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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 28, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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here in old city outside our studios it's nice and warm for february but the rain is coming and not just rain but damaging winds. thank you for joining us at 6:00. i'm lucy noland. now take look at the same system heading our way. left this behind in indiana streets covered in flood waters scenes like this played out in and southeast with tornadoest- spinning off as well. so let's get right on over to kathy orr with more on the storm's track. kathy? >> lucy we are talking about a powerful storm that's coming our way, and the shore will be feeling some intense impacts possibly the strongest winds and even the worst flooding right now temperatures are pretty mild in the 50's for the most part. in the poconos we're at 49 degrees. but as we look ahead, the storm right now located over you can see oklahoma and all of this rain moving toward the northeast. it's actually going to redevelop off the coast and become a major coastal stop. so we'll go hour by hour the first thing we're going to see is rain and that's going to be tomorrow afternoon. that rain will fall heavy at
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times you see the yellow that's tomorrow evening. and that means one to 2-inches of rain at least and then as the storm pulls away friday morning, it's part two. it's gusty winds, some damaging winds and even the possibility of some snow at the end of the storm. so this is what we know so far. we expect soaking rain that begins tomorrow. late in the day toward the evening. and we're talking about one to n will be friday the strongest winds will be friday into saturday we're talking about northwest winds 25 to 35 gusting 50 to even 60 down the shore. that means power outages will be a possibility especially in south jersey and delaware. change over to snow especially north and west in the poconos where it will definitely accumulate. we'll talk more about the details of the storm coming with the seven day forecast. lucy i'll see you later on in the broadcast. >> sounds like we got a lot to talk about. thank you kathy. keep it right here on fox 29 news. we've got you covered as that storm approaches. and when we're not on air, we're online or you can download the fox 29 weather app it's easy and
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it's free and it's available in the apple i tunes and google play stores. developing to night accusations of a assault against delaware county state representative. the philadelphia inquirer is reporting two women have filed a confidential complaint against state representative nick miccarelli the woman claim the republican representative threatened stalk intimidated or sexually assaulted them. both accusers dated mick rollly at different times between 202012 and 2014. our jeff cole went to mick rollly and asked about the accusations. >> reporter: it's regarding other issues. regarding some issues in terms of allegations of behavior that's not proper. can you tell me about it? >> jeff, all i can tell you i've done nothing wrong. >> reporter: you can't talk to me now. >> i'm at home on my personal property, jeff, and, you know, i understand -- >> reporter: nick i've known you for a long time. i'm here to get your side. >> you'd like to have a conversation sit down don that at my office when i'm not, you
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know, in the back of my house doing yard work. >> well top pennsylvania house leaders have launched an inquiry into the allegations. a home destroyed in moorestown, new jersey of the investigators are looking into what starter the fire on the unit block of windemere drive they believe it began in the back of the house just past 5:00 this morning. firefighters got it under control about an hour later. it is absolutely demolish. everyone did however make it out safely. a man is dead after police say he shot his wife and took his own live at their edgewater park, new jersey, home. around 1:00 this morning police found 46-year-old michelle moses martin outside of her home shot in the chest. on roosevelt avenue. she survived. police say her husband 57-year-old gregory martin came out quickly then went right back inside. they believe that's when he shot himself. we have no idea why he did what he did. marjory stoneman douglas high school opened its doors today for the first time since the mass shooting for class. students and teachers hugged one
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another and they hugged officers who showed up as well. you can imagine it was emotional morning in park lapped, florida. students had just half a day. teachers and administrators say it was all about comfort and community. law enforcement stepped up security. and the school did ban backpac backpacks. >> i'm just glad to see everybody that i spend of spent the hard time with and see that they're all okay. >> we know things will never ever be the same. but we're going to try to make sure that we can figure out how to move forward. >> the students have half days for the rest of this week. then on monday it's back to their normal high school schedules. back here at home philadelphians will be able to give their guns to police in the first gun buy back event of the year. our joyce evans reports. >> reporter: local businessmen are stepping forward to help police in this effort. they're offering up this emergency youth health and housing center behind me and clothing store right next door.
