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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  September 25, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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the big guys can really bend over. look at the nifty footwork. holding the ball, maybe in the wrong arm. put it on the outside arm. nice. nice play by haloti ngata. sharing the ball with the fans. kevin: lewis told us last night, he said we usually respond after a loss, and under harbaugh they are not going to go to 13-4 -- they will now go 13-4 a weak aft -- week after a loss. for those of you expecting to see "60 minutes" you're watching the nfl on cbs, and the game between the baltimore ravens and the st. louis rams, this is kevin along with solomon, and our score is 37-7 baltimore, "60 minutes" will be seen in its entirety immediately following this game except on the west coast. the ensuing kickoff, it comes from the 50 because of the personal foul, unsportsmanlike
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conduct. what a way to celebrate for haloti ngata. fumble recovery, vacuuming it in and taking it in for the touchdown. enjoy your cbs fantasy sports teams on your mobile device. download the free ap today. cbssports/mobile. >> bradford remains in the game. he hurt his finger in week one against philadelphia. he hit it against a helmet on a follow through. the index finger of his passing hand. we've seen him go down and crumble on his passing arm in a sack earlier in the game. first and 10, a quick gain of three brought up by williams, to new york and james brown. >> jets have drawn within seven of oakland. >> unlike this game, going into the fourth quarter, jets down by 14. targeting the red zone. plaxico burriss. giving the ball back to sanchez
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one more time. back to seven and solomon. kevin: we'll remember the jets came from 14 down on sunday night against the dallas cowboys to beat dallas and here's a second and seven, a handoff to cadillac who picks up about two yards. he's out to the 25 yard line. solomon: would someone tell the coach you can't do a cliffhanger every week. we try. we do our best. kevin: we're still a tough fumes of oakland and buffalo last week. got a sack today, first of his career, the rookie out of mississippi state, you see some of the passing leaders in our fantasy update. solomon: how about the coach handling the update duties with jb. kevin: seamlessly, brought down on the play by ray lewis. still digging out the ball. two pro bowls, two nfl defensive player of the year, super bowl mvp. solomon: yeah, all everything. how about that. kevin: and playing with heavy heart. we're told as we started our broadcast, with orlando brown's
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passing earlier this week, he and ray were close. solomon: yeah, ray lewis is such a passionate player. i don't know that we've had a better player to play in any position, would gives so much to the game, physically, emotionally, and just a tremendous leader, has helped other players realize their true potential, and maybe not nearly as good, if ray lewis isn't a teammate of theirs. kevin: baltimore has flown -- thrown the challenge flag out on to the field. solomon: ray lewis -- >> ref: baltimore is challenging the ruling on the play that the runner was down by contact. solomon: which means ray lewis is saying it's their ball. it should have been a turnover. so now we're going to go under the hood and take a look. kevin: and with a 30-point lead, they are always working for a baltimore team, that was wondering, you know, really what they were going to be, they knew but a lot of people were questioning, were they the team that played so well against pittsburgh in week one or was it the team that lost leak week to
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tennessee in week two? solomon: it's a carry by cadillac. he's on the ground. the ball is out, clearly out but did it come out before he made contact with the ground. now he's trying to fight for the ball. he has it. cadillac williams has it. was that ball sitting on the turf as they both went to grab it? and at what point did it come out? did it come out before the knee or hip was on the ground of cadillac williams? we have no evidence that it was. kevin: 36-year-old ray lewis with 10 tackles today. here's a look at cadillac williams, who has had his share of injuries. he, of course, was a high pick by the tampa bay buccaneers. he missed 22 games because of knee injuries in 2007 and 2008 but he's not missed a single game in the last two years, and is the back-up to steven jackson who did start today and that surprised a lot of people. i think john harbaugh was
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probably not expecting him after jackson had not taken any credible snaps in practice this week for the rams here in st. louis. solomon: but steven jackson is one of those players that you can give him some rest during the week and still get a good game out of him. you see josh mcdaniel studying his play call sheet. >> ref: after reviewing the play the ruling on the field stands. baltimore will be charged with a time-out. fourth down. kevin: they will get the ball anyway. on the punt coming up from jones of the st. louis rams. solomon: i don't know if that time-out will help you so much, with 3:20 left on the clock. and a 30-point lead. kevin: they have got laquan williams, he's seen a lot of snaps in his very new engla-- y
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career today. williams, asking for a fair catch, lost the ball, and then gets it to about the 22 on the a 50-yard punt. double action, the steelers will take on the texans, and then the broncos will battle the defending super bowl champion green bay packers, it all begins next sunday at 12:00 noon brought to you by southwest airlines. we will be in oakland for the new england patriots and the oakland raiders. solomon: that should be a big one. the oakland raiders team is much improved. kevin: indeed they are. flacco is still in. first down and 10. anthony allen. with the carry, a seven round pick out of georgia tech, here's the upcoming schedule with the
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jets coming up on sunday night against the ravens. solomon: they will play host to the new york jets. and then they will have a bye week and then the houston texans come to town and then they pay a visit to jacksonville. so jets are losing by, what, 13. kevin: 13 points right now. solomon: to the oakland raiders. kevin: remains in the backfield, allen. a starter at louisville. transferred, became a starter at georgia tech. he was drafted in the seventh round by baltimore. >> ref: false start, offense, number 76. kevin: 5-yard penalty. second down. kevin: that is on jah reid. third round pick, rookie out of central florida. flacco's numbers. second down and 12.
