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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 18, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> excellent. >> howard has our weather first. >> good morning. it is a chill out there. chilly conditions, open the window. down to 30 at last check. day planner today, sunshine early. then partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. temperatures into the upper 50s. mid-50s lunchtime and drive home with westerly to northwesterly wind at 5 to 10. hey mark, sterling, 66. rockville, 33. with reagan national. 43, visibility ten miles at national. if you are traveling today, showers in since nat eerks pittsburgh, buffalo in the 40s. nice weather in the carolinas and on the east coast and chicago. sunny and 45. angie goff, 5:00 a.m. happy thursday. >> back at you, howard.
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hello, everybody. a calmer morning what we wake up to now. which is great, considering what we had to deal with yesterday. look at the maps. clean and green and clear. 270 southbound looking great here out of frederick towards the split. tracking it, find lanes wide open. taking it back to the maps. this time to prince georges county area. route 4, route 5, 301, no complaints. incident an accident free. in the clear from fairfax county parkway to beltway. 267 no problems to report. inner loop, 395 to the toll road, only 13 minutes. speaking of toll road, check it in real time in the next report at 5:09. 5:01. an hour ago, metro decided to reopen farragut north station in time for morning rush. >> red line station had been closed since yesterday when a chunk of concrete fell from the
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ceiling onto the platform where passengers were standing. kristin fisher joins us live with more on how this may have happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. great news for commuters this morning. overnight structural engineers have been examining the ceiling at this farragut north metro station, and as you said, they determined it is indeed safe for metro riders. it will reopen, actually opened a few moments ago. now, this station actually shut down around 8:00 last night after chunks of concrete fell to the platform yesterday afternoon. incredibly, no one was hurt. d.c. fire officials say one of the chunks was the size of a human head. certainly large enough to cause some sort of serious injury to anyone standing below. apparently it was caused by construction work taking place on connecticut, completely unrelated to metro. d.c. fire officials say construction crews hit a ventilation valve in the station's ceiling which
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loosened the concrete, caused a piece to fall. metro closed that station citing abundance of caution. they apologized for the inconvenience. the inconvenienced riders didn't seem too surprised. >> that's what the metro does, right? we are kind of used to it at this point. i am sure i'll get on a train, have to get off, get on tomorrow, have it stop, and, you know, the usual. >> reporter: metro again says it is not their fault, it was caused by the construction over there, just above the tunnel, above the platform at the farragut metro station. for many metro riders, they see it as yet another major mishap in metro service. back to you. >> what about metro's response time yesterday afternoon? there was controversy, we heard they didn't notify emergency officials fast enough. >> reporter: well, it took about an hour for metro to notify d.c. fire and police
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about this incident. that's important because they were needed to close down this section of connecticut directly above the platform. there was fear that vibrations caused by cars could dislodge yet another piece of concrete. and ultimately they did close down this section of connecticut, but not before thousands of metro riders used that metro station and literally stood beneath the section where that concrete piece fell. some scary stuff. certainly a lot of people are looking at and questioning metro's response time. back to you. >> all right. kristin fisher live from northwest. 5:04. it appears a local hospital reached agreement with nurses threatening to walk out next wednesday. the nurse's union will no longer hold a work stoppage at washington hospital center. it was supposed to take place day before thanksgiving. under this agreement, new wage rules will not go into effect until next march. in return, nurses now say they
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will hold off on walkout plans. and to local sports front. it appears the washington nationals could be about to lose one of their biggest shruggers. adam dunn close to signing a deal with the detroit tigers. as you may remember, he hit 38 homers last season, also rumored to be headed to the white sox. hopefully they can get a deal to keep him. >> getter done. richard delabber is scheduled to have a detention hearing. a judge denied bail to an officer. they say he participated in moving things across state lines. petition to have council
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woman elect leslie johnson step down, she is the wife of jack johnson, county executive. they were arrested in corruption scandal. hundreds of residents still cannot go home after severe storms swept through baltimore tuesday night, wednesday morning. more than 350 units at the dutch village apartments were damaged so extensively, residents are not allowed back in the building. several of the roofs were torn off in high winds. 250 people signed up for emergency shelter set up by the city. three had minor injuries in this. are you okay? >> i am choked up about the next report. another your money report. >> jessie davisjessica has more. >> you are choked up because of the gm ipo. i understand that. one of the biggest in history
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starts today. we will see if that stock sale and economic data is enough to knock wall street out of dull drops. concerns about irish banking crisis. dow not far from slipping below 11,000 again. lost in trading yesterday. s & p 500 rose by a fraction. federal reserve wants the nation's largest banks to undergo new round of stress tests. central bank wants to see if they can weather another recession and wants the test before they boost dividends paid to investors. who knew it pays to be a reptile owner. they look at pet ownership and income. workers with snakes or reptiles most likely to report earning six figures. dog owners, most of them holding senior management positions likely to be doctors.
