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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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an oxymoron. >> not me. one less day we have to deal with. once we get through this one. we're upright and breathing. >> that's it! >> we're on this side of the ground! >> an all important point. let's get you going with the day planner on this wonderful monday morning. temperatures in the upper 40s under cloudy skies. low 50s at 9:00. near 60 by noon. around 60 at 5:00 p.m. where the clouds will be increasing. a couple sprinkles early this morning up to our north, northern maryland, but we have clear skies south and east. clear skies led to fog issues. visibility at andrews, one quarter mile. watch it east and southeast of town. here's angie. so far to good, no major incidents to report across the region which is why so far i'm giving the track a nice green light as you saw. you can see how it translates on our map across maryland, virginia and in d.c. focusing on the outer loop we
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are clear from 95 over towards 270, taking it outside we have drivers moving at speed, a great example coalsville road. interstate 270, the drive out of frederick outside past 121 towards the split, we're going to find your lanes wide open, all the construction near falls road should be cleared out of the way. travel times reveal everyone is in the green, including 66 from the fairfax parkway and the dulles roadway and outer loop in virginia not doing too bad. a look ahead at the dulles toll road. back to you. prince george's county executive jack johnson is set to return to work this morning after being arrested friday. >> the fbi arrested johnson and his wife on charges in the government corruption investigation. >> this is anything but a
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normal monday, good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. believe it or not, jack johnson's spokesperson is saying this is going to be just another monday, but that's hard to believe when you take into account how often does a county executive show up to work wearing a court-ordered ankle bracelet? that is exactly what is expected to happen later today, just three days after jack johnson and his wife leslie johnson were arrested by the fbi. sources are saying more arrests are indeed possible later this week as well. this is all part of a massive corruption and bribery investigation, specifically involving allegations that johnson took bribes from a local developer. but as of now, the couple has only been charged with illegally destroying and tampering with evidence. the one element that has everyone talk recognize the allegations that the couple tried to destroy a $100,000 check by flushing it down the toilet and that they tried to hide almost $80,000 inside
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leslie johnson's under garments. the couple insists they're innocent. here's what jack johnson said just hours after his arrest on friday. >> and i just can't wait for the facts to come out. and when they come out, i'm absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> reporter: well, as of now, there is no time set for when jack johnson will be speaking to the press again. even though he is expected to show up to work later today. we do have a press conference set for 5:00 tonight with the county executive elect and that will take place here at 5:00 p.m. back to you, andrea. thank you, very much. you mentioned about his wife leslie johnson, she was just recently elected to the county council, what will happen about her new job? >> reporter: well, you know, as of now her new job still
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stands. she's expected to be sworn in sometime in mid december. so for now things will go according to plan with leslie johnson and her new job. as for jack johnson, his term is set to expire december 6th. as of now he will continue to serve for the next three weeks. back to you. thank you, kristin. while you slept the taliban claimed to have attacked a u.s. base in eastern afghanistan. >> members say they shot a rocket at the base. flames and smoke have been spotted rising from that site, but so far no comment from nato or the pentagon. amid tentative steps toward peace talks, insurgents have stepped up attacks against the government and foreign targets there. the uss jason dunham is headed for norfolk, virginia. the newest destroyer was commissioned in florida this week. it's named for marine jason dunham who died in iraq, when he threw him sown a grenade to
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protect fellow marines. investigators are trying to make sure a woman who abandoned a newborn baby outside a springfield virginia church is okay. a parishioner at saint raymond catholic church found the baby girl inside a duffel bag at 6:45 yesterday morning. the infant was just hours old, wrapped in towels with the umbilical cord attached. she is being treated at a nova fairfax hospital. police are just trying to find the mother. >> she clearly did not deliver this baby in a hospital. so we need to make sure we find her to make sure she's okay. >> many states, including virginia, have a safe haven law which permits a mother to leave the baby at a hospital emergency room, a rescue squad, free of any criminal charges and no questions asked. under virginia law an abandoned baby can be left up to 14 days old. in d.c., it's seven days. in maryland it's three days. president obama faces a battle with republicans over tax cuts now that he's returned to
