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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 15, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. today is only the beginning of a possible traffic nightmare in alexandria. 2300 employees have officially relocated to the mark center. it is all part of the department of defense brac relocation plan. surae chinn talked to some of the workers today. >> it's been an experience trying different routes. >> it is a little more difficult but thus far, it is not too bad. >> reporter: danielle miller
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used to have an easy commute from west falls church to the rosslyn metro station but now, metro trains are not an option for her. >> everyone is keeping their eyes open as more people get in, if it gets better or worse. >> reporter: many of the workers had a metro station at rosslyn or crystal city but now they're having to add on to their morning and afternoon commutes on top of taking shuttle buses. >> i wasn't look forward to the increase in the length of my commute. that's for sure. >> reporter: it is what congressman jim moran has been telling the federal government. >> there was no good reason to move them out of those commercial office buildings and stick them in a building here that doesn't have ac says to metro. it is a decision by secretary rumsfeld. rubber stamped by the brac commission. >> reporter: there is only a bus depot for shuttle buses. newly built multilevel garage decks are a sign that many more drivers will be making the move. >> we're stuck with having to accommodate what will, i think, always be shown to have been a wrong decision. >> reporter: it is already gridlock on 395 and the seminary road interchange.
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adding on only creates more traffic. by the end of january, there will be 6400 additional federal workers. >> this will be crazy. who knows. maybe tack on another hour or two hours. >> in six months when everybody is here, driving will be bad. >> i hope i'm wrong. >> reporter: in alexandria, surae chinn, 9news now. congressman jim moran says that brac was supposed to save billions of dollars but instead, the relocation is costing the government more money. he's still fighting to restrict the number of parking spaces allowed at the complex. alexandria is not the only place picking up thousands of new jobs. fort belvoir in virginia will see a big influx of workers. also in maryland, fort meade, the bethesda naval medical center and the aberdeen proving ground. later this afternoon, president obama will bestow the medal of honor on a marine. the white house released a
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photo of the president, sharing a beer dakota meyer outside the oval office. it happened yesterday. but two years ago, corporal meyer rushed into an ambush in afghanistan. he drove his humvee into the middle of the fire fight five times, despite being wounded. and he is credited with saving 13 marines and 23 afghan soldiers and killing eight insurgents. the medal of honor is the nation's highest medal for bravery. mayor believes that any of his fellow marines would have risked their lives in order to save him. >> whenever the award is put on me, it is for the whole marine corps. that's what it is about. the guys that are serving, the men and women still serving, it is about america. >> the ceremony will take place at 2:00 this afternoon. we'll have more details coming up on 9news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. top brass at fort detrick in frederick are denying any kind of a cover-up of
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contamination that may have caused cancers in nearby communities. a spokesperson for fort detrick says the base hired outside investigators and the army corps of engineers to go through archives spread across the nation to figure out anything that might have been done over the years to contaminate the base. at least 80 neighbors have filed claims with the army, alleging contamination on the base, contributed to their illnesses. prosecutors in prince william county say that they will pursue felony charges against the teen driver involved in the deadly car accident. in april, 18-year-old christopher suarez was driving on loudoun mill road in may hark et when he hit a deer and slammed into a tree. two of his 15-year-old passengers died in that crash. no one was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. right now, european leaders
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in libya are showing support for that country's new governing body. the visit is being used to send a very strong message to supporters of ousted leader moammar gadhafi. tina kraus reports that leaders are asking gadhafi loyalists to lay down their weapons. >> reporter: libyans cheered as britain's prime minister arrived in tripoli to congratulate them on their newfound freedom. david cameron urged ousted leader moammar gadhafi and his followers to surrender. >> the message i think to gadhafi and all of those still holding arms on his behalf is it is over! give up! >> reporter: libyans thanked cameron and french president nicolas sarkozy for leading the nato mission that helped topple gadhafi's regime. this man called the european leaders friends who helped oust a tyrant. they're the first foreign heads of government to visit libya
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since revolutionary forces seized the capital three weeks ago. >> well, they're proud to be here. >> the paris havitied fighters injured in bat -- the paris havitied fighters. it triggered tight security since parts of libya are under the colonel's control. >> this is not over. >> britain's prime minister pledged his country will help hunt down the ex-deck tater saying libyans will only get justice when they see gadhafi face it. tina kraus, cbs news. minister cameron also said his country will unfreeze nearly a billion dollars of libyan assets currently being held in britain. still to come when 9news now continues, the university of maryland football team raised a few eyebrows with their uniforms last week. we'll show you what they'll be wearing when they take to the field on saturday. and we'll have details of a deadly train crash involving a commuter bus and it is all caught on tape.
