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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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thank you for joining us. i'm lucy noland. let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr for where things stand right now. kathy, at leave it's not snow. >> at least it isn't for now. but it could be, lucy. we could end as snow. this is a very big coastal storm that's going to be taking shape and as you look outside in old city philadelphia you're like huh it's 60 degrees right now. it will not stay that way. 59 the current temperature in philadelphia. 50 in the poconos. 58 in wilmington and 60 in dov dover. the clouds will be rolling in and this storm is going to be moving toward us as well. wreaking havoc down through the tennessee valley with flooding it's going to be moving into the ohio valley and then redevelop off the coast. as we go hour by hour, we'll watch the rain move in tomorrow afternoon and once it moves in it's will stick around. rain through thursday night, highlighted in yellow, right through friday morning for the rush. and then watch what happens friday. cold air gets pulled in as the storm pulls away. and enough moisture is lingering we're looking at a chance of
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snow through the poconos and the lehigh valley and for the rest of us, a cold rain as temperatures crash. this is what we expect. thursday through friday. a soaking rain. one to 2-inches with a flood watch that will go into effect. high wind watch that will take shape friday into saturday with winds gusting to 50 even 60 miles an hour. especially down the shore. we could see some flooding there as well. a change over to snow possible friday afternoon but once again temperatures borderline in philadelphia. but north and west you could see some snow. in the poconos, lucy, accumulation. we'll talk more about that coming up later in the broadca broadcast. >> winter weather enthusiasts will be happy about that, kathy. >> um-hmm. >> thank you. breaking right now. another big shake up for the trump administration. white house communications director hope hicks is resigning. she was one of the president's most loyal aids. the news of her stepping down comes after a panel investigating the russian probe interview her nine house. she told house intelligence panel she has occasionally told
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white lies for president trump. home destroyed in mooresto moorestown, n. investigators are looking into what start the this fire on the unit block of windemere drive. they believe it started in the back of the house just past 5:0. firefighters got it under control about an hour later. everyone did make it out safely but you can see that home is gone. marjory stoneman douglas high school opened its doors today for class for the first time since the mass shooting. students and teachers hugged one another and they also hugged officers who showed up as well. tears, plentiful as classes reopened. fox's phil keating is in parkland, florida, with more. >> we're never going to be back to normal but it's just going to get us in the right direction again. >> reporter: emotional morning in parkland, florida, as students returned to school for the first time since the shooting two weeks ago that left 17 people dead. wednesday was just a half day of school. one teachers and administrators say was all about comfort and community.
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backpacks weren't even allowed. >> i'm just glad to see everybody that i spend the hard time with and see that they're all okay. we know things will never ever be the same, but we're going to try to make sure that we can figure out how to move forward. >> reporter: as students remain focused on healing and moving forward, lawmakers are focusing on gun policy and school security. florida governor rick scott pushing his plan which would increase funding for mental health issues and tighten security at schools across the state. >> there's nothing more important than dunkin' donuts to act like this never ever happens again in this state. >> reporter: security in parkland on high alert for the first day back with law enforcement agencies from all over south florida on hand as a show of support and protection. students say the mood on campus is uneasy but their mission is clear. >> we're still around. like we're still kicking. we're still trying to send a message. we're like, don't forget about
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us, because we can't forget those who we lost. >> reporter: the students have half days for the rest of this week then on monday is back to their normal high school schedules. in parkland, florida, phil keating, fox news. here at home pennsylvania state senator anthony williams joining students to rally against gun violence with signs in hand students from boys latin high school bartram high school and motivation high school came together today. their message, we count too. williams says the problem runs far deeper than the tragedy at parkland. >> what's even more tragic for decades, decades since i was a child, that thousands and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in these neighborhoods across america. >> president trump met with lawmakers today at the white house and called on congress to act quickly on gun laws. the president listened to senators from both sides of the aisle and pushed for tougher background checks. better school safety and more
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mental health resources. a man is dead after police say he shot his wife and took his over own live at their edgewater park, new jersey home. around 1:00 michelle moses martin was outside her home shot in the chest on roosevelt avenue she did survivor. her husband 57-year-old gregory martin came out quickly went right back inside. they believe that's when he shot himself. no word on why. have a gun that you no longer want, philadelphia is holding its first gun by back of the year on friday. you don't have to show id. no questions asked. our joyce evans live in north philly with those details. joyce report roar you know how police are always encouraging and asking for community help. well they're getting support this time from local businessmen who run an emergency hope and housing facility right behind me here for young people and they have a huge clothing boutique right next door. we're at the corner of broad and new york. i was watching tv every night.
