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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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pancake or something. never mind. thank you for watching 9 news. i'm andrea roane with the pancake watching peggy fox. >> mona lisa in the french toast, those kind of things. monica will have the traffic in a moment and howard will have the weather. >> save us. >> you are on your own, peggy. >> weather wise we have some snow flying out there. more so in the maryland side of the potomac. winter weather advisories are up for montgomery, howard, frederick, and anne arundel counties until 9:00 this morning. look at doppler in a moment. we expect the snow showers through 9:00. snow showers have been flying up and down 270. they have been persistent. on live doppler 9000 hd this is where we see the area.
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frederick county, especially along and west of 270 and then in to northern montgomery, you can see it in to howard, prince georges, anne arundel. some of these areas the ground is covered and is white and we will watch for slippery roads in montgomery county, 108 laytonsville to clarksville and germantown a real problem this morning. monica, over to you. as you have been saying, you could encounter slippery road conditions in maryland this morning. and now an accident in silver spring on georgia avenue at jessup blare drive. you have to follow police direction to get around that one. tow trucks are on the way. that's just north of the district line. we'll take you to the beltway. overall the beltway is fine. north side of town on 270 southbound, we are seeing some slow traffic from 80 to 121. slower than normal at this time of the morning. i think a lot of people are getting an early start. take you to the travel times on
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virginia. coming up in my next report we will look at the dulles toll road. we continue our winter weather coverage with some school closings and delays. so far all of these are in west virginia -- let's check out the driving conditions with kristin fisher. >> we have are seeing a few accidents stack up. we haven't gotten a ton of snow but we are seeing the wind pick up which is creating impressive drifts. look behind me. 495, you can see the bulk of the roadway is clear, those middle sections but the snow is stacking up on the side.
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i want you to look at this video we shot this morning, just about an hour and a half ago. two accidents that we spotted. the first on the outer loop at connecticut. car spun out and it hit the guardrail. the good news is the driver appeared to be okay. unfortunately the same cannot be said for his car. a second accident that we saw further down there'd road on the beltway happened at the inner loop at colesville. a truck driver saw a van that had spun out. he slowed down, put on his hazards an thin got slammed from behind. the driver of the car that hit him was take on the the hospital. she unfortunately was complaining of chest pain. as for the driver of the truck, the man that was hit, he's been a truck driver for 30 years. here's how he describes the driving conditions this morning in the dc area. take a listen. >> they are not real bad as long as people drive considering you have got snow on the ground and it's freezing
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cold. so any snow buildup will be icy. but i mean it is not unpassable. i have driven in a whole lot worse. >> reporter: it's not too bad aside from the freezing conditions and the snow. and really i have to say what is really rough is the wind. you are getting a face full of snow at certain times. although it has died down. not quite as terrible. the other thing to watch for is of course, as we have been talking about these side roads that aren't getting as much attention. you can see, i don't want to get too close to traffic out here. i don't want to get hit but take a look and you can see you have solid layer of a quarter inch to an inch of snow down here. this does get slick and it is freezing and with the high winds the top layer is pretty slick certainly plan for extra time if you are heading in to work this morning. an you are going to want to bundle up if you are getting
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the kids ready for school. dress them extra warm because it is biting out here. it really feels like winner now. >> don't forget the hat and gloves. we learned that schools in garrett county, maryland are closed. it is rain and not snow that is causing problems out west. while you slept, a gaping sinkhole opened in astoria, oregon on the site where a grocery store used to sit. they believe the huge amount of rain weighted down the support beams to the build causing them to collapse. good financial news out of south korea this morning, the main stock market there closed at the highest level in three years today thanks to technology firm gains. it is after weeks of unrest after last week's article tillry exchange artillery exchange with north korea. richard holbrooke died last
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night. he served as from president obama's envoy to afghanistan and pakistan. he was rushed to the hospital on friday after collapsing during a meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. he had emergency surgery, heart surgery for a torn aorta. his bosses called him a giant of american foreign policy. >> he's taken on the hardest assignments from vietnam to the balkans to afghanistan and pakistan. >> reporter: holbrooke's biggest diplomatic triumph came in ' 95 when he helped to negotiate an end to the war in bosnia. he was 69 years old. a grandmother and grandchild are recoving after being hit by a car at a busy intersection. the grandmother was pushing the child in a stroller across viers mill road which has six lanes across it. skid marks show the driver tried to stop. the battered stroller shows he couldn't.
