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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 13, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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several attacks were launched near the american embassy in afghanistan. this is the largest large scale attack in two years. police fired back after taliban militants attacked the u.s. embassy and nato headquarters in afghanistan's capital. >> handful of individuals, five
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or so, perhaps wearing suicide vests, were able to move into a building that's under construction, several hundred meters from the embassy. >> reporter: they fired ak-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, killing and injuring several people. kabul residents and shop owners took cover. he says i could hear the bombers firing so i escaped from my business. >> u.s. marines reportedly took up defensive positions on the roof of the embassy. >> just two days ago, american troops paid tribute there to the victims of the september 11th attacks. u.s. officials say no embassy or nato staff members were wounded in tuesday's violence. the head of nato insists the taliban will not succeed in derailing afghan security plans. >> they can't stop it. transition is on track and it will continue. >> afghan troops are
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responsible for protecting the capital. the u.s. is planning to give local forces complete control of the country by 2014. tina kraus, cbs news. the attack follows saturday's huge truck bomb explosion at a nato base in central afghanistan. four afghan civilians were killed and 77 u.s. troops were wounded. the two american hikers jailed in iran could be set free by the end of this week. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad said the two will be released in two days. bail has been set at half a million dollars. shane bower and josh patel are accused of spying for the u.s. the two say they were hiking and got lost. last month, a court in iran sentenced them to eight years in prison. a piece of the world trade center is coming to hagerstown. this 700 pound steel beam will become the center peace of a september 11th memorial there. a dedication ceremony is scheduled at hagerstown's city park for tonight.
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it is not a shock to many but figures released today by the u.s. census bureau show that poverty has risen to a 27- year high of more than 15%. as danielle nottingham reports, this could help the president gain support among voters for his $447 billion proposal to get more americans back to work. >> reporter: president obama is heading to ohio, ready to sell his jobs plan directly to voters. he's visiting a school that's in the middle of a multi- million dollar renovation. something he wants to see more of. the president's $447 billion proposal includes $25 billion for modernizing schools, roads and bridges. the rest of the money covers cuts and payroll taxes and tax credits to companies that expand. the president is counting on his supporters to help him pressure lawmakers to pass the plan. >> you gotta make sure your voices are heard. help make the case. there's no reason not to pass
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this bill. >> reporter: but republicans here on capitol hill argue there's at least one big reason not to pass the jobs package. how the white house proposes to pay for it. >> the president wants to limit some tax deductions that wealthier americans can claim and close some loopholes that benefit oil and gas companies. g.o.p. leaders say no deal. >> this administration isn't all that interested in economic policies that will actually work. >> republicans would rather see spending cuts to offset any jobs plan. the president's eager to avoid another drawn out fight with lawmakers. with an election year approaching and unemployment stuck above 9%, he wants a deal done soon. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> on wednesday, the president heads to north carolina as part of a road trip to sell his jobs plan. eight republican presidential hopefuls debate for the second time in less than a week. and once again, there was a little sparring between the two men considered the front-
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runners. this exchange is about texas governor rick perry calling social security a ponzi scheme. >> i think we ought to have a conversation -- >> we're having that right now, governor. >> if you'll let me finish. >> rather than trying to scare seniors like you're doing. >> governor, the term ponzi scheme is what scared seniors. >> i don't think anything should be off the table except the drama playing out on the floor today. >> i'm not particularly worried about governor perry and governor romney frightening the american people when president obama scares them every single day. >> last night's debate took place in tampa, florida. the site of next year's republican national convention. well, the $1 million insurance policy enough to drive three people to kill a family member. prince william county police think so. 75-year-old per lived at the river run senior citizen apartment in woodbridge. his body was found september 1st. authorities say he was strangled. police have arrested his
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nephew, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. >> it is horrible, really. particularly when you have family members who are willing to commit a murder for any reason. >> the suspects are arrested and are being held in new york and new jersey. one was arrested just before boarding a flight to china. the man who says d.c. mayor vincent gray's staff tried to buy his support during the campaign now says he feels targeted. d.c. police arrested sulaimon brown for driving with a suspended license. officers say they stopped him for driving with a broken headlight but brown says there was more to the stop than just that. >> they made reference, he made reference to the fact that you're the guy who tried to get the mayor locked up. >> police say they arrested brown after he refused to obey commands. he was given a $57 ticket for the broken headlight. fedex has the expertise and transportation in logistics. when it comes to delivering and packaging fresh meals, they have the know how.
