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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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officers in two separate cases here. these cases are related to the corruption case that involves county executive jack johnson, although they would not spell out the links for us this afternoon. the main indictment today, a liquor and cigarette smuggling case that we got our briefing on just about an hour ago. >> the indictments charge that these officers crossed a bright line from catching criminals to assisting criminals. >> reporter: the focus of today's indictment, selling untaxed liquor and cigarettes, a high profile raid at tick tock liquors on university boulevard in hyattsville. the allegation that two prince george's county police officers were in a conspiracy with tick tock's owners to smuggle and sell liquor and cigarettes in maryland and virginia. an investigation that goes back at least four years and is tied to the investigation of county executive jack johnson. >> there are a series of related investigations. this case and the case
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announced on friday are among that series of related investigations. we're not at liberty to talk about what the relationship may be. >> i don't understand. nobody notified us. >> reporter: tick tock is owned by melhi, a -- accused of links to crime in the neighborhood. he said he paid tens of thousands to off-duty police officers to provide security. today's indictments accused two officers. >> these defendants agreed that am rick singe mel hi and others would exchange their official authority to assist in the transport and distribution of untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. >> our interest in corruption in this county has been long- standing and long-reaching. this investigation has utilized multiple investigative techniques over the course of
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several years, including wire taps and corporating individuals. >> reporter: in this indictment there was a single sentence which suggested that the officers and melhi had the cooperation of officials known and unknown. but that is not spelled out in the paperwork tonight. a second indictment accused sanisa simmic and another man with trafficking in at least a half a kilo of cocaine. that indictment came along with a firearms charge. this case also a spinoff of the county wide corruption which is continuing with wire taps and the expectation of more indictments and arrests. reporting live at the federal courthouse in greenbelt, 9 news now. >> what a way to start the week. thank you for that. and roberto hilton made his
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first public comment on the charges against his officers. we have that story from derek. >> reporter: greed and accountability are the words we heard from the sergeant as he expressed his outrage. hilton said he knew that the fbi was closing in on some of his fellow officers but he did not want to know who the feds were looking at so as to remain impartial. well now he wants to reassure the community. >> i'm outraged at the disgraceful conduct demonstrated by three of our officers who tarnished our badge for their own greed and personal gains. i want to assure the community that as long as chief hilton is in charge, and i think there are some that may not appreciate this, but there is going to be accountability at all levels. >> reporter: now chief hilton also tried to quash any rumors that he might be about to resign as the new administration comes in in
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prince george's. i'm going to be here, he said. he also expressed concerns about officers moonlighting at places that might serve too much alcohol or otherwise compromise the value of the police force. and some of that employment is implicated in part of the scandal. now the chief said the officers have to submit a written request and get department approval before they can take any outside jobs. anita? >> thank you for that. jack johnson said he is determined to finish the job as prince george's county executive. bruce johnson reports the veteran politician is now refusing to address his arrest and the electronic monitoring device he's now forced to wear on his ankle. >> doing really well. my family are all uplifted. >> reporter: jack johnson left his home mid morning, appearing to be business as usual. his wife followed in a separate vehicle. >> just want the citizens of prince george's county to know that i'm going to remain strong
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and i'm going to finish what i started. >> reporter: two term prince george's county executive said he heard from a thousand people since his stunning arrest friday for trying to destroy what prosecutors say is $100,000 bribery check. his wife, leslie johnson, was also arrested, after fbi agents allegedly found nearly $80,000 in cash stuffed inside her bra on friday. >> i just can't speak on the case at all. >> reporter: gone today was the defiance and some level observers say he may have made a mistake when he said he will be vindicated of the charges. they said if there is a plea bargain or conviction, the judge or prosecutors would remember that. >> i guess they were caught red- handed. >> reporter: some residents are stubbed and -- stunned and angry. inside this restaurant some refused to talk, others seem to struggle for the words to
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express their pain. >> mr. johnson, i met him once and he's very personable, well liked and it's just heartbreaking. >> reporter: for most of the day county executive jack johnson was huddled inside his office on the fifth floor of the government building, according to a spokesperson. the once powerful politician and former top county prosecutor will leave office at noon on december 6th. >> are you angry to be wearing a monitoring bracelet today? >> thank you, everybody. >> the fbi has been looking into his relationship with local developers for years. he's hired attorney billy martin and refusing to comment on the case. stay with 9 news now for updates. we are continuing to monitor the cases against jackson son, his wife leslie and the police officers. let's go right to the rushern
