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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 13, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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so the mountain district of allegheny county and the elk garden district of mineral county, west virginia. in virginia king george and page county are on a two-hour delay. >> and that sort of gives us an idea of where the track of the storm is going, right, tom. >> they have a lot of heavy snow and it will continue to the west in the mountain zones but for us enough to cause some problems and if you have got some time to spare get out there early. we will have some problems. i want to show you a picture outside if we can of our terrace. because some light snow has been falling. it seems like yesterday the tomatoes were red and the flowers were blooming. light snow moved in. you can see it. as we take a look at the live doppler 9000 hd, you are going to see it even closer. this is an even in which all the rain moved off shore but the cold air caught up to the rain and changed this parcel of moisture over to light snow. some accumulation is possible. i wouldn't doubt in some areas that you have a good quarter of an inch on grassy areas and
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roads, too, west of dc. temperatures are freezing or below. east of dc warmer but they are dropping fast. all of the snow which is light in intensity is sliding to the northeast. so right up along 95, it will continue its way to baltimore, probably hold together as it makes its way through the eastern shore. the back edge has made its way through the southern portions of faulkier county. it has left loudoun county and that's good news. hanging to the south in fredericksburg and spotsylvania, as well. in to st. mary's, la plata get ready for a burst of snow that will coat the ground. as far as the larger scales we lack at the radar and put it in to motion for you and you can see the movement of this. a little parcel of moisture as we talked about the last couple of days. the rain will change over to a brief period of snow. a winter weather advisory until 9:00 this morning as the snow makes an appearance and then exits. but in the wake of that we will have some travel problems. today's high temperature, already at 37. that's most likely the high for
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today. cold and wind. that's the bigger story. and i will have the forecast for you in a few minutes. now the latest with monica. we are hearing spotsylvania county schools there is a two- hour delay. we want to update you on that and we have slippery snowy icy conditions around town. one stent is on the eastbound side. we will take you to the inner loop of the beltway. first of all, the accident at suitland road. this is as you head to andrews air force base. it is taking up the entire right side of the roadway. three cars are involved in the accident. if you are heading to andrews air force base get off early on to route 4 and make your way around the accident that way. take you to the north side in college park on the inner loop of the beltway where the accident blocks that ramp to southbound route 1. if you are heading in to college park on the inner loop, get off at new hampshire avenue and that's on the north side of town. southbound i-95, looks okay but in laurel an accident right now on sandy spring road as you
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approach 95 on the eastbound side of sandy spring road. take you over to virginia now with the snowfall this morning we had heavy road conditions on 66. it is slowing down from route 234 to 29 and again from route 50 to 123. we will take you inside the beltway on to 395. it is normal right now, duke street to seminary road but i advise you keep your speed limits down. we will have more in the next report and that will be at 6:12. back to you. right now, let's get to some of the stories happening today. the senate will hold a test vote on president obama's tax cut deal with the gop. gattic leaders expect it will eventually pass. a final vote will happy december 31st. the baltimore man accused of plotting to bomb a military recruiting center heads back to court today. there will be a detention hearing this actual in baltimore for antonio martinez. he is held without bail. the new bridge carrying ninth
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street over new york avenue in washington opens today. crews will begin to demolish the old bridge. expect plenty of delays if you are traveling out of town, especially if you are going to or through the midwest. >> that's because of a massive snowstorm moving through that part of the nation. here's a look at national airport. the early flights to minneapolis, chicago, cleveland, they are all cancelled. so far things look goes good out of dull help and bwi. the best advice is to check with your airlines before leaving home and you can do that at under traffic. here's a look at what is cawing the delays. this is the scene yesterday in chicago. a few inches of snow there but it is coming with single digit temperatures and fierce winds. >> this is what the storm left behind in the twin cities. up to two feet of snow fell in minneapolis and that's a lot even for them. the state is urging people to stay put until all the mayor
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roads are clear. >> snow fell as far south as kentucky. they are expecting six inches in the valley and hills in lexington. and in the higher elevations a foot of snow could fall. this is a video from the storm everyone is talking about. >> cameras catch captured the roof of the metrodome collapsing. >> look at this. snow piled on a roof forces it to sag. there it goes. eventually a tear develops and the snow just falls through and no one was inside, luckily so no one was hurt. crews tried to remove the snow an ice from the roof on saturday night until it was deemed too dangerous to continue. >> our belief was we would be able to maintain things overnight and come back this morning and take another chance at removing the snow. >> reporter: there was a similar roof collapse because of snow in 1983. the giants and vikings game
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scheduled for sunday has been moved to detroit. they will play at forbes field tonight. christmas is just 12 days away. can you believe that? >> that's a scary thought. all of those on-line shopping orders are making their way to your home and their destination as gifts. it is a busy time for delivery men and women. >> kristin fisher is live in northeast washington where it is the busiest day of the year there. >> you got it. and things are really getting moving hoar. we are in the middle of what is called the morning sort. and joining me is dan barns the morning manager. i feel like on the median of a freeway as cars are whizzing by me. the walkway is shaking. packages are flying by. what's happening right now. >> we have just begun the morning sort. we are sorting through the packages for our delivery ultimately to our customers.
