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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 20, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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where did everybody go? look at that fog? tense fog this morning giving way to temperatures in the 70 's today. did you hear that? it is in the 70's today how long will this last? we will ask sue. school gun scare? philadelphia police want to find this person, after being shown on video attempting to enter the school with the gun, just one day after the deadly school shooting in florida. did you hear this lebron james will play for the sixers >> wait, where did i miss that >> we are speculation station. >> okay. >> sixers fans feast your eyes on that lebron james in the sixers uniform, could it happen? we have evidence that suggest that king james is coming to the sixers. we have evidence. >> i have to say he does look good in the sixers uniform. >> yes. >> he does. >> i'm sure sit would i like that. >> he fills it out. >> lets bring one for sixers.
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>> are you all right. >> do we need to get so water or that exciting for you. >> i'm so hyped on sudafed, thanks, bob. >> oh, no are you sick. >> it is like the third bag of cough drops. >> i'm just bouncing back. >> i'll take it right here. >> that looks good. >> good day, tuesday, february . >> thank you for zooming out, guys. >> go eagles. >> see the idea she moves out of frame. >> is that what you want. >> nobody wants that. >> by the way, it is national love your pet day, so, share photos of your beloved pets today. >> this is from tammy my favorite girls, sophie and shelby. they said my little man, sammy , adorable. so keep sending in photos and we will show off your pet. >> all right. >> what about roofus.
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>> is there already one, on social media, of our dear roof us, who we see a lot here on good day philadelphia we got it here from good day philadelphia here, anyway, even with the fog this morning i'm just going for it, 10 out of 10, so what it is a little bit foggy. okay, it is a lot foggy. we have drizzle as well. but bus stop buddy is ready for it. just a sweat shirt today because it will be so mild this afternoon, and even that jacket they may end up leaving it at school but first we have to deal with the dense fog. it is out there advisory in effect until 10:00 o'clock for all of our counties, in rain to show you on radar but it is drizzly, damp, it is 50 degrees with only 1 mile or less, visibility, at the airport, sunrise time coming up at 6:47. so, 61 degrees by lunchtime, that is when we may see sunshine peeking through cloud s and we hepp to get to at lee 70 degrees today.
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that would tie the high temperature record, bob kelly. >> sounds good, 6:03, boom, exactly. here's a live look at bennie coming into philadelphia, all of the bridges have reduced speeds because of the weather conditions. roads are damp, wet. we have fog. plus first day back after three day weekend is always tough, everybody back to work. kids are back to school. here's a live look at the blue route 476 out of mid county working your way down toward the schuylkill expressway. thick fog. i-95, northeast philadelphia right here near cottman avenue you can barely make out brake lights. it floats in and out, hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip this morning. here's a double shot of both side of the delaware memorial bridge, so right now we are looking good at new castle but socked up up and down that new jersey turnpike, mass transit so far, so good. be ready for delays throughout the day at philly international, mike and alex, back over to you. keep talking, bobby need to finish up my instagram. >> well, schuylkill expressway , a little slow coming around the curve.
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>> little bit more. >> belmont avenue. >> seriously. >> really. >> it is okay, bob, i got this , i can do this. >> we will still talk about the fog some more, how that. we know it is foggy, look at this. this is ben franklin parkway, and it is expected to linger this morning. that is the thing. we're glad to have this warmer weather but then we will get fog. >> this is a first i have done this show for 102 years. >> you look great. >> for 102. >> my key light is out today so this could be horrifying to you. >> this could be your day. >> a light is blown. >> i have never seen steve keeley on a, fog story, how will you make this interesting , it is foggy, go. >> reporter: mike, first of all, i'm glad you mentioned we were on this show for 102 years. remember last time it was this warm it was 1939. remember our guest was complaining in the green room because air conditioning had not been invented and they were complaining about how hot it was at this stupid low
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budget show in philadelphia, i think it was general patton. >> yes. >> i cannot make this interesting. i can only say it is not as bad now, as it was when i drove in. because we're on the moorestown/mount laurel border at route 38. you could not see this well at 2:30 in the morning. so the fog, not as dense as it was for us overnight drivers because these headlights would have just looked like fuss, you know, and you wouldn't be able to see. how about this guy on a motorcycle. you see how wet the ground is. i don't know if this is motorcycle weather because we are slipping walking around. while you are point ago this way the wawa it looks like it is pouring out on the aprons of the wawa. our headlights said fine mist, we see people walking around with umbrellas. we have wipers on. you can have your wipers on the whole time but it is warm out. this is better than shoveling
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snow. you don't shovel fog. so i'm all in favor of. that be careful because there are still people running today and wawa guys have reflective vest. you will see runners with lights on as well. take it easy. enjoy the warm weather. once this fog lifts it will be a beautiful day. sue promises a 10 once this nine with fog with lifted at 10:00 a.m., coincidently, guys >> warm temperatures is creating the fog, so you cannot have one without the other. >> cause effect. >> so far it is raining almost >> 6:06. students across the nation are making their voices heard for sure in the wake of last week 's shooting at a florida high school. at least 100 survivors from parkland are demonstrating, in tallahassee today, the state capitol of florida, demanding laws to better protect them at school. their trip follows yesterday's youth rallies, including there was a lie in or lay in whatever you want to call ate cross from the white house.
