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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 3, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. the nation avoided defaulting on its loans and one would think that things are going well on wall street. but alexis christoforous reports that our stalled economic recovery has investors
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worried. >> there are jitters on wall street about the country's economic health. several signs show the economic engine is stall and that drove the markets to the lowest level of the year. >> i don't think we're on the brink of a recession but we're on the brink of a period of relatively slow growth and it will feel like a recession to a lot of people. >> reporter: there was a glimmer of hope this morning on news that businesses added 114,000 jobs last month, more than expected. moody's and fitch also decided to keep the country's aaa credit rating although with a negative outlook following the debt deal. one other credit agency has yet to weigh in. >> if they lowered that rating, interest rates would go up even by 1%, each 1% raise in interest rates takes away about a million jobs from the economy. stocks are down for nine straight days, the longest losing streak in more than two years. it is wiped out over a trillion dollars in value for the stock
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market. a cutback in consumer spending which fuels the economy as well as weak manufacturing reports and home sales are driving investors to sell in europe and asia, too. and the uneasiness is likely to continue through the end of the week. economists expect the jobless rate to hold steady at 9.2%. alexis christoforous, cbs news, wall street. right now on wall street, the dow is down more than 47 points at 11,818. the nasdaq is also down nearly 4 points at 26.65. the standard & poors 500 is down five points at 1249. a colorado congressman is apologizing to president obama for using a term on a radio show last week that some find offensive. representative doug lamborn was a guest on khow's capless and
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silverman show. he was talking about working with president obama on raising the debt ceiling. >> i don't want to even have to be associated with him. it is like touching a tar baby and you get it -- you're stuck and you're part of the problem now and you can't get away. >> congressman lamborn's office released this statement about the incident. it reads in part that... the man police say jumped a fence at the white house on tuesday had a court order demanding that he stay away from the white house. secret service apprehended 41- year-old james crudup. they say that the homeless man had a backpack and they checked it for explosives. the press corps was evacuated,
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including cbs news correspondent mark knoller. he explained what happens to the president in situations like this. >> usually, in a case like this, the president is taken into the underground bunker, the peoc, presidential emergency operations center and where he stays until there is an all clear. >> it is believed that president obama was in the white house at the time. the suspect was turned over to d.c. police. the neighbor of a maryland woman murdered in georgia has been charged with the murder. 25-year-old stephen mcdanielel was also loren giddings neighbor. giddings was originally from laurel, maryland but she moved to macon, georgia, to attend law school. she vanished on june 25th. police found her torso in a plastic bag near her apartment a week later. police arrested mcdaniel on
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unrelated burglary charges shortly after they found giddings' body. prosecutors plan to hold a news conference later today to discuss the murder charges. convicted killer lee boyd malveaux wants to change his name. court documents show that he wanted to change his name out of fear for his safety in prison. well, the judge rejected that request. malveaux was only 17 years old when he and john allen muhammad went on the sniper killing spree in our area in 2002. the two of them murdered ten people in our area. malveaux will spend of rest of his life in prison. a local d.c. business owner is fuming because she's been unfairly targeted and fined by public works investigators in washington, d.c. gina schaefer says that investigators from d.c.'s public works department have been sifting through her garbage and her most recent
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fine was for $200. dpw responded. they say that the problem is systemic where poor receptacle placement, labeling and/or education have contributed to obvious contamination. ward two council member jack evans is involved in this debate. he believes these kind of fines are unfair. he's calling for a change. d.c. police are investigating two attacks involving transgender victims. on july 20th, a man walked up to a victim on dix street northeast, asked him a question and pulled out a gun and killed him. a few days later, one block away, a man walked up to another transgender person, asked for change, pulled out a gun and opened fire. that bullet missed. we may have a pattern here. we don't know for sure. we don't know if it is the same individual but we're asking for
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the public's help and at the same time, we're going to go out and put a lot of outreach effort into the transgender community because we want them to be aware. >> d.c. police are increasing street patrols and they are offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. the outer loop through alexandria is reopened after a tractor trailer and a car collided this morning. we have pictures from one of our traffic cameras on i-495 and eisenhower avenue. crews had to use the jaws of life to cut the driver from the car, free. the extent of injuries are not known. police are investigating how this accident happened. and we're learning more about that grisly head-on accident on the beltway in prince george's county. it happened yesterday morning near ritchie marlboro road. two people died in a six car pileup. two cars collided on the outer loop. one car hit another car and
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then those two vehicles crossed the median and went into the inner loop. 41-year-old candice hewitt and 31-year-old rudolfo amea died. police are investigating. they have not ruled out anything in terms of a cause. traffic was also a disaster on new york avenue and florida avenue's northeast after an accident occurred that killed a motorcyclist yesterday morning. and there were many stuck in the back-up including a pregnant woman. trying to get to the hospital on time. anny hong picks up the story from there. >> reporter: you can hear the pain she went through as she gave birth to a baby daughter in her father's car. >> the baby just came out. >> reporter: her father called 911 as they were stuck in traffic on the way to washington hospital center. traffic was at a stand still and roads were blocked.