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baker press conference going on right now. >> before we start, i just want to say i'm pleased to be joined by so many of my colleagues as we -- as we prepare to read a statement about the recent events that have been going on in our direction. today i want to speak directly to the citizens of prince george's county. those who have chose to live in this beautiful county, those who have businesses in this county, and those who are looking for a new place to locate their business. i want you all to know that the incoming leadership of prince george's county remains
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committed to greatness and to achieving that together. we remain focused on kitchen table issues of our residents. whether it's job growth, transit-oriented development, new business opportunities, comprehensive health care improvement, and of course a top ranked school system. we have to make it happen and we will make it happen here. that is our focus. we are vigilant in keeping families in their homes, giving parents confident in our public school system, providing residents with the opportunity to work and live in peace right here in prince george's county. we will deliver a first-class government ready to expand on those opportunities and take full advantage of the resources that we have in this great
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county. prince george's county remains the greatest jurisdiction for economic growth in this region. so despite the recent events, these are not sad days in prince george's county. unfortunate, yes. but the alleged acts of a few in no way should deter the direction of all prince george's county who are ready, eager, and i would say excited about the move to make this county or to take this county from good to great. so today i and those gathered here this evening stand with the people of prince george's county and advise you and say, keep your head high, keep your focus down the path of
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greatness, because on december the 10th -- december 6th, 2010 -- sorry -- we will begin a new government that will keep the promises that we made during the campaign to make what is a good county a truly great county. so i want to thank my colleagues for coming out here today to stand beside me. god bless the people of prince george's county and thank you for coming today. i'll answer a few questions. thank you very much. >> my reaction is that the justice system will play out. my job and the jobs of those who are standing beside me here is to make sure that on december 6th that we have a government that serves the people of prince george's county, that is as good as they deserve and which means it should be a great government and that's what we plan to do.
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so the transition is moving forward, we have looking at all positions, and we're excited about the opportunity to serve the citizens of prince george's county. >> first of all, congratulations. and second you ran against jack johnson twice. let me ask you this question, are you surprised? >> i ran for county executive three times because i believe that the potential of making prince george's county truly great is something i wanted to participate in. and so in a few days, a few weeks, quite honestly, we're going to get the chance to do that. and so that was my focus all along, that the opportunities and things that we can do in prince george's county were there and so that's why i ran and that's what we're going to focus on. >> how do you assure people that this alleged sort of environment or culture -- >> you've been listening to the prince george's county elect
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rushern baker talking about his goals for the county. he did mention at one point, without saying anything specifically, that these are not sad days for the county. unfortunate. but did he not want the residents in prince george's county to react badly to the alleged actions he said of a few. he said that he is committed to taking this government from good to great and that's really the focus of his comments this afternoon. >> and again, letting the justice system play out what is happening with the allegation and his focus is being ready to lead december 6th when he takes office. again, very little comments directed to the corruption scandal, more about moving from good to great, as he put it. well we also have breaking news out of the washington redskins. let's take a live look at fedex field tonight. donovan mcnabb will play his old team after just signing a new multi-million dollar contract with his current one. >> let's hope he's not stuck in that traffic trying to get there and sign the contract
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because that's a whole lot of traffic backed up. >> yes, it is. >> and i know brett haber got stuck in that but he's now at fedex field. >> glad to see you made it, brett. >> reporter: i guarantee you gets a police escort into this building and i did not and i was stuck in the traffic for quite a while. we were talking so much about mcnabb getting benched two weeks ago against the lions. maybe shanahan was trying to bring the price down. maybe it was some form of negotiating on his part. but whatever problem shanahan had with mcnabb he has workd it out in his head to the extent that he was comfortable giving donovan a huge sum of money to stay in this town for a long time. sourced confirming to 9 sports tonight that donovan and the redskins have agreed on a new five-year contract extension worth $78 million. it could go up to $88 million with incentives and $40 million
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is guaranteed. apparently that benching not deterring dan snyder to committing from mcnabb long- term as hurt feelings get put aside in favor of business. now donovan mcnabb has not had a great season by his own admission. 7 touchdowns and eight interceptions in the first eight games of the season. his quarterback rating is 76. it is the lowest since his rookie season in 1999 but a lot of blame has to go to the offense line which is subpar this year. it adds up to the management to see football left in him and with this deal he'll likely retire as a washington redskin. all of that as a back drop to the game this evening as mcnabb takes on his old team, the philadelphia eagles and we'll have more on this developing story of a new contract for mcnabb through the night. i'm brett haber. back to you. >> $80 million going into the game with your old team, that's a nice little boost.
