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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  February 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> come in front of the class. this is a note. >> watch out, lil deaf is coming your way new venture for philadelphia native kevin hart, "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. followed by little bobby and little sue. stay tuned. tgif, great to have you here on this friday. >> thanks for waking up. that looks funny, doesn't that look good. >> good morning, gang, good morning, sue, some nice weather for today. >> seasonal weather day seasonal temperatures, calm nothing to get in your way until the weekend. >> yes. >> but we're only talking about rain over the weekend and nothing frozen. it is an eight out of 10, it will be decent, it is national pizza day, that is something to celebrate, flyers won last night, that is a good thing temperatures and wind chills in the teens and 20's so we are off to a cold start with buddy, 24 degrees in the city, at the moment, and, when we
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get started at 7:01. 15 degrees in mount pocono. twenty in lancaster. nineteen in millville, 20 in trenton with your 24 in the city and we're still cleaning up that confetti, 40 degrees our high with some sunshine and sunset time, 5:30 on the dot, bob kelly. >> 5:30 on the dot, suei'm over here, live lot the vine street expressway at 20th street off the parkway one of the many shots that we were using yesterday with the parade and, of course, all of the on and off ramps closed yesterday, thorough all opened for business this morning. clean up, well, that is a different story. steve has details from the parkway in a moment but no problems getting in or out of the city. you don't to have walk over the benny like they did yesterday, you can drive-in today, in problems at all, a cool shaft of the sky line everybody has the green lights all lit up, even psfc signs still looking green. no problems at all on the
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northeast extension but keep this mind this weekend and beginning next week they will start that new construction, new phase, between quakertown, all the way up through allentown, so look out, going to the poconos this weekend, in problems at all here on 422 , and then over the weekend and beginning of next week they will shuffle westbound lanes over to that newly constructed stretch of the roadway there some so that is something new on monday morning. regular services returning to all of the septa, patco and new jersey trains after the big parade, yesterday, back over to you. without any further delay, let's welcome your super bowl champion philadelphia eagles. >> and the crowd goes wild we are still basking in the glow of that amazing victory, the celebrations, everybody out
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there how about the players coming down walking with us, tossing beers, we had a fun, wonderful, amazing day yesterday, all the way up from the stadiums, broad, the parkway, to the art museum. it was just, epic, all the way around. >> it took 35 for me for this to happen. >> reporter: how happy are you >> i'm on cloud nine. i'm on cloud 52, super bowl lii. >> look at that one super bowl lii, cloud 52. look at how many people. we think it was millions. we will see what the official is estimate they will have a news conference to go over it all at 11:00 o'clock. of course, now that historic day come and gone so now we have to do cleaning up. it is day after, a fabulous party that we had and we have a big mess out there, as we know, steve, street sweepers coming along or anything just yet. >> reporter: story that will warm your hearts on this winter day, stuck in the pile here we are in front of the
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franklin institute now, and look at this industrial, leaf blower, thinks all i need to clean my yard up 20 times faster look at how big that is , why is this not working bob kelly. i know you will be the first to ask me that? this broke down in the middle of the night. they were working until 9:30. you see nice neat piles here. do you see that gentlemen down here. he is home lessee lives in this park. he is pedro. he has been working, cleaning up all night. he is not making money, he doesn't want to be interviewed i asked if he need money he says, he says, he says i i say do you anything. he said i need many things but ski for nothing. he is doing this for free. he is doing this as a favor to this guy hoe was talking to try to help this guy fix the engine on his tractor trailer. he is picking this up, just to beautify his city and he
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figure the faster he gets this all cleaned up, the faster his home will be back to normal. that is a terrific person. he is a nice guy. i don't know how he ended up homeless but he is working hard to clean up the city and he is only one to answer your question, with this long answer who is working right now that we have seen, so far in our third live shot, who is cleaning up. you can see, he has everything swept into nice piles. someone left him trash bags. he has five bags filled to the left beyond this tree here by the curve, so the trash when they come back to pick them up , he puts them closest to the curb with the putting them in the street. i see little piles of bottles and cans all over he has piled up and he takes a bag to them and he has a little sweeper, a little pick up thing and hopefully he doesn't get cut. so what a terrific human being he is. if you have in the kindness of your heart and convince him tea a gift from you go ahead and try, because i could not
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give him anything, he didn't want anything in return, and nobody would see him out here and he doesn't want anything. new we will try to walk 150- yard back to our truck because here is my favorite shot of the day, karen, just retweeted this picture. as we go back on the parkway, back to the circle right in front of the basilica as i try to catch my breath with my man jared tries to avoid being hit here we go, i call this the beer can bush because crowd went all the way dunn here and they put all of their beer cans on this bush here, with the city hall clock tower. so is there you're conn i can image from the day after the champions parade here, and eagles fans championship beer can bush here in center city philadelphia, guys. >> thanks, steve keeley.
