. >> that doesn't show the worst part of the w much worse then that. clearly we are looking at majory in the market and they may have more to come today. >> if today was anything like yesterday, we're all in forow je than four and a half percent, because it was largest point drop, ever. wiping out all gains for the year, so far, a loss so big, it didn't quite and. >> it is a hurt. it is what happened. i expect the hurt to keep running for a while. >> reset of sorts because of what most would consider good news, wages are going up, stocks have been on a tear,
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there are fears that everything is overheating, which can lead to inflation, and that the federal reserve will raise interest rates, to try to reign it all in. all of this on a day when a new fed chair jerome powell was sworn in and president trump was talking up the economy. >> what did you see gdp over the next year or two. you will see what happened in our country. people can feel it. >> reporter: all this under scoring risk of taking credit when the markets go up. >> someone should tell trum top stop talking about the markets. it is not a good thing to be touting marketing up because they always correct. from a political standpoint just stick to the economy which is obviously getting better. >> reporter: in a tumultuous market the best advice is to hold steady. >> my advice is to take a deep breath and don't make a mistake of doing something because it will usually be wrong. >> you may have to take a number of deep breaths because regardless of what the market does today, who knows what will happen, we have a potential for a governmental
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shut down, later this week. mike and alex. >> did you hear that add vice? >> just hold off. >> don't do anything because it will be wrong. don't do something. >> i think he said don't your 4k everything is heading down, just ride >> keep breathing. >> yes. i know it is hard sometimes, thanks, doug we will see you tomorrow. >> there was a guy up there, rocking the eagles shirt. >> yes. >> at the bell. >> we more.
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>> we don't like her to walk alone it seemed like a good idea yesterday. we will talk to jen at 10, we will see what she thinks. >> we should talk to her now. how are you feeling, jen. >> we are getting up on gary street. i have my fit bit on because i'm trying to crush my step goal today. >> you'll crush it. >> it is chilly, it will be chilly on thursday, so, at the end of this i will have advice on what all eagles fans should wear when they come out on thursday for the parade. >> that is a good one i did get a message and they were sending, stood in line for dick's but the high is. >> you get the extra, extra large and you put it over the coat, over your layers, okay. >> or just know you have it on inside. >> you know what might be for this what is the key green bay song i walk a loan. >> boulevard of the broken dreams. >> that used to be the
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boulevard of broken dreams but not anymore. not anymore, sue, not anymore. >> true. >> the difference between jen, right now and folks on thursday it will be a little bit more windy, keep that in mind. they have everything. anyway, we've got a look at the snow out to the north and west sneaking out to chester county now, very light snow, maybe a coating on the ground up there but it is not supposed to amount to anything , i keep saying that and future cast does not indicate it, and it is tomorrow, we may make a mess and we will get started at four or 5:00 with nothing, but by six or 7:00 snowing here and raining to the south of us with freezing rain in between, that snow/rain line continues to move northward with warmer air moving in throughout the day, and then we will get to very heavy rain for early afternoon into the evening
7:17 am
rush, so we will start the day with snow, and, and, and and, on wednesday, we are clearing out nicely, and, and, eagles victory parade. early morning temperatures will be in the 20's, by 11:00 a.m. we will have 31 degrees and sunshine but factor in the wind, and it will feel like it is in the 20 's, throughout the afternoon so keep that in mind, probably some layers, a good idea because it will feel completely different whether you are standing in the sun or if you are in the shady spot, so keep that in mind as well. we will warm up over weekend. we have rain saturday into sunday. that is your seven day forecast, yeah, it will be an adventurous couple days, bob kelly. >> yes, one to remember too. 7:17. north on i-95 an accident at 413 in the construction zone they have been seeing dump trucks coming in and out here active northbound i-95 in
7:18 am
levittown. downtown we will go, downtown walking across the ramps to 30th street station. we are seeing sun popping out here as we work up to the airport. crash in media delaware county baltimore pike south bun at orioles avenue, so here is your parade route, you have to pick your spot 11:00 o'clock right here where jen started at broad and pattison 4-mile hike to city hall, wrap around and then go straight up parkway to the steps have the art museum. we will see them setting up barriers, today, tomorrow, and they are also putting up big jumbo trons on the inner drive of the, and, and traffic closed this afternoon. back to you. last week i touted a fact that i do admire tom brady. >> i would say jealous. >> after i did say watching documentary it inspires me. everything about his life is
7:19 am
dedicated to football. what he eats, what he thinks. >> is everything in your life dedicated to this show. >> yes. >> i just want to say i'm not the one laughing. >> getting me off track. >> sorry, i had to ask. >> all right, listen. >> i do admire him but he took a hit as far as his reputation after the game. tom brady walked off the field , so upset about losing that he didn't shake anybody's hands much less the guy who led the team against him nick foles. i think that is an outrage. >> yes. >> he ran off the field. >> nick did say, there was in handshake on the field. >> all right. that was the evidence you saw him running off there. >> went right to the locker
7:20 am
room. >> truly he didn't do that but apparently he did. nick foles, ever the gracious one they said i was looking for him. >> he wanted to shake his hand because he is the greatest of all time, the goat, man, tom brady's greatest of all time. >> the quarterback. >> no where to be found. he was having his hands like this tom, tom, where are you, i want to shake your hand. >> did you dover that, i want to shake your hand. >> eagles. >> you ever at a party they don't see your hand. >> they go in for a hug and you feel who are able because you get for a hand shake. >> this is weird did you notice doritos thing they are making chips for women. >> what? >> why. >> i don't know. why would that taste different weird. lets check with jen? coup the music.
