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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 28, 2018 6:00am-6:59am EST

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happened inside this house. why did they have to barricade it. >> so i'm hoping that tonight is the beginning of change for our district. >> parent and students in cherry hill demanding answers from the school board, after a teach is her suspended for his comment on school safety. what we learned from last night's meeting. emotional returns, student at stoneman douglas high school will be back for the first time since the deadly shooting two weeks ago, the focus at school today as they try to move on from the tragedy. >> striking similarities between the orange and black and your skype champion eagles. it is wednesday, yes, wednesday the last day of february, in 2018. hi,. >> the last day. >> hey, happy birthday to all of the leap year people, because do you have do it today. >> and to all of the people who aren't leap year, like my mother. >> oh, that's right. >> happy birthday, mommy, how
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are you? >> happy birthday, sharon. >> she is probably watching right now. by the way we still have a word of the day. to get through today, because, free trip to ireland, still on the line for you viewers out there. >> so how are you going to reveal it today? >> three days. >> why are we showing meat? >> hum. >> cheese steaks. >> what does that have to do with the words of the day? >> ireland is not famous for cheese steaks. >> or maybe will want to bring a cheese steak to ireland? >> who knows, grab your buns, enjoy the show, it is 6:01. and here is traffic first today, right? >> yes. no, doing weather first. >> sorry. >> what? all right. >> word of the day is weather. >> stupid nine out every ten, another nice weather day. chilly startings bus stop buddy has a coat on, you should too, temperatures in fou, it is casino every cloudy out
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there it feels like 34, sunrise 6:36:06 degrees today, increase in clouds, seeo, with the clouds cover, not quite as cold as 44 degrees. we're getting, and potentially f it, between friday talk all about it coming up. >> spit in my coffee there when you 6:02, hello 95, headed to the airport this morning, no problems getting there. no problems so that's good tomorrow will be little different. expressway. looking good, coming past montge drives are looking good. in south jersey here's where we are startin starting to see e volume pop coming in, headed in towards the walt whitman bridge. benny still that one lane, root lane taken out with left
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over construction, working headed into new jersey, that's okay, most volume for the morning rush hour comes the opposite way. mass transit, back to you. >> following breaking news just into us here, burlington county we have a camera there, a fire. fire crews battling house fire that started about an hour ago now, or maybe a little bit less. >> our lauren johnson just got on the scene there. so while we are showing this picture from there, we'll have more information from her in just a little bit. >> police say barricade situation last come to an end with one person dead and another injured. steve, what was going on last night? at 1:30, we got word a woman was shot here and returned to cooper hospital. not an update on her or how police even found out she was shot. but police got here and what is deadened street, house just
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signature under the edgewater park water tower, that you can make out little bit better now that the sun is coming up. police get here, they don't come right into the house because they know you got armed person inside. they don't know if that perna alone with the gun or has possible second victim. they stand ban from 130 to at least 230. we get here around 3:00. we see all of the swat teams and everybody that was around the corner, police come into the scene. we realize it is over and eventually learn from the medics who were standing by this case they were needed to help anybody who is wounded they're just told they are needed just to pronounce the person inside dead so what we have is one dead. we believe this to be a man, one we believe to be a woman. checking public tax records that this house was bought by a couple here, the man 57
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years old, lever it at that. so that is all we know right now. no official comment because everybody has cents been busy but no medical examiner here on scene yet just a lot of investigators coming and going, taking a loft pictures, and you can see, the front door the garage door open, weren't any lights on inside the house that we in the dollars when we got here just the garage light. so maybe the house was dark and then that also wondered had police wondering what was going on inside. so probably domestics situation up street from the fire in moorestown where we smoke earlier, those are million dollars plus homes on windemere drive over thereby the way. >> yes, why don't we get in where lawyer send ready to go. i'll step out of the way so you can see the fire fight continue on windemere drive steve mentioned small scene. of smoke in the air. several engines still on scene if i can -- if you can notice, if seems like the roof is completely gone from this
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home. so, not sure quite where this fire started but taking a guess based on the damage maybe attic or roof fire that started here so we just got on scene, we will try to gather more information to talk about the damage and hopefully we find out good news that everyone was able to get out of the home. we'll try to check back in just a bit. >> sound good, get right back to you. let's check out philadelphia parkside neighborhood happened 52nd and heston street when police arrived at the scene found the man shot twice in the chest. witnesses say the victim parked his suv and got out whether two guys came up to him and started shooting. >> fire in west philadelphia, turns deadly it happened 5300 block every race street, around 9:00 last night. inside the burning home firefighters found a boyde, no word on who died or how, they don't know how the fire started either this was
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tuesday's second deadly fire of the day woman died earlier in the day in strawberry mansion. >> student return to stoneman douglas high school this morning, some have already shown up. they are headed back to class today. it will be a half day. first two weeks ago, the horrible shooting happened. we'll take you live there in just a little bit. >> security scare, near our nation's capitol. what was sent to a military base in virginia, that sickened several people.