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you always complain about the high art out there and now you have art you can appreciate, very decorative, fabulous, and that moment you showed with us that man cleaning up, it is complete good day, it is just something you say thank you, i would never expect to see something like that on a friday and you have done it once again. 5:07. we are all in the celebration mode right now right after big super bowl win the players said this is for you, philadelphia here's some of that celebration, kristin rodgers. >> i stand here today looking out here i think y'all are more crazy. truly the best fans in the world and you make it a joy, pleasure to play with you. >> yo, philly, i heard about y'all being lit but y'all know how to party. >> to all of the fans out there that have supported us, i love each and everyone of you. you all know that philly is my
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home, philly is world champs today. i love y'all. >> reporter: philadelphia is city of brotherly love so fit being that the eagles centered on a brotherhood this super bowl season. >> we know we have been through some ups, downs and we could have easily gave it away , gave up on each other but we didn't, and we stayed together and that is that brotherly love we talk about, in philadelphia, and we stayed together and we made it happen , 2018 world champions, baby, let's do it. >> we love you right back. so while we're still celebrating at this hour the big win and victory parade congress is burning midnight oil trying to end the governmental shut down. lets get out to jenny joyce live, with the story there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas, so during government shut downs it is not only parks like this at valley forge that are closed but all non-essential governmental operations, the dmv, we have
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national museums, also those are closed as well. we are in the governmental shut down right now. it may be brief but we don't know for sure. senate voted to pass two year spending plan so now up to the house to vote on the bill which is expect to be done this morning. the spending plan includes overdue federal aid to states affected by recent hurricanes, texas, florida, puerto rico and it extending health care provisions and several small scale tax breaks while the big budget bill gives a boost in funding it add hundreds of billions of dollars to the nation's trip beyond plus deficit which is why kentucky senator rand paul says he spoke out last night, holding up that bill which led to the shut down. >> we have 700 page bill that no one has read that was printed at midnight, in one will read this bill, nothing will be reformed, the waste will continue and government will keep dishing your money irresponsiblessably and add to go a 20-dollar debt.
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>> reporter: it is unclear if the house will pass the budget , house speaker nancy pelosi has been asking speaker paul ryan to promise immigration measure to protect dreamers, similar promise was made in the senate which help get the bill passed, and we will see, karen and thomas. >> we will see about that, thanks, jenny. people this weekend, will have plans to go to the convention center because tattoo convention is in town this weekend. how about that. twentieth straight year, show runs through sunday at the convention center, so here's the thing people get their super bowl lii tattoos, chris lock's getting the face of his coach right there on his arm, as well, so 22 bucks for a day pass, $45 for all three. >> a lot of people will be showing off their eagles pride of course, season is over but the phillies just getting started here. it is truck day which means the teams equipment getting all packed up and sent down to clearwater, florida for spring to training. they will start loading the truck this morning at 8:00.