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south broad street, we want to you come out and meet her. wow, what is that. >> people have come to greet her. >> come here, come here, rally towels. >> we're waiting for you, baby >> are you walking i'm walking down broad street with you. >> lets do it. >> we're ready, let's do it, baby. >> keep walking. we will walk with me a little bit. >> i love you guys so much. >> is that nick foles. >> yes. >> yes. >> wow. >> wow. fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. we won the super bowl. >> eagles. >> fly eagles fly, tom brady you are not winning, ha, ha. >> that is right, don't feel
7:25 am
bad for brady. we don't feel bad for brady. >> hit them high, hit them low , he has no where to go. >> so this is like forest gump >> yes. >> bye, guys. >> hi. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> football player running too >> look at the gates ready to get for thursday. great job, jen. >> he said he was bringing people to come walk. thank you. there is more people. >> they are still walking. >> very good. >> go eagles. >> bye, guys. >> he keeps on going, i love it. >> lets get to tracie because i need to find out about this doritos are making chips designed for women what is this all about. >> i didn't think we needed our own chips. >> reporter: i didn't either but apparently that is what doritos is coming out with lady doritos. they will be focused on women,
7:26 am
they will dull the crunch noise, and a lot of people on social media, twitter are saying are this is a sexist move. so, the ceo of the company said they will be coming out, with and design, and we won't leave as much doritos dust on your fingers, but they will still have, you know, i don't know, this is something that they are trying to do, i guess , they think women need it. i don't think so but they want something that, will be focused on women and snacks and this is what they have come up with. >> this is what they have come up with. >> this is what the ceo came up with not necessarily doritos himself. >> well, doritos is a brand under pepsi, so yeah. >> they were tweeting about it >> no, wait. >> yes women and men.
7:27 am
>> i guess they quiet doritos as well. >> they have women in mind, and thinking about this idea. >> is it still a crib fit doesn't crank will when you buy food. >> it is like that. >> where did the term chip originate, why do we call it a potato chip. >> i don't know how you dull the crunch noise of the potato chip, that is like you said like it is. >> let me ask you two ladies, are you bothered by the sound of a crunch. >> no, unless i was smoking it in my ear. >> okay. >> just checking. >> tracie, thank you. >> see you tomorrow. >> i agree it doesn't bother me. bye-bye. >> sometimes the best parties linking your fingers after and getting it all off and it us just the flavor. >> 7:27. are we checking back with jen. >> hi, guys.
7:28 am
>> hi. >> there is a giant septa bus in our way. hold on. good bye. i will go if your skin had a wash tag
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the moment we have all been waiting for, we're still waiting for, when the parade was going to begin and that
7:31 am
vince bombard i trophy carrying down broad street. soon we will see heavy hardware, see confetti, and it is magical moment in philly. we could not wait. we have jen walk ago licensing parade route. >> okay. >> first of all you have a net for the players. >> yes, do i. >> what are you saying to them >> i'm inviting somebody out to my daughter's wedding. >> inviting a special person from the team. >> yes. >> i will get that net to them >> congratulationness advance. >> thank you very much. >> that was beautiful. thank you. >> wait, hold on, watch this, she brought me something. what did you bring me. >> eagles cookies eagles green >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> bye, thank you. >> just here having fun. >> i live a few blocks off porter, and i'm a finding where i'm standing. >> right at broad.
7:32 am
>> that is perfect spot. >> will puppy come. >> this is apollo,. >> even rocky beat a will owe. >> thank you for cookies. >> here's how this will work. hold on, tom, hold on to the note. >> i have a bag in the car. >> oh, yes, yes. >> we are winners. >> i love it. >> now i have to go forward. i have gone backward. thank you for cookies. i will eat them all right around broad and chestnut. >> it is a break you have to take your time going down broad street. you have until 10. >> if you see jen she's off parade route end up at art museum. >> hey, baby. >> watch out for that car behind you. >> get on the sidewalk, get on the sidewalk. >> i know, somebody bring her a backpack she will need that for all of the goodies. she has got a lot of generous
7:33 am
people along the route so far so now she need a eagles backpack. eight out of 10. weather will be nice. beautiful sunrise that will happen, temperatures in the 20 's though make sure kids are dressed warmly enough. you saw how warmly jen was dressed with her hat on and gloves, et cetera, 28 degrees right now with calm winds and that is going to be different then thursday when we will be kind of windy. we have got flurries to the north and west of us this morning and a little bit showing up on radar but not all of that making it to the ground, 42 degrees, high temperature today seasonal for this time of the year, remember radio partner, 101.1 more fm after you get in the car, bob kelly, you know, which radio station to turn too. >> i was checking out lovely glass. >> lots of swag. >> 7:33. westbound schuylkill expressway right here in conshohocken an accident from the blue route ramps to go west on 76. that is causing delays leaving
7:34 am