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washington. the president's ten day trip to asia produced mixed results. he was unable to get a free trade deal with south korea or get the g-20 leaders to take a tough stand against china's current currency policy. however, president obama get $10 billion with commercial deals in india. he would like an extension of tax cuts to lower and middle class taxpayers only. time for the latest your money report of the money. >> jessica is here with a preview of wall street today. >> good morning, this time last week we were talking about the market. we're really excited. he want a change in tone today. the reason why? the dow jones industrials fell in four out of five days last week and lost two and a half percent. that came after hitting two year highs the week before. checking trading today, asian stock markets lower,. the dow is 11,192, losing 90 points fry indictment the nasdaq lost 37 points, the sa and p500
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was down 14. retail sales in the all important shopping season. also due out a reading on business inventories. later in the week we're looking for readings on industrial production, consumer prices, housing starts, unemployment claims and the leading economic indicators. wall street will watch general motors' ipo planned for thursday. you still have mail, but it's changing. aol is redesigning e-mail from the ground up, project phoenix makes it easier to fire off a quick e-mail, text or instant message. it also allows people to link free e-mail accounts from microsoft, yahoo and google. a future version plans to bring in twitter, facebook. remember when everybody had an aol account in the 1990s. >> i still remember that. >> we're going to get ready, ready, set, shop, we have a look at walmart's door busters leaked to the internet. i'll tell you what they have in
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store. thank you. a freed democracy activist resumes her 'cause very publicly. the search for three ohio kidnapping victims intensifies after the fourth one is found alive. we hope you spent time outside this weekend. howard says our string of sunny days will end soon.
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5:09. we're worried about fog south and east of town in southern maryland and the northern neck, some visibilities a half mile or less. the day planner today by 9:00 we should start to see mostly sunny skies, fog burning off. a couple areas will be mostly cloudy and 52. winds will be fairly light today, near 60 by noon. northeast wind at 5 miles per hour. mostly cloudy by 5:00, right around 60. we'll look for highs in the low 60s. i'll be back at 5:14 with big
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weather. here's angie. thank you, howard. happy monday. we are tie-up free headed eastbound on the dulles toll road. in the next report we will focus on 95 and 66 in virginia at 5:17. back to you. thank you, angie, making news now at 5:10 a mystery intensifies in ohio where police have found one out of four missing family members. >> officers rescued sarah maynard, the teen was found bound and gagged but she is in good condition. matthew hoffman has been arrested on kidnapping charges. sarah's brother, mother and a family friend are still missing. they disappeared wednesday and blood was found in the friend's home. authorities believe a deadly blast at a hotel was not a crime. it appears gas built up beneath the hotel restaurant. the explosion killed five canadian tourists and two mexican hotel workers. another seven people were wounded in the blast. aung san suu kyi spoke to thousands of supporters calling
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for democratic rights in myanmar, also known as bur-ma. aung san suu kyi is the 1991 noble peace prize winner. she was released on saturday. she has spent 21 years in prison or under house arrest. there could be extra police officers watching your community this morning. we'll have more at 5:19 on which offense they're trying to spot. at 5:23 the redskins try to put the donovan mcnabb controversy behind them tonight on monday night football. at 5:32, tax cut extensions headline the lame duck session of congress starting today. it's 5:11. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:14. it's a mop day, a good day. howard is here with the forecast, but changes are in the works. >> we haven't had rain in a week and a half, but there is some coming. if you're going to the redskins game, it may be coming too early. good monday morning. watch out for the fog though. we know it's down in prince george's county, calvert, saint mary's on the northern neck. some of the fog is rather dense. the forecast, we have a mix of skies, clear and foggy. temperatures in the 40s with a
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few exceptions. sunrise 6:51, sets at 4:54, 454 if memory serves me. by noon expect a mix of clouds and sunshine. more sun than clouds. upper 50s, light northeast wind. while it may not be as pretty as it was this weekend, this is good considering our average high is 58. 61 with thickening clouds at 4:00 p.m. by 8:00, mid 50s we should still be dry with a very light easterly wind. visibilities, you can see south and east we have yellow areas that's the problem. andrews air force base, a quarter mile. and 3 miles in saint mary's county, they were a half mile a little while ago. north and west except for garrett county, zero at oakland, we're in good shape. 43 in sterling, that's one of the colder locations. manassas 41. and prince george's county andrews 46, college park 46.