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testimony has wrapped up in the chandra levy murder trial and when the case might go to the jury. right now the clouds are here and the showers are not. let me show you where they are. we'll take you out with titan. showers approaching charlottesville and culpeper. we'll talk about whether you'll get wet at the redskins game and what that means for your morning and evening commute. police hope the discovery of a kidnapped girl leads them to the rest of a missing family in ohio. we'll be back.
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we have an update on the series of shooting at military related building in northern virginia. the fbi is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to an arrest in the case. there have been five shootings during the overnight and early morning hours at a number of locations over the last weeks.
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they include the national museum of the marine corp, the pentagon, a u.s. marine corp recruiting facility and a u.s. coast guard recruiting facility. prince george's county police are investigating what they call one of their largest cases of randall vandalism ever. detectives say two people have been driving around the eastern part of the county shooting out windshields with a bb gun. the pair have been seen riding in a black honda dell sol convertible. investigators have linked them to nearly 100 cases in lanham, lake ashor and bowie since mid- september. police are questioning a suspect in the disappearance of a ohio family. >> one of the victims was found alive and well in the basement of a man's home in mt. vernon. and she said she hasn't seen her mom, brother or family friend since they disappeared last wednesday. >> reporter: police searching for a missing ohio family comb through this park about 40 miles north of columbus. patrol helicopters flew overhead as officers used boats
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to check the lake. >> we still would like to remain a hopeful attitude but we have to be realistic. >> reporter: the public park is a block from the house where a s.w.a.t. team rescued 13-year-old sara maynard. >> in the basement they found her. >> reporter: police found maynard bound and gagged in matthew hoffman's basem. they arrested -- the 30-year- old and arrested him. they are still finding the girl's mother, brother and friend stephanie sprang. police found blood in her home which is ten miles from hoffman but from walking distance where her mother and stepfather live. sprang's father helped lead a group of volunteers who came to help with the search. >> thank you, and be careful yourself. >> reporter: hoffman's neighbors say he often went to the park. right now he's the only suspect. the deputies spoke to him thursday night in the area
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where they found tina herman's pickup truck. sara has left the hospital and reunited with other family members. >> i would call for the op -- i would call her the opity mee of bravery. >> reporter: she last saw her brother and mother in their home on wednesday. cbs news, ohio. >> hoffman has a prior conviction in colorado for arson is scheduled for a bond hearing tomorrow afternoon. a newborn found abandoned in the parking lot of a church and today police released these photos of the baby girl and the bag and blanket hoping that someone can identify her. now a parishioner found her just before sunday mass at st. raymond catholic church. she was in a little duffle bag near the entrance of the church parking lot. officials at the church say the babies was wrapped in towels with the umbilical cord still attached. >> she clearly did not deliver this baby in a hospital so we
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need to make sure we find her and make sure she's okay. >> authorities took the infant to inova fairfax hospital and the baby appears to be full term and possibly of hispanic decent. the child was only exposed to the elements for just a few minutes before she was found. many states, including virginia, maryland and d.c. have what is called safe haven laws. they allow a care take tore drop a baby off at a hospital or rescue squad without fear or risk of criminal charges. in virginia, the child can be up to 14 days old. until the district, the baby can be no older than one week. maryland, though, gives a caretaker only three days after a baby is born to take the baby to a hospital or a rescue center. so if people are in trouble out there, that's obviously the better thing to do than to just leave a child out. >> again, the safe haven laws give people an opportunity. i don't know about you, but that was one of the nicest november weekends i can remember. >> we were out in easton for
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the water fall festival and it was packed. when is it that nice in november. >> but we have to pay the piper a little bit, but not crazy until we get into perhaps the following week. let's start with what is going on right now. temperatures in the 50s. and pretty uniform. if you go to the redskin game, expect 50s. 55 in arlington, 54 in bethesda. temperatures of 57 in leesberg, one of the warmer readings. and 54 in beltsville and 52 up at laurel. and speaking of the redskin game, it looks like cloudy at 7:00 and 5, cloudy at 9:00 and 52. toward the end of the game seeing showers and temperatures around 52. not cold but if you throw in shower it's will feel cooler. so showers possible for the second half. satellite radar combined, not quite a nor'easter to the west of us. so the winds are southeast of us. but in the meantime it will provide a good swath of moisture from the southeast to the mid-atlantic region and into the ohio and tennessee