this city and in bound we have everybody showing up for work today little sluggish yesterday, thinking about a personal day on thursday, so we have to show our face to the boss and make sure he knows we are still here today and tomorrow. live look at the schuylkill inbound 33 miles an hour so we are seeing delays coming around the curve crossing town on the vine expressway, heavy working your way over to 30th stetg in from new jersey a little bit of a delay from 295 in toward walt whitman bridge and accident southbound on the baltimore pike right at orioles after, mike and alex back to you. >> thanks, bob kelly. we have a reinact. of the philly special play. >> philly special. >> where he catches the touchdown pass. we will reinact that. i will be playing the part of nick. >> wait until you see the philly special. >> we did not know nick foles had such great acting ability because it was an academy
7:35 am
award winner. >> knew football players were actors. >> foles was really good. >> that is coming up but first we have to talk about the parade. steve's waiting for jen he will open his arms and accept her good do you think she will run and he will catch her. >> like the giants commercial. >> hi there, steve. >> reporter: aim deciding highest point i i can leap off of, when she arrives, and that new comcast building that crane is looking awful invite to go me right now on top of the new building being built there, i don't know if that is high enough to be far enough away from her. i guess i do have one dis advantage of eagles winning the super bowl. what am i on, the parade. stage set. look at the rocky statue. he is making almost like a touchdown signal with his arms there. so that is why the parade is ending here because this has
7:36 am
been a real life rocky story from the get go, nobody thought this team would do it. of the 3 million expected probably or at the few more than just me are thinking right now, did that really happen. i didn't sleep yesterday. when i woke up today it was first time i woke up since super bowl started, and i was thinking yes, that wasn't a dream, this really happened, and police commissioner ross who got hit in the back of the head with the bottle when he was out working and leading his troops after the game said boy he hopes parade crowd is a lot better behaved then the post game crowd. >> we thought about this years ago and said if the eagles were to ever win, which they did, that this would probably eclipse the phillies by a licensing shot and certainly an expectation that will probably be full filled.
7:37 am
>> reporter: i don't know if this jen fredrick parade idea was yours the way i will come back to you do you see the trees and posts around here i will get little flyers and said post parade party at mike 's with the direction tour apartment, we will call it super bowl eviction party at mike'sy don't know what to say because, it was jen's idea. >> reporter: all right then we will see about that. i will investigate. >> please inn rest gate because it wasn't jen as. >> what are you talking about. >> also we are getting more questions pot parade will they have chairs, i'm sure for fancy foulke but we will find out, there will be a press conference we will hear it live and tell you everything you need to know about the parade. >> did we still have jen? she is still walking. >> i thought so: >> there she is. >> say hi to christian, what is up. >> christian street. >> south philly. >> yes.
7:38 am
>> we are here on broad street his wife is in love with you. >> my wife said hello she loves you, we watch every morning. >> yeah, she told me this morning. >> hi, buddy. >> go eagles. >> how did your screen get broken. >> it broke on broad street celebrating having a great time. >> go eagles. >> eagles, yeah. >> they should shut down broad street now and keep it closed until like march. >> absolutely. it is going to be crazy. >> get eagles, see you after the parade bac
7:39 am
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good morning, problems on i-95, live look at 95 northbound between girard and betsy ross bridge. look at this fella facing sideways here in what is the construction zone, here comes police, fire guys, city background, north i-95 at girard avenue construction zone a hot mess to begin with, just look out if you are leaving center city heading northbound this morning. now schuylkill expressway an accident, it is on the ramps from the blue route to go west on the schuylkill.
7:42 am
slow go on the schuylkill, coming around the curve heading in to downtown this delay here on the vine street expressway trying to get into 30th street station there is a disabled on the ramp. only one lane opened, causing delays through center city. coming in from new jersey north on the freeway we are stacked and pack here on the ac expressway into 295 and a crash in media south on the baltimore pike at oriole avenue. sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds. 7:42. we are watching a little bit of action on ultimate doppler radar and i say a little bit because it is not amounting to anything but there are flurries in berks county and lancaster county this morning and light snow in the poconos but this is a precursor to the big event, that is happening tomorrow and here it is on the
7:43 am
future cast to day we will see a few peaks of sunshine later on in the afternoon, cloud cover this morning. here's tomorrow about 5:00 o'clock cloud rolling in by seven or 8:00 it is snowing around here and then we have a line of freezing rain and rain to the south of that. so then everything moves north throughout the rest of the morning. snow changes over to freezing rain very slippery travel for a while and then it changes to all rain, it stays kind of frozen to the north through early afternoon but then we have heavy rain by noon, or 1:00 moving through the philadelphia area. it stays with us throughout the evening rush hour and finally starting to ease up around eight or 9:00 o'clock in the evening and then off shore by nine or 10:00 o'clock , that is the timing for that. as far as eagles parade is concern the sun's back, we have temperatures in the 20's on thursday morning, it it is if you are getting to your spot early. by 11:00 at broad and pattison it is 31 degrees.