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the belts will move 8,200 packages an hour through this facility. >> wow! >> our goal is to do this in an hour and a half so the delivery couriers can get out and do their job. >> reporter: today, these -- i guess facility will process and sort through more packages than any other day, or really any ortime in in the company's history? >> yeah, the corporation today will sort 16 million packages, which is about a 13% increase over last year. 16million packages will go through the fedex system today. >> reporter: i know a lot of people wake up this morning and see the snow, by might be a little cause for concern as they are planning to head out and ship these packages. but fedex has a solid plan in place for dealing with weather, right? >> absolutely. we have a ground operations control center that employs 18 meteorologists that look at not only the weather in the united states but in the 220 countries that we operate in, as well.
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so, we want to keep the airline moving on time and we will put plans in place if we have to divert. >> dan will be with us at 6:30 and i know you had some questions about security and what you can and can't ship in the wake of these several terror threats. so we will talk to him about that at 6:30. back to you. >> thank you so much. look forward to that. if you are going with the postal service, here's the deadlines you need to know. to get christmas cards on time first class mail has to be sent by monday, december 20th. priority mail must be sent by december 21st and express mail will get you the gifts under the tree if you send it off by december 22nd. can't put it off any longer. we have to talk about sunday's game. the game at fedex field had an announced crowd of 66,000. sounds like a lot of people but -- >> it's the smallest crowd in nine years and there are a lot more fans that probably wish
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they would skip the game all together. >> it was a gray, cold, rainy day in landover for the redskin and buccaneers. the fourth quarter, josh tremendousman finds winslow for the touchdown. moss scored a touchdown with nine seconds left. dc going for the extra point and the tie. it goes through smith's hands no extra point and no win. redskins lose 18-16. dave owens has more on the loss. >> reporter: it was an excruciating way to lose and the man responsible for catching the snap took the heat. >> the ball is catchable, the kick is makeable. put this one on me. >> reporter: there was plenty of blame to go around. gang know shanked two field goal and admitted he in the shock after the second. >> i have never missed a 20- yarder in my life. >> i don't know. a tough day. >> reporter: how did it come
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down to kickers? he had 158-yards rushing by halftime. no back in the nfl has done that since barber in 2005. >> a big hole an we were stretching them and cutting back. >> reporter: in the second half, the bucs brought eight and nine men to the line of scrimmage and took terrain away. >> they made adjustments to stop our running game which led to us passing the ball. >> reporter: it worked. after amay massing 272-yards in the first half, washington got 128 after the break and lost cut to the core especially for moss. >> week in and week out, when you are just losing and you know that you had a chance to win -- i'm not talk about the last play, throughout the game, throughout the weeks and year and when you are losing and no say so as to why, that's why it hurts. >> reporter: dave owens, nine
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sports now. doesn't get easier for the skins. they visit dallas last week. the cowboys lost to the eagles 30-27. washington has a one-game lead over dallas in the division. it is 6:10. here's a look ahead in the hour of 9 news now. bringing together parents, students and the community. that's the focus of our hero central report. a key decision today in virginia's fight against president obama's health care plan. a preview at 6:32. up next, though, tom sater has a check on the monday forecast. the weather first is 90 seconds ñúñú
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welcome back. airport weather adviser i have is in affect. rainfall changed to light snow on the back edge of the system that moved through yesterday. cold air is in place. it's just above freezing through the east of dc. but in the metro area and westward it is below freezing. again, light snow accumulating on grassy areas and roadways, too. with that said let's check on the time saver traffic with monica. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about a problem on the east side of town. inner loop at suitland road where the accident is on the right side of the road. single lanes are blocked but delays, as you can you can see, approaching route 4,
