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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 15, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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school. >> this is a man authorities say took the lives of 17 people when he opened fire on a school in south florida. 19-year-old nikolas cruz appeared before a judge just hours ago for the first time. 24 hours after the horror at stoneman douglas high school in parkland we're now learning about the victims themselves. authorities have just released the names of all 17 people killed yesterday afternoon. the youngest is just 14 years old. the pain the heartbreak the anger is palpable in that south florida community tonight and across our nation. the criminal complaint also just released reveals new details about the shooting itself. good evening, i'm lucy noland. police say the shooter armed with his ar15 rival took an uber to school before his attack. prosecutors have now charge 19-year-old cruz with 17 counts of first degree murder. he appeared a judge this afternoon. authorities are holding him without proud. the sheriff' office now says cuz
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confessed to the shooting he bought the ar15 he used in the shooting legally one year ago. right now authorities still do not have a motive. we have team coverage. our dawn timmeney has been speaking with students and parents in our area. jeff cole deviling into what can happen to make schools safer. and our dave schratwieser is on top of how authorities investigate tips about people believed to be threats. but we begin with what's happening right now in south florida. here's fox's caroline shively. >> reporter: more than a dozen students are dead. and officials are still trying to find out what motivated the suspected shooter. but they're also learning more about 19-year-old nikolas cruz. who allegedly carried out the shooting by himself. using a legally purchased ar15 rival. >> he looked like a typical high school student, and for a quick moment i thought could this be the person? is this who i need to stop? >> reporter: suspect reported hal a troubled past and was expelled from the school. and the leader of a white
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nationalist militia florida says cruz was member his group who participated in military drills. but he had no criminal record and wasn't on police or fbi radar. even though students at the school describe him as troubled and prone to violence. many of those students now meeting with drama counselors as they start to come to terms with what they witness. >> it was more shock than anything. we thought it was drill but we started seeing the headlines people started freaking out. >> i feel like name a dream. there's no way to describe what happened. >> president trump says he'll work with local and state officials to make schools safer. he's also putting the spotlight back on the issue of mental health and making sure guns stay out of the wrong hands. >> it is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference. we must actually make a difference. >> reporter: president trump is making plans to visit the school to meet with students, survivors, teachers and first
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responders. in parkland, florida, caroline shively, fox news. this all leads to more questions about how the fbi investigates its tips to stop incidents like this. apparently it received a couple of tips. here at home police say they're constantly monitoring social media. our dave schratwieser joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, the fbi confirmed today that it did check out a tip about nikolas cruz last september from a youtube blogger in mississippi. after checking it out, it's unclear what happened next. philadelphia police on the other hand say that they check out every school threat immediately. >> what triggered this kid? what were the triggers. >> as the mass shooting in parkland, florida, unfolded wednesday, and the alleged killer nikolas cruz was taken into custody fbi agents began tracking his every move leading up to the shooting. including a tip they got five months earlier from youtube
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blogger ben, who sent the fbi a screen shot from a nikolas cruz posting. >> this comment said, i'm going to be a professional school shooter and i knew that i couldn't just ignore that. >> reporter: fbi now confirms it did investigate the tip. >> no other information was included with that comment. which would indicate a time, location or the true identity of the person who made the comment. >> the fbi is only as good as the information it either receives or it can obtain through legal means. >> reporter: former fbi special agent john terry who worked in philadelphia told fox 29 a typical fbi investigation would entail database reviews and other checks to determine who posted it. >> start looking into this person's background. is this someone who's got other data points or dots that we should be connecting. >> a loft times they're just someone mouthing off on social media but we take it real serious. we have investigators go right out and run of these.
