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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 28, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> classes back in session. for the first time, at stoneman douglas high school in south florida two weeks after 17 people were gunned down inside. >> we'll take you live, as is student return to the school. >> demanding change. >> i'm hoping that tonight is the beginning of change for our district. >> parent and student in cherry hill, take their concerns directly to the school board. after a teacher is suspended, for his comment on school safety. what we learned from last night's meeting. plus, you'll meet one of the student who helped organize yesterday's massive walk-out at the school. she was also at the meeting last night. her powerful message, for change. >> and a legendary voice on good day philadelphia. >> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> eagles hall of fame broadcaster, merrill reese, is
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on good day this morning. how he can help you win a free trip to ireland, thank you, merrill. >> i love that footage from the boot at the super bowl. because you can tell, everybody, this is i need to say this properly, i've waited since 1977 to do this. i'm if the going to screw this up. so everybody shut up. >> his mike's hot, and everyone sells going crazy. >> ahh. >> he kept his cool. >> god. hey good day everybody it is wednesday, february the 28th, 2018. >> be sure to stick around for the word of the day, still giving away this trip to ireland. we like to reveal in different ways every hour, so merrill reese will do the honors for us. >> amazing. >> keep up with the eagles theme, jaylen mills will be on little later. he will talk about what life is like now as is a super bowl champion, the lasts time we talked to him there is video here is in minnesota before super bowl.
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>> do you have ask him about what the police tried to get him off the parade route. >> oh, that was cents cory clip glenn wrong guy. >> it has been a segway to eagles green to saint patrick's day green. >> very true. >> and then the green screen. oh, i wonder if we put him on the green screen, if the top of his head will be gone. >> oh, i want to do that. >> absolutely. lots to look forward tonight including good weather for today. we're going to gave you a nine out of ten, off to chilly start, still february, last day of the month, temperatures are in the 30's and 40's with bus stop buddy make sure to have warm enough coat for now cloud cover around, that's why it wasn't quite as cold last night. 39 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 35.
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>> of course rain coming into our weather picture, time it all out coming up, bob kelly? >> you got it, clock zero three, good morning, everybody, live look at 422 you work your way in toward king of prussia. they kind of jockey the lanes around. look at the traffic pattern shuffle here, this is 422, headed in toward kop. any day now, they're going to get ready to open up this new stretch, out near trooper road. but, starting to see some sun glare, pop out, live look at the benny coming into downtown philly. they're still working in this right lane, for the folks that are headed into new jersey, but the most volume, during the morning rush hour, comes in from south jersey. a live look, little sun glare here on our camera, on 95, in delco. out to west chester we go, northbound lanes of 202, right before you get to 322, watch for an accident, boom, there go, the cameras try to reset themselves. and here is a location of the one fire, over in moorestown, new jersey, just off of 295 and route 38. mike and alex back over to you. >> well, should we go to one of those right now?
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burlington county on the scene of the house fire, lauren's been there for about an hour now. there is a big house, lauren, in moorestown. >> it is, mike. let me tell you the information i just fawn out which sort of helps explain what happened here. we did hear from the public information officer that they believe the fire started in the back of the house. which is why you can likely see through the home now. because we understand the brick facade in the front is probably the only thing standing. the back of the house completely gone. what we've learned is that the homeowner just installed one of those sort of outdoor kitchen areas last night, was using his gas grill, have not figured out if maybe he left it on by mistake, or if there was some issue with the gas line, because it is such a new installation here. so at some point around 5:00 this morning, phonecall coming into the moorestown fire department there was massive home and massive fear here. luckily everyone able to escape. we understand it is a family of six, two young boys in
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college, at smu, then some other younger kids still here living at home with mom and dad. neighbors have taken them in. we understand the woman who lives in the home is completely distraut, of course, we understand why. she says that she has some family heirlooms that were inside this home, so she is concerned about that. at this point, fire officials telling us that they're keeping an eye on the hot spots inside the home as they often do once the fire is out and under control. right next-door to this home, a neighbor's home, affected by the fire, they put up sort after barrier there to make sure that fire didn't jump because the flames were so massive. we can see back out here live that the siding on that house melted from the intense flames out here. so, fortunate to know that there were no injuries in all of this, six people that lived in this home, four that are living here now, were able to escape safely. but man, some damage to the home. and maybe some damage to a lot of personal property inside that has this family pretty upset. >> any time you see the house in next-door with melted siding, just the intense heat
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these fire fighers have to deal with, amazing. >> shows you how close the flames were to the neighboring homes. >> 7:06. >> police say a barricade situation has come to an end with one person dead, and another injured. >> so steve's been on this story, most of the night. edgewater park, steve? >> yes. we are wait to go see if we can get an update on the woman's condition, who was shot, at 1:30 this morning here on this deadened street. talking to neighbors just now, they tell us this 57 year old man, who was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wounds, local crossing guard, and this couple just moved here, from the trenton area couple of years ago. they have kids, and that's why we're withhold the names until the family is notified. but obviously a domestic situation here. they just took the little dog out of the house, that the woman was always seen walking, hopefully they'll be reunited over at cooper hospital eventually. but still no condition update on the woman. and whatever happened here in the middle of the night.
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but no troubles ever reported before from the neighbors at least, and this house you can see under the edgewater park water tower, you may see in the middle of our live shot here, the river line, runs just feet behind this house. so very busy area, even though it is kind of isolated deadened street, not so isolated because we heard the freight train earlier, but river line running behind it, and sadly it looks like the investigators wrapping up their search of the house. and we should see a medical examiner show up any moment now. but we'll let you know if we hear anything from cooper. but right now we haven't. maybe she is still in surgery, guys. >> that could be. all right, steve, 7:07 now. >> we are following developing news out of philadelphia's parkside neighborhood. police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a 26 year old man last night. it happened at 52nd and heston street around 9:30. when police arrived at the scene, they found the man shot twice in the chest. witnesses cents say the victim parked his suv and got out when two guys came up to him and started shooting.
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>> another fire in west philly. this one turns deadly. it happened on the 5300 block of race street around 9:00 last night inside the burning home, firefighters found body. no word on who that is or how they died. investigators don't know how the fire started, this was tuesday, second deadly fire of the day. woman died earlier in the day, in strawberry mansion. >> 7:08. atlanta police say they're following leads in the search for a missing cdc employee. thirty-five year old timothy cunningham was last seen on february 12th, this was after he left work early because of an illness. he wasn't feeling well. police are investigating a tip that revealed cunningham asked the neighbor to delete his number from his wife's phone just the day before his disappearance. authorities say they do not suspect foul play. >> of course it has attention, works for the cdc, left work after feeling sick. >> this is close down to dc
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got a lot of attention in virginia, three people in the hospital after opening what's being described as suspicious piece of mail. at a military base. investigators say, the letter had some sort of powder inside of it, it fell out, nearly dozen marines at joint base meyer henderson hall did say they were feeling sick after the letter was opened. complaining of sore throats, burning hands, the building was cents immediately evacuated, hazmat responded and this morning the envelope being analyzed at f.b.i. headquarters which is very close by. >> 7:09. jared kushner no longer will have access to a lot of classes philadelphia international airport information. donald trump's son-in-law security clearance has been downgrade from the top secret to secret. white house chief of staff, john kelly ordered anyone who had not received permanent security clearance by last friday would lose access to the nation's deepest secret. a lawyer for kushner says though that this move will not affect his work.
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>> even though obviously it will. coming up on 7:10,. >> tensions high in cherry hill. parents, students, packed heated boards of education meeting last night after walk out earlier in the day. about teacher allegedly removed from class. board members told them they can't legally or ethically discuss why a ap history teacher was cents suspended after talking to his class about the park land shooting, or about security concerns, at cherry hill high school east. it led to protests and walk out at the school this week. >> we absolutely won't stop until our voices cents are heard, until mr. lock is back in b147, until we can go to school without worrying if he'll make it home or not. >> everything related to this matter is conjecture. an investigation is underway. no facts exist in public. >> some parent say, schools in the district are safe, but other say security needs to be taken to the next level.
