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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 23, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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take look. recognize this guy? police say he groped a teenaged girl at a local target and now they want to find him before he tries it again. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. police are calling this guy a creep after they say he grabbed a 13-year-old girl while she was shopping with her mom. fox 29's brad sattin is in bucks county with the concern from parents. >> reporter: bensalem police want to make sure this guy doesn't strike again. they do have a clear photo of him, and they hope someone out there recognizes him. via 13-year-old daughter myself it's very frightening. >> reporter: frightening someone is so brazen. bensalem police say this man allegedly inappropriately grabbed a 13-year-old girl who was with her mother inside the neshaminy target store wednesday night. calling him a criminal and sexual predator. they want him caught before he can strike again. target responding quickly saying, we are aware of the incident and take situations like this very seriously. as soon as the incident occurred, our team members
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called the police and shared security images with them ". >> even if you're in a store or shopping mall i think those feel like safe places for parents with their children. oftentimes they'll separate children walk around on their own. probably not a good idea to be doing that. it's a shame that's what it's come to. >> it's a nightmare plus the girl herself could be traumatized for years. it's not just what happened. it's what could have happened. >> reporter: police want to find the man before anything else happens. if you know who he is, call bensalem police. >> locate them and take care what has to be done lock his bleep up. >> reporter: police are telling me tonight they're not aware of any other reports involving this man. they do believe someone watching knows who he is. if it's you, give police a call. in bensalem, brad sattin, fox 29 news. foggy and wet in ocean city, n, right now. as we head into the weekend, this picture is not going to get any better. scott, are we talking about a total washout here? >> not a complete washout, dawn. but really what you see is what you'll get for much of the upcoming weekend.
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it's cloudy and chilly. we have areas of fog and drizzle right now. reduced visibilities in fact you can see across much of the delaware valley. so just keep that in mind late tonight first thing tomorrow morning. but often to the south and west more moisture and that is headed right in our direction. temperature wise right now, pretty uniform. low to mid 40s out there. we'll hold pretty steady for tonight. we'll go hour by hour for your saturday keep the umbrellas handy looking at temperatures by 9am49 degrees. shower chances for much of the day but look at the temperatures topping outside in the mid 50s for saturday and nearing 60 degrees by sunday. coming up we'll time out the rainfall hour by hour and also look at the rainfall totals where you live and when we will see the sunshine again. dawn? >> all right, thank you scott. now to developing story out of parkland, florida where teachers are returning to stoneman douglas high school nine days after a gunman opened
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fire killing 17. school officials say they are taking their time reopening providing counseling and other resources to faculty and staff. they want to make sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible. police across the cup tree not taking any chances after the mass shooting in florida. here in our area, a rash of school threats. one in delaware county just today. our joanne pileggi spoke with police and concerned parents. >> reporter: well this latest incident is part of a wave of new threats since the horrific school shooting in parkland last week. >> everybody is hyper vigilant based on the current circumstances around the country. >> reporter: police in radnor township were called to the high school after a student social media post was considered a potential threat. >> we responded promptly over there to determine that there was a student involved in some messaging that went on. >> i don't think we're ever over reactioning you because never know. you never know if a threat is real or not. >> reporter: these horrific
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images seem etched in our collective memory at this point. students running from their high school in parkland, florida, last week. former student with an ar-15 went on a rampage killing 17. since then, there's been a rash of threats at area schools. at radnor high, and also at pennridge high in bucks county and at a middle school in vineland, new jersey and at west deptford high in gloucester county. at pennridge the district says "out of abundance of caution the pennridge regional police department will be more visible than usual at the high school in the upcoming days. we appreciate their assistance in keeping school safety our priority ". >> the public is weigh in very heavily how these matters are taken want the end result is. >> reporter: no doubt parents and educators are on edge about school safety. mary is an occupational therapist and special needs teacher. >> i have real fears because i
