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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  November 13, 2010 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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in the sec championship game on december 4? they are under way -- oh, boy. florida and south carolina. off to the races we go, spencer. >> spencer: they revamped their offense. urban meyer said we don't need to get aur offense to get big plays. andre dubose returns the opening kickoff. 7-0 florida. >> tim: if you want to get it done it goes through the swamp. gators up by seven. t.c.u. andy dalton going to on work. >> spencer: jeremy kerley's third catch of the day. dalton had a huge day. san diego state trying to close the gap. 35-yard touchdown strike. 40-35 at that point. only hapless new mexico state stands between perfection for t.c.u. >> tim: eddie williamson had a heart attack during the first quarter of this game. he is stable, that is good news but it had to be a distraction for the horned frogs.
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colton browning is going to throw it. picked off by ron brooks who returns it 32 yards for the score and the fighting tigers of l.s.u. under les miles out to the quick start 7-0 over todd berry's warhawks. indiana taking on wisconsin. monty fall had to start this game for an injured john clay. three touchdowns on the ground. 31-10. they'll play michigan next week. that is a record 83 points. most points scored in a single game by any school this season and the most in the modern era for wisconsin. penn state-ohio state. joe paterno fresh off his 400th win, spencer, terrelle pryor finds devier posey. dane sensenbacher comes down with it. 35 unanswered after the nittany lions got their first touchdown passes at the old horse shoe since 1963. iowa and northwestern. dan persa, spencer.
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>> spencer: hits fields in the end zone for twant-yard go-ahead touchdown, ruptured an achilles' tendon, out for the year on that play. next on fourth and 16, iowa's ricky stanzi throws a "hail mary" pass into the end zone. giving northwestern's head coach pat fitzgerald the win. it's a three-way logjam in the wacky big ten. >> tim: five out of the last six for iowa losing to northwestern. coming up we'll let you know how notre dame swatted a fly and the hokies' quest. when the 2011 jeep grand cherokee drives off road, the quadro lift air suspension raises the vehicle, making it more capable, off road. and if you happen to be driving on road, it lowers it for better handling and fuel efficiency, on road.
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they go on to win this game 28-3. the utes' hangover from last week's loss to t.c.u. evident in that game. >> spencer: tyrod taylor partly responsible. davis's second catch of the game. beat miami next weekend, they clinch the coastal division. big time, timmy. >> tim: key games coming up later tonight. i'm going to start with oregon and cal. don't sleep on the bears. i know they're outmanned but this is usually where teams stub their toe. >> spencer: oklahoma state at texas, has a chance to deal mack brown his fourth loss in texas. unprecedented. dana hovan the best hire in football this year. >> tim: also, alabama has kicked a field goal midway through the
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first quarter of this game against the bulldogs. crimson tide lead by three. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> tim: for spencer tillman, tim brando saying so long from studio 43. have a great night, everybody. [ scott ] let's spread the word! where's the only place to find southwest low fares online? how many places can you book southwest tickets online? just one. only at [ amy ] nowhere else online.
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issue 2, will india join the club? >> indeed the just and sustainable international order that america seeks includes a united nations that is efficient, effective, credible and legitimate. that is why i can say today in the years ahead i look forward to a reformed united nations security council including india as a permanent member. >> china, russia, france, the united kingdom, you the united states and now maybe india. quote unquote permanent members of the united nations permanent security council. the u.n. most prestigious
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powerful body. each of the five permanent members, perhaps soon to be 6 has very to power -- veto power that allows them to block a member by the council. it means also that the u.s. wants india as an ally. it can be construed as a check on the economic activity of china. president obama's support for india might sour relations with pakistan with whom india fought three separate wars over the past 63 years and with whom we have engaged as a u.s. ally in fighting terrorism in southwest asia. will president obama's initiative to getting india a seat on the permanent security council add up to a plus or minus for the united states, monica crowley. >> this is a huge plus, not because india will get a permanent seat any time soon.
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japan is still first in line. bill clinton encouraged a seat for japan and president bush made it official u.s. policy and japan is waiting. but here is why it was symbolically important. obama's trip was the first long- term strategic important thing that he has done. he has taken a look at the entire region and what he is doing is shoring up india to serve as a counter weight against the increasing and economic military power of china. he is putting the pakistanis on notice because pakistan is playing a dangerous game between us and the taliban in afghanistan. he is playing a sophisticated long-term strategic game and it will accrue to our benefit. india is the biggest democracy in the world, natural ally and i say well done president obama. >> really? >> yes. >> you want to put that in writing. >> you have it on tape, john. >> notarize. >> it's on tape. >> i agree with that.