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pennsylvania avenue. coming up in my next report we will look at what is going on with the accidents around town. this morning leaders in sweden are telling people to remain calm in the wake of two bombings this weekend. >> it's one of the stories making news now. the only person killed was the suicide bomber. but two passersby were hurt. the blast hit the popular shopping area. no word on the motive behind the attack. sarah palin is calling for more u.s. aid to haiti. she's there as part of a humanitarian visit. she is calling for more money to stop an ongoing cholera epidemic. they are staying alert from mudslides in the seattle, washington area. three inches of rain fell in 24 hours there. causing major flooding this weekend. showers are predicted through wednesday. some say that schools are failing children and leading to problems these days and others say the parents are responsible. one group says both are needed
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along with help from the community. >> reporter: in the hero central report we see a group putting students on the right track. this grade school kid is actually running a branch of the arlington community federal credit union out of his karlan springs elementary school. it is a long way from old school book learning and it only happens with a lot of hem help from outside of the classroom. >> we realize that we needed a mechanism to fund projects because the ideas were coming fast and furious but then you have to have funding to support this. >> reporter: that, says board president diane smith, is why the arlington partnership for children, youth and families was formed. job one get the parents more involved through what they call community schools. >> making it possibility for parents to come in the evenings by providing baby-sitting and dinner and so that the parents can work with staff to know how
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to help their kids. >> if we bring back the concept of it takes a village to raise a child. >> reporter: the school principal says the partnership has been a god send. >> with the community school concept the school becomes the center and then the community members can come to the school, parents can come to the school and we are already here. >> which is why we were only too glad to be able to tell smith that the gannett foundation is offering support to the partnership with a grand of $2,500. >> that is wonderful. thank you so much. that's going to make -- that's our cybercafe and that's going to make a big difference. >> reporter: 9 news now. here's tom sater with the latest on the weather. problems. >> yeah. a little dusting in some cases. maybe on grassy area and roadways but it could pile up to a quarter of an inch in a few spots. national weather service giving a little leeway says as much as a half an inch to an inch in
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spots. most of us just a dusting and many locations not even seeing that. but flurries in the forecast for today, tonight and tomorrow. look at what we have. dropped five degrees in the last hour. we have temperatures a the freezing mark. feels like 21. cold front shore. -- off shore. it is time to talk about the cold and wind. just like last week but colder. just as windy, too t unfortunately with gusts 30 to 35 miles an hour. light snow. a winter weather advisory in affect until 9:00. still some light snow, flurries. may encounter a burst from time to time. temperatures will fall as the winds pick up. partly sunny skies later today. don't be surprised if you see a flurry or from time to time if a parcel of moisture moves in and gives us a burst of a brief snow shower. no major storm system but enough that we have an advisory posted by the national weather service until 9:00 this morning for treacherous driving
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conditions as accumulations on some roadways and of course can be expected. remember last friday we had a little patch to the north of us that caused problems there. these are wind gusts, already picking up. this is just the beginning now. the front is off shore. winds are northwesterly at 32 degrees. 30 gaithersburg, 30 andrews. factor in the winds and feels like 18 already. 16 manassas. we have a couple of days of this. the forecast is winds are picking up today. partly sunny and the big story, the advisory this morning for the roadways. overnight lows in the mid teens in locations near 20 at reagan national. if you are flying today. we aren't the only ones looking at problems. rain in manhattan will give way to new england. the lake effect snow machine is in full force. if you have to fly to chicago call ahead. 1,000 flights were cancelled yesterday. here's the real mccoy. a plunge of cold arctic air that will surge south ward. we will hear about the stories