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i see what happens. >> it's not all on tv and it's not just in philadelphia. last summer, yyonni and his family were terrorize by gunmen in new york. >> somebody has to do something and hopefully other people will start to do something now. >> reporter: partnering with philadelphia police he's opening up his property at broad and york for philly's first gun buy back event of 2018. >> we're not only combating gun violence but also trying to bat combat and thwart the availability of guns. >> reporter: the captain says about 680 guns were reported stolen in 2016 during crimes like robbery, burglary or theft. so friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., anybody can drop off any begun no questions asked. and get a $75 gift card to nadal's clothing boutique right next door. and police say many people who come out are legal gun owners who just want to get rid of firearms. >> because you don't want a gun that you're not using that you
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don't need to be present in your home or god for bid in your car and become the victim of a burglary or some sort of theft or criminal event and someone take that gun. >> reporter: again, that's friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. right here behind me the clothing boutique is right next door. seventy-five dollars gift card for as long as they last. they expect at least 200 guns to be collected on friday. he's offering up one of his businesses in camden and another in wilmington for future buy backs he said that will be happening soon. in north philadelphia, joyce evans, fox 29 news. ♪ no rest for eagles less than month after winning the super bowl the coaches and front office are in indianapolis for the nfl combine looking at who might join the team in 2018. well our kristen rodgers joins us now. so kristen howie roseman had something to say about the current eagles team. >> lucy, the question on every eagles fan's mind right now they want to know what is going to
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happen with nick foles. the former backup now super bowl mvp he led the eagles through the post season and while carson wentz will return at some point this upcoming season, you have to ask will they try to trade foles away or will they keep him for the season? head coach doug pederson says he hasn't had talk with nick foles about the future yet. saying it's not the right time. to be honest i'm sure they've had some sort of did you go at this point but howie roseman did make it clear the eagles value foles. not only for what he has done but for what he can do for its this team. >> we're trying to keep as good players as possible talking about super bowl mvp, um, he's been unbelievably successful for us. he's got great character, great leadership. that room is exactly what we're looking for. we have franchise quarterback. we have a super bowl mvp, and we have a young quarterback that works as well. that's kind of how we're looking at it as we get started in the off season we've got a lot of areas that we have to address getting started a little bit
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behind these other teams f we don't get to work and get serious about this, um, we'll get our butt kicked. >> coming up in sports, more from roseman and doug pederson from the combine the the flyers fighting for first place in the division while they're finding success now and how they can keep that streak alive. that's still ahead lucy. >> we'll talk then, thank you kristen. an unfortunate and all too familiar scene for folks in radnor. another crash at a train bridge. a truck slammed into the bridge then tipped over and you can imagine it led to quite a few traffic problems. our jeff cole is live at the scene in radnor. so it happens a lot apparently, jeff. >> reporter: happens all the time they tell us, luce seem the bridge is painted a bright yellow. there are sign that is say the bridge is 10 feet 10-inches tall. but yet again, this radnor rail bridge takes a big knock today. wednesday morning in the bustle of the rush hour in radnor township it happens again, the train bridge at north radnor chester in king of prussia road
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social security struck. this time it's a moving truck heading south this woman lives nearby and has seen it all before. >> we see the car on -- the truck slightly on the side the man was outside at that point and plot wes taking care of it. >> reporter: you're thinking here we go again. >> definitely. >> reporter: the truck tipped on its side and there it sat blocking traffic. the rail bridge with a clearance of 10 feet 10-inches has been a bulls eye for trucks and other large vehicles for years police say the area is state controlled and has been frustrating issue for radnor for sometime. no one was hurt. but the neighbor says she's scene many accidents in her short time living nearby. >> we've only been here two years. >> how many times do you think you've seen it? >> five to six. >> reporter: in two years five to six. >> yes. >> reporter: why doesn't get get changed in any wage why is there no -- you know i'm not quiet sure there's one sign but perhaps it's not close enough to where they're driving so that they don't really know which other way to go.
