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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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developing right now mystery in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. a city police officer found dead inside a home and tonight fellow officers are trying to figure out how she died. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. her body was found around noon. fox 29's dave kinchen is live tonight at philadelphia police headquarters with more. dave? >> reporter: iain, you can imagine how emotional this is for these fellow officers investigating this case. there are many questions they're trying to answer tonight. >> just awful. you know, it's terrible to hear anyone going just she was just a really nice a connection with someone knowing them through the neighborhood, yeah, it's shocking. >> reporter: sudden struggle for port richmond neighbors re really from the death 36 year
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old woman who protected philadelphia as a police offic officer. her body was found with at man s signed this home on the 2900 block of mercer street around noontime monday. >> she was nice. she was friendly. you know, relatively outgoing. she would talk to you. >> pretty quiet neighborhood you don't really see too much -- tee such of this going on at owl. >> reporter: investigators say the officer was assigned to the first district and that she was 14 year veteran of the force. family and friends embraced as the bodies were removed from the scene. >> any sign of trouble ever. >> no, nothing at all. just she did her job i mean apparently and she would come home. >> reporter: of the another neighbor heard loud yelling during a late night fight at the house few week ago. otherwise neighbors say the street was usually peaceful. colleagues of the officer who passed away grew concerned when she did not show up at work. we can tell you at this point the names of the those who
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passed away as family members are continuing to be notified. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. we're on top of breaking news right now out of fair hill where police are looking for the person who opened fire on three people at the intersection of sheridan and west clearfield streets. police say it happened just before 6:30 a man shot twice in his arm is now at a hospital in stable condition. two others are in critical condition. a man shot in the head an woman shot in her under arm. so far there have been no arrests. you recognize this car? camden county police say the driver hit an eight-year-old girl last tuesday at the corner of ferry avenue and phillips street. the driver took off. the girl was taken to cooper hospital where she was treated and then released. the car is described as a charcoal four door sedan that may be a ford fusion. a south jersey teacher is now on administrative leave because he says he expressed some concern about school safe safety. words of course coming as the deadly high school shooting in parkland, florida, still on the minds of many.
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fox 29's shawnette wilson live in cherry hill, camden county with more to tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain students claim that this all started when one student expressed concerns to administrators about what the teacher allegedly said about school safety here. still most students are rallying in support of the teacher. student cell phone video shows a protest this morning in the hallway of cherry hill high school east. students are rallying to get back the man they call a favorite teacher who hasn't been in the classroom since last we week. >> they were having, um, pictures all on the ground saying free mr. lock. and it was just like -- it was crazy a lot of people were there report roar they're hoping tore verse a decision made about timothy lock who teaches ap history. students say lock was put on administrative leave after speaking to a class about the deadly shooting in parkland and allegedly brought up possible security concerns at cherry hill east. >> he has his own voice and that he -- he can share his opinions. i'm not saying wrong or right
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but he was just trying to just show his opinion about, you know, the shootings. >> reporter: senior justin, shows us a petition he started for his teacher. >> we were just trying to get our message across just trying to be heard as a student body. >> reporter: so far it has more than 500 signatures. >> he's always -- he's always been there. he's just such a great teacher he listen to us. >> reporter: students say administrators put a stop to the protest. muhammed says he arrived at school just as it unfolded. >> principal on top of the table to get his voice out saying if you do this, you'll get suspended. you won't go to senior prom. you won't go to disney. i don't think that's fair at all. >> reporter: staff reportedly allowed the students in the auditorium to have discussion staff protest. >> it was basically an hour of 15 minutes of question and answer being oh, no, i can answer that. >> reporter: and students tell me they plan to continue prote protesting tomorrow by walking out of class. meanwhile i contacted the district. spokesperson says this is a personnel matter and the