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>> tensions are high in cherry hill. parent and student packed heated boards of education meeting last night, about a teacher allegedly removed from class, they can't talk ethically why a teacher was dismissed after discussing the park land shooting or about his security concerns, at cherry hillary clinton school east it led to protest and walk out at the school this week which we showed you here on "good day." >> we absolutely won't stop until the voices were heard until mr. lock is back in b147 until we can get go to home -- >> everything is conjecture, an investigation is underway. no fact exist, in public. >> some parent say schools in the district are safe, but also say security needs to be taken to the next level.
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>> i think they made some progress last night, at least they're talking, body cam footage shows two philadelphia police officers saving a man from a house fire there is happened, what, in march of lasts year, but police are just now releasing the video, pretty dramatic. heavy smoke pouring from a home on north 17th street, when officers donahue and harper went in, they carried a man in a wheel claire to safety from the second floor, these are heroes that work right there. doctors treated both officers, and the man, for smoke inhalation. and in a strange twist, the man who was rescued was later charged with starting the fire. >> so risking everybody's lives because he started the fire, 6:10. >> well h well it has been two weeks from the shooting at stoneman douglas cents high school. today for the first time since the shooting those students will return to class, this is live look in park land florida gluck tell our reporters getting ready to do this
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>> let's get down to south florida, two weeks ago this happened? >> two weeks ago today, it will be very big day for the student at marjorie stoneman high school. that's where darryl nail is outside of the school right now. >> so, what accommodations are
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they making for the student and do you see anybody yet this early? i know it is another hour and a half before it starts. >> those not returning their seat will be filled with counselors. standing at the front of the entrance here, there is tremendous law enforcement presence out here in front of douglas high school. there are sheriff officers. >> teachers and staff make their way ahead of the opening, they'll walk past the flowers and memorials on their way back in, of course the 3-story freshman building, building number 12, where most of the bloodshed happened. that will remain fenced off and closed school officials, parent, students have called for it to be deem old irma. student tell me there will be reminders, also, memorials
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outside and places where they hid inside the school wondering how long the gunshots would last and whether or not they would live through it. grief counselors will be everywhere today in numbers as well as extra teachers who will take the place of teachers in case there are some who have a moment where they need to gain their composures. live in parkland, now back to you. >> one more question for you, because i understand you mentioned there will be grief counselors on site there, this has to be a difficult day watch are they doing to help accommodate the student don't make sure this is an easier transition than it could be? i know there is shorter school day today? >> half day? >> yes, that's right. they're on half day schedule today. so school will be begin at 7:40 this morning, and then go to 11:40, only four hours, that will happen today, and for the rest of the week. that is to shorten the school day, to make it easier on the student, and inside the