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in florida with the crops down there in the days ahead. we will have gusts 30 to 35 and the ridges out west, we put the future cast in to motion here, not just looking a wind gusts at 50 at times be but accumulations of snow today, tonight, in to tomorrow. winter storm warnings are in affect for our neighbors to the west. here's the next three days. bigger story the winds and the cold. 30. that will do it. the average high of 48. we have to go back to december 1st, above average when we hit 65 degrees. that's wishful thinking. look at this. 30s. maybe up to 40 by next sunday. a winter weather advisory until 9:00. see how it is affecting the roadways with the time saver traffic. we are watching the snow on the west side of town. for some reason the bulk of the accidents are on the east side of town in maryland. take you there live. first of all on the inner loop of the beltway. this is what you will have to
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deal with for two miles from ritchie-marlboro road to route 4 as you head to the accident. cleanup continues along the right side of the road. good news on the inner loop of the beltway, ramp to route 1, college park the accident is gone. here's one in laurel. the eastbound side of sandy spring road. just before 95 that is along the right side of the roadway. take you to virginia and in to fairfax. getting word of an accident on 7100. it is in the right lane at route 29. inbound 66, you have got slow traffic as you head through manassas and centreville and here's what it looks like there. if you are planning to head to 270. take you there on the southbound side. this is what it looks like from germantown, father hurley boulevard. that will take you to montross road before that picks up. and coming up in my next report we will keep you posted on the accidents around town. it's time for the morning lights every day at this time we are showing off your holiday
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displays. >> this morning's picture is from cynthia brown. check out her porch, all decked out in the icicle and flow flake lights. she lives in dumfries, virginia. >> e-mail your pictures to be sure to include your name and where you live. we are also featuring them on sports is next. we will check in with the terps as they begin to play in the acc. and why bruce boudreau was not happy with his players last night.
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look at live doppler 9000 hd. this is it and it is covering and coating the grounds in some areas. no major accumulation expected. of course we don't need much. we have problems out there on the roadways and that's what we are seeing. this is moving to the northeast quickly. cold and wind are the bigger stories in the weather forecast. i will share that with you. a winter weather advisory until 9:00 a.m. this morning. in sports, here's the good news. the capitals are still in first place. the bad news, they are in the longest losing streak in three years. >> the caps have dropped six in a low and it was in knob. the rangers scored three goals in 3 1/2 minutes the capitals never scored once. they get shut out 7 of 0. washington hosts anaheim on wednesday. with 2:44 left in the game between maryland and boston college, the terps had a three- point lead but never scored the rest of the game.
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bc scored seven unanswered points taking the lead on the three pointer. terps lose their acc opener 79- 75. virginia tech looks to turn things an as it hosted ben state yesterday. green was one of four hokeys to score in double-digits they top the high ons. virginia tech improves 5-4. the georgetown hoyas bounce back from their first loss of the season. clark had 15 points against appalachians state yesterday. georgetown wins 89- coming up more reaction to the redskins embarrassing loss. hear from coach shanahan. plus, the first test on the hill for president obama's tax deal cut with the must be stanes. a preview of that is next. monica has a quick check on the roads. >> three mile backup on the southbound side of the beltway. inner loop from ritchie- marlboro to suitland road.