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a hard hit put on anthony allen. a gain of two. solomon: well, i guess joe flacco really did respond to the challenge from his head coach john harbaugh. we spoke with him yesterday, he said, look, joe flacco did not play well one week ago in nashville against the tennessee titans, but he's got to play much better tomorrow. he knew he had to push his quarterback to go out and play well today. joe flacco has responded and we've got to start giving joe flacco a lot more credit as being one of the top quarterbacks in our league. kevin: and the two-minute warning. so powerful, anything you download on your computer is available on your droid bionic, instantly, wirelessly, at verizon 4g lte speed. never sync with a cord again. the droid bionic by motorola. control it and you control everything. up to 1.4 million pounds of grease...
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kevin: they are trying to get a more consistent pass rush today. they did get five sacks against sam bradford. the quarterback has thrown three long touchdown passes. third down and 10. flacco, just under 400 yard passing. looking to tack on some more. doss, there is a flag, and the coverage by bradley fletcher of the rams. you can see those helmets.
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they were the first team in the nfl -- >> ref: pass interference, defense, number 32. the ball will be placed at the spot of the foul. first down. kevin: they were the first team to have that put on and a former player back in the late 1940s, he didn't like the leather helmets, so he said, he was an art major, a guy named fred gurke, played halfback at the university of utah, did not like the drab, brown helmets so he put the logo owner and the owner liked it so much, he said, i'll pay you a dollar a helmet for the rest of the season. solomon: did he get royalties with that? kevin: but that was the beginning of what we see now with all these different helmets and the rams, it used to be -- he initially painted it gold. then it went to white and now it's back to gold. second down and seven yards to
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go. solomon: that was a really good story. kevin: it's a good story. solomon: it is a good story. all 32 teams have their own logo on the side of their helmet. there is no doubt. and it all started with the rams. kevin: so a lot of questions may have been answered today by baltimore. they came in after last week's loss to tennessee, the quarterback played well. the offensive line, with gurode playing at the left guard, may have answered some questions there with grubbs still injured and john harbaugh in the wake of a loss has come up with his 13th win in 17 games as a head coach of the ravens. on the other side, steve spagnuolo has lost his sixth game in the last seven going back to last year and they looked bad today to be quite honest. he's got a lot on his mind. the quarterback took the beating, and they have got a lot of issues here in st. louis. solomon: yeah, you never really saw him get going in the no-huddle offense. this baltimore ravens defense was just simply dominant today.
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kevin: so we saw three long touchdown passes by flacco, all to rookie torrey smith, who caught touchdown passes of 74, 41, and 18 yards. field goals by cundiff, and two very dear friends, spagnuolo of the amounts and harbaugh of the ravens, will give a quick goodbye amid field. you just saw ngata, who had the fumble recovery and a touchdown run for baltimore. baltimore, 553 yards offense. from all of us, tonight, "60 minutes," the amazing race, good wife and cfi miami. you've been watching the nfl on cbs. year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> pelley: by air, land and sea, the nation's largest counter- terrorism squad is on the beat in america's largest city. >> we've had 13 terrorist plots against the city. >> pelley: and with a new threat looming, police commissioner ray kelly gave us an extraordinary look inside the counter- terrorism bureau-- the training, like this assault team practicing for a hostage situation in a subway car, and the astounding technology that has been designed and built specifically for the nypd.
