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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 20, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bill: does race matter when it comes to infant mortality we'll bring you a story tonight that shows black babies in our area dying at much higher rate than white babies and they are gathering to say not only did something need to be done about it, but something can actually be done. do i think it is racism? no. i think is a social economical issue when you look at it. what is causing it? if you got a veteran in
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the family or to a funeral of a veteran a sometimes there is a burglar playing "taps" who knew america has escorted a bugler. and, from hip-hop to politics. a well-known 1990's hip-hop star can now be found walking the streets of newark, north carolina, where campaigning for city council. >> it is about the people. bill: i am bill spadea. this is "chasing news." you know, just 48 hours ago, we were talking about the snowfall across the area, now we have got 70's or near record-breaking. you know the president's day was not too bad. we didn't have snow on the ground. where we had 50's. we have a few rain showers to worry about. the warm air to the south as it does and then we see little sunshine, we are still going to see those temperatures well into the 60's if not 70 right now wednesday looks to be the warmer day and the record high temperature in new york set back in 1930 of 68 degrees that one will be in jeopardy against 70 and here is what the forecast looks like. scattered rain showers
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then we move to tuesday. temperatures well to the 60's. a few breaks of sun. wednesday will make a run for 70 degrees again the record is 68 well be in jeopardy. one change-over day. that is when cooler air returns. then thursday looks like a wet day we have ran in the forecast throughout the day, too. i am meteorologist dan zarrow. ok. check out headlines we are chasing tonight. >> a child has died after being diagnosed with the flu. the third suspect in new jersey this season and unclear if the virus was the factor in the child's death according to a report from superintendent, the new jersey department of health is investigating. the teenage demonstrator laid down in front of the white house on monday. that left 17 dead at the high school. funerals have begun for the parkland victims many seeing this
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opportunity to make the voices heard. >> then, at the end of the day. you are with us or against us. >> police are investigating how the debris that fell from a fire escape the building in new york killed a 58-year-old long islander. on friday with life threatening injuries around 2:00 p.m. the building inspected a the time of the accident. inspector on the fire escape when the step collapsed and plunged several stories and fell through to piracy but able to pull herself to safety. those are headlines we're chasing tonight. >> the story out of trenton politician
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holding talking about the black are dying compared to other races in new jersey. let's bring the a plus panel to break it down and joined by attorney and democratic strategists bill a russo. welcome back. columnist for crime and an attorney and peter brown who is councilman in lyndon. we'll start with you. the numbers are dramatic but i know, you know, right away when you hear is discussion about race and then somebody will stay and racism in the system. >> right. well, what i say that is it is not a mystery. it is not a surprise. that racial minorities are hit harder by poverty.
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it does not require the study and because we know why there is a high level poor minority communities lack of access and lack of education and lack of good health care this is not a mystery. >> a lot of politicians are the same have mentioned creating a horrible climate for jobs and business and economic growth so not turning around saying we have a problem. i think it is more of a session socioeconomical when you look at. you know, people lower incomes.
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why? >> give it time. our health care system has failed. our federal government has failed am we just cut children's health at the level. jersey is a piece of that. we have developed progressive policies in dealing this. are they all just paying lip service. we had barack obama as president for two termsare theyg lip service. we had barack obama as president for two terms and then look at study like this. conditions have not gotten. >> we had christie as governor in the state for eight years. thanks. >> good assessment. head back soon. wait until you hear this story, a federal judge awarded 21 artists 6.7 million from a private developer because they said the art was protected under the law and the
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developer has taken down the way he did it. all right. bring in the a plus panel and break it down. the attorney there and bill caruso. also the attorney and columnist for law and crime. good to see you. and peter brown is here and councilman, start with you on this. private developer comes and tears the buildings down because he went through the whole process and the new department but becoperse of the art the soudge basically said i will punish you and you have for the permish to come through.
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i am on the developer's side on this one. any time a developer comes into municipally you welcome them and you want the project to be on the line. you know who benefits the town benefits. residents benefit and that is coming in. from a legal standpoint. it is calmed the visual art. the visual artissh righsh >> the visual art is rights. you look at the buildings abandoned and y,million and the judge makes it. if you waited for the permit and showed some remorse i wouldn't be angry. it is not a personal vein a debt from the juts.e. this is expectative developing. you should follow the rule and the l w. we already have a law that says some artist
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not all graffiti is not incident of graffiti but some of it qualifies under the federal law and to be considered art. this is real rights attached to that if you are a developer and can not come in and do whatever you want. you have to acknowlets.e it and follow the law. that is it. >> well, does this thing end up getting out? >> who knew there is actual short age of burglars. one o whanization set out to change.