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>> i was watching tv every night, you know, i see what's happening. >> reporter: it's not all on tv and it's not just in philadelphia. last summer, yonni and his family were terrorized by gunmen in new york. >> somebody has to do something and hopefully other people will start to do something now. >> reporter: partnering with philadelphia police, he is opening up his property at broad and york for philly's first gun buy back event of 2018. >> we're not only combating gun violence but also trying to combat and thwart the availability of guns. >> reporter: captain says about 680 guns were reported stolen in 2016 during crimes like robbery, burglary or theft. so friday from 10am to 6:00 p. p.m., anybody can drop off any begun no questions asked. and get a $75 gift card to his clothing boutique right next door and police say many people who come out are legal gun openers who just want to get rid
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of firearms. >> because you don't want a gun that you're not using that you don't need to be present in your home or god for bid in your car and become the victim of burglary or some sort of thought or criminal event and someone take that gun. >> reporter: he's already offered one of his businesses in camden and another one in wilmington for future buy backs. those he says will be happening very soon. joyce evans, fox 29 news. the parkland shootings effects continue to reverberate through the halls of congress and 1600 pennsylvania avenue. and so did president trump met with lawmakers at the white house and called on congress to act quickly on gun control. the president says we cannot wait. listening to senates from both sides its aisle he pushed for tougher background checks. better school safety and more mental health resources. pennsylvania senator pat toomey who is also at the event has also been pushing a bill to broaden background checks. >> we didn't address it mr mr. president. >> you know why, because you're afraid of the nra.
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>> no. an issue five years ago. >> just today dick's sporting goods a announced lit no longer sell high powered rifles like ar15 and not sell any guns to anyone under the age of 21. we have breaking news to mercer county we go. we've got skyfox in the air right now. this is hamilton township where police have confirmed they have found a body in spring lake. this is off of sewell avenue. you can see firefighters and police at the scene. officers say someone called just before 5:00 saying that there was a body there. right now investigators aren't releasing many details of what's going on. actually nothing other than what i've told you. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more information as the news warrants. it has happened over and over. traffic problems at a train bridge in radnor. it happened again today it's not because of a normal type of traffic thing a truck once again slammed into the bridge. this time the truck tipped over. no one is hurt but you can imagine drivers, well, they're tired of it all. our jeff cole has more from radnor. >> reporter: it's paint add
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bright yellow and there are signs that say the bridge is 10 feet 10-inches tall but yet again today the radnor rail bridge takes a big knock. the rail bridge at north radnor chester in king of prussia roads in radnor township would appear to have a bulls eye on it. again today, in the grip of the rush hour, a moving truck hea heading south hammers it. >> we see the car on -- excuse me the truck slightly on the side. the man was outside of the, at that point and the police were taking care of it the. >> reporter: you're thinking here we go again definitely. >> reporter: the bridge has clearance of 10 feet 10-inches the moving truck heading south truck the span and tipped on its side blocking traffic. there were no injuries. police say the area is state controlled and the bridge has been a source of frustration for the township. the neighbor says in just a couple of years living here, she's seen vehicle after vehicle
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clobber the ill fated bridge. >> we've om been here two years. >> reporter: how many times do you think you've seen it? >> five to six. >> reporter: in two years five to six. >> yes. yes. >> reporter: why do you -- why doesn't this get changed in any way? why doesn't this -- why is there no, you know. >> i'm not quiet sure. there is one sign but perhaps it's not close enough to where they're driving. so that they don't really know which other way to go. >> reporter: police say the driver is s charged with dui and other charges are pending related to the crash. the passenger had a little bit of pot on him and the equipment to smoke it. he'll face charges as well. in radnor township, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. camden's recognizing the city's heroes. officials honored the first responder who's wept above and beyond the normal call of duty in two fires from november and december. if not for the work of camden firefighters, and cooper ems, some people would not have survived. >> thanks to the work of ale involved there was a successful rescue of the residents.