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see the behaviors that are nerve racking enough as it is now and i really am concerned about what we're going to see. i think there's a whole generation of kids who are having issues right now. >> reporter: police here are still investigating this potential threat along with the da's office the school district plans to hold a series of assemblies in the next couple of weeks to review safety protocols n radnor township, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. two men under arrest in connection with a string of armed robberies and thefts at walmarts across our area dating back to july of last year. police say 26 yeared oh marquise foreman and 28-year-old john beverly targeted walmarts in seven different pennsylvania counties. the latest occurred on januar january 7th of this year and that case foreman put to a gun to a store employee's head and demanded 20i phones in display case. they got away with $52,000 in all in phones, laptops, speake speakers, bed comfort and more
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according to investigators. they are charged with 40 felony counts of robbery with the threat of serious bodily injury. retail theft and many other related charges. the parkland school district in lehigh county hoping to reopen its schools monday after more than two dozen buses went up in flames. canceling classes today. flames broke out around thee this morning at a bus garage in south whitehall township. 25 school buses were destroyed including 16 that were gut the. stephanie and her daughters woke up to the smell of smoke. >> we heard sounds that sounded like explosions so we wanted to come down here just in case the building would go. >> we got to pull a lot of metal aluminum from the building to get it off the top so the fire marshal can do his job. >> the did he say trick says it's leasing and repairing buses for monday's expect resumption of classes. it's fleet is fully insured. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it must come down. that is the message from
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philadelphia officials about the old city building ravaged by a massive fire. this say it's just too dangero dangerous. the demolition is forcing local businesses to close. some for months. fox 29's shawnette wilson live at the scene in old city with more on the demolition's impact. shawnette. >> reporter: well, dawn, the little lion restaurant behind me expects to be closed for about two months that's what the own owner tells mean the museum of the american revolution is open right now but people must enter on the third street side because chestnut street side closed. businesses remain open are concerned that road closures could affect foot at a traffic. the only activity in the historic district is flashing police lights at third and chestnut signaling the road is closed. it's been five days since a fire destroyed a building on the 2200 block of chestnut street and the cause is still unknown. >> this is really shock. >> reporter: also uncertain the future of businesses here. as officials shut down a section of the area on monday for a week
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while crews began demolition bob owns abi quick shop a souvenir store on third street. >> it was one week that's okay but otherwise, you know, i don't know what to do report roar his store and others across the street where the fire happened are allowed to stay open but they wonder if streets being closed will keep a lot of customers away. >> actually, we get a bit busier during lunch but that's probably because couple businesses were closed. >> i think the latest was they said maybe two weeks they will allow us to begin assessing damages and look inside. little bit more thoroughly. >> chris young pre-diabetic he'll be closed for at least two months which will be rough on his nearly 80 employees. >> we did reach out to the restaurant community and almost 40 restaurants responded and offered magnitude jobs, um, to our staff temporarily which is really remarkable. >> reporter: young is remaining optimistic. >> we'll be back and definitely be looking to add to the city
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again. >> reporter: and for a list of the streets that will be closed go to before you head to the area. dawn? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. tonight five people charged with filing false applications and collecting tens of thousands of dollars in relief money in connection with super storm san. they're accused of receiving money from fema and other state grants that did not belong to them. the guy you see at the top there 64-year-old david silva is from our area. he's from egg harbor township. police say the number of people charged in these cases since march of 2014 now stands at 109. a few eighth graders up past occur fee few to play hockey. >> yup it's amara thon that some students waited years to play in. it's an age old question literally, why do some people age better than others? well, scientists think they have the answer. and people dress their best for the epilepsy foundation of eastern pennsylvania's 11th
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annual mardi gras gala. this year's host right there our own fox 29's chris o'connell. that's where he is tonight if you were wondering. the foundation's goal is to raise money and awareness to find a cure and overcome challenges created by epilepsy.