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valleys late tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow evening. in the meantime, just clouds. but showers are just to the south west of us. they'll be moving in again probably around 10:00, 11:00. they'll get into culpeper before getting into frederick because they're moving from southwest to northeast. so just keep that in mind if you are going to try to take that dog for a walk late tonight. so grab your umbrella. tuesday morning a wet commute and tuesday morning wet. tuesday will be cooler. wednesday will be windy but nice on wednesday despite the wind. all right, here is the deal. 7:00, 7:45, showers, culpeper to fredericksberg. put the maps into motion, we go through midnight and showers go through. nothing heavy developing late tonight, but just first batch of showers. and then we get into the early morning hours, gaithersburg, d.c. showers and back toward loudoun county. and just in time for the hush -- the rush hour will be wet. that's a real problem.
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and into the afternoon, pockets of modern activity. the yellow is moderate. so leesberg and back to winchester and even toward the district. and then tomorrow evening, wow, moderate to occasionally heavy possibly. so again i would add some extra time to your morning and evening commute. so for tonight, look for mostly cloudy skies, cool showers by midnight, lows 44 to 50 and winds estherly at -- easterly at 10. and 46 in reston and 49 downtown and mid 40sin rockville, toward college park and andrews. tomorrow morning, rain and showers. grab your umbrella and coat. 40s to mid-50s. winds southeast at 10. by the afternoon winds pick up. mostly cloudy and cool. showers, highs around 55 and winds increasing at 10-15. so we'll break down tomorrow. rain and showers in the morning, 44-50. by noon 53 and only topping out at 55 by the afternoon. the next three days we're looking at, again, rain tomorrow, maybe a shower on
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wednesday, the headline is windy, 63. and then nice on thursday. temperatures around 60, which is average, with sunshine. next seven days. 55 tomorrow with rain. 63 on wednesday. and then nice and cooler on friday. briefly 55. but the weekend, we're in some kind of a groove here. 60 on saturday and sunday. the terps play at 8:00 on saturday evening. and then nice on monday, low 60s. don't let the monday fool you because there are big changes toward thanksgiving. >> you gave us a little bit of a heads up. we should expect that. >> we'll take that next weekend. >> yes we will. >> thank you, topper. up next, too much time on your cell phone, can it trigger an allergic reaction? experts explain how when we come back.
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>> in tonight's health alert, less than stellar news for women in the work force. new research said high levels of job stress can increase a heart attack by an astonishing 88%. women losing their jobs had
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higher blood pressure. and they found the most damaging stress comes from high- demand jobs where the women have little authority or control over the stress. now we've heard about allergies to ragweed and mold and pet dander, and you may have them. but at the meeting of allergies, doctors are calling attention to triggers. >> this man's egg allergy is so bad he has to be careful when he kisses his girlfriend. >> it's tough when we are going out for ice cream, then it sort of puts -- we can't do anything right after that. i can give her a kiss on the cheek or something but that's about it. >> paul thought as long as his girlfriend brushed her teeth after eating eggs, he would be okay, but that may not be okay. traces of regular protein can stay in the huge after -- hours afterward. and if you have itchy eyes, it
5:29 pm
might be your makeup. everyone tested for allergies react to testing in cosmetics. >> allergies are on the rise, particularly in cosmetics and it's important to have an investigation to see if it effects you. >> talking and listening on the cell phone can cause problems because of the nickel in the phones. >> they are having the cell phone up to the face and they come in and complain of rash and itchiness and redness. >> reporter: 60% of women have reactions to nickel. doctors suggest using bluetooth or plastic cover on your cell phone. and the bed bugs we've been talking about in the news. they can cause itchy red bites but allergists say in some people it triggers severe reactions, hives, swelling and even asthma attacks. and coming up next new at 5:30 -- >> the chandra levy murder trial going to the jury tomorrow, but not before you get a chance to hear ingmar
5:30 pm
guandique's own voice in a phone call from prison. i'm bruce leshan. that is coming up. ñúñú
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two more charges out.