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>> philadelphia police get lots of tips and monitor social media for threats against schools. >> any hint of any kind of -- anything that's off, we immediately investigate that. >> reporter: deputy wilson says if a threat is real and a lock down occurs, like the one at lincoln high school just last month, no resources are spared. >> all hands on deck when we get a threat. we want to intercept it immediately. >> reporter: john terry says connecting all the dots in a threat investigation can be complicated and time consuming. >> investigations like putting a puzzle together. you grab different pieces of the puzzle and you try and paint a picture that anyone can understand. >> reporter: now the philadelphia police say that they have had 80 lock downs so far this school year at philadelphia schools. they've investigated numerous threats and in some cases have stopped threats in their tracks before anything happened. lucy? >> all right, thank you much dave. parents and teachers across the united states are grappling with all that happened in the
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last 24 years. dawn has been speaking with a couple of local students looking to make difference. >> reporter: i did lucy. they were hoping to make a difference before the situation in florida. now they are even more determined to stop gun violence and hopefully save some lives. >> we saw snap chats of people, people hiding in closets crying hysterically hearing gunshots in the background. >> high school sophomore marissa and her classmates at plymouth white marsh high school are rattled after seeing graphic images of the school shooting in parkland, florida. 17 people killed when police say former student nikolas cruz opened fire shortly before dismissal yesterday. >> 16-year-olds shouldn't have to go through that. that could have easily been me or grace. that's so scary to think about. >> reporter: marissa and her friend grace mccall recently came up with the idea of starting an anti gun violence club at school. ironically getting the final
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approval for the club the day before the bloodshed in florida. >> i'm sad that i actually have to start this club parkland is just another reason for to us raise awareness and it's very sad. report roar this school like many across the area has security measures in place to keep students safe. holding regular drills about what to do in the case of an active shooter. still some worry about what they would actually do in a real life and death situation. >> i always say my exit route. the windows i could -- where i could possibly hide. >> i thought about it. it's just more scary. like you can always be trapped and how you would get out and what about your friends and stuff, too? >> is anyplace safe any more? >> like i mean really. >> reporter: now all of the students who i spoke with today said they were beyond upset for the victims and their families. the one thing they all said, too, was the shooting has made them really appreciate what they have and not to take anything at all for granted. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dawn.
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much appreciated. we are awaiting a news conference by the way from south florida. the moment that happens, we'll take it for now let's go ahead and talk to scott williams. >> hi there, lucy. temperatures today well above average feeling like spring. look at the numbers. it's currently 60 degrees in philadelphia. mid 60s for allentown. also reading and lancaster. low 60s new castle county into kent county dover checking in at 62 degrees. low 60s right now down the shore. those winds out of the south and west really helping us in the temperature department. we have mostly cloudy skies. but off to the west we're looking at some rainfall so somewhat similar to what happened last night. the showers move in this evening through the overnight it look like about a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rainfall before all is said and done. so we're looking at those evening showers arriving the next several hours. spring temperatures in the seven day forecast. and still tracking that threat of some weekend snow. coming up, we'll go hour by hour
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and time out how many inches of precipitation we'll see and also the cold air linking up with all of that moisture that's all coming up with that seven day forecast. back over to you. >> thank you very much scott williams. let's head to south florida right now where we are awaiting a news conference from authorities with the latest update on what authorities -- on what authorities understand is happening f what we understand today, the affidavit did come out. the affidavit basically a summary that police put out to hand up to the prosecutor so they can then press charges against the accused. the accused is this situation 17-year-old nikolas cruz. who actually went to the school in south florida. he was a student there until recently when he was apparently expelled over disciplinary reasons. so at this point in time, what we do know is the names of all 17 victims they all came out.
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the youngest is 14 years old. there are teachers involved. coaches as well as the athletic director. stories of heroism have come out about all of this. and also stories of horror from parents who are grappling with all that has happened in the past 24 hours. again, people asking how can something like this happen and yet it happened again? nikolas cruz from what we understand confessed to police, and he told them from what they're saying that, yes, did he all of this and the details that he has provided to police sources are saying basically matches up with all the things that they saw play out in front of them. so as we continue to watch this news conference, you know that we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. it look like it is happening right now. broward county sheriff scott israel. let's listen in.
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>> all right. apparently we're having some problems -- >> talk about the origin of the rival. and then lastly you'll hear from special agent in charge of the fbi rob las ski he'll expound on the tip then i'll come back to the exposed podium and answer some questions. i wanted to start out by telling you an uber car dropped off the suspect at 2019 yesterday, 2:19 p.m. at stoneman douglas high school. the suspect enter the the east stairwell it's that's building 12 with a rifle inside a black soft case. the suspect exited the stairwell, pulled the rival out of the case. 2:21 hours and 33 seconds, the suspect readied his rival and began shooting into rooms 1215, 1216, 1214.
