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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 22, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for joining us. tonight, president obama will announce his strategy to get american troops out of afghanistan. danielle nottingham has an outline of the president's  timetable and why some are
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concerned that we're pulling out too quickly. >> reporter: u.s. troops could start leaving afghanistan as early as next month. president obama is expected to outline a plan tonight that withdraws up to 10,000 american servicemen an women this year. it will likely be a phased operation that begins with 5,000 troops this summer and adds another 5,000 by the end of the year. the troops are part of the 30,000 sent to afghanistan during the 2009 surge to battle the taliban. some commanders are concerned the u.s. could lose ground if the military pulls back too quickly. >> i think that this is a process where the president consulted with all of the senior members of the national security team and made a decision and obviously commander in chief makes the decision. >> reporter: 100,000 troops are fighting in the nearly ten-year war which cost about $2 billion a week to fund. some lawmakers think it is time for the white house to redefine the goal of the mission.
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>> i would like to understand more fully that with the troops we have on the ground, what it is we want to accomplish, what the nature of that is. rope tonight, the president is expected to map a course for bringing home another 20,000 troops by the end of next year. the long-range goal, to hand over control of security to the afghans by 2014. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. we will bring you the president's speech live tonight right here on channel 9. scott pelley anchors our coverage and it begins at 8:00 p.m. a bipartisan resolution limiting the president's authority in the military operation in libya was unveiled yesterday. senators john kerry and john mccain drafted the proposal. it would allow u.s. involvement to continue for up to one year. but it would also prohibit the use of american ground forces in libya. the senate will likely debate and vote on that measure next
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week. fbi agents raided a data center in reston, seizing a number of servers and forcing a number of web sites off-line. the data center is used by switzerland-based digital one. the fbi gave no reason why the raid happened. over the past few weeks, a hacking group has targeted the senate and the cia. two days ago, lowell released a manifesto vowing to steal and leak any classified government information. leon panetta will be the new secretary of defense. yesterday, the senate unanimously approved his nomination to be the next pentagon chief. panetta is replacing defense secretary robert gates. he's retiring at the end of the month. panetta is currently the director of the cia. let's turn our attention now to campaign 2012.
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virginia governor bob mcdonnell says that he will consider joining a republican ticket as a vice presidential candidate. but he says no one has asked him so far. the governor spoke about it yesterday in richmond. >> i simply said look, if a presidential candidate said we would like you to run on a ticket, i think everybody in my position would be flattered. certainly think about doing that. look, i'm not expecting the call. i'm not looking for the call. i love being governor of virginia. >> under state law, governor mcdonnell cannot run for re- election in 2013. today marks a somber anniversary in our region. it has been two years since nine people died in a collision on metro's red line. this morning, families of the victims remembered their loved ones at a wreath-laying ceremony. the collision of two trains along the red line between metro takoma park and for the
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patten station raised serious safety concerns. the old 1,000 series train similar to the ones involved in the crash will be replaced. however, victim's families are hoping that more will be done to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. expect a longer commute on rockville pike in montgomery county. drivers during rush hour experienced waiting at traffic lights a little bit longer, trying to get into work. the lights were out of sync. surae chinn is on rockville pike with more information. >> reporter: this light is green and traffic is slowing but the farther signal is red and that's a problem we're seeing all along rockville pike. the synchronization is off. some parts are ok but here, a little bit of a congestion at o'neil drive in gaithersburg. >> as you can see, it is congested. i'm late for work. >> reporter: montgomery county officials say the storms that rolled through knocked out the computer system that operates the timing and synchronization
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of 200 signals along rockville pike. that means there's more stop and go traffic. >> reporter: how late are you for work? >> 30 minutes. >> all because of rockville pike? >> all because of rockville pike. through should be more green time. timing should work out so when you reach the next light, it will have turned green. for the most part, the entire span of rockville pike wasn't at a crawl. >> i just left for work. >> it is ok so far? >> yeah, it is. >> the out-of-sync lights did cause delays in other parts. >> of course, it is annoying. there's nothing we can do about it. >> some people got word early of the problem and avoided most of rockville pike. >> trying to find some other routes because i came on 37 0, 270, got off here and made this turn and now i have to go all the way around. >> i came down shady grove road and noticed on the other side of 355, it was all backed up. so, i turned. i'm going to go up 370 and avoid it. >> crews have been working since 10:30 last night to try to fix the problem.