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the victims were not seriously hurt but another pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries in another crash on viers mill road. police say an airport shuttle van driver has told him the wanted to be famous and that's why he crashed in to at least six vehicles on i-66 yesterday while hitting speeds up to 90 miles an hour. a mother and daughter were hospitalized with minor injury and no one else was seriously hurt. if you own a toyota sienna minivan you may have to take it back to the dealer. they are being recalled because of a problem with the bracket on the brake lamp that could cause the brake lights to stay on. no reports of anyone being injured. toyota recalled 10 million vehicles over the last year. and this time yesterday we showed you the start of fedex busiest day ever. they moved 16 million packages, twice the daily average. if you haven't shipped your gifts yet, it's not quite time
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to panic. the last day for guaranteed fedex service is friday with pricier options available until december 23rd. a leading man and an action hero. hugh jackman performed a stunt for oprah. that story is coming up. and he's been starting games since the first george bush was president but bret favre's streak ended last night.
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heavy snow showers in southern frederick and montgomery, urbana, clarksville, olney and
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clarksville and howard county and even to college park. today we have snow showers this morning. maybe a flurry midday. a cold day with highs around 30. here's monica with the latest time saver traffic. we are flying inbound on the dulles toll road from hunter mill to route 7 to the beltway in virginia this morning. the roads are clear. we will have a look at snow- covered roads in maryland in my next report. making news now, the mother of a maryland terror suspect says her son is a victim of fbi entrapment. >> reporter: martinez appeared in u.s. district court in baltimore on monday. he's accused of trying to trigger dummy car bomb supplied by undercover agents. prosecutors say, martinez, who calls himself mohammad hussein was bent on jihad and targets a military recruiting center. actor hugh jackman was injured this morning while filming a stunt for oprah winfrey's show. the is filming in australia this week. medical staff treated him after
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he slammed in to some rings while trying to fly on the stage in a marrin' and appears to have suffered a minor injury to his eye. work crews are trying to clean up the metrodome after the roof collapsed under the weight of more than a foot of snow. inspectors are checking out the facility and hope to determine later today when the vikings game next monday can be held there, whether or not it can. we will have highlights from the game that was supposed to be held on sunday coming up in sports. how much longer will we deal with the bitter cold? the forecast is coming up. right now 5:11. v@
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we start weather first with a look at the closings and delays. person person is here and where the school closings and delays are gives us an idea how the storm is moving. >> heavy out west. upslope slopes and wind chills 10 to 20 below. we could argue for a few delays
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in maryland north of the metro, north of dc. we are watching the snow there. we start with a look at the winter weather advisory that covers the immediate metro. in maryland, virginia you are hardly seeing any snow a little northern loudoun could youty, frederick, carroll, howard, montgomery, portion and anne arundel and in prince georges and anne arundel we are talking more so than northern half of the counties. route 50 would see snow covering the ground opposed to south. we have some problems. go to live doppler 9000 hd and show you where the snow is flying. a persistent snow band. virginia hardly anything. cross the potomac and here we go. frederick in to montgomery county, this extends college park in to northern prince georges and anne arundel. this is south of frederick through buckiestown, urbana clarksburg. north of damascus not as bad
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from damascus south. laytonsville to olney to howard county, fulton linda telling me the ground was covered there, as well. the band extending through laurel and bowie and lighter as you head to annapolis and david soulville. davidson veil. ville. let's get back to the computer and talk about the bus stop forecast. cold and windy in virginia. page county, virginia you are going in two hours late. windy and snow showers this morning especially in maryland. temperatures are 17 to 25. as far as the day planner, we will see some snow showers through 9:00, 27 in washington. 29 at noon. maybe a lingering flurry or snow shower but more sun this afternoon and by five only 29. look at the winds, northwest to west over 20 miles an hour
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sustained with gusts over 40. right now we have gusts to 30 in winchester and manassas, 30 in baltimore. 37 cambridge and 81 at the pax river -- 31 in pax river. temperature-wise, upper teens in the shenandoah valley to frederick to 23 in washington and also in easton at 23. there's the wind chills this morning just to make it feel better for you. 6 manassas, and 9 in washington we have to worry about the wind and snow showers this morning. wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. currently 23 with sustained winds at 18 and the dew.a bone dry five degrees. the next weather maker will be sliding to the south on thursday. look at the next few days, snow showers and windy around 30. 32 tomorrow. breezy and 36 on thursday. maybe a few flurries or snow showers south of washington. after that, well, friday and saturday, potentially over 40. saturday night could be a