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>> reporter: police say the driver charged with dui and other charges pending related to the crash. they also say the passenger had will bit of pot op him and the equipment to smoke he'll face charges at well. live in radnor township, jeff cole fox 29 news. lucy. >> thank you jeff. delaware county guy gets arrested for dui. cops say he was passed out behind the wheel which is bad enough, right? what if we told you this wasn't his first time. it was his eighth. unthinkable situation for one local family. doctors have diagnosed one of their chirp with an incurable disease and another child could be next.
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14-year-old allentown teen is in the fight for his life. he has an extremely rare form of cancer. well they're community is rallying around the family. our dawn timmeney is live outside lehigh valley hospital in allentown. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, the community has come together for this family in an unimaginable way and when you hear their story, and see what they've been through, you'll count your blessings and see why so many people want to help them. no, that's not fair. >> reporter: warner family cherishes their family time now more than ever. in february of 2016, their son bryce developed a nagging cough. doctors prescribed antibiotics but the cough didn't go away. >> it got to the point where he didn't want to eat very much. he was really tired. >> reporter: doctors discovered bryce actually had a
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huge tumor in his stomach. >> it was so big it was pressing on his diaphragm which was causing the coughing. >> reporter: bryce had surgery the day before his 13th birthday. and shortly after that, the turners learned the teen has a rare cancer called gastrointestinal stromal tumor or gist. it's a genetic mutation. no treatment new york city cure. >> when you hear cancer as a parent right away you think okay this is what we're going to do and then you're blind sided again when they say there's nothing that we can do. >> reporter: only option to take the tumor out. bryce had half his stomach removed. part of his intestines and a small portion of his liver in the process. >> i was pretty just thinking what's going to happen? >> although he doesn't show it bryce is in pain every day. back pain, stomach pain -- >> i don't digest foods really well so have i to go to the bathroom a lot. so that definitely affects my life a lot. and the scans, um, and the blood work and all the routine
5:16 pm
checkups and everything it's just been a lot. >> reporter: to make matters worse, his 15 year old sister ariana and his dad chris also have the genetic mutation to develop gist all are under constant observation. with little research on this cancer, the werner pours on a mission. getting the word making people aware is something that our family is really doing our best to help with. >> the horrible diagnosis definitely bringing this family closer together and appreciating life more than ever. >> i just try to keep my mind off of it. um, big activity i do is boy scouts. >> there are days it's emotionally exhausting and there are days that it hits you like how did we get here in life, but for the most part we try and stay extremely positive and not let cancer define us or our li life. >> reporter: now bryce has three tumors growing on his liver right now and the only thing that doctors can do is closely monitor them. and when they become
5:17 pm
life-threatening they'll have to be removed. there is a big fundraiser this saturday in the area to raise money to cover the mountains of expenses that the werner's have endured for more on that go to lucy, i can tell you the werners are very appreciative. they say fit hadn't been for the kindness of on thes they probably would have lost their home through this ordeal. >> community is amazing. thank you very much, dawn. today in camden recognizing the city's heroes. local leaders honored the brave first responders who wept above and i don't know the normal call of duty in two fires. those fires broke out in november and also in december. if not for the amazing work of the camden firefighters and cooper ems, some people might to the have survived. >> thanks to the work of all involved there was a successful rescue of the residents, stabilization of the incident and conservation of the unit with no additional property damage. if not for their actions, the
5:18 pm
out come would be -- would have been much different. >> local officials presented the emergency responders with citations for their heroic actions. a former member of the obama administration has joined the philadelphia district attorney's office. da larry krasner welcomed robert list tenby as his first assistant his role will include working on juvenile and criminal justice issues at both local and national levels. former president obama had a appointed him to run the justice department's office of juvenile justice and delinquent see prevention. >> how many drunk driving arrests do you suppose it takes to get a guy off the road? upper darby police just arrested a man again for drunk driving, not his first time, not his second either if you thought it was possibly his third you'd also be wrong. this is his eighth arrest for dui and it has our hank flynn asking, how many is too many? >> i think that we got to continue. i mean i think he needs to go to jail. i think he needs to be rehabbed.
