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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 15, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. hello, i'm j.c. hayward. we're beginning with breaking news from prince george's county. we just learned that three county police officers have been indicted. federal documents charge the officers, along with several civilians with various offenses, including drug and weapons charges. we're going right to christian fisher who's live at the county xwost center in upper marl -- county government center in upper marlboro. kristin, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, a lot of people here in prince george's county are wondering whether or not these arrests have anything to do with this latest political corruption case involving the
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county's executive, jack johnson, but as of now, the fbi is not commenting. they so far say that there is no connection between these two cases. that, of course, could change over time. here's what we know as of now, three prince george's county police officers and six other people have been charged in two separate federal indictments. now, according to the u.s. attorney for the district of maryland, he said in a statement that "the indictment charges that those police officers crossed a very bright line from catching criminals to conspiring with criminals." and those charges range from interruption to drug trafficking charges to various weapons violations. now, the first indictment charges two of those police officers with conspiracy to commit extortion, specifically the indictment alleges that the owner of several liquor stores in maryland would pay police officers in exchange for them using their official authority to transport and distribute untaxed cigarettes and alcohol
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in both the states of virginia and maryland. just to give you an idea of how big this indictment is, and it's a big one, it's seeking the forfeiture of $3.5 million, 25 properties, 13 vehicles and 84 different bank accounts. the officers involved in that first indictment are prince george's county police sergeant richard tkáela brer, 45 years old from laurel, maryland. the second officer in that first indictment is prince george's county police corporal chong chin kim. he's 42 from beltsville. now, prince george's county police officer sinesa simmic is not charge inside that indictment, he's charged in a second indictment with conspiracy to distribute and the use of firearms in the furtherance of drug trafficking. one more time, he is charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. so we're dealing with some very serious charges here. that last officer is facing a minimum of first years in prison and a maximum sentence of life in prison. the other officers are facing a
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maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if they are indeed convicted. all nine of the defendants will be making their very first court appearance later today in the u.s. district court in greenbelt, maryland. this is certainly a case that is developing by the minute, and we will have the very latest on our website, that's all in upper marlboro, j.c., back to you. >> thank you very much. right now county executive jack johnson is at work at the county executive office building. our news crews shot video of johnson leaving his home this morning. he is wearing a court-ordered ankle bracelet. johnson and his wife, leslie, have been charged with illegally destroying and tampering with evidence. investigators are looking into allegations that jack johnson took bribes from a local developer.
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this morning johnson thanked his supporters for standing by him. [ no audio ] >> coming up at 5:00 p.m. this evening, the prince george's county executive-elect rashon baker is going to hold a news conference and he will address this scandal. we will bring that news conference to you live right here on 9 news now at 5:00 p.m. we have continuing coverage of this story on our website, go to we have posted the entire affidavit, also pictures of jack johnson's arrest, and there is a place for you to leave personal thoughts about this story. that's on our website, and we have just learned that the fbi has announced a reward of up to $20,000 to find
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the gunman who has been shooting at military facilities in northern virginia. the five shootings spanned from october 16th through november 2nd. at this point no one has been injured, however, investigators feel that the gunman could become more brazen as time drags on. phish profilers -- fbi profilers suspect the shooter may have experienced a significant personal crisis and that is what's causing these shootings. questionable practices by new york congressman charles rangel are taking center stage on capitol hill. but before the proceedings began, rangel made a long and a passionate plea to delay the trial. the panel hearing the case ignored rangel's request. >> reporter: new york congressman charles rangel stood by himself in front of a house panel and told the members he needed a lawyer. >> that's all i'm asking for is
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time to get counsel. >> reporter: rangel's attorneys withdrew from the case in september. the veteran democrat says he's already spent $2 million on his defense. he said he can't afford to spend any more on a new legal team. >> with all due respect, since i don't have counsel to advise me, i'm going to have to excuse myself. >> reporter: the panel met behind closed doors to debate putting the proceedings on hold, but decided to move forward. rangel is facing 13 counts of breaking congressional rules. the congressman has admitted to some violations, but he insists he didn't know he was crossing a line, and i argues his mistakes did -- and he argues his mistakes did not amount to corruption. the representative who has represented harlem's neighborhood for 40 years is accused of using his office on capitol hill of raising money to a new york college and not paying taxes on a vacation home or properly reporting his financial assets. rangel says he wants the public hearing to clear his name and
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restore his reputation. >> 50 years of public service is on the line. >> reporter: if the committee finds that rangel did break the rules, another committee will meet to decide how the lawmaker will be punished. prece arla for cbs news, washington. we have an update now on a story that we first told you about earlier this month. it involves a deadly hit-and- run accident in southwest washington. police have arrested and charged 46-year-old michael glover of fort washington, maryland. glover is accused of striking and killing 71-year-old dusty clarity. according to police, clarity was killed on capital street southwest on november 8th. glover has been charged with negligent homicide. there are more problems for qantas airlines. pilots set to make another emergency landing. coming up next, find out what is being done by the company that
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provides the engine. and consider this as a warning, police are cracking down on drivers who are not using their seat belts. we'll tell you why trying to talk your way out of a ticket is useless. we'll be back.
