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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:28pm EST

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♪ >> a horrific tragedy, a gunman opens fire at a florida high school. >> i was sitting right behind the cabinet and the bullet passed my ear. got girl next to me. >> students fearing for their lives. parents in panic. a true nightmare coming to life. >> it's just a horrible day for us. >> now the investigation into why this happened. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. that florida school still a crime scene right now. you're looking live pictures as investigators continue to work throughout the night where the bodies of victims remain. they still have not identified everyone. 17 people killed. many more injured. in what is the nation's deadliest school shooting since sandy hook in 2012. unimaginable tragedy. i'm iain page. parents holding their kids tighter tonight and many asking
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the question right now why does this keep happening? here's what we know as of now. police have identified the gunman 19-year-old nikolaus cruz many authorities say he first opened fire just before school was let out. he then walk into the building and pulled the fire alarm before shooting a dozen students and adults two the ohs were killed outside. one died on the street. two more died at the hospital. officers caught up witness nina old suspect about an hour after he left the scene. fox 29's chris o'connell is on top of all this breaking news and joins us live in our operations center tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, an act act of pure evil that is how florida's governor is describing today's mass shooting in broward county. now one of the deadliest school shootings ever. >> no parent should ever have to send their kids to school and have them not return. went from the third floor to the second floor. third to the second floor. he may have a gas mask on now. >> reporter: it was near
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dismissal time when the gunshots start outside of marjorie stoneman douglas high school. >> there's a lot of blood. people were dead in the halls. report roar students first thought it was valentine's day balloons popping. >> saddened to say 17 people lost their lives. >> reporter: chaos lasting for two hours. students and teachers frantically unrunning from their school. others locked down in classroo classrooms. after hearing gunshots in the halls. >> shooter shot through the door, poked in. shot aou i was sitting right behind a cabinet and theul the alleged gunman identified as 19-year-old formernt nikolaus cruz. police say he walked into the school wearing a gas mask. ar15d multiple magazines o ammunition. >> we were in pe and we were on the field we heard the gunshotse tennis courts then we went to the locker room. awe half to three hours.
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>> reporter: tonight the fbi along with state and local police will night investigators say cruz had warning signs with a fascination with guns and knives. >> we've a to dissect his websites and the things on social media he was o to mind are very very disturbi disturbing. >> reporter: 15 other remain in south florida hospitals tonight. some of them in critical conditioy will be working that crime scene throughout the night. right now are not saying what may have motivated this shooting. . more than details right now coming out about the shooter. the broward county sheriff scott israel says he's a former studenty expelled for disciplinary reasons. and social media shows that guns and did he helping resistance groups playing a huge role in events like this one now
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the world frightening moments through the eyes of those students in real time. by a student hiding inside one of the classrooms. the ect swat team stormed in. students raising their hands. you can see one person are actug just heartbreaking to watch. this veo shows students taking cover inside the school auditorium poo get down while trying to get them out safely and right are sn scared.ts try to find their lining i gist have that image -- the sound of the like i just hear it constantly. >> never imagine it very scary. i mean i've heard my son's voicn tell you my stomach is turning there. my stomach is absolutely turnine chaos parents frantic some
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students texting their familiesr many hours go by and silence. fox' in parkland, florida y students and parents are still meeting shoot. >> reporter: there was a lot of emotion here at this marriott he where students and parents were still being reunited maning. >> she was in touch a lot. yeah, thank you for letting me know. >> yeah.was reunited with her 15-year-old daughter lea she didn't want to let herbout home schooling. i'm thinking about becoming religiou letting her leave my site and .ow much i love her and -- >> i'm going to take her hole and hold her and love her. high as students and parents reunited at this marriott in ma. they recalled what happened colleen her
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ninth grade daughter during the shooting. >> she said she heard a bunch of gunshots screaming but -- she heard them banking down momm scared, i'm scared. i said keal calm listenthey're . >> there were a lot of hugs and holding hands as students and childrenak sense of the violence they saw. >> you f like -- you don't expect this. someone could come in and bring in a gun and shoot up the school. until you realize it, just likey like i love you because you never know if you get shotlled . >> reporter: that young man just 17 years night, parents and students have been meeting here but it's also served as place for we've seen police chaplains and the red cross here to helparklax news. >> this is the 18th soo u.s. th. it is february 14th.