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meanwhile, she was in immense pain and could feel her daughter coming no matter what. >> here she comes. she started pulling off her clothes. >> i tried to take my sweat pants off in the car, and i put my leg up on the dashboard. >> i'm not going to make it to the fire station because the baby is on the way. >> i felt one push and i felt her head. i pushed again and i felt her arms and stuff and that last push, she came on out on the seat. >> she arrived about ten minutes before the ambulance. her mother held her until emergency crews arrived. the grandfather will have a very unique story to share with his new granddaughter. he, too, wasn't born in a hospital but rather at home because of a very fast delivery. in northwest washington, anny hong, 9news now. mother and baby are doing just fine and they probably will go home today from the
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hospital. still to come when 9news now continues, haiti circumstance certainly has had its share of disasters. right now, residents are bracing for tropical emily. we'll have details. >> the former president, hosni mubarak goes to trial on murder and corruption charges. we'll be right back.
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egypt's former president traded a hospital room for a courtroom as he faced a judge in cairo. hosni mubarak is on trial for killing protestors who rallied to remove him from power. tina kraus reports what happened this morning. >> reporter: the former egyptian president came to court on his hospital bed. workers wheeled hosni mubarak into a courtroom cage to face trial for ordering the killing of protestors. the prosecutor said mubarak had the intention to kill peaceful demonstrators. during an 18-day revolt that toppled him from power in february. about 850 people were killed in the uprising. mubarak pleaded not guilty to murder and cor urption charges saying he absolutely denies all
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accusations. pro and anti-mubarak protestors face off outside the courtroom as the ex-president's trial aired live on big screen television. some yelled we want our revenge. he's a thief and a killer. others say they feel sorry for the 83-year-old. she says just -- he did a lot of good for our country. mubarak's two sons were also in court facing similar charges. mubarak is the first arab leader to stand trial in person since the middle east uprising began. if convicted, on the most serious charge of murder, egypt's former president could be executed. tina kraus, cbs news. the judge ordered mubarak back to court on august 15th. he will stay in a hospital room where he is reportedly being treated for health problems. international relief workers are worried about
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tropical storm emily. the storm appears likely to move across the island of hispaniola and that could flood haiti victims who are in refugee camps. residents at some of the camps are saying that nothing is being done to protect them. coming up next, howard will have details on that and our local forecast. >> j.c., relatively comfortable 81 right now under the clouds here in washington. allergy update came in just like yesterday. we've got low in the tree policy and grass pollen, weeds and mold are moderate. we'll talk about our weather, live doppler 9000 hd and the latest on tropical storm emily when 9news now at noon returns.