5:19 pm
um, given an opportunity but how many times can you go to the well? >> it's hank i'm in upper darby police headquarters where they recently took in this guy, charged him with his eighth dui, eight. my take is, how could a guy like this possibly still be behind the wheel? the accused, 48-year-old timothy fries pros spec park. upper dash plea police superintendent michael chitwood says fries was drunk at am slumped over the wheel at intersection of state road and fairfax avenue in upper darby when police found him. >> schoolbus driver is the one that notified the police. he's passed out behind the wheel of the car and the car in drive. the officer had to open the door and put the car in park. so he's lucky he didn't cause a catastrophic event or kill somebody. >> reporter: the question is, how was fries still driving? in addition to his eighth dui, this is the third time he's been charged driving with a suspended license so that wasn't valid. i drove to fries address in
5:20 pm
prospect park and rang the doorbell. >> ma'am, how are you. >> it's tim here? >> no he's not. >> reporter: fries remains in jail $25,000 bail. 10% cash option. the woman at the door gave her name as christine mc glynn. >> can you tell me who you are. are you his wife or sister? >> i'm his fiance'. >> you're his fiance'. >> yes. >> okay. are you concerned about the future? i mean this is a man you're about to marry. >> yes, yes. um, it's just -- he's been going through a lot of thing. his mother passed away over the summer and -- >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> you know, just been having a really really hard time dealing with it. >> okay. >> so, you know, um, but he will be getting help. >> reporter: for his sake and hers i hope he does. meantime you got this guy who's innocent until proven guilty on these charges but with a long detailed record of getting hammered and driving. superintendent chitwood says law enforcement and the courts are using all the tools they have at their disposal. >> the big buzz word is everybody -- he needs an interlocking device. well, he lives in process set
5:21 pm
park. he's got a cousin that lives in south philadelphia. he goes down to the cousin' house and gets the car and drives the car and gets drunk. you know, there is no easy answer for a guy like this. >> reporter: we do know where there's a will there's a way. they took his license and it didn't matter. i got to figure after eight times maybe he's not getting the picture. eight times. the next drunk driving case paid could be the one that kills somebody and owe though i hate prisons if he doesn't care why should. i'm duismss should be nudg enou. >> police arrested these two. police found the two men shot to death inside a car monday night on the hundred block of chain street. they charged row has with two counts of first degree murders among other charges. a family is working to lessen the pain by making sure parents
5:22 pm
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president trump s former chairman paul man any fort is maintaining his innocence. plead not guilty today in washington, d.c. faces charges that he acted as an unregistered foreign agent and directed an international money laundering conspiracy. this was his first court appearance since his co-defendant and long-time business associate rick gates plead guilty and began cooperating with prosecutors. a judge has set a trial date foreman any fort for september 17th. the late reverend billy graham cassette now in the capitol rotunda in washington, d.c. and today president trump honored the man who prayed with every u.s. president since harry truman. he's lying in honor today and tomorrow. his funeral is friday there's his home in charlotte north carolina. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell paid tribute to graham during the service. president trump praised the late reverend graham's life and legacy. >> we can only imagine the number of lives touched by the preacher and the prayers of
5:26 pm
billy graham. the hearts he changed, the sorrows he eased and the joy he brought to so many. the testimony is endless. >> the reverend billy graham passed away last wednesday at the age of 99. another beauty of a day. but that's all going to change rapidly. rain is on the way, kathy. >> oh yeah. rain and wind and toe potential flooding even the chance of snow for some of us. that storm is brewing to the south. we'll talk about when it moves and what it means for your neighborhood when we come back. ♪
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three suspects jumped the counter at this pizza hut trying to rob the place they got more than they bargained for from employee did he meet truss carnegie. >> through high med, you know what go into security mode and take care of what i got to take care of. >> he stepped up. he was a hero. >> he was actually off duty just
5:30 pm
stopped by to visit his sister who also works here. he went into the attack mode to fight off three gunmen as they terrorized his sister and fellow employees with those guns. >> honestly didn't know if they was real or not, but i had to take my chance. anything could have happened after they got the money. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured dee me truss as he knocked one of the robbers backwards while another robber appeared ready to shoot him. >> at any given time at least one was pointing a weapon at him. they were demanding money. he did not stop. >> reporter: at one point demetrius shoved an entire rack of pizza boxes down on the three teenaged bandits. they had enough jumped the counter and fled as started employees looked on. >> i was going to continue to grow if people just sat down or hot in their house or -- hide in their house or don't go out. >> i think that was brave. >> muss staffa works alongside our hero some days. he wasn't surprised by his co-worker's courage but thankful he stepped up and protected everyone. >> the guy had heart.