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classroom, we expect there will be some instruction that will go on, teach verse been told to be flexible with student who want to talk about what happened, or maybe somebody who is not there, who was killed, during the shooting. >> we'll check with you in the next hour when the sun is up, closer to start of the school time, 74:00, a lot of the student went back over the week win their parent and family members just to walk around the grounds a little bit. >> and get their things, a lot of them ran out of there. they had all of their school supplies. >> the police, don't throw your backpack down. >> that will be the topic of the discussion today, is what happened two weeks ago. >> 6:16. here's sue. >> here's what's going on with our weather. we have pretty complicated system coming our way, we've got this storm, we've got this one up to the north, all of that will come together and become a coastal storm. that all begins tomorrow so enjoy, high pressure still in control. we'll have few extra clouds, more than we had yesterday, but looking at the future
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casts it looks like nice one, for today. see some clouds, now we move into tomorrow starts out all right, when we start good day at 4:00 a.m. by noon, we've got rain rolling in, and it is a heavy at times, throughout the day on thursday and through thursday night, few breaks in the action, the storm moves further off shore, then the back end of the storm with chillier temperatures will make it tricky for friday, chance we could see couple of snowflakes at the tail end of the storm by late in the day on friday so thursday friday event, winds pretty high in addition to the rain. thirty-three mount pocono, 42 degrees in wildwood. 38 degrees in trenton, as well. that's where we are at the moment. some of those temperatures pretty close to the average high of 47 degrees, 56 degrees was our high yesterday. today we expect to beat that
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with 60. so enjoy this one today, 55 tomorrow, coastal storm with some winds on friday, and it is a lot chillier by then, probably get some snow in the poconos from this storm, 48 degrees on saturday as it dries out, 46 sunday so seasonable weaken for the first weekend in march, bob kelly. >> sounds good. 6:18. good morning everybody on a wednesday, everything kind of quiet this morning, double shot for the gang in west chester, route 202, as the sun begins to rise, no problems out here for the folks head today garnet valley middle school, high school, looking good along route one as well through kennett square. up to 95, and bucks county we go. for the gang coming over the scutters falls bridge, no problems coming out of trenton, headed into philly. here is the location of that fire where lauren johnson was set up. give you an idea, right across the roadway from the big lockheed marti er gone up 295, t looks like it is a big battleship there. bueit lockheed martin plant. and that's the development where that off of
6:19 am
sheffield drive just off route 38. we will check back ininute. 422 time to head on into king of prussia. no problems at all achngester county, mike and alex. >> would that fire beuse neighb? are they big homes? >> definitely big homes, probably million dollars price tags in that area. >> yikes. as soon as the sun comes up, what we'll get better look at the fire. 6:19. what'seople are in the being described as suspicious me at a military base, this is down in virginia. >> nearlyoz opening a letter complaining of sore throats, and bun h evacuated. hazmat responded this morning the envelope being headquarters. >> was that terrorism.
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jared kushner access to a lot of classified information, president donald trump's son-in-law, security clearance downgrade from the top secret to just secret. >> white house chief of staff john kelly that anyone who had not received permanent security clearance by last id nation's deepest secrets. >> a lawyer for jared says the move will not affect his work. well, how would that be possible cents? >> i guess maybe? >> not affect your work if you are not getting top classified information? >> may redirect him, have him do other things? >> just in charge in the peace in the middle east. >> check in with jaylen mills later this morning, he'll tell us what life is like as a super bowl, when in minnisota.
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let's get an update. let's see how life is now. >> all right. he'll help us reveal the word of the day as well for your free trip to ireland. >> look at this beauty. good morning, everyone.