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coastal storm on saturday in to sunday morning. a little cooler behind that. this could slide out to sea. that one has potential. we will be watching it. 5:17. here's monica with the time- saver traffic. >> crews with out overnight treating the roadways, especially in more. we have problems and icy spots. start with an accident on silver spring at georgia avenue. it is north of the district line at jessup blair drive. the road is closed there. i suggest you use blair and king to get around the situation. they are waiting on tow trucks to arrive. the outer loop looks clear from 95 heading over to 270. and the conditions look good here. we will take you to 270, though, very slow and heavy, as you can see. i will step out from route 80 past 109. just saw police vehicles roll by the camera shot to report an accident. we will keep you posted on that. but again slow and heavy out of urbana on southbound 270. take you to 355 and shady grove
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road. things are looking good in rockville. skip that and go to 66, well, we will look at shady grove road. some snow cover but the roads have been treated and mdot is on stand by around town if they find any icy spots they will be out there. we will look at the area roadways at 5:25 once again. our time is 5:19. bad news for nationals fans. baseball's biggest free agent pitcher is returning to one of his old teams. plus, we'll tell you what happened in a game that bret favre could not play in. that's coming up in sports. time for the question of the day. 11 days until christmas and the question is about our favorite cia mass movies. >> according to a recent survey, the majority of your american neighbors selected in the number one christmas movie of all time.
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it is coming down at a good clip. there's some slippery roads and temperatures will only get close to 30 degrees. peggy, andrea? >> thank you. one day was not enough to keep bret favre's amazing streak alive. >> plus, a top maryland assistant is being courted for a head coaching job elsewhere. brett haber has the details in in the morning sports. good morning, everybody. in minnesota they were saying even god is a bret favre fan and that's why the collapsed the roof on the metrodome so bret favre could have an extra day to heal the shoulder. unfortunately a day was not enough and thus ends his streak
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of 297 consecutive starts the longest ever. london fletcher now has the longest streak at 205. the game last night, jackson starting in place of favre. how's this for a beginning. he trips peterson and they both get hurt but both return. not that it would matter. manning threw the double coverage to kevin boss. they went over hundred yards rushing like against the skins. giants take the vikings, 21- franklin is the front runner for the head coaching job at vanderbilt. this after the auburn assistant turned it down yid. franklin is in line to replace raffle freedommen when he leaves. it just seems he ain't leaving for a while. have a great tuesday,
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everybody. the sweepstakes for the free agent search is over. lee agreed to a deal last night. turning down $50 million offed by the yankees. he pitched for the rangers in the world series after philly traded him. >> a lot of money. we are all closer to keeping our tax cuts next year. more on the bill coming up. and a federal judge sides with virginia in its legal challenge to president obama's health care reform law. and the mona lisa is at the center of another mystery. well, if you are traveling on the southbound side of i- 270, a tricky ride. 27 minutes from route 109 where there's an accident in the roadway. we will keep you posted on this and other road conditions.
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let's start with the school closings and delays. welcome back to 9 news now. monica will have the traffic in just a moment but first start with person ben and let us know about the snow. >> the frederick county, maryland is a new one. this goes in to montgomery county, no delay yet, as of yet but stay tuned i would not be surprised for montgomery and howard even the way the snow has been falling in those counties this morning if we hear from them. we have not heard from them but let's stay tuned. get you going with a look on the weather computer at the day planner. we have snow showers with a
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winter weather advisory for the maryland side of the metro. 27 at 9:00. noon maybe lingering snow flurries. and our high of 30 an brisk. i mean really strong northwest wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. look at the persistent band of snow. i want to show you this on live doppler 9000 hd and we will zoom in. when you see the blues start to show up, not just the whites. that means we have moderate snows. this is going on in maryland, not so much virginia but north through urbana and clarksburg, through laytonsville there are snow covered road and slippery conditions. we will have more coming up. right now monica has more on the slick roads. we are seeing the affects of that, especially on the maryland side of the roads on 270. we will take you there live where there's been an accident at route 109. that is causing delays from 80