7:44 am
keep in mind with the wind the eeeel like it is in the 20's all afternoon so dress for temperatures in e bring your shade s too because it will be sunny, is there thursday, sunshine for the on friday, 50 on saturday and in the 50's on sunday with a chance of rain, sunshine you wid winter gear plus your sun screen on thursday, guys. >> well, yeah. >> yes. like to act out things on this show and i want you to be part of doe playing a part of the >> okay. >> okay. >> you are playing part of t bes they are calling this thephillyt it is been dubbed, gutsy move commentators called it and it certainly was we will reinact this and we will showcase nick
7:45 am
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we will call this, team, are you ready. >> ready. >> we're ready. >> we will describe the team. >> who is who. >> sorry, gary for where i am
7:48 am
right now. >> g. cobb in the house here. >> this is being called the philly special where nick foles caught a touchdown pass. this is how it was described by commentators. >> play call, by doug pederson this play call has a chance to be remembered as one of the all time greats just going for it, and then one of the all time most gutsy calls. >> it was gutsy. we will reinact this play described how great an actor nick foles is, g. cobb. >> i haven't seen you since super bowl. good to see you. >> i still haven't gotten over this. >> no, it is amazing. the fact that you had the whole team come together the way he played my goodness and brandon graham started looking like okay, oh, no here we go again. >> we don't give him enough props. brandon graham changed that game he knocked that ball out
7:49 am
because it looks like brady was in the rhythm. when he gets on that rhythm, he knock the ball loose and that is when everybody just went, crazy, because you knew, it was in our grasp. >> as a former player what does this mean to a player. >> it just means that you fulfilled what you staed playing the game for. everybody dreams of winning a super bowl. it is reason you get in the game. as a little kid you are dreaming of playing in the super bowl. brandon, all these guys are just crying. >> some of the players were saying this is for all of the players whoeve played as an eagle. >> a lot of guys, they were out there, the guys were crying, the emotion coming out jason kelce when he was a kid they told him you are probably not good enough. stay with your dream. to eventually be standing there in the superrer bowl champion he just let it go.
7:50 am
>> he wasn't even recruited by colleges. >> some guys bloom late,. >> just like yourself. >> you are still blooming. >> lets get into this play. >> the gutsy play. >> and she's tray burton. she will throw the pass. >> what is she tight-event. >> yes. >> we have a couple guards over here, that the league is now calling weather and traffic, they go together. >> you are a guard. >> you are on the line. >> hold on my number fell off. >> mike is nick fels of course >> okay. >> here we go. >> we have enough room for tackles. now, karen who is she playing. >> she's playing corry clement
7:51 am
>> i'm nick squat down jason kelce. there is perspective of the patriots defense this is what they are looking at. so, by the way real quickly here can we bring in dan. he will describe this play. dan come in here. get in between jason. >> do you see dan here. show everybody your tattoo. >> the play we are about to get. >> wow. >> now that is committed. >> look at the shape of the play it is a football shape or a fish. >> it is fresh. >> here's where it all takes place. >> i love it. >> the patriots think that nick foles will get the ball from jason. thinks where acting ability comes in. nick foles comes up, oh, hold on, i will call an and i'll
7:52 am
check off. i will tell me lineman we're changing the play, oh, know, hike the ball. >> touchdown. >> wow. >> trick play. >> dan was so impressed by this play he has the tattoo why was it such a gutsy call. >> they have not practiced it much, going up to the game. >> three times. >> doug pederson has done it all year and i'll admit because twitter history is there i wanted them to kick it >> i was screaming kicking it. i was so happy to be wrong. >> how about agoing job by nick foles i have gotten grief because people tell me i have an illegal formation on my arm they are just salty, it is
7:53 am
okay. >> i have had a lot of illegal formationness my life. >> what did the academy think of nick foles acting job what did you think, oscars? oh, okay. >> i love it, she found an oscar audience from the 20's. it has been that long since the super bowl. good to see you, my man. good luck with your fiance. is she still going to marry you after that. >> ask her. >> she said yes. >> g, do you see your friend, jen fred, she's walking the route. >> that is great, yeah. >> g, don't come tackle me what do you have for me. >> i'm just so happy for this city, the fans, the players, everybody who doubted us, we did it, we're on the matt, super bowl champions, baby. >> you can't go down south broad street without stopping
7:54 am
here. >> good morning. >> you have this for us. >> i love it. go eagles. go eagles. >> i'm so excited, you are the best. >> lets keep going, lets walk i'm not leavi
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
day after the game. >> good to see you good to see you. >> i read a article that says that your hang over is worse the older you get and i believe i'm a perfect example of this. what is wrong. >> it is true and based on science, folks. is there four reasons that as you get older, hangovers get worse. number one is that you just don't have the same system you have when you are 25. when you are drinking alcohol liver metabolizees alcohol and it is done through this anti anti oxidant and that is less
7:58 am
available. so you get drunk quicker and you get more of a chance of a hang over. >> lets see if i can explain this, make sure i get this. you know how you have a filter in your dryer. >> right. >> and it blocks up. >> all of the l int. >> yes. >> and take it out, oh, god scrape that all off. the liver is constantly filtering this chill and it is blocking up. is there anyway to clean it off like a filter. >> well, no, just don't get old but the thing is if you moderate your alcohol in take. that is number one. >> okay. >> number two is as you get older your weight can go up and you become bigger and you can drink more and in the really necessity it and have a hang over. >> okay. >> interesting point. >> you don't really feel that and then other issue is if you lose weight then the more you drink and depending how quickly it is, you can end
7:59 am
having more problems with alcohol. thirdly medications a lot of older folks are on medications if you take medications they can interfere with the absorption of alcohol and then finally because you are older you are wiser, you don't like throwing up, into the porcelain thrown and so you don't drink as much as did you when you were younger and so when you do you are less tolerant and then you have a problem that is basically it to a science, to a t. >> as you mature you should know to drink less. >> know your limit. >> well, one would think. >> one would think. >> but you know what, the eagles won the super bowl. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> do you know what i love about this, it is such a philly story. it is, like david and goliath.