5:31 pm
you know he fought three of them off and then they, you know, just ran out. >> not saying everybody should be hero or trying to fight guns because that's not a good idea. more of the factor of not stepping down. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news. faculty at lehigh university want to take away president trump's honorary debris sashes allentown's morning call. more than 80% of those participating faculty voted to you were the board of trustees to rescind the degree. the school awarded the president the degree in 1988 the faculty says the board does not take any action they want to know how his statements square with the school's values. your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at rehoboth beach where it looks mighty fine. temperatures have been unseasonably warm. but this mild stretch is almost over. so queue the rain. how much are we going to get? kathy and scott break it down in 15 seconds.
5:32 pm
the high temperature today in philadelphia 61 degrees. looking down the shore, very pretty as we look at the lighthouse in cape may. just a beautiful day from the city to the shore. but things are going to change very quickly. the high today 61 but right now it's still 59. we had that west southwest wind keeping us really comfortable and look at these temperatures. 50 in the poconos. 57 in dover and 59 in philadelphia. the southwesterly wind continues but that's going to change. here's our storm system. it's over oklahoma pushing all of this rain through the tennessee valley and eventually toward us. when we look at the amounts, we're talking about one to 2-inches of rain with this particular system allentown over an inch. philadelphia an inch and atlantic city around an inch as well. so that's the rain. we're also talking about wind and snow. but first that flood watch will go effect tomorrow night through friday night for philadelphia and points to the north and east. that's where we do anticipate we
5:33 pm
could see some of the heaviest rain as we go hour by hour, you'll watch the developing storm move into the ohio valley by tomorrow morning. the rain moves in to our region by the afternoon after the noon hour. secondary development with this storm off the coast. these two combine or phase and then it pulls away. as it does pull away friday look what happens. the cold air wraps around it. it gets windy. it's wet and also we could see some snow to talk more about that. part two of the storm, we'll send it over to scott. hey, scott. >> hi there, kathy all be about that cold air rushing in on the back end of that system. ultimate doppler right now just showing you the rainfall off to the south and west. but let's time out the potential for that snow. maybe a few flakes along the i-95 corridor points north and west. but really not until you get toward sections of the poconos where we could see a heavy wet snow on the order of four or more inches. also, the wind. that will be a problem. future wind gusts friday morning they really start to ramp up.
5:34 pm
look at 2:00 in the afternoon. gusting close to 60 miles per hour down the shore. sections of delaware toward the delaware beaches. and look at friday night. gusts to 51 miles per hour philadelphia, 62 miles per hour gusts atlantic city and also wildwood so that will be a cause for concern. down the shore we're looking at over an inch of rain. coastal flooding. beach erosion. those winds gusting 50 to 60 miles per hour and, yes, scattered power outages in fact take look at our power outage index as we go toward friday and then into early saturday. scattered power outages across the area but a greater likelihood once again the delaware beaches and also the jersey shore. kathy? >> thank you very much, scott we have to talk about coastal flooding and beach erosion n ocean city, cape may county, these are the beaches of course that we are concerned about from the north to the south. with those gusty winds as well. so we are in for a major storm.