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surae chinn reports from the food and friends organization that got a little extra help today. >> reporter: this is not fedex's usual delivery of boxes. but bags of fresh meals to a homebound h.i.v. patient. >> i'm just enjoying myself. i've done other things like this. i really like giving back. >> volunteers started earlier today at the food and friends kitchen, prepping and packing meals. bringing even arch-rival fans together. >> you actually have a steeler and a raven fan working together. there you go. bringing us together. >> there are 45 volunteers from fedex making more than 3500 meals today. food and friends makes more than a million meals and delivers them for those in need. >> i always have goosebumps because i feel it is an amazingly good organization. it started with the a.i.d.s. community and now it's gone to cancer and i think it is absolutely unbelievable. >> paramount for my employees that work in the district to really help those less
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fortunate. >> food and friends provides free meals for thousands of people across maryland, d.c. and virginia. who suffer from h.i.v. a.i.d.s. and cancer. >> our clients say this is a lifeline and for many people, it is the only social contact they have during the day. >> reporter: in northeast, surae chinn, 9news now. there are 11,000 volunteers with food and friends. fedex, by the way, is participating in its annual global week of service. they have 4,000 volunteers contributing 20,000 volunteer hours. still to come when the news continues, the doctor is in and in a few minutes, you'll get a sneak peek at the premiere of the dr. phil show. he's talking to the parents of casey anthony. you'll see the interview only here on channel 9 at 4:00 p.m. first, more proof of strength in numbers. you'll see what happens when people help a motorcyclist trapped under that car.
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a harrowing high-speed chase through the australian outback is caught on tape. police say they chased the driver of a stolen yellow porsche right there at speeds close to 100 miles per hour. at one point, the driver loses control, crashes into the guardrail, loses a tire and then keeps on going. that car eventually would have gave out. that's when the driver
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commandeered a pickup truck. you see that there and eventually crashed. police slapped the cuffs on him. here are some is amazing video of bystanders becoming heroes. in utah, a car struck a man on a motorcycle and pinned him under the wreckage. people rushed in to help and kept at it even as the car caught fire. you see them lifting the car up and another man was able to pull the victim out. >> people look underneath the car. you could see panic. and when i saw that panic, there is someone either in the car or underneath the car. >> the driver that was under that car, brandon wright, is in stable condition after surgery. up next, anny hong is outside with the forecast. it is looking pretty good. >> it looks great, lesli. it feels like summer now but it will feel like fall. we'll let you know when coming up in the seven-day forecast. but first, here is your allergy report where the counts for weeds is very high. mold also high. a lot of folks are still
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sneezing. the weather is coming up after the break.
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a tony award winning musical starts a four-week run in d.c. tonight. it tells the true story of nigerian musician who followed his mother's example to become a champion of civil rights in
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the face of an oppressive military government. faleh opens tonight at the shakespeare theatre and runs through october 9th. music fans can see the fillmore concert venue tonight at an open house. the fillmore is on colesville road near georgia avenue in silver spring, maryland. it is on the site of an old jcpenney store. we showed you inside the have been you on a. after tonight's open house, the venue opens thursday night with a concert from who else? mary j. blige and tickets to the fillmore concert can be purchased through live nation's web site. besides all say share the road but there is bad blood in our region between some drivers and bikers. some cyclists are now using cameras on their helmets to capture bad drivers. bruce he willtion shows us a recent -- bruce leshan shows a recent episode of bike rage. >> rhode island avenue northeast late last month, a bicyclist wearing a helmet cam to protect himself captures
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this apparently unprovoked attack. >> what's that? >> the pickup driver pulled up cursing and it looks like he ran his truck right into the cyclist on purpose. bike advocates say this kind of attack happens all too often. >> there's no obvious issue. the cyclist was riding safely, riding properly in the lane where he should have been. >> nearly everyone seems to agree that d.c.'s developed a nasty case of bike car road rage. >> some of them are doing some crazy stuff out there, you know. they're in your way. they're not on the side like they should be. >> when bikes and cars collide, the cars almost always win and bike advocates say the same thing happens in court. it is the bikers' word against the car driver's word and that is almost always too little to win a criminal assault conviction. and that is why advocates are pushing for greater access to
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civil lawsuits. the bicyclist association wants d.c. to pass a law giving cyclists the right to sue over harassment and collect lawyer's fees if they win. >> if you have two stories, the jury can hear which one resonates and which one is surrounding evidence might support. >> reporter: but even the cyclist association admits some riders do dumb things. this cabby describes a bicyclist going the wrong way down a one-way street without looking. >> he landed right here. with his head. and this windshield came all the way here. >> bruce leshan, 9news now. >> gotta take it easy out there. the district has one of the highest rates of people commuting each day by bike. nearly 1.5% of commuters are on two wheels. minneapolis has the highest rate of bike commuters in the nation. this afternoon, the dr. phil show makes its debut on channel 9 and the new season debuts with dr. phil's explosive interview of casey anthony's parents.