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stabilization of the incident, and conservation of the unit with no additional property damage. if not for their actions, the out come would be -- would have been much different. >> and so officials presented the emergency responders with citations for their heroic actions. unthinkable situation for one local family. doctors have diagnosed one much their children with an incurable disease and another child could be next. their sharing their story. kristen. >> eagles coaches are in indianapolis for the nfl combine this week but before they take a look at who could join the team in 2018, doug pederson discusses coaching changes decisions ahead in sports.
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new jersey congressman donald nor crows host add round table discussion about gun safety. norcross sat down with high school students school another straighters and chiefs of police at highland regional high school in blackwood. the talk of discussion, school safety. not a surprise there. the chiefs of police at the event are not in favor of arming teachers. students brought up gun laws and talked about community reaction to the parkland shooting. >> i know this is a political issue, but this is our lives as students and that's we should care about because i shouldn't be able to come to school and have to worry about being shot one day, you know. it should be me going to school to worry my my future and that's the whole point of this movement. >> the congressman says we need to continue open conversations about gun violence in our communities and how to solve the problem once and for all in our schools. a local teen is in the fight for his life.
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doctors have diagnosed him with an extremely rare cancer. no treatment, no cure. and now it could affect his sister. fox 29's dawn timmeney sat down with the family in allentown. >> hi namely and my friends have supported me the whole way through. so that's definitely -- that's the biggest thing that keeps me going. >> reporter: 14-year-old bryce werner the allentown area has been through a lot. in april of 2016, he was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer called gastrointestinal stromal tumor or gist after doctors discovered a massive tumor. >> us what his stomach and it burst through the stomach wall into the abdominal cavity. he had half of his stomach removes and parter of his intestines. >> this high school freshman is in pain every day most of the day good i just try to keep my mind off of it. the big activity i do is boy scouts. >> reporter: there is no cure and no treatment for this type of gist cancer.
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his 15-year-old sister ariana and his dad chris also have the genetic mutation to develop it all three under constant observation and part of a national institutes of health research project. >> there are days where it's emotionally exhausting and there are days that it hits you like how did we get here in life? >> reporter: but the good days out number the bad. the werners say this diagnosis has changed their perspective on how to live life. >> we really try to make a lot of memories and i think for anybody tomorrow is never a promised thing and now it's more in your face than ever before. so we really do just try to make life as positive as possible. >> reporter: sadly bryce has three tumors that have started to grow again on his liver. doctors can only wait and monitor them and when they become life-threatening try to remove them. there is a big benefit for bryce to help the family cover their mountains of medical bills and expenses for more information thon go to the family is so appreciative.
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they say if it hadn't been for the kindness of others, they probably would have lost their home by now. in allentown, dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look down the shore at cape may, new jersey. another great day as we say good boo it by to february. do not get used to this taste of spring. deluge is heading our way. kathy' forecast in just veep seconds. >> it is the calm before the storm, of course, marcuming in like a lion. pretty quiet now down the shore. this is wildwood. but it's definitely not going to stay that way. the high temperature 61 degrees. normal high is only 47. right now the temperature is 57. temperatures comfortable if you're stepping out this eveni
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evening. 57 in reading. 56 in lancaster. 57 in wilmington. and in allentown it is 54 degrees. so let's talk about it. the storm right now is moving into arkansas you can see the center of circulation just to the western part of the state. all of this moisture moving toward the northeast. and this storm is going to move into the midwest and then redevelop off the coast. we're talking about at least an inch of rain from the lehigh valley through philadelphia toward atlantic city and more as you go toward the north and the east. not the north and the west and that's why we have a flood watch from philadelphia northeast up into the northern part of new jersey, even long island and into upstate new york and new england. this is tomorrow night through friday night. that's when the heaviest rain is going to be moving in. so let's take look at this hour boy hour. the storm moves right past cincinnati into the midwest redevelops off the coast of virginia. these two -- these two storms phase or come together. two late to bring us anything significant as far as rain. but we'll have significant wind. it's going to pull down this cold air and that means some of
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us will epidemic as some snow. so we have the rain tomorrow night into friday. then we have the wind and potential snow for friday into very early saturday. so we'll take look at this changeover and you can see some wet flakes possibly in philadelphia late friday into friday night. but the best chance avenue accumulating snow would be the upper lehigh valley and the poconos much the poconos wet snow temperatures still borderline there. but in the higher elevations four to maybe even 6-inches of snow in the mountains that's where we want it. then we have the wind. friday morning through saturday morning. gusts 5060 miles an hour. that means potential for even power outages down the shore. we'll go hour by hour and you can see those winds gusting friday morning. but what about the afternoon. going out friday night or friday evening? winds gusting to about 50 miles an hour at 7:00 o'clock friday evening. gusting in the 60s even in millville threw south jersey. central and southern delaware and that will tug on tree limbs and of course power lines. so this is a very big storm. down the shore we're talking about coastal flooding.
