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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 25, 2018 10:00pm-10:36pm EST

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what happened to the sun, what's ahead of of us? because we could get use to this warm and, we kn . live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 10:00. gunfire at an eventful of kids sends families running.
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opportunity man is accused of shooting another man at a local athletic club. thanks for joining us i'm iain >> i'm lucy noland, this happened before a charity boxing match. latest from brad sattin. the latest from falls township bucks county. >> reporter: the good news is at least police know who they're looking for. it was the result of a domestic dispute which started as a charity boxing event, turned into a chaotic scene >> kids were crying and everybody was crying, adults were crying. >> the owner of pens bury react club describing the chaos, moments earlier, a charity boxing event set to begin featuring children as young as eight years old, a well promoted fund-raiser for the bensalem gym gymnastics team. more than 100 people there for fun when suddenly in the hallway outside the gym >> we heard a bank.
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>> at first i thought it was am am flyer. i had no idea, people started screaming and running and going crazy, and we heard somebody got a didn't and somebody is down on the floor. >> reporter: police say this man, 33-year-old lewis median in a with ties to camden and burlington counties allegedly fired the shot at the ex-husband of his former girlfriend >> he went to shake his hand and it was met with a slap in a hand way and that's where words were exchanged. >> reporter: a handgun pulled with the ex-husband shot once in the back. at least a dozen payable in the narrow hallway when the shot fired >> we had people climbed underneath the boxing rink other people running to other rooms. locked themselves in. >> reporter: the suspect took off. pens bury react club is child focused within indoor soccer, summer cams, junior tennis and saturday nights charity event which was abruptly cancelled
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because of what police say was a domestic dispute with an arm man didn't seem to care surrounded by children >> i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: the owner says the events did have security folks on hand but the guy apparently just plowed. >> technical difficulties there with brad. apologize for that. developing in overbrook. a man is in critical condition, after someone opened fire on the 5400 block of unique lin street. three bullets hit the 23-year-old man, they found him with two guns on him, no signs of the shooter. call police if you know anything about what happened there. in claymont delaware, a tour bus carrying dozens of passengers caught fire. investigators trying to figure out how it happened. it started as the bus was heading north on 495 as the highway merges. it was on its way from new york from washington, dc way stop in philadelphia, investigators say
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the flames started in the back of the bus. >> they get here and see fire come out of the bus, luckily the occupants were able to get off the bus unassisted. >> no other cars were involved. all lanes have reopened. most of the people on the bus were tourists from china. 35 people boarded a majority bus. students, families and staff return to marjorie stoneman douglas high school where various support services were offered for the community still in shock. two weeks after the shoot be rampage left 17 dead and more than a dozen wounded students expected to return to classes. local sheriff's department coming under fire. after details of multiple armed officers not acting sooner. some were calling on local sheriff to resign, fox's matt finn has details. >> we understand everything wasn't done perfectly >> broward county sheriff scott
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israel sparking outrage defending his department's response to the shooting in parkland. new claims, at least three sheriff deputies waited outside marjorie stoneman douglas high school while the shooter killed multiple people >> deputies make mistakes, police officers make mistakes >> representative bill heyinger and those who live in the community calling on rick scott to remove israel from his post. claiming the top cop is guilty of neglect and incompetence >> it was a shame full letter, i never met that man, he doesn't know anything about me. and the letter was full of misinformation. >> on thursday, armed school resource officer deputy scott pederson resigned after accusations did he did nothing, rick scott is focusing on preventing another tragedy >> we have to make sure our schools are safe. law enforcement.