5:35 pm
even though it's not major snow it's still a major storm for us. overnight, 41 in the poconos. 44 in philadelphia. 45 in wildwood and 43 degrees in trenton during the day tomorrow the morning is no problem. it's the afternoon and the nighttime where it's going get little rough. 56 the high temperature so temperatures not an issue. afternoon rain and that rain gets heavy at times by tomorrow night. on your seven day forecast, we have rain. we have wind. we have flooding. big problems for friday. if you have any plans friday afternoon, friday evening, winds gusting to at least 45 in the city. and of course down the shore as scott mentioned gusting to about 60 miles an hour so that's problem flooding down the shore as well. saturday just windy, skies clearing. sunday better and next week, not so bad. monday 50. tuesday 49. a shower chance wednesday. maybe even a little wet snow on that day as well. but the next couple of days lucy it's only going to get worse from tomorrow afternoon into friday night. even saturday morning. got to baton those proverbial
5:36 pm
hatches. all right. thank you very much, kathy. his he's the voice of the eagles want a season he and the birds have had. so joyous to listen to him. culling up our jenn frederick goes one-on-one with the only culling up our jenn frederick goes one-on-one with the only this is so exciting, dave! culling up our jenn frederick goes one-on-one with the only hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog!
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string theory charter schools in philadelphia what a day there oh, the places you'll go when flyers brandon manning reads that very dr. seuss book. how cool is that? and they're doing great right now. number one. more than 100 students celebra celebrated dr. seuss' birthday with that very special guest. we're still waking up thinking wow the eagles are super bowl champions. and our jenn frederick spoke with merrill roose whose been witness birds every step of the way over the past 40 years. ♪ >> it took more than 40 years but merrill reece has finally been able to say it. >> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions! eagles fans everywhere, this is for
5:40 pm
you! ♪ >> the lesson that this team taught us was that if you share, if you root for each other, good things happen. and you never heard a wide receiver say, you're not targe targeting me enough or running back say i want more carries. >> reece says he believed this team was going to the super bowl mid season. and he admits everything lined up as he wanted it for the eagles in the playoffs. >> to be the best you have to beat the best. so winning against tom brady was even a big part of it as well, right? you don't want to go in and just beat jacksonville. forget. >> in you know you're right i wanted the eagles to beat the team that they talk about as being the dominant team, the great team for so long. >> the parade was a day he will never forget. >> first super bowl championsh championship. >> especially that jason kelce moment. >> jason was a little over the top. >> jalen mills can't cover. >> he's still marching around last week he was in manayunk.
5:41 pm
>> who knows where he's mummerring next week much he's got a new career. >> reporter: jenn frederick, fox 29 news. coming up, one family is turning their pain into something positive. while it won't fix everything, it's going a long way. ♪
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♪ skyfox over cheltenham high school where police arrested two students. they say on monday, students told administrator that is two of their classmates on social media were threatening the school and also threatening to hurt themselves. emotion packed day in parkland, florida, stoneman douglas high school students have returned to school two weeks after a gunman opened fire
5:45 pm
killing 17 people. fox's mat finn joins us live from the school. matt. >> reporter: lucy you can imagine how gut wrenching it was for students and faculty to return to class for the first time today. some of the people witnessed their colleagues or friends being murdered on this campus. today they had to return to it to finish out the school year. the district tells us that it is working with students and fact can you tee that say it's too emotionally difficult to continue the school year here and about 25 staff and students have asked to be relocated. we're also learning some new disturbing details as if there were more to discover about the shooting that day. reporting that the shooter tried to use a third floor stairwell as command post to fire down on students. he tried to use it as a vantage point and shoot out window but the window was hurricane proof. his gun jammed. he dropped it and fled. today governor scott is continuing his tour around the state of florida encouraging
5:46 pm
lawmakers to vote yes on his massive $500 -- $500 million action plan that would require anyone in possession avenue gun or purchasing a gun to be 21 years of age here in florida. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much matt. taking a look at your money at 5:00. levi's has a new way to make those trendy ripped jeans. the company is gunning to use lasers to create the effects of just 90 seconds it's been a 20 minute labor intensive process to get those jeans looking all warn out. levi's says it's going to use all lasers by the time we hit 2020. jalen mills still has that super glow. bowl glow. he talked with mike and alex about the birds big win in minneapolis. >> now you have a super bowl ring. >> yes, sir. >> when is that going to be delivered by the way? >> eye they have a ceremony, of course, we have a ceremony where everybody gets their rings. >> yeah. >> i think it's coming up pretty close going into the season.