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thanks for being here. who knew there is actual shortage of buglers to play at veterans if funerals across america. one organil stion has set out to change that. allison gormly has the story. allison, what do you got. ["taps" playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: they are trying to make it so no veteran's funeral goes without a live rendition of the bugle called "taps" "giving honorably discharged veteran the right to have the 24-note bugle call played at his or her funeral if requested. operdio records ofes
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were being played. they have the veteran families deserved a live rendition and deserved to go beyond the boombox. he plays average of three funerain the in new york and new jersey. >> i dothis because it is honor for me to give back to the men and women that sacrifice. families will share their memories and the chief information officer explained why it is so important to have it played live. >> pat is really a sendoff it is a final good-bye and to the veteran and so think ish very important for the families. in 2017 received over 5,000 request portionwide and in new jersey, volunteers have been able to fulfill 80 of thf be request. across america has over 4,000 volunteer burglars portionwide and a growing number overseas. volunteers can
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play. >> tow top rap reporter the '0's from her'-hop to politics. running for council in newayon. stay right there. tic
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bill: well col back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea you will hear a story about a woman who is just fed up with new jersey transit. a dead deer right in the area where her son was playing. no response for about a month from new jersey transit. but first, bet's top rap from the '90's taking a turn from hip-hop to politics. running for council in newark. ashley johnson has the full story. ash, ashley, what do got? >> call him mr. do it all. the supreme do it all kelly is well-known for being a member of the hip-hop group of the underground which is the best in the '90's and known for hits like tick-tock but these days you can find kell the streets of the hotel reason for city council at large. >> well, about 20 years a, tupac shakur and i had a conversation about this. we talked about how can we eof course ifly help and influence our
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communities so that we can bring forth change end our come in toy create youth and start nonprofits and they use the same influence in the branding techniques of how we get the message out through our music. 1:00 20 years later i did everything that we talked about except to save on national elected officials. >> kelly co founded impact to help youth tackle shore like gun vie less. i asked cannily what changes wee like to see. in order foreus toes have a saver tomorrow and a better tomorrow. we need to mack a greater investp inour youth. right now, we make about 1.2 or 1.3 million invest. our youth every year. and, and the city like north new jersey that is not enough. >> kelly has the back of the hip-hop communities as he reasons for office and the men have supported him and campaigned efforts s. well, i have been fortunate enough to make a lot of-ny through hip-hop and up in all
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over this world traveling because of hip-hop and then, i think, now, it is bigger han me. he is bigger than fame. bigger in this the accolades but really about the people. elections are in may. the mayor is also running for le election. union wark, ashley johnson, reporting for "chasing news." >> president trump taking to twitter to address the investigation and indictment of rush-officials accused of interfep erferring with the 2016 u.s. election. fox's caroline shively has the story. even though the initial part was spent meeting with those involved in last week's high school shooting the majority of though tim was spent in mara lag ge boy his standards he was unusually busy on twitter. >> a twitter storm coming the president over the three-day weekend. mr. trullp firing off over 20 tweets following the visit with florida's shooting survivors and first responders. the post covering a range of topics from
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nascar to ieye ran to oprah but buy far, the may where are ty addressing russia. one saying the only collusion was between russia and the dmc and the dems. another adding was the goal of, sha to create chaos within the supt they have succeed beyond the wildest deal! dreams the president calling out president obama asking why he didn't do something about russian meddling. vice president mike pence in an exexclusive ber view this morning also addressing the, sha top k and special council robert mule's recently released indictment of 13 russian nationals? there is no summing theres with any impact on the utcom of the election. despite what the indictments suggests. three of the president's tweets addressed the shooting at douglas high cool. two cast blame on democrats questioning why they did not pass gun cell during the obama administration. the second criticizing the federal barrow of
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investigations saying very sad that the f.b.i. missed al the many signals sent out boy the florida school shooter this is not acceptable there they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion. some students who escaped last week's shooting after own crit sip ofses the president's tweets accusing him of being divisive this wednesday, president trump in is planning to host listening session with student and teachers from florida. in washington. caroline slavery reporting for "chasing news." bill: ok. new jersey transit again is in the news and this time for leaving a dead dore the to rot a way mare the tracks for a couple of months. i want welcome angela crawford whos the new jersey mom who has had enough. angela welcome to crank condition how if you have hi. >> good. how are you? well, i want up year tan this. you a mom. are at home. are raising your sun. your son is playing that is near your house. >> yes. bill: you discovered the
