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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 24, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon, i'm lesli foster. j.c. is off today. we begin our newscast with an emotional day in bethesda. the store that was the site of a brutal murder reopened today for the first time since that horrific day. surae chinn is standing by live at the lululemon with the latest now. surae? >> reporter: well, lesli, this is a bright, you in beginning
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for lululemon athletica, that's really the mood inside the store. we've got shoppers. we have coworkers and we have jayna murray's family inside the store. a beautiful new storefront with a stained glass window. that's all part of the healing process three months after this tragedy. >> i think she would love it. i think she would be here and to she is here in spirit. >> the newly renovated you lululemon store is the dedication to jayna murray. for mom and dad, it is emotional. >> walking into the store was difficult. but for me personally, i felt like jayna was right there with me and i was comforted by that. and then when i saw everybody in the store, and the smiles and the welcoming nature and everything, it was ok. >> reporter: the beautiful stained glass facade with the word "love" is a moving tribute. >> it means everything to me personally and to the family.
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that's what the murrays do is love. >> the family received a memory book with pictures and messages. in return, a single picture of their daughter framed in a heart now sits in the store. there were hugs, tears and sun salutations in honor of jayna before they officially reopened for the first time after the tragedy that took jayna's life. police say her coworker, brittany norwood, beat jayna to death in march after police say jayna caught her with stolen clothes. police say norwood tried to cover it up but is now charged with murder. but today is about moving on and remembering jayna. >> we miss jayna very much. but we're not only ones hurting. lululemon is hurting, bethesda is hurting, jayna's friends are hurting. and we want to be here to support them. >> today is just -- a day she's turning cartwheels in heaven. >> reporter: cartwheels in
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heaven. and the tribute continues. tomorrow there will be a moment of silence at 9:00 and a community yoga session just outside of the store. a fitting tribute and many folks from friends to family say this was important to reopen the store. that's what jayna murray would have wanted. lesli? >> all right, surae, thank you. there were some high anxiety for a stranded worker in downtown miami. he was trapped several stories up a building on this boulevard. the worker was calm as the rescuer tried to reach him. they were both lowered down on to scaffold where they both walked away with no injuries. house majority leader eric kantor says it is time for president obama to weigh in directly on the talks over the budget and raising the debt limit. kantor left negotiations yesterday with vice president joe biden saying republicans will not support the tax increases that democrats want. the u.s. will default on its debt if an agreement is not reached by august 2nd. the republican-led house of
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representatives will vote today on america's participation in the nato-led mission in libya. danielle nottingham has more on today's crucial vote on capitol hill. >> reporter: house lawmakers are scheduled to vote on two competing bills that could redefine the u.s. military role in libya and embarrass the president. one authorizes continuing limited military action for a year but the other cuts off funding with a few exceptions including search and rescue efforts. >> it is surreal that we could even be considering authorizing this war at a time when the government is collapsing in debt. >> reporter: republicans and some democrats are frustrated that president obama failed to consult congress before committing american forces to the nato-led operation against libyan leader moammar gadhafi. >> the president's little war in libya is unconstitutional and it also violates the war powers resolution. >> this country's power to go to war or not must reside here. >> president obama says he
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doesn't need congressional approval because the operation in libya is not considered a full-blown hostility. secretary of state hillary clinton says americans need to decide who to support. >> are you on gadhafi's side or are you on the side of the aspirations of the libyan people? and the international coalition that has been created to support them? >> reporter: house republicans realize the bill to cut all funding will probably never get past the democratically controlled senate but many believe they need to send a message. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. we expect the first house vote on libya to come up around 12:30 this afternoon. well, montgomery county could be getting its first charter school. now, if it is approved by the board of education, the monthsory public -- the montesorri public school would serve pre-k through third grade students. it is scheduled to open in 2012. until now, charter schools have operated mainly in the
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district. james whitey bulge you are is due in a massachusetts court. he'll face charges including murder and extortion. bulger and his girlfriend were arrested at a los angeles area apartment building on wednesday after 16 years on the run. authorities found 800,000 dollars in cash and 30 firearms in the apartment. bulger was fbi's most wanted man for his alleged role in 19 murders. thousands of homes and businesses are expected to flood in minot, north dakota. the president of the city council says a large portion of the 4400 homes and 200 businesses that have been evacuated will be inundated in the next day or two. city leaders say they have done all they can to protect the city. there are new reports that evidence found in osama bin laden's hideout could link him to the pakistani government. authorities have learned that the al-qaeda chief was looking to change the name of the terror group. tina kraus has more from
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london. >> reporter: a cell phone recovered in the raid on osama bin laden's secret compound could tie the former terror chief to the pakistani government. senior american officials tell "the new york times" the phone belonged to bin laden's trusted courier who was killed in the raid that took down the al- qaeda leader. phone records revealed the messenger made frequent calls to a militant group with long- time connections to pakistan's intelligence agency. authorities believe bin laden used the terror group as part of his al-qaeda support network. >> what's significant in that it presents additional questions as to whether or not pakistan and in particular its intelligence services was using the group as a front to then help bin laden. >> tara caught has deep ties to the city where navy seals hunted down bin laden. a pakistani official tells cbs news there is no link between
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the city and pakistan's intelligence anymore. u.s. intelligence analysts are still going through evidence seized in last month's raid. bin laden's journal show he was worried about al-qaeda's image. in his final writings, he said al-qaeda was killing too many muslims and that it was bad for business. bin laden was considering giving the terror group a new, more religious name to convince muslims worldwide they're in a holy war with america. tina kraus, cbs news. u.s. officials have finished reviewing the many documents taken from bin laden's compound but intelligence analysts say they will keep sifting through the data for more clues about how the terror chief eluded u.s. forces for so long. to the philippines now and a very wet celebration. a religious tribute to john the baptist had people throwing and spraying and splashing water on each other. not everybody is into the tradition but they have learned to accept it and many came with
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umbrellas. the philippines is a predominantly catholic country and it holds many festivals honoring saints that are believed to grant miracles. coming up on 9news now, they were first known as cheery oats. a salute to one of the most endearing cereals of all-time. >> we'll also salute two pioneers of the american space program. scott carpenter and john glenn reflect on the anniversary of their 50-year mission when we return.