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he went back to 1216, back to 1215 and then to 1213. the suspect then took the west stairwell to the second floor and shot one victim in room 1234 on the second floor. the suspect then took the east stairwell to the third floor. he dropped his rival and backpack. ran down the stairs. he exited building 12 and ran towards the tennis courts and then took a southbound turn on foot. the suspect crossed fields and ran west along with others who were fleeing and tried to mix in with the group that were running away fearing for their lives. the suspect arrived at the walmart store. he bought a drink at the subway
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and then left the walmart on foot. the suspect went to mcdonald's, sat down for a short period of time, this was at 30:00 1:00 p.m. and he left on foot. at 3:41 p.m., 40 minutes after he departed from the mcdonald's, the suspect was detained at 4700 wyndham lakes drive in coral springs by an officer from the coconut creek police department. he was taken into custody without incident. today we've interviewed between the fbi, the about ward sheriff' office and a significant amount of investigators from many other agencies fdle-a lot of local law enforcement. so over 2,000 people were interviewed and we continue. this is a fluid investigation. we have so many facts coming in. some true, some unsubstantiated.
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some rumors. it's going to take lot of time to sift through what is true what's accurate and what's not. >> i want the to honor the deceased victims of this horrific killing. i'm going to do my best to pronounce the names accurately. please forgive me if i don't pronounce the names exactly how the families do. but i thought it's very important i want to pay homage to these families and to the victims. carmen, meadow pollock, peter wang, nicholas tour rhett. christopher hixon, my very very very special friend who i'll miss erin feis. luke hoya, a lana petty, jamie
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gut ten berg, martin due kay, alyssa, alaina ramsey, scott beagle, joaquin oliver, carol laugh run, gina mon tal tow, and alexander shacter. may they rest in peace and may god comfort their families. at this time special agent in charge of atf peter frue sellly will speak about the firearm. good afternoon on behalf of the men and women from atf i want t& extend my condolences to the families of the victims and to the people in the community and i also ask that you keep in your thoughts and prayers the first responders who responded out to the scene, um, 30 plus years in law enforcement i can tell you it was a difficult one. the firearm that was utilized in this event was purchased lawfully here in the state of florida just short of a year ago by the individual who was charged with this crime.
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we're here to help the about ward county sheriff's office follow up on any leads that may pertain to the firearm or anything else that they need and again i ask that you keep the folks who responded to this scene as well as the families of the victims in your thoughts and prayers as we get through these difficult days. thank you. >> special agent in charge las ski addressed some of the questions you had today about tips received regarding the suspect. mr. las ski will expound upon some of that information. >> good afternoon. i'd like to take this opportunity to provide some additional information about the tip we spoke about this morning. on september 25t 25th, 2017, the fbi field office jackson, mississippi, received a tip about a comment posted to youtube account by someone with the user name nikolas cruz spelled nikolascruz.
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the comment said, i'm going to be a professional school shoot shooter. there was no additional information about the particular time, location or further den fires about the person who posted the comment. the complainant had provided the same information to youtube. youtube removed the comment. after receiving this information, fbi jackson conducted an interview of the person who made the complaint. this person lives in mississippi, has no connection to south florida, and has no knowledge about the person who posted the comment. the fbi also conducted internal database reviews and open source checks. no additional information was found to positively identify the person who posted this comment. there was no connection found to
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south florida. moving forward, we will continue to gather all information about the subject as we try to identify his motives, his associates and his actions leading up to yesterday's even events. we are looking into his social media posts, his movements, his conversations, leading up to the shooting. as well as any other indicators that may be out there. again, my heart goes out to the victims, the families and the friends and everybody else who suffered by this cowardly and horrick act. cher livsheriff. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank this amazing group of people flanking people me your elected officials who came as far as washington, d.c., tallahassee and just came down here the calls i received from congresswoman wasserman
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schultz from mayor bean fur. michael commissioner and on on and on i can't thank them enou enough. they just want to see safety in broward county to all of you, thank you. we will be going over, a will be going over at 6:00 o'clock tonight to pine trails to a vigil for those that passed aw away. i know some of you are going to heed my remarks and i know some of you are not. but i'm going to say them any way. you need to respect the privacy of these families. these families are going through the most horrific time in their lives and if they say don't -- they don't want to talk to you, respect them. don't move forward with your camera. don't move forward with your microphone. let these families be. let these families heal. they deserve that. please honor them. many of them have called me and asked me to transfer this message and i hope you'll consider listening. many of you would have done it any way. you some some of you might not.
