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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 28, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. no one understands how scary this is. >> upset and frustrated. raw emotions in south jersey over something said in a classroom after the parkland school shooting in in order. now, students are taking action here. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. templets night a heated school board meeting in camde camden c. students and parents let their voices be heard after a popular teacher is suspended. our shawnette wilson was there and shawnette, things were pretty tense there tonight. >> reporter: yeah, very tense. you know iain, one of the board members actually told the crowd that this is all conjecture. he said there are no facts and that the investigation is on going. still students of that teacher believe what happened to him is
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a fact and tonight they also had many concerns about school security. we shall held accountable in all social security spec specs of oe now we want to hold you accountable for keeping teachers that truly change lives and shape news the young adults you want us to be. [ applause ] >> reporter: packed gym at the cherry hill school administration building. parents and tee students fired up over two things. timothy lock ap history teacher allegedly on administrative leave. and concern about the safety of schools in the district namely cherry hill high school east. >> we absolutely want won't stop until our voices are heard. until mr. lock is back in b147 until we can go to school without worrying if we'll make it home or not. >> board of education members couldn't legally or ethnically teacher but say there are a lot of rumors going around. >> any suspension boy statute has to be with pay. so we just want to make that clear. >> reporter: lock reportedly spoke to his class about the deadly parkland shooting and concern about school safety at cherry hill east which led to student protests and walkouts
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after he was allegedly removed from class. >> mr. lock once told me ap world history class last year if you see something that's not right, say it and solve the problem. that's what i'm trying to do. >> reporter: parents have mixed feelings about whether they feel schools in the cherry hill district are safe. >> our schools in cherry hill are safe. but we need to take it to that second level. >> these kids are scared. they don't feel safe. i'm hoping that tonight is the beginning of change for our district. >> reporter: student representative said that plans in the 2020 district plan for more cameras in schools will come too late. board member said they have been discussing security up grades since long before parkland happen. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. students will go back to class tomorrow at marjor march n douglas high in parkland, florida. it marks two weeks since that gunfire hit the campus taking 17 innocent lives and plenty of emotion as students and faculty are confronted with tragic memories. counselors and extra substitute
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teachers will be on hasn't. the school will resume with just a half day. breaking news tonight in west philadelphia. where one person died in fire. skyfox over the scene just before 9:00 on race street firefighters say they found heavy flames coming from two buildings. they say one person did not make it out of a home. right now the medical examiner still needs to investigate what happened and who died. it is the second deadly fire in the city today. a woman died in strawberry mansion this morning. twist? off the few blocks on south 50 many street two people are taken to the hospital after a fire there. crews say they got the call just before 9:30 firefighters quickly got those flames under contro. happening right now, three men walk no philadelphia pizza hut armed with guns those guns pointed right at an employee. he bravely fought back. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live outside police headquarters where the employee is being called an hero tonight. >> reporter: dee me truss carnegie says he looked down the barrel of a gun more than one
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time during this violent struggle tonight he tells us he did it to protect his sister and his co-workers. >> through my head, you know, go into security mode and take care of what i got to take care. >> demetrius said he knew exactly what to do when three suspects with guns jumped the counter at this pizza hut in germantown last week trying to rob the place. they got more than they tar again for. >> the mindset of i got to do what oy got to do. >> he stepped up. he was a hero. >> he was actually off duty and had just stopped by to visit his sister who also works here. he went into the attack mode to fight off three gunmen as they terrorized his sister and fellow employees with those guns. >> honestly didn't know if they was real or not but i had to take my chance but anything could have happened after they got the money. >> at any given time at least one wasn't pointing a weapon at him. they were demanding money. he did not stop. >> reporter: at one point demetrius shoved an entire rack of pizza boxes down on the three teenaged bin did it.