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accident cleanup continues. be aware of that for the morning commute. we will have more on the virginia roads in my next report at 6:32. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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every day this is the place to get your weather first. take a look. a live look at 395 at duke street. we have had some flurries this morning. so be careful if you haven't left give yourself extra time. >> the roadway looks wet out there as well. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm peggy fox. before we get to the forecast we have some school closings and delays to pass along. garrett county, maryland, schools are closed today. so is the mountain ridge district of allegheny county and the elk garden district of
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mineral county, west virginia. >> in virginia, caroline, king george, spotsylvania county are on a two-hour delay. tom sater is on the weather terrace with the forecast and i see little flakes building up on the patio furniture. >> a nice dusting out here. the consistency of the snow is interesting, like styrofoam balls like they used to have this bean bag chairs. it is covering the ground in many locations. start with titan 9000 day roar. it has been moving from the southwest to the northeast. temperatures are just above freezing but the numbers are falling quickly. from around prince georges county eastward to the eastern shore, temperatures are just above freezing but again from the chesapeake and then mainly to the west they are falling and falling quickly. and also the winds are howling. picking up. gusts over 25. even near 30 miles an hour in a few spots. this will be with us for a while. as we look at our advisory,
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national weather service posted this until 9:00 a.m. a winter weather advisory for a little accumulation. not just on grassy areas but roads, too as the numbers fall. ground temperatures is the big story, near freezing and they will continue to fall, as well. anything in the next several days that falls, flurries or a burst will stick. the day planner, oh, myless i wish it was better news. 48 is the average high. we have already hit the high of 37 this morning. the temperatures fall as the winds pick up and much like this in the next seven days. i will have the outlook for you in a few minutes. we have some problems. we have had some slick road conditions an an accident on the east side of town. we will take you there live. actually things are looking a little better. the delay begins after route 4 as you head to suitland road where the accident has been cleared up. that was a three-car accident and the lanes are now open. we will take you to the north side of town. a live look at colesville road where the delays begin from university boulevard as you
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head to georgia avenue in silver spring again with the lanes open. take you over to fairfax an accident on the southbound side of 7100 on the ramp to 2 t. crews are out there also treating the roadway in case it gets icy. 66, you have lanes open right now. but slow traffic from 234 to 29 and then from 7100 to route 123. let's take you to the northbound side of 395 in a live look here. it is slowing down basically from the mixing bowl past this point to seminary road and then you will hit the brakes at the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report we will talk about the maryland roads. in a fie hours the senate will hold a test vote on president obama's tax cut deal with republicans. >> the white house is confident that the deal will pass, despite objections from fellow democrats. the deal will extend the bush- era tax cuts for all americans for at least two years. this plane would extend jobless benefits for the long-term
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unemployed and add a one-year cut in social security taxes. some house democrats have criticized the deal but white house adviser david axelrod predicts the bill will eventually pass. >> at the end of the day, no one wants to see taxes go up on 150 million americans on january 1st. no one wants to see 2 million people lose their unemployment insurance. and everybody wants to understand what it would mean for the economy if we don't get this done. >> reporter: a final vote in both houses is expected by december 31st. that's when the tax cuts are set to expire. the maryland man accused of plotting a terror attack on a military recruiting center heads to court today. the fbi arrested antonio martinez last week. he's accused of trying to attack a recruiting office and kill military members. the whole time he was communicating with under cover officers. today's hearing will be heel in baltimore. in a few hours the u.s. district court in richmond will