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the white house says that president trump is opened to legislation that would expand background checks to buy a gun , so there is a little bit of movement. the accused shooter remains in prison without bail following his court appearance yesterday, lawyer for nikolas cruz said he will seek a guilty plea and life sentence to avoid a death penalty. judge ordered release of state record they show cruz admitted to feeling depressed months before the shooting but counselors determined that the 19 year-old was not a threat to himself or others. well, back here at home a teen walks up to the doors of the north philadelphia school, with a gun, and we see it on tape. >> lauren johnson has that tape and she has been live in fredrick douglas mastery charter school with more. >> reporter: no matter which side of the gun debate you sit on there is something that is not debatable here last week and that is that cameras helped police and locks on front schools, save lives.
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watch closely as a young man walks toward fredrick douglas masterly charter school in north philadelphia he shows a gun. it appears he coxed the weapon moments before he gets inside the school's front door this he were lock. he left. in the before he was caught on several cameras. the school is under heavy surveillance. once inside the doors is there metal detectors for student, staff, visitors. we heard from one parent here that the principal instituted all of. that one woman we spoke to said she has two brothers who attend this school. >> they need to take toy guns, bee bee guns, regular guns, they need to just take everything because what if the cops were to see him and thought it was a real gun and then they are shooting and now they are blaming the cops for shooting that person because he was bringing in a gun. >> reporter: shehima boone talked about the situation in olney where wagner middle school was placed on lock down for five hours after a student
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reported seeing a gun there. it was in fact a toy gun found and police actually charged a 12 year-old with that crime. both of these incidents in philadelphia come on the heels of the broward county deadly school shooting there when a former student came to his school blended in with students and went on a killing rampage. so now fill police want your help in identifying the young man, that you see in that surveillance video they have just released to us. if you know hoe is, they would appreciate a call from you. they have within big question, mike and alex, why wasd he have. >> exactly, yeah, very recognizable too. everybody says hey, mike, you should go on a to go on the cruise you get bloated up and nothing but bado nothing. news, the fistfights breaks out, in the south pacific, people beating the heck out of each
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stealing the thumb of the statue. it was on loan from china. chinese official is accusing the institute of being careless with the artifact. >> you knew this was coming. >> it was in an interview that
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aired yesterday on a chinese tv network. i'm not even going to look >> you should have. >> should not make light of it the thumb is how old. >> listen. >> 2,000. >> how mad is china at philly right now, we have jj reddick incident, and then ter cota thumb. what else can we do, philly. he is a delaware guy. >> there is a report inner d.c., he says typical philly fan. >> i clarified people in philly were upset because guy was from delaware. it is our delaware valley. >> he might have been an eagles fan. >> yes. >> somebody breaks off a 2,000 year-old thumb, i mean seriously, sue. >> well, i knew that was coming, and thank you for the entertainment. >> yes. these are the records we are
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trying to beat today. seventy today. seventy-two tomorrow. will fog prevent that from happening? we will let you know. that is the parking lot at the airport. you can get a space if you can find
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6:15. so here's is what happening. we've got this warm front sort of draped over the area. once that moves further are north, high pressure buildness we will get warmer temperatures coming from the southwest and hopefully a little bit of sunshine. that sunshine will help us get to our record high hopefully temperature of day but even if it doesn't it is still unusually mild. but first we have to get rid of the fog. we have half mile visibility at the airport but very foggy to the north and west of us, trenton reduced visibility 3 miles in millville this morning. just depends where you are but entire region under that dense fog advisory until 10:00 o'clock. here's the future cast it is not until around lunchtime one or 2:00 in the afternoon that you will start to see sun coming through and that will help temperatures, zooming up. so we are in the 40's and 50's right now, we will head to 70 degrees later on, hopefully record, 70 is the record so we