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well, also happening in new jersey, lawmakers will tackle legislation aimed at tightening the state's already strict gun laws. the assembly judiciary committee will vote on seven different bills. one aims to reclaim guns from those considered a threat by mental health professionals, another will require background checks for private gun sales. if approved, the measures will continue to the assembly. not sure we're showing that, but anyway 11 past 7:00. >> two weeks since gunman shot and killed 17 people at stoneman douglas high school. >> so today, the first day of classes cents, all it be a half a day, the kids are already showing up at the school. darryl nail is there right now for us. what are you seeing, darryl? >> the school buses making their way out of the front of douglas cents high school as you can see here.
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dropping off the student here for the past 20 to 30 minutes, as well, parent have been dropping off their children, and student have been walking into class, i want to turn the camera now to show you a very moving site here on the sidewalk, that leads into the school. >> you see media here, but standing on the sidewalk, waiting to cross the road, into school, are students and law enforcement officers. these law enforcement officers, we weren't told about their presence today, because they're from all over the state of florida. and they're standing shoulder to shoulder with the kids, as they walk in to class. these would be law enforcement officers that i'm told by the broward police benevolent association that were off duty but were asked to come in uniform to stand with the kids as they come back to school, to be shoulder to shoulder with them, to show them that this campus is safe, and
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indeed, probably the safest school campus in all of america. they'll have a shortened day today. it will only be about four hours long. and it will be that way for the rest of the week. they'll also be grief counselors with the students, throughout the campus, should they need them. >> live in parkland, now back to you. >> darryl, i have to say, that's quite a site to see those officers, walking in those students, as they appear to head back to the school. but it is important to note that the building where this happened, it is still closed off. so they won't g going into that building, correct? >> that's correct. that's building number 12, it will be shutdown for the entirety of the rest of the school year. the decision on wha happens to that, has not been made yet. but, teachers, parents, and students, had made their opinions clear, they want that school building demolished. >> yes, it is cents three stories, the freshman building, i bet it comes down,
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and a memorial will be put up. i don't know that i've ever seen anything like that. >> i haven't. >> two, three officers, per student, wow, it has come to this. >> is that what it has come to now, that we have to do this for student don't feel safe going to school? >> unbelievable. no wonder the kids over in cherry hill are talking about it. it is cents fresh in their minds. >> 7:14, yesterday we told but park land shooting victim laid to rest. in dwyane wade's one every his jerseys. >> so, last night's miami heat game, which was against the sixers, dwyane wade paid tribute to him on the court. and announced a head of time trying to play that game for him, correct. >> he did, and series every tweets, ' mow -- emotional tweets. oliver with dwyane wade every step of the way last night. before the game he told fans how much he was impacted by oliver's story in a series every tweets here, shared this photo of the 17 year old high school senior and dedicated the rest of the season to the
7:15 am
young fan. and then at last night's game, wade wore these sneakers, do you see, if you look very closely, you can see oliver, before the game started he wrote joaquin oliver's name right on his shoes, and several times during the game he pointed down at those shoes, of course, oliver the >> takes over. wade with him. on wade, it is for two. (cheers). >> yes, wade played amazingly, in memory of oliver there. wade scored 27 points, hit game winter lead the heat 102-101. even though he beat us last night, can't help but to be i am patted by this emotional tribute. >> i do see the name now, oliver written on the heal, yes. >> and even his wife gabrielle union was moved by the tribute, and what happened in the game. this is what she posted lasts night, in the stands, and she said: when your dude hits the game winner dwyane wade was riding with angels tonight.
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you see the hashtag joaquin oliver there. so how special was cents that? and that's (i mean, they did beat the sixers. >> yes. >> he had a special cause behind him. >> that's cool. >> yes. >> all right. yesterday, asher rayfield, sat right here, joined us on the program to talk about why he paid for three billboards, he did, his company it, he lives down in chester, why he put up three billboards trying to get labron james to come to play for the sixers. >> we asked him, do you know if labron james has seen your billboards, has he said anything? he said not yet. this morning labron james is responding. >> he saw them last night. >> he said he hasn't seen them but he knows about them. >> well, no question. >> so he says it is pretty flattering, this is what labron james had to say. >> sitting here at 33, my 15th , people in their respective
7:17 am
city want plea to play for them. that's cool i think. that's dope. >> that is dope. and it was just kind of generic. but still. >> so jaylen mills even joined in, he tweeted a labron writing philly philly and speaking of jaylen mills he'll be on good day, will be in the studio here coming up in the 8:00 hour. by the way speaking of jaylen mills, we have a surprise for him. that i believe may stun him. more stunning than a super bowl victory. >> well, that's not true. he'll be stunned. >> about the whole labron james thing though, the way he responded, oh, that's nice, thanks, guys, glad people are still interested. >> very generic, a lot of cities want me. them. >> which is nice, but they're trying to get here. >> like when somebody is trying to set you up with a woman. that is nice. you just don't want to commit. sure we'll go over to ash i's tonight. >> oh, ya, we'll get together. >> that would be nice, sure, set it up. >> have my people call your people sue.
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>> all right. you guys are good at that. >> take lessons from you. sorry. little cloud cover out here this morning, but it is real a nice looking start to the day. setting up for such lovely day, and we've got a mess coming our way. this is part of it down to the southwest of us. this is part of it, up toward northern ohio. it is all going to come together and give thus coastal storm we've been talking becomes the rain starts to roll in around lunchtime tomorrow. it is heavy at times through the evening, through the night, then on the back edge of the storm, chillier air moves in. and the poconos could see some accumulating snow, we will probably just get rainout of this, maybe flurry or two, at the very end of the day, on friday. so, how much rain? could be around an inch in philadelphia. little more to the north of us. and it is probably going to be snow accumulating snow in the pocono mountains, which they don't mind at all. it is 47 degrees for an average high. boy were we above average yesterday with the high of 56. and today even milder with a high of 60.
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and then comes the rain. and lot of it, one, to one and a half inches for a lot of us tomorrow. into friday. gets very windy as well. so nothing like wind driven rain to make it even nastier. but this time, it clears out, in time for the weekends, so the dreary's are on thursday and friday, instead of saturday and sunday. >> suppan grilled cheese days coming up. 7:19. problems on the pike, turnpike gang, pennsylvania turnpike, two separate accidents now. one, sounds more serious than we may have to shut down the lanes, here is a live look from one of the shot here, the westbound turnpike, there is an accident approaching ft. washington, which is the delay right here, on the westbound side, at the ft. washington 309 interchange, then there is more serious crash, little further up toward norristown. this one sounds like the one they may have to shut it down. overturned bok truck, and a couple every vehicles involved. so, just a bottleneck, pretty much that start at willow grove, and goes all the way
7:20 am
over to approaching the mid-county interchange, all on the westbound side. septa running with some delays, on couple of the regional rail lines this morning, and here is a live look at the schuylkill, everybody headed out of town, westbound, stack up from city, out and up the hill into belmont, mike and amex up to you. >> we will put picture of the house that was on fire overnight. a lot of damage this house. this is what it look like, probably back in the spring or the summer. you know, google maps. whatever. it is on winds mere drive in moorestown. so look what happened to it early this morning. now, is that it? actually? >> maybe it is from tai different ankle snell this is from the side but the picture weaver from the front of the home. >> looks similar to the other flyer, but this house is so much bigger than the one that we had in cumberland county. >> boy from above you can see the house is gone. >> earlier we thought it was mainly the roof. but looks now as you can see the back of the home. >> firefighters think it
7:21 am
started in the backyard, the back of the house, then spread to the rest of the house. >> it is massive this house. >> and it is destroyed. >> ♪ >> ♪ un-stop right there!