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it should leave right around 11. phillies pitchers and catchers have their first official work out next week on valentines day. >> i can't wait to see this next story. is there a catastrophe apparently involving a pretty unusual comfort animal. >> boy, boy, it involves a hamster. this women you where to see, spirit airlines and lets just say it involves a toilet we are flushing it out. >> i see what you did there. a child just wanted to get a toy so what does he do, he climbs inside the scene, and, hey, bob kelly. and, good morning, everybody, 4:22. good morning, a new ramp close another coming our way for the gang rolling in from collegeville and royersford lets get to wilmington as we look live i'm coming your way on monday morning, we will go live all morning long i'll tell you spot, sue has your weekend forecast when we come
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take a good look that is karen's son. >> it could. >> be a boy from florida had to be rescued from a claw machine he wanted a stuffed animal so bad so he climbed inside, there was an off-duty fire fighter just walking by saw little boy chilling in the machine. he had to call for emergency help. his name is mason. he was chilling for about five minutes until he was rescued, stopped crying, went back, had dinner with his family. by the way restaurant gave him four stuffed animals. >> that is so nice, it has got to be dramatic to get stuck and learned his lesson. 5:15. it is a friday. >> lets check the weekend forecast, sue. >> how many dollars dit take to get him out. >> i know, i will try one more
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time. >> yes. >> we've got some snow out to the west, do not be alarmed that is not coming our way, mostly moving by to the north and east, another system coming our way over the weekend and by that time milder air will be here. so, it is not going to be ice but just rain but quite the deluge on sunday. couple flurries may clip poconos mountains but that is bit, mostly cloudy skies throughout the day, not until evening we will start to see on our computer models some rain popping up but could get a shower or two earlier in the day, tomorrow and then heavier stuff moving in at 7:00 in the morning on sunday, it still here at 9:00 a.m. and even in the afternoon we will see scattered showers and heavy downpours and it is not gone by evening, nope, by have or seven clocks it is still raining and by 11:00 o'clock. this will be a lot of rain and it is all happening on sunday. planning my pajamas day right
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now. anyway 20 degrees in wildwood. fourteen in mount pocono. twenty in lancaster. twenty-four in philadelphia we have calm wind, so wind chill isn't that much different then the actual temperature but it is a cold one out there so make sure you have enough on and kids do at the bus stop. our average high is 42. we felt like the 20's all day long. that didn't bother anybody at part radioed. all that humanity smashed together kept everybody warm. fifty-two tomorrow with the shower chances specially in the evening, and heavy downpours, sunday did with a high of 57. chillier on monday. maybe snow shower or two on tuesday morning and by valentines day we're up to 55 degrees. might get a shower, we might not. >> all that rain could have been snow. >> that is right. >> it would have been a lot of snow.
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>> 5:17. good friday morning, we just got a get out of bed and get through today to get weekend going here. broad and pattison where it all went down yesterday, there is sky line in the back gun a lot of clean up still underway along the sidewalks and of course here in center sit a long broad street and art museum, ben franklin parkway but roads are opened. there are no closures left from yesterday, good to go, no detours, looking good on the ben franklin. you can drive across, you don't to have walk across like thousands of people did yesterday to and from the parade, coming from new jersey , quiet here on the freeway but again we will see a morning rush hour, you know everyone has got to head to work so you don't get blamed for having too much to drink yesterday at the parade or taking off, just like when we were a kid you had to get to school on friday to be allowed to go out and play have fun over weekend. regular weekday service back to normal on septa regional rails, patco and new jersey transit looking good and west trent than line will be using