8:00 am
what you have heard that before? all right. well, anyway, whatever. i'm touched. nick foles, i got your jersey, you know why, you are the man, nick. they didn't believe in you, through. >> here, david, take your rock and get home. >> good day it is tuesday, february 6th, 2018, yes, eagles are still chapel beyonds. >> how do you spell champions. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> the of philadelphia is ready for a parade are you? where you can expect to see the eagles doing their victory lab. but whatill you wear in gear for new world champions is flying off the shelves and we are not just talking about shirts, swag to keep you warm and in the eagles spirit.
8:01 am
oh, kevin, kevin hart super bowl behavior explained. >> it is to all of the kid out there i just want to say don't drink. >> his message for fans after trying to push his way on the podium after eagles win. is gisele again wine. tom brady's wife congratulates eagles while consoling her husband but it is what she said about her kid about the defeat that is raising eyebrows and tempers in philadelphia. >> brady was free. >> 8:01. >> yes. >> we have so much to get to here because jen's making her way down broad street. >> up broad street. >> up broad street from south philadelphia to city hall. >> first weather at eight. >> eight out of 10 today, tomorrow is lower number and then backup to nine probably for the eagles parade on thursday but lets get one thing at a time here, first of
8:02 am
all we are nice warm eagles green coat like buddy has on but wear a hat today too temperatures are in the 20's. good news it is not as windy as it was yesterday, 29 degrees feels like 24, we have a little flurry activity to the west of us, a little snow shower, stuff going on in the lehigh valley, this morning, and not adding up to anything. we have 37 degrees by lunchtime and a high of 42 seasonal for this time of the year. see flurry or two today don't be concerned tomorrow that is a messy rush hour we are anticipate willing, so you will be wussy next couple days with all kinds of things with the weather and parade. >> it is coming in the middle here enjoy it while we can. southbound i-95 an accident just south of the commodore barry bridge, three cars piled up so we have a backup from the commodore barry down toward delco on the southbound side. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike side and right here
8:03 am
near fort washington interchange taking out left lane a lot of accidents as everybody is heading back to work today east slow go from conshohocken to downtown, a live look at center city philadelphia off the vine street expressway and backup off bennie into center city, mass transit just minor delays on septa but patco, new jersey transit, looking good with no delays. 13 miles broad street is philadelphia's longest straight away, it runs north to south right through the heart of the city. it just so happens to wind up down by lincoln financial field. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> it may only be 100 feet wide but we will find a way to room for everyone. >> for everyone. >> see you thursday. >> we will see you thursday.
8:04 am
>> i'm pumped every time i see it. >> we are getting ready. >> yes, we are. >> little parade before we start it off. >> before we get into this we have a bone to pick with the national media. there were close to 200,000 people that flooded over broad street and in the northe and every where after the game. we had three arrests, a couple hundred thousand people, three arrests, that is really good. that is good math, right. there was one car turned over, there was a couple windows smashed, some guys fell off poles collapsed roof, that was bit but if you look at the national media it makes me sick there was this one thing that is being seen around the world. it is most disgusting thing i have ever reported in all of the year, yes, vice, philadelphia stand by after super bowl because there is a video of a man dressed in an eagles jersey, eating horse
8:05 am
poop off the street. >> the crowd was cheering. >> he was in the a lone ranger >> eat, eat, eat. >> but that is how we are portrayed. that. and, 200,000 people three arrests. >> i hope did you this when patriots won or any other team wins do you only focus on than that because we are not only team hoff a big crowd out and aboutunning around doing things. >> reason we bring up this, we are being distorted again. we have another shot of this thursday, okay. let's be good citizens as we go to the parade route. we have two reporters, out there steve keeley at the art museum at the end, jen started at broad and pattison and she's making her way towards steve. >> we will start with jen and steve. >> lets see what the graphic says, jen. >> hi guys, okay we are about
8:06 am
at broad and morris. we have mary good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you have for me. >> letters. >> yes. >> you said you will walk with me a little while. >> yes. >> what do you have. >> a letter. >> who is it too. >> all eagles and coaches. >> it says i'm so excited you guys won, so excited for the parade. i hope you had fun. you guys had a good game, fly eagles fly. natalie, super bowl numbe 52. >> what school. >> saint anthony of padua. >> go eagles, go to school. >> okay. >> come on mar, we're still walking, so it has been, oh, wait, amelia didn't like my hat but she is letters. >> i have pompons. >> she made that amelia from south philadelphia. >> i like it. >> cheerleader. >> so sweet. >> like tinkerbell cheering. >> well, i cannot wait for reunion with steve keeley. we work in the same building. they rarely see each other.
8:07 am
>> we rarely see steve here. >> so this will be a nice moment at the art museum about 9:45 when jen shows up to steve. >> reporter: mike, you know what the worse part of eating that horse poop is, i have been birping it up ever since. >> it was you. >> god, your breath smells like... >> tell fredrick when she gets here i'm planting a big french kiss on her. >> okay, poopy pants. >> reporter: we loss all of their viewers, they are puke nothing their breakfast cereals bowls. you mention that had phrase, doctor mike, as you get older you get less tolerant. that is how it business fredrick. as each year passes i'm less tolerant of her, a void trying to go in the building.