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unstopables by downy. >> freaking out over mcdonald and the little toys. >> a lot of kids doing, that you want to get happy meals, get the particular toy, certain releases for certain movies, like when lion king came out, the lion king toys, thousand dollars collect them all. beanie babies, remember when that was big. >> huge. they're back. >> many doing back, yes. and they'll be this summer, right, tracey? disney theme toys and happy meals. >> oh, disney. >> yep. that's right. they're starting in june, with the incredible two toys. you'll see disney theme packaging and toys with the happy meal. so yes, they had a partnership back in 1996 to 2006. that ends the. and they have a rekindle that partnership. so, it is going to be movies from disney animation studios picsar, disney live action, marvel studios and lucas film. so we will see all types of
7:25 am
toys, and packaging from disney. >> okay? >> doing flashback, because i know showing the inch led being, but pictures what it look like the lion king toys i mentioned. >> back if the day. they would shoot up in the air and spin really fast. >> but, maybe this is great. tracey, because they took away the burger, or the cheese buryinger. >> cheese buryinger. >> like here is a toy instead. >> yes. so, these changes are all casino every happening around the same time. they're making those healthy changes, but yes, he can act lip, here is a toy, maybe that will make you happy? >> well, we know what it is, always been the same thing. >> marketing? >> parent, can't say no to their kids. if you were selling, you know, plutonium, people would: i want some that far. >> but you had to get them all. we have some of the pictures, can we put them up snow. >> who knows. >> i don't know, they told me they were ready. there you go. so yes, you have nala, simba,
7:26 am
and i know people would go to different mcdonald's just to get ahold of the toys. because if they were out of the one you wanted, oh, they are eight ones that spin and go up. >> i had these all over the house. oh, spinning around my face. >> well, parent, get ready, it is coming back. >> yes, thanks, disney. for trying to get us, which i like mcdonald's. >> tracey. >> they're a sponsor. >> all right. >> i'm looking forward to there is merrill reese will be on our show. >> oh, that's right. >> i've not seen him since the super bowl. >> since minnesota before the super bowl. >> that's right. we hung out with him in minnisota and then, well, he is a he is on the show, will help us reveal the word of the day because still giving away this trip to ireland. >> and jen, as well. >> hey, jen? >> we are here arguably the worse voice on television me. i'll talk with the best voice in the whole nfl. come on back. talking to merrill reese about the super bowl, about his new acting career, yes, he has one, and what he thought of the philly special.
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>> the hall of fame voice of the eagles, later this morning, he's going to voice our word of the day. merrill reese, is joining us, later this hour. and then, even later than that, jaylen mills is on the
7:30 am
show. he's talking life after the super bowl he'll help us reveal the words of the day, it is cents a big job but somebody's got to do it. why not some super bowl championsy? like the sound of. that will now, sue, yesterday, oh, the sun, it was amazing, i went out for a walk along the ben franklin parkway. >> make sure to go out today because tomorrow you'll needed umbrella. bus stop buddy umbrella free. off to chilly start. temperatures in the 30's, and 40's, and you see little bit of cloud cover, little more than we saw yesterday. feels like parks but look at our afternoon high temperature, 60 degrees. increasing clouds throughout the afternoon and we will take it and do you have to take some rain not only today but friday as well, talk about the coastal storm coming up, bob
7:31 am
kelly? >> two separate accident, all westbound, so the first one westbound between virginia drive there is the back up all headed westbound, the more serious one little further west. >> looks like three cars all involved, so we are bumper to bumper, westbound, on the turnpike, from pretty much willow grove, all the way out to norristown. coming into downtown philly, the schuylkill eastbound on the left there, heavy from pretty much conshy into center city nothing out of the ordinary. back upped on the benny, ben franklin bridge coming into philly, one guy off to the left side there walking all by himself over the walkway, headed, couple of more getting good exercise in there walking over the bridge, northeast philly south on 95, watch for delays, cottman avenue into girard, off the lansdale interchange of the turnpike,
7:32 am
sumneytown pike minor delays, mike and alex back to you. >> lonely walk across the bridge. all right, 7:32, well, it has been exactly what two weeks this afternoon, since that gunman walk into stoneman high school and killed 17 innocent people injuring several others. people across the nation of course are very upset, still, two weeks later. >> video, student outside of cherry hill high school east demanding change this was after not just what happened in park land florida but after their ap history teacher timothy lock made some comment after the park land florida shooting, at cherry hill high school east and expressing some concerns, reportedly expressing some concerns about school safety if that situation were to happen at their high school. >> and he's since been put suspended and there has been a
7:33 am
lot of talk as you can see video the walk out from yesterday, also at the school board meeting, student events been very vocal as well as parent, and they're demanding some change as well as they want him reinstated. >> in that crowd right there is senior lindsey williams. she has been very vocal about what it is like to grow up in a world of school shootings n in america. she posted a very pour fall message on facebook, and she here with us to share some of it. lindsey? >> i was born in november of 1999. just seven month after columbine. this being said, i was brought into a world where student had been murdered since leslie in their schools by a gunman, fast forward to second grade. i was busy learning thousand spell new words and work on basic addition and subtraction, while someone hundreds cents every miles away was masses considering college student at virginia tech, by the time i was seven years old two major school shootings made global headlines, to middle school sandy hook armed i was cents 13. there was no protecting me any more. i had an iphone and could see
7:34 am
for myself how cruel the worlds really is. here we are now, i'm 18. a senior in high school. hundreds of miles away in park land florida a high school just like mine faces the same horror as columbine, virginia tech and sandy hook. the park land shooting impacted me further than i ever could have imagined. seeing the people my age stand up to politicians and demands safe learning environment right after tragedy has struck inspired me and so many others to stand up as well, i've lived 37 of the worse shootings in us history and i haven't even graduated high school yet. under each president throughout my life there has been one massacre biller than the next. >> politicians cannot seem to put aside, and we're fed up, should be worrying about prom dress shopping and applying to colleges not fearing for our lives on any given school day. >> so lindsey, thank you for. that she made sure she was at thi meet last night where parent, family and friends,
7:35 am
student, certainly, were there to voice their opinions about the dismissal or suspension of one of their teachers, timothy lock, ap history teacher and the school board listened. lindsay, were you there. lindsey thank you for, that by the way. >> that was very well written. we want to note that was only part of whatever she wrote so we wanted to hear some that far from your mouth. that was wonderful. >> thank you. >> so, how did the meet going last night? >> it was good. it was good to have all of the student voice their opinions and to know that they're being heard. but at the same time i don't know how much is actually going to get down. i'll be interested to see how it all plays out afterward. >> well, from that, from all of the talking and the student, they were there to voice their opinions, what came out of the meeting? what did the school board decide. >> they told us a lot of things they weren't allowed to discuss but the best thing that came out of it allowed to just speak and voice our opinions and even though they couldn't really respond just like knowing that they had to hear what we had to say. >> didn't they also decide to have some meetings, or a meeting at least, to talk
7:36 am
about school safety? >> we don't noah date, place, time or anything, what they said, in the future there will be other conversations cents to be had. >> and in fact, at one point, they're saying you better not walk out. because there will be consequences, prom, stuff like, that they retracted that and said what? >> now they're applause cents cents us for actions, saying we would lose senior trip privileges, threat, and last night applauding our actions and saying they're proud of us for standing up and fighting for what we believe in. >> something must have changed their minds, or someone. >> guess so. >> so the ap teacher we are talk about, timothy lock, was he your teacher? >> i had him in the beginning of the year but had to switch out of his class but my sister had him all of freshman year. >> do we know what he specifically said that upset administrates. >> i wasn't in the class. >> just want to mention this is a year book photo of the teacher, ap history teacher, from 2002. but this is him. >> yes. >> so i was not in the class
7:37 am
when it happened but from everyone i know who had him when it happened said he get very e meisha until when talking about certain topics, getting very concerned for his student and just like saying that equal cents of a chance with our lack of security have an intruder unless something is done soon we stands just as equate after chance as any school to like be basically be shot up. >> he apparently is well-liked by the student. >> yes,'s favorite teacher. >> open dialogue in the classroom. i think maybe some of the administrator thought maybe this wasn't the time or place to bring this up, such heavy talk in front of students. >> actually because one every them at least one of them was upset? >> yes, apparently one student one down and just complains and said i heard some people say they were worried they weren't going to be prepared for the ap test and some kids say the topic made them nervous. >> do you -- do you feel better after the meeting, at least talk going on? >> i guess it was good for everyone to be heard but i don't know how much they actually listened. i feel like they were forced to be in the room and hear us
7:38 am
out, but i don't know how much they'll go through with it. >> do you as student event any other plans any other walk out? >> there has been talk about march 14 as the one month anniversary and the with a to have 17 minute of silence or something like that for the people who died. and then the 24th is march for our lives, us seniors will be in disney but that's in philly. >> that's the national march down in washington, d.c. >> yes. >> just real quickly, probably important whether we did reach out to the school district, yes? >> we did. >> could you put that up again please? cherry hill public school sent letter home to parent that red in part, quote, walk-outs are a deviation to our school standards, supervision, and safety procedures as a result walk-outs possess the potential to create an unsafe situation for participants. >> seems like everything went pretty well. >> this was before the school board meeting i believe this statement. we did ask for any representatives of the school to common and they did not respond or they weren't able to be here this morning. >> looks like there is some legal action between timothy lock and the school.
