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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin with a heat alert for the washington, d.c. area. hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory
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until 8:00 tonight. our anny hong joins us with a look at the forecast. j.c., yeah, feels very ugly out there. we would call this even gross weather. crazy heat out there! it just feels heavy. so, if you can, just take it easy today or even sit close to the air conditioning. here is a look at our day planner for this tuesday. all right, warming up very quickly. temperatures by 3:00, 97 degrees. also, a slight chance for some isolated storms this afternoon. continuing through this evening, some could be severe or heavy. by 9:00, only cooling down to around the lower 90s. we may see some clouds increasing. here is a look at the heat advisory from noon until 8:00 p.m. areas shaded in orange. most of the d.c. area you see here. heat index values expected. 100 to 105 once you factor in the humidity. just how hot is it out there right now? it is already at 90 degrees in downtown. 86 in martinsburg.
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but what does it feel like? >> when you factor in the humidity and the dew point, it feels like already 95 at noon. look at fredericksburg, 102. culpepper, 100. leesburg also feels like 95 degrees out there. so, to help you stay cool and beat the heat, pull your shades down in your house or your apartment, exercise early in the morning or late at night. check on the elderly and your pets. they have a hard time in the heat. i'll let you know how long the heat sticks around and the latest on our storm chances later. j.c.? thank you. well, a deal on the deficit is no closer to reality on capitol hill. today, president obama will be meeting with lawmakers at the white house and danielle nottingham says that the president is willing to move toward the republican's direction in order to keep the country from defaulting on its
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financial obligations. >> president obama and leaders meet for the third time in three days but weeks of negotiations have not brought democrats and republicans much closer on an agreement to cut the federal deficit and raise the debt limit. >> where's the president's plan? when is he going to lay his cards on the table? this debt limit increase is his problem. >> republicans are putting on a united front. but behind the scenes, the party is at odds over the direction of negotiations. speaker of the house john boehner was open to a large deficit reduction package but was forced to walk away from a deal because he didn't have enough party support. >> majority leader eric kantor is taking the lead of conservatives who want a much smaller deficit package. republicans are also not budging on tax increases. >> it is unfathomable to me why our president thinks that he's got to condition any prescription to fix these programs on tax increases. >> reporter: president obama's $4 trillion package is off the table for now.
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lawmakers are trying to settle on a smaller $2.4 trillion deal but so far, they can only agree to $1.7 trillion in cuts in that package. the president says he's willing to move in the republican's direction to get a deal done. >> i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. >> reporter: an agreement must be reached in the next two weeks to get a deal through congress by august 2nd otherwise the u.s. will default on its loans. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. president obama says that he will not agree to a stop gap measure to temporarily solve that problem. well, virginia congressman jim moran hosted a deficit workshop last night. constituents got a chance to draw up a federal budget of their own. >> i think it should be a combination of closing loopholes but also spending
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cuts on programs pretty much across the board. >> i think it is really a difficult topic and i think they better really do something about it. >> the event was sponsored by the nonpartisan group the concord coalition. family and friends are saying good-bye to the former first lady, betty ford. and first lady michelle obama is in california for today's memorial service. the former first lady died on friday at the age of 93. former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton will attend. former first lady rosalynn carter was chosen by mrs. ford to deliver the eulogy. today, d.c. council member phil mendelssohn will introduce legislation to help legitimate gun buyers get their firearms into the district. however, every council member is against that proposal. the city's sole gun dealer lost
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his license and lease. now city officials could be in violation of a 2008 supreme court order that ended d.c.'s gun band. council member mendelssohn says officials have to do something. >> the legislation is meant to fill a gap in the current system whereby under federal law, you have to go through a federal firearms licensing and there is none operating in the district right now. >> the emergency bill would only be a temporary measure until a private company could issue firearms. well, the commuter is much better on i-270 after the interstate was shut down for more than five hours. it was because crews accidentally ruptured an eight inch gas line on clarksburg road. the dangerous fumes went cross the road and that caused the road to be closed during the height of the rush hour. now, crews are struggling to repair that main. surae chinn reports that repairs are going slow.
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>> reporter: crews are having to dig up the hole again that filled up with mud after yesterday's rainstorm before they can even start the repairs. heavy equipment, prepare to dig. after 270 was shut down last night, resulting in a horrendous commute, the shutdown, unprecedented but necessary. >> anybody smoking in their car, sparkplugs from a car, static electricity from a vehicle could ignite this thing and that would be catastrophic so while we know and we acknowledge that it was an extreme, extreme inconvenience from a traffic perspective, there were no lives lost, there was not a single person hurt and that's our job. >> reporter: contractors for washington gas caused the accident while repairing a valve on the gas line, one of the metal posts used to secure the trench severed the pipe. pressure from the pipeline shattered the windshield on the excavator above ground. but no one was hurt. >> it is a blessing. >> the way to describe it, if you take an airhose to fill up your tires at a service station, that's a quarter of an
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inch of diameter. if you've seen somebody take an airhose and blow somebody's hat off with this. this pipe was eight inches in diameter and it had 150 pounds per square inch coming out of it. we could feel the percussion and we were several hundred yards away from it. >> reporter: 121 or clarksburg road is down to one lane around the worksite and it appears it will remain that way for much of the day. in clarksburg, maryland, surae chinn, 9news now. the exit ramp from i-270 on to eastbound route 121 is also closed but there is an easy work around with an additional lane that will allow drivers to go straight and it gives them access to route 121. still to come on 9news now, details of another milestone for retiring space shuttle "atlantis." >> julian assange takes his case to britain's high court.
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will a judge block his extradition to speeden? i'm tina kraus in london. i'll have the story coming up.