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they had enough, jump the counter and fled as started employees looked on. >> i was going to continue to grow or holler don't go out. >> i think he was brave. >> this man work alongside our hero some days. he wasn't surprised by his co-worker's courage. >> the guy had heart. you know, he fought three of them off and then they, you know, just ran out. >> i'm not saying ebb should be hero or try to fight guns. more of the fact of not stepping down. >> reporter: the suspected fled empty handed no one was injured. dee me truss told mow tonight whe i asked him if he would do this again he said i absolutely would. open january. >> incredible, dave. thank you. the search is on for the driver of this car wanted for the hit-and-run of eight-year-old girl in camden county and tonight that girl and her mom are talking exclusively to fox 29. this happened last week in the girls has been released from the hospital. she's still in pain. our dave kinchen live in camden
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with what she and her mom had to say. dave j. >> iain this little girl and her mother they're both incredibly courageous given this situation and they won't stop until they get justice. >> i was at work and then they called me on it just can't believe it. i thought she was joking. >> joe zeta will never forget the terrifying moment when she learned her eight-year-old datedly sauce way hit by a car. that never stopped. this is surveillance video of the the car just before impact. >> just going into the hospital look it was just crazy. so i had to keep like removing myself out of the room because i'm trig to be strong for her. you know what i mean? even now like i'm trying to be strong for her and not letting her see me cry. >> police say the crash happened at ferry avenue and phillips street in camden last tuesday evening. cops say the driver of what they believe to be a gray ford fusion was speeding when it struck the gill little girl as she tossed crossed the street.
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>> i didn't plan for it had a and to me. if this happens to somebody else i know that i can feel their pain because i'm in pain right now. >> she's on crutches now after a stay in the hospital. but her hurt continues. >> it's two bruises on my foot and then there's bruise on my face and then bruises on my toes. it's harder. i'm just a little girl so it's much harder for me. >> reporter: police tell us someone knows something. >> plenty of people in that area we're hoping someone in that area does recognize that vehicle or maybe even the person driving that vehicle. >> meantime joe zeta has something to say to the driver who left her daughter in pain. >> make may god have mercy on your soul because at the end of the day you're the one who will have to live with this. >> reporter: police say the passenger side mirror fell off during the crash. they have that as evidence but they're really hoping witnesses come forward. iain? >> all right, let's hope so, dave, thank you. to people walk buying they might look nice but if you live in philadelphia those trees lining
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the neighborhood streets can be a real pain in the neck. homeowners on walnut lane in mt. airy the growing roots from the tree in front of their place is broken their sewer line. the city says there's no proof it was the tree roots that broke the line but at the least street trees on their block and around the city have overgrown their planting beds and uprooted the sidewalks. so now this couple is on the hook for repairs. >> it started i was as $8,800 project now it's going to turn worse because my retainer wall has to come down and they have to go deeper on to my property in order to get to the actual pipes. >> if i was a lumber jack myself i'd take it down. [ laughter ] >> the city says the repairs are the responsibility of the home openers. the philadelphia parking authority is looking for ways to stop people from parking in bus zones. ppa says it's not safe for riders not legal, creates major congestion and it wants to start ticketing drivers who just don't stop. the ppa's plan to use cameras
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already mounted on septa buses. drivers would hit a button and the camera would take a picture of the violator's license plate. >> we believe that there are over a thousand tickets per day of these type of violations. it would be very similar to red light camera. you would receive a ticket in the mail. the ticks will be $76 in center city and $51 in other surroun surrounding neighbor. peek seventy two he cannin he cf parking got a ticket there might be way out of the it. of course there's a catch. >> kathy, march could get off to stormy start. >> absolutely iain. look at this developing storm oh my goodness. here it is. it doesn't look like much here but that is going to be moving in and create big problems for us as we work our way toward the weekend. we'll take look and what it means for us coming up with the seven day. >> all right, kathy, thanks. one woman sticking to the city. she says her water bill doesn't make any sense much nearly $600.
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that can't be right now she's getting pay back. >> heroes caught in action. newly released video of officers harper and donahue saving a man from a burning home last month. they found a man and carried him outside. investigators believe the man started the fire and they charged him with arson. ♪
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we're following breaking news out of city's parkside neighborhood. 26-year-old man was killed in a shooting this video from the scene at 52nd and heston streets. police say the they got call about gunshots fired around 9:30 tonight. when they got there they found a man shot in the chest twice. medic took him to hospital where doctors tried life-saving procedures but he later died. police say the man just park his suv when a couple of guys came up and started shooting. those men took off and now police are still looking for them. firefighters are trying to figure out how a home caught fire in lansdowne. skyfox owe the scene on the 200 block of owen avenue. the flames broke out just before 4:00 this afternoon. rose to couple of alarm. that fire was under control in about an hour. one person had to go to hospit
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hospital. do old parking tickets have you worried yes well, thanks to new program in philadelphia you can begin ripping toes tickets up on thursday. really? fox 29's chris o'connell live in queen village with details on this program. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain much this could be very good news for those who have been ducking the philadelphia parking authority. a plan to virtually wipe out many of those old parking tick tickets. the city council today announcing the ticket amnesty program where ppa will eliminate all parking ticks issued before 2013. of course, there is a catch. you must first sipe up for the program on thursday. starting online. now, all current ticks from 2013 to 2018 they must be paid in full or you must start a two-year payment program. those who are way behind onp- their ticks but some say it's about time ppa cuts them break.