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48, good morning in columbia. mid-40s, gaithersburg to rock hall and prince george's county watch out for fog, 48 degrees. national cloudy and 48. a slight east wind at 5 miles per hour. dew point in the mid-40s. when the humidity is up and skies clear, that's where we have the fog to form. the problem coming for tomorrow may be a good thing since we need rain after a week and a half. down here in louisiana and mississippi, this is all moving north and east. that could get here later this evening. a front is trying to come through. that may touch off a sprinkle in one or two spots. for the most part the increasing clouds, at 6:00 is what you will notice. this evening notice we have showers moving in by 11:00. some of that shower activity will be with us for tomorrow morning's commute, and tomorrow evening and maybe wednesday morning's commute. if you're going to the football game tonight, could be second half showers. tailgating we'll be in the low 50s by 7:00. around 50 for the game.
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jacket weather also. next three days, look pretty decent i think with temperatures -- by the way lows will hold around 50 into the 40s for tonight. 62 today. mid 50s tomorrow with shower and rain at time. wednesday a breezy 64. by thursday another weak system could give us a sprinkle 55. a colder friday, 52. we're back in the 60s with sunshine again for the weekend. we have been o a nice role for weekend. take us there, howard. >> you take us to time saver traffic. you got it. everybody good morning. time to check on your roads. overall i'm giving it the green light. taking a look at your maps, we'll focus in to 95, northbound in virginia, a one hour drive out of fredericksburg making your way past dumfries toward the mixing bowl. no problems south of the weigh station. back to the maps we'll next move over to 66. tracking that eastbound trip. it looks like all good out of
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gainesville. still about a 45 minute drive to make it past route 50 towards inside the beltway. on the outer loop, lanes are wide open as we look at your travel times from 95 to 270, ten minutes. southbound 95 in maryland only nine. and d.c. 295, no incidents or accidents, no real volume up towards the 11th street bridge. still ahead at 5:24 a check on the george washington parkway drive. andrea back to you. thank you, angie. right now at 5:18 we've a commuter alert through rock creek park. workers will make repairs to the roadway between morning and evening rush hours. the following roads will be closed, beach drive from joys road to till den street. broad branch road from brandy wine street to beach drive and glover road from ross drive to broad branch road. the annual ticket or click it campaign. local police are cracking down
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on drivers not wearing seat belts. not wearing a seat belt could mean $25 ticket in maryland, $50 in dc in virginia drivers have to be pulled over for another offense first, but if you're not wearing your seat belt when that happens it's $25. the midway point of the redskins series is focused on the end of the game against the lions. the team is trying to move past the donovan mcnabb benching story before the big game with the eagles. as we go to break, here's our question of the day. > >> this morning we want to know the average bra size of the american woman. is it a, 34b; b, 36c; or c, 38d, put your answer to this question, this mind boggling question on our facebook page we'll be right back. ♪
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5:22. let's show you what will happen today. we might see a sprinkle east with a front coming through. i think this is way over done this morning. look at the temperatures toward 9:00, low to mid 50s, a couple upper 40s in the shenandoah valley. midday a mix of cloud and sunshine, watch out south and east the fog will burn off. 60ish in manassas by noon. this afternoon clouds will
5:23 am
thicken. temperatures by 5:00 with cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies, upper 50s around 60. highs today expected not bad, in the low 60s. andrea, mike, back to you. thank you, howard. taking a look at this morning's sports now. the redskins host the eagles in monday night football. both of the talk over washington's bye week has been the late game benching of quarterback donovan mcnabb. with coaches offering several different explanations for the move. meanwhile the team is four and four and hopes a win will stop all the talk. >> at this point it's really an opportunity for me to move on, you know. we're playing a tough team that's playing well right now. we have to be able to match that intensity on monday might. >> the things that work the first time usually don't work the second time. we have to make sure we're on top of our assignments and what we do to capitalize. >> each time you go through stuff, each game it gets better
5:24 am
expected to get better the next eight games throughout the year. >> now, to the redskins' other division rifles, the cowboys and giants had their first game under new coach jason garrett. a dallas rookie makes a touchdown catch that's ruled incomplete, over turned on a challenge from garrett. the giants committed three turnovers including a 101-yard interception return for a touchdown. cowboys win number two, 33-20 over the giants. well, maybe the cavs are teasing the opponents. verizon center the thrashers tied the game at four in the second period, the washington scores a game winner. caps had an empty netter, six to four the final. nascar, the chase for the sprint cup comes down to the last race this coming weekend, phoenix last night, brad blows out a tire bringing one of the