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i think india is a critical country for us. there are a few other people who are not happy about it, the pakistani and chinese amongst others but absolutely we have to find someone to recognize them and they are a democracy and by and large a very good ally of the united states on many levels. >> the trip and recommendation for the u.n. is important symbolically because china would veto it. it upset also the pakistanis but your relationship with pakistan is exceeded only by their due applies city to us this is a balancing act. >> we give pakistan $8 billion a year. hillary goes over there with another half a billion. >> they are >> pakistan has 120 nuclear weapons. the last thing we want is to have an overthrow of that government which is very
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unstable. >> let me offer dissent. the brazilians want in, japanese, indians. i don't think anything get in. if they get in, you have a total security paralysis. as getting in bed with the indians against the chinese, we are not in the business of containing china. these countries have their problems with the chinese which are not our problems, the south china sea, east china sea or china's occupation of parts of india, frankly you antagonize the packs. they are already paranoid and antiamerican. >> the theory is that you can exert influence on india and try to get india an pakistan to work together but -- >> let's go. the group gives obama and a. i think that's uniform. >> yes. >> no. >> no, i don't go along. i think it was a good trip. >> you gave an a. >> yes, i did.
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>> b. >> on the trip. >> i'm not talking about the trip, india. >> i'm behind the idea of multilateralism. >> diplomacy, foreign policy. >> no, look, if you have to go in and defend your national interests, you go unilaterally, multilaterally. >> don't dip your toes in foreign waters. >> foreign wars. >> issue 3, hiroshima. >> we must stand together for the right of people everywhere to live free from fear in the 21st century. as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the united states has a moral responsibility to act. we cannot succeed in this endeavor alone. we can lead it. we can start it. so, today, i state clearly and
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with conviction, america's commitment which to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. >> in april 2009, barack obama delivered these words in pr nuclear power in an address wildly record to have helped him win the 2009 nobel peace prize. this weekend he was in japan at the annual conference of asian pacifi
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bombings in hiroshima and nagasaki. president truman authorized the u.s. to bomb the cities in the last days of world war ii. august 6, 1945, the u.s. dropped a nuclear bomb on hiroshima killing an estimated 1,040,000 people. the second atomic bomb detonated at e e e e e e e e e of 80,000. japan surrendered august the 14th. in september, nobel peace larry yet wrote a letter to president obama asking him to join them as nobel prize recipient himself and give the opening address at the hiroshima summit this weekend. mr. obama responded through letter written by a u.s. official who expressed thanks and praised the meetings efforts to abolish nuclear weapons but declined the invitation, offered no reason
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for rejecting. so, the bell were in hiroshima and obama was in yokahama at the same time. >> did president obama owe hiroshima a visit? >> i think it would have been nice but frankly if the president would have done this, we wouldn't be sitting here talking about what a great trip he had to india. monica and pat would be saying enough with the apology tour. so, i think this is not an invitation that has been head lined and i don't think there were any expectations of this president. he has been gone for ten days. it's time for him to come home. >> this is a historical wasps nest he didn't want to polk. he sent the u.s. ambassador to japan to the memorial in august on the actual anniversary of the dropping of the bomb. so, there was no need for him to go.
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you don't want to suggest moral he quiff vow lens in the role of the united states in world war ii and imperial japan in world war ii. the dropping of those weapons brought an end to the war. it was a last resort. truman didn't want to do it. but at the risk of having a full ground invasion of japan to end the war, it was the right moral decision. >> that's proposition has been attacked wildly. >> i understand. >> you know that the wisdom of the historian is that the emperor was on the verge of collapse anyway. >> it's history. he collapsed because we dropped nuclear weapons on him. >> correction is in order. harry truman didn't do it reluctantly. he said i didn't give it a second thought. i don't think the bombs on those cities was morally justified. if you had to use it, they should have used it at the end of tokyo bay. >> do you think it's a stain on american honor? do you think it's a conspiracy of silence afterwards. >> no. i do believe it's a serious
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moral issue. if you believe terrorism is the killing of innocent people for political reasons, we killed 200,000 people to get the surrender. >> mort. >> to go back to that, i can't validated whatever the theory is. all i read indicates that it was an attempt to avoid having a ground invasion. there are interpretations of the willingness of japan to fight to the end. i wouldn't have wanted a lot of american soldiers to die. a terrible thing to witness and be a part of. here we are in a situation where iran is on the verge of developing nuclear weapons and threatening to destabilize a whole region. what are we doing. there are complicated issues that involve a level of weaponry that nobody is comfortable with. >> these people that were killed were civilians. >> without question. >> they are civilians. >> i understand the
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at capital one banks all over the dc area. what's in your wallet? mr. snappy! sunday on "platts energy week" the fight for the top spot who will chair the house energy committee. we talk to one of the contenders trying to gain support and the next leader
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