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here is an excerpt. >> as we now know, that day, 911 calls were made. she's being cuffed in the driveway. she's in your home that night. she knows that caylee is gone. >> yep. >> she continued to lie. >> she continued to lie. >> you can watch dr. phil's interview today and tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., right here on wusa 9. >> don't want to miss going outside. it is gorgeous. >> it feels still kind of like summer out there. slowly, we'll be changing over to fall in that seven-day forecast. we've got some big changes coming this way. get outside if you can. here's a look at the day planner for this tuesday. lots of sun. temperatures warming up into the mid-80s this afternoon. plenty of sunshine. 83 by 5:00. and this evening, you want to have dinner outside if you can. clear skies by 9:00 in the mid-
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70s. take the dog out for an extra long walk if you can. here is a look at the satellite radar picture where we've got high pressure in control. and that high pressure will be in control for the next couple of days here. in fact, we'll see some changes coming this way probably wednesday into thursday. right now, temperatures are in the upper 70s, lower 80s for andrews air force base. leesburg lower 80s. hagerstown still in the mid- 70s. warming up in winchester at 81 degrees. currently, it is 78 at reagan national. feels like 80. the dew point, mid-60s. the winds are out of the south at 7 miles per hour. push of the humidity, just a little bit here. nothing really too uncomfortable. here is a look at the 9 future cast to show you what it is going to look like. tonight's commute, bring out the sunglasses. dry. tomorrow morning, also heading out to school and work. but late afternoon in the evening, the first of two cold fronts coming through this way tomorrow also into thursday morning. potentially.
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another front coming through not as well organized but also could bring scattered showers and storms. probably more cloudy conditions on thursday then canadian high pressure comes through which means much cooler conditions. we're watching the tropics, tropical storm maria. the center just north of puerto rico but the outer branch dropping in lots of heavy rain for puerto rico. it is a poorly organized system but here is a look at some of the models. our spaghetti plot showing what they think maria will do. it could impact bermuda. maybe wednesday night into thursday. tropical storm conditions are possible. right now, not looking to impact the east coast of the u.s. that's good news for us right now. highs for today though, get outside. here's why. temperatures around 83 degrees for downtown. 83 in leesburg. 82 for martinsburg and annapolis. andrews air force base, 82 degrees. generally, we'll be close to mid-80s in a lot of locations. for today, still warming up. thursday a little warmer at 87
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degrees. lots of sunshine. then some late afternoon and evening thunderstorms are possible with some showers as that front comes through. thursday, look at that. we've cooled down to the mid- 70s. showers possible. here is your seven-day outlook. we cool down thursday but look at friday. even cooler. upper 60s close to 70 degrees. the weekend looking dry for the most part. little milder in the mid-70s. redskins game on sunday should be fine. monday, still cool in the upper 70s. we're coming back with some cooking in the kitchen. state farm. this is jessica.
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all right, no need to hold the pickle or the lettuce but for some people who have gluten issues, you may need to hold the flour and we have a recipe here from wildfire executive chef eddie who is going to tell you how to make it and make it taste good. it is not going to taste like cardboard, right? >> absolutely not. this is a great recipe we came up with. we've been using it for about two or three years now. very simple to make. >> ok, let's talk. >> gluten free flour made from rice flour and tapioca. make sure. >> how much flour? >> about two cups. >> ok. >> two cups of flour. tablespoon of yeast is also in here. and a half cup of milk powder that you can find at your local grocery store. >> ok. >> once you get the flour in,. >> you mix it all together. >> i have two cups of water, two eggs. pop it right in here. >> a tablespoon of rice wine vinegar. >> to give it a unique flavor.
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>> ok. go ahead and mix it up. >> this is highly requested on your menu. >> absolutely. it is -- gluten free has seriously blown up. i mean -- >> more people are diagnosed with celiac disease and other things. >> a lot of people can't have gluten. it is a protein that comes out of regular flour, wheat, stuff like that. and it just affects their digestive system. >> it also limits, for a lot of people who were not able to have gluten, they didn't have a lot of food options but now a lot of that has changed. >> it is endless to be honest with you. especially with our menu. from salads to burgers to burger buns to cookies to pizzas, i mean we have it all. we try to satisfy all of our customers with celiac disease or not. >> sure. once you get this all mixed up and you bake it up.
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>> you pop it in a mold or some kind of mold. 350, about 15 minutes. this is your final product. >> which looks like a biscuit. >> exactly. >> you could also put some cheddar cheese in there, wisk it up. cheddar cheese, white cheddar cheese is gluten free as well. >> fantastic. we should tell people. you have a whole spread here in front of us that you can see of items that are on your restaurant menu that are gluten free and you're having a special dinner, a gluten free dinner on september 20th. >> a week from today. it is four, five course menu paired with wine. everything on that menu is gluten free. so, from pizza, a new york strip on there. >> fantastic. i hate to cut you off because we're running out of time but it sounds so wonderful. we'll tell everybody, if you want more information, go to our web site. that's it for us. i'll see you back here at 5:00. don't forget, is also
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on. have a great day!
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