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shuttle buses between west trenton station and woodbourne station and then on monday, get ready, they will be closing the ramps to route 422 to route 23 in conshohocken. see the blinking signs beginning today through the weekend, asking folks to use first avenue. so some changes coming our way after the weekend, karen and thomas, back over to you. well, final bell rang yesterday, quite startling because dow jones suffered a huge drop going down more than a thousand points again yesterday, the second more than 1,000-point drop in just a week, it is below 24,000, 23,000 territory right now, officials correction territory when a market drops more than 10 percent from a recent high, experts always say don't panic , don't worry, leave your money alone, stay the course and just keep riding it out. 5:20. following your top headlines this morning over in lehigh
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county allentown married he had pawlowski's former campaign aid takes the stand in his corruption trial. she told jurors that pawlowski owed no loyalty to a lawyer who didn't donate to his election fun. pawlowski rigged city contracts in favor have the law firms and business that is gave him money for campaigns. defense denies any connection between city work and contributions, pawlowski by the way will testify at his own trial. police need your help to find a couple of super bowl ticket thieves, here are some surveillance footage of the guys. they are going in the parking garage in fishtown two weeks ago and what they ended up doggies stealing super bowl tickets out of the woman's car it happened on the night of january 26th on delaware avenue, pretty clear footage of the guys right there they took two tickets, a pair of michael kors boost, louie vuitton purse, social security card and 150 bucks. police are looking for three guys who damaged and property from the timberland
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clothing store in center city. it happened early monday morning after the super bowl victory. guys kick in the front grass, they got in and then then crawled through that space, they getaway with a the who of stuff, almost $6,000 worth of clothes, how about that. so, if you have any information, call police. spirit airlines is finding itself in the middle of the controversy after forcing a young woman to flush her hamster down a tile let. twenty-one year-old woman says that spirit airlines officials they force heard to flush her emotional support hamster pebbles down a toilet. it happened back in november. she checked with spirit before buying a plane ticket and they said it was okay to bring it but bwi airport she was told animal was not allowed when an employee told her to flush it down a toilet. now spirit denies that claim, but admits she was mistakenly told over the phone that the hamster would be allowed on the flight.
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>> did she do it. >> she flushed it. >> no. >> wait? who would do that. >> she had no other way to get home so she did what she had to do. >> she loved hamster emotional support hamster. >> i can't believe if it was your support, that is like years of therapy. >> she says it is tough. >> she can get another hamster >> it is traumatic. >> 5:22. it is nothing you thought you needed. >> we're talking about the bl ing mack when we come back.
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sparking controversy cot is offering a new membership for kids. teens between 13 and 17 can join for free this summer. they will be required to go to a weight watchers meeting lex with the parent or guardian as part of the new plan to help 10 million children adopt healthier habits. there are critics, concerned that this encouraging teens to count calories which they say could be dangerous. a new beer catering to millennials, miller coors is launching a fruit flavored beer based honorary search that shows people in their 20
5:26 am
's they favor wine, spirits instead of beer. >> maybe that would hurt the kid as well, the company is hoping that the variety and afford built will interest younger people, beer will be available for six packs in five bucks. we will see what happened. >> do you remember zima? still need to pick up a valentines day gift? this is kind of amazing, mcdonald's is releasing a 18 carroll gold ring called the b ling mack, one of a kind, seven tears, and they make to it look like a burger apparently. it is worth about $13,000, how do you get it? you have to be the lucky winner of an on line contest for valentines day. >> ring in the shape of a big mac. >> it is kind of interesting. >> yeah. >> if you got that on valentines day. >> 13,000 doll ars. >> all right, okay.
5:27 am
>> nobody can have that, it it is pretty cool you can have a big mac because you can't after anything else after that we are looking live, we are about to take you live to capitol hill there is a budget battle. we know government shut down at midnight but is there back and forth over a 300 million-dollar spending deal, these are new spending issues, that they are trying to hammer out here and fit is worth to it keep the going going for two years you see live vote right there. >> numbers changing, all right >> awesome dream i never thought would i see [narrator] look around.