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will tie it. seventy-four tomorrow. much chillier on thursday and friday, 49 on thursday, 48 on friday, and milder temperatures over weekend but with that cold front hanging around we have at least a chance of a shower every day through the weekend. so, bob kelly, where does the jammo happen right now. >> the colds are hanging around. >> cold front. >> yeah. >> 6:17. live lot bennie coming into philadelphia all of the bridge s are slower then normal because of the poor visibility and montgomery county, chester county checking in with thick fog. here's i-95, barely make out brake lights here heading south past cottman avenue. here's four or five cars all with flat tires because of potholes on route one right here near oxford valley mall. this is one area steve keeley showed us last week. that is a rough start for these guys. we have now, a tanker truck that is leaking tar. they are telling me there is
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30 to 40 cars all pulled off to the shoulder, southbound, 295, between the commodore barry bridge down to the delaware memorial bridge because of the tanker truck has leaked tar all along that stretch of the roadway, 30 cars, now off to the shoulder, we will try to get a handle on it. we cannot fly sky fox over there but we will try to get images. 295 avoid it if you can, best bet to use the new jersey turnpike as you typically head south. and here an example of the both side of the delaware memorial bridge where roads are wet and dealing with the fog and we are seeing some delays now at philly international, mike and alex, back to you. tough one this morning, that is for sure, well, cruise to paradise takes an ugly turn after several brawls broke out on board. carnival is taking steps to keep this from happening again look at that. >> what started this thing, thomas. >> down right ugly. it took place near one of the nightclubs there involving 23 members of the same family, so
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put a little alcohol and members of the family, and there you have it, video, down right ugly. we saw the video. let's roll it again here. members of the family 23, they started harassing other passengers according to other passengers on the cruise ship. they say moment that family got on board they started harassing, threatening to stab them and throw them over board something happened after visiting that night club and they started to get in the brawl. big question if you look at security they are kicking some of the passengers on the ground so that is being investigated. we did know 23 members of the family were kicked off once the cruise ship dock in australia. >> the security i saw them hit a younger girl, so she was saying stop hit her, stop hitting. >> all right. once again in charges have
6:20 am
been brought here, carnival has since apologized and offering passengers 25 percent off future cruises but passengers say that is not the get get these passengers,m- were unrulely and enough was in the done mike and alex. >> security was very aggressive. >> it is being investigated, we will see. >> yeah. >> thomas. >> yes. >> you are a professional, beautifully done. >> yes. >> read ahead, you know the story. >> i try. 8 percent. >> no mummers costume, no problem. jason kelce firing up a different crowd with his latest speech, his message, to another group of philly under dogs, you know this story by now. >> jason kelce the motivational speaker. >> yeah, hanging out with the phillies and who wouldn't want to do that in clearwater. >> they are playing that for
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you. >> the candy man can.
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers. gain kapler has been preaching to be bold like the eagles who
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better to give that message to the team then jason kelce. he helpedded down to spring training for phillies first day of full squad work outs and he told phillies to not only embrace under dog role but to be honest abe push yourself each and every day. >> yes, you have to be aggressive and be confident enough to do, you know, what you think is right, i think that sometimes you can be thrown off by that but at the end of the day confidence i think breeds better play. >> major league baseball has announced rule change to help the pace of play, league is now limiting number of mound visits and reducing time for any inning brakes and pitching changes. eagles are still without an offensive coordinator but espn is reporting what we expect doug pederson is interviewing both duce staley and receivers coach mike grow to take over at offensive coordinator. that is sports in a minute. >> what about lagarrette blount, you know, is there still tons of talk about what
6:25 am
will happen to our eagles, it it sounds likely garrett blount would like to stay here in philadelphia. >> i like that. >> obviously i like it a lot there, they like me, they like me a lot there, so, it is a mutual respect and mutual agreement thing about how bee feel about each other. >> why wouldn't you want to stay with the super bell champ >> well, he went on to praise eagles running back coach duce staley who he called within of the best coaches he ever played for. he used to be on the patriots. since blount is a free agent, he will likely need to take less money to stay with the eagles. so the question is how much do you like eagles you? say you like them and want to stay but are you willing to give up money if you stay. >> if they hire duce to be the oc, you know, might be more incentive to stay. >> put your money where your mouth it or don't put it.