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workers with birds, likely to report being satisfied with jobs. >> who spent time to do that study. what a goofy study. >> i am getting everybody a reptile. >> thank you. what do you have coming up? >> we are getting ready, set, shop for holiday shopping. we have everything you need to know about black friday and prethanksgiving shopping. >> where to find the gecko. thank you. one of the final outstanding races from mid term elections appears to be settled this morning. and the obama administration may be rethinking plans to try guantanamo detainees in civilian courts. and a storm that hit yesterday left more trails of damage in the northeast. we will bring you there.
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5:09. we have 30s and 40s. if you park outside, you may have to scrape the windows, wait for frost to melt off. day planner today, 30s and 40s to start. we will be sunny early. then clouds are going to build in. mid to upper 50s. notice by 3:00, 58. could be a sprinkle towards the shenandoah valley. angie, time saver traffic? >> no incidents or accidents on dulles toll road from green way to beltway. still ahead, focus on virginia roads, 95 northbound from quanlt co. here is what's making news. >> government prosecutors get conviction on only one count against a guantanemo detainee. >> a jury acquitted him on all but one count, including 224 counts of murder in the 1998
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embassy bombings in africa. convicted on one count of conspiring to destroy u.s. property with explosives that carries minimum 20 year sentence. verdict could impact plans on the effort to try accused 9-11 conspirator khalid sheikh mohammed. nancy pelosi will be minority leader instead of speaker. and house republicans elected john boehner to be the speaker of the house. she lost the republican primary, but thanks to an overwhelming support as write in candidate, lisa murkowski goes back to u.s. senate for alaska. she beat joe miller, the tea party candidate, by about 10,000 votes. if the state election confirms that win, murkowski will be the first write in candidate to win a senate election in almost 60 years. what's old could soon be
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new. >> an update on the street car proposal we've been hearing about for years at 5:18. 5:31, live update on reopening of farragut north metro station after concrete fell from the ceiling yesterday. and a closer look at this morning's general motors ipo. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wa year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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5:15 this thursday morning. mike hydeck, andy andy, and howard bernstein. >> we had the storm damage yesterday. wasn't only us. new york had big problems, too. storms affected baltimore. new york had to close some streets. that's times square, people. had swirling debris around. >> good thing they made part of that pedestrian friendly. >> that's nice. you walk there, don't have to worry about being run over. that's a plus. >> don't have to worry about something falling. >> they had problems, too. doesn't look as bad as it did in parts. let's get the bus stop forecast for this chilly thursday morning. good-looking sky, big moon,
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stars, sunrise, 6:54. 30s and 40s, definitely jackets and gloves. winds are light. day planner, clouds increasing. 9:00, partly cloudy, if not mostly cloudy by then. certainly middle of the day, more clouds and sunshine. mid-50s at noon. west winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. and 55 degrees at 5:00 p.m. looking for high of 58 here in washington. this morning, warm spots on the way, annapolis, 47. andrews air force base, 38. 32 in men as is. winchester, 37. in the mountains, a little breeze. petersburg, cumberland, mid 40s now, frederick 41. plus some clouds out here. they continue to streak in from the west. 43, clear skies at reagan national. light winds. barely a wind chill. feeling like 41. and humidity high at 74%.
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said earlier, cold air dipped down into new mexico. al behind closed kurk ee, 21, west texas, 20s and 30s. behind this line, a storm, bringing up warmth towards little rock, new orleans in the 40s and 50s. this storm whipping quickly from mississippi valley to tennessee and ohio valley. this comes towards us. you will see in the next few hours how the clouds start to move in towards us. that's why the clear skies won't be so nice later on. what i think happens, moisture gets trapped in the mountains. as it moves to the east, clouds increase. perhaps see a couple of sprinkles out to the southwest of town, midafternoon. for us, varying amounts of clouds, then mountain snows kick in later with snow showers for tonight. a few more weeks, we will be skiing. cool tonight. saturday, nice recovery, 60 trees. ter a pins at home.