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be issuing a ruling on virginia's health care lawsuit. attorney general, a republican, called president obama's plan unconstitutional. he is trying to block it. he will talk about the decision after its announced. fedex says today will be the busiest day of the holiday season. kristin fisher is live at the fedex facility in northeast washington to show how everything gets done. hi, kristin. >> good morning, peggy. i just learned that between thanksgiving and christmas day fedex delivers almost 100 packages every single second. million a mind boggling number. we are watching some of those packages here at the fedex dc hub. joining me now is the station manager, dan. you have been with us all morning. i have been learning fascinating stuff from you but one thing a lot of people are thinking about heading in to the holiday season and in the wake of they attempted terror attacks on two u.s. cargo planes is what is fedex doing
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to enhance security? what do you have to say to that? >> we will always remain vigilant and educated. the security, we have our own security system and section that takes care of those kind of things. generally we won't discuss extra measures that are being taken but we will continue to be vigilant as we have in the past. >> reporter: u.p.s. is now requiring people who want to send shipments to show a government i.d., is fedex doing the same thing? >> no, we are not. when a customer comes in, they are asked the standard questions are there dangerous goods, matches, lighter fluid or propane. those kinds of things. >> reporter: all big no nos of course. >> of course. >> one final question for you. we are dealing with tons of massive amounts of snowfall in the midwest. we seeing a few flurries in the dc area. how is that affecting you in the dc hub on the busiest
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shipping day ever for fedex? >> so far, mother nature is cooperating and we hope she says that way but by getting out as early as we can, delivering what we get every day, without keeping any packages in the building, we hope to stay ahead of mother nature. >> what i have seen so far you are doing pa great job. thank you for waking up early and being here with us. hopefully i have answered some of your security-related issues. it is something i think everyone wants to know about as we head to the busiest shipping season of the year. back to you. >> thank you so much. certainly did. there may be more packages at the fedex field facility than there were at fedex field on sunday. >> an anuanced crowd of 66,000. a lot of them looked like empty seats. >> absolutely. by the time the game came to an embarrassing end there were plenty of seats empty. it was gray and cold to the bone day for the skins and
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buccaneers. in the fourth quarter, freeman finds winslow for this touchdown. that put the bucs up 17-10. moss scored with nine second left. dc going for the extra point and the tie. it goes through smith's hands. no extra point and no win. redskins lose 18-16 -- 17-16. >> it was a tough game today. it was rough and a couple of short field goals an an an extra point. everybody is disappointed. i thought we fought and made mistakes. can't make the mistakes we have made and win the tight football game. the redskins visit the cowboys this sunday. dallas lost to philadelphia yesterday, 30-27. there will be two monday night football games tonight. the ravens and texas play one. >> and the giants and vikings play the other but they will be playing in detroit, michigan. >> that is because of this.
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the roof collapsed in minneapolis. the tarp roof tore and caved in because of two feet of snow on top. thankfully no one was hour. no timetable on when this could be fixed. our time is 6:39. up next, tom sater will tell us if we will see anymore flurries moving through today. and the latest on a fire that left 100 animals homeless. here's a look at what is on channel 9 tonight --
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weather is first. she sent this to us. two inches of snow on the ground in fredericksburg, virginia it. >> is still coming down down there. that's the extreme, fredericksburg over to culpeper, we're seeing some snow that has really been hanging an longer than most locations. it hasn't moved out. it continues to generate down there in fredericksburg and will continue for another hour or so. i will show you the radar. let's do that. titan 9 a 000. if you look at the bottom of the screen you will see a prolonged period where you see, even in dale city up to the metro area we are seeing a little bit of a generate and will continue to generate. it is just off of the bottom of
6:45 am
the screen where we are seeing back building we call it. more moisture is streaking in the area. earlier this morning the back edge made its way through faulkier and loudoun county nicely but it has not left in fredericksburg. so, an advisory that is in affect for just about all of us, not out west and not too much to the east has been extended south ward. live doppler 9000 hd we will show you the color of blue here and it is trying to mix with a rain east of the dc area to the chesapeake. in fredericksburg, notice this area here toward culpeper as i mentioned. this is where another batch of moisture is feeding in to the area. creating the additional accumulation. in most spots we are looking at a dusting. some cases you could see a half inch. but la plata, which has been snowing lately they will see accumulation, as well. we will move to the radar pictures and other stories here. the winter weather advisory until 9:00 fredericksburg south ward. you can see some counties here.