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we'll be back.
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a bus and a train collided and it was caught on tape. we're going to show you video of the deadly crash that was taken from a surveillance camera on a train platform in buenos aires, argentina. the train struck the bus, jumped the tracks and crashed head on into a second train.
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11 people were killed. most were passengers on the bus. 200 others were injured. authorities are still investigating. and at least two people were killed and nine others injured after a cruise liner caught fire along the coast of norway. four passengers are still missing. about 100 passengers escaped on lifeboats and the rest got off the ship once it reached port. we want to tell you about a story that you will only see here on 9news. a maryland cemetery is providing anything but solace for the families who own plots or who have loved ones there. this is from calvert county resident linda cox. she visited southern memorial gardens in dunker just a few days ago. and when she arrived, not only did she find the property neglected but she discovered
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another person's headstone on her mother's burial plot. she believes that southern memorial gardens sold the plot that she purchased for her mother back in 1994. god forbid if anything was to happen to my mother in the near future, i couldn't lay her to rest beside her husband and that's wrong. that's not there. >> i can't die. it is upsetting. it is upsetting. we want to some answers, just the truth. >> the state of maryland's office of cemetery oversight is now investigating the allegations along with a laundry list of others. the cemetery's previous owner is in jail. convicted of defrauding customers out of more than $2 million. the next owner is also facing charges for allegedly operating the cemetery without a license. the property recently went into foreclosure. coming up next, howard has the forecast. >> j.c., comfortable right now with 70s. get ready to turn the furnace
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on and extra blankets. lots of 40s tonight could help with the allergens. they're up today. everything in the moderate category except for the weeds. they're high. i'll have the seven-day forecast, live doppler 9000 hd. pet line thursday. don't go away.
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the white house is confirming that president obama will speak at the dedication of the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial on the mall. that ceremony is set for sunday, october 16th. the dedication was originally going to take place last month but hurricane irene intervened. by the way, october 16th will be the 16th anniversary of the million man march. there is a new push to create some national parks in maryland and new york. dedicated to harriet tubman. two bus loads of people traveled to washington yesterday to show their support for the idea that is sponsored by maryland senator ben cardin. tubman was born in dorchester county and spent nearly 30 years as a slave before escaping in 1849. she later led hundreds of slaves to freedom as part of the antislavery network known as the underground railroad.
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and now to the pressing question for maryland football fans, if you want to match the team, you'll need to wear black this sunday. coach randy edsall revealed yesterday the team is going with the all black uniforms when they host the west virginia mountaineers. the coach says that the team captains chose the winning design but this one is actually his personal favorite. lightning strikes damage two homes in loudoun county, virginia, overnight. one on summer breeze court in sterling. it was the worst of the two. the family that is in this particular home got out safely. lightning strike and the fire, however, caused about $80,000 worth of damage. the family is now staying in temporary housing. the family in this home on wild rose court in ashburn is waking up to a house that probably smells like smoke.
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the bolt of lightning struck the home overnight and that sparked a fire in the attic. authorities say the blaze quickly spread to the second floor, luckily, no one was injured. howard is here with the forecast and i think he's going to tell us to keep the umbrellas handy. >> a couple of showers today. last night, had another inch plus up at my place. it has been an incredible month, about 13, 14 inches already. today, a front is coming through. it will get a lot chillier. yesterday, 87. tomorrow, we'll be lucky to be 67. 20 degrees colder than today. here's a look at your day planner. clouds are moving in now. with those clouds, maybe a couple of showers. look at the temperatures, mid- 70s now, we'll be in the lower 70s by 3:00. toward 5:00, in the 60s. winds picking up northwest to northerly. 16 to 19 miles per hour. could be gusting 20 to 25. a big change coming. by 7:00, we're starting to
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break out into partly cloudy skies. 65 and even at 9:00, we're down to 63. still, a very breezy evening out there. so, just watch out for a couple of showers here and there. we're looking at it on satellite and radar. we'll show you what happened last night, this morning, a few showers. the bulk of the rain really went up to pennsylvania, new york state and new england. charleston back into eastern kentucky, we've got some showers there. whole boundary slides east. we'll get into a little bit of activity. live doppler 9000 hd, relatively quiet now. a few sprinkles up near the pennsylvania border and the mountains of west virginia. that is it. at least for the next several hours, i don't expect much. maybe as we get toward 3:00, 4:00, we'll see more. temperatures tell the story. it is only 50 in oakland. those temperatures have been dropping. that's garrett county. 64 in hagerstown. the warm air, more sunshine. richmond is 84. tappahannock is 82. easton is 81. here in d.c., we're 78. we're just starting to feel the push of the northwesterly winds and that cooler air filtering
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in. in fact, the winds right now are north-northeast. they're going to turn northwesterly and really start to increase over the next couple of hours. dew points will start to drop there in the mid-60s. temperature, that's as warm as we're going to get. i expect that to be dropping also as the cool air rushes in. you can see what's going on to the north and west. minneapolis is 51. chicago, 53. international falls this morning, set their all-time september low at 19 degrees. the low for today was 24. that's some kind of cold for them. 80 in atlanta. we're all going to watch the cold air move in. showers and storms in the middle of the country. it is this guy up in canada, dragging in the colder air and that is going to keep us and the chill actually for the next few days. we've gone from shorts weather yesterday to short sleeve weather as we -- excuse me, to sweater weather as we head into tomorrow and even most of the weekend. tonight's lows could be in the low 40s in spots. 30s in the mountains with about 52 here in washington.