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sunday, chilly, 52. monday and tuesday, not a bad start if leaving early for thanksgiving. wednesday, wet weather and 60. 5:17, now 5:18. time saver traffic. good morning, everybody. if headed out, check it out. everything is nice and clear. take a look at our maps. i like what i see here. as you move it towards 95 and virginia, looking great out of fred riksburg. one hour as you track live conditions outside from fred riksburg all the way to the mixing woal. back to the map, virginia moving towards 66, traveling headed eastbound. lanes wide open from gainesville to the beltway. still 45 minute commute. checking travel times, outer loop in maryland remains at speed from 95 to 270. same on the inner loop from pennsylvania avenue to the bridge, 9 minutes. d.c. to 95, lanes wide open towards the 11th street bridge.
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still ahead, gw parkway. they have 45 days to decide on plans for street cars. councilman tabled it wednesday. if they take no action by january 4, the plan will be automatically approved. initial proposal was for first street cars to be up and running by spring of 2012. university of maryland profers or believes a touch of a button on a smart phone could make the difference between life and death. the professor developed an application that would allow crime victims and witnesses of crimes to transmit audio, video, location to police. however, still needs about a hundred thousand dollars to launch that application. 5:19. the wizards minus their young star against the celtics. >> and capitals get revenge in a grudge match against a team that beat them recently. highlights are next in sports. before we break, time for question of the day.
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>> people that exercise regularly sleep more soundly, with one exception of one group of people. a, is it children with asthma, b, women that work out in the evening, or c, men that work out in the morning. your answer to the facebook page will be revealed in a bit. keep it here.
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] let's support the small business owners
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getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence]
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clouds increase by 9:00 today. temperatures in the upper 40s, almost 50 on the bay. midday, mostly cloudy, 56. going through the afternoon, want to point out a few showers. we stay mostly cloudy, highs in upper 50s to mid-50s for the drive home. capitals go for revenge against one of the few teams they lost to in the past month. >> wizards visit one of the best teams in western conference. >> good morning. paul pierce, ray allen, kevin garn ethics rules, rond oh, shakeel o'neil, that's the celtics starting five. even if the wizards do it, odds
5:24 am
are slim. within three in second quarter, not for long. paul pierce miss, he is like a freight train. wizards fall by 31. 0 and 5 now on the road. caps and sabres. when playing at home, sometimes get the members bounce like dave stek he will did. buffalo 3-2 in the third. pulled the goalie. that didn't work. they payback the sabres 4-2. finally, they like to give the handshake after a free
5:25 am
throw. he doesn't want part of kevin, he doesn't get any. quick look at sports. brett haber, have a great thursday. guilty plea expected later in murder of popular middle school principal. a live report on metro's decision to reopen the station where a chunk of concrete fell from the ceiling. 5:25. here is angie with the latest traffic. >> keeping an eye on rails and roads. glance on southboundgw parkway, everything clear from beltway to key bridge. a check on the drive to the district at 5:30. stay with 9 news now. ♪
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go to at 800-974-6006 tty/v. good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. >> glad you're here. mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. good morning, angie goff.