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>> we're the number-one target. >> zeig heil! zeig heil! >> stahl: if they sound like nazis, it's because they are. >> zeig heil! zeig heil! zeig heil! >> stahl: the largest neo-nazi group in america rallying in trenton, new jersey. >> this isn't dress-up, this isn't a game. we're fighting for our children's future. >> stahl: jeff hall was the movement's rising star... >> we are not afraid of you! >> stahl: ...who was murdered at pointblank range in his own home. what's astonishing about this story was who did it. ♪ ♪ >> kroft: perhaps the most remarkable thing about trey parker and matt stone is that, over the past 15 years, they have written, directed, and voiced the major characters in every scene of more than 200 episodes of "south park." >> i know that i'm awesome and cool, polly prissy-pants. >> kroft: now, they're taking on the great white way in "the book of mormon," a crude, rude,
7:28 pm
blasphemous, tony-award winning musical. >> ♪ hello my name is elder young ♪ hello ♪ did you know that jesus lived here in the u.s.a.? >> kroft: are their lines that you won't cross? >> no. >> no. we haven't found one yet.
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>> stahl: earlier this year, the leader of a neo-nazi group was murdered in riverside, california. his name was jeff hall. he was a burly man, six-foot- three, a devoted father of five young children, and a plumber who had been unemployed for three years. jeff hall was shot at near zero range in his own living room. what was astonishing was who shot him. >> jeff hall: we've been through a lot together, some of us, you know. seriously... >> stahl: this is 32-year-old jeff hall. these pictures were taken just hours before he was executed, right in this room. the executioner-- this child, his son. his ten-year-old son. but if you find this image disturbing, consider this one taken two weeks earlier... >> zeig heil! >> stahl: ...a neo-nazi rally on the streets of trenton, new jersey. >> hall: who's streets? >> our streets! >> hall: who's streets? >> our streets!
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>> hall: who's streets? >> our streets! >> hall: zeig heil! >> stahl: jeff hall was a rising star in the largest neo-nazi group in the country, the national socialist movement or nsm. >> zeig heil! >> stahl: the numbers nationwide are still small-- 500 members, tops-- but they're growing. >> hall: this isn't dress-up, this isn't a game. we are fighting for our children's future. >> stahl: according to jeff hall and the nsm, that future would be an all-white, non-semitic america. >> hall: there's other groups i could join. there's tons of them. >> stahl: jeff hall joined only three years ago, but seen as personable and charismatic, he quickly became the leader of the nsm in california, arizona, utah, and nevada. >> hall: zeig heil! >> zeig heil! zeig heil! >> stahl: this footage was shot by julie platner, a filmmaker and photographer who was able to gain the nsm's trust... >> how you doing, miss julie? >> stahl: ...and enter their
7:42 pm
closed world of private meetings. >> hall: julie has me mic'ed. >> stahl: she quickly honed in on jeff hall. >> hall: jeff. nice to meet you >> stahl: jeff hall cultivated a sense of family among his new recruits... ( clapping ) >> hall: yeah. we did good. >> stahl: ...holding his monthly meetings at his house, with the kids around, including his son joseph. these gatherings were a strange mix of nazi propaganda... >> hall: that's how we apply what we learn from "mein kampf." >> stahl: ...and party games. >> happy birthday! >> stahl: a birthday celebration topped off by... >> zeig heil! >> stahl: jeff's mother, joann patterson, went to some of her son's meetings, despite abhorring her son's politics. >> joann patterson: i wanted to make sure it was okay for my grandkids to be there. and i had a great time. it looked like any barbecue in any backyard in america. the food was great... >> stahl: but they were nazis. we're just sitting here talking about nazis. >> patterson: i know, it's crazy. >> stahl: they're in your own
7:43 pm
family. >> patterson: i know, it's crazy, huh? >> stahl: "my son became a nazi." >> patterson: yeah, a nazi leader. ( laughs ) >> stahl: on saturday, april 30, her son jeff held what would be his last get-together. nothing seemed out of the ordinary, to the extent this is ordinary. ten-year-old joseph was running in and out of the house. >> joseph hall: i'm going outside. >> stahl: all the kids were. dad even took some of them to see his nazi glow-in-the-dark t- shirt with its ss insignia. >> wow. >> jeff hall: it's the little things in life. >> stahl: this is the last recorded image of jeff hall alive. after people left that night, the family watched a movie, "yogi bear," as jeff slept on the couch. the others went upstairs to bed. then, at 4:02 a.m... >> 9-1-1 emergency. >> krista hall: my son shot my husband! i need an ambulance. he's bleeding. >> how old is your son?