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a new move is underway on capitol hill that can lead to the legalization of marijuana. two prominent congressman, barney frank and ron paul are pushing a bill that would let states make their own laws on the drug. the legislation would allow states to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana. the federal government would only crack down on smuggling operations across national borders and states that still choose to outlaw it. >> we should not have federal laws that make the personal use of marijuana criminal or the growing of it. it should be criminal if a state wants to make it a restriction, then the federal government should honor that state's laws. the studies have shown that cash-strapped states like california could bring in $105 million if pot were legalized but the long shot bill would have to beery proved by the
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president and the white house said that's not going to happen. to the gas pump now, experts say the price of a gallon of gas is expected to fall 50 cents or more within weeks. this is after the government's decision to tap the strategic petroleum reserves. the obama administration said it was releasing 30 million barrels of oil on to the market. the move is designed to make up for supply disruptions but critics say using the oil reserves now when gas prices have been falling is politically motivated ahead of next year's elections. it has been a staple on the american breakfast table for decades. and general mills is marking the 70th anniversary of cheerios today. one out of every eight boxes of cereal sold in the u.s. has the name cheerios on it. more than ten shapes and sizes were considered before the makers settled on the little os. the general mills plant in buffalo has been shipping the boxes since 1941. and it inspired t-shirts announcing my city smells like
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cheerios. americans have been going into space for more than 50 years. two of our first astronauts are celebrating the anniversary here in washington. scott carpenter and john glenn visited the smithsonian's air and space museum on thursday. gary nurenberg got their thoughts on the future of the space program. >> reporter: they're the two survivors of the original seven astronauts reunited in front of friendship seven, the capsule that carried john glenn around the world in outer space in february 1962, changing the world. >> friendship 7, the chute looks very good. >> the advances in science because of the manned space program are stunning. list them? >> that's an impossible question because half of all of the virtues that will come from what we did haven't happened yet. they're still being discovered from what we accomplished. those events are yet to be made. >> reporter: the research
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continued in the shuttle program. glenn returning to space in 1998. >> we had 83 different research projects on the second flight. >> at cape canaveral thursday, the crew of the last shuttle mission ever scheduled for next month trained. >> we have no manned space program. that's it. i don't like to see us in that position just at a time when we were trying to be competitive with other nations. >> the international space station is still out there for near nine years anyway but with no shuttle -- >> that means we're now dependent on the russians -- we have no way of getting into space after this next launch. >> carpenter was the second to circle the globe. aurora 7, may, 1962, 49 years later, the judgment? >> greatest job anybody could have. >> reporter: what would he tell the president? >> i would just ask him to get nasa back in the business that it knows best. >> reporter: glenn's 90 next month. would he go again? >> sure, tomorrow morning, that would be fine. >> reporter: glenn made his pitch for continued manned
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spaceflight in an august meeting with president obama but was told the country simply doesn't have the money. and that was gary nurenberg reporting. still to come on 9news now, move over. we're going to introduce you to a bionic dog. no, really! howard? >> lesli, the sun is coming out now! the drier air is moving in. you can feel it. we still have a threat for a few storms. we'll tell you about that. the weekend outlook and the allergy update right now. where, you know, things were low except the mold spores are moderate. i'll have the weekend forecast next.