8:08 am
anyway, back on the rails, speaking of rails, bob kelly, i have a serious thing, our friends of patco john hanson with the delaware river port authority after they got their problems fixed super bowl week tomorrow an extra schedule that is way to get to the parade and south jersey schedule coming out later today. i recommend that is how i come over here on weekends going into a race or something. smart move, locust street stops, let you out along parade and quick, easy walk to the parkway. we have talk to commissioner ross yesterday who had a rough night after the super bowl. he expects the crowd for parade to be a lot different then the post game crowd. >> you're talking about large crowds but they are primarily stationary where they are. we learned that from the phillies parade. a lot of these folks will not have a lot of options to move, some may try because they have a good stationary spot to see what they want to see. different event all together.
8:09 am
because of the dynamic, i think there there been a lot of families out there and some respects that whim stop the situations. it is earlier in the day. >> reporter: so union stage crews, there are the speakers and there is the stage to our right. you can see the guys in arrive, lots more trucks arriving and bob kelly,use wooden horses anye people take them apart and throw them and start fes lot moe steel barricade being used along theput up. whole lot of stuff. you know when people stop me once a week they remember, remember yesterday i said maybe not a guy's guy but day you for sure for life when like being called a philly guy or not, yoe didn't have a parade for decade before the phillies and they won first game with the rakers. i will have a sixers parade. dot
8:10 am
and everybody remembers that and they fell iure and an officl philadelphian for life, for that and people still remember it to this day. >> i had so much fun. we started at ritz carlton and walked to the wells fargo center. you know that was 17 years ago steve keeley. >> yes. >> people still remember it. >> you could run it today and be faster, they still remember you for doing that and they love you for that. >> i love you for mentioning it again. >> then that ryan l ot ke came along. that was five years ago or whatever. i think i missed this clue watching that super bowl ad that amazon commercial. >> when amazon loses her voice , alexa loses her voice, beautifully shot did you catch this too because there is still 20 cities in line to be amazon's new headquarters, we
8:11 am
will play it for you see if you catch it. eagles player bad lip reading. >> what if my head un-stop right there!
8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it. breaking news out of northeast philadelphia we are looking live from sky fox over what looks like that is a police motorcycle there on its side in the middle of the 8500 block of state road in northeast philadelphia. i'm told that the officer is okay, so that is good news but as you can see here a ton of police highway patrol. correct, state road that is where the police academy is located off of state road and linden avenue, state road, 8500 block so again we are told that the officer is okay so thank we get more information we will bring it to you. lets go live, heading out of delco watch for
8:15 am
an accident just south of the commodore barry bridge, that that is tying traffic up. accident on the new jersey, excuse me pennsylvania turnpike westbound at fort washington, and then there is another crash on the northeast extension southbound between lansdale, and the mid county interchange, sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. don't be surprised to see a flurry or two, today. tomorrow will be a different story. we will zoom in on snow out there in berks county, lehigh valley, that is where we are seeing that activity this morning. it is not supposed to last. we will see some sunshine today, tomorrow early in the morning right in the thick of rush hour we will start with snow on our future cast around
8:16 am
seven or 8:00 o'clock. then that rain/snow line moves to the north and rain throughout the rest of the day but stays frozen, slippery up in the poconos and lehigh valley, tricky travel for whatever reason because this rain will be heavier at times to have ponding on the roadways so just a mess for wednesday which is why we are not having the parade on wednesday. out of here by wednesday evening at 8:00 and then we have sunshine in store for thursday, and it will be cold, because that is a cold front coming through but it will be dry, and that is a good thing so make sure you layer it up for parade on thursday bring your shades as well with bright sunshine and milder temperatures over weekend with another cold front and rain, on sun take. >> lets check with jen walking parade's route thursday parade route. >> i'm getting messages of people coming out to meet you. oh are, you have someone. >> people are coming to meet me, good morning.
8:17 am
you say you walk this all the time. >> yes. >> are you told just yet. >> no, nice and warm. >> i got my mink on, nice and warm. >> hi, do you want me to say hi to him. >> good morning. >> how are you doing. >> eagles. yes. >> don't run me over, is what up south philly. so you are saying it will be 17 degrees on thursday. >> yes. >> but you will be okay. >> i will be warm. >> i got my mink on. >> yes. >> i'm cool. >> you are still good, mary. >> yes. >> people have been bringing us snacks. we love you but we don't need anymore snacks because i was in minnesota last week and everything there was fried. hurry, stop, stop, come here. what do you have. >> who is that for the eagles.
8:18 am
>> i love them more than anything. >> go eagles. >> it is a family show, it is a family show. >> everybody has a crazy family. >> i love it. >> thank you, baby. >> i have the same problem in minnesota everything they have there is fried and it has cheese in it. >> right, but they call it cheese kurd. >> so nothing fits so maybe by end of the parade. >> they have juicy lucy. >> did you have one of them. >> oh, come on. >> another year, another classic nfl bad lip reading video, i love these. >> this one features quite a few of your champion the eagles. >> people saying stuff and then they insert fake things that are funny. >> yes. >> got it zero times.