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so far no one is claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing attack in pakistan. police say that a bomb exploded
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in the northwest part of the country this morning, killing two people and wounding three others. local television reports claim that the bomb targeted a vehicle carrying the head of the local tribal committee. that committee is made up of family members of an anti-taliban mayor who was killed last year. the annual haas pilgrimage is under way in saudi arabia. at least 2.5 million muslims will retrace the route to mecca taken by the prophet mohammed 14 centuries ago. the five-day long hage is one of the biggest displays of mass religious devotion. another qantas airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing in australia. this is the third time in the last 11 days that the airline has had a plane with mechanical problems. this morning it was a 747 headed for buenes aires. it returned to sydney after an
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electrical short in the cockpit. earlier this month, qantas grounded its airbus a-380 fleet after part of the plane's engine fell off in flight. and we have just learned that roels royce will temporarily -- rolls royce will temporarily replace faulty engines with new ones until the the problems are fixed. coming up howard and the forecast. >> j.c., some rain on the way and could be substantial, but by the time we get to wednesday morning is what i'm trying to say. we'll look at temperatures right now, a little bit of sunshine and most of the readings are holding in the mid-50s. forecast with the timing of the rain when 9 news now returns ♪
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now checking news where you live. we have a warning for motorists this week to buckel up. local police say they are cracking down on drivers who are not wearing seat belts. it's part of the annual click it or ticket campaign. not wearing your seat belt to mean a $25 ticket in maryland and a $50 ticket in washington d.c. in virginia, drivers have to be pulled over for another offense first, but they face a $25 fine if they are cited for not wearing a seat belt. for more stories from where you live, go to out website, if you have a story or a news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the team. hi. >> a little dreary today. >> yeah. the fog this morning kind of hung out a little bit, and instead of making the low 60s, i think we'll hold up in the upper 50s. it's costing us three to five degrees. the sun is not that strong this time of year.
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so when we don't get it the full time it really makes a difference. let's get you going with a look at your day planner for this afternoon. we got a little bit of sun now, but generally a mostly cloudy afternoon. upper 50s, with some luck we'll get to 60. but i'm pulling it down to 58 as opposed to 62 was where i was going this morning. this afternoon mid-50s, thicker clouds. 9:00 54 and south and west of town, you could see showers by 9:00. by midnight, i think we got a little bit of light rain around, 53. you'll notice the winds northeast/east very light, generally less than five miles per hour. at least we don't have a big chill in the air. we had the fog this morning. visibilities really low, especially south and east, mondayasas. we're just not going to see a lot of sunshine this afternoon. leesburg at 55. 40s in the mountains, mid-50s in the shenandoah valley. annapolis holding at 52 and fredricksburg is 58 and
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richmond right now, that's our warm spot at 61 degrees. so national, 55, cloudy skies, very light winds out of the northeast at three. and a barometer slowly rising for the moment, but low pressure is headed this way. it's coming in from the lower mississippi valley. yeah, we're got some snow in the rockies, pretty typical for november. but with this storm developing here, there's some energy in upper texas. look at all the gulf coming into atlanta, tennessee, the western carolynas. in advance of that, that's the clouds we're going to be seeing over the next few hours. but the rain is all moving off toward the north and east. now, by 6:00, i think the rain may be closer to roanoke, potentially charlottesville, somewhere in there with the leading edge. that moves in during the night so that by 11:00, notice we've got green in virginia, approaching d.c. skins game kicks off at 8:30. we'll talk about that in a moment. towards tomorrow morning, some showers around, basically north and west, although i'd be prepared for showers on and off throughout the day. south and east may see less until tomorrow night when the
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rain gets closer and closer to us, although the heaviest stuff, pennsylvania, ohio by the evening hours, and then overnight everybody sees showers. front pushes through wednesday morning and we start to clear out except for the mountains where the showers are going to linger through at least midday wednesday. wednesday will be a mild and breezy day. the chill comes in after that. redskins game tonight, kickoff at 8:30, the eagles are in town, second half showers. tailgating? mid-50s, but game time low 50s, again, with that threat for the showers for the second half of the game. the next three days looking decent. today 58, tomorrow 56. on and off showers. breezy wednesday, but 64. and then beyond that, cooler weather thursday and friday, but a decent weekend ahead. it's monday, that means it's moms monday. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox with with thanksgiving coming up next week, you might be taking a big trip, a long drive, you want to