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district has no comment tonight. iain? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. n philadelphia, another gun at a school this time the gun was loaded it happened at the samuel fels high school in somerdale. the gun was found in a bag of 15-year-old freshman and that prompted school to go on lock down. a law enforcement source says the boy claims he forgot the gun was in the bag. a weapon police allege he stole from a neighbor's car along the 5900 block of hammond avenue in east oak lane. >> glad nobody got hurt and that everybody is safe because if they would have caught him it probably could have ended up as different situation. >> students claim the teen had recently been jumped. police say they have no motive. the teenager was arrested and then questioned with his mom by his side. nearly two weeks passed since that shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people. teachers went back today for planning sessions before wednesday's official return. the broward school superintendent calls this a week of transition. 15 people who the gunman shot
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survived. one of them is junior maddie will forward shot three times. officers broke protocol and rushed her to a different closer hospital than they were supposed to and that probably saved her life. >> and i would just like to say that i'm so grateful to be here and it wouldn't be possible without those officers and first responders and these amazing doctors and especially all the love that everyone has sent. >> meanwhile hundreds of parents and students from parkland and coral springs, florida, boarded buses today for a rally in tallahassee tomorrow to lobby lawmakers to do something meaningful to stop this kind of violence. bill cosby's daughter ensa has died. the 44-year-old passed away on friday night in massachusetts from kidney disease. ensa cosby stood by her father throughout the sex assault allegations against him claiming that racism played roll. oh spokesman for the cosby
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family asked for prayers and that the family be given piece at this time. see this guy he's louis medina turned himself in to police in bucks county. false township police were after him for attempted murder after they say he shot a man insider the pennsbury racket and athletic club. they say he targeted the ex-husband of his former girlfriend saturday afternoon in a hallway outside the gym where a charity bocking event was just getting underway. it's not clear what led to that shooting and the victim is still in stable condition in the intensive care unit. philadelphia is one step closer to determining a who will be part of the new nine member board of education. today the educational nominating panel voted for 27 people who they say will be recommended to mayor kenney. of the 27, he will appoint nine to the new board since convening on an january 19th. members of the nominating panel have reviewed hundreds of applications for the board of education. >> this ithis mask a lot of wort
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it's good work as i often say it's god's work and i really enjoyed working with this panel. it's a great panel for dedication and commitment. >> mayor kenney will have 20 days to make the appointments and ten days to request any additional names. it's the big 100s filling the palestra cheering on their catholic high school basketball teams. they're playing for the catholic league championship and our chris o'connell was in the middle of all that excitement tonight and he joins us live from university city. chris? >> reporter: iain, forget about the super bowl and eagles just for a minute. forget about the flyers current winning streak. no, tonight philly was all about high school hoops. they don't play on national television. they don't even get paid. but the high school public and catholic league's basketball championships at the palestra has become one of philly's best and oldest sports traditions. >> this is like the vatican of american basketball. people try to schedule games
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here that have never been here before. it's a beautiful building. >> reporter: john engram came to see his daughter play her last championship game with neumann-goretti that's her number 32. >> the mecca of the united states. one of the, you know, hardwood classics that we have in the united states. it doesn't get gwynedd better than this. >> reporter: these young women from delco came to see their sister molly play for cardinal o'hara. >> this is very high caliber basketball played here in the city of philadelphia, definitely. so it's exciting. >> reporter: it was o'hara who captured the girls catholic league title for a second year in a row. and then it was time for the boys. roman catholic against bonner prendie. even decades after graduating from bonner ed monaghan says this is philly basketball. >> if you're a kid growing up in philadelphia i mean catholic league especially in basketball is the ultimate to come here and within a catholic league championship i think a in lost
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people's eyes especially catholic league is even bigger than a state title. >> that thriller down to the last second it was roman catholic take the boys catholic league championship over bonner friend dee. a classic finish to a classic. >> catholic league basketball in philadelphia one of the top basketball programs in it's new,, lasalle just the best. >> reporter: now, both the boysholic and public league champions they are not done yet. all of advance to the state regionals. iain. >> chris, thank you. your inner jason kelce. you don't have to dress up like it's for a good cause, seriously it is. heather locklear in trouble witness law. why police came to her home last night.