8:19 am
decorate. >> stay in the game. >> decorate. >> decorate. >> yes. >> he lost his wheels. >> why do you keep falling asleep. >> i was up playing this video game all night and i haven't slept much and i have like half of my brain. >> brady's the best. >> i have confidence in in my nogin. >> this is so exciting isn't it. >> go teamy love that play, that game. well, this may not have been exactly the way justin had planned it why his original plan for the super bowl half time show and prince tribute would have been even more controversial then it is now halapoulivaati owe gram- related. >> yes. >> but first i believe sketch hart back in philadelphia, if you every watching come on by.
8:20 am
>> we'd love to see you. >> kevin's super bowl behavior has been explained now from his own mouth, we will play that for
8:21 am
♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayol dlars.
8:22 am
what about baby's soap? way to test things this paper represents proteins in your baby's skin. only baby dove with our 1/4 moisturizing cream, ... ...leaves baby skin more nourished... ...with every bath.
8:23 am
can you see me? let's see it. what is that? wow. >> wow. >> what? >> what is this. >> it is not the stanley cup. >> wait a minute. >> this is a vince lombardi trophy used the field when they need to have something stand in, they use this, it has been here for nfl draft and it was also here for a couple other events taking place in philadelphia since you are doing this walk all by yourself, all the way to the art museum i thought it was only fitting to give you the trophy to carry for a couple blocks. >> for a couple blocks.
8:24 am
>> will you walk with me. >> this is amazing wow. >> yeah. >> eagles, baby. >> let's walk, do you want to see it up close. >> wow. >> this is so cool. >> i'm being careful. you hold the mike. >> do you think it is a left-handed baby. >> she's crossing washington right there. >> very cool. >> remember we saw it at the draft. >> yes. >> our super bowl show we had it on. >> you just can't touch it, because fingerprints get on it >> do you remember the crowds on on the park way and look at the season we had. >> it is like they knew. >> then there was super bowl,
8:25 am
and then celebration after the super bowl on the field where they give trophy to the owner and kevin hart tried to get on the stage. most stupid things he has ever done in his life. >> this is after eagles won. trying to get to the stage and security guard says no. >> is it size of the security guard or kevin hhart. >> yeah. >> i would say, bad choice. >> i know who you are, you just can't go up there. >> he went with nfl network fletcher cox giving an interview, and kevin hart let one slip. >> he dropped f bomb. >> all right, you gotta go. >> dion took him off the stage >> dion sanders in prime time. >> nicely done. >> so now kevin hart has apologized on instagram, sort of. >> well, sort of. >> it is to all of the kids out there i just want to say don't drink. when alcohol is in your system
8:26 am
do you dumb stuff. me trying to go on stage with the trophy, definitely in the top two most stupid things i have ever done but who cares, the eagles won the super bowl. my wife was first one to say don't go up there i said me, no, honey, chill out, i got to be up there with my city how did that work out. >> it didn't work out good. >> love the comment. >> how did that work out for you. >> everyone talking about it, i was getting text about it, saying what happened. >> yesterday, he didn't do work he shouldn't have been on the stage. >> just excited. >> question is at the parade can he be, sometimes family members and other people. >> we hear he is back in town. he posted something on instagram. he has become close with his family, he has a brain tumor and helping out the family but he did put out a tweet last night apologizing for the
8:27 am
apology, what you don't want to do. you need to sober up before you apologize for being drunk, right. >> yes. >> maybe just wanted to hurry up, get it out. >> get it done. >> did you see what was just rolled in the studio here. we have so much super super bowl merchandise we have to show you this. i like that hat. >> my favorite. >> we will tell you where to get that stuff and we will tell how that man is. he needs no introduction after the break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
her kid that is raising eyebrows,. jen's walk ago long that
8:31 am
parade route. >> here's what i have to say, do you remember i was walking by myself this will be at stephen singer from four to 6:00. you have something for me. what do you have. >> my granddaughter. >> yes. >> and it wouldn't be a part of it without monte g and. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> so, sue, how about that. >> so cute. >> i have been using you to supplement bus stop budd think morning, jen because of how bundled up you are, it is in the 20's this morning. you can see she has hood and hat on and the gloves, and the scarves, all of it what you need to morning with the temperatures in the 20's. cloudy out there. twenty-nine in the city but it feels like 24, not too much wind, and a little bit of flurry activity mostly to the north and west of us, so keep
8:32 am
an eye out for that. tomorrow though as we know will be the messy day, today, seasonal, with a high temperature of 42 degrees. so, bob kelly, dry today, yuck y tomorrow. >> yeah. >> yucky mess here this morning 8:32 updating breaking news, a live look at state road off of ashburner where a police officer on his motorcycle hit by another vehicle i'm told. the officer is okay. the vehicle that struck him on his cycle did stop. right new we are looking at an investigation right in front of the police academy up there in northeast philadelphia at state road between ashburner and linden avenue. pennsy turnpike westbound an accident at fort washington moved off to the shoulder. another crash south on the extension approaching mid county. we have super bowl parade so we need some super bowl gear to wear. >> that is why we love having our sponsor modells, we love our sponsors but modells is perfect for right now.