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>> the six efforts winning street, so it was time to start again on the road to miami. sixers up one, with just 232nd left to play. dwyane wade, knocks down the step-back jumper. he takes the one point lead. clock winding down now, jj reddick gets the ball wide open. it doesn't fall. sixers fall in miami, 102-101. >> st. joe's taking on number 17 rhode island, hawks up in the first. james gets the steel. takes it coast-to-coast for the lay-up and the and one. st. joe's, gets the win, 78-48. >> phillies-tigers first inning, detroit up one nothing, victor martinez at the plate, hits it right. jp crawford overthrows first, another score comes in for the tigers, phillies fall 11 to six. eagles punter johnny jones, won soup, can -- super
6:25 am
bowl, retiring, hanging up the cleat, key part of the eagles special teams since 2013. that's sports in a minute. >> i was watching that sixers game, sixers up by ten-point, look they had it won, then due aid wade, i mean, he came through again. but look at this. harmful lost. the heat's win might end up haunting the sixers whether it comes to the playoff seating. >> oh,. >> that was tough. what a -- what a shot he pulled off at the end. good story to that, that we will tell you about in a second. back to donnie jones real quickly here. so, he had a great career. super bowl winner now, and he goes out. >> in 14 years. >> fourteen years. but what are you going to remember? of course you'll remember when he left his sweat pants on. here it is. >> donnie jones wears his sweat pants on to the field. then sheds them, throws them behind him. >> maybe he forgot he was wearing his sweats? >> i don't know. >> i haven't seen that before. they're lying at the 40-yard line. >> donnie jones wears his
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sweat parts. >> i love it, now you can wear your sweat pant whatever you want, done. >> i we say the same thing to our mvp right here, alex holley. so cold in the studio, sometimes you have a blanket, sometimes we have to do an interview across the studio. she'll fling that blanket off and run in to do the interview. >> oh, we'll slow it, okay. yes, i wear my sweat pant over my dress clothes. >> the don i jones of television. >> that's my uniform. >> there we go. >> yep. lovely site. >> but it is great. we have an interview? she'll kick those boot off, pant come down, run up, well, you have a dress on. >> yes, i have my dress clothes under here. thank good nor for commercial breaks. >> behind the scent here. let's get back it the big fire now over in moorestown. big homes. lauren on the scene there. >> that's right. moore town fire department has their hands full trying to get this fire out at this massive home here. we can see several agencies theracys we understand everyone able to escape. theracys we understand everyone able to escape. - honey, look what we got!
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>> breaking, huge home destroyed byjersey. live with this breaking store. >> i firefighters say they have it under control, but looks like the roof is gone. what happened in that house? also in south jersey overnight, that's what police want to know. one man is dead. there was a barricade situation. we'll take you live to the scene for that one, as well. >> labron responds. hear what king james had to
6:30 am
say about those three billboards outside of cleveland. oh, did he see them? >> he saw them, and he said immediately he pulled over, went to the airport and flew to philadelphia. >> he said i'm going, that's all i needed. >> just want to be enticed, very weird. >> complete the process. >> not true. good day everybody it is cents wednesday, february the 20, last -- february 28th, last day of the month. i think the super bowl affected this month, of cours course. >> two weeks. >> each week in february was just marking how long it has been since super bowl. >> how we have something to be talking about the flyers little bit, because they're on a roll, too. we're still giving away this trip to ireland, here, and we have word of the day, vicinal. we keep showing shots of a cheese steak being chopped up. and consumed by an intern. what is that about? >> what does that have to do with the words of the day. >> there will be some sort of connection, mike. >> to meat?