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harden the schools. we got to make sure we deal with fact that there are people out there that have mental illness issues, they shouldn't have access. >> reporter: rick scott is calling for an investigation into the response at the high school. governor is asking the florida department of law enforcement to investigate. in parkland florida, matt finn fox news. . today at the lower merion area high school, students had the chance to talk with one of the survivors, fox 29 sabina kuriakose has the details. >> like as fast as we could, outside the school, outside of the building. and just never looked back. >> reporter: marjorie stoneman douglas high school jared block on video chat with group of students from the lower merion high school. jared, a cherry hill native told of his harrowing or deal hiding in a closet before swat team
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members broke down the door. the 16-year-old's message one of survival, hope and encouragement >> i'm still alive, i'm the lucky one and i'm going to be the voice to the 17 people who can't. >> reporter: the teen appearing alongside his parents sunday morning. audience filled with kids his age, who see a bit of themselves in this survivor. now, motivated to help him create change, people like 17-year-old hannah. >> we need to speak up for those who don't have a voice. that's what jared said and that's what everybody need to do >> what i took away, it can happen in anybody's community. feels abstract >> she watched coverage of the shooting but video chatting with jared is what brought the horror home >> i already feel motivated to write letters and get out and go to marches after hearing that >> i'm extremely proud of my nephew
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>> leaning and jared's strength to help motivate others >> to take this moment and not just want to run away because it's painful but to take this and do something about it to make a change. >> reporter: the students we spoke with today say say do, indeed be plan to continue the dialogue they were a part of at this panel, many tell us they want to walk in the national student, led march for our lives happening next month. in narberth, sabina kuriakose, fox 5 local news. the wake of that florida school shooting, the voorhees new jersey police department will hold a school safety forum, this is what iron high school looked like last week when the students walked out to show solidarity with the people of parkland and to raise awareness for gun control. tomorrow's safety forum will be held at 6:00 at voorhees middle school theater. congress back in session. they will be coming back under pressure on gun rights and control. some lawmakers working on bills
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in response to the massacre. it's been an extremely rough flu season. joyce evans joinses where she caught up way doctor who seen it all. >> reporter: he certainly has and so many more, mainline healthy, lankenau has been particularly hard hit. overrun but new government stats showing that the flu is on the run. at least for right now. >> definitely good news. >> reporter: attending physician, jeremy pose in her and other staff at lankenau's emergency department breathing easier, now that the flu nightmare appears to be levelling off >> we we're seeing the number plateau >> he remind us although the cdc shows the number death and new
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diagnosis are trending downward >> it's hopeful thing will continue on the down turn. >> reporter: there's plenty more flu season to go along with other illnesses that often are mistaken for the flu if not tested >> people can have viruses which mimics the cold, rsv. >> reporter: it's been causing a crush in an emergency department and trauma center one year away from expanding to twice its size, dr. posener said they can use that now >> it will help us deal with surges that happen this time of year. >> reporter: he advises people not to let their guard down, take precautions if you do get sick, try to keep it to yourself >> you can transit the illness usually a day before it begins and several days afterwards. we recommend that people tend to
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rer on the side of conservative. >> reporter: good advice, researchers are already using what doctors found that was preventing this season's flu vaccine from working so well to hopefully come up with a more effective flu vaccine next season. lucy >> thank you much. two people have died in a head-on crash in chester county. investigators are looking into what went wrong. it happened around 8:00 this morning in the east whiteland township. pleas say a driver was heading wrong way on 202. both drivers died. authorities shut down the road as they investigated. everything is back open. police have not yet released the identifies of those two died. a live look outside at reading. rain finally stopped. just in time for many of us to
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head back to work. kathy, what you got >> we got fog out there, lucy, the showers are gone. but low clouds and fog visibility down to a mile and the poconos you can see two and a half miles in pottstown. cool temperatures but they will be warming up quickly tomorrow, so a sunny stretch we'll want to have stick around for awhile. but not going to. we'll talk about that with your seven-day forecast coming up >> thanks. still ahead, teachers are waiting they're getting ready for hand-in-hand combat. you know why. jason kelce became a philly legend with a
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. schools back in session with the parkland school district in lehigh county after a fire damage more than two dozen busses. fire forced the closure of schools, all day, no one is hurt. investigator looking into what started it ground will be broken on a temporary memorial honoring the victims of deadly pulls night club shooting in orlando. fox matt treza reports. >> reporter: kneel is head of security for the pulse night club he remembers what it was like when the bullets started flying >> when i looked to my left i started seeing sparks from the other dance floor because that's where he started. and that's when i told everybody to get up and follow me. so then, i took them out the back entrance >> he's one of the people who