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traffic in a moment. >> hello, hello. >> first, howard's forecast. >> and warm weather gear is what you need. >> something to keep you warm. >> i have been trying to stay away from caffeine, except a little tea. it is a battle, but it is testing me this morning. put it that way. >> it is that full moon that's really affecting you. >> weather wise, it is something. weather wise, get you going with a look at the day planner. it is cold out there. you want to wear something to keep warm. we have 30s and 40s. upper 40s at 9:00. partly sunny skies, becoming mostly cloudy for most of the day. mid to upper 50s for highs, west, northwest winds at 5:00 to 10 miles per hour. west virginia, here come clouds into virginia as well. they will overspread the region the next few hours. early sunshine, then temperatures down to 43 in town. 32 in men as is, 34 in
5:30 am
culpepper. 36 in nool in. annapolis, warm spot at 47 degrees. upper 50s today. should be pretty good. good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great start to kickoff this thursday morning. we are giving you a clear traffic report. look at the map, can't plain. new york avenue as you zoom in, move outside, show you from times building, third street tunnel, nothing will stand in your way. back to the maps. focus on 395, and that northbound trip past the mixing bowl. looks like we have a little volume building around duke street exit, but overall, no real problems making it towards the 14th street bridge. also checking travel times. virginia, 66 eastbound, from fairfax county parkway to beltway, 11 minutes. d.c. 295 towards the beltway, looking at 7 minutes in the car. in the next report, traveling
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baltimore, washington parkway at 5:39. 5:31. following breaking news. u.s. park police officer fired his weapon during traffic stop. >> it happened in the 2500 block of southern avenue. however, we understand the suspect driver was not hit, but has been taken into custody. we will bring any additional information as soon as we get it. this morning, german government is raising that country's terror threat level. more police officers can now be seen patrolling train stations in larger cities like berlin, frank further, wearing bulletproof vefts and carrying machine guns. they announced there is strong evidence islamic militants plan a terror attack in the next two weeks. germany long viewed itself as a potential target because it has the third largest contingent of troops in afghanistan. the fda sent warning letters to four companies that make calf nateed alcoholic
5:32 am
beverages. fda says drinks can lead to a quote, state of wide awake drunk. that the government could seize the products if the companies continue to make them. one maker said they will remove caffeine from alcoholic drinks. d.c. metro decided it is indeed safe to reopen farragut north metro. they shut it down yesterday for emergency inspection after a chunk of concrete fell from the ceiling, smashing into the platform below. kristin fisher joins us live outside the station with more on how things are going so far. good morning. >> reporter: much better for the commute this morning, mike. good morning. d.c. fire officials are saying that this was no small piece of concrete that was falling from the ceiling. they say that one of the chunks of concrete that fell was the size of a human head. you can imagine that would do some serious damage to someone if it hit somebody standing
5:33 am
below. we've all been in the metro. you know how high the ceilings are. in theory, it could possibly kill someone. incredibly, no one was injured. and this station has reopened. that happened about a half hour ago. now, overnight structural engineers examined the ceiling at the station and determined it is safe for passengers. apparently falling concrete was caused by construction work taking place on connecticut avenue, just above the platform. that construction work completely unrelated to metro. d.c. fire officials say construction crews hit a ventilation valve in the station's ceiling that loosened concrete, caused a piece to fall. metro closed the station, citing abundance of caution. transit agency also apologized for the inconvenience. if you were riding on the farragut north metro station in the evening rush yesterday, you know what a nightmare it was. fortunately, station is back
5:34 am
open. keep our fingers crossed we don't see the same congestion this morning. a taskforce says metro decades old government structure is dragging down transit agency. the report notes that area leaders and industry experts believe the structure contributed to metro's deterioration, like recent problems maintaining the station escalators, and string of deadly accidents. they recommend creating 7 member governor's commission to hold the metro board more accountable in those situations. the jury begins second day of deliberations in the chandra levy case this morning. ingmar guandique faces charges in the 2001 disappearance and death of the young woman. before jurors left, they asked for a photo of the defendant. one question is whether he had scratches on his face the night after leave ee went missing. her disappearance became a national story when she was
5:35 am
romantically linked to california congressman gary con dit. another suspect in the murder of middle school principal brian betts expected to plead guilty. prosecutors expect sharif tua lancaster to add mid his -- admit his part in the crime. another suspect, alante saunders, pled guilty last week. 5:35. time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is back with a big day on the new york stock exchange. >> that's right. this is a big day for not only taxpayers but general motors, reason being that we have the biggest of the big three automakers returning to trading on the stock market today. gm stock offering ends the government's role asthma joart shareholder. the government should make $14 billion unloading all those shares. ipo winds up as one of the largest in history.
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gm says share price of $33 a share yesterday. and gambling on her as. they are selling stock to the public, hoping to change name to caesar's entertainment. casino stocks are finally beginning to recover after the recession. ready, set, shop. do you have your plan ready for preand post thanksgiving shopping? can't even say black friday any more. black thursday, sears opening up, thanksgiving, from 7:00 a.m. to noon. kmart on thanksgiving, they open at 6:00 a.m., close at 9:00 p.m. also on thanksgiving, if you are too busy to shop turkey day, get a jump start midnight black friday at these locations. west field opens from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
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also. >> black thursday. >> black friday. cyber monday. whatever. >> free shipping day. the list goes on and on. >> keep spending. today, a fixture in the house of representatives should learn his punishment for violating ethics rules. students have a few weeks to leave their mark on windshields in arlington. and if you tried and failed before, we urge you to try again. >> today is the great american smoke out. maryland tobacco quit line, offering to help you kick the habit. more than 12,000 people used the quit line for help in the last year. 1-800-quit now. ♪
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meteorologist howard bernstein. >> 5:39. tell you a little chilly on the weather terrace. temperatures around 40 in town. 30s in the suburbs. looking at today, we are going to have sun early. skies will become mostly cloudy. call for variable cloudiness today. 56 at noon, 55 at 5:00 p.m., highs in upper 50s. washington, 43. angie goff has traffic. drivers are moving at speed down the baltimore, washington parkway, past 32, towards powder milan beyond. still ahead, checking maryland roads and outer loop at 5:47. back to you. thank you. now, the competition is on in arlington. high school students have one more month to submit a design for next year's county windshield decal. it must feature something related to arlington. panel of four judges will pick four finalists in january, each getting $500 savings bond.