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in urbana all the way past 109, a four-mile backup and a half hour ride. i do suggest that you take route 355 to head southbound on 70 because of this accident. we will keep you posted on that one. take you over to silver spring. an accident closes georgia avenue at jessup blair drive. i suggest you take blair an king to get around the accident. it has been there a while now. take you to the district roads. fox hall and canal roads. the roads have been treated coming in from maryland. you should be okay. no problems in the district at this point. take you to 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. not a bad ride. all lanes are open this morning. we will keep you posted on that accident off of 270 in my next report. this this morning there are concerns about pedestrian safety on one busy stretch of road. >> in rockville there were two accidents within a two-mile
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stretch of viers mill road. a grandmother was struck while pushing her child in a stroller. neither had serious injuries but the victim in the sec crash is hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. >> reporter: the diplomatic community is mourning the loss of ambassador richard holbrooke. holbrooke died last night, three days after collapsing during a meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. doctors a george washington university hospital performed many emergency surgery to try to fix a tear in his aorta but it was unsuccessful. richard holbrooke was 69 years old. depending on where ire this morning, driving could get very tricky. overnight snowfall has left plenty of slick spots on area roadways. kristin fisher is monitoring one of the trouble spots on the beltway in college park, maryland. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: do you feel sorry for me if i leave the giant hood on. >> no. leave that on. i. >> will take it off so you can see my face but in all
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seriousness this thing is crucial right now. if you have a jacket with a monday store hood in the back, this is what you want to wear. the wind really whips your face. and also i want to show you what i'm wearing this morning as i stand here on the overpass we are talking big jacket, a lot of layers, thermal underwear, two pairs of pants on and time for the in the boots. this is the first day i have put on my snow boots. you want to wear shoes with good traction and with all of the wind we are getting flurries in the boots. we want to watch for that. nothing too terrible but the first day you want to put on all of that winner gear. now let's talk about the traffic. you can see right now the main section of this roadway, 495, is indeed clear. i want you to look at the video we shot earlier this morning so you can get a better idea of what the driving conditions are like. you'll notice that you can really see these flurries
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whipping up. it really looks almost surreal as you are driving as the wind whips the snow drifts around. for the most part, the main roads are clear. the snowplows have been out and the salt trucks have been out in full force. we have seen minor accidents to report but so far, for the most part so good. what you are going to want to watch for this morning is when you are backing out of the driveway on the smaller surface streets, parking lots. that's where we see a lot of problems and where we see a lot of icy patches buildup and of course we are only now starting to head to the heart of the morning rush. let's keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't get any worse. back to you. today family and friends will bid their last farewell to slain swimsuit designer sylvie cachay. her body was discovered inside of a new york city hotel. police charged her exboyfriend with murder. he's accused of strangling her. sylviesylvie cachay s was a
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resident of mclean. a gallery removed a video from an exhibit depicting the suffering of the artist who died from aids. the catholic league complained about the video that shows ants crawling on a crews pick. now the andy warhol foundation says it will withhold hundreds of thousands of dollars from the smithsonian unless the video is returned to the exhibit. it appears all americans maybe closer to keeping the tax cuts next year a compromise cleared a hurdle in the senate on monday and could come up for a vote before heading to the house. >> yeas are 83 were are the senate on track to approve the tax deal as early as tonight, president obama is urging house democrats to get on board. >> if there is one thing we can
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agree on it's the urgent work of protecting middle-class families, removing uncertainty for american businesses and getting our economy a boost. >> reporter: he turned up the pressure after the senate overwhelmingly decided to move ahead with a final vote either late today or tomorrow. the measure would continue long- term unemployment benefits and extend all bush-era tax cuts for two years. >> we're telling the american people to keep money that's rightfully theirs so they can spend and invest it as they please. >> plain and simple, this bipartisan compromise is about creating jobs. >> reporter: if the senate approves the bill it will go to the house where it faces stiff opposition. many democrats are especially unhappy with the provision they believe favors the rich. >> there is much con stan nation in the house about the estate tax. i expect there to be consideration of that. >> reporter: leading democrats want to raise the estate tax. if they do it will go back to
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the senate possibly putting the whole deal in jeopardy. >> i understand the concerns. i share some of them but that's the nature of compromise. >> reporter: house leaders say they hope to get a bill to the president by the end of the week. cbs news, washington. one airline collected more than a quarter million dollars in baggage fees last quarter. that story is coming up in our next half hour. plus, you can count on and appeal at after a judge strikes down part of the federal health care reform