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turned out at a community meeting to get people's input on a permanent memorial >> it's become something big for the community. so any time pulled does something i try to make sure i'm there >> it's amazing it will give healing, somewhere you can mourn and people from all over to come and see what happened in orlando florida. >> barbara said she wants to make sure that everyone's thoughts are heard >> we just want to engage the community in every way possible they would want to be involved in this process and here r hear their voices >> the meeting set for next saturday at the public library in downtown orlando, she hopes for the permanent memorial to be finished within two years. matt treza fox news. >> a group of teachers is being proactive to protect themselves and students. educators in texas are going to an active shooter seminar
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learning self-defense. they didn't just learn ways to physically fight back they learn how to administer first aid >> the president prominent locking horns to the democratic memo relating to the russian meddling investigation. >> reporter: president trump voiced particular frustration with congressman adam schiff. the top democratic who led the efforts to get the democratic memo written and released the president called him a bad guy who is prone to like al all sort of information. he said he's proud and contends that the president is still annoyed about what happened with his son. donald trump junior when he testified at the end of last year in front of the house intelligence committee. >> our position is and the republicans have adopted it, if witnesses refuse to answer questions and make bogus claims of privilege as he did, as steve
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bannon did we call them out. the president doesn't like that. that's not a like. it's a fact. it's didn't disclose testimony he gave. it disclosed privilege that he asserted. i'm not surprised the president doesn't like it. i'm not surprised that the white house tried to bury this memo response as long as they could. >> congressman schiff said the democratic memo makes it clear that the fbi, quote, acted appropriately and did not mislead the secret fisa corporate. president trump disagrees and said the democratic does not clear up any lingering of the fisa questions and shows no evidence with collusion with russia during the 2016 election. >> i will tell you that was really just a confirmation of if you call it the republican memo or the nunez memo, it's referred to a lot of things, that was nothing but a confirmation, and a lot of bad things happened on the other side. not on this side but on the other side. look into it because what they
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did, is really fraudulent and somebody should be looking into that. >> new reaction from the white house on north korea's offer by the south korean the to open up talk it's with the u.s. the white house said it remains to be seen if this represents the first step along the path to defor a nuclearation. leakage faced allegations of inappropriate behavior towards female employees and campaign aids in a facebook post. leach cited attacks but said how unappealing congress become he would remain in the senate. he announced in december he would step back after the filled inquirer published the allegations. jason kelce back in his mummers custom for a mar gras tradition.
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last time you saw him in this outfit he was making his iain paigic speech. he joined the string band who lent him the costume. kelce played the saxophone as they strutted down main street for the fifth annual mar gras parade. weather did not impact the unofficial kickoff to st. patrick's day festivities. irish bands and food and drink and dancing, the st. patrick's day association fop hero's hall. and kathy and bob kelly had so much fun, st. patrick blessed those responding to the call of the needy, the grand marshall is deservedly sister mary skullian. meanwhile we have exciting news about a dream vacation you can win in our bob kelly explain.
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>> it's bob kelly who wants to go to ireland, we're give away a trip all this week, all you have to do is watch good day and wait for the word of day and once you have the word, you enter it on our website -- remember, there will be a new word each and every day. >> fantastic, that trip is courtesy of aer lingus and the philadelphia travel and venture show. more information, head to and you can watch the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade sunday march 11th here on fox 29. the snapchat filters give you the youthful glow, people are heading to the plastic surgeon's office. septa is making change in time for the work week.
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times have changed the spring schedules for transit services in both city and suburbs took effect. most changes are miles an hour time adjustments it's for busses and trolls and subways, for all r for your a full list head to snapchat is the ap that lets you take pictures and send them to your friends and they disappear. one plastic surgeon said it's creating a new condition. fox's brian scott has more.
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>> reporter: the rules have changed the camera always at hand and reality comes in your favorites filter. >> i'm into the slum bumper filter. it has a vine at this point >> i usually use the ones with the hearts >> for instagram i use the what willden filter >> choose your ap and filter up. you can be a bunny with giant eyes or maybe sport a beard your own face or what about smoothing out all those features? taking off a good five ten year >> that's the look some are having trouble believing >> we don't have the as soon as or technology. >> dr. jay math matthew say patients are asking him, i want to have smaller pore size >> one cosmetic surgeon calling it snapchat dysmorphia brought
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on by social media filters >> they go in different parts of the skin. >> dr. knight said even with the technology these perfecting looks aren't safe to achieve or possible >> the problem is human beings look a certain way and that's not always represented. >> reporter: have fun with the filter >> makes you feel good. >> reporter: find beauty in the mirror too. brian scott fox news. kind of a strange mcdonald's drive-through outside atlanta you see guys on horses and they start hitting the horses. the guy who took the video didn't want to be identified said the rider showed up. cut the line and all of a sudden one guy started hitting the other. animal services is now investigating. they're hoping someone knows who the guys are >> and they can press charges for animal cruelty >> 99 years old and survived being held hostage by a gunman.