8:33 am
>> um-hmm. >> thank you. >> we have mitchell modells, the owner of modells sporting good. >> how are you doing. >> good to see you. >> what a fantastic celebration. >> you have been around a while. >> are you saying i'm old. >> anything like this. >> unbelievable. >> after 2008 celebration with the phillies, there is nothing like eagles fans. we were in our stores with our executive team my two boys since 5:00 in the morning. people chanting with the eagles, high fiveing, it was bedlam in the stores. >> things selling out or how fast are people grabbing stuff >> we have trucks coming in from fedex every 10 minutes, great shipments coming in today, tomorrow, locker room hat will be hitting our stores fire thing this morning, hooded sweat shirts. >> this is my favorite because i like how what do you call this part the lid. >> yes. >> how it has changes colors. >> oh, yeah. >> and then right there, baby. >> this is $40 and if you don't want to spend a lot of
8:34 am
money and get this one for $22 >> lets start at end of the table left to right here. >> this is parade t-shirt that everybody is buying. we have plenty of goods this will be $28. we have hooded sweat shirt $55 ship. coming in today and tomorrow. >> are they coming every 10 minutes. >> we have fedex, the guys, and, dunkin' donuts, coffee, everything. this is women's for 45 and mens for 55. >> yes. >> pennant is 4.99 everyone grabbing them for the parade, we have shot glasses. >> that is also for parade. >> everyone. >> and doing the commercial break. you have the front logo with the stadium and then on the back it says super bowl and has a emblem lli. >> unbelievable. >> we have blankets for $35. it will be cold on thursday, everyone has blankets. >> yes. >> and then they have the ridge t-shirt for $28, that is incredible. >> i like that one. >> in your face, baby. >> yes. >> is there a flag behind us
8:35 am
do you sell that. >> those they're .99 dollars. everyone wants a piece of history. >> it is incredible. >> there is wind blowing. >> we are seeing a lot on hot air. >> all of our storesser stocking merchandise, hats copping in today and tomorrow, hottest item we have shipments coming today and tomorrow. >> you say hottest item is the hat. >> people want, it is cold out there. so true. >> it says super bowl champions. >> with the logo, incredible. >> now minute so the a got one of those hats but it just says super bowl 52. >> women's merchandise, getting in today all of the memorabilia, you know, plaques and all of the pictures, frames, land yards, just incredible. >> how many modells are within driving distance. >> we have 28 stores in the new jersey and philadelphia area. >> gotcha, rich. >> we have 400 people because
8:36 am
our senior vp of operations had 400 mow dell associate from the other states helping out. >> in 102nd give it. >> started by my grand grandfather. i'm fourth been racial. i have two boys, max and matthew that are fifth generation. >> related to art how. >> was my second cousin. he was my father's first cousin. my father, father we're brothers good to see you, mitch. >> doing a great job. >> thanks for coming in. >> go eagles. >> you will sleep. >> i haven't slept. >> since don't know when. >> maybe after thursday maybe not until after then. >> did wye miss a clue during one of the commercials at super bowl how amazon's super bowl ad may contain a hint about the location of their second headquarters. >> i hope it is philly. second headquarters. >> i hope it is philly. >> no, they didn't
8:37 am
this is so exciting, dave! second headquarters. >> i hope it is philly. hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'!
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
oh, my god, get back in, it is cold. >> get some phone numbers. i mean get some picks tours. >> yes. >> somebody gave her a boa, that is cool. >> i was fascinated, you know, i love alexa, and sorry for setting off your alexa. super bowl ad. >> where she lost her voice. >> cute idea. >> i noticed cardi-b was in there. more on that in a second. apparently there was a clue where they will move the second headquarters, including philadelphia, i will play it, see if you catch it. >> in austin it is 60 degrease >> alexa. >> now, i thought they were just picking out a city, to
8:41 am
give the temperature. >> people were like why not any other city? maybe because austin is on the list they finalized to it 20 cities now. austin still on that list. they are thinking maybe amazon 's way they like austin and maybe it will be in austin >> we will find out soon enough. weren't they go to go make that decision, before spring? >> they said they were. >> this was part of the commercial i was fascinated about, i love cardi-b and love that outfit that she has on. a philly designer made that coat and we have met her before. we brought her back. >> yes, we will see her again, this time we want her to do an eagles version or something so you can wear it during the parade. >> wouldn't that be cool because she's famous for these big letters. >> yes. >> eagles. >> yes. >> eagles. >> yes. >> wear that to the parade. >> speaking of the parade yes, press conference in about 20 minutes or so we will carry it live to get all of the information you need about the parade. >> people want to know where
8:42 am
they can park? can you get to the linc, wells fargo center and walk down to broad street. >> then people asking are there ticket for certain things, where, do i sit, place with seats. >> this could be a licensing press conference in about 20. >> jen what do you got now. >> we are loving people. this is my friend drew on the other side of that building, go eagles, people, go eagles. >> eagles. >> that is right. >> eagles all day. >> they are dressing me like a
8:43 am
8:44 am
this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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awesome, and more snow falling,. >> it is not really adding up to much. it is happening. cold enough for that as well. zoom in closer, lehigh valley, get something very light snow, flying around north and west of the city, big event, it is tomorrow, with a pretty strong
8:46 am
system coming through starting at 6:00 in the morning, even 5:00 o'clock, we will start with snow, and hour or so, not adding up, to anything, and, and, and, and and, and, and, evening rush, and, and, and, that is the storm, it is snow to a mix to rain and then 45 degrees, that is our high temperature tomorrow. thirty-four for the parade on thursday, plenty of sunshine, and then it w
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