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>> then you can lose your car if you don't have enough money to get it so they make money off of that so that's good. >> it makes me sad that i paid all my tickets. [ laughter ] >> because i could have made out on that deal. >> reporter: now the plan comes after a city audit that said the ppa was not collecting a upwards of 77 mel i don't know dollars in unpaid fines. money that would have gone to the schools. now if you want to sign up for this program, it must be done online. there's a website won't be up until thursday. we will have it on our website iain? all right, chris, thank you. in your health to neat new study says using e cigarettes every day doubles your risk of a heart attack. doctors at university of california san francisco survey almost 70,000 people. doctors say e-cigs are not harmless water vapor rather they deliver low levels of carcinogens than conventional cigarettes but they also expose
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users to self toxins that are linked to increased cardiovascular ricks. the study found e-cigarettes pose the double smokers risk for heart attack and regular cigarette smoking triples the risk. major flooding from tech text to michigan streets are turning into rivers and neighborhoods underwater because of a nasty storm and kathy that storm i guess headed our way. >> it is iain. on the radar it doesn't look that devastate you look at these pictures this is unbelievable. this is the season march, april, may you get lot of storms that's heading or way. for us rain and wind and maybe some snow in some locations. really pretty on the parkway tonight. pretty quiet out that. we have wind that are relatively light and tepp hers that are pretty nice. 41 degrees not bad when you don't have much within the high temperature today 56 degrees much that is 10 degrees above normal. we will end the month of february as the third warmest of all time. no big surprise last year it was the warmest. so we're setting a trend here. right now in philadelphia 41. southerly winds in pottstown 42. mount pocono 38.
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40 in will myth 42 degrees in dover. not a huge range in temperature with those clear skies and also those warm southerly winds that warmth goes all the way up to upstate new york. boston, hartford, burlington vermont in the 40s. extremely unusual for this time of year. that cold air is well to the north. and the chilly air rising in southeastern nan today mild with high pressure off the coast and warm front moving in. so tomorrow you'll notice the die sky by the afternoon takes on that mill company white look. filtered sunshine with warmer air moving in a loft. it's associated with a warm front. ahead of this. this is that mess down through memphis moving in to tennessee, then kentucky, into the midwest. some snow associated with it in the great lakes by thursday we'll watch it progress eastward chicago seeing some snow. just to the north through mississippi and also the upper peninsula of michigan see the snow as well many here's the storm system over the midwest. this is thursday morning. we get in on the rain by the afternoon. then you have two areas of low
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pressure. this one will be transferring the energy off the coast we talk about this lot with snowstorms but we don't have any cold air in place it will be rin thursday and wind into friday. as the storm moves off new england. upstate mork the mountains into the certainly mountains they'll be seeing some good ski weather with snow coming for the rest of us pretty much rain and wind as that storm winds up and moves off the coast. that's got news. if you're a snow lover, unfortunately, not a snow maker not this time. allentown 34 overnight. philadelphia 38. 34 in the poconos. during the day tomorrow, morning sun so really nice day. high temperatures near 60. and then those increasing clouds move in. those high clouds it will be a very pretty day on your seven day forecast. rain moves in by thursday afternoon a wet start to the month of march. but not so bad temperature wise. 58. not bad that's 10 degrees above normal. friday not a great day. rain, wind, cooler i gave that say a four. saturday still windy but around
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50 near 50 on sunday less wind, comfortable. monday 50 degrees next chance of a shower on tuesday much iain this isn't that bad. we crucial usually associate march with cold and rain and wind. i think that's coming but not this week. >> all right. sounds good. thanks, kathy. signs in hand protesters in n a aacp came together at 16th and norris near temple's campus with message. no new stadium. the black clergy leadership from north philadelphia joining the stadium stompers to protect temple's food ball stadium pla plans. >> we stand here because of the potential community disruption, because of the increased tax burden on residents. we stand here because of what it says about the disempower many of our people in these communities and the back of inclusion. >> the $135 million stadium has been controversial since the start. neighborhood concerns include higher property taxes and
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tuition. kristen what's coming up in sports? >> iain. nfl combine starts this week and we are already heari