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the community will pick the winner. for more stories on where you live, find your community where you live section, and keep up with what's happening in your neighborhood. pass the stories along as well. we could use news tips. we'd love for you to become on the team. catholic university this morning will have mass and inauguration for 15th president. john garvey assuming that post. he was at the boston college law school. he is nationally renowned expert in constitutional law. mass starts at 10:00 a.m. at the shrine, there's word it may be cancelled because of great contingent from catholic university is going to be joining the cardinal designate, donald wuerl in rome. it was scheduled for this morning. >> we will update that. even the head of tsa admits new pat down technique is not
5:42 am
so pleasant. going green becoming commonplace at the los angeles auto show. 5:42. you're watching station stays now. we will be back.
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5:45. time to toss to howard bernstein. we do weather first. >> weather first this morning. in a word, cold and clear. two words. clouds on the way. we will likely for most of us stay dry today. bus stop forecast, as you get ready to go out, get the little ones ready, jackets and sweater. can't wear the shorts today, sorry kids, too cold for that. sunup at 6:54, setting at 4:52 this afternoon. 30s and 40s. should have written clear, cold, frosty in spots.
5:46 am
day planner, 47 degrees by 9:00. partly sunny. mostly cloudy through the afternoon. high today, 58. 6:00 p.m., 53 with west winds, 5 to 10 miles per hour range. a lot better than yesterday. gusts near 40 at times. 32 now in men as is. stanton, mid-30s. heading east, upper 30s. tap hang i can, another frost there. feeling like 41, even though we are 43. light winds, south, southwest at 3 under clear skies at reagan national. nationally, the storm is gone. northwest getting rain and mountain snows. middle of the country, watching
5:47 am
this guy coming across kentucky, indiana, down through tennessee valley. this is moving east. clouds are already increasing in west virginia, western maryland, and pennsylvania. over the next couple hours, they thicken up. any sun we see today will be early, bright sun that is. then fighting clouds during the day. mixture of clouds and sunshine. by noon, showers in ohio, west virginia, southwestern virginia. midafternoon, a couple of showers towards the shenandoah valley. by later in the evening, clearing out with mountain snow showers tonight. keep that in mind as colder air moves in. next three days, cool but decent for november. upper 50s today. low 50s tonight or tomorrow, so the football games will be chilly. saturday nice. mild, around 60. cool down to low 50s sunday, but back up to low 60s on monday. and looking good tuesday. wet on wednesday.
5:48 am
5:47. angie goff, what do you have? >> not much going on. we are turning on the green light. hello, everybody. take a look at our maps. we will take a closer look at the real time graphics for outer loop between 95 and georgia avenue. looks like we are starting to build outside a little volume around university boulevard, inner loop has all the lanes wide open, checking out okay. moving back to real time graphics, taking it towards interstate 270, tracking southbound trip. no incidents or disejts to report. taking it outside, watching some of that volume build around germantown, towards interstate 370. we are tracking travel times. beginning in virginia on the inner loop, 395 to 267, 13 minutes and growing. toll road not doing bad. outer loop from van dorn to wilson bridge, about 7 minutes drive time. coming up, more on the virginia roads, including how the beltway is doing at 6:00. now back to and dre' a and
5:49 am
mike. thank you. making news at 5:48. investigation under way into what caused a massive house fire in oklahoma city. firefighters had difficulty getting water to the scene because the home is in a remote area. eventually, the roof collapsed. a disabled man was trapped in the home. the suspected arms dealer nick named mer chant of death pled not guilty yesterday. he says he is just a businessman. they say the former soviet military officer deals weapons to terrorists that they say are trying to skill americans. today, house ethics committee scheduled to decide punishment for congressman charlie rangal. tuesday, the panel found the long time new york democrat guilty of breaking house ethics rules in financial and fund- raising activities. he could face house vote about his privileges. head of tsa add nits new
5:50 am
search techniques are not comfortable. >> but he is not in favor of changing them. he testified before congress wednesday when lawmakers raised concerns about privacy. he says detailed scans or pat downs are needed to screen for hidden explosives. >> i recognize the invasiveness of it. i also recognize the threats are real, stakes are high, and we must prevail. >> he says passengers that refuse to undergo body imaging or pat down won't be allowed to fly. some are trying to organize mass boycott of scanners on the day before thanksgiving. 50 new vehicles debuted at the los angeles auto show this week. >> looks like electric and green technology aren't such a novel tee. >> reporter: gm executive arrived at the l.a. auto show in chevy's new electric volt, driving the entire way from detroit headquarters. >> the car is electric.