5:47 pm
>> yeah. one of the first games. >> let's go back to that play then. >> here it is. let's break this down. where are you in the end zone here. >> i'm actually on gronk underneath him. my job was to box him out. so i did my best now i'm standing up and it's celebration time now. >> you're like the first one to know. you're like we got it. we got it. >> celebration time now. >> right there you know you're a super bowl champ? >> see the ball hit the ground. you know that's going to be the last play as soon as it hits the ground that feeling is crazy. >> you knew it was going to gronk though. >> 100%. >> we just need to handle our business. >> handle gronk. >> speaking of handling things, gronk, this is a result of big gronk. >> yeah. >> football for you. >> will did that happen in the game. >> in the second quarter. um, i mean, it was on a fade ball with gronk fourth down. tore a ligament in my thumb.
5:48 pm
kind of played through it. >> turn your hand a little bit. >> hate to touch a super bowl champion's hand. >> you're almost healed now, right. >> almost healed, yes, ma'am. >> surgery, the whole thing. >> yup. you'll be ready to go. >> of course. of course jalen mills is already thinking about next season. watching your health news if you're standing at your desk you might want to sit back down. they have been all the rage in offices but new study suggests those standing desks may be bad for your health. researchers in australia found they can increase your back discomfort. so they are recommending take an occasional walks at work instead of standing at a desk through the entire day. >> it was terrible to call a nurse and say you can take my son now and never see him again. >> heart broken mother is using her pain to give her life a purpose. the couple decided keeping quite would never help other mothers who lost a child. it has been three years since kristen and chris block lost
5:49 pm
their son chase as lauren johnson shows us time has helped with healing but nothing has helped more than breaking their silence. ♪ >> reporter: kristyn and chris block were expecting their third child back in 2015. >> chris and i were on our couch and feeling him kick at our hands. >> reporter: the next day, they were in a doctor's office for a routine ultrasound. >> it was a completely normal pregnancy. >> reporter: until it wasn't. >> it was a terrible feeling, um, i often said that it was like a living hell. it was bad. >> reporter: doctors told her the baby's heart suddenly stopped beating after 20 weeks. >> that day was by far the hardest day of either of our lives. >> i was angry. i was confused. i felt isolated like i was the only one that this had ever happened to. >> reporter: but they wanted to make memories, one of the most important to read a book. >> we did that with his older brother and his older sister the day they were born. >> with no books in sight, the
5:50 pm
family tradition was now impossible. chris tried to turn to technology. >> i had nightmares about it. just seeing chris like looking through his phone trying to find a book to read to chase. >> reporter: this only fueled their frustration. >> i started to write because i wasn't able to talk about my experience without breaking down really bad. and then that turned into a blog. >> reporter: six months later the blog blossomed into a foundation. >> the biggest thing i've seen is there's a need. there's such a need for help for these families that lose a baby. >> reporter: families and hospitals reaching out to the couple. not just for advice and answers. >> could you donate to us. we don't have these supplies we never would have thought about this. supplies the couple made into aking memory boxes. inside each one, baby wash, a camera, canvass and ink for those precious hand and footprints, and of course, a book. >> far from alone in this. >> reporter: that realization helped to move the couple to
5:51 pm
raise money using designer bags and power tools as prizes. >> that's something that our foundation is big on is involving the dads, too. >> reporter: chris knows how the fathers can sometimes feel stuck in stereotypes. >> i'm not supposed to talk about it. don't cry. don't get upset. >> reporter: this year on what would have been chase's third birthday, the foundation a day with chase pulled in $13,000. >> just blows us away to see the impact that he's now having on so many people. >> reporter: the money will help families at two hospitals& in texas and tennessee when they buy cuddle cots a $3,000 crib cooling device that preserves the bodies of deceased newborns so families can extent the time with their babies. >> it was terrible to call the nurse and say, you can take my son now and never see him again. ♪ >> reporter: hoping to ease the pain for another grieving mother. it's okay to feel.