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♪ the nfl combine starts that is week in reality it's one of the strangest job interviews in the country. today we learn that usc quarterback sam donald a lot of mock drives as the overall number one pick has decided not to throw in indianapolis. this is a common trend but i hate it. the columbine is invitation on only. you can't create your own caveats the only exception is not partaking in certain drill if you're not healthy enough to do it so. he's 100% good to go. this is bad look for guy that could be the topic in the draft. he's saying he thrown throw this week but he will throw at usc pro day he's saying he doesn't want to throw in situation he's never been in but he will throw
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when as on own field with own guys where he's comfortable. guess what, sam darned in. you'll be new jersey situation every single sunday where you aren't comfortable and et cetera a new event f you're going to go, participate in the columbine. >> iain. >> kristen thanks. a florida woman says her water bill doesn't make sense. so to express how mad she was she's paying it in pennies. 59,369 to be exact. today dana mccool rolled into the water department with the load near orlando. mccool says last month her bell was nearly six hun doctor bucks. she believes the city is incorrectly charging her for 90,000 gallons of usage. >> what? >> every month. that's probably not possible. the city though deltona say mccool probably has leak. >> how about couping though pennies look all that. philadelphia made forbes list for the ten cool cities you have to visit in 2018 much the article cited after the exciting
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super bowl win philly should be on everyone' visit but come visit the sites you need to see seem off. four seasons hotel as place to stay. new one opening of course. they got the old city bistro some and on the spots. i don't think. i think they were missing a few thing the liberty bell or what about a place to get a good cheesesteak. >> yeah. >> the rocky steps. maybe. reading terminal. >> the knauer show. >> or like i get, you know, the eagles obviously but the eagles aren't in season right now. >> true. sixers got wells fargo center and see the sixers and flyers. phillies spring training starting up right now. >> shows going. right. >> we actor those to the list. >> they didn't ask us. >> isn't this the birth mace of america. >> yeah. >> i think they missed that somewhere. exactly. he. >> the eagles won. >> still cup visit physically. we love you. you can get a good cheesesteak in new jersey by the way. >> that's for another day. exactly. a whole other day.
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>> we are following breaking news at this hour, this is a look in burlington county live look at the scene, a barricade situation, our steve keeley, he's standing by with a live report in just a moment. also ahead: happen to me. and if this happens to somebody else, i know that i can feel their pain because i'm in pain right now. >> and she's just a little girl. only eight years old, hurt, in that hit-and-run, police hope this video right here will help bring her or the suspect certainly in this case to justice. >> old parking tickets weighing you down? like a ton of bricks, right? some of the tickets going to isappear.he tickets going to guess what? yes, you know it, there is a catch. we'll tell you all about it. >> good day everybody, we are
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halfway through this week already. it is the last day of february. hey, we made it through. i always feel like it is making it through winter. >> flying by until spring. >> exactly. the flags are blowing like crazy behind us here. >> we have to talk about that winds, little bit after cool down and then warm up and then cool down and warm up. >> today, yes, right. i'm confused, too. >> good morning. >> but avenue way to sort it all out for you. one day at a time. >> here we go. >> so for today, we're going to go with a nine out of ten, it will be a little cloudier than it was yesterday, still, pretty nice day, again, with the chilly start, not as cold as yesterday, but you'll still need coat with temperatures in the 30's and 40's, just like bus stop buddy has at the bus stop this morning. 39 degrees our current temperature, feels like 35. we have 32 allentown, four in lancaster, and 38 in atlantic city. so, with some sunshine, not as much as yesterday, we should still get to 60 degrees,
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milder air, still in place. and thank goodness it is, because when we get precipitation, starting tomorrow, it looks like at least to start it will be in the form of rain. we'll give you the latest on the coastal storm we're expecting on friday. coming up in just a moment, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, tick-tock 4:00. good morning, getting up, a lot of construction left over, from the overnight. here is a live look, king of prussia, the westbound schuylkill expressway. working right out here near the king of prussia ramps. down to one lane as you head on out to the mall boulevard, 202 interchange. they're working on the ben franklin bridge, right lane headed into new jersey taken out, not bothering anybody really at the moment. so we're okay working your way through center city. working on the vine street expressway, though. they have the street sweeping crew out here between 95 and the schuylkill expressway. they're also still working up here in northeast philadelphia, along the stretch of i-95, northbound, between bridge andot


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