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dead deer on the side. you called new jersey transit to say, hey, the train killed the deer. can you get rid of it what happened? well shall we call the customer service and they said they. >> sen the calls to rail operation but unfortunately never got through to the operations and then so after a week or so of trying customer service buy phone, i decided to post a photo of the dead deer on the facebook page that was december 5th they wrote back saying we will take care of it right away or we'll teak care of it. then, two months late the dead deer was still there and decomposing. why was i shore you for you? why did it upset you so much. did the deer get mid i the side of thissed all the time you see them all the over thisway. they range from you know, first grade to middle school and then you know, 15 years ol then they play in the empty lot you oh, they know the safety arch the train we're not worried
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or nervous about the trip and they were playing look my son was with the trend and they go mar the train tracksen they see the dead deer it is a heal health issue. >> all really waned was for new jersey transit to step up to be a good neighbor o. yeah. thats to road warrior at the records. they gave as you store run a he called new jersey transit and then, the day after, they came and picked in the deer. >> no surprise here. angel thank you. a, ate it tonight. thank have a good night. stay right there. a lot more coming up four after the break. it is spring almost but baseball season is upon us and pictures and catchers report so maybe your kid is getting ready for little league the glove he is using may just be made by the guy you will meet. >> how do you like that glove? >> good. >> good.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." am bill spaed dewhy t. love baseball. baseball season is here as pitcher and catchers report. maybe your little once is thinking about little legal coming up in a few
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mops well if the glove is using was made by this guy, stay tuned. george has the full story. >> spring training is upon us. youth baseball players are coming out of hibernation by the thousands. the big challenge for the kids and their parents is identifying the right sized baseball glove enter jeff bradley. >> coach, youth baseball for about ten years and the one thing at the youngest selves i noticed was the that gloves didn't seem to work on the kids' hands or misshaped and they didn't security baseball. i think it really affected kids' df k conditions. jeff's go was simple. create affordable proquality baseball glove and to assist the hand of a youth player. >> it has been little little league age which is 9 to 12 and finding a glove that is friendly on and put it on and doesn't feel like card board and feels smooth and comfort be ob the hands and then the kid
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can begin playing catch with it out of the box. >> how do you like that glove? >> well good. good. really good. good. >> a few things more al in sport thanks the relationship between a baseball player and his glove. what jeff bradley is trying to do is hack the relationship important from a young age fau big kid. i think my glove feels lake hand me down from big brother when they are new. they work. they work on a kids' hand. his fingers reach though stalls of the glove when he closes it. it closes properly so there is area for the ball to be secured sh am how is getting to saw from been didding fit to a over a year? >> when i or rimmed the or rim nal in tone railroad i which was 600 that i would shell this out and then out again then double down for 2018 my bottom price is 8 and the price price is 150 the sweet spot is 125 the glove i cycle the most of. a little more ebbsive
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that in the throw away glove and the leather glove. >> well, much, much less expensive than high end big name glove. >> in neptune, new jersey. am george kozlowski for "chasing news." >> here is a look at the headlines for chasing tonight. ♪ parent are looking for any way they can to coop the kids safe from cycle and the bullet block has reported a 30 percent jump in sale of the bulletproof bags in parkland florida. the backbacks are head with kef lear made in pull let proof vests and weigh 4.5 pounds and cost between 2 and00 un they have sol mer than 500 bags the fda recalling dog food rod duck made by schmucker company. the fda reports they may have found resin of an in greed end used to euthanize animals the in cad prod dubs the company shall showed a recall on set ups of gravy chain, kibble and bits. symptom force your dog may include mosh sha, dizzy, loss of balance you can get more insing
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on the recall at check out this video out of california a gray spotted whale take in the site the whale seen in the port of long beach monday. no we're on if it is grabbing souvenir along the way. those are headlines we're chasing for you tonight. ♪ ♪ >> hope you john i the show today and i hope you joined your day off. if you had this president's day off, now i was thinking about this holiday, it is really a celebration of two birthdays george wash to ap abraham lincoln. think it time go back to celebrating both of their birthdays independent of one another. let's get two days off instead of one. i think it is a good idea. i think i would like to see the local states do it first then catches on nationally. why not let's have it a random dy off. i love a random dy off in the middle of the week. don't you? that is what i am thinking about today. listen. weigh oin twitter at bill spadea and follow
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 nouse at 11:00. we start tonight in new castle county. here's look at wilmington. hey check the cal length. it's february 19th. but as we take a look outside our studios here in old city the neck few days are going to feel like anything but the middle of the winter. first though we're getting some dense fog right in time for your morning drive it's going to come fast and it's going to be hard to seem good evening. i'm iain page. kathy is here now with first look at that fog tomorrow and the spring like forecast. >> oh -- yeah. they come together iain. the fog already out there. this is look at blue mountain this is the lodge and typically we have a beautiful view not tonight. the fog already in the lehigh val and the poconos working its way through philadelphia and wilmington and southward. quarter mile visibility in pottstown allentown and reading lancaster even phil wilmington. half mile visible in philadelphia and


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