6:46 am
this added to the rest of the batch. not so much a problem for the eastern shore. although that light snow is moving in that direction, as well. here's the next big story, the winds and told, like last week. just as windy but colder air. 22-mile an hour wind gusts, frederick 18. 26-mile an hour in manassas. it takes the air temperature at 34 trees and will drop the numbers down to how it feels at 19 gaithersburg. and the winds will get stronger throughout the day. cold pool of air is drifting in the middle of the country. where there's moisture we will hear about the lake effect snow machine kicking in again and they will be measuring it in feet. we have a parcel of moisture just enough to cause the problems. the main rainfall then as well off shore to new england. where we get a disturbance thrown in behind the front. therefore we are getting the moisture kicked in to the area. with that said, mountain snows
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like last week will be accumulating, inch by inch for the next couple of days. after the event this morning we will see things get better. the next three days, high of 37. we are falling throughout the day. 30 tomorrow. 32 as we get in to a high on wednesday. and we stay unseasonably cold for the next several days. i wish the news was better. see if we have any in traffic. >> it is a good news, bad news situation. i will start off with the bad news on the inbound side of 66. we will go there now where there's an accident in the centreville area. actually at route 50. it is in the left lane as you can see here. activity along the left side of the roadway is causing delays inbound on 66. one continuous slow down from 234 all the way to here at route 50. beyond this you are okay as you head to the beltway. and also an accident southbound on route 7100. we will take you to the map. that is on the ramp to route 29. crews have been there for a while and they are heath treating the roadway just in
6:48 am
case of icy conditions this morning. let's take you to a live look at the district roads have been okay. no problems in the potomac and anacostia crossings. it is slow from the times building to bladensburg road. a look at southbound i-27 o. it is one slow down. it is a crawl from father hurley boulevard, most of the way to the point where the lanes divide. that is going to take you overall 20 minutes. back to you. it is 6:28. investigators are expected to return today to a calvert county, maryland kennel where four dogs were killed in a fire. rescuers were able to rescue more than 100 animals found inside of the home in huntingtown on sunday. the family that lives in the home breeds dogs, more than 600 animals were found on the property. >> all of the dogs are in good shape, good condition. there's pallets of food and everything so they are obviously being taken care of. >> reporter: calvert county has
6:49 am
no limitation on the number of animals you can have as long as they are properly cared for. officials say they have been to the home for minor code violations but say the owners have always made the necessary corrections. a followup to a story we brought you on friday. we talked to winston duncan, the arlington teenager behind the charity wheels to africa. it takes unwanted bike and sends them overseas. this week, winston and his team of volunteers collected 700 bikes and his mother innocent this picture. that is winston unnethes the left and his mom on the right and on in the middle secretary of education arne duncan who's not related. he stopped by the bicycle drop off state at washington lea high school. 36 degrees here in northwest washington. a check on the news before you go is up next. we are just four days away
6:50 am
from the latest edition of basketball game night report. the campus play of the day is from melanie shooting at dematha high school. bell feeds an ya for the big- time two-handed dunk. they win 7 t-608. nice throw down. for the latest highlights, scores and feature story and more play of the day clips including some from your school, log on to [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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6:54 am
prince georges county, calvert, anne arundel, parts of baltimore and as well as howard. this is all moving to the northeast. a winter weather advisory is in affect and will remain in affect until 9:00 a.m. use caution. more in a minute. this monday morning, here's a check on the news before you go. this is a live look at route 1 and cherry hill road in college park, maryland. some of the roads across our region are slick this morning, especially bridges and overpasses. area road crews did lay down some treatment overnight on the usual trouble spots. sources close to gray say that he will keep kathy lanier as the police chief. an expected announcement will come this week. gray will take office next month. the snowstorm in the midwest is affecting flights of national airport today. the early flights to minneapolis, chicago and indianapolis have been cancelled. more cancellations and delays are expected throughout the
6:55 am
day. it is coming up on 6:55. we will have more traffic and weather when 9 news now returns. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. welcome back, everyone. winter weather advisory until 9:00 this morning. it has been extended south ward where snow accumulations continue in the areas of f burke over to culpeper and then to la plata and saint mary's county. it is slowly trying to slide to the east. it will continue to do so throughout the morning hours. if there is an accumulation it will be from the metro area south. look at the seven-day outlook.
6:59 am
cold and wind the bigger stories today. winds kicking up, gusts to 30 to 35 miles an hour today and we will be lucky to see temperatures to struggle to get to 30 tomorrow. 12-mile backup on manassas from 66 from manassas past an accident here at route 50 on the left shoulder. looks like as you head to route 2 -- 123. watch for that delay. if you are planning to head on to the beltway north of town, outer loop delays from 95 to georgia avenue and that will take you about 15 minutes. weather, weather, weather, the "early show" is next and they will have more on the storms in the midwest and we will hear from the father of elizabeth smart. next news is at noon. until then get weather, traffic and news at >> see you tomorrow morning at 4 5. have a great day.


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