7:39 am
i mean you understands why they can't say something in public. thank you for coming? >> thank you so much for having me. >> representing your classmate. >> yes. >> and now headed back to school. >> yep. >> hope i can get a late pass. >> i think they know where you are. >> yes. >> thank you. ♪ mom, we got girl scout cookies to sell.
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7:42 am
>> just learned this, dick's sporting goods, one of the nation's largest outdoor gear retailers, they say they'll ends selling assault style rivals in their stores. >> they say they'll do this >> right, we'll get a response from the national rifle association within a matter of hours. here's bob. >> 7:42, problems on route 309. southbound side, accident here, right at highland avenue. so all back up, as you come south in toward highland. let's get update on the pennsylvania turnpike, two separate accident, in the same area, all westbound, so westbound, one accident right between virginia drive and ft. washington, that is your back-upright here. the second crash, involved overturned box truck and couple of vehicles, here is
7:43 am
your back up, again, all westbound, between ft. washington and norristown. so, avoid heading on to the turnpike, westbound, at least between willow grove and ft. washington. another accident, south on 95, right near the the cottman avenue interchange, that's causing delays for folks headed out of northeast philadelphia this morning. then car fire in upper gwenned, sumneytown pike, at kristen circle. sue has got your forecast in 15 seconds. >> looking at a lot of sunshine, high pressure still our weather maker but mess coming your way tomorrow and for friday, as all of this energy, and this precipitation, moves off shore, and becomes a coastal storm leg snow, maybe as much
7:44 am
as 3 inches, right now, though, walking out the door, temperatures not quite as colds as they were yesterday. still chilly enough to need a coat. so new holland, pa, 39 degrees, in chaddsford, also 39, easton, 33, and heading into delaware, middletown, at 42, see forward at 43, and in southern new jersey, vie land at 40. and sea isle city at 44. that's where you are right now headed to six off later on, and the rain arrives by lunch time tomorrow. sticks around on and off through friday. and we will get some high winds, as well. so couple of nasty weather days, and then it clears up, just in time, mike and alex, for the first weekend of march. >> why not? merrill reese is here with jenn fred. >> he is sitting and i love this, jen, he has green furniture where he is now, it is so good to see him. >> it is amazing, right? so the other thing is speaking of green, you're going to give us our word of the day? >> yes, i am.
7:45 am
>> don't say it yet. >> i forgot it. >> come on back, the word of the day, we will talk about the amazing super bowl. we haven't
7:46 am
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7:47 am
>> merrill reese known as the voice of the eagles, giving the eagles play-by-play for 41 years. >> so what was cents it like, jenn fred, for him to wait 41
7:48 am
years to say this? lines them up, he's up, he's hit, he stumbles, he is throwing it deep for the end zone and it is batted around, and incomplete. and the game is over. the game is over. >> oh,. >> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. eagles fans everywhere, this is for you. let the celebration begin. >> oh,. >> that game made -- that gave me chills. hey, jen. >> hi, guys. it gives me chills to hear it. it gives me chills to be next to you. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, i asked you as i came in the door, did you have that prolific send ten planned? >> , no i felt all along this was for the fans, people often say to me we want a super bowl
7:49 am
for you, you've done this for 103 years. >> yes. >> and the truth of the mat is her i've had so much fun over the years they owe me nothing. it is great that i got to do a super bowl championship. and i love doing t but i honestly felt for the eagles fans who have invested they're motions, and their money, and for tickets, for merchandise, for the fans always first and for most in my mind and it just came out. >> you say you knew early in the season that the super bowl was a possibility. >> early they beat the redskins to open the season, redskins. >> i felt good about the kansas city game. they lost 27-20, but arrow head is tough place to win, then he had the up lifting win with the 61-yard field goal, by jake elliot. and that was a propeller. because after that they won nine straight games. but the game that really told
7:50 am
me, that this team could really stand the test of tough opponents on the road was the thursday night game. that will game gave me more confidence about the ultimate destination of this team. however, jen, i always believed that to win, to go to the super bowl, to win a super bowl, you can take a 13 and three team, and if they have the wrong three injuries at the wrong time, they could be a eight and eight team or nine and seven team. this team lost, you know,. >> everyone. >> everybody. they lost jason peters, jordan hicks, they lost their kicker, sturgis, lost chris maragos, then lost jordan hicks their best linebacker and then ultimately to lose their mvp, carson wentz. now if you told me these things were going to happen i would have said, you know what, they would be lucky to win six games. >> wow. when we look at the parade, okay, it was epic. and you know what was great about it, we talked about this
7:51 am
off camera. that will this team is like they are area nice but not boring. they're a great group of passionate guys also kinds, and people got to see that in the parade. how exciting was that day for you? >> oh, it was a thrill. because that's something you dream about. i dreamed about it when the flyers years ago had their stanley cup parade, more recently when the phillies had their parade. i thought some day, wouldn't it be amazing if the eagles actually won the super bowl? and i told the guys often, have said to them in the lockerroom, you know what, if this team wins a super bowl, and i believe that one day you will, they're going to erect statues of all of you right along broad street. but i never -- i really hoped that they would have the chance for this, and the reaction of all of philadelphia, and beyond, was amazing. >> so we love all of these giles. but donnie jones, is certainly someone that we have all like invested in, because again, he's kind of had that underdog spirit, like you, like, you know, brent celek, been there
7:52 am
for number of years, watched where this team has come. you talked about his sweat pants at one point during the dallas game. people are going to miss donnie jones. don't youy? >> i think so, because i think that when you talk about a punter, a special teams coach once told me that the player that has more effect on the defense than anybody else is the punter. because he can change field position by 40, 50 yards, per punt. and donnie jones was good at that. he was cents good at pink, how many times have you seen him pin teams deep back near their own goal line he? was a master every place that football. and one other thing, you don't forget about. you talk about the great success of the eagles kickers, he was the holder. and he scooped balls out of the ground. and he went up high and got them. donnie jones was a great holder. >> awesome. now, i hear your wife is going to ireland? >> she is. >> okay, we will give away a trip to ireland. would you like to be a part of it? >> sure, absolutely. >> what we will need, i need the furl merrill reese, i know
7:53 am
this is your off season, but i need to you deliver that word of the day, please. >> word of the day, okay. >> high, this is merrill reese. and the word of the day is: patrick. >> beautifully done. >> yes! >> all right, now, question, question, what's bigger calling the super bowl win or the word of the day. >> the word of the day. >> thank you. hey, honestly, thank you so much. if you would like to play a really bad game of golf, like want to feel that you can win, i'm your guy. >> i just want to play a good game of golf but i want it to start very, very soon. >> good. guys, it is amazing, and by the way, he also does weather, you say no crazy snowstorms in march? >> no snow storms in march. >> you got it. >> how cool was that? so now that we have our word of the day, go to cents and enter by 10:00 a.m. each day for a chance to win airfare aboard air li fbi is and low tell stay in ireland from our sponsor and the travel adventure show, we'll announce the winner liver during the
7:54 am
saint patrick's day parade, new word and new finalist every day this week, go here so enter to go to ireland for complete rules go to test. >> preston and steve, talk about crying. women always say i like to date or marry an emotional man. >> someone who is in touch with their sensitive side. >> but is that true? new study suggesting we do -- do women like that? i don't know. let's talk to preston and steve about it next. also, want to check in with casey boy with his new hair? >> blue steel. >> he'll reveal blue steel >> blue steel. >> he'll reveal blue steel - [narrator] look around. if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education? we say if there's a better path, you should take it. and when there isn't, well, you know where i'm going with that. don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