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potential for at least moderate flooding and also probable property damage with this. especially at times of high tide. gusts to 60 and of course it's not about the rain. it's more about the wind and the high tides that we're concerned bow you down there. overnight lows in the 40s. highs tomorrow in the 50s the temperature is not an issue tomorrow. it's definitely rain tomorrow afternoon tomorrow night and for most of us on friday. on your seven day forecast, friday we see the wind. the temperature only 45 and falling. and look at this. temperatures in the 40s after that. marcal also down a little. that's a look at the seven day forecast kristen. just have to get through the next 48 hours. >> the nfl combine is set to get under what it this week giving the eagles a chance to scout out potential draft picks. hear from doug pederson on his thoughts on how the eagles team is now and how the birds plan to find success again
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♪ it feels like the eagles super bowl parade was just yesterday. already the eagles front office and coaching staff are back to work. they're in indianapolis this week for the nfl combine. looking ahead at who could join the team next season. the birds have already gone through changes since the super bowl. former wide receiver coach mike groh is eagles new offensive coordinator and running backs coach duce staley has added assistant head coach to his tile. doug pederson talked today about the decision to promote them. >> i couldn't have gone wrong with either he or duce. talked to both of those guys at
6:25 pm
length, um, felt comfortable obviously with mike being the coordinator position again sharp mind, um, you know, he was involved in our passing game quite a bit. he's a former quarterback. you know, things of that nature. just made a nice fit for me. >> after winning six games straight the flyers are fighting for first place in the metropolitan division. but the team may still be without their new addition johnny owe duya. yet to report to practice. the coach said it's a matter of logistic. with or without him the fires are poised to continue their success from february now into march. >> you tell us that we'd be in the ru running for first place n the division in december and i think you were crazy but, it's just the way we've been playing. we're finding ways to win. um, i think our last few games weren't our best performance but we found a way. >> all kinds of peaks and valleys as you go through a season and we obviously had big
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valley. we're reminded of that a lot. but guys continue to work and battle, you know, through the ups and downs. >> vince valazequez making spring training dee because against the blue jays. now in the third same score scott gets a hold of this one. off the scoreboard for the solo shot. his second of spring training. phillies fall, though, seven-o seven-one. >> all righty. coming up tonight at 10:00 by the way a new target for theft. parking meters and police say it turned out to be inside job. the elaborate scheme that to get quick cash. crime of course doesn't pay we'll tend you how this one ends. that does it up for us. up next page six followed by dish nation at
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right now on "page six tv." >> he's not backing down, about who says stars are being urged to dodge ryan seacrest on the red carpet? "page six tv" exclusive. the spice girlds will reunite at harry and meghan's wedding? why is russell crow trying to make millions auctioning off all his worldly goods? all the answers right now on "page six tv." [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome to "page six tv." i'm john fugelsang. here are today's top stories. now, ryan seacrest is not backing down after accusations of sexual misconduct. the style est emerged yesterday. seacrest maintains it didn't happen. the network agreed and this is nowhere near over yet. carlos greer? >> it's not over at all. in fact, we spoke to top hollywood publicists who


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