6:26 am
>> yes. >> anyway, we have sixers talk , we have some flyers talk flyers wasting no time in addressing their injury situation, last night the team traded for peter from the detroit red wings. the flyers gave up an conditional fourth round draft pick in 2018 and third round pick in 2019 to get red wings backup goalie, move comes after brian elliott was hurt earlier this month and then, michal neuvirth was hurt on sunday. so we are, very depleted at goalie. here's what i wondered about hockey, why not just get like a 400-pound man, to block the entire goal and then you wouldn't even have to move.
6:27 am
>> yes. >> i wonder if that has ever been considered, you have to be able to do the splits, hockey goalie is an amazing athlete. >> yes. >> we're getting a rap. i can't imagine why we are he getting wrapped on that discussion. >> we need to figure out how warm. >> i don't know, i was wrapped with attention. >> very nice. >> every word. >> of course, we have been telling but the fog, you cannot see it on radar but you will see a whole lot of nothing in some cases when you walk outside this morning h please keep your shoes on!
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early spring, how long will the 70-degree weather will stick around. >> temperatures. >> no, not at all. >> temperatures. >> how am i supposed to say it >> temperatures. >> temperatures. that is what i said. >> i know it, quit yelling at me. >> do you know your district? new congressional map has been approved by the state's top court, there it is, how it will impact voters in our area certainly has in the past. king's next reign be here in philadelphia, we have evidence that suggest that photo could be real very soon, um-hmm, he may be seriously considering coming to the sixers. an our city handle something like that? we would be so excited.
6:31 am
>> of course, we are a city of champions, thinks all total speculation we are just having fun. >> champions deserve a king. >> that is exactly right. >> i will be your king. >> no. >> good day everybody it is tuesday, february 20th, 2018. >> by the way, it is a couple things, it is national love your pet day, as opposed to hate your pet day. that is later on in march i think. >> okay. >> ides of march. >> that would work in, like a lion, out like a -- anyway. we want to see the pets thaw love. if you hate your dog and cat don't send in a picture but if you love your dog it is national love your pet day. >> samantha within of our producers, she says happy love your pet day to my birthday party. aj says that the bear is woken and bonnie and clyde say good day.
6:32 am
>> bonnie and clyde. >> they are dangerous. >> they are. >> they will steel you blind. >> we have in the seen a picture of roofus yet. >> i posted one. >> we have seen that dog. >> i was actually going to& bring him in we just had him in last week, well, you know, we don't want to wear out our welcome. temperatures in the 30's or 40 's or 50's. it depends where you are. later today we expect to be close to 70. buddy only has a sweat shirt on this morning through drizzle and fog, i think school bus will find its way, dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 o'clock for our entire, viewing area. nothing on radar, really but there is that included on the ground, fog less than a mile visibility at the airport this morning, call and check before you fly out this morning to see fur flight is delayed, 51 is our current temperature. we expect 61 at lunchtime. seventy by end of the day. it is still february. so, of course, that is
6:33 am
unusually mild and we may need to tie that record of 70 degrees by the end of the day bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 6:33. live look at 95, northeast philadelphia, an example what we are dealing with here really thick fog between cottman avenue all the way down to philly international coming from the suburbse bound 422, thick fog causing a delay from oaks to king of prussia here's very latest on this situation, a tanker, that rolled south on 295, drove south between the commodore barry bridge for about 9 miles , south of there, and leaking tar. so there is three to 40 cars that are pulled off to the side, with tar, either all over their tires, side of the roadway, just about ready to see some daylight so we will try to assess that situation. heading south this morning and you typically use 295 use the new jersey turnpike and avoid that whole area, southbound of the commodore barry bridge, mike and alex back over to you there was discussion in the news roomies fog a news
6:34 am
store i we termed it, yes, it is. >> especially if steve keeley 's on it. >> there is steve. >> all of those cars pulled over. >> i like when he does that with his hannan his face, very contemplate i have, do that again, i love that. >> reporter: do i that when i don't know i'm on camera and wondering what willie say to to make this news worthy. fog is news worthy and glad it is not a serious news fog story. how many times have you seen in the news zero seven car pile up when people are on the highway in fog and starts off with two car crash and don't see cars for last second and doing 60 that is how you get multi vehicle pile ups. thankfully we are on a nice fog story because we have how warm weather is. we have what will be a sunrise , sue i don't know if the sun will make it but we are on the banks of the cooper river where i am a regular runner and i showed jared, we used to be a black granite statue there but been flooded
6:35 am
so many times the black is gone, no more shine but still stand for 40 years now. there is boat house from across cooper river from pennsauken. the fact that we can see that says fog is lifting, not as bad there, high rise apartments over there. so fog is not as bad as it was earlier and not as bad as we have seen before this time of the day. this is a good news fog story. yes, fog is news because people are waking up you have to go slower. we had a guy fly bias he blew through a red light. ground wet. cannot stop as fast. >> that was excellent. why in the world is there a dolphin statue next to the cooper river, dolphins don't live in rivers. >> reporter: sometimes they do come upstream in the river, we have covered that we had a whale on the schuylkill river, so yes, dolphins do come up rivers but that is just art, mike, just art. >> it is art.