7:57 am
>> 95% of women, prefer a man, who is open about his emotions cents, 97%, say, they finds
7:58 am
that men crying is either strong, natural, healthy. do you believe it? >> preston, it depends on the situation. i mean, are we talking like right after sex that you're crying? >> well. >> during sex? >> during sex you're crying? >> it hurt. >> that's a -- >> oh. >> or begging for sex? >> please. >> (laughing). >> i guess we should -- >> you didn't know this was going to take this kind of a turn? >> wrong question. >> kathy, do you like it or not. >> i would say cryer not so much. but a sensitive man, somebody who does show they're motion, little bit, sure. >> you know what, though? there is a thin line. and i think kathy, perhaps you would back up this other survey, i think out like two, three weeks ago, i think in the uk, but basically, that women still like a take-charge kind of guy. who self-possessed, not prone
7:59 am
to start crying all the time. but at a certain level, a line, alex, i think you're right. >> i think could be both. i think at the right moment. >> right. >> to be honest. >> well, mike cries every day on the show. >> i got to admit, i'm cryer. >> do you cry during, for example, there is a scene in the movie, couple of scenes in the movie glory, i'll start tearing up, crying. i think that's appropriate. waiting in line at the smoothie place, no, no, probably little too much. >> if you would like to actually see me like blubber, the movie, inside out, animated movie, picsar movie, and i will -- i have a daughter. and she's, you know, ten years old, and i'm cry, i mean? >> if you bring up my daughters, i cry instantly. >> really? >> i've already cried on the show today. we had teenage girl remind dollars me of my daughter so i cried when she walked into the studio. >> so alex, would you say that that's -- that i assume you
8:00 am
think that speaks volumes about what a good dad mike is? >> yes, i do. i do. i think it just shows that he does have emotions. >> just real quickly here guys we have to run here but i cried the first time i saw casey boy's hair. >> oh, because it reminding you of the blue mountains of ken tuck. >> i i look at urine is that gram, and oh, the blue steel look. >> yes. it is getting better. with every wash it kind of lightens up and get breitbarter. >> yep. >> really? can we see him? oh, yes, now, oh, look at that. >> and he's wearing blue, i wonder if he has cents to wear blue every day now? >> blue all over. >> oh, all right. >> okay. >> moving on. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks, guys. the last day of february. let's enjoy it together. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is god day philadelphia. >> a barricade in burlington county. one person is dead, another hurt, now police are trying to
8:01 am
figure out what happened in that house overnight. >> in less than 24 hours, her life changed forever. >> it was terrible. it was terrible. you can take my son now and never see him again. >> the tragedy left this husband and wife silenced and stunned. >> i found it made me angry and very bit. >> what they decided to do to help themselves and other grieving parent. >> the green goblin is life in our studio. >> jaylen mills, is right here, with us, what life is like after the super bowl. and how he's spending some time helping local kids. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> is it happening? after many rumors, the fresh prince may finally get a reboot. but will it involve will smith
8:02 am
getting de-thrown? >> hey, almost two minutes past 8:00 here. i don't know how you're going to top yesterday with the weather but apparently we'll get close. >> look how good it looks outside right now, not quite as cold as yesterday but we will see extra clouds by the end of the day, only reason we're doing 9:00 instead every 10:00 just wear coat, temperatures in the three's, four's, right now, there you see few clouds on our satellite picture, but, it is looking good outside our window, 41 degrees, feels like 35, enough of a breeze out there, 60 degrees, high temperature today, increasing clouds, get down to about 44 tonight. stays dry tonight. rain arrives tomorrow. we will tell you when, bob kelly, coming up. >> today is the day it get your outdoor chores done, all of your running around, your errand, tomorrow could be different story. two areas south on 309, bumper to bummer from the pike down to the pennsylvania turnpike, all balls after accident, look at this, over an hour and a
8:03 am
half, on the pennsylvania turnpike, i don't know but, i would just turn around, head back home. westbound, stack up from philly bensalem all the way over to vale forge, two separate accidents, in the mix here, one, right here, near ft. washington. the other one, further west, that involves overturned box truck, out near norristown. so, again, an hour and a half on the turnpike heading west, put another pop tart in the toaster. and hang out before you head to the turnpike. forty-two minute south on 95, from right here, cottman avenue, in to downtown. also, looking at some minor delays on some of septa regional rail lines this morning. from some earlier problems, trenton and lansdale line, and that car fire in upper gwenned along the sumneytown pike, right at kristin circle. mike and alex back to you. >> morning of fires here on "good day" philadelphia. and most of them in south jersey. >> so fire crews working to what caused this moorestown new jersey home to go up in flames earlier this month.
8:04 am
investigators believe it started in the back of the house. just after 5:00 at a home on windemere drive. >> flames were under control about an hour later. but it was too late. this house is basically a shell now. keep an eye on hot spots, we're hearing everybody is okay. one person dead, another injured. >> steve has the details now, at 8:04. steve? >> investigation on scene over and sadly another domestic case of attempted murder suicide at least, at far as we know now. because i say attempted because the woman that was shot here, and the first person taken away, was still alive, and taken to cooper hospital. we just not have gotten the condition update yet. we can only hope it is good news. couple in their 50's lived here with their little brown dog, just moved here from the trenton area couple of years
8:05 am
ago, and this was the sad news that came at 1:30 this morning when police got a call of shots fired. they finds the woman, they get her out of here, then the man barricaded inside, and shortly after 3:00 they find him dead inside after self inflicted gunshot wound. and talking to neighbors, they believe this man had military background, maybe in the iraq war, and they said maybe some post-traumatic stress that they heard from the wife when she would be out walking their nice little dog there, and little alcohol problem. so, no fights here, but just maybe some troubled mind from serving in some of the worst places in the world. so that could be the result of this, which we've seen so often in this country sadly. sad news out of edgewater park, see the house sitting under the water tower, the river line train you heard runs by it, but beautiful sunny morning, hear the birds chirping here, you wouldn't know anything bad happened inside but terrible news here overnight. >> sure is.
8:06 am
again we stay in south jersey, parents, students, packed boards of education meeting last night after teacher was suspended. >> we want to hold you accountable that shape us into the young adults that you want us to be. >> board members respond they can't legally or ethically discuss why the history teach he was suspended after talking to his classes about the park land shooting or about security concerns about cherry hill high school east t led to protests and walk out at the school yesterday. senior lindsey williams joined us about 30 minute ago. and here is what she heard regarding mr. lock and what was said in the classroom. >> i was never in the classes when it happened but from everyone i know who had him when it happened they said he gets very emotional whether talking about certain topics, he was cents getting very concerned for his student and just like saying that east stands just to have an intruder, and unless something done soon we stand as equal of
8:07 am
a chance as any school. >> and there is a picture of him from 2002, the teacher we were talking about, ap history teacher. of course we'll cover it again today. and have an update on our website. and also, at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 . >> this has all been prompted by what happened two weeks ago, aling. >> where gunman shot and killed 17 people, at stoneman douglas high school. >> so right now, the student are walking into that school, and each of them, little group of them, they all have security guards, armed, security guards around them. >> i believe school started at 7:45,. >> 74:00 whether they walked in, yes. >> showed by walking them escorting them into the school. quite a site. >> many different jurisdictions of officers were, there because what are there about 2700 to 3,000 student at that school? it is a huge school.