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♪ philadelphia eaglece still s across the city. viral speech at the super bowl
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victory parade. today kelce teamed up with broken goblet brewing former eagle connor barwin for the release of a new brew that will also give back to the community. our brad sattin got the choice assignment tonight. >> reporter: the guys who brought us this pumpkin beer in january called cut the crap oh lantern are at it again. this time having a little fun with our world champion eagles. what's terming here at the broken goblet you may just have to try. if you're not much of a beer drinker, well, good luck getting your hans on the 32-ounce it comes in. when the eagles went to the nfl championship one of the owners mike decided to brew ipa and call it fly eagles fly pa. like many of us mike was inspired by jason kelce's victory beach. >> no analyst like this team to win the super bowl and nobody likes our fans. >> he wanted to include kelce on the label. friends of friends put out the word and it got to kelce who agreed to it as long as some of
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the proceeds went to the charity of fellow eagle connor barwin to help low income neighborhoods. mike wanted to do that any way. >> but back to kelce's speech. >> from the minute that he started the speech, i was caught up in the power of everything. >> after how many beers. >> i was working. i'm working. i wish. >> reporter: what to call the beer? >> no one wanted us. no one liked this team. >> reporter: the name i think i wrote this is so easy it wrote itself. no one likes us we don't care. >> they're only brewing a couple hundred gallons for a big outdoor bash here on marc march 10th then it goes. maybe it will return when the brewery moves to larger space in bensalem in may. mike is a diehard eagles fan but this two business partners they're actually giants fans. did we mention the giants only had thee wins this year? i wonder what their beer should be called n bristol, brad sattin fox 29 news. >> all right. philadelphia eagles lane johnson
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came up with a smash hit underdog t-shirts you see them everywhere. he stopped by bregy elementary last fall and pledged to doughnuts the shirts he makes to philadelphia pub lib schools. thanks to the donations 120 elementary school kids from philly spent the day at the adventure aquarium in camden. >> that means a all children get to go and we get to go on that many more trips because we're not taking other fundraising money to pay for buses and things of that sort. >> with the help from the nfl players association and modell sporting goods the fund for the school believes the total donations could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. let's check on your health tonight. actor and director kevin smith is alive and may be counting his blessings tonight. the new jersey native had a massive heart attack last night while on the road performing. it's called a widow maker. it's when plaque formation builds up in the artery over time often without warning signs and when that plaque ruptures,
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it starts dangerous process clogging the artery and cutting off supply blood to the main heart chamber and presents symptoms some patients may ignore until it's too late. >> something as straight forward as maybe a little abdominal discomfort or just not able to catch our breath well. so it can be -- it can be subt subte. >> doctors hope this will serve as wake-up call to all of to us check whether you have known risk factors or a family history that you may not know about yet. researchers have found a locale vegetarian diet that included dairy and eggs are a low calorie mediterranean diet for three months are good for the heart. researchers look at more than 100 people between 18 and 75. on either diet after thee moss participants lost about 3 pounds of body fat and about 4 pounds overall they had also similar drops in their body mass index. over the past few years, studies have found childhood obesity rates seem to be leveling off new work in the journal pediatrics had team of vet gators look at the years
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1999 to 2016. they found no evidence of any sustained improvements in the childhood obesity rate for kids of any age. experts say the study highlights the pitfalls of putting too much stock in short-term changes. all right. let's go to the delaware shore. live look at rehoboth beach final al day without rain. but will we see a full day of sun tomorrow? kathy is here to tell you. >> that's a great question. yes, the answer is yes, finally. >> great. >> seeing sky clears, of course, on the parkway beautiful night. not much wind. clear skies and temperatures that are still in the 40s. we had high temperature of 51 right now we're at 40 degrees. the wind becoming southwesterly and that's key because it's going to be close to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow than it was today. as you look at ultimate doppler look at this from coast to coast not much going on we have a front sagging to the south. high pressure off the coast and that's going to bring in milder air right now it's only 27 in the poconos. it will be a cold start to the day tomorrow. 40 in philadelphia. millville 30. dover 38. you can see the wind beginning
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to change becoming more west southwesterly and that's good thing for us as you look at the northeast not a huge range in temperature between burlington and physical. new york at 44. baltimore 47. even richmond 41 degrees. milder air will be building as this chilly air will retreat to the north. the next couple of days mild. we're not just talking about 50's but temperatures in the 60s across good part of our region. so as we look ahead it will be mild with no rain for tuesday and wednesday but then rain unavoid front and friday as a coastal storm develops. doesn't lhis time of year it certainly could be. rnight tonight, 28 in thewind poconos. 36 in millville. 33 in trenton. cold start to the day tomorrow. during the at temperatures warming quickly. high sun angle 58 degrees in the tythat wind out of the west becoming southwesterly and that's key for our just one daya
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look at wednesday. on your seven day forecast sunn. thursday the rain comes in as march begins friday cooler with periods of rain and wind. the wind continues on saturday but temperatures wi 50. a nice weekend to get outside. because it will be dry for mond. 48 degrees. typically, windy, iain but this isn't so bad. we will end the month of february about 6 degrees above normal. it will go down at least the top eight maybe the top seven warmest ever. >> i'll take it kathy. >> pretty good. >> exactly. kristen what's coming up in sports. iain leigh three billboards popped up in cleveland, ohio. their message bring lebron james to the sixers. i don't think philadelphia is going to be the best landing spot for lebron
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- [narrator] look around.