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welcome back. a little snow. it is persistent an problematic. for today, looking a t the day planner, snow showers are possible through 9:00. by noon, mostly cloudy, stray snow shower or flurry. high of 30 today. while the snow is making it feel like the season it is toy drive 9 time. it is going through december 22nd. we are helping out toys for tots. we'd love for you to join us. drop off a new, unwrapped toy at a local fire department. you listen helping the kids less fortunate than yourself. here's monica with time saver traffic. we will look at 270 southbound at route 109. an accident is cleared to the shoulder. off and on delays from route 80 in urbana. as you come down to 109. the lanes are open. coming from frederick, a half hour ride. more on this accident and other maryland accidents in my next report and that will be at 5:47. we have a commuter alert for those who live and drive in
5:41 am
montgomery county, today county executive ike leggett will announce the launch of a new on- line map that will show the progress of county plows after snowstorms. so people can find out when the roads they use have been cleared. virginia's attorney general wins a round in his legal fight against health care reform. and the winter weather system that swept across the deep south could leave you looking for more change at the grocery store
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. welcome back to 9 news now. the overnight snow and bitter cold are changing plans for some area school systems. in maryland, garrett county schools are closed and in west virginia grant county schools are closed --
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busy man this morning is our howard bernstein. >> we have a combination of cold and snow in the mountains. wind chills are running 15 below and more in garrett county and western allegheny county and parts of west virginia. around here we have snow to frederick and howard and montgomery counties this morning along with portion and anne arundel. get you going with a look at the weather computer. first things first, the winter weather advisory is in afc for the washington metro region. specifically maryland not so much virginia. it includes howard, montgomery, prince georges, anne arundel, carroll and frederick. i believe the dc area, as well. however, however, let me show you what is happening on the radar. you can see most of the area, can we just get that shot adjusted? we will show you the snow falling frederick across montgomery county. this is coming in to northern prince georges. got that right there? that is that persistent band. we are seeing this on live doppler 9000 hd and when you see it going light to flu, the darker the blue the heavier the
5:46 am
snow. from urbana down to 270 to around, almost to gaithersburg, middle brook, 124 over to laytonsville, south of damascus to olney and howard, montgomery counties going down to laurel had some snow earlier in college park. right now looks like a little more to the east of there. through bowie and lighter davisonville to shady side. watch for the snow in morning. temperatures in the teens and low 20s and anything that is not treated will be slippery. back to the weather computer and start the bus stop forecast. obviously, maryland we have flurry and the snow showers. virginia windy and cold. 17 to 25. wind chills are in the single digits. sunrise 7:18. setting 4:46. this is what you can expect today. the snow showers possible off and on through 9:00. if not through noon in some areas. temperatures struggle to high
5:47 am
of 33. winds 23. 19 by 6:00 as we are down to 28 degrees and more sunshine. believe it or not frederick is reporting calm winds. 32 manassas, 30 winchester and luray. 31 for the wind gusts at pax river. and 36 hagerstown. yes that is blowing the snow around. temperatures in the upper 20s and teens right now, feels like 15 below in garrett county. nine here in washington and five in southern maryland. ten in annapolis. 23 degrees. feels like 9. a northwest wind at 18 and bone dry air. dew point at 5. indoor humidity without a humidifier 6% and maybe less. snow showers through 1:00 here and some still in maryland not just the mountains. those will diminish but the snow showers in the mountains. tonight also will be going winter storm warnings are possible and by thursday here's
5:48 am
the next system. this is going to slide to our south the way it looks. our next threat for something really is saturday nighting sunday morning right now. so, 30 degrees today. the snow showers this morning for the most part. 32 tomorrow. more sunshine. slight chance of something south on thursday but i think it misses us. on friday looks okay. 42 okay. saturday night, sunday morning could be a coast aol storm or could go out to sea and colder and windy on sunday and monday. monica has the time saver traffic. >> the good news is this roads were treated overnight in maryland. the bad news is we still have had problems. and back to good news. southbound 270. we will take you there live. we have been telling you about an accident. it is on the right shoulder. you can see flashing lights here but delays at route 0 if not a little more out to frederick. give yourselfing 25 extra minute -- give yourself 25 extra minutes or take 355 if
5:49 am
you can this morning as an alternate. georgia avenue at jessup blair road in silver spring, the accident is cleared. all lanes are open here and take you to the ourer loop on the north side of town where no delays really from 95 all the the way to 270. lanes are open this morning. not a bad ride here at university boulevard. take you to virginia, on the northbound side of i-95, on the brakes from the prince william parkway to lorton. in the next report, more on the area roadways. peggy, andrea. making news now, parts of indiana remain in a snow emergency this morning where heavy snows and high winds stranded drivers on area highways. in some places conditions were so bad, authorities pulled drivers off the road to keep them safe. out west the national weather service warns the risk of landslides around seattle will be high for several more days. up to a half foot of rain fell there last weekend triggering