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some residents will take time out to say hi to the neighbors they met last night because it was the 28th annual national night out. this is a program that is designed to get neighbors active in crime prevention. dozens come out to national night out. these are pictures from takoma park, maryland. authorities there say that crime is down and maryland governor martin o'malley says more, however, can be done with more community involvement. the most effective law enforcement tool, the most
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effective crime-solving tool that any police force has is good neighbors. >> similar events took place at hundreds of cities across the county. and, of course, it took place in montgomery county. my county. i would like for you to meet my chief, tom is here with good news and some bad news. >> good news is what? >> the good news is that crime is down overall in the county. there's one category of crime that we're still seeing a little bit of an uptick and that's burglary. homes and businesses being broken into. it comes at a great time with national night out because so much of what we need to do is two things i would advise residents of the county. one, lock your doors. you would be surprised how many homes that are broken into, there's no forced entry. they walk in unlocked doors. secondly, it is getting to know your neighbors, having neighbors look out for you, report anything suspicious. i think national nightout give
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s us an opportunity to get to know our neighbors and talk about safety for everybody. the good news is crime is down. but we're still concerned about those burglaries that are occurring all over the county. >> you know, chief manger that you have this teenage curfew proposal. not everyone is on board with that. what's the purpose? >> we've got -- what we've heard from kids, especially in some of our downtown areas, downtown wheaton, silver spring up in germantown, they have a curfew in prince george's county and washington, d.c., we come to montgomery county because there's no curfew. a lot of the kids are there to enjoy what montgomery county has to offer. that's great but we've had some gang activity and some kids that showed up for purposes other than enjoying the community and so we're trying to deal with that. we're trying to be consistent with the other jurisdictions. we're trying to keep kids from becoming victims of crimes. and so we're look at -- and we've gotta do this curfew right. we have to make the right exceptions so good kids can be
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good kids. >> ok, so you're going to tweak it. do you think it will pass? >> the council is not convinced yet. i think if we can explain to them that we're going to allow good kids to be good kids that, this is something that won't tarnish a kid's reputation forever, i think we may be able to convince the council to pass it. >> chief, how would you describe this service, the good and the bad? you're excited about what? >> you know, technology in the police business is really helping us do our job better. and you know, every time there is advances in dna, technology and those sorts of things, it makes our job -- it makes us better at our job. we're solving crimes today that years ago, we would have never been able to solve and a lot of what folks watch on the csi shows, some of that is true. we're excited about technology advances and how that is helping us do our job better. >> we congratulate you for the
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success and thank you for being here with us. my chief, chief manger. >> maybe a few breaks of sunshine. upper 80s but with more luck, mid-80s. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. winds generally out of the south, maybe southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. tonight, 9:00, still a lingering shower. we did have some showers this morning, even a couple of heavy ones here and there. a lot of that has fizzled. we're still looking at a few showers in northern virginia. the heavy stuff is out in kentucky and moving toward tennessee and even into west virginia, we've got stronger storms. on live doppler 9000 hd, some light stuff here. northeastern maryland, out across northern virginia out to our west, we're seeing generally south of loud county. south of 66 for the most part, although around new market, a little bit of yellow showing up. there is a heavier shower. in northern virginia, a lot of this is just kind of spritzing out there. even down toward the northern neck. just kind of spitting rain out
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there. light stuff, warrenton up 29 over toward manassas, even a little bit of sprinkle activity showing up here in fairfax and prince william county. right now at least, not too much. may not be all that much for the rest of the afternoon. temperatures have been the beneficiary. we really have been the beneficiary of this, temperatures are down in the 70s. we're hanging at 83 at reagan national. 86. a little bit warmer down south at tappahannock. it is only 80 in annapolis which is a lot cooler than we've been the last couple of weeks. 83 with the clouds feeling like 85. dew point is at 67. it is a little bit muggy out there. nothing like what they're seeing in the middle of the country. once again, temperatures are soaring here. it is very hot. maybe around 110 or so for places like oklahoma city. on the north and east side of the ridge, you see how the storms are coming in through the ohio valley being pushed toward the southeast. for us, a couple of showers here and there this afternoon. maybe a rumble of thunder into
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tonight as well. some isolated showers. and tomorrow morning, through midday, we may see a few showers. here we are at noon, computer spinning up light showers but some drier air for the afternoon getting better as we head toward tomorrow night and friday. and quickly, i want to show you emily out in the tropics. slight chance of severe weather. i don't think that's going to happen. there's emily going to track across haiti. six to ten inches of rain and get close to florida. hopefully staying offshore. looking at the next three days, we've got temps today perhaps in the upper 80s. couple of showers maybe a thunderstorm. tomorrow, few showers in the morning. near 90. friday, really nice in the upper 80s. if the clouds are thicker tomorrow, this 90 is too high. 90 sunday. 93. back to the 80s by tuesday. we'll be right back after this.
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a hiker missing since saturday is resting in a hospital room after a rescue in oregon. doctors say that pamela sillen is in serious condition but they expect her to make a full recovery. yesterday, crews found her a few miles from where she vanished. she is an experienced hiker. her friends say her ordeal should serve as a reminder to fellow hikers. >> i'm really happy. you hate to see somebody get lost, especially out in a beautiful place like the wilderness there. but it does let you know any time you go out, you have to go prepared. >> it will be a few days before she is released from the hospital and her friends are
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already planning a welcome home party. good luck to her. >> that's a good story because a lot of times, the stories do not have a happy ending. >> very true. thank you for being with us for 9news now at noon. come back and visit us at 5:00 and have a great day. >> bye-bye.
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