5:51 am
and what we have is on board generator that uses gasoline engine to generate electricity that runs the electric motors. >> reporter: it goes into production this month. california, new york, texas buyers can buy it in december. it will cost about $33,000 with federal tax credit. >> reporter: the future looks green. more than 50 alternative fuel vehicles are on display. of them, more than a dozen are electric. >> you're saving money and the environment. >> reporter: but muscle cars are still cool, too, and luxury hasn't left town. >> i want to check out the luxury makes, things i can't own now. >> reporter: fee at that purchased chrysler is back in the american market first time in 27 years. >> i think it is a girl car. >> reporter: everywhere, slick, sleek, exotic.
5:52 am
and at gm, upbeat. >> we turned a corner. this car really represents, symbolic of us turning a corner in terms of technology and the auto industry, not just general motors, but domestic industry. and people are proud of it. people that exercise regularly sleep more soundly, with one exception of one group of people. >> the choices to the question of the day, children with asthma, b, women that work out in the evening, or c, men that work out in the morning. >> i know this for a fact, the answer is b. according to study from university of arizona, women tend to have more sleep problems when they work out in the evening. >> for us, if it is midafternoon because we go to bed so early. >> i guess the endorphins are so up and high that you're ready to go again. a courtful of celebrities
5:53 am
raises crash money. i can't believe this, paying $50,000 for a public college? that's right, public college for 50 grand. well, it happened. i'll give you tips how to pay for it. you're watching 9 news now.
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weather first with meteorologist howard bernstein. >> 30s and 40s by 9:00 of. clouds moving in. by noon, mid-50s. even in the afternoon, sprinkle towards stanton. 58 for a high. driving home, 55. 5:56. in one california neighborhood, everyone is looking up. >> because they are keeping tabs on a raccoon. it climbed an abandoned telephone pole and is not coming down because of barking dogs nearby. it hasn't had anything to eat or drink. neighbors say they called all sorts of agencies but to no avail. a guy with climbing equipment heard the story and tried to reach the raccoon. >> we need a bucket truck out here. >> at last check, the raccoon still there. fire department tells residents
5:57 am
not to try to rescue it. just let it come down on its own. >> he is scared. oh, my gosh. sir elton john versus billy jean king in a tennis star show down. tennis elite turned out at american university for the celebrity tournament. stars raised more than a half million dollars for elton john's aids foundation and washington aids partnership. the team captained by billy jean king defeated elton john to tie the series at 9-9. in honor of thanksgiving's most famous bird, they have a collection of best tv moments where they make the cameo. who could forget the simpsons fight over where to place the bird. or when mawn kate middleton was over her head with this friends
5:58 am
episode. tonight's entertainment report. with mary heart. >> all of this can be yours by using my wish method. >> having her on the show is a real joy. >> except on the show, bleep my dad says airing on cbs, they
5:59 am
don't exactly mesh. >> you and all these people gathered here are crazy losers. >> he plays a self help guru. >> one man's scam is another man's dream. >> amazingly, the two wind up in bed together. >> that was not a discouragement, implies act of will. >> she is a charming, beautiful woman. >> entertainment tonight, 7:30. bleep my dad says, 8:30. >> i encourage you to read the twitter feed the show is based off of. go online, it is actually very hilarious. >> one of the funniest turkey things, less necessary man on wkrp. >> you called it. that's on the metro mix website as well. >> very funny. thank you for wang


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