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♪ the shooting that killed a woman driving down broad street may be a case of mistaken identity or road rage according to police. 23-year-old tyesha timmons was hit by gunfire driving her van with sick family members including three children this was wednesday night. fox 29 has new surveillance video that shows the seconds after the shots rang out. you can see the van crosses over the median, barely missing another car before then crashing into a building. >> only thing we do know the occupants of the car didn't bring this upon themselves. our hearts go out to the victim's family it's terrible what happened to this young lady. it shouldn't happen to anybody. >> as police search for whoever is responsible, a memorial has been set up at the site of the
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accident near broad street and old york road in honor of timmons. the search is on tonight for a man police say is exposing himself to people in delaware. police hoping someone recognizes him. this september of the man new castle county police say is exposing himself. police say there were two incidents this month so far in north gray land crest and roselle sections in wilmington. in both cases, a guy driving a green car made contact with girls walking and then exposed himself. if you know who he is, give police a call. developing now, some local students making their voices heard when it comes to gun control. students at the west town school in west chester rallying this afternoon with a moment of silence for all the shooting victims in florida. you can see many of them are carrying signs with powerful messages for stricter gun control measures. few of the students taking to the stage demanding action from lawmakers. >> we are fed up and tired of the nra continue to go lobby for
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less strict gun laws and for more guns on our streets. we know that more guns crees more danger and we are prepare to demand that all politicians refuse this money which halts progress to reform gun control an allow for more mass tragedies to occur. [ applause ] >> after the rally students gathered inside for an action workshop. meantime students in montgomery county are putting their hockey skills to the test and they're not stopping for hours. it's all part of amara thon to raise money for charity. our bill rohrer spoke with excited eighth graders about how important this annual tradition is to them. >> reporter: annual nor hockey challenge for the last 42 years, eighth graders have been tearing up the gym floor with hockey skills good i have look forward to the keith valley challenge since fifth grade. i told my mom, mom, eighth grade only four more years or, mom, only two more years, mom, it's next week. mom, it's today.
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>> i cannot fall asleep last night just thinking about. i had my outfit laying on the ground all the stuff i was going to wear. really fun experience roar report hockey marathon of sorts. 32 teams will rotate and play every 15 minutes until midnight. >> it's not about the winning or losing just about having a chance to come together as school and play a hockey marathon and have a good time. eat food and raise money report roar this year the event has raised over $40,000 and the money will be donated to the make a wish foundation. making the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses come true. >> started back in 1977 as a way for students to honor classmate who passed away and in the last 42 years the event raised over million dollars. >> eighth grader is trying to work on her nerves. while waiting to play in her game. >> it's so nerve racking but it's also like so fun it's like am i going to do a fake out. just the greatest experience of my life. >> the team that raised the most money will play the keith valley faculty. >> i know we use hockey as the
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context it impresses me that students really get what this about. >> reporter: in horsham, bill rohrer fox 29 news. in your health tonight, scientists now have a better idea of why some people age better than others. we know the brain shrinks as it ages but it turns out 5% of the population are considered super agers. these are people over the age of 80 who have the same thinking and memory skills as someone much younger. after looking at autopsies experts say super agers have a special kind of nerve cell deep in their brains they say that is what keeps their brains from slinging as quickly over time. damp and drear across our region. including rye here in reading nasty couple of days outside. so i guess we're in for more of the same, scott. >> yeah, i mean it keeps coming on the weekend. so the timing for dam and dreary conditions you guessed it another weekend it looks like that will be the case as we move toward this weekend, not a