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55 on the bay. today, mid even upper 70s with a couple of showers. look at that tomorrow. 40s and 50s. we're only going into the mid to upper 60s with partly to cloudy skies. as we head toward saturday, upper 60s again with partly cloudy skies. stray shower south and east. by sunday, 72. looks good for the redskins and then warming next week. all right, bo arch is with me from pet line 9 thursday. he's from the washington humane society. this is darin. >> darin the purring cat. >> he sounds like a dove when he purrs. he's a very special kitty. >> you've had hem in the shelter for about five weeks. >> yeah. he's vaccinated, neutered, he's ready to go home. he's a quintessential lap cat. >> if you're thinking about getting a cat, this is the weekend, right? >> this is the weekend. on the 17th and 18th, this weekend, we have adoption fees, waived adoptions. so, come to the shelters from 12:00 to 7:00 on the georgia
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avenue site and 12:00 to 5:00 on the new york avenue site. >> it will cost you nothing. all you need is a carrier. if not, they'll sell you a cardboard one for $5. they have case of vitamin water they're giving away to people who adopt animals. >> darren looks like he's a happy cat. >> he is. >> how can folks contact you over there at the humane society? >> we can be contacted at 202- 576-6664. >> if you missed any of that, we've got all of the information, their web site and phone number at our web site, that's at just go to the pet line section. you're a cutie, darren. stick around. we'll be right back with 9news now at noon in just a moment. [ screaming ]
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. this evening, arena stage will have its season opener celebration by presenting trouble in mind by alice childress. but our very, very special guest is a woman whom i admired from a child. i used to watch her on television. i used to think she was so pretty and she was so talented. i'm talking about lesli who will be receiving tonight's american artist award from arena stage. she's gotten a tony and an emmy. she's traveled all over the world and i had the great pleasure of having dinner with her and your handsome husband -- >> yes. >> graham whom you've been married to for 47 years. i bet you out of all of the awards and all of the things you've done, there is one thing you told me last night that i know is special in your heart.
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you became a grandmother. >> at last! >> i have a little granddaughter. >> that's so special. >> she's brilliant. of course -- >> all grandmothers say that. >> but she is. >> of course. when you look back on your career, i mean i remember seeing you on the ed sul ran van show and -- on the ed sullivan show and hollywood squares. i admired you because we didn't see african-american women like you on television. so, you were an icon. >> yes. >> but when you look back on your career, what stands out as the most significant thing? >> well, i have to say roots because it was a great experience and the filming of it. it was a great experience getting to know alex haley who wrote it. and to be the show of all time to have the highest ratings was quite something. america truly stopped to watch roots and that had never happened before. >> that's right.
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there's been nothing really like that. you traveled all over the world. you performed in so many productions. your voice is still crystal clear. you just have been blessed, haven't you? >> i have been blessed. recently, i've been doing a show called uptown downtown which is my musical biographer, autobiography and it has been very successful. in fact, we recorded it and it will be coming out in february. >> wonderful. >> uptown downtown. it is really -- gave me a chance to look back at all of the true blessings i have from starting off at 6 years old, you know. and it is -- i've worked with some fabulous, fabulous people and hopefully will continue to. >> arena stage is just delighted to give you an award tonight for your signature contribution to the theatre. and as an african-american woman, can i just say thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you for giving young, black girls
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the opportunity to dream and be in a position like i'm in today. it is only because of people like you. >> oh, thank you so much for that. >> what a delight to have you here. i'll see you tonight. >> ok. >> we're going to -- i am going to tell you about my new web site for a minute. full of information about events around town, also about my charity work and guess what. i even offer advice. so, go to every day. check it out! thanks for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great day! good-bye.
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