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president trump tweeting, my prd condolences to the families of the victims of the the terrible florida shooting. nyone else should ever feel unsafe in an so how do police keep kids safe? our dave schratwieser join us live tonig darby. dave? >> reporter: iain, 15,000 students go to schrby each day. each year they go through lock down and shooter drills in their school. tonight police superintendent michael shooting shows once again you can never be too prepare. shooting unfolded in parkland, florida, parents of school children in our like kayla moore took a deep breath. >> it's just awful. it'sery sad and you just never know. >> it's a mass murder. >> few hours after the school pe superintendent michael chitwood told fox 29 activels are practiy
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public and private school in the township eachool lock down, acte shooter. there's alarm alarm. each school is trained byh respt the teacher should do. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood says his constantly train for in school shooting situations like the. cars are equipped with high powered weapons and blueprints year we go in to every school unannounced and lock down drill. >> kayla moore's nine-year-old daughter l local private school where they do drills to prepare. she's glad students, teachersrae shooter scenarios. >> we always have to be prepared for situationsowhen the going to ham. you know it could be your child, my child. >> you must must get the actor. you must get the person who's in the schools attempting to hurt ch chitwood says as the number of school shootings
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go up each year training inn densifies but he says the the ss officers. >> we just go right through and get. >> reporter: now police say they review every d be made, the made. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you sl many questions unanswered as investigators continue to learn more. fox 29 of course is following this story all night. stay more information. let's turn to your weather now. live look at wilmington,rough our area right now. meeorologist scott williams here with how much rain you >> hi there, iain on this fifty two valentine's night looking at light rain a tenth an inch by tomorrow morning. as we zoom in, you can see, del, wilmington, new castle county and stretch jersey. so over the next several hours, we're looking at that of here by
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early tomorrow morning. look at the seven day forecast and, yes, say it ain't snow for the upcoming weekend the timingf that snow and how could accumulate. iain. >> snow. thank you scott. the u hitting our area har. how -- now hospitals are in need of one thing a. heads up flying debris on the highway and it comes crashing through a woman's windshield. somehow she manages to drive herself to a hospital. ♪ this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits.
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we contiannued, florida, police are still scowering through evidence inside a high crime seen tonight governor rick scott of florida calling today's tragedypure evis say 19-year-old nikolaus cruz opened fireing 17 innocent lives. right now the community coming .ogether praying for the >> i can't imagine what the fami there wondering if they've will of the a family member. they don't know yet. thosehe a family member i just can't imagine how they're lives have been for each of those. everybody in the hospital i pray
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for their. >> no parent should ever have to send their to school and have them not return. >> the school will stay clo wk d florida's attorney general says the state will pay for victims and counseling for the survivo survivors. we are following every update on around the clock just head to our website at after national tragedies like this there's often a need for blood. unfortunately, the american red crosscr sitical shortage. the problem, the flu and the blood supply is low and getting, donations are even lower than normal. shuth jersey blood drive and now live in haddon township with more. leon, 800 pints of blood a day is what a local spokesperson for the red co meet demand. but supplies are down nationwi nationwide. maryann is donating blood through an american red cross ae
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department in haddon township. and she's done it b. it's painless. you can save a life. >> reporter: she's one of a few dozen people who the drive m 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. the red cross says donations ar. so many people are affected by it and can't donate so the low. >> you think if you're contagious you don't want to pass germs on t ee. >> reporter: i talk to a spokesperson for the redompassew jersey and southeastern pennsylvania she told me over the phone that they've donationt month in the area. shes fected people's ability to get out and donate, too, snifict factor. >> just been a lot of people very sick oveast two months. >> reporter: donald richards is a ten year firefighter and emt department. >> we see so many accidents in our job, need to have blood available for
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everybody, and if emergency rooms are going to have problems. >> r give blood we're helping make it easier for you just check out oureb to help you find a blood drive near you. iain? >> shawnette, good advice. thank philadelphia police are looking for two men who damaged a firehouse in fairmount. they were caught on camera just before 2:00 monday morning at s. police say an employee at engine 13 herd a loud noise and some glass breaking. turns out one of the men flew a brick through the window. the damage estimated to be a thousand dollars. if you've got any information or know who they are call police. sounds like a scene out horror film woman driving on the highway in south jersey when some debris from dump truck in front flys through her windshield. the 76-year-old woman was driving northbound on 295 in hamilton township when the debris smashed into her car. the hunk of metal severed her middle finger crushed the othe