8:08 am
and over of the little groups that walked in, like alex said, two or three armed, highly armed, different jurisdictions, police officers were walking in with them. i don't know that i've ever seen anything like it. >> by the way, just half day for them. >> for the rest of this week, as well. >> yes, yes. >> 8:08. >> as of zero irma continue to investigate, the fire in old city philadelphia, people are rallying around the employees of the restaurant, little lion, that was damaged by the lames.that was damaged by the >> you know where this is, on the exact corner basically of third and chestnut. it was a four alarm raging fire, it was over the parents' day weekends, i think it started on a saturday night. gutted the apartment building, to the side of this restaurant, called little luckily, nobody was hurt. so many people without a place to live, though. fire officials are determined to find a cause, atf is involved. going to have to tear down most of one of the buildings,
8:09 am
but try to leave the historic facade, so there is little lion restaurant, around the corner at third and chestnut. they don't know when they're going to ever open again. now the employees of course are out of work. so, little lions trying to get back on their feet. so they're having a fundraiser. >> fun razer will be held at mad rex restaurant next to the philmore, it will be this sunday march 4th starting 1:00 . it will be from 1:00 to five. ticket start at $35 including food from all of the participating restaurants, ringing in some dishes. and two drinks, plus, access to mad rex virtual reality with lounge. virtual reality restaurant, so area where you can put on some goggles, do all kind of virtual re al at the at this activities. >> i've done, that it is fun. >> it is fun. also cents a silent auction. >> with a lot of action, hopefully. >> yes, a lot offing. >> a lot of bidding. all right, listen to there is coming up we want to introduce you to special couple that is turning a tragedy into a way to help all of us.
8:10 am
this is a inspiring story. and we have another special guest today involving our eagles. >> jaylen mills, there he is. >> he's chilling. >> in the green room. getting ready to go on tv. we will ask what life has been like, after the super bowl. probably checking his twitter mansions right now. >> he needs a green phone. >> ya, i think he needs a green phone. >> probably watching himself on tv right now. >> by the way, big surprise for him. he'll be help us and have the word of the
8:11 am
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>> eighty-three morning everybody, jammo, over an hour and a half westbound on the pa turnpike. i hope you went for the jumbo coffee, but then that could be a bad sign, because no bathrooms on the turnpike. westbound bottom line from philly bensalem all the way over to valley forge. ninety-five minutes, to make the trip, two separate accident, one right here at ft. washington, the other one over toward norristown. that one, involving an overturned box truck, so again, bumper to bumper westbound, all the way over into valley forge. eastbound on the schuylkill, only 30 minutes, third of the time is the turnpike coming inbound from city line, in
8:14 am
toward downtown. ninety-five not bad right here. still bunched up from cottman, into girard avenue. about 40 minute trip there. and backed up on the benny from south jersey into downtown. sue has got the forecast in 15 seconds. >> time is 8:14. we're looking at some rain rolling in tomorrow, and you can see, where it is now, down to our south and west. there is another storm, it is all going to merge together, and move off shore and replace high pressure, which has been our wonderful weather maker yesterday. and it will be for today, as well, though we will start to see some clouds by the end of the day in advance of this, and here you see, kind of all coming together in the future cast. and coming our way by about lunchtime here in philadelphia. tomorrow then we see the rain, sort of moving up to our north, colder air get drawn in
8:15 am
to the storm, and it could get a lot chillier, and there may be some snow up in the pocono mountains, and other places cents north and west of the city, before this all ends tomorrow night. right now, it is cents 41 degrees in philadelphia. 36 degrees in lancaster, 45 degrees in dover. and 36 degrees in mount pocono. so you need a coat this morning but also your shades. sixty tomorrow, the rain rolls in, gets very windy specially on friday with a high chilly 45. should dry out by the weekends, which means a big difference from last weekend. >> it was terrible to call on our sen sai. you can take my son now, and never see him again. >> a heart broken mother is using her pain to give her life purpose. the couple decided keeping quiet would never help other mothers who lost a child. >> talking about their son, chase. lauren? >> that's right. he changed their life forever. so we want to share their story with you, for some
8:16 am
people very ends tiff topic tough to watch the video but this february marks three years since kristen and chris block lost their son chase. time of course has helped with healing, but nothing helped more than breaking their silence. so instead of being quiet and angry the couple made a decision to speak out and help out in ways they never imagined. >> kristen and chris block were expecting their third child back in 2015. >> chris and bring on our couch and feeling him kick in our hands. >> the next day, they were in a doctors office for a routine ultrasound. >> it was a completely normal pregnancy. >> until it wasn't. >> it was a terrible feeling. i often said that it was like a living hell. it was bad. >> doctors told her the baby's heart suddenly stopped beating after 20 weeks. >> that day was by far the hardest day of either of our lives. >> i was angry. i was confused. i felt isolated, like i was the only one that this had
8:17 am
ever happened to. >> but they wanted to make memories, one of the most important, to read a book. >> we did that with his older brother and older sister the day they were born. >> with no books in site the family tradition now impossible, chris tried to turn to technology. >> i had nightmares about it. just seeing chris, like looking through his phone trying to find a book to read to chase. >> this only fueled their frustration. >> i started to write, because i wasn't able to talk about my experience without breaking down really bad. and then that turned into a blog. >> six months later the blog blossomed into a foundation. >> the biggest thing i've seen is that there is a need, there is such a need for help for these families that lose a baby. >> families, and hospitals, were reaching out to the couple. not just for advice and answers cents. >> could you donate to us, we don't have these supplies, we never would have thought about this. >> supplies the couple made into making memory boxes. inside each one, baby wash, a
8:18 am
camera, canvas and ink for those precious hand and footprints, and of course a book. >> that realization helped to move the cup toll raise money, using designer bags, and power tools, as prizes. >> that's something that our foundation is big on, involving the dads, too. >> chris knows how the fathers can sometimes feel stuck in stereotypes. >> like, you know, not supposed to talk about it, you know, don't cry, don't get upset. >> this year on what would have been chase's third birthday, the foundation, a day with chase, pulled in $13,000. >> yes, just blows us away to see the impact that -- >> will help two families in texas and tennessee whether they buy cuddle cot, $3,000 crib keeling device which warms the bodies of new bonds to extend the time with their babies? terrible to call on our
8:19 am
sendsai, you can take my son now, never see him again. >> hoping to ease the pain, for another grieving mother. >> it is okay to feel, it is okay to feel angry. it is okay to cry when you want to cry. feel what you're feeling. >> but then, move past those feelings. >> talk about it. you know, i wouldn't have been able to help so many families now, if i hadn't talked. >> they even talked about never trying for another child until fate had it way in 2016, a baby girl was born. >> to have carly born, i remember when she was was, i screamed, and i said she's alive, she's alive. >> and because of this journey, she is more alive than ever before. >> she is alive. i'm glad they talk, because i didn't know this went on. >> that is the same thing the family felt when they said that that's exactly why they are happy to know now that so many people have reached out, got to love a story with a happy ending, so i was happy
8:20 am
to do it, they're smiling now, raising money, helping families. >> lana way to remember chase. >> i know, every birthday they'll have fun razers and raise money for other families to help them. so $13,000 this year. >> so those footprint and hands prints were his actual feet and hands. >> they said luckily they had such a great nurse at lankenau that helped talk them through that. because when you're experiencing so deep and painful like that you don't think it out, so they were like lets eight give the babe a bath. maybe you want quiet time. read a book. you don't think about those things in the moment. but they had a good nurse to talk them through it so trying to passalong and pay it forward with the information they learned through their experience. >> create memories. >> yes, i didn't know there was such a thing as a machine like a cuddle cot that would pre very of the child's bod. >> i right. so they can extend their time. >> make the memories. >> what a store. >> i thank you, lawyer glenn thanks, guys, thanks f
8:21 am
8:22 am
- honey, look what we got! - [narrator] going big (yelling) isn't always best. unless it's a aaa plus membership. get 100 towing miles and free emergency gas delivery. aaa. go ahead.
8:23 am
>> ryan seacrest speaking out.