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but the murder count still stands in the trial. ingmar guandique is charged with killing chandra levy and tonight it is all over, but for closing arguments. prosecutors dropped attempted kidnapping because under the statue of limitations, time had run out. but there is no statue of limitations on murder. and bruce leshan is live where we are hearing some more news. >> reporter: the prosecution and defense will get their final chance to address the jurors tomorrow morning starting at 11:00. but first you get a chance to listen to this cd of some of the phone calls and the voice males that have already been played in the trial. this was released by the judge at the request of 9 news now, the washington post, and the associated press. >> it is a circumstantial case but one of the most incriminating pieces of evidence against this gang
5:34 pm
member is a prison phone call to a pen pal on the outside. she asked him about a muchacho that was dead. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: the thing is there's a murder of a woman, maria mendez said, that scares me very much. yes, said guandique. do you understand what i'm saying? yes. and then there is gary condit and the voice mail left after she disappeared. >> it's 6:30 and i haven't heard from you. maybe you're out of the country. any way, give me a call when you get this message. >> reporter: the phone message suggests he was mystified by her disappearance. a year later a man out hunting
5:35 pm
turtles with his dog in rock creek park finds her skeletal remains. >> i was walking my dog in the woods this morning and i came across a human skull. i don't know anything else that looks like it. >> reporter: kind of haunting to hear that dispatcher laugh about the finding of her remains. now for prosecutors, much of this case really rests on the credibility of one of guandique's former cell mates who testified that he confessed to him saying i killed that b., but i did not rape her. today another cell mate who was crammed into that cell with guandique and armando morrellez testified for the defense saying he never heard any such thing. anita. >> did prosecutors walk him back in time when they got a chance to question him? >> reporter: they actually did walk this buy back, just a little bit. he admitted that he didn't
5:36 pm
understand spanish very well and that armando morrellez and guandique conversed in spanish. and he also testified that he wasn't getting along with guandique at the time and that he was sleeping a lot and listening to his headphones and that potentially could have just missed that. >> bruce leshan live, thank you. a man wanted for a double murder in north carolina is in custody in maryland tonight. police say taray mosby was picked up over the weekend. he's accrued of -- accused of killing his mother and grandmother. police say he recently moved to north carolina from the baltimore area. the article 32 hearing for the accused ft. hood shooter is now over. defense attorneys for major nadal hassan presented no witnesses today. he faces 13 counts of premeditated murder in connection with the shooting. it's up to a judge to decide whether he should face a court
5:37 pm
marshall and possible death penalty. the defense attorneys for brian david mitchell aren't expected to argue facts of the case in the smart case, but rather mitchell was insane at the time. smart was 14 years old when she was kidnapped in 2002. mitchell could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. 32 people are dead after a five story building collapsed in india. about 60 others are hurt and many people are still trapped in the rubble. the collapse occurred in a crowded neighborhood in new delhi. it's not clear what caused the collapse but poor construction material and in adequate foundations have been blamed for similar collapses in the past. at least 42 people are dead after a fire in shanghai. the scaffolding off a 30-story building caught fire under renovation. some tries to jump to safety as the flames quickly spread over more than a third of the
5:38 pm
building. well, coming up, a local school is no longer giving out f's for students on report cards. but first a deer makes a run through a shopping center parking lot. we'll talk about both of those stories coming up. and we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a confused deer runs buck wild in a new york shopping center. witnesses say that deer wandered out of the woods and into a store in niagara county. buck smashed through the windows, ran through the aisles and got away through the parking lot. scared shoppers did a mad dash to get out of his way. >> i can understand that. well students at one fairfax county high school no longer have to worry about
5:41 pm
getting an f even if they are flunking. under a new policy at west potomac in alexandria, a student failing will get an if i for incomplete instead. they said the goal is to encourage students to continue to work rather than accept a failing grade. they will only get an f in the future after that warning. to more stories exclusive to where you live go to and find your community in our section of where you live. keep up with what is new and hot in your neighborhood. if you have a story or news tip, please share that with us. contact us and be part of the team at coming up, facebook getting another face lift. this time to its popular messaging feature. details ahead. topper? >> clouds are here and the rain is not here yet. let me show you titan. showers toward richmond and approaching charlottesville. we'll tell you what that means for the redskin game and to your morning and evening commute.