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make sure you can keep your kids busy. with us is amy bevins with washington family magazine. you got some great suggestions here for toys. >> absolutely. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> when you're taking a trip you want to think of things that maybe have a limited number of pieces that are quiet for those long drives so they're not driving you nuts and have multiple uses. one great product is imaginenet. it's wonderful because while it does have a lot of pieces, but they're magnetic. >> they'll stick. >> reporter: you're not going to lose them. >> this surface come the with a white -- comes with a white board and these cards so you can make a different shape. as well, when you close it up, it very nicely turns into a wonderful surface to play games, play cards and makes a great travel desk for drawings and things like that. >> this is a little preschool bingo right here? >> it is. this has things like a bike, a stop sign, things that you might see along your trip. you shake the little shaker to find out whose turn it is and then play bingo in the car, all in a very contained space. >> very nice. so those are good travel gifts
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or toys. >> absolutely. >> reporter: how about if you want to buy a toy that mails well. >> something like spotted pocket is wonderful because it tucks in a pocket, it's very small and it's light weight and being that it's in a tin can, it's very sturdy. it's not going to get crushed in the mailing process and a great travel game as well. >> some tips for buying gifts or toys that travel right here, you want it, as you said, a limited number of pieces, quiet sounds, so maybe this bingo is a little noisy, but you might get used to it, multiple uses, consider the number of users and independent of interactive, independent or interactive? >> right. is your child going to play with it by themselves or are you planning to play together. if you're going to be on an airplane, you might look at something you can do together to keep yourself busy. >> reporter: amy, thanks so much. we'll put all of this on and we'll have plenty more suggestions for
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i'm ready for thanksgiving. we're talking turkey today, salt and pupper. i have brian reid, chef and chef tee danly. don't fry a turkey inside. >> do it outside. >> first of all, you're going to talk about grilling turkey? >> i grilled turkey every year at home, indrebgt heat, coals on the side.
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if you have a gas, make sure the middle burner is off. >> how long does it take? >> about 15 minutes per pound. it's a general idea. to prepare the turkey, what i do is put some seasonings underneath, so it's easy just to kind of stick your finger in there and push it around. >> i put a lot of butter under mine too. do you do that? >> i don't. >> i might now. >> a lot of folks recommend that they actually don't. those that don't know about the salt and pepper -- i'll tell you quickly even though we don't have much time. believe it or not, once you start to fry the meat makes the meat a little bit tougher on the outside. it actually fries it. >> i didn't know that. so don't put the butter in it. >> the fat from the skin is going to drip down onto the seasonings and season all the meat underneath. >> okay. >> so put parsley, sage or thyme, put that underneath and then on top, we're just going to put some olive oil and season it with salt and pepper and let it cook for about three hours. >> 15 minutes per pound. >> we do something different. folks are wondering who these folks are. these are students from the potomac job corps center.
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and they actually helped me. we worked on this yesterday. we took the same type of turkey, we deboned it or boned it, we took off the breast like you do a chicken, took the leg off, and then what we did was we butterflied everything, we opened it up, we put stuffing, we have some of our cranberry stuffing here. we layered it, more stuffing. what you end up with after you tie it, a good butcher should be able to do it for you, so we end up with this here, a turkey that takes a little bit of time, took only 45 minutes to actually cook this. you end up with two of these, light meat, stuffing, dark meat. we take our bones, chop them up, roast them in the oven, a wonderful roast turkey gravy and there you go. >> what kind of dressing? >> oh, yeah. this is actually a dried cranberry dressing. believe it or not, my students have been trying to get into my dried cranberries all day. we're finally done, you guys get to eat these. wonderful stuff, dried bread, little bit of egg, bread crumb
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seasoning. >> if you could give cooks one tip with the thanksgiving turkey, what's your one tip besides not buttering. >> don't pay attention to the turkey gun thing. use a meat thermometer. stick that into the thigh, about 175 degrees is what you want that to be. >> same tip, from the home chef, proposals chef, use a thermo -- professional chef, use a thermometer and be safe. >> have a happy thanksgiving. thanks, gentlemen, for coming. cut this bird, i'm ready to eat. thanks, kids for coming in. come back and visit us at 5:00. let's cut it. i'm hungry.
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