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meet the world's first bionic dog! he has four bionic paws. he was abandoned last winter in nebraska and his paws were frostbitten and they had to be removed but a denver company outfitted him with artificial paws so now he can run, swim and jump and as you can see, he can fetch, too. >> he's getting along. >> he is. >> we've got a commuter alert for you now to help you get along. tonight at 7:00, pennsylvania avenue between ninth and 14th streets northwest will close along with parts of 10th, 11th and 12th streets and it all for this weekend's safeway barbecue battle kicking off tomorrow morning at 11:00. derek mcginty and topper shutt will be there. >> they'll leave a little on the bone for somebody. >> just a little bit. how about the weather? >> oh, my god, it is going to
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be great! we're going to be treated to a wonderful weekend here. the final weekend in june, there is a lot going on, not just the barbecue battle but we have the caribbean festival and montgomery county's heritage days going on across the county. whatever plans you have, the weekend, you don't have an excuse weatherwise not to get out there and mow the lawn if that's what wifey wants you to do. 90 degrees give or take through the early afternoon. later this afternoon, we'll pop a couple of storms. the best chance of thunderstorms today going to be east and southeast of d.c. down in southern maryland over toward the bay. the eastern shore. even up to baltimore and points north and east of there. much higher chance of storms west of washington. we'll drop to the mid-80s by 5:00. notice the winds from southwest to westerly. that's a sign of the drier air moving in. i think one of the reasons we could get to 90 or 91 is because the air is dried out. it is a little easier to heat up. you can see the 70 degree readings along the coast. as you look west, the numbers
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drop into the 50s. a sign of somewhat less humid air, drier air moving in. more comfortable air that will be with us for the entire weekend. we've got the southwesterly flow. we broke it out into some sunshine. you can see a couple of storms, maybe not clearly but a couple of storms are starting to pop and a little bit lighter took, i can show you this a little bit better. up into northern -- there it goes. into cecil county. a big storm just moving into pennsylvania right now. a little shower that's been east of martinsburg here. south of hagerstown now. that's it. radar still relatively quiet. we'll be watching it for the afternoon. temperatures, they've shot up well into the 80s. 90 down in richmond. 79 in hagerstown. 59 in oakland and garrett county. the drier, cooler air is moving in. 87 at national. feels like 87 because the dew points have dropped. humidity down to 39%. but the winds, they're west- southwest at 14. some gusts to 20. storm still spinning over the great lakes.
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this has a cold front pushing through pennsylvania. just getting over toward i-81 behind the front, the cooler drier air moves in. still with the threat of showers and storms. mid to latter parts of the afternoon. notice most of it is going to be east of washington and up in the mountains. >> for us, it is looking pretty good. over toward the beach, friday, today, looking fine. maybe an isolated storm or two this afternoon. saturday, sunday, mid-80s. chance of storms with temperatures in the mid-80s. 91 today. 85 tomorrow. 86 on sunday with less humidity. looks great for the barbecue battle. then as we head into next week, the heat returns. monday, 88 with a couple of storms. tuesday, low 90s then dry but still warm wednesday and thursday. stick around! we'll be right back with more 9news now at noon right after this. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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it is the biggest event of the year for the restaurant industry and here now to preview the rammies is lynn, president of the restaurant association of metropolitan washington. i guess the mask is a bit of a give away for the theme this year. carnival de cuisine. >> all about the crazy industry. >> can you tell by the awards this year that the restaurant scene here in the city and in the region has really exploded? >> it has exploded. we've been doing the awards, it is our 29th year. every year, it is tougher and tougher to select the whippers because we have so many great restaurants. everyone wants to come here. the d.c. dining scene has
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exploded. we're really excited about it. >> you were saying this is one of your biggest years ever. can we take that to mean the recession hasn't impacted the restaurants as much as maybe other parts of the country? >> there's no question we're in somewhat of an economic bubble. a good economic bubble in our area. there are so many things going on in the city. it is just sort of our time which is real exciting. we have a lot of factors that have gone into it. we do talk to other restaurateurs and it is not quite the same. >> so, let's talk about the awards themselves because winning one of these awards, winning a rammy comes with a lot of cache. what happens? >> we take the awards very seriously. we're thrilled they also covet it. the press is amazing. people hear more about it. the buzz is generated. and of course, business improves and it is also, very important for our members to be
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recognized and we have -- it is very important to recognize the hard work of the front and back of the house people that work so hard. so much of it seems effortless when in fact a lot of effort goes into it. >> you're acknowledging as you were saying the front and back of the house. one of the biggest awards is for the top chef. >> it is. >> you've got restaurants 29, 41, you've got equinox, any number of them. i know that this is a top award. >> well, it really is. i guess that's why they call it top chef because it is. the best restaurant of the year. best new restaurant, all of the awards are really important as are manager and employees. but there's no question the biggest buzz is generated by the chefs. >> all right. the ramies are this sunday at the marriott wardman park. we wish we could tell you to go but it is all sold out. we'll have to wait to find out who the winners are. thank you for coming on this afternoon. >> thank you, lesli.
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>> that's it for 9news now at noon. i'll see you back here at 5:00. you can check us out 24 hours a day on the web at howard says it is going to be a great day and a great weekend. make it a good one!
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