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normally $39.99. you can get a heated con air massager, regularly $26.29 and $10 toward the purchase of a nonprescription order of $50 or more. the coupon code is holiday 10. and new ads for black friday on wal-mart, old navy and more. go to our website and click on the shop ready link to find it. and i stumbled across a deal today. typically sells $25 gift certificates for $10 but if you key in the code give you can get those certificates for as little as $2. that is a savings of 80%. it expires later today. a texas-based meat process has recalled about 2600 pounds of smoked turkey. the new braunfels smoke house turkey breast may be contaminated with listeria.
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the product codes are 2210 and 2180. they were sold in 4 to 6-ounce packages. and you could have bought this at a store or online at internet sites or even from catalogues. now for people who want to break away from the traditional roasted turkey for thanksgiving, this could be the year. because plenty of holiday cooks share that a deep fried turkey is better. butterball has now come out with a new electric fryer that promises a safer, spatter-free fried bird in just minutes. >> erica westbrook's customers rave about the fried turkey specialty at her restaurant. >> fridayed turkey is nothing like roast turkey. it's juicy and moist. but frying a big bird in the home can be dangerous. this video from underwriters laboratory shows the danger of gas fryers. if the oil spills over, it can ignite. consumer reports say electric fryers are better. this new one from butterball
5:49 pm
costs $117 and can be used on your counter top. this turkey came out nicely brown and juicy 48 minutes later. >> it's faster than roasting. turkey was great. the thighs were a little oil by but orange than that it was delicious. >> and a lid helps prevent spattered oil and the drain makes it easy to empty the oil. electric fryers come with features that make it safer. there is an oil fill line so you don't spill hot oil when you put the turkey in and a thermostat helps make sure its cooked quickly and safety. >> now topper you won't have to spend time out. now the fryer does have the limits. it can only accommodate up to a 14-pound turkey so it won't serve a large crowd. you may want to have your guests trim the list before you go that way with the turkey. >> topper and i are both fans
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of the fried turkey. facebook is revamping its messaging service. blogs have been buzzing with speculation that the social networking site could some day replace the messaging system with an e-mail service that could go head to head with g- mail. but the ceo said e-mail is just one component of the revamp plan. users already spend more time on facebook than any other site in the world. >> i can attest to that with my daughters. you have done your homework? oh, yeah. friend me while i do it. >> it's social networking that helps them get the work done. >> that's what they say, but they say i'm talking to someone about my homework. yeah, right. let's talk about the redskin game. that's the big story. we could see some showers in the second half. cloudy and cool, showers possible. temperatures in the 50s. that's not that bad, but if it does shower it will feel cooler than to. 54 in bethesda, 54 in college
5:51 pm
park. temperatures pretty uniform. so locate your umbrella, a wet commute tomorrow morning and evening. cooler on tuesday. windy and still nice on wednesday in the wake of the storm. seeing some good winds. here is our future cast, by 8:00 tonight showers toward manassas. they are just light but moving through. you'll have wet roads on the way home from the game. no doubt about that. and the good news is nothing really heavy until we get into the afternoon hours and tomorrow evening so again, two wet commutes, morning and also night. for tonight then, cloudy and cool, showers developing before or by midnight, from 44-50. and tomorrow, chilly to start. 44-50, 53 by lunchtime, only 55 by evening. you need the umbrella pretty much the entire time. the next three days, windy on wednesday, nice on thursday though. temperatures back up to near 60 with sunshine. and next seven days, cooler on friday, 55 and then another nice weekend. you can believe it? terps in town saturday night around 60. and 60 on sunday.