7:44 pm
>> krista hall: ten. >> how old is your son? >> krista hall: ten. oh, god! >> stahl: you were the first detective at the scene after the murder, is that correct? >> greg rowe: that's correct. >> stahl: detective greg rowe saw jeff hall dead on the couch. he says little joseph, who was found hiding upstairs under his covers, described calmly how he had gotten the family's rossi .357 magnum from his dad's closet... >> rowe: ...went downstairs and shot his dad. he described how he used his forefingers to cock the gun, and used two fingers to pull the trigger, and he pointed it at his ear. >> stahl: this was not a case of a kid thinking it was a toy and letting it go off by accident? >> rowe: there's no evidence this was anything but intentional. >> stahl: prosecutor michael soccio. >> michael soccio: when he was taken into juvenile hall, he's so little, they didn't have shoes to fit him. so they had to go out and buy him a little pair of tennis shoes. and he asked if he'd be able to keep the shoes when he left, which showed an absolute lack of
7:45 pm
understanding of what was going to be happening. >> stahl: the department of justice reports only nine cases of a ten-year-old killing a parent since 1980. but then, how many american kids are raised by a nazi? when you heard that the victim was the head of the local nazi organization, did you just think to yourself that that had something to do with it? >> soccio: when i first heard it, i thought there's got to be some connection with nazi views, with guns, with weapons, with violence. >> stahl: hate speech. >> soccio: hate speech, sure. >> stahl: that was just about everyone's assumption. so we set out to discover why jeff hall became a nazi three years ago. >> patterson: i think the biggest factor that contributed was the economy. when the housing market just fell apart in california, he had no work. he hadn't worked for three years. >> stahl: he was in construction? >> patterson: he was in construction. >> stahl: and that side of the economy just completely dried up? >> patterson: completely dried up. and he tried and tried and tried
7:46 pm
to get work. it's just scary. poverty is a really scary thing. >> stahl: jeff lived in the "inland empire," a vast stretch of california desert east of l.a. it was among the worst hit when the real estate market crashed, ranking fifth in foreclosures nationwide. entire communities became ghost towns. unemployment reached 15%. jeff was poor and angry, with time on his hands, when he came upon jeff schoep, commander of the national socialist movement. >> jeff schoep: you have illegal aliens coming over the border, streaming over in hordes, taking american jobs. >> stahl: neo-nazis focus their tirades lately on immigrants and the so-called "browning of america," where places like california no longer have a white majority. >> schoep: we're a white civil rights organization. >> stahl: what does that mean? >> schoep: basically, what jesse jackson and al sharpton do for
7:47 pm
the black people is what we do for white people. >> stahl: well, not exactly. i read to commander jeff schoep this from the nsm's web site: "all non-whites should leave this nation peacefully or by force." >> schoep: our ideal america would be an america that's all- white. that doesn't mean... >> stahl: yeah. and everybody else has to leave, "peacefully or by force." wow. >> schoep: our goal is a white homeland. >> stahl: i mean, the president's not white; our attorney general's not white. so they should leave. what about jews? >> schoep: they're also a race of people. >> stahl: so they should leave? >> schoep: correct. >> stahl: he knows that won't happen anytime soon, but he's preparing. ten white supremacists of various groups were on the ballot in 2010, including three for congress. one candidate seeking local office was jeff hall. >> schoep: jeff hall ran for elections in california and took in almost 30% of the vote as an
7:48 pm
open national socialist. ( applause ) >> jeff hall: it was a good run, it was a great run. >> stahl: beside that unsuccessful run for local water board, jeff organized patrols at the mexican border, just a short drive from his home. they would show up fully armed, with night-vision equipment, and round up migrants as they crossed into the u.s. two weeks before his death, jeff bragged about taking his young son with him on patrol. >> jeff hall: my son was able to operate a gen-1 night vision and the infrared scope. at the age of nine, my son's out at the border. >> zeig heil! zeig heil! zeig heil! >> stahl: so, was being exposed to all that hate and talk of violence the reason joseph murdered his dad? >> jeff hall: you got to get your glocks cocked and get ready to rock and roll at the border. that's how we do it. >> stahl: the more we looked, the more we realized it wasn't that cut and dry. >> megan hall: there might have been some things that we didn't know about jeff, that we
7:49 pm