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the soup ever bowl 52 champion philadelphia eagles. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. it was music tour ears, good morning, it is a friday. >> what a powerful moment, great to have you with us 5:30 thomas, karen, bob, sue. >> everybody went home yesterday and took a major
5:31 am
power nap. >> they might still be sleeping. >> i agree with that. >> well, good news, the weekend is almost here we will have good napping weather for you here. anyway we will talk about how much rain we will get coming up but in the meantime a dry, tranquil day to day with an eight out of 10 and it is national pizza day, so many people like to have their pizza friday nights anyway so lets do it. we have a cold start to the day, bus stop buddy is bundled up celebrating a flyers win last night too we have other sports teams that are still playing 24 degrees is our current temperature, checking other temperatures around the region 18 in reading, 20 in trenton, 19 in millville and pocono mountains it is a temperature of 14 degrees. we will end up at 40, 42 degrees, some sunshine but increasing cloud, seasonal day with sunset at 5:30. 101.1 more fm is our radio partner and bob kelly ace here
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to tell fuss anybody is on the road or they are all still sleep. >> you have to take the day off yesterday whether it was a official personal day or sick day but you have to show up to day in order to validate you are okay to get out and play this weekend. remember this? sick today you are not going out this weekend. live look at the schuylkill expressway sky line lit up in green, boat house row still got green lights on and we still got eagles fever, no problems at all into or out of the city, ben franklin bridge looking g you can drive, you don't to have walk over this morning, psfs sign still with the green letters coming in from new jersey. no problems or delays, at the moment, working your way out of south jersey, it is cold so bundle up, all of the mass transit system september, patco, new jersey transit returning to a regular weekday schedule this morning and then this weekend septa will be using buses on the west trenton line between the west trenton and the woodbourne station, but otherwise, we're looking good to start your friday morning, karen and thomas back to you.
5:33 am
>> thanks, bob. so yesterday eagles fans packed the parkway for history it was ate beautiful sight, another area look there. looking down on the ground literally not so beautiful. steve keeley joining us at the parkway this morning, hey there, steve. >> reporter: we don't want to rain on the eagles parade, it wasn't all good news because we met store clerk and owner here who said he had a similar experience as that sunoco a plus store did on broad street the night of the championship. you can see left over crime scene tape here and trash in these planters. this isn't even the parade route but we left, this way yesterday, returning back to the station and there was lots of clouds leaving the parkway area and walking toward ben franklin bridge and satisfied crowd came in there first, they smash the door, owner got hurt, had to get some stitches , got his hand cut at the hospital and you can see, quite a mess. they got their door fixed and not all good news sadly but
5:34 am
these are things that happen when you have a massive crowd and police cannot be every where all the time but police were directing traffic yesterday. he said everything is okay. he is not complaining. not trying to put surveillance video out to the public right now or at least not just yet but he may have second thoughts later. again right across from the pennsylvania convention center far off the route, far out of the way, where police were keeping an equal eye on everything at broad and race and a very busy store, and sadly, he doesn't have a good memory of the eagles post super bowl parade but hopefully everything is back in business for him, so is there just other side we thought we would tell you as he gets his planters fixed and cleaned as well hopefully real soon. it is a mess, far away from where the party was. >> all right, steve, thank you 5:34. i do think we might have some breaking news we have one of the stars of the entire parade
5:35 am
of the day, yesterday is joining us here. >> you know, you can never, ever. >> you are under dogs, you are top dogs, good morning, philadelphia. >> that is why they put us at 4:00 a.m. >> we will look into this. >> i need breakfast. >> we need another five mini motional heart wrenching speech. >> i'm done. >> i think it is that. we love. that jason kelce, avalon string band, so how he got that. >> first of all, everyone was talking about what he was wearing, the mummers there but the speech itself we will have that later coming up on good day with that crazy nut there mike. that is coming up in a moment. lets look the a the tweets that the players were sending out there beau allen, amazing, psa: please toss beers as we drive by. boy, did you ever. you know how we are, we had
5:36 am
beers at the ready shooting them up on the team bus and they were scooping them up. >> they weren't the only won, check this out, going viral a fan tossed a beer toward head coach doug pederson, one hand, bam, he caught it, very impressive. doesn't miss a beat. >> this from the city of philadelphia a heartfelt message for the eagles, from its fans and it says thanks for removing the word never from our vocabulary. >> that is the truth. >> much more on this. lets look at a developing story right now in washington d.c., this is live, down there at our nation's capitol they have been voting and it has passed, so what does that all mean? we have jenny joyce and one of our federal parks certainly valley forge park, most historic and famous, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the government had been shut down for five and a half hours so we are getting breaking news that the house did pass
5:37 am
this multi billion dollar spending bill, we did know that after midnight at some point is when the senate voted to pass the bill. it was held up, by senator rand paul. that is what initially caused the government shut down. he was upset with spending too much money. i know a big hang up for democrats, of course, getting a bill to protect the dreamers , so, all of those bills promised to the democrats future bills to come , to work on immigration policy but for now we do know that the house just passed this bill. so the government should be back in operation, karen and thomas. >> we will hammer out details still more to come, thank you. officials say new security measures are coming to lehigh valley international airport, lehigh valley is report ago this all electronic
5:38 am
s larger then a cell phone will be now placed, will be placed now in individual bins for x-ray screening. the change will take place in the coming week here. policy had previously applied to lap top computers and change will not affect those with tsa precheck. talk about a wild night during last night's finally of the four did you get a chance to watch it despite all of the celebrations? a winner was crown. >> we will have details who would take it all home, we will show you. 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers. coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. kicking it live and direct here at the fountain.
