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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 12, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it's new checking with rewards at capital one banks all over the dc area. what's in your wallet? mr. snappy! this is 9 news now. welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm mike hydeck. j.c. has the day off today. we start with a story out of flint, michigan. a man connected to three attacks in leesburg, virginia
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was ordered to stand trial in michigan on attempted murder charges. it was the first of two key hearings he is connected to three states stabbing sprees. 1 people were stabbed five fatally in the flint area. another hearing will center around the death of a man found murdered this summer at a convenience store. authorities say a victim's dna was found on the blood stained shoes seized from his luggage. police are looking for the gunman behind a deadly shooting in northeast washington. the victim was shot just after 3:00 this morning on 11th and galloway streets near the fort circle parks area. police say there are on the lookout for two suspects, possibly in a gray chevy tahoe. well, cutting the evidence could mean adding fees at the smithsonian. the president's deficit reduction commission is recommending museums receive less federal funding and to
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make up for that it suggests charging $7.50 per visitor. some visitors we talked to were not so keen on the idea. >> it is an educational tool for kids and families, so, i don't know if i completely agree with that. >> i do think there is something to be said about this being the national museums, the smithsonians. so i feel like it would kind of turn a lot of people away. >> reporter: the smithsonian has been free of charge since it opened in 1846. after counting the administration's ability to freeze tuition a the university of maryland, governor o'malley is changing his tune now. the governor says a modest tuition hike could be on the way soon. but he adds a degree from college park still remains a good value. >> going tore ward i would hope we will be able to find that precious consensus necessary to keep increases to a minimum 3% inflationary increase. if we do that, we will continue
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to make our state a state where college is more affordable rather than more expensive with other states. >> reporter: the maryland board of regents will take up the issue in january. metro has issued a very rare be on the lookout notice. they want to learn more about these two men seen acting suspiciously on the orange line recently. a metro rider took photos of the men at the l'enfant plaza station where they were seen videotaping the platform and train operations last week. in the men also appeared to be trying to disguise what they were doing. a trip to the nation's capital took an unexpected turn for some vietnam vets. passengers say a vet noticed smoke as their tour bus approached the 14th street bridge. as people evacuated the bus, the flames started to shoot out the back of it. everyone escaped unharmed in this. the passengers were part of a veteran's day tour group for the 199th light infantry
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brigade. the 16-year-old from virginia has managed to do what the army has had a hard time doing for years, keeping an accurate record of the gravesites at arlington national cemetery. one man from ricky created a website that focuses on those killed in the war on terror. you can type in a name, branch of service and year of death and the database will find the location of the gravesite. he was inspired by the gravesite mickup. >> this way never never a number, always people. >> reporter: ricky says he will not put ads on the site because he doesn't want to profit from someone else's grief and he is hoping to eventually have 400,000 gravesites, completely the whole cemetery on his website. he of course will need volunteer. to find out how to help him go to our website at president obama is in japan
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this afternoon, the last leg of a ten-day trip to asia and as joel brown reports the mission has produced few benefits so far [ applause ] >> reporter: president obama left seoul without the thing he wanted most, a free trade agreement with south korea, a deal that could lead to thousands of jobs in the u.s. but the president says progress was made in stabilizing and strengthening the global economy. >> we should not anticipate that every time countries come together that we are going to do some revolutionary thing. instead of hitting home runs instead we will hit singles. >> reporter: the president was unable to convince his g-20 summit partner members to get tough with china on the under valued currency. he pushed back when supporters asked if his low poll numbers and political troubles at home were behind his set backs overseas. >> it wasn't easier to talk about presidency when my poll numbers were 65%. >> reporter: when the president returns to washington this
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weekend, he will land as members of the new congress will be arriving for orientation and now that the republicans will have control of the house, the president knows he needs to find common ground with the gop over bush era tax cuts that expire next month. >> my hope is that somewhere in between there we can find some sort of solution, but i'm not going to negotiate here in seoul. >> reporter: republicans want to extend the cuts for all taxpayers while the president wants to extend them only for americans making less than $200,000. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> the president is attending a second economic summit in japan starting tomorrow. a prominent michigan republican is challenging party chairman michael steel now. he revealed his plans today in an e-mail. he is the former head of the michigan republican party. he says the party can only win in 2012 if the chairman steps out of the limelight an allows the candidate to be the voice and face of the republican
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party. he says steel has generated controversy during his tenure, sometimes with the attention that was detrimental to the republican cause. 'tis the season. rockefeller center christmas tree has arrived in new york city. did so this morning. the 47-foot norwegian spruce comes from new york this year. the lighting ceremony is planned for tuesday, november 30th. still ahead, how about this for a christmas present? a vase that sold for more than $83 million. that story is coming up when we return. plus, the whiz kid is back. we will look at the new harry potter movie. you ar9 news now. keep it