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weekend weather leaving a path of destruction across lots of country, including parts of pennsylvania. >> for us, it's quiet. we're talking about the rain showers moving to south, the sun comes back. it will be a mild stretch but not for long. we'll take a look at the seven-day coming up. - [narrator] look around.
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. the search is on for the person who opened fire in south philadelphia, someone shot a 31-year-old this morning, the pluto hit the man in his stomach. he's in the hospital in stable. police have not yet made any arrests's. from deadly tornados in south to historic flooding in ohio river valley, at least five people are dead. for some. fox's will carr has more. >> you never can take mother
10:30 pm
nature for granted. >> reporter: heavy rain sent the ohio river to its highest in 20 year >> my family is gathered together and moved the furniture out, the appliances and watching the water. >> reporter: drench communities from ohio to texas, the threat continues to put thousands on edge. >> we'll stay on this until the sunshines bright and we can welcome spring. >> reporter: neighboring kentucky. three tornados touch done on saturday 120 miles per hour winds leaving a trail of devastation across the southeast >> heard it raining and i heard loud roaring noise and all of a sudden, my roof just started peeling up. >> reporter: for one tennessee family, a miracle, neighbors coming together to help free a
10:31 pm
dog under the rubble of their destroyed home. the wild weather is expected to extend into the first half of the work week, governors in missouri, indiana and illinois have declared disaster emergencies and flood watches and warnings remain in place several states. while carr fox 29 let's check on your forecast now. dreary out there but skies are clearing. kathy is here. we're in old city where we have the green. we're going to drag this into st. patrick's day, the parade coming up in a couple of weeks. the skies are clearing, temperatures 47, we made it to 48. the wind is calm and skies cheer clearing, ware clearing it out. some areas of fog to be concerned about, mild visibility in the poconos half mile in milling two and a half mile visibility in wildwood. the atmosphere will dry out. the fog will lift.
10:32 pm
we expect sunshine. we'll have a good start with temperatures in the 40's. these numbers close to normal for this time of year. pretty nice. poconos northwesterly wind, temperature 41, 44 in pottstown, 48 in wilmington, 46 in dover and 46 in wildwood. as we look at the northeast, you can see the visibility looking pretty good. unlimited in toronto. milder air ahead, chilly air through boston, through new york and new england where they had snow, sleet and rain, cold to the north it will stay there. no real arctic air outbreaks expected in the next week, then running out of time. mild air to the south, builds back in as we have high pressure off the coast and we're talking about not just in the 40's but the 50's and the 60's. with a nice mild dry stretch moving into the region.
10:33 pm
as we go overnight. skies will clear, 37 in pottstown, 38 in reading and freezing in the poconos, it's cold enough to be making snow. during the day, look for a good deal of sunshine, high clouds building in high near 60, mostly sunny with a northwest wind about five to ten miles an hour, as we look ahead on the seven-day forecast. tuesday, we gave eight nine, mostly sunny near 60 again but a morning low of 38. wednesday, partly sunny, it doesn't get real cold, more rain expected friday. saturday, 50 and by is sunday mostly sunny and 52, really staying above average. let's look ahead at the month of margin as a whole temperatures look to stay above average on average for the month of march. looking pretty good when we take into consideration this is typically the transition between winter and spring. we get a lot of rain and lots of
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times we can get snow in the month of march, it's been so good in february, everybody is waiting for the shoe to drop. but it may not >> at least it melts quick. thank you, kathy. tense moment in utah as a gunman takes a 99-year-old woman hostage. when they say he shot out at the back door of doris watson's home, ran out the 99-year-old doesn't hear very well, didn't know he was in her home until he confronted her. >> he was just scared, i guess, anyway, he grabbed me. by my hands, and then i just sat on the floor so i didn't get hurt and i just got back in bed and he come in again. and then he tried to talk to me and i said i can't hear you. >> police say value let her go.
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she'll celebrate her 100th birthday next weekend. monte the german shepherd died. he kept catch 94 bad guys in his seven years of service. southwest philadelphia a special program in recognition of black history month, where crowds gathered on elmwood avenue for the 8th annual appreciation program. the main theme the event was honoring community leaders. job well done. that will do it >> keep it here for sports sunday. this is fox 29 sports sunday. presented by nissan. >> sixers are racking up wins like amazon rapid up dog mask orders, i'm saying the sixers are winning rain shower. plus an update from spring
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