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rupert murdoch's news corp. shares fell 5% when news came of the company's buyout was
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being delayed. the media company continues to deal with fallout stemming from the hacking scandal that shut down its tabloid "news of the world." regulators will take six months to decide whether to sign off on the buyout as the probe into phone hacking continues. julian assange is back in a british courtroom. appealing his extradition to sweden. i've seen the krause report, the wikileaks founder insists that the sex allegations against him are politically motivated. >> reporter: wikileaks founder julian assange made his way through a crush of media to fight his latest legal battle at britain's high court. assange's lawyers are trying to block his extradition to sweden where he's wanted on sexual assault allegations. they say sweden's case against assange is flawed. the australian computer whiz is accused of sexually assaulting two wikileaks volunteers on a trip to stockholm last summer.
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but assange's lawyers insist the sex was consensual and they're urging the high court not to hand him over to swedish authorities. assange says anger over his wikileaks web site is driving the allegations. the site published more than 250,000 secret u.s. government documents. assange's supporters fear sweden could hand him over to the u.s. where a federal grand jury is investigating wikileaks. >> it is politically motivated. they want to get assange on swedish soil so he can be shipped out and mark my words, that's what will happen. >> reporter: a district judge ruled against assange at a hearing in february, saying there's no reason to believe he wouldn't receive a fair trial in sweden. assange's appeal is expected to take two days and a ruling may be weeks away. the wikileaks founder says if he loses here, he'll take his case to britain's supreme court. tina kraus, as soon as news, london. assange made bail from a
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london jail in december and he's been staying at a friend's country mansion. he wears an electronic ankle bracelet and he must check in with police each day. do you like hot weather? i hope so! anny has our forecast. >> j.c., we've got a heat advisory in effect. i'll let you know how long the temperatures stick around before we get real relief. first a look at your allergy report where the grass pollens are in the medium range and your mold also medium. 9news continues after this break.
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evidents to restore the chesapeake bay are off to a good start. authorities say the sixth stage in the bay watershed along with the district have drastically reduced pollution. for years, the bay has been in
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steady decline because of pollution and runoff from farmland. in 2009, the environmental protection agency began working with state and district officials to restore the bay by 2025. well, we're not the only ones dealing with intense heat. because a heat wave is washing over northwestern china. temperatures there have reached 113 degrees. workers have been warned that avoid working long hours in the heat as much as possible. but the vineyards in china are welcoming the weather. they say that the heat help.s their grapes mature. for the last nasa airspace walk is taking place right now. the astronauts aboard atlantis are conducting the walk and they're retrieving a broken ammonia pump outside the international space station. nasa wants to inspect the pump to find out why it failed last summer. four astronauts are on board atlantis and the 13-day flight
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is the last one for the shuttle program. drink plenty of water. be concerned about seniors and of course, pets. >> of course. >> we'll get through it. >> we will. this is very hot for july. but not all that unusual. we'll get days like this and today's one of those days where yeah, the humidity and the heat really intense but the good thing is this heat wave, pretty mini. it won't last all that long. so, today, what can you expect? lots of sunshine out there. maybe a few high level clouds by 3:00, 97 degrees. we do have a chance for isolated thunderstorms. not everyone will see them. some of the storms can be heavy if not severe through this evening. by 9:00 though, the storm front really over. some clouds out there. look at that. only 91 degrees at 9:00. we won't cool down a whole lot overnight. here is a look at the satellite radar picture where the showers and storms stay well out to the west and south of us. few clouds go through. maybe some areas of fog this morning but for the commute,
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things were just fine. right now, we're under a heat advisory. most of the d.c. metro area until 8:00 p.m., the areas shaded in orange. heat index values expected today by the afternoon, 100 to 105 once you factor in the humidity. all right. i think we can get close to at least tying the record, maybe even beating some records because here's why. record highs in downtown, 99 in 1908. baltimore, 97. even dulles 97. we're expected to get into the upper 90s and a couple of 100 degree readings. 90 degrees outside. it feels like 95 when you factor in the dew point at 69 degrees. winds out of the north- northwest at 7 miles per hour. relative humidity, 50%. right now, the air temperature, 90 in downtown. 87 for annapolis. 88 in winchester, hagerstown, 86 degrees. now, it feels like a lot warmer than that. already in culpepper, 100 degrees. fredericksburg, 102. in d.c., 95.
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gaithersburg also in the lower 90s. so, if you don't have to be outside, be inside if you can. so to beat the heat, drink lots of water, eat light meals. that does help. limit your time in the sunshine. remember your pets. my puppy does not like being out for a long walk on days like this. the heat advisory goes until 8:00. dangerous heat especially for the elderly as well. drink lots of water and more big storms are possible late this afternoon. here's how the future cast shows us the storms coming in. you can see they're just isolated. so, again, not everyone will see them. some of the storms can be strong if not severe. we'll watch that tonight and then we've got a cold front coming in from the north which means behind it, we'll start to cool off and then drier air will come in. the highs today were pushing upper 90s close to 100. fredericksburg near 100. even in annapolis warming up to 96 degrees. now, overnight, we're not cooling down a whole lot. it will be warm and muggy tonight. only down to around 79 degrees.
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so, maybe all night will feel like in the 80s once you factor in the dew point. leesburg cooling down to 73 degrees. lower 70s for hagerstown. tappahannock cooling down to 76 degrees. here is your seven-day outlook. storms are possible. some heavy if not severe. wednesday, same deal. little bit cooler around 94 degrees. that's still hot. thursday, friday, those are the days you're going to feel the real relief. it will be drier air and cooler. 87 degrees for thursday and friday. even the weekend looking really nice before another warm-up on monday. highs back into the lower 90s. we're back after the break.
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