6:31 am
>> or cheese steaks. >> okay. i didn't go to the meeting yesterday so i don't know what this one is. exactly 6:31, here's sue. >> it is a supplies! no surprise, it will be another nice day today. we told you yesterday, that today was going to be another nice day. now, it is a chilly start. you will need a coat at the bus stop this morning. temperatures are in the 30's, and the 40's, with bus stop buddy. few extra clouds, more than we had yesterday. boy, yesterday was beautiful. not a cloud in the sky. well today, couple of clouds in the sky. but, we're starting off with 40 degrees, and windchill of 34. not bad. sunrise coming up soon, as 6:36. just couple every minute from now, so that's good. and then we'll have some sunshine throughout lunchtime úspecially, some increasing clouds, by the end of the day, but enough to get us to 60 degrees, and then comes the rain tomorrow. talk about that, coming up in just a few, bob? >> you got it, sue. 63:00; good morning, everybody, got some problems on 95, first of all the headlights coming southbound, your normal delay in toward
6:32 am
girard avenue. starting to see some volume through the construction zone, in the background here, disable for everybody headed northbound, from center city up to allegheny. hell tow to chester county. live look downingtown, route 100 right off the pennsylvania turnpike, roads are dry this morning, enjoy it while we k here is a live look at i95, right as you come up and over the scutters falls through the construction zone, down toward woodhaven road. and over in new jersey, here is the location, of that fire, that lauren's been reporting on. in moorestown, just off of 295, and route 38, you got the shopping plaza, and the big lockheed martin plant that's right there just to a locator. mass transit looking good. >> got another fire. >> there one out of cumberland county. and skyfox is over it. we will be showing you in just a second. there it is cents. >> oh, man. >> this one certainly looks like a lot more damage compared to the other one. but this is on cedarbrook lane in lawrence township. >> cumberland county. >> despite the damage you're
6:33 am
seeing right now, we are toll no injuries just yet, working to get more information. >> looks like the fire is out but looks like they're trying to get the hot spots. >> that thing is gone. so checking on the other big fire in burlington county now. >> so fire crews, this one started about an hour ago, lauren? >> reporter: that's right. it was just after 5:00 a.m. and they look like they've quickly gotten that fire out. but, alex, we do have some pictures provided to us by moorestown police. thanks to steve keeley for pointing that out to me. check out the flames, at this residential home fire. they were pretty intense, a massive fire, and we understand from one man who lives in this neighborhood, that the home next-door had just recently undergone renovations cents and jared our photographer pointed out to me that the siding on that home has melted away from the intense flames of this fire. steve keeley also wanted me to point out for people who know this area, right near horse farm here in moorestown, but tight-knit communityer,, the mat i spoke with who lives in the
6:34 am
neighborhood says right now they'll have to help get neighb, over to the school busses that usually come through here. because it is are still, severas assisting moore town fire see,l smoking. the roof completely gone off this one. started in the back of the home. and quickly spread. but we did hears able to get ou. that's the great news in all of this, even though you see, front of this home now, as is a result of the massive fire. but p. awe can replace, so if ts any good news, mike and alex, that's it from t morning. >> real quickly, we found picture what this house looked t to bed last night. big beautiful home. looks like the roof gone now. a lot of people if you live in moorestown have gorgeous. big fire. well, we hadtuation, a lot was n in jersey last night.
6:35 am
hee person is dead. hospital. >> so steve keeley is in edgewater park with more. steve? >> reporter: yes, we're not really too far geographically& from we've been smelling smoke for over an hour, tells you how close we are proximity up 130 n. sadly we don't have the good news that she had that everybody got outead inside this house, one woman athe is okay. we have not gotten a condition update. she was rushed at 1:30 this morning, that's how police had first indication that something was wrong in this house, that sits on deadened street, roosevelt avenue. you can see with daylight this house just one house away from the edgewater park water tower. that is why it dead ends here. and the willingboro animal control just showed up here, likely animals inside the house, and that would tell that you they're still alive so letting the animal control people come in and probably get the family pet probably a dog or two, and you can see
6:36 am
investigators have been coming in and out of this house now for about four and a half hours. and now starting to talk to some neighbors who are finally awake, we were wondering where all of the neighbors, were they slept through everything, they didn't hear sirens, didn't hear the news trucks showing up here but we got an indication that it was all over around 3:00 when we saw all of the police that were initially standing back a block away, and keeping us back around the corner letting you through, and they were coming in. it sounds the like it was over. what the indication was, was they hear a gunshot, and they were wondering if there was somebody else in there potentially a secod victim in there, with this person. they just did not know. they hear the gunshot. they go in and they find the person dead likely of self-inflicted gunshot wound. so maybe a domestic most likely but we don't know for sure until we get some official comments which the edgewater park police department and burlington county pros cents cuter offers still too busy on this case right now to tell us anything. guys? >> that's so much going on in south jersey. hard to catch your breath here.