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complete wash out but we're watching the percentages. saturday morning about a 40% chance. then things ramp up in the afternoon. overnight saturday into sunday morning, we're looking at 90% chance but by sunday afternoon i think we'll finally start to dry out and that percentage will go down to 20%. we have the cloud cover. we have the fog, mist and drizzle but most of the heavy rain still off to the west but it will head right in our direction for the upcoming weekend. we'll go hour by hour. saturday morning, some drizzle and fog. but look at the clock. by the afternoon we're watching for scattered showers moving back in. then heavy rainfall for your dinner plans. headed out overnight saturday into sunday morning, we're looking at more rain some of which could be heavy at times. look at the yellow. look at the orange. moving through from a time frame of about 8am until maybe 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon before we finally get that system out of
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here. we'll dry out, cloud could have will diminish in time for the upcoming work week. so, yeah that's the timing we've been dealing with as we talk about rainfall totals maybe an additional inch north and west toward the lehigh valley. closing in on an inch for philadelphia and almost half an inch down the shore. temperature wise right now we're in the low to mid 40s. we'll hold pretty steady for the overnight with those low temperatures dipping into the upper 30s north and west to low 40s for the city and then down the shore temperatures in the low 40s. so for tomorrow, across the area we're looking at mid 40s for the pocono mountains. the rainfall it's moving in keep that in mind if you'll be hitting the slopes. we're looking at temperatures lehigh valley low 50s. mid 50s along the i-95 corridor. upper 50s for places like millville and also atlantic ci city. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you wet weather especially saturday night into sunday. the first part of the day but
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temperatures will be milder. chai chasing 60 for your sunday and then upper 50s as we move toward early next week but then by the end of next week, we're looking at more clouds and cooler conditions just in time as we head toward, yeah, the next weekend. dawn? >> all right, thank you, scott. tom srendenschek in the house with what's coming up in sports. >> dawn, good to be here. thank you. ncaa seems to be on the brink of a major scandal. but what happened in west philadelphia the last two nights is good for the purist soul. my thoughts why are coming you neck. ♪
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.♪ in a shocking development just into fox news there's corruption in ncaa college basketball. didn't take you till 11:20 on friday night for to you probably figure that out. ya had sports is reporting that the fbi is deep into a probe that could change the sport forever. we're talking powerhouse names, big named programs. the dukes, kansas, kentucky, michigan state. it's sickening but not really shocking.
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but there are also reminders in our own backyard of basketball hope. drexel last night making history with largest come back win in division one history. 34 points over delaware. dragons won the yale 85-83 tonight over in west philadelphia, penn moved closer to an ivy league regular season title. quakers would still have to win the ivy tournament a step closer to their first trip to the ncaa tournament in 11 seasons. now, penn is in the going to win game if they get to the tournament. let's be honest. drexel they might not even get there. but these stories, they're the ones we root for in college basketball. they're the reasons we still love college basketball. let the oohs and slime drip from the high and mighty. their day is apparently coming and the air is about to come out. but in the last two days, the last two nights, right here in west philadelphia, my heartfelt some basketball purification. dawn? >> absolutely. thank you. well if you love meatballs and pizza you might like this.
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al olive garden come and were i was new lunch item which combines the too meet ball pizza bowl. bowl made from pizza dough and filled with meet paul's, cheese and meet cause much it's a lunch item but most restaurant locations will probably serve it for you for dinner if you ask. maybe breakfast, tom. good all right. losing battery apple says it can help the tech company new air power device is expected to start shipping as early as march. the pad is the first official wireless charging accessory. it's designed to refuel many apple products from your iphone, your i-pod, apple watch, all at the same time. not clear of the cost. i know you're thinking about that pizza bowl. >> very hungry right now. >> that will do it for us tonight at 11:00. up next tmz followed by page six at midnight. >> ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. so olympics last night, the german figure skater said i'll skate to "schlinder's list." >> nicole's performing to "schlinder's list." >> a lot of skaters have used this song. johnny weir has used it. harvey: it's different to me when a german does it. >> she didn't do any actions or anything, did she? >> no, she wasn't skating like this -- [laughter] >> we got kanye west and kourtney kardashian. we talked about kylie jenner. she posted a tweet saying she doesn't use snapchap anymore. >> kylie doesn't use snapchat anymore. it cost the company money. harvey: that tweet is remarkable. >> and the stock went down 7%. >> it dropped $1.3 billion in market cap. harvey: oh, my god. >> we got zendaya and tom holland. there have been all of these rumors they've been dating. >> you guys are a pretty cute


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