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welcome back to 9 news now at noon. we are getting a better understanding of what life was like on that crippled cruiseship off the coast of mexico. amateur video take on the vessel shows smoke coming from the engine room where the fire broke out followed by an announcement calling for help from the crew and a message to passengers that said there was no need for lifeboats. three people on the ship talked to harry smith this morning on the "early show." >> at first, when we realized we were dead in the water, at fist when we realized no toilets, no power, the first time they served food i think it surprised everybody because it was barely a piece of bread. one had a hot dog weenie sliced
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up in it. >> like they were using all of their manpower to find out what was wrong. >> carnival says the passengers will get a refund including airfare and a free cruise in the future. owners of a rare 16-inch vase are said to be in shock after an auction in london. in shock because it sold for more than $83 million. the record price tag was actually more than 40 times what people were expecting. charlie d'agata has more. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is 43 million-pounds. sold! >> reporter: the auction near's gavel came down and smashed records. the 18th century chinese vase fetched $893 million after the british auction nears cut 40 times more than the auction house estimated. >> the more i looked at it, the better it became. so that was the point at which
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i said, if this is real we're in to millions. >> reporter: but nobody was more shocked than the brother and sister who brought it to the tiny english auction house. they found it while clearing out their parents ' home recently after they died. the vase sat on a shelf gathering dust for years. nobody had any idea what it was worth. >> it's the most expensive chinese work ever sold. previous record is 37 million. >> that's only $50 million. auction nears say it originally sat in a chinese royal palace in the 1700s. nobody is sure how it ended up in a british suburb. the auction near who pocketed $13 million in the prize sale put it best, it's a fairy tale really. the high price reflected the increased buying power in china. a chinese bin businessman bought the vase. >> now the identities of the
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multimillionaire siblings are kept secret but we're told the first thing they did after they got that sale, they had a cup of tea of course. he is back. we're talking about harry potter potter. harry potter and the deathly hallows made the debut in england last night. screaming fans got a glitches of the stars. the last chapter of the franchise stretches over two movies now and the stars say they are sad to see it come toed and. >> a lot of try crying and tears from everybody. me, myself and male in particular, and the crew. a lot of them have been working for ten years so all very tearful. >> right, very tearful. the movie day views next week in the states. there are midnight showings setting up for thursday night if you are interested. coming up, howard has the forecast. >> i'm upset i have to come
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inside and do it. it is gorgeous out here. light winds, sunshine and relish it because it won't be around much longer. temperatures going to break, upper 50s and low 60s after a frosty morning. this weekend forecast is coming up when 9 news now
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welcome back to the news at noon. the virginia farm bureau is out with the survey for the average cost of the thanksgiving meal. feeding ten people, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, roll, cranberries, peas, pumpkin bye- bye with dessert, 43.09 there's. that reached that conclusion by surveying stores and found the combined cost of the holiday meal is up a penny from last year. or, of course, you could do this. see these guys, go over to new york. one of the bureaus and grab a wild turkey off the street. i seems they are everywhere in a neighborhood in staten island. crazy, huh? in addition to the traffic issues, the large birds leave a large mess wherever they go. >> they are not bad but they crap and make a mess all over the car. >> they should round them up
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and take them where they can have a nice turkey home. >> nice turkey home. a person who grew up in the neighborhood said someone came in the neighborhood, and dropped ovator 2:00 turkeys a decade ago and they have been multiplying every since. >> doing what turkeys do. >> they are not afraid of people, you can tell. >> looks like a nice environment for them. making a mess all over the guy's car. >> you would not know it is november outside. >> it is fantastic out there. and when i said i was upset coming inside i one joking. we could have snow this time of the year. >> if you are at work, develop a little cough, maybe you can leave early. >> get out early and take a walk in the park and enjoy it. a day planner for the rest of friday afternoon in to the friday evening as we are looking at sunset 4:57. we have 61 degrees. we will drop off once the sun
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sets. the air is fairly dry. 56 by 6:00. 50 at nine and upper 80s at midnight. this is national airport. they there will be spots by 9:00, low to mid-40s out there. we have been talking all week about this storm system in the atlantic. while it is still spinning, you can see the northernly flow and northeasterly flow. that is mush pushing the water up. we have coastal flood advisories that are up. they were up a moment ago to the east for the most part. those areas along the chesapeake, tidal potomac, tides running a couple of feet above normal through midnight tonight. this morning, very cold. manassas down to 23. it was 24 frederick, gaithersburg 28. we stopped at 36. for many a frosty and the coldest morning of the season so far. as i said, the air is dry and it doesn't take as much to heat it. we are already up to 60 here. 61 frederick and gaithersburg and culpeper already 63.