5:52 pm
and low 60s on monday with partly cloudy skies. big changes coming next week. >> we won't worry about that. we'll look at that weekend. >> sounds good, topper. in four weeks we'll be welcoming angie goff's new baby. >> and as she gets closer to the due date she's making a point to learn the signs of postpartum depression. a good idea for all expecting moms and families. peggy fox talks to a young mother who struggled with postpartum depression twice. >> reporter: when jackie lee gave birth to mckenna a year ago, she didn't feel like singing. >> your supposed to be joyful and happy and this is wonderful, and i wasn't. and i think that guilt sets in. >> reporter: jackie had had postpartum depression with her first child four years ago. she and her husband knew the risk was high she would have it again but didn't realize how severe it would be. >> it was just spiraling and spiraling, and i did want to take my own life at one point.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: she saw a doctor who prescribed medication and counseling but that wasn't enough. only after a stay in a mental health hospital and a month of counseling did she feel well enough to watch her children again. you've probably heard of baby blues. that's very common. in fact up to 80% of women who have just given birth have feelings of sadness and happiness. but if it continues and includes feelings of anxiety and depression, that's when you need to get help. >> and to know that you're not alone in this, that you're not to blame and there is support out there. >> reporter: therapist leslie mckieo said a tell tale signs are thoughts of suicide or harming your children. jacky lee wants other moms to know help is out there. >> it would be like if somebody had a broken leg or arm, you wouldn't sit there and keep putting bandages on it, you would take them to the hospital. >> reporter: jackie said she's not quite 100% and tries hard to be positive every day.
5:54 pm
peggy fox, 9 news now. >> postpartum depression affects 25% of women who have recently given birth. hormonal changes are huge, lack of sleep plays a role and marital conflict and moving into a new home can be factors. but early intervention is the best way to get help. coming up next on 9 news now, fans gathering for monday night football at fedex field. we'll go live to brett haber for a preview of tonight's eagles-redskins match up. and tonight at 6:00. two young men said they were sexually abused by the former pastor of this fairfax county church. their story coming up on 9 news now.
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5:57 pm
donovan mcnabb will lead the redskins on to the field tonight armed with a multi- million dollar contract. >> brett haber live at fedex field with a preview of tonight's game against his former team. hey, brett. >> reporter: hi, there, guys. let me give you a sense the legs this story has developed over the afternoon. when i left the office at 2:00, the number one trending search on yahoo nationwide were the words donovan and mcnabb. and that was just as the news of his new contract was coming out, in case you haven't heard
5:58 pm
the details. 5 years, $78 million could go up to $88 million and $40 million guaranteed. the question is how will the new deal undue the unflattering news that has befallen this franchise. pressure that now amounts on the head of shanahan. first it was the chaos surrounding haynesworth this year, the situation that many believed was exacerbated by the stubbornness of shanahan and then last week the stubborn benching of the quarterback. and now shanahan has put the pressure on himself. a win tonight would alleviate that. shanahan knows that all too well. >> it's the nature of the beast. any time you make a decision like that, obviously there is going to be a lot of controversy in it. i know what is true and not true and i've always been one to do what i think is in the best interest of the team even
5:59 pm
though sometimes it's very controversial. >> reporter: now if you're looking for a historical reference as to how mcnabb responds after a benching. it's only happened one before in his career. in 2008, andy reid yanked him during a loss to the ravens and all he did the next week was come back with a four touchdown performance in a 48-20 win over arizona. his quarterback rating that day was 121. our live coverage from the stadium will continue next hour, including news of the quarterback who had been making all of the headlines until the news of donovan's new contract and that's michael vick, a guy gone from public enemy number one to the best quarterback in the nfl in just 18 months. his story next hour. for now live at fedex. back to you. >> and thank you for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. more breaking


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