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i'm christian rodgers. eagles super bowl parade was a sight to sianni jason kelce impassioned speech with something you had to hear. kelce specifically named each of his teammates who had been doubted, standing next to the lombardi trophy shows everyone why they shouldn't have been. >> hungry dogs run faster. we have to eat. bottom line is we wanted it more, all of the players, all of the coaches, jeffery lurie, everybody, they wanted it more >> super bowl dream has started, espn, eagles quarterback coach john de philipo is heading to minnesota to be offensive coordinator for vikings. lets go to wells fargo center, flyers/canadian philly up three-two. shayne gostisbehere shoots, they lose track of the puck travis konecny scores, flyers
5:42 am
win this 15-three. that is sports in a minute i'm kristin rodgers. all right, thank you. fans came to the rescue of one eagles yesterday. >> but not before posing, faux that picture right there, using his phone
5:43 am
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5:45 am
we have mena say what in her fabulous green. >> i do from the parade yesterday. >> it was amazing. >> all good things must come to an end, parade over now and the four right here on fox is a finally. >> i watched every week i love the show. do diddy, khalid, we had an un expect winner but winner was crowned last night after six episodes. >> here we go. >> fox's hit singing show the four battled for stardom. >> caroline has the winner. >> head to head competitions. >> ♪ >> beautiful voice.
5:46 am
>> she sound as macing. >> she day rendition of proud mary tina turner with a oh, oh and dancers, she is a performer. >> why were you surprised. >> because there was a 15 year-old girl, that i loved and she was there from the very beginning and she did in the come into the competition until couple weeks ago. she had been there from the beginning, she has a great voice i like her style and i thought she would win it but i just think that she was more of a performer then she was and she hit a home run with both of his performances yesterday and that is why she one. >> she's 16. >> yes. >> she has time to develop. >> bright future ahead of her. >> let's talk about kevin hart but now there is a littler, kevin hair. >> now we know yes was celebrating at the super bowl and trying to sneak on the stage. he has been green lit his pilot had been pick up, he will have a animated series coming to fox called little ke
5:47 am
v baseball 12 year-old animated version of kevin growing upright here in north philadelphia. i'm excited about this. i grew up watching everybody hates chris so this reminds me of everybody hates chris. then i found out one of the writers on the animated series actually work on everybody hates chris and simpson's, other writer was a writer on the simpson. >> it will get on sunday night >> yes. >> dion coal. >> yes. >> yes. >> parks casino if you want to check him out. >> his family will be involved , the mom, brother, can't wait to hear, wand a sykes as kevin hart's mom, it will be amazing. >> we will see you. >> thank you keep rock ago this green. >> lets check the road and transit. >> mena say what just saw her out and about, good morning, 5:47, live look at schuylkill expressway. everything is open, on and off ramps everything ready for friday morning rush hour after
5:48 am
the parade, still cleaning up the sidewalks and grass area of the parkway that will take a little while but coming into downtown no problems, bennie looking good there volume popping here in south jersey as we have to head to work after the big parade yesterday in order to get a ticket to go out over weekend. accident at beachwood avenue at fitzwater town road. as far as mass transit we are good to go septa, patco, new jersey transit all running with a week day schedule what are you doing monday morning? join me live from delaware's grain craft bar and kitchen. we are broadcasting live all morning long from four to 10. which the kid to the school, yourself on the way to work, delaware, your turn for town take overs and sue has your forecast in 15 seconds.