8:24 am
>> accused of making inapropriate advances toward a stylist, susi hardy made the claims back in november, she said ryan tried to have a romantic relationship with her, and even hugged her, in his underwear, multiple times. she also claims that she was let go from the network two weeks after coming forward about this. ryan is now released statement where he addressed the investigation, and how his name was ultimately cleared. and he continued to say, quote. >> i eagerly participated in the investigation and in order to demonstrate my innocence because i know my truth and believe in the due process. so representatives for e television network, and abc, have both said that ryan seacrest will continue to host his previously scheduled on-air gigs, despite the allegations cents. >> so we'll see. >> 8:24. >> new documentary is in the works. it will follow the life of late actor, paul walker. >> the film i am paul walk letter include interviews from friends, and family it, will
8:25 am
explore his film career and his involvement including his passion for the world's oceans, and his efforts to help haiti after the earthquake. you remember paul walker died in a car crash in 2013. >> all right, it is 8:25, jalen, you ready to go? should we do in? jalen mills is here. and by the way, we're giving away a trip to ireland, where your hair would fit right in. so could you give us the words of the day? >> come on over here. >> oh, right now? >> yes, might as well do it now, why wait? >> come on over. >> i will tell you what, we will take a break so we have a long time to talk. have a seat. you know alex, of course.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> all of these royals. >> i don't want to get into. >> look, starting to start stuff,. >> so what's new with these two? >> they're getting married, their royal wedding, might and royal mess. rumors, are and we want your opinion on this, he invited his ex's to the wedding. hum. how meghan markle feels about. >> this how do you feel about this? would you want that? also, all of you instagram lovers, hello my fellow lovers of instagram, could they be dying and now onto something else? have you heard of vero? being called the overnight instagram killer. we will take a look at the new social media april apparently beating out all of the others, numb number one downloaded app right now. should we make the switch? you know i love my stain gram. >> you know what? i think, hi, jalen, we will talk about zero -- vero in just a secretary. oh, looking at a video. but supposedly this new vero thing supposed to make you a better intimate connection with someone.
8:30 am
>> intimate connection? >> not that way. >> okay. >> not that way. >> not exactly that way. >> okay. >> anyway we will take talk to jalen just after sue does some wetter. >> all right, bus stop buddy here he's smiling, because he gets to be on another form of social media. all right, we've got temperatures in the 30's, and 40's, to start. so, yes, off to chilly start. but sure looks good out there with all of the sunshine. now, we have more clouds, it will be increasing throughout the day. you can see how cloudy it is down to our south. that's because we're getting ready for some rain tomorrow. but it is 41 degrees in philadelphia right now. feels like 35. it is february-ish kind of morning. but 60 degrees should be the high temperature today with some sunshine, increasing clouds, as we just told you. now tonight with the clouds, it won't be quite as cold. it will still be dry. but rain arrives on thursday, we will tell when you when we bring you the seven day forecast coming up. all right, bob kelly, where is the trouble now? >> couple of trouble spots, north on 95 for the gang coming up from delaware, accident on the off ramp to
8:31 am
route 202. right there at wilmington. eastbound on the 30 bypass, an accident here. right near route 100 for the gang coming out of say west chester and downingtown, north along 202, a a crash at westtown road. almost the same spot as we had yesterday. look at this, double eight eights, 88 minutes on the turnpike, to make it from philly bensalem all the way over to valley forge. all because of two earlier accidents, i would hang tight, put another pop tart or bagel in the toaster, 88 minute on the turnpike. mike and alex, back over to you. >> having too much fun with jalen mills already. >> okay. should we reminisce? i can't stop reminiscing about the super bowl. >> take me back last 42nd of the game. >> forty-second. the eagles ahead by a touchdown, when tom brady throws the hail marry we all held our breaths and were like ahh. >> no, no. >> brady. hit by gram. heave it down field, defected,
8:32 am
incomplete, time expires. >> oh, there we all like yes we did it okay, we're champions. yes. and so one of the eagles making that play, jalen mills. otherwise known as the green goblin of course. >> did you see yourself there? >> yes, i did. >> we will talk about that philadelphia international airport in a second. by the way little texas reunion here, right? >> we did. >> your free de soto. >> yes. >> texas, where is that? >> that's in dallas, like, well, outside of it, right? >> outside. >> had you ever heard of alex, you know, in dallas. >> no, i didn't. >> but we didn't play his school in football, but in track we would run against de soto high school. >> was cents there a premonition in high school, wasn't the masses could the for your school the high school team the eagles? >> yes, it was cents. >> how about that? >> de soto eagles, there go. >> the de. >> yes. >> so on draft day, maybe it wasn't as surprise when the eagles did this. >> with the 233rd pick in the
8:33 am
2016nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select jalen mills defensive back lsu. welcome to the eagles. >> what were you feeling at that moment right there? >> oh, man. it was a numbering feeling. you know what i mean? for everything that you work for, since, you know, ten, 11 years old, i mean, i mean, all of the hard things you have to go through, adversity, all the sudden your dream is coming true, getting drafted. >> were you getting nervous? it was seventh rounds. >> i think i was kind of over t i put it my mind regardless if i got drafted or not, whatever team i was going to go to i was going to make an impact. >> so you're going to go to the eagles. when did the green hair -- did you go i'm going green hair? because of the eagles? >> not right off the bat. you know what i mean, you kind of go through ota, trying to get a feel for the team. one thing that stood out to me was coach pederson, he always say show your personality to everybody.
8:34 am
and i mean so after ota's, went to training for camp coming up, then i said he want everybody to show their personalities, so i died my hair green. >> once you showed up with the green hair they were like you better back this up, right? what did they say to you? >> swarth was the first guy hey rookie your allege going to have it green hair you better go out there and bag it up. >> back it up. >> can we go to the super bowl now from the draft to the super bowl. but seriously, seventh rounds, now you have super bowl ring. >> yes, sir. >> when is that going to be delivered by the way? >> have ceremony of course you know what i mean have ceremony where everybody gets the ring, so i think it is coming up pretty close going into the season. >> yes, like one of the first games. >> so let's go back to that play then. >> here it is. now let's break it down. where are you in the end zone here? >> i'm actually underneath my job was to box him out. so i did my best now i'm standing up, and celebration time now. >> you were like the first one, like we got it, we got it. >> celebration time, yes. >> so right there, you know
8:35 am
you're a super bowl champ. >> see the ball hit the ground. you know that's going to be the last play, so as soon as it hit the ground, that feeling just crazy. >> but you knew it was going -- >> 100%. >> so like we need to handle our business. >> handle it. >> speaking every handling thing, gronc, a result of big gconc? >> that's football for you. >> when did that happen in the game? >> in the second quarter. i mean, it was on a ball for gronc fourth down, turn my thumb, but kind of played through it. >> i hate to touch a super bowl champion's hand. >> but you're almost healed now, right? >> almost healed. yes, ma'am. >> surgery? >> yes. >> the whole thing. >> okay, but you will be ready to go? >> of course. >> can we get to the celebrating then? >> what part of the celebrating where he was kissing a woman on the field? >> not just any woman, his woman. >> is that your woman? >> yes, it is cents. >> doses she have a green coat on too?
8:36 am
>> yes, she doses. >> green coat to match the green hair. >> does she have green hair? >> no, not in that picture. >> but she has had? >> she's done it before. >> oh, romantic. >> it is. >> is she from texas, too? >> yes, she. >> oh, so you've known her for awhile? >> yes. >> everything good? >> everything is good. >> listen, of course it is good. she has a champion. >> you were kissing lombardi trophy, kissing women, kissing babies. what's it like walking around philly snow. >> it is crazy. i try to wear a hoodie or a hat, you know, for the most part. >> because they can point you out. >> it is like no other. you know what i mean, the green stands out. >> keeping it next season? >> course, have to. >> all right. >> great to see you, i would slack your hand but i don't want to hurt you. >> and he's also been doing great work at chop, as well. >> want to dot painting? so thank you for gooing to schools and talkin talk to our s because they're so impressed by you and you're a role model as you know, i don't know if you feel that way or not.