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please respect these families. they lost children. they lost loved ones. could you imagine what they're going through? thank you for your time. any questions? >> did he belong to a white nationalist group? can you confirm that. >> it's not confirmed at this time. there's so much we've heard that. we're looking into that. you know, and we'll just keep following on it. >> did he speak to anyone at the mcdonald's. have you interviewed that person if so. >> he might have. i don't know at this time. >> two questions. first of all, would that make this a hate crime and also two people shot outside the school. how did that fit into the narrative. >> it fits in perfectly. he could have shot them -- he could have been within the school. they could have been outside. you know, this is an ar15. this is a powerful rifle, and could have easily gone through a door or a shot while the door was open. so we're still examining video. it's a great question. it's something we've asked ourselves within a day or two we'll have the exact, you know,
5:21 pm
answer to that. but at this time it doesn't change or alter the timeline at all. >> if it turns out he was a member of this white nationalist group would that classify as hate. >> it certainly could. >> the rooms that were targeted were they targeted for some reason. >> he brought the weapon in coral springs at a dealership called sunrise tactical. >> sir you mentioned releasing some surveillance video. >> i didn't mention releasing -- i didn't talk about releasing any video. we're examining vitter yo and we might release information we capture from the video. at this plans we have no plans to release any type of surveillance video. i also want to acknowledge superintendent runcie. he's been with us from the -- >> yes. >> sheriff, what did the first call in come in. >> superintendent runcie has important things to come and
5:22 pm
i'll come back to the micropho microphone. >> let me just first say it op bee last of the school board members, i myself our school board members i'm here today just reiterating what the sheriff has said. please respect the privacy of our families as they go through this horrific situation. again, we can't stress that enough. if you can honor them and respect them during these very difficult times. we've had hundreds of people today that have gone through our crisis service that is we provided at several locations. two here in parkland. two in coral springs. we'll continue to provide those tomorrow and the next day as necessary. again, the school is closed from now throughout the weekend. we'll be spending the next couple of days figuring out what the path is to reopen the scho school.
5:23 pm
and what type of logistical challenges we're going to have relative to what's occurred in building 12 on this site. once that information becomes available, we will be providing it out to the parents and the families in the community and the media as well. again, thank you for respecting our families. give them the space and time -- >> you're listen to superintendent runcie of the broward county public school district right there. asking for privacy and talking about how they are providing counseling to so many families who have been through absolute tragedy in the past 24 hours. you're watching fox 29 news
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what happened in parkland florida yesterday once again has schools looking at their own safety procedures. of course, after nip/11 we saw dramatic shift in security at airports for goodness sake we actually start the the department of homeland security after that. so are we now at that type of point for schools? our jeff cole joins us live from philadelphia international airport with that part of our story. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, we certainly all know what those changes were. full body scanning screening of bags, even the removal of shoes but the question becomes must schools and school districts make those kinds of major chan changes and will it even matter if they do? >> a security consultant and former school superintendent we spoke to thursday says the critical time in a school shooting are the moments before police arrive. keep students protected for those two to three minutes and a mass killing can be avoided. >> it goes back to the see
5:27 pm
something say something approa approach. >> bill la torre a retired pennsylvania state trooper who runs his own security firm. he's offered his expertise to some 17 area school districts. he says, a shooter who attacks from the street must be kept there. >> locking down without barricading self entrapment if you don't reinforce the entrance points to where you're locked down in and you don't barricade, you're pretty much entrapped. >> a shooter gets into the school staff must no when to lock down classrooms and keep students hidden. and when to try a run for safe safety. >> they need to understand how to do that safely for themselves so that they don't injure themselves so they don't get shot so they're using cover concealment to escape the threat and they know where they're going and don't run into the threat. >> reporter: head of the 830 member pennsylvania association of school administrators tells fox 29 virtually every school district in the commonwealth is doing lock down drills. he says many bring in police officers to sharpen their
5:28 pm
training. but mark dirocco says he his members are divided on arming teachers. he thinks designing schools to shield students from assault weapon gunfire may be the futu future. security consultant la torre says, keeping weapons from the deranged is an obvious answer but were one that fails, it's all about training. >> if the schools and their staff aren't trained, they won't know what to do in a situation, and they're just going to guess and times they'll guess wrong. >> reporter: school district we spoke to today were engaged in talking to students and staff and parents assuring them their doing all they can with their security procedures in these very scary and very difficult times. live at the airport i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, jeff. still to come new information on the deadly in
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♪ >> here's what we know right now in the florida high school mass shooting. nope-year-old nikolas cruz appeared before judge for the first time just hours ago. prosecutors have now charged with 17 counts of first degree murder. according to a sheriff's report he confessed to carrying out yesterday's shooting killing 17 people. investigators say he trained with a white nationalist para military group and posted photos of weapons on instagram.