5:25 am
eight caution flags out in the race. the final laps, edwards snags the lead from hamlin. hamlin finished 12th. he leads the chase by 15 points, jimmie johnson is going for his fifth championship. many of you living in the richest counties of america. the list coming up next in your money report. and we're waiting to see what happens today when prince george's county executive reports to work with his court-ordered monitoring device. angie has a look at the roads. thank you, mike. we are delay free, traveling the gw parkway southbound from the beltway to the bridge. still ahead in your next traffic report at 5:29, an accident reported on the outer loop. we'll be right back. stay with us. ñúñú
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. happen me monday i'm mike hydeck. angie will have the traffic in
5:29 am
a moment. we start with howard's weather first. >> we'll take a piece of the great weekend weather into the week, a short piece. it won't be as nice, a good looking day nonetheless. we'll get you going, with a look at the day planner. east and southeast of washington in the southern maryland, prince george's county, calvert, saint mary's, northern neck, we have fog. queen anne's county, we have a delay, the schools are delayed 90 minutes due to fog. temperatures will go to the low 60s, you will also the clouds thickening, becoming mostly cloudy out there. visibilities down to a quarter mile at andrews air force base. we're watching that. and cambridge is a half mile visibility. we have that delay in queen anne, the temperatures are in the low 40s. manassas is 39. angie has your time saver traffic. good monday morning. hope you had a nice restful
5:30 am
weekend. still giving the traffic a green light, despite the tie up on the outer loop. it's at central avenue, please use caution. overall you're doing okay on the beltway. a map of district drive takes us into northeast, inbound new york avenue. we show you the cameras outside. life conditions out here, we are delay free between the washington times building toward bladensburg road. back to the maps, virginia, it's all about you right now. 395 northbound, nothing but green cars. we're still moving at speeds from the capital beltway crossing the 14th street bridge. over to the travel times, d.c., 295 northbound, thumb's up. same situation on the inner loop in virginia. only nine minutes on the inner loop in maryland from route four pennsylvania towards the wilson bridge. still ahead in your next traffic report a check on the bw parkway at 5:39. this morning police are looking for the parents of an abandoned newborn springfield,
5:31 am
virginia. the girl was found in a duffel bag at saint raymond's catholic church. the baby is in the hospital, but it expected to be okay. it is a baby girl. the police are concerned about the health of the mother, since it's obvious the baby was not delivered in a hospital. this morning the defense is expected to start presenting its case. w navment diki is accused of chilling chandra rlevy. an assault charge was dropped. the defense is asking the judge to throw out the entire case against him. prince george's county executive jack johnson is expected to return to work this morning, after the fbi arrested him friday. johnson and his wife are accused in an ongoing corruption system, in a pay for play system
5:32 am
involving real estate developers. kristin fisher is awaiting the first arrival at the county center this morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. that's right. county executive jack johnson says he will continue to serve for the next three weeks until his term ends on december 6th, but throughout those three weeks, while he is working he is going to be wearing that mandatory court-ordered ankle bracelet. we are awaiting jack johnson's arrival, his first return to work after he was arrested just three days ago along with his wife leslie johnson. the two have been charged with illegally destroying and tampering with evidence. more charges could come as part of this ongoing investigation that the john sons were allegedly taking bribes from a local developer. sources say more arrests could be coming later this week. the case has gardnerred national
5:33 am
attention, even in london, we're talking about details like the fact that the johnsons, jack johnson allegedly told his wife to flush a $100,000 check down the toilet right before that arrest was made. so right now, both johnsons say they are innocent. if they are convicted, they could face 20 years behind bars. back to you, mike. >> thank you, kristin. in other news, congress returns to work today in a lame duck session with taxes at the top of the agenda. if lawmakers do not abet, the bush era tax cuts will expire at the end of the year. just about everyone favors extending the cuts for lower and middle income taxpayers. the obama administration and republicans are at odds for extending them for individuals making more than $200,000 a year. we just can't afford to borrow another $700 billion for tax cuts that almost entirely are going to go millionaires and billionaires.