8:37 am
what is this? >> this is a painting. i'm going to sign and vince is going to -- we're going to have auction for it, of course it will go to a good cause. >> okay. now, i think we should do something to it, though. i think you should sign it. >> of course. >> now is that the artist? >> yes, it is. >> so i've got a black sharpee if you want to do it. >> right on top? >> or the silver on green, but i don't know the green, we better go black? do you think? >> i think black would be fine. >> okay. let's get the bigger sharpee. >> get this together. >> you're a super bowl champ now. you sign it then we will turn and show it. >> you can see he's signed a lot of autographs. short, sweet, to the point. get it over with. >> if you can hang around another couple of minutes, we will take another commercial break. and we have a special, special way to release the word of the
8:38 am
day. we're giving away a trip to ireland. >> okay. >> let's do it. >> and we brought in a bunch of your fans. and they're going to reveal the word of the day. well, in a special way.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> jalen, we're giving away a trip here on "good day" philadelphia, couple of people get to go to ireland. we'll announce the winner of this thing on saint patrick's day because we air it on march the 11. so we have word of the day, part of the contest. i don't need to explain the whole thing to you. >> so we want to find special way to announce the words of the day. >> we want to do it with you. >> okay. >> and you inspire the way we're about to do this just now. >> now, bunch up the shot. some of these student are going to our neighbor right
8:42 am
next-door here on fourth street, master i charter school. welcome guys, good to have you here. they're trying to play it cool right now. >> jalen mills is here. >> yes. >> you all get to meet him, okay? and then, behind them, are members of the northwest raiders, right? >> right beside him. >> raise your hands, guys. is that a football team, riders in yes? >> germantown. >> yes. >> good to have you here. talking group, very tack tiff. got to play it cool. that's what they're doing. here comes the word of the day. >> okay. >> you ready for this? >> can't wait to see it. >> master i charter, please turn around. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> patrick patrick. the word of the day. >> here we have it. >> today. >> thank you, guys, for being willing to slip than our your heads.
8:43 am
>> we told you it was water soluble paint, and we lied. >> so good luck get that out. >> they're like what? >> you guys turn around again so your moms and dads can see you go, ahead, turn back around. >> turn around. >> okay? >> now, switch places cents with the guys in the back. so their folks can see them too. >> northwest raiders here. you guys ready to meet jalen? >> ya. >> any eagles fans? >> now they're excited. >> okay. >> i'll protect you. >> all right. >> okay, jalen, good to have you here. we'll read some contest rules, so hang around for this. >> we'll give you more information about the paint and how you guys can get it raising money for chop. >> we'll tell you where to go to bid on that auction item. >> go to right now you have to enter by 10:00 a.m. for your chance to win airfare aboard airli. n gust, we will announce the winner live during the saint patrick's day parade. we will have new word, new finalist every day this week,
8:44 am
so you can go here. to ireland. for complete rules go to com/contests cents. >> are you going home to text that is. >> yes. >> oh, you haven't gone anywhere? >> no. >> super bowl champ needs to go like to the caribbean. >> or texas? >> i'm going. >> go someplace nice. >> listen, the stars at night are big and breitbart. >> right? >> even out of texas. >> there go. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> see you when you get back. >> thank you, jalen, congrats. >> jen, she knows her snap chat filters. >> well, they're having an interesting effect, aren't they, jen? >> they're having an interesting -- are they going to send you to the plastic surgeon? is it a good idea? we will talk about it, by the way, say hello to my friends, jalen mills for me.
8:45 am
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>> coastal storm, increasing clouds, later on in the day, so enjoy the sunshine while it is here, but we are expecting out of this coastal storm thursday into friday, two to 3 e pocono mountains, maybe even the lehigh valley. and one to 2 inches every rain, plus a lot of winds, oh, it is going to be a little bit nasty, tomorrow, and friday. so, enjoy today. 34 degrees in allentown, chilly 41, in philadelphia. to the north of us, it is 38 in hazleton. down at the shore, it is cents 48. in ocean city, and 46 degrees, in rehoboth beach. 60 degrees our high today, i'm laughing because absolutely nobody's paying attention to the weather, jalen mills is still in the studio. 55 degrees, tomorrow, 45 on friday. and it should dry out, alex, just in time for the weekend. >> sound good. i'm listening, sue. going to dry out just in time for the weekends, here we go. well, a lot of just used them,
8:49 am
those snap chat filters still popular even though i admit i switched over to instagram, once instagram started having stories, but the filters you can't deny. now growing health concern. it turns out the fillers are driving people to plastic surgery. it is being called snap chat dismore fee a. and the filters can transform the users facial features typically by smoothing skin, enlarging eyes and lips. and new york plastic surgeon says it is make peep lose perspective on what they really look like. so a lot of people like to dot snap chat filters because they're fun but i guess having some effect on us. what do you think about this? >> well, alex, you are the most gorgeous person in america so you never have to worry about looking prettier. >> but, it does, you're like i'm so gorgeous. now, i want to tell you something. in television, i don't know if you know this, mike, there is lighting that you can use to help people. if you could pull out your light kit every once in a
8:50 am
while, i can already look like that. and i have to say, earlier, on instagram, we addressed this issue of the good lighting. >> how come you haven't figured out how to get this filter on your news camera? you love it. you love it. >> i hate that voice. >> mike, how come you haven't figured out -- >> now, mike has never talk about the visual, he just doesn't like the voice, and i have to say, i mean, it is the best voice ever. i have to say, you get used to look that pretty. and you can look that pretty, without make up, without brushing your teeth, without really doing your hair, because they put the ears in there. >> true. >> as you can see, i enjoy a snap chat filter. i want to live my best life, look my best self, and i can get that done without heaping on make up without a little snap chat filter. my favorite thing that happens, guys, is when i go out into my community where my friends and family live, and my girlfriend, the ones i
8:51 am
vacation with, the ones that love me, always like you look so much better on instagram. dummies, it is because it is a filter. >> all right. >> but the question is is it really leading to want to go have plastic surgery? is it really coming to that? >> no, no. >> if you feel better -- >> if you're already that guy, already that guy, you'll have plastic surgery no matter what, you'll use the filter filter to show your plastic surgeon, but i disagree. i don't need plastic surgery because i have the filters. and when i'm gone, my children will see these pictures of me and they'll think i was really attractive. >> no question. jen, thank you very much. >> thank you. only thing i want to see, just leave the filter. i don't minds the filter but get rid of the little ears and knows thing, why do you have to put that on there? every time i get a picture with ears and nose, what's going on there? >> you don't like it? >> what are they covering up? >> maybe want to be an animal in another life? >> just drop the animal thing.
8:52 am
>> so the flowers, not sick of those? >> totally sick of the flower crown. stop it. >> all right. is this darn thing happening or not? after all of these rumors, the fresh prince may finally get to come back to the airwaves. but will smith be involved. how could it be any good (steel-drum ringtone sounds)
8:53 am
8:54 am
hello? hello there! almond joy is tropi-calling! when you need a taste of vacation, pick up!
8:55 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, fresh prince fans. your wish may be granted now, the classic 90's citcom getting a come back here with a princess "tmz" reporting who owns the rights to the show in serious talk new version of it with a woman as the lead. >> they say the company filed
8:56 am
trademark application, locking down rights to fresh princess for a tv program, no word on whether will smith will be involved with it. >> that would smell to me like he's not. so they go on different route. >> snot bad. >> they brought back full house, that worked. >> that's true. >> well, i mean, that worked big time. >> or is it fuller house when they brought it back? >> fuller house. hey, bizarre revelation here, barbara streisand went to the extreme to bring her pet dog back from the dead, well, so to speak. we think you might want to do it your dog, too. >> prince harry's royal wedding, may be a royal mess. rumors are, he invited his ex's to the ceremony.
8:57 am
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enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! in it's vegan! and it's organic!
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>> happy birthday to their lead singer, patrick, perfectly named for our word of the day. patrick moynihan is 49 today. happy birthday. >> you know who else has cents a birthday today? >> your mama. >> my mother. >> oh, happy birthday, mom. >> i hope you have a lovely day. there she is, looking lovely. she is here in philadelphia, with my dad. so we will be celebrating you today and having a lot of fun, went for nice walk yesterday, today more fun. also doing the no meet journey for me for lent. >> she is not going to eat meat until easter? >> right. we're both sharing in that. >> oh, wow. >> okay. >> also pretty sure megan's birthday. >> happy birthdy megan. >> punch yourself up, woman. happy birthday. >> high! >> brought the sparkles. >> yes, oh, baby. what a year she's going to have. are you getting married this year, megan? this calendar year? >> i am. >> didn't get the


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