5:50 am
mudslides. while property has been damaged no serious injuries have been reported. cold in the deep south could impact your trip to the grocery store. florida declared a state of emergency because of the threat of below-freezing temperatures posed to citrus crops. orange juice futures have already skyrocketed 32% this year. the white house is reviewing a ruling by a federal judge in virginia who finds part of president obama's health care reform law is unconstitutional. >> the ruling is a victory for the virginia attorney general who sued on the argument that the federal government cannot force americans to buy health insurance. as 9 news now reporter tells us it is the first time a federal judge has struck down part of the health care reform law. >> reporter: the u.s. government lost the latest round in a fight that would force americans to buy health insurance under the commerce clause. instead henry hudson cited with this man, virginia's attorney general n. his ruling hudson
5:51 am
wrote. >> the unchecked expansion of congressional power to the limits suggested by the minimum essential coverage provision would invite unbridled exercise of federal police powers. >> reporter: it was couch nelly that filed a lawsuit against the affordable care act. in a statement he claimed that allowing such a law will create an unwanted slippery slope. >> we will have given the government the power to force us to buy other products, cars, gym memberships, asparagus. the list goes on. the list goes on. the government's power to intrude on our lives for our own good, always for the stated noble purpose will be virtually unlimited. >> reporter: because this part of the law wouldn't go in to affect until 2014 the judge didn't stop it from going forward and they didn't seem deflated by the hit. >> our belief is that the health care act will go forebard an that it is constitutional. that it improves people's lives and particularly this is the
5:52 am
basis. the provision that allows us to finally address the lingering discrimination against those who have a preexisting condition. >> reporter: one thing both sides agree on, is that this battle will, without a doubt, end up in the supreme court. by the way the judge that issued the ruling also presided over michael vick's dog fighting trial. it is time to answer the question of the day. being so close to christmas, the question was all about our favorite christmas movie. >> according to a survey the majority of your american neighbors selected this as the number one christmas movie of all times, it is home, alone, a christmas story, christmas vacation? the answer is c, national lampoon's christmas vacation, the griswold high school day. -- holiday. >> they follow the family as they search for the perfect
5:53 am
christmas tree and endure the pain and joy of the holiday season. >> a laughing one. a lot of laughs. >> definitely. today michael jackson fans can hear never before released songs nearly 18 months after the king of pop's death. attention da vinci code fans. there are new claims of secret messages hidden in the mona lisa. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands?
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gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. light to moderate snow showers are getting heavy now. watch for snow covered road and slick streets. we expect the cloud and snow showers at least through 9:00 here and there. 27 degrees. we will go through midday and
5:57 am
can't rule out lingering snow shower and nows. through the area, a lingering flurry up north. temperatures by five in the upper 20s to near 30. a new michael jackson cd is sure to be a hot holiday gift. >> the first record of the never released jackson songs goes on sale today. the album is titled michael. it features a compilation of ten unfinished tracks. the self proclaimed king of pop left behind. workers at the best buy in manhattan unloaded boxes of the cds in preparation for today's sales. ready for a 500-year-old mystery. using super magnification, a man say he has found hidden images. >> not in mona lisa's half mile but in the eyes of mona lisa. gary looked in to it ♪ mona lisa men have named you ♪
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>> reporter: it's been the smile that men have written about and sung about since 59. >> the smile is an optical illusion. >> reporter: the author of math and the mona lisa -- >> you look at the mouth and the smile disappears. if you look a little bit five degrees or so, and come back the smile will come back. the mysterious da vinci remains mysterious, the da vinci code a best seller and supposed to have secret meanings and now he says at super magnification letters are seen in her eyes, llv for for example. the canvas is old. >> i think they are scratching frankly and at 54, when leonardo painted that painting, i don't think he could have seen well enough to make any symbols in there. >> do you smile to tempt the
5:59 am
lover ♪ >> reporter: oh the imagination she's sparked over time. >> in a sense, i think when you look at the mona lisa, what it is saying to you is there's more to me than you'll ever figure out. >> reporter: he is nebraska not the only skeptical scholar wrote instead of lv, the letters in the eyes of mona lisa might as well be bs. >> thank you for watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. what a way to begin. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm peggy fox. mike, angie and jessica are all off today. monica will have the traffic in a moment but before that we have school closings and delays to pass along.


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