5:34 am
>> we are in the midst of the greatest recession in the history of this country since the great depression. it is not the time to raise anyone's taxes. >> president obama has hinted he is willing to work on a compromise with congressional republicans. also today the house ethics committee begins its trial of congressman charles rangel. the new york democrat is charged with 13 counts of ethics violations, including tax evasion. the 80-year-old says he is confident his name will be cleared. and there are 100 extra lawmakers on capitol hill today. they are the newly elected congressmen and senators arriving last night for today's freshmen orientation of the lawmakers will take office in january. they will get the lay of the land, a look at the future offices. this is the largest incoming class in the house in 60 years. one of those new lawmakers sworn in today, delaware senator chris coons. he won a special election to fill the remaining years of joe
5:35 am
biden. former biden aid was ordered to fill the seat in the interim. 5:35. it's time for another your money report. >> jessica has a consumer alert for your kitchen. >> this is bad timing right before thanksgiving. we want to tell but 2600 bounds of fully cooked ready to eat smoked turkey breast products are being recalled. the turkey may be contaminated with listeria, at that sold by new braunfels, texas. it can cause infections. the sliced turkey was distributed nationwide. we have a lot of rich people in the washington area, seven of the ten wealthiest counties are in our region. loudin virginia is the richest county in the nation. fairfax county is second. howard county maryland was
5:36 am
third. arlington county fifth, montgomery sixth, calvert and st. charles county ninth and ten. 29 days until christmas, get ready, set shop. we are finding you bargains that can happen every year. walmart's highly awaited ad has been leaked, it promises deals on t vs, toys and dvds. look for a 42-inch, 10adp, $389. seven and $8 video games, 90dvd movie titles for $1.96. zuzu pets for $4 each and barbies for $5. don't panic, 39 days until christmas. >> i have to figure out to look it up. they are the little zuzu pets, they are hamsters, you stick they will in a cage, they role around, adorable. >> i need to learn that stuff. >> and you don't have to clean up after them. >> this is a good one for you.
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>> something i need to get. thank you. virginia officials are hoping the latest computer failure is not the start of another meltdown. and the movie that will give up it's number one title to harry potter come next week. and today is america recycles day to remind us to reuse whatever we can. >> montgomery celebrated early with a recycle event this weekend. solid waste services set up sites to sled paper and donate reusable household goods and clothing. >> you can get more on recycling any time on our website and look under the living green section.
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welcome back. look at the fog in northwest washington. you can see -- you can't see much up there. doppler is also quiet.
5:40 am
i want to show you that quickly. while that is quiet, we have visibility problems south and east of town, here in washington as well. the day planner we will break into sunshine by 9:00. partly sunni through midday and more clouds later on. >> here's angie, we have the latest time saver traffic. we're going down the bw parkway, no incidents or accidents along the way from 32 past 198 towards the beltway. in your next traffic report at 5:47, the outer loop, that accident in maryland. we'll have an update. thank you. there has been another widespread computer outage for the commonwealth of virginia. friday's outage affected several agencies including the department of motor vehicles. the dmv was unable to process driver's licenses for an hour. the latest outage was blamed on a firewall failure. a massive outage in august led to the dmv opening on some weekend. maybe the commonwealth computers were attacked by mega
5:41 am
mind. >> this time evil has a secret, incredible totally handsome weapon. me! >> the animated film starring the voice of will ferrell who you may have recognized on top in its second weekend at theaters. it grossed $30 million, unstoppable came in second. by the way, the film mike is in, morning glory came in fifth this weekend. a popular entertainment theme hotel is reopening today. and one of the biggest at any plays of religious devotion started a few hours ago in the middle east. mr. grant on the mary tyler moore show, ed asner is 81. law and order actor sam waterstone is 70. bill richardson is 63. nickel back frontman chad kroger 36. shawn murray turns 33 today.