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they say they don't know if they'll be able to fix it by this afternoon's rush hour. in gaithersburg, surae chinn, 9news now. we'll have the latest on road conditions in our area in our traffic reports tonight on 9news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. the cabdriver who was hit by a drunk driver having sex in a speeding car will get some financial compensation for that crash. a judge ordered 22-year-old salem trad of woodbridge to pay $22,000 to the cabdriver. trad struck the cab by on the beltway -- struck the cabby on the beltway. he told police that he was having sex before the crash. saying that he could not have been driving. however, a witness claims that they pulled trad from the driver's seat. chili's bar and grille in rockville is increasing the reward to find two armed robbers. the restaurant on rockville
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pike by the mall was held up last month. employees were herded into a freezer. the manager was forced to hand over the night's cash. one of the suspects had a handgun and the other suspect had a rifle. montgomery county detectives say they're looking into similarities in another holdup. similar incidents that occurred a couple of days before at a bob evans restaurant down in prince frederick, maryland. same method of operation by the suspects. they displayed the same types of weapons in that incident. >> chili's is offering an additional $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of the robbers. now, that's on top of a $1,000 reward from the montgomery county police crime solvers program. still to come when 9news now continues... an angry mob of students and parents take matters into their own hands after their school's
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principal is accused of stealing money and drinking on the job. we'll have details. also, details of the first lady's trip to africa. we'll be right back.
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first lady met with nelson mandela and she said it was a surreal experience. tina kraus has more. >> reporter: the first lady used her husband's campaign slogan to challenge young africans in johannesburg. >> what do you say? yes, we can. what do you say? >> yes, we can. >> michelle obama connected civil rights battles in america and south africa to the election of presidents obama. >> it is because of them that i stand before you as first lady of the united states of america. >> reporter: she says former south african president nelson mandela seemed strong and happy when he met with her and daughters sasha and malia. he has not been seen in public since being hospitalized earlier this year. michelle obama laid a wreath in south africa's largest black
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township of soweta. government police killed more than 400 protestors fighting against racial segregation. young of a africans say she is inspiring. >> it just reinforced the fact that yes, we can. >> reporter: the week-long tour is the first lady's second trip abroad without the president. this weekend, the first lady will take her daughters to neighboring botswana. tina kraus, cbs news. besides travelling with her daughters, mrs. obama is also traveling with her mother, a niece and a nephew. coming up, howard will have the forecast. >> j.c., humidity is way up today. that can lead to strong thunderstorms this afternoon which may still continue to clean the atmosphere. allergy count came in today better than yesterday because the weed pollen is out. trees and is low.
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we have a health alert for drivers because a new study says that we might need sun block on in our car. researchers have discovered that summer driving can increase the risk of skin cancer on our left side.
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they say that our left arm gets five times the amount of uv rays than our right arm. while we're driving. >> if i'm wearing short sleeves, i'll have one side darker than the other side. >> experts say that by using sun block, while we're driving, can greatly reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. police near flint, michigan, stopped a 7-year-old who was driving and it was caught on tape. someone saw the youngster driving and saw police. an officer's dashboard camera was rolling on monday when he stopped the child. the child was driving his stepfather's car. and the boy says that he was driving to see his real dad, his birth dad, 20 miles away. a group of high school students and their parents beat up the school's principal and
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threw him out of office. this happened monday in lima, peru. the principal is accused of stealing money and drinking on the job. police officers could do little to help him. officials are investigating the allegations. in china, a 4 year old nearly plunges to death. somehow this little boy got his head stuck between a railing and that left his body dangling 60 feet in the air. his mother was out of the apartment when this all happened. she noticed the commotion. she rushed upstairs. she was able to rescue the child. he was not seriously injured. talk about a fishtail. we have one for you. we would like for you to look at this 143 pound catfish. it was caught in the kerr reservoir in virginia this weekend. nick anderson caught it. he was with his father and his