5:32 pm
authorities also just released the names of all those killed. the youngest is just 14 years old. the school community where the tragic events unfolded is as you can imagine coming together. hundreds gathered for a vigil to honor all 17 victims. fox's evan axelbank reports from parkland. >> reporter: you always hear from people after tragedy in their community that they never thought it could happen here. but now it has happened in this parkland community and people here say that the only option is for them to stick together and honor the dead. ♪ >> reporter: you didn't have to see their faces to know how young they are. >> teddy bear they're handing out to everybody just to hold on to. >> reporter: another mass shooting in florida and again it is young people taking the brunt of it. >> right now it's going to be like the toughest part just finding out why this happened and hopefully we can make a change that way it can just stop happening. >> reporter: crowd mourning at the park ridge church was so big
5:33 pm
the vigil had to be held outsi outside. pastors tried to guide children through the dark times ahead. >> the lord is my shepherd. >> some like luke o'neill learned that he had five classmates who were killed. including one close friend. >> i think that he would, um, appreciate what we're doing. i think that people would want to remember in a positive way. >> maybe half the children at this vigil don't attend marjorie stoneman douglas but most everyone knew those who do. >> we have this grief in common. that's the thing that connects us together. i think that's a powerful thing for us to just stand together arms around each other and say, there are many things that we can agree to disagree on, but on this we need to agree to agree we need hope and we need help. >> reporter: end of the service was punctuated with balloons. one for each victim. symbols of loss and proof that there are some things you can't get back. >> brought everyone to tears kind of seeing how the victims were kind of in a sense just
5:34 pm
going up. goodbye. >> reporter: grief counselors have been available all day long for students and staff around the parkland community. and tonight we're told that they're also being made available to entire families as well. as the far reaching consequences of this tragedy come into focus. evan axelbank for fox news. >> a teacher who was trying to usher children into the safety of his classroom, a star swimmer who had already secured a spot on university swim team, a girl with a bright smile who her dad called baby girl. these are just three of the 17 people who died yesterday. iain page joins us live from our technical operations center with their names and their stories. iain. >> lucy, assistant football coach, a soccer player, cun cross country coach. more innocent victims of wednesday's floored school shooting in south florida. ♪ precious faces of young people 14-year-old alan at a petty,
5:35 pm
carol, her neighbor writes on facebook, rest in peace kara and fly with the angels. you'll be greatly missed and we will always love you and celebrate your beautiful life. jamie gut ten berg her father writing on facebook my heart is broken. yesterday jennifer gut ten berg and i lost our baby girl to violent shooting at her school. we lost our daughter and my son jesse lost his sister. i am broken as i write this trying to figure out how my family s going to get through. martin duke a 14-year-old freshman his older brother graduated from douglas high last year. alyssa, a 15-year-old freshman. 14-year-old gina mon tal tow was a freshman on the school's winter guard team. nicholas, a senior who a just received a swimming scholarship to the university of indianapolis. luke hoyer. carmen, a 2,017 national merit scholar semi-finalist. meadow pollock a senior planned
5:36 pm
to tend lynn university. joaquin oliver 17, born in venezuela, moved to the u.s. when he was three and became a u.s. citizen just a year ago. alex shacter what you a marching band student. peter wang was 15. his cousin says he was wearing his rotc uniform and holding a door open so other people could escape. hell lana ramsey remembered as a smart, kind hearted thoughtful person who was deeply loved. scott, a 35-year-old geography teacher at the school who unlocked his classroom so students could take shelter inside during the shooting. he was hit and killed by a bullet while closing the door behind them. chris hixon was the athletic director at the high school. erin feis assistant football coach shot and killed after jumping in front of the shooter to protect students. the school's football team announced the news on its twitter account he selflessly
5:37 pm
protected kids from the shooter. he died a hero. he will forever be in our hearts and memories. ♪ we just learned lucy that chris hixon the athletic director killed yesterday is from easton, pennsylvania. >> hearts are just shattered into a thousand pieces. thank you, iain. of course keep it right here. we'll have the latest on what unfolded 24 hours ago throughout this half hour and