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others. she was one of the drivers trying to switch lanes to get away from the truck when the debris flew right into her car wind she'll. get this, while bleed she drove a few skits before getting help. >> when tragic things happen to people, then their survival techniques kick in, and i know you've heard this story many times. people do amazing things when they're life is in danger. >> the woman had one of her fingers put back together with six wires. here's a look allentown now. rain kind of dousing parts of our area tonight. how long can you expect the showers to stick around? meter ross scott williams is here witness answe answers. scott. >> the shower activity is just for the overnight. but we have another chance tomorrow night into friday morning, and not rain, but snow by the time we make it to the upcoming weekend. um mat doppler somewhat lit up. you can see that moisture moving from west to east. likely pic pick up tenth of an h
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to quarter of an inch of ran rainfall as that system continues to move through. look at the temperatures right now. it's 43 degrees in allentown. we have mid 40s in wilmington along with millville. the highs today made it into the low 50s. by tomorrow, look at this. we'll be in the mid 60s about 2 average. 60 degrees early on friday before cold front comes through. dropping those temperatures on saturday high temperatures in the 30s. throw in some moisture and yes, we're setting the stage for a wintery mix come the weekend. but for tonight, through early tomorrow morning, we're looking at some of those showers morning clouds, mostly cloudy for tomorrow. dry most of the day but then by tomorrow night we're looking at more rainfall moving in. that will stickie round through friday morning. so let's talk about temperatures for tonight. dipping into the low 40s for allentown. mid 40s philadelphia and down the shore. and then tomorrow, feeling like
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spring. temperatures topping out 21 degrees above average, 65 degrees. so the roller coaster ride continues because by the upcoming weekend especially watch the clock here's saturday 7:00 p.m. looking at some of that snow moving in. in particular southeastern pennsylvania, maybe a little bit of a wintry mix interior sections of south jersey and northern delaware all rain as you move down the shore. once again it look like the timing during the overnight. so temperatures will be cold enough for it to stick. several inches of snow possible saturday night into early sunday morning. most of it will accumulate grassy surfaces. the untreated surfaces but temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s. so we'll be watching for that. then of course prior to that, yeah, we're talking high temperatures getting up in the 60s so mid 60s for thursday. 60 degrees on friday and then look at many temperatures crashing friday afternoon and
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evening by saturday morning temperatures upper 20s. 37 for saturday. upper 40s on sunday. president's day temperatures milder back into the 50s. but we're looking at some rainfall then look at tuesday. yeah, temperatures iain flirting with 70 degrees. something for everyone with this seven day forecast. >> i like it thank you scott. what's coming up in sports, chris tepp. >> spring training finally getting underway for the phillies. i know it's too early to tell but based on day one new manager
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♪ >> today was day one of pitchers and catchers down in clearwater for spring training. which means it was also day one for new phillies manager gabe kapler. kapler all about fitness, analytics and close bonds with his players. it's only day one i think we're seeing sign that is kapler is a exactly what the phillies needed. here's why. kapler is relating to his players better than i've seen any other manager in recent history.
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kapler has moved practices back over an hour to allow guys to get more sleep, rest up. he's promoting recovery, massages even. he's walking around the field with his phone snapping shots of guys pitching and working out. gabe kapler also may be the only major league manager who can out lift his guys. literally kapler has apparently been in the weight room side by side working out with this players. it's giving him just another opportunity to relate and grow close to his team. everything he is doing is new and it's player centric. there's no better way to push a team forward or at least bust out of a rut than that in my opinion. iain? >> kristyn, thanks. well known tv producer heading to netflix in what could be the biggest deals ever ryan murphy heading to the streaming service oh a deal that could reach, could reach thee hundred million dollars over five years. murphy credits include glee, american horror story and american crime story you want to
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work for the happiest place on earth. disney is hiring a new youth activity counselor for cruise ships. you could work on the private island in the bahamas not all fun and game games. >> um-hmm. >> seven day work weeks. limited time off. application information can be found on disney's career site. >> a lot of fun. >> but you're in the bahamas. >> seven days a week. not much time. why would i want to do that? [ laughter ] >> i'm just saying. if you like to, head to disney's website and you can be happy. >> good luck. >> exactly i hope that works out for you. >> thanks for watching. up next tmz followed by page six at midnight then "the q" at 12:30 followed by the simpson's. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". have a great night. thanks for
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, we just broke a huge story. blake griffin is being sued for being a scoundrel, abandoning his family for kendall jenner. >> brynn cameron, so she's the mother of blake griffen's two children. she claims he dissed her and basically sent no money. he missed his daughter's first birthday party and the tabloid says he was in new york with kendall jenner. >> wow. >> cardi b, she's probably pregnant. harvey: how many months? >> 34 3 1/2 to four months. for the new york fashion week, everyone was suspecting cardi b was pregnant because she had a little bit of bubble gut. >> bubble gut is diarrhea. >> no, bitch! [laughter] >> warren sapp got served by the most ingenious process server.


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