didn't... we wouldn't have liked. >> stahl: megan hall, jeff's sister, says she hated her brother's politics, but had always seen him as a model father. >> megan hall: he was an amazing father and would do anything for his kids. and, you know, my nephew would just look at him like he was his hero. >> stahl: but in the last couple of years, the hero changed, darkened. whether it was the power of being a nazi leader, or the powerlessness of being unemployed, he drank more, she says, and was prone to striking out at his son and his wife, krista. >> megan hall: my brother had shown a different side to him. not all of the time-- it was on random occasions, not predictable. >> stahl: he was beating up both joe and krista, is what we heard. is that what you've been told? >> megan hall: yeah. >> stahl: young joseph told police that he decided to kill his dad to "end the son versus
7:50 pm
father thing." did he describe what the abuse entailed? >> rowe: he described his father hitting him, kicking him, pushing him. >> soccio: he found himself in a situation, or believed he was in a situation, that required some type of desperate act. what's unusual about joseph hall is that his solution to it was to kill. most children don't think about, "what i'll need to do here is kill my father." >> stahl: as the police began to dig, they discovered that little joseph was a volatile and violent child, who had been kicked out of several schools for attacking students and staff, once nearly choking a teacher with a phone cord. >> patterson: my grandson was who he was from the time he was born. >> stahl: what do you mean? >> patterson: he has absolutely no understanding of cause and effect. >> stahl: it is so rare that a ten-year-old would kill a father. >> patterson: well, but... you
7:51 pm
know, i wasn't surprised by it. i just somehow felt it could always happen. but i thought it would be when he was older. >> stahl: would this have happened if jeff had not become a nazi? >> patterson: i think so. probably later. joe was still joe, and they weren't having a lot of luck figuring out exactly what his problems were or how to deal successfully with them. >> stahl: little joseph also had a history of starting fires. does he raise the question of whether a killer can be preprogrammed? >> soccio: i think he had everything physically in place that it didn't take much to bring him right along to thinking that murder's appropriate. >> stahl: so he was born the match, and that environment and that home lit the match.
7:52 pm
is that a fair way to say it? >> soccio: i think it's a very fair way to say it. >> stahl: jeff's mother got custody of his four little girls, because his wife pled guilty to leaving a loaded gun in the house. and every week, joann visits her son's young killer in juvenile hall. >> patterson: it's a struggle every minute of my life. because my son was murdered and i want justice for him... >> stahl: yeah. >> patterson: ...but only at the ex... that only happens at the expense of my grandson. >> stahl: what about politics with these children? do you feel any obligation to teach them about nazis? >> patterson: they're being raised conservative republican. we need more of those in california. ( laughs ) >> stahl: but what about nazism? >> patterson: it's gone for this family. >> stahl: joseph awaits trial, incarcerated at the county's juvenile hall, where he celebrated his 11th birthday. whatever his sentence, he will
7:53 pm
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>> kroft: if you came to new york this summer to see a broadway play or a musical, chances are the one show you couldn't get tickets for was "the book of mormon." and if you want to come and see it next summer, you would be well advised to book your reservations now. the new musical is from trey parker and matt stone, the creators of "south park," a show that changed the face of cable tv and is currently celebrating its 15th season. now, they are working their magic on the great white way with another outrageous satire. and it is not their first
7:58 pm
musical-- the "south park" movie included the oscar-nominated song "blame canada." now, they are the toast of broadway. this has been the scene outside the eugene o'neil theater since march, as people line up for "the book of mormon," the hottest ticket on broadway. it has already grossed $32 million, is sold out for the next five months, and probably will be for years to come. and that is music to the ears of its two creators-- trey parker, on the left, and matt stone, on the right. were you surprised it's been so successful ? >> trey parker: yeah. i mean, we thought it was good. we thought the songs were really good, but we didn't think it was going to like this. ( laughter ) >> elder price: ♪ hello. my name is elder price... >> kroft: the musical is not just a satire of clean-cut, earnest mormons with unorthodox beliefs. it's a playful send-up of all organized religion.
7:59 pm
>> elder young: ♪ hello. my name is elder young... ♪ hello. ♪ did you know that jesus lived here in the u.s.a.? >> kroft: it's the story of two mismatched missionaries, played by andrew rannels and josh gad, who are sent to africa to proselytize to pagans who have heard similar spiels before with no meaningful results. >> in this part of africa, we all have a saying. whenever something bad happens, we just throw our hands to the sky and say, hasa diga eebowai. >> josh gad: does it mean "no worries for the rest of our days"? ( laughter ) >> kind of. ♪ we've had no food for several days >> ♪ hasa diga eebowai ♪ and 80% of us have aids. hasa diga eebowai... ♪ hasa diga eebowai hasa diga eebowai... >> kroft: what the mormons don't know, but soon will find out, is that the locals are flipping the


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