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>> fox 29 weather authority. live look audiles town, bucks county. doesn't look like it but it's been a damp day with pockets of showers. temperatures though, man, into the 60s. the question is can it last? scott' forecast in 15 seconds. high temperatures today into the 60s but we have the cloud cover overhead. some showers move in overnight tonight. and the temperatures will fall during the day tomorrow. we'll hit an early high of 60 degrees and then look at saturday. high temperatures upper theirs. that late day evening and overnight wintry mix with accumulating snowfall then another shower chance by president's day. so ultimate doppler dry for now but off to the west you can see the green. that will move from west to east
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throughout the next several hours overnight tonight we're lookinlooking at the wet weathet a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rainfall. it will linger into the first part of your friday. 60 degrees right now in philadelphia. but look at the 70s. off to the south and west of us. we'll tap into that briefly for tonight and first thing tomorrow but then those temperatures will drop. low temperatures tonight in the 50s. but once again, look at the unusual february with that roller coaster ride ahead. so what about the timing of that snow? 7:00 p.m. on saturday we're looking at it moving into the area. temperatures will be cold must for that wet snow but marginal temperatures so several inches are possible mainly the grassy surfaces untreated surfaces. so we're talking about around philadelphia let's get to the bottom line here one to 2-inches along the i-95 corridor. two to 4-inches once you move far north and west. the seven day forecast, 60 for tomorrow but that's early in the day and then look at the temperatures for saturday.
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new information continues to come in the aftermath of the florida high school shooting. take look at this. photos from suspected gunman nikolas cruz's instagram page with cruz bragging about target practice and pictures on social media. authorities say the 19-year-old legally bought that semi automatic weapon he used in the attack and bought it about a year ago from a dealer. they recognized him from instagram picture of him posing with a gun in front of his face. stay with fox 29 and 24/7 as more details emerge on this developing story. live look at your health news at 5:00. could your phone actually be aging you? the light coming from your electronics iphone and tablet and laptop could actually
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give you dark spots otherwise known as age spots. a british study shows the high energy light those devices emit could decrease the antioxidants that help protect your skin. good news, though, the same light that could give you the age spots could also help treat acne and scars and alopecia. i'm not sure what you're supposed to do with this information f you're having a bad day, you've got company. new study says the average american has about 60 bad days every year. that's six-zero. work related stress accounts for four out of five bad days experienced in a single month. so how do you combat all of this stress? experts suggest you relieve it by working out or enjoying little alone time flu virus is not everywhere. now one new jersey based company is kind of cashing in on the virus. it's cleaning offices and in this particular case an ambulance to make sure it's flu free. fox's reagan has more. >> this is the beginning of another busy day for tony and
5:47 pm
betsy as they respond to another call to disinfect another work space this time in signed the wayne township first aid squad ambulance. >> before any job, we do an atp reading and this measures the level of germs that are on the surface, and without this we wouldn't know whether we're doing an effective job or not. report roar the company is called path though jenn of new jersey. you can consider them the ghostbusters of germs. they use hospital grade disinfectant to rid offices, schools and other spaces of bacteria germs or viruses. >> right now i'm going to use uv light to disinfect the areas that can't get wet such as the touch screen system here. >> reporter: the ambulance which treats 15 to 20 patients each day, is their latest client. it's seen its fair share of flu patients. >> one of things we are very concerned about is the cleanliness of our ambulances both for the patients and for
5:48 pm
our members. because as you well know, there's a lot of issues going on with the flu. >> reporter: path though jenn is head quartered in florida only opening their wayne, new jersey, location ten months ago. the flu outbreak, the biggest one in a decade is putting a high demand on this disinfecting service. >> we're not, you know, cleani cleaning. we're going so much farther than that. we're really keeping your staff, your students, your, you know, yourself and your families safe. >> experts say this flu season is far from over the best protection is an old-fashioned thing. just washing your hands with soap and water. of course the flu shot is also recommended. back in a moment.