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5:45 am
5:45, a live look this morning, at the capitol. you can see a little fog hanging over the dome. >> exactly 100 new members, the largest class in 60 years are coming up for orientation today inside the people's house. and that fog, while it's coming in toward d.c. a little bit, queen anne's, dorchester county, delays there, 90 minutes due to heavier fog on the eastern shore. south and east of town some of the fog is rather dense. that's where we begin this morning with a look at your bus stop forecast, queen annes and dorchester you have some time here. looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies with patchy fog mainly south and east. there is some here moving into the district as well. temperatures are for the most
5:46 am
part in the 40s to around 50. sun's up at 6:51, setting at 4:54. the day planner for today partly sunny conditions. the winds will be north to northeast at 5 miles per hour. noontime temperature 59. here come the clouds this afternoon thickening enough that we'll be mostly cloudy and 61 at 3:00 and mostly cloudy and 58 by 6:00 p.m. so for those of you tailgating keep that in mind. it will be on the cool side getting ready for the skins game tonight. gaithersburg a mile and a half visibility, national airport 8 miles. in the city, a mile or so, half mile in andrews air force base and cambridge. quarter mile across georgetown delaware and three quarters. 52 in annapolis, patuxent river, clear skies, down to 39. with high humidity and
5:47 am
temperatures in the throw mid-40s to the south and east like 46 in andrews and 39 in manassas, this is why we have fog that has formed. north and west we had clouds, even a sprinkle overnight. still cloudy and 48 at national with a light east wind at 5 miles per hour. and our next weather maker, the first real rain in a week and a half is down here, louisiana, mississippi coming toward birmingham, alabama and atlanta this morning. for us, this is little front is pushing through now, not doing much more us, but it will lead the way. you will notice moisture moving in. toward 11:00, there is rain again. for those of you going it the redskins' game, temperatures holding generally in the 50s here. could be second half showers. through 9:00 we're probably okay, but watch out for that. the next three days we have temperatures dropping tomorrow into the 50s with shower and rain. breezy on wednesday after a morning shower. thursday mostly cloudy an look at the weekend, nice again
5:48 am
warming back into the 60s. here's angie goff with your time saver traffic. checking out overall, no major problems to report. taking a look at a green light traffic report. moving it over to our maps, we do have this one accident on the outer loop at central avenue. the good news is we have been pushed off into the median, all traffic is getting by. a wider view, notice no more incidents or accidents in the surrounding areas as we focus on the outer loop north of the district. a little volume picking up between 95 over to 270 and this is your live condition at university boulevard. back to the maps. the focus moves to 270 southbound from 80 to 121, we do have congestion in the yellow here. overall we are going from father hurley approaching the split. still in the green on 66, the toll road and d.c. 295, making your way toward the 11th street bridge. still ahead in your next traffic report at 6:00, kicking off the hour with a closer check on
5:49 am
virginia roads. making news now at 5:48 the death toll from a cholera outbreak in haiti tops 900. health officials in port-au-prince are trying to keep the outbreak from spreading into the earthquake refugee tent camps still up. the united nations predict up to 200,000 haitians could contact cholera. the annual haj pilgrimage is underway in saudi arabia . 2 million muslims will retrace the route to mecca. the five day long haj is one of the biggest displays of mass religious devotion. the grand old opry is reopening. the high water mark hit 10 feet inside parts of the hotel. the opening is just in time for the holidays, which will help boost the tourism numbers in nashville this year. one community is trying to avoid repeating last winter's problems. people in the locust hill area of north bethesda, say fallen
5:50 am
tree batches have left power and utility lines close to coming down. they're worried a heavy snow or ice storm could finish the job. the wires are parallel to rockville pike between belleview drive and hill road. >> we have reported it to comcast and montgomery county because it's a public safety concern. >> it could potentially hit someone. people walk their dogs and walk their kids around here constantly. if it came down, it could really do some damage. >> neighbors are hopeful because county police put yellow tape around the area this weekend. they hope that means repair work will start soon. good morning if you're just waking up. millions of visitors enjoy the smithsonian museums free of charge every year. that could be changing it congress gets its way. it's not the first time lawmakers pushed for admission fees. >> reporter: the national zoo is buzzing with activity on a beautiful fall day.