5:49 am
we are expect another day without precipitation thanks to high pressure about to move off shore, but we have a mess heading our way in time for weekend but there will be mild air moving in just in time for the weekend so things will be getting messier but not in the way that they usually do during the month of february meaning there is no snow in the forecast because of the milder temperatures ahead, there is snow out in cleveland , out in michigan, out around chicago, most of that today, is going to move to our north and west and we don't expect anything but included cover today. maybe a few flurries in the mountains but that is bit. here we are tomorrow it looks like for most of the day it will be cloudy and then rain moving in the evening very heavy rain coming in on sunday on and off throughout entire day on sunday and throughout
5:50 am
the night and when all said and done we may end up on sunday evening, with about 3 inches of rain, from wilmington and trenton, two and a half inches of rain. not only rain but lots of it on the way for sunday. we are in the teens and 20's we will head to a high of 40, pretty seasonal and temperatures on saturday and sunday we will chill out on monday back to the 50's by valentines day, guys, back to you. ♪ >> so that is the side by side we will tell you what that is will smith joined instagram a couple months ago with millions of followers. he said i'm proud have my say jade even he had hundred million spotify streams for his new song icon so he wanted to do what all proud fathers do make a parody of the video.
5:51 am
>> j diddy i'm proud of you, 100 million streams, congratulations. congrats, i love you. >> how cute is that. >> jade even tweeted back i love to you his dad as well. in the caption when will sent it out he said delicious gift to a parent to admire his children keep doing you, so pretty darn cute right there nice moment. >> time for jade even to do a classic. >> that within great. >> in west philadelphia been and raised. we are coming back in 90 seconds do you want in for a good run
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5:54 am
welcome back boy, did we feel that heat it was so much fun. our eagles just reveling in that victory parade they had as much fun as we d lets look at the tweet from his some of the guys out there in the moment. carson tweeting out epic. that parade was epic. absolutely unbelievable support and passion from the entire city of philadelphia can't thank y'all enough. chris long loves him in that outfit tweeting i have never seen a city so full of love as of today, a couple million
5:55 am
people outside and all love, no tension, deserved a championship. torey smith giving props to the men and women there who were along the route, thank you for your support shout out to the bus driver, police, security that wasn't the easier job in the world but we felt safe with you. and then walk ago long buses thanking fans, walking the route. brandon graham saying he was so thankful to bring trophy home to philly and to have that experience and, and having fun, people throwing beers, and sidney generals, he loses his phone in the middle of all that action he was having so much fun with the fans and falls out of his back pocket. those fans found it, they opened it, high hijack it, instagram posted a picture in these word guess who dropped their phone at the parade. we will return it. of course, they did, jones tweeted back a big thank you, awesome. certainly one to remember, and so many of us cheering from the streets but what was
5:56 am
it like can you imagine to be on that bus with the players? well, we have an eagles insid er here to give us the scoop. plus, how eagles fans recreated this iconic world war two photo, at the parade yesterday, and they had never met, great story we will have more.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
center of the football universe, let me hear you bark a little bit. >> hey, we want to break a world record we want the loudest. >> dogs have their day. >> we are basking in the after glow of a magical season with memories to last a lifetime and now the party's over. we got to clean up this mess. strangers get creative how eagles fans recreated this iconic world war two photo at yesterday's super bowl parade. >> hold on though are we opened for business? lawmakers rushed to pass a budget overnight but not before the deadline, what does that mean?
6:00 am
are we broke? he is still talking. >> good day everybody. it is, tgif. >> tgif. >> thank goodness it is friday >> are you fried. >> i'm fried. >> all of the festivities what a celebration but man, this will be a long workday today. >> it it is. >> you mean it is friday. >> was it worth it. >> so worth it. so worth it. >> sue. >> did you keep the confetti. >> kelce, jason you forget your hat. >> finally everybody left probably had serious hat head as well, you guys did a marvelous job. did you do a marathon and it was great, great to watch. we have an eight out of 10 today and it is, yeah, we still got eagles fever and it is nio


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