5:52 pm
it's okay to feel angry. it's okay to cry when you want to cry. feel what you're feeling. >> but then move past those feelings. >> talk about it. you know i wouldn't have been able to help so many families now if i hadn't talked. >> reporter: they even talked about never trying for anothe child until fate had its way in 2016 a baby girl was born. >> to have khloe born i remember when she was i screamed and i said she's alive. she's alive! >> reporter: and because of this journey, she's more alive than ever before. >> as a mom who's son heart stopped beating when he was born this is a powerful story. it's a 100th day of school. some kids in our area will never forget. from a woman who has lived 100 years talk about learning from
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
day definitely nism k willenda doing another death defying stunt. this time over national harbor in oxon hill, maryland. this morning with no tether, no harness. willenda walked 75 feet in the air across 230-foot span between two buildings at the harbor. that wire by the way he walked across it has a diameter of a nickel. think about that. in 2013, willenda became the first person to walk across the grand canyon on a wire.
5:57 pm
a 100th day of school lesson some montgomery county students will never ever forget because while they've made it 3100 days of school their guest speaker has been through 100 years of life and these kids 90 years younger than her hung on her every word as fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer explains. >> reporter: it's the hundredth day of school fort students at pearlman jewish day school in wynnewood. >> that's wonderful. >> reporter: centenarian nettie levitt weiss has the fourth and fifth graders here hanging on every word. >> you all have surprised looks an your faces. >> to have the opportunity to bring someone in who is actually experienced 100 years of life and share her experience with our students is just a very special gift. >> reporter: students were armed with about a dozen questions. >> what inventions changed your life the most? >> over my lifetime, technology has advanced greatly. when i was a little girl, i
5:58 pm
could remember seeing my mother standing over a washing board and washing clothes. >> reporter: some quizzed nettie about her familiar. >> i have 15 great-grandchildr great-grandchildren. >> others wanted to know what she did for fun. >> for ten cents we can go to the movie and see a regular long movie. >> reporter: but most students just listened to historic events witnessed from a person ten times their age. >> i didn't go to college because the country was going through a very bad depression which meant that many people were out of work and there was very little money around. >> reporter: for most kids this is the first time meeting someone like nettie. >> i actually find it inspiring. >> it was really really cool. >> it was very moving about what she was talking about. >> yes. i was really interes interestedw much things involved. >> reporter: nettie loved sharing her life experiences with the kids. she did leave one question unanswered. sort of. >> i guess i have the proper genes i was born with to be able
5:59 pm
to live to be 101 years old. >> reporter: in wynnewood, bill rohrer fox 29 news. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> she has mazing genes. she looks like she's 70. phenomenal and that is your news at 5:00. but don't go anywhere. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ a classic battle of a truck versus a bridge. and surprise, surprise, the bridge won. luckily no one is hurt but it's not the first, second or even the third time that this has happened. and getting illegal guns off our streets. one man's partnering with police to cut down on violence in our communities. your news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin however at 6:00 with your weather. live look at doylestown, bucks county. where it's all quiet but 24 hours from now things are going to look a whole lot different.
6:00 pm
here in old city outside our studios it's nice and warm for february but the rain is coming and not just rain but damaging winds. thank you for joining us at 6:00. i'm lucy noland. now take look at the same system heading our way. left this behind in indiana streets covered in flood waters scenes like this played out in and southeast with tornadoest- spinning off as well. so let's get right on over to kathy orr with more on the storm's track. kathy? >> lucy we are talking about a powerful storm that's coming our way, and the shore will be feeling some intense impacts possibly the strongest winds and even the worst flooding right now temperatures are pretty mild in the 50's for the most part. in the poconos we're at 49 degrees. but as we look ahead, the storm right now located over you can see oklahoma and all of this rain moving toward the northeast. it's actually going to redevelop off the coast and become a major coastal stop. so we'll go hour by hour the first thing we're going to see is rain and that's going to be tomorrow afternoon. that rain will


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