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stepbrother. took them about 45 minutes to reel him in. and they are the toast of the town. game officials are going to check it all out. this actually could be a record breaker! >> only 45 minutes. that's like a whale! >> i know. >> takes a long time because you don't want to break that line. >> pretty impressive they didn't break the line. >> let him have a little bit then reel it in. >> you've done some fishing. >> i love fishing. i do. i just don't like putting the bait on the hook. >> you gotta get a charter boat, get the captain to put it on for you. i love fishing. >> we should go sometime when it is a little cooler than today. it is oppressive. the heat, the humidity is on. there is a threat of thunderstorms. if you're going up to baltimore for the u2 concert tonight, that could be impacted. you have evening plans outside. could be one or two areas that run into this. our day planner, it is sticky out there. mid-80s at 1:00. we've already got some spots,
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85, 86. even to near 90 degrees with a threat for some thunderstorms here and there. not going to be everybody. but what does develop has the potential to be strong to severe. winds southwest to southwesterly 5 to 10 miles per hour. 85 degrees at 7:00 p.m. by 9:00, we're down to 81 still with the isolated thunderstorm around. one of the reasons we're going to see some heavy rainmaking thunderstorms, just look at the dew points. this is the amount of moisture in the air. not relative humidity, the dew points. when they get above 70, this is tropical, oppressive stuff. we have the juice in the atmosphere. now we have the daytime heating going on. we had some showers and storms this morning, they've moved north and east. they're pounding areas of new england. off to the south and east, we have showers in eastern areas of virginia and southern maryland. i forgot the clicker. let me run. live doppler 9000 hd from over here. we'll go down south. we've got some showers which are moving through the northern neck, getting down into southern maryland. you see them how they're south
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of leonardtown over to st. mary's city. you folks down in solomon, even up to st. leonard, watch out for the showers here in the next little while. otherwise, i think the rest of us will have to wait and see what pops later on. 88 in culpepper. the tappahannock airport, 90. 86 for both newland and reedville. winchester and hagerstown holding in the lower 80s. heat index like 88. all wrapping around this storm up in southern minnesota. on the tail end of this, look at the thunderstorms here. houston, up toward monroe, louisiana. yesterday, the storms are coming from ohio moving southeast. today, everything is coming in from the southwest. whatever developed in virginia or in the mountains by us, we'll watch it. by 4:00, shower or two to our north and west and south.
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computer doesn't develop too much. i think this may be underdoing it. you get the idea we'll have the waves of showers and storms tonight. again on thursday. again on friday. this pattern is locked in. it may not change until perhaps sunday. 90 today. 92 tomorrow. we'll have a chance of storms overnight as well. nighttime lows for the most part, 70, 75. some kind of sticky out there. even saturday as we start the barbecue battle. safeway barbecue battle. topper shutt will be down there this weekend. sunday looking better. monday looks comfortable, 88. we're going to the kitchen. don't go anywhere. we'll return right after this. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription. >> georgia avenue is going to be rockin' for the d.c. caribbean carve value. this is actually the 19th year, the parade route has changed. it is going to start from kansas avenue and georgia avenue and they're going to be marching south to georgia avenue and barry place and i have two special guests with me. i would like you to to meet jillian with caribbean caterers incorporated. she is brought some lovely items. then we have one of the organizers, chris who is an organizer of the festival. jillian, you can come and see all of the vendors, we'll have food and crafts. what have you brought for me today? >> what you will find this
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weekend is beef patties. you may find some macaroni pie, very traditional caribbean dish. and all types of chicken, jerk chicken, calypso chicken, barbecue chicken will all be there in the park. after you jump up georgia avenue, do the jump up, come into the park and have a good meal. >> i love the music! i love the colorful costumes. and all of the islands are represented. >> all of the islands are represented. >> you can just join in if you want. it is a party. >> yes. >> i mean it is a celebration. >> this is how we get to expose d.c. to some of the caribbean culture. most of us have been living here for too many years. and so we started '93 expressing our culture to the community. so, come out and enjoy. >> it is a fun, fun
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celebration. >> it is going to be, i think, great weather. we heard howard's forecast. first weekend of summer. and so the costumes. when do you start making the costumes? >> they start when one carnival ends, they start getting ready for the next carnival. >> the costumes are just fabulous with the headsets and the women dancing and parading down and the music and the drums. it is so much fun. i'm talking about the 19th caribbean, d.c. caribbean carnival on georgia avenue at 11 school. and it goes -- at 11:00 and it goes until it is over. >> parade ends about 5:00. we stay and party until 8:00. >> so you can get some fabulous food. great craft. down at georgia avenue and barry place this saturday. >> this saturday. >> going to be rockin', i'm tellin' you, you don't want to miss it. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. i'm sorry i won't be here. i'm going out of the country
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but i will be thinking about you. and jump up for me. and the jerk chicken. so i can have it for lunch. delicious. thank you! come back and visit us at 5:00.
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