5:51 am
families enjoying a free visit, but the president's deficit reduction commission wants to cut funding to the smithsonian by a whopping $225 million. commission members say they could make up the difference by charging admission, 7.50 a head. >> i would do anything, i would sign anything to try to prevent this from passing. >> i don't mind paying admission i would suppose if it cuts the deficit and helps out. >> on the other hand. >> i think it would deter some tourism. >> we live outside baltimore, we chose to come down here today because the zoo is free. we would probably choose to go to a zoo closer to us if we had to pay. >> reporter: the smithsonians 19 museums have been free more than 100 years. two thirds of the budget is federally funded through taxpayer dollars. a smithsonian spokesperson says this is the sixth time his 1986 that congress has tried to hit taxpayers with a charge. >> every time the smithsonian
5:52 am
decides to remain free, because we think it's very important that regardless of your income you can visit the museums. >> these are things that are great for families because they are learning things. they have the butterfly exhibits in there. it reemphasizing learning. they're going to charge for learning now? that's crazy. >> we went and saw the constitution, declaration of independence, emancipation proclamation. this is things that govern us, natural history museum is part of our history. it's an inherent right to exhibit these. >> now the proposal has a long way before it becomes a done deal. just for comparison sake, the spy museum $18 a ticket. >> oh well. we have a follow up to a story we told you friday morning. the veterans group whose tour bus caught fire thursday, got a huge upgrade. the vietnam vets were returning to their hotel after a day of touring when their bus caught fire at the 14th street bridge. everyone got out safely, but
5:53 am
they had more tour stuff scheduled. what did the bus company do? it upgraded them to a couple of stretch hummer limos. riding in style! all right. we'll have an answer to the question of the day when we come back. plus a reality tv show couple says they want to get their romance right this time around. jessica? how much do you tip your hairdresser over the holidays? what about your mail carrier? holiday tipping can cause a lot of confusion. i'll tell you what you need to know to avoid any embarrassment. you're watching 9news now.
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the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 5:56. we have fog this morning from d.c. especially south and east, some of the visibilities a problem. you will see a mix of clouds and sunshine of the green is over done by the models this morning. midday, upper 50s, 60 for manassas. increasing clouds this afternoon, hypes in the low 60s. it is 5:56. the question of the day: >> we wanted to know what you that you the average bra size was for the american woman. the choices a, a 34b; choice b, a 36c; or c, 36d.
5:57 am
we received a lot of responds to this. the answer is b, 36c. 10 years ago, it was 34b, but most of the people who wrote into us thought it was 38d. but it's not. >> no, victoria secrets sales all the time, 36d is always gone. >> oh my goff, a political scandal hits the big screen. kevin spacey plays a notorious jack abramhoff. >> there are great politicians in this country. i hope we're able to find a way to remove power and influence we might get people running for office for the right ideas. >> also attending the premiere, chris matthews and andrea
5:58 am
mitchell who are featured in the film. we have a new video feature on helping you look your best and save money. >> hey guys, coming to you from the ikea metromix lounge. hard at work -- >> we have he can won metro manufacture mix's home page, cat will help you find free stuff, beauty services, restaurant and fashion discounts. check out rachel's localize the look blog with weather she takes hot looks and tells are you to find it for less in the area. start saving in style today, visit hold the presses, breaking news, heidi montag and spencer pratt say it's the real deal. >> why should anyone belief anything at this point that you have to say? >> heidi montag is spencer pratt do something they've never done
5:59 am
before, tell the truth. and entertainment tonight has the exclusive new interview with reality tv's most controversial couple as they prepare to renew wedding vows. >> is this just another publicity stunt? >> no, this finally is the real deal. >> back in july, heidi filed for divorce, but they have since buried the hatchet. >> this time i want to do everything differently. >> calling their first wedding a sham, they are planning the wedding they've always dreamed of. >> first one was so let's say fake and not real. >> et cameras are there for every wedding detail. >> oh my gosh, i love this one. this one might be in. >> from the dress. >> i feel like a bride. >> to the cake. spencer! >> and the top secret ceremony. >> i feel like we're in a fairytale. >> oh good luck to the happy couple. i'm so excited for them! >> sends our best


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