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billboards outside of ebbing missouri. today three billboards outside cleveland, ohio. philadelphia based company put up billboards today pretty close to the cavaliers quicken loans arena asking lebron james to come to the sixers. here's a look at them. from adding him to the line up hash tag philly wants lebron and complete the process. it's possible lebron could come here next season since he's a free agent but i really don't think it will happen nor would it be good for the sixers in the long run. here's why. this is a team that is trying to create something that will last for a long time. trying to get longevity. lebron james doesn't feel like a good fit for the sixers. you'll have to over pay for guy that likely will only be here for few years. before going back to cleveland to finish his career. that's exactly what he's going to do. yes, he would bring some immediate success. but would it be sustainable. i don't know. the sixers already have the talent. they just need to trust that process continue to develop and they're going to find that success on their own. iain. >> kristen, thank.
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actress heather locklear arrested for domestic violence an tacking plea three police officers. they respond to do 911 call at her home sunday night. when they got she became violent an tacked officers. she was arrested. police say the victim is her boyfriend. she posted $20,000 bail and due in court on march 13th kylie jenner makes piece with snap chat in new post holding her daughter's foot social media star return to the platform and posted a video after tweeting last week she stopped using snap chat app relies on celebrities to promote its business no long after snap chat stock lost $1.3 billion. snap chat recently faces backlash for update separating content from friends and celebrities the app is planning to make changes to its update over the next few weeks. so don't worry. say hello to baby chicago. kim kardashian tweeting this
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photo not snap chat with five week old daughter today with snap chat filters on. kim and kanye west by welcomed their third child via surrogate in january. >> i never thought i would say this. >> okay. >> i kind of agree with kylie jenner. i don't know. i'm not a huge fan of the new snap chat update making things confusing i'm going to that for the filter and posting them on instagram stories. >> hmm. >> that's my hot take for the night. >> maybe you are. you use snap chat. >> do you. big snapper. >> i don't use snap chat. my sons do. >> keep track of the kids. >> that's good point. >> exactly. all right. >> we'll get up to speed. >> i know the geo filter comes up where you are. >> those are cool. >> those are fun. >> needs new interface. >> if you're on the golf course we'll see you pop up on the golf
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. so the kardashians, got to love this, they're doing "family feud." >> the kardashians versus the wests. harvey: but the producers wanted to pit them against the hiltons. can you imagine kim and paris at the buzzer together? >> you know what would be interesting if they ask who do you think is the most famous woman in america? >> who has the best celebrity sex tape in america? [laughter] >> floyd mayweather celebrated his birthday. everybody came out. mariah carey, jamie foxx were up there performing and singing and stuff like that for him. ♪ [bleep]! [laughter] >> sam smith and brandon flynn, his boyfriend, were out in london and have a full make-out session. >> that is aggressive. >> they're not even kissing. they're inhaling each other's souls in this picture.


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