6:36 am
>> okay. >> thanks, steve. a disturbing incident unfolds outside a north philadelphia charter school where a teen was seen with a gun and now police need your help finding him. there is his photo, very clear in this photo. >> where did this all happen. >> reporter: it happened here last thursday but police just released the information to us fredrick douglas charter, mastery charter school, front doors here on 22nd street, here is video you need to see, watch closely a young man walks toward front door but before he gets there he pulls gun out, appears to cock weapon and then put it back in and then walks to the front doors trying to get inside but they were locked and so he left but not before he was caught on several different cameras this school under heavy surveillance. you have to be bussed in by school staff, once inside there are detectors for anyone who comes visit. one woman has two brothers who attend this school. >> i feel as though, kid, i think they should be ban guns
6:37 am
period, around here. toy guns, take them off the market, you know, change the laws on guns. it is not the school, it is moth the person it is when they get the done in the hand they feel as though they tough >> reporter: a lot of people have opinions on this in light of what happened last week when nikolas cruz took an uber to his former school, blended in with students and went on a shooting rampage this situation in philadelphia second one that happened since that florida massacre last friday as a studen tipped off police after what she saw was later discovered to be a toy gun at wagner middle school, that person was brought into custody and charged yesterday, 12 years old mike and alex. police are still searching for the man you saw in the video here they say that they believe he is between 13 and 16 years old, when is a student here they do not know but they want to talk to ask why. >> yeah why, what was he up to thank you for that. 6:37.
6:38 am
yesterday i'm sure you guys talked about more deaths from the flu but there is a little glimmer of good news here. health experts say that the number of flu visits to doctors, has gone down, and it is since in, business had been increasing each week this year has been one of the most intense flu seasons in more than 10 years, responsible for deaths of 84 children in our country. experts say that despite the slow down, it is still, will take, probably a couple more months to be completely out of the country. >> that is because yesterday we had news about another death in delaware. >> that is right. slowly coming down. well, pennsylvania state supreme court has released its version of the revised map of pennsylvania's congressional districts, have you seen it? there it is. >> this is 2011 version, old one, pennsylvania voting
6:39 am
district map ruled un constitutional. state's high court said it was in favor of republicans. that is old now lets switch over to the new. >> all right. >> there is the new, okay. >> among the changes philadelphia has two districts instead of three and in the suburbs political analyst say districts in chester, bucks, become more blue and revised map, and republicans are expected to challenge new map in federal court, as it stands now it will be in play for may 15th primaries. >> well, that will be a battle investigators still don't know what sparked this huge fire that gutted, one of our neighbors, buildings along the 200 block of chestnut street, basically third and chestnut in olde city, they say, 239 chestnut is unsafe and will be demolished. several other buildings on the block have smoke, water damage from the fire, early sunday morning, chestnut street is still shut down more than 48 hours after the fire, no
6:40 am
people were hurt but a lot of, several pets who lost their lives and a lot of people have no place to live. >> will it be just that specific building then. >> that one building, they will to have take it down but they will try to keep the fi sod because it is so historic from the 1700s but building next to it and little lion restaurant it looks like they will survive. >> some positive news. >> yes. confusion in chester county for sure, when an 11 year-old boy received a summons for jury duty, 11 year-old needs to go to injury i duty, come on, luke fox was thrilled to receive the envelope in the mail but problem is in the state of off to be 18 to serve on a jury. he might be only person thrilled. >> to be on jury duty knowing there may have been a mistake or must have been one his parents went on line to answer the summons, however on the jury questionnaire there was no space to say i'm only in