6:37 am
6:36. jury deliberations begin today this morning, in the corruption trial against a pennsylvania mayor, allentown mayor, ed pull oust ski accused every trading city contract for campaign cash. his attorneys argued, in court yesterday, that prosecutors have no proof of any wrong-doing, but assistant u.s. attorney, michelle morgan, outlined nine alleged bribery schemes involving the mayor. going on to say that he is quote unquote a liar though thinks he can talk his way out about anything. >> the mayor denying all of the allegations. as official continue to investigate the fire in old city around the corner from us here in philadelphia, people are rallying around the employees of one of the restaurant on the corner of third and chestnut. >> the four alarm fire over president's day weekends also gutted the apartment building above the restaurant, but luckily no one was hurt. fire officials are determined to find a cause before the
6:38 am
build something demolished. that's why it is still block over thereon chestnut street. several local restaurant are joining forces cents to help get employees of the little lion back on their feet. so, they're going to have a fundraiser, to be held at mad rex restaurant near the philmore, it will be this sunday near shoeing casino area, it will be this sunday march 4th and 1:00 p.m., from 1:00 to 5:00. tickets start at $35 and they cloud food, two drinks, access to mad rex virtual reality lounge. there will also be a silent auction, but all of the restaurant, a lot of restaurant, will be pitching in, get different orders or things from the different restaurant will be there. so it will be everyone coming together. >> by the way, if you've never been to mad rex that's an event in itself. >> it is. >> it is set one hour after the happen pop licks happens. >> creepy sounding but the food really good. >> sort of like mad max. >> exactly. >> mel gibson will not be there. >> been a couple time, really good.
6:39 am
>> 6:38. >> the philadelphia parking authority is asking septa drivers to help ticket people who illegally park in bus zones. >> the ppa says it is not safe for riders and creates imagine or congestion issues, front use cameras already mounted on septa buses so drivers can use the camera, take a picture of the violators license plate then they'll send it to you in the mail. ticket will be $76 in center city and $51 in other surrounding neighborhoods. i saw this situation just yesterday. on third street. the bus couldn't get down the street because there are two people parked on both sides of the street, and they had to have someone come out and try to direct the bus, no, no, wait. >> i saw the very same thing, at 20th and callowhill, where somebody was park right on the corner so the bus couldn't make the turn, honking and the bus -- >> septa bus drivers they honk all right. >> well, you got to be aggressive. i don't know how they get those big old things through tight spaces every day. speaking of parking. this might help you out. good news if old parking
6:40 am
ticket are weighing you down. going to disappear tomorrow. >> what? just like. >> we told but this amnesty couple every months ago, here it comes, the ticket amnesty program will eliminate all parking tickets issued before 2013. but there is a catch. you must sign up for the program on line starting tomorrow. then they'll know who you are. all current tickets from 2013 to now must be paid in full. or you'll have to, you know, set up a two-year payment plan. which is actually, a decent deal, i guess. >> i wonder why they're only doing from 2013 back as opposed to 2014? >> they've given up, i guess, on those. >> so it is like -- like reward for not paying your ticket really. >> five people who don't like amnesty, you know what i mean, rewarding bad behavior. so, the flyers made the front of the inky above the fold. we have a hot team on our
6:41 am
hands, here. and then in the sports section, travis was saying. >> this. we're just getting started. >> oh. >> okay? so, get ready for another play-off. what? well, while were you celebrating the eagles, the flyers have been doing this. so they're ten-zero and one, in their last 11. and one point out of first place, in the metro division, because the caps won last night. their recipe for success is strikingly similar to the eagles, if you think about it, you know, the eagles went from a team of underdogs, to the super bowl champions, think of all of the injuries, the coach under fire at the beginning of the season, tomorrow this is what we should do. do a whole chart of how the eagles and the flyers are -- the comparisons between the two teams. >> oh. because they're the new underdogs? >> the new underdog, could they be the new, well, let's don't go to parade scenario. >> you never know.