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but martinsburg is 53. sunny and 60. dew point only 21. boy, that air is bone dry right now and a northeast wind at seven. you can see the warmth coming up here and the air. there is a storm system in the middle of the country. a lot of rain. some thunder snow earlier in amarillo, texas, and it is moving to the northeast but not toward us. it will take several more days before we get a chance to turn the weather around and that's okay. we will hold on to this great weather through the weekend. today 62, sunny. we're almost there now. maybe 63, 64. upper 60s on saturday. at least mid-60s on sunday. as we head to monday, some of the western storm gets closer. could be a late shower, 59. we have the skins monday night with the eagles. may see a shower but a better chance of rain on tuesday, 52 and on wednesday and thursday we are still in the 50s. mike, back to you. >> thank you, howard. we want to talk about an important campaign here at channel 9. food drive 9 looks
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to provide holiday meals for those who are really in need. this week it is a critical campaign and there's a great partnership that has been forged over the years. joining me is ed, a council commissioner for the boy scouts. did i get that right? >> yes, i sir, you did. >> reporter: this food drive is really important. you can fill the bags with nonperishable food. what do they need and what are you accepting. >> nonperishable things as you say, canned goods, good healthy cereals, baby food, things of that nature. >> baby food, too. >> all canned goods that kind of thing. no glass so they don't break. >> reporter: the need is greater this year. >> really is because of the economy every night in the dc area we have over 600,000 people going to bed hungry. so we really want to raise a lot of food this year. in the past couple of years we have had a half million pounds of food donated by area residents. we set an aggressive goal to
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help more people. we want to collect a million pounds. >> that's a lot of food. so if people want to donate, how and where do they do it? there are a couple of options, right? >> safeway has donated almost a million bags for the maryland and virginia side. so all people have to do on those sides is put their foods in the bag and tomorrow, saturday morning, the scouts will come along and pick up the bags and take them to the collection centers. in the dc area, they have passed out flyers. so if somebody wants to make a donation, go to the nearest safeway and make donations there. >> that way if you don't get a bag on the doorstep go to a safeway location in the dc area and make the donation there. the goal is a million pounds of food. the need is great. hopefully 9 news now and the boy scouts have been doing this how many years? >> almost 13 years. >> we are grateful for all the gifts so far but we need more. so bring it in. >> thank you for your help. >> we appreciate it. we'll be right back with 9 news
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welcome back to 9 news now at noon. are you fretting when it comes to holiday meals? we have a solution for you
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today. she's not only a fine cook but also likes to teach people to do this and she will show us great side dishes this afternoon at noon and we are going to get started. my job is what? >> your job is to use mortar and pesto and start mashing. we have two dishes we will do today. it is green beans with a mint shallot and garlic dressing and then we will toast almonds and put almonds on top and fresh mint. so your job is to mash. >> mash and then. >> and half of a lemon zest in here. while you are doing that, i will finish toasting the almonds. >> okay. >> so you have to work fast. >> i will go faster. >> you have to use your muscles. >> the first dish is the green beans right now. >> the second dish will be peas with crispy pan chet that and some garlic and garlic and lemon and fresh parsley.
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so are you working fast, mike. >> is that mashed enough. do i keep going. >> keep going. >> i will add the zest real quick. >> start zesting. >> you are doing a good job, though. >> i'm trying my best. probability going to carve off a finger but it is okay. we will keep going. >> you are doing good. >> okay. >> very good. okay. >> while you are doing that -- >> is there a special name for the green bean dish. >> i have the recipe on-line if peel would like to get it. you can see them at and we will make sure that -- did i do well enough? >> yeah. >> now scrape everything off the mortar. you want to taste it first. >> really? >> a little more oil. not enough oil. here we go. scrape it around the bowl while we are at it. gosh, it smells good. >> do you want to give it a
12:27 pm
taste. >> before i put it over the beans. >> make sure it is salty enough. >> i won't double dip, i promise. >> oh, yeah. very nice. >> drizzle and while you are drizzling i'm going to put some fresh almonds all over. >> that's wonderful. >> i am put fresh almonds, hot almonds on top. this is a great dish for thanksgiving, christmas. >> how are we doing on time, guys? >> and for the kids. nice plate. >> i think we have one minute, is that what i heard okay? >> we have panchetta that is already crispy and i use the fat from the panchetta and cook the garlic and sweet peas and plate it and this time i need you to zest. >> when you start melling food people show up. >> is this a different one?
12:28 pm
>> gentle. very gentle. i'm zest challenged. >> i will put the peas on the plate. >> how are we doing on time. >> 30 seconds. all right. >> have you done this before? >> no. >> we will put some fresh parsley on top. >> excellent. and now why don't you get a taste. >> there you go. grab a little fork there. again, all the recipes are on how are we doing on time. ten seconds. thanks for joining us here at noon, don't forget all the recipes. have a great weekend. >> join us at 5:00. cockledoodledooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken.
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and mystery, when they enter... the frozen zone. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery. just real all white-meat.


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