6:41 am
fifth grade. >> i was like i cannot believe this, and i was really excited >> basically said you have to still show up march 28th. >> we just didn't want, the sheriff showing up, or anything like that. >> after a couple phone calls clerk acknowledge the mistake and said luke was off the hook >> this is something weird. >> what? >> i have never been called for jury duty. >> just because you said it, you will get an invite next month. >> why is that? i'd like to sit on the jury just for an experience on some juicy case like a divorce or something. >> you wouldn't want to drag out for months. >> six or eight months. >> yes. >> one of the won where you are sequestered. >> would i love that hang out with bunch of strangers in a hotel but can't talk about the case, it would be cool. >> i'm sure it is not as cool
6:42 am
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updating two stop top stories right now accident involving a septa bus and tractor trailer at 5:30 this morning. september bus traveling along frankford avenue right underneath market frankford line a number five bus, collided with a tractor trailer right at intersection of frankford and orthodox, right there under the el, and, orthodox, also used the j bus, the connection that uses orthodox, remember back in the day, mens store was there and path's users, and frankford and orthodox, and, and, septa bus, and, passengers, and on the bus. now, the other problem we have had tanker, and, leaking taras it is traveling south on 295. so between commodore barry bridge interchange which is exit number 15 all the way dunn to exit number four leaving tar out of the back of the trailer.
6:46 am
it is about 30 to 40 cars that are pulled off to the side of the roadway where the combination of tar all over them, stuck on the tires, this is a situation trying to unfold. we are sending steve keeley try to get in there as close as he can maybe from the opposite side of the roadway but if you are traveling south , trying to get down toward the commodore barry, delaware memorial bridge, take new jersey turnpike that is way to go unless you want a black racing stripe up the side of your car. southbound i-95, and, back doors back to work and school, and, and, and, sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds. 6:46. lets check on the fog situation still pretty thick
6:47 am
in reading and lancaster. we have a mile quarter visibility in philadelphia that is not much. better in dover, delaware and along the shore points but as we mentioned earlier, we have come, it goes and dense fog advisory stays, until about 10:00 o'clock this morning, where we will assess conditions, as morning goes by but we do expect a few breaks in the cloud, later on this morning, or, by lunchtime probably at latest and we should get enough sunshine to get us in the 70's in a lot of places, and, cross your fingers, it is 39 degrees in kutztown. chilly morning there, and, pennsville at 52. and, 51 in bear. mount holy at 54. your average high is 45. we are already above the average high temperature. yesterday we got to 49. today, 70. and 74 for tomorrow. so that is a two day special because cold front comes through late wednesday night. raining on thursday. it is much chillier with a
6:48 am
high of 49. stays in the 40's for friday. milder but we have a chance of rain each day of the weekend, mike and alex. >> lets get to our, executive producer, tom loudon, who i know is a life long philadelphia sports fans, he says there is a possibility that this instagram is a hint of lebron james maybe considering coming to the philadelphia 76ers. >> ben simmons and lebron all hanging out, laughing. >> this is at the all-star weekend, in los angeles. >> yes. >> all right. >> so tom, give us more evidence to support your theory. >> all right, mike we will get back to that in a second. that is significant. lebron always puts hints out there on social media. this started last week when he started talking about this first thing you have to see is a interview with lebron after he made a trade to the cavilers is this team good enough. he said they have some teams they have to catch up to.