6:42 am
>> but playoffs, could be in our future. >> of course the playoffs are sometime in, what, november? >> april, may, june, july. >> not that far off. >> about to be in march. >> yes, it a long season. >> true. >> let's get back to cumberland county. so many count toys hit in south jersey today because of fires. >> this is the one that is a house fire on cedarbrook lane in lawrence township. >> gone, that house is gone. >> see the extent of the damage there. and smoke still coming up from it, that's why fire fight remembers still on the scene to make sure they get all of the hot spots. no word on any injuries. we're going to keep you updated. we are getting more information on this. >> 6:42, we
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>> good morning, the schuylkill river, looking live at the schuylkill right near girard avenue. so inbound, the zoo would be off to your right there. good morning to the gorillas and everybody hanging out with us at the zoo, some sun glare coming around the conshy curve. same deal for the gang coming in from chester county on the bypass, coming out of coatesville, downingtown, chester county headed in toward king of prussia. there is a location of the fire where lauren's been set up in moorestown, new jersey. just off of 38 and that 295 interchange. the big development directly across the street from lockheed martin, and hello to the shaders, maple shade new jersey. looking good, all stack up at the traffic light there at
6:46 am
fellowship road. and a live look at the ben franklin bridge as the sun comes in. septa having couple of minor delays on both the norristown and the newark regional rail lines. your forecast for your hump day, sue has got it in 15 seconds. >> pretty decent day coming up for today with just mix of sun and clouds, and oh, here comes some precipitation, let's call it, in our weather future. we jump ahead to tomorrow afternoon when the rain rolls into philadelphia. it is heavy at times. throughout the rest of the afternoon and the evening. >> then the other side of the storm, back edge, colder, snow
6:47 am
up in the mountains and possibly few snowflakes around here, but generally just rain event, for most of us, how much rain? about an inch or so is possible up in the mountains, 3 inches of snow, again, thursday and friday, coastal storm, which makes it a bit difficult to predict. so we'll have of course better idea about that tomorrow, before the rain rolls in, but we do look dry over the weekend. >> oh, gosh, forget last weekend. okay, i figured out the words of the day. >> did you? >> we keep showing cheese steaks. we're giving away a trip to ireland, you need to know the word of the day. >> first day blarney, well, boxes cents rupp. so this is my guess, the cheese steak. you're at the parade all day and you have to, well, you got to go, you know, got to --
6:48 am
>> fill up? >> you got to wiz, so cheese wiz, like wiz is the name, the word of the day. >> i don't think he's close, karen. >> then why cheese steaks? >> no, he is not close. we're here at pat's, our first clue, take a look, one of the very fame just in the entire planet, so good, smells so amazing, let me show you where the magic happens, i'll give you another clue. we head on in the kitchen. watch here. we will walk past the peppers, hi, gentlemen. how are you? we're coming on in. oh, it smells so good. tonight willing down in the kitchen. hi, tommy. yes, put it right there on the sandwich. all right, and now let's try to spell it out. we will try the wiz, because that's what you got here in south fill. >> i is it wiz? >> i got a wiz? >> all right. >> now what letter do we have here? can you see it, guys? >> p. >> poop?