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little girl just five years old spent the past two years battling leukemia as you might expect her family is pretty much put everything on hold to support her. and they just got some unexpected support from the philadelphia flyers for goodness sake. here's bill anderson. >> it's hard to see a kid that doesn't really understand what's happening to them go through an illness like that. >> reporter: to see maddie o'malley now you see a smiling five-year-old enjoying her day who may or may not fully grasp the impact of the leukemia she battled for the last two years. >> constant doctors appointments. medicine, hospital stays. >> reporter: anyone whose gone through something like this knows it's all encompassing. of course, their only faux cause was the care of their daughter and their family. >> it was two years of
5:53 pm
chemotherapy and, yeah, it is very just time consuming. on top of the emotional distress. >> reporter: in december the flyers michael's way and other charities found out about the family's story and today gave them a gift that would change their lives. wow about sums up the block party visiting flyers players and newly renovated home all donated by flyers charities, michael's way and others. >> we play hockey for a living, and this really puts things in perspective, and once a year really gives us something to really feel good about. >> ♪ >> reporter: the neighborhood was there meeting players, their wives and girlfriends who decorated the home and cheering on the return of the o'malley' who's have been out of the home for two months. [ applause ] >> i love it! >> but the highlight at least to me could be seen on the faces of the flyers wives and girlfriends as they saw maddie's response to the room that they deck rayed
5:54 pm
for her. >> what did you think when you saw your room? >> i loved it. >> reporter: the day was huge success and maddie currently cancer free for nine months. so there were lots of reasons to celebrate. >> whether you just volunteering, you're donating, whatever it may be if everyone comes together, to do a project like this you see what the result s it's amazing. >> reporter: a little girl and her family who have spent nearly half of her live within ago battle with leukemia got an amazing gift because our response sports teams and families showed that once again we know what it means to truly be a community. for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> how sweet? do you shop at ll bean? a disgruntled customer says ll bean has broken its vow. so enter a new lawsuit target the company's new return policy. the lou claims customers bought and shopped with ll bean because of its unlimited satisfaction
5:55 pm
guarantee. it accuses the retailer much breach of warn teen. retailer found last week it's imposing a one year limit for most returns because it says too many people have been abuse the system. a company spokeswoman says the lawsuit misrepresents the return policy and if you bought something before february 9th of this year, the new policy does not apply as long as you've got your receipt. so there you go. and that does it for us at 5:00. i'll see you back here at 10:00. ears iain page with fox 29 news at 6:00 and the latest on the florida school shooting. heartbreak and pain engulfin eng one south florida community and the nation. families hugging their children closer tonight while others not as fortunate as we get a first look at the victims. closer to home one young woman taking action at her high school trying to make sure her campus stays safe from gun violence. more from south florida. that's all coming up at 6:0 6:0.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. 17 lives lost. 17 bright futures cut short and gone too soon. 17 families grieving because of the actions of one man. tonight a south florida community and the entire country still trying to process the horrific events of februar february 14th of 2018. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. new details are coming into us at this hour about the victims
6:00 pm
and the man accused of taking their lives. so here's what we know as of now. prosecutors have charged 19-year-old nikolas cruz with 17 counts of first degree murder. he appeared before a judge this afternoon. authorities are holding him without bond. the about ward county sheriff' officer says cruz confessed to the shooting. they say cruz brought the ar15 that he used in the shooting legally one year ago. right now authorities say they still do not have a motive. his attorney talked earlier. >> he's a broken human being. he's a broken child. um, it's just -- sadness that this community is feeling i mean my children, they go to school in this community. i feel horrible for these families and mr. cruz feels that pain. >> we're now learning about the victims the youngest is just 14 years old. fox's kirsten delgado following the latesde


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