6:49 am
>> yes, and, and, it is time to get that, watch my film, and we have to do that and not only boston, toronto, philadelphia. >> now mike, that caught my attention right away because at the time sixers were the eighth seed in the east. they were eighth seed. lebron's calves were third were are they trying to catch up with the sixers. he is thinking whether them. he is taking notice. couple days after that he was on vacation before the all-star game, and he posted this picture sit back having a drink watching the game, look as he is watching, sixers verse heat. >> yes. >> wasn't dwayne wade playing then. >> it is his buddy dwayne wade to check in on him but couple hours after that he did another instagram story, where he was playing nba 2k. who was he playing as? himself and cavilers or warriors. no, he was playing as sixers
6:50 am
and he pointed out that his buddy ben simmons had a triple double, where in real life that he just watched, had a triple double. >> okay. >> that brings us to this weekend with ben simmons post. put that backup. it is ben simmons, lebron, christian thompson and john wall. key is the caption. june 30th at midnight what happened july 1st? nba free agency. who is a free agent on july 1st. lebron james. we know lebron and ben have the same agent, team clutch, lebron has been talking him up i'm just saying it is a possibility. >> do you think he is talking to thompson or one of the other guys. >> no, thompson, i know he is dating kardashians but he is not worth a instagram post and john wall we have a point guard. it business one guy. lebron has been dropping hints will it happen? i don't know. it is a possibility. if you think about it, it
6:51 am
makes most sense. if he goes anywhere in the west he is not going to be the favorite. and comes here to the east sixers with embiid and simmons they immediately become favorite of one of two in boston and knock his old friend kyrie out of the playoffs. >> but is he definitely leaving cleveland there was a story that said, the moves they make enticed him to stay, but he seems to have problems with the ownership. he will, and come play. >> yes. >> cleveland ever forgive him because that is after the first time. >> he gave them their championship. >> he is free to go now. >> i think you are free to go. >> okay. >> coming home, like he would never leave again. >> i'm going with tom. >> it is a done deal. >> lebron james files. >> if he does come we can credit you for this, so thank you. >> thanks, tom.
6:52 am
>> excellent job. >> if there is one thing you can count on at kfc, of course , it is chicken. >> yes, what they are known for, it is chicken. >> well, they would be no c in kfc if there wasn't chicken, come on: what is weird here is on the knew united kingdom they may be running out of chick hone but that a chicken shortage. [narrator] look around.
6:53 am
if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education? we say, if there's a better path, you should take it.
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and when there isn't, well, you know where i'm going with that. don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up. take your page from one that hasn't been written. we took two renowned universities, including a premiere medical school, and created a single university that defies convention. at jefferson, we're making modern look old and making old look new and making sure new is not enough. we're adding more weight to your degrees and more meaning to your careers, going where others wouldn't dare, making connections few think to make, and setting tomorrow's standards by breaking today's, because we believe the lines that are drawn are meant to be crossed. that's where the future is born. and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be.
6:55 am
can you call kentucky fried chick even if they don't have chicken it would be kentucky fried. >> maybe easier to say kf. we're going to kf. >> well, kf this. well, kay uses in the uk as hundreds of kfc, because they ran out of chicken. >> yes. >> they distributed the
6:56 am
chicken late or not at all, leading to a major shortage at the restaurants. 900kfc locations in the uk and only 300 of them opened up yesterday. and, i have to say this has happened to me in our area no way. >> we were out on the story, pulled up, we saw people standing outside. why are they standing outside. they are out of chicken. how are you out of chicken what do you order mashed potatoes, cole slaw. >> i like their rolls. >> yes. >> listen. >> the buns you cannot have kf c without chicken, it is taco bowl without ground beef, dairy queen without shakes, ruby tuesday's without a salad , apple bees without ribs >> we could go all day long. >> what will you do. >> chick-fil-a without waffle fries. >> it is like "good day philadelphia" without weather and traffic. >> yes. >> let me ask you a question drive throughs in the uk is it on the other side of the building. >> yes. >> it really is. >> he answer that had quickly.
6:57 am
>> just wondering. >> these are the records to beat, today's record 70. tomorrow 72. just wondering. these are the things we think of. this is a tease, we will have your forecast coming up. is there
6:58 am
6:59 am
oh, take that, a little
7:00 am
taste of spring, after this fog clears. temperatures expect into the 70's today, and, it is going to stay there. how long? sue will tell you. a gun scare at a local school. >> i'm scared, i'm scared for their life. >> police asking for help find ing this young man seen trying to get into a school with a gun just one day after the deadly shooting in florida raising the red flag? local states considering laws that would allow families to have gun rights stripped from people who show warning signs of violence? would this prevent future mass shootings or does it violate the second amendment. autism break through how a new test could help doctors diagnosis the condition in children at a very early stage and fergie says that she tried her


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