6:49 am
>> a. >> a. >> t. >> pat. >> rick. >> full name patrick? >> looks fabulous but mushy. try it again with some catsup. you got it guys, patrick. we spelled it outright there. get the bagpipes going. >> ♪ >> oh, there are the bag pipes. it means it is official. >> so let's go over the rules again real quickly here, they're very simple. >> that's why we chose pat's, right? >> smells delicious, that's our word, guys, back to you. >> thanks, karen. >> patrick. >> well you know where go flu that you know the word of the day enter by 10:00 a.m., each day this week, for a chance to win airfare aboard and hotel stay in ireland from our sponsor, the travel and adventure show, we will announce the winner live during the saint patrick's day parade. this is where you could be, folks, look at the green, look at the beauty. can you imagine traveling there? so we will have new word, new
6:50 am
finalist every day this week so you can increase your chances to win this trip to this lovely lovely place. >> island. >> look at that. >> so for rules go to cents. >> so labron responded to the billboard, we talked about yesterday. hear what king james had to say after he drove by those billboards in cleveland. by the way, the sixers play their tomorrow night. don't t
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> nine out every ten. jerry, just wiped out on his bike at third near walnut thanks to big pothole. >> oh, no. >> yes, he said please tell the street department. they're trying to keep up. >> they're working on it, couple of domes two, suspect run straight into police custody. >> the peoria police department, northwest of what? >> peoria illinois. >> peoria arizona, know question about it, never heard every it, but just northwest of phoenix. so, look at this footage.
6:54 am
the two suspect on the run from police, and they run straight into a police station. >> what? >> tried to hide but quickly arrested. the two were accused of shoplifting, trespassing and some drug possession charges ben franklin i -- bonnie and clyde collide here. go what, left, right? just walk yourself on in. you're already there. >> who knew there was peoria arizona but, can we put up their mugshot again? >> i knew it, i knew were you going to do this. >> the first i'm seeing those. >> talking about the woman, aren't you? >> no, what are you talking about. >> you know you are talking about the woman. >> i am not. >> oh, okay, who are you going to talk about. >> two of them, i think. >> like launching space shuttle, when you fire everybody, this is you what end up with.
6:55 am
>> so, is it the one, the manor the woman? who are you thinking about? >> both of them of course, of course the woman, a lot of mugshots are tonight. like heather locklere yesterday? >> hard to look good in a mugshot, you're right. >> so if i ever get a mugshot i want to look that good as the woman on the right. >> i knew it was the woman. do you think she will become famous now? remember what is the mugshot bay. >> the mugshot hotty guy. he has full career now, dating a billionaire. >> yes. >> celebrity actor cents dating him. >> all because he looked good in a mugshot. >> what's better? >> i've mastered the drivers license. >> snuff. >> over the dmz? >> dmv. >> like a dmz over there, isn't it? between north and south korea. >> i got them to adjust the lighting for me one time.
6:56 am
>> really? >> can i get in closer, can you put a filther? >> all about lighting you. >> better believe it. she needs to be famous. i need to get that woman's name. >> oh, there go. >> is this what your drivers license picture looks like. >> i wish our cameras were like this all the time. >> me too. >> two fires working none south jersey one in cumberland county skyfox over this one. right now. we switch over to the other one after we cover. >> this because this house is gone. >> cedarbrook lane, lawrence township, we hear of no injuries, but when you the early morning fires it is extremely dangerous. >> true. >> we're hearing that everybody got out okay. >> so far. >> let's got to the other fire, in moorestown new jersey where lawyer send now. >> good morning, alex, yes, massive fire in moorestown, now, fire crews keeping an eye on hot spots. we just got an update from the public information officer. he has more information on where they think this fire started.
6:57 am
we will
6:58 am
(clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
6:59 am
>> this is "good day philadelph. >> deadly barricades. one person is dead, after a shooting and stand-off in south jersey. the breaking details, in burlington county. >> and it will never be the same. >> there will be a new normal. and it is just about getting used to the new normal.
7:00 am
>> classes back in session. for the first time, at stoneman douglas high school in south florida two weeks after 17 people were gunned down inside. >> we'll take you live, as is student return to the school. >> demanding change. >> i'm hoping that tonight is the beginning of change for our district. >> parent and student in cherry hill, take their concerns directly to the school board. after a teacher is suspended, for his comment on school safety. what we learned from last night's meeting. plus, you'll meet one of the student who helped organize yesterday's massive walk-out at the school. she was also at the meeting last night. her powerful message, for change. >> and a legendary voice on